Session 850

A Playful Energy


"A Playful Energy"
"Love as a Truth"

Sunday, June 10, 2001 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Pat (Ling-Tu), and Leslie (Myranda)
(No date/time stamp on video; arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

PAT: Hi, Elias! How are you?

ELIAS: (Turning to Leslie) And good afternoon to you also!

LESLIE: Thank you.

PAT: Leslie and I are going to share this session, and I'm gonna go first, okay?

ELIAS: Very well!

PAT: May I start off with my questions?

ELIAS: You may.

PAT: I am of the orientation soft? (Laughs, and Elias laughs)

ELIAS: (Humorously) And this is quite a difficult assessment to be expressing, correct?

PAT: (Laughing) No! I knew that!

ELIAS: You are correct.

PAT: Is my husband Dan common?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

PAT: Is Ashley, my daughter, common?


PAT: My son, Dylan, is he soft?


PAT: Really? Intermediate?


PAT: Common?!

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Oh my gosh! And Rachel, is she common?


PAT: Okay, awesome! Now, can you ... not CAN you! Of course you can! Tell me, how many focuses of my essence Ling-Tu are there in this dimension presently, in this present day framework?

ELIAS: In this time frame?

PAT: In this time framework, yes. (Pause)

ELIAS: Four, other than yourself.

PAT: Now, does the house in Hawaii that I've drawn pictures of, with the bedroom that has a Jacuzzi and they have a pool, does that belong to one of those focuses, present day focuses? Or is that just a probable focus?

ELIAS: This is inserted into your reality. It is not another present focus of your essence, but is occupied by another focus of an individual that you assess to be close to you presently.

PAT: One of the present focuses, is it a clown in Cirque du Soleil?


PAT: Is that why I have a clown tattoo? (Elias laughs) Is that why I got the clown tattoo?

ELIAS: I may express to you, this is influencing in your fascination.

PAT: I love that! Do I have a focus in a dimension where dragons exist?


PAT: Yes! And was I a wizard in that focus?

ELIAS: Sorcerer.

PAT: Sorcerer, and that's why I have a dragon tattoo and a sorcerer and a wizard! I know that! (Laughs) What is my connection to the artist Michael Parks?

ELIAS: What is your impression?

PAT: Well, you know what? I think that I am the woman pictured in the stone lithograph entitled "Diva." I think that I'm that woman. So, I don't know - an inspiration, a muse? I don't know.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Yes! I love that! Are the locations depicted in his work another actual physical dimension?

ELIAS: A translation.

PAT: A translation of a physical dimension?


PAT: Now I'm asking for validation of a focus, a male focus in the 1700s, who keeps sheep that he shears, and he makes his own yarns and threads which he dyes and weaves into tapestries.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Is his name Arturo? What is the name "Arturo" that I got with that?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Yeah, awesome! I have a focus as a shaman, do I not?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Present time period?


PAT: I'm not sure when that is. In Brazil? South America? (Pause)

ELIAS: Argentina.

PAT: Argentina - I knew it was somewhere close.

Now, am I drawn to men of color because of a predominance of focuses that are non-white, or one focus in particular that I resonate with? Because I'm drawn to ... if you are of a different culture - Hispanic, African-American - I'm lovin' you! (Laughs and Elias begins chuckling) I want to know why that is, 'cause I know it's a very real attraction!

ELIAS: This is influenced within the expression of your essence and preference. In actuality, this is an example of a preference of essence in manifestations.

PAT: So does that mean that as Ling-Tu I have manifested many times in a predominance of focuses that are non-white?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: My friend Melissa, do we share a focus as sisters? Essence name, Adelle. (Pause)


PAT: And Martin, can you tell me how many focuses Martin and I share together? (Pause)

ELIAS: Eight.

PAT: Ooo! As parent and child, one of them?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Am I his mother?

ELIAS: Reverse.

PAT: He's my mom? I thought he was my dad! Now, my friend Jerry, is he belonging to Sumari, aligned with Ilda, orientation common?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: May I have his essence name, please? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Boothe, B-O-O-T-H-E (BOOTH).

PAT: Thank you for that, Elias. Is my signature color turquoise?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And shall I express to you that you are emanating this vibration quite well! (Pat laughs) Yes.

PAT: I knew that! Now, here's the thing. The day before we were driving here, I was lying in bed and I asked Ling-Tu to help me access a present day focus. So I got the face of Clint Eastwood, the actor Clint Eastwood, and then I was laughing and saying, "I can't be Clint Eastwood, too!" and I saw flashing blue lights! Now, was that you giving me the blue, and is Clint Eastwood a focus of Ling-Tu?

ELIAS: No, but there is participation as observing essence.

PAT: His essence is observing...?


PAT: Ling-Tu is observing him?


PAT: Was that you flashing those blue lights at me?


PAT: Yes, I knew that! Thank you for that, too! (Elias chuckles) Was that you interrupting that smoke detector when Ashley and I were sitting in the living room and the smoke detector went off, and when I got up to go stop it, it stopped? Then I sat back down and it went off again, and I got up again. Was that you being playful with me?

ELIAS: Introducing.

PAT: Introducing! (Elias laughs) Thank you! Okay, can you tell me ... look at my energy centers. Anybody out of alignment?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PAT: No - I feel great!

ELIAS: I may express to you that the yellow energy center is moving quite swiftly and expansive!

PAT: (Laughing) That is emotion, correct?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Yes.

PAT: Which is so me! Am I emotionally focused?


PAT: I knew that! Didn't I know that? (Laughs) Okay!

Oh, here's a good one: am I presently creating the most probable probability of a joint study between the complimentary and alternative medicine center and the present study I work on right now, to combine to be a joint study?

ELIAS: Presently, yes. Although be remembering that your attention may be shifted within any moment. Therefore, this is not an absolute.

PAT: Yes, right. But it's what I want; I'm trying to create that. That's because I want to continue to work with Julie, isn't it, my boss? Emmeral is her essence name. I want to work with her and be close with her still. (Elias nods in the affirmative) She and I, we also have had focuses as siblings, correct?


PAT: Okay! I knew that. Sisters?

ELIAS: Brothers.

PAT: Brothers! Now I'm just waiting for you to tell me something. I'm doing well with my playful, joyful energy, am I not?

ELIAS: Quite! (Pat laughs)

PAT: It feels great! Oh, I love that! Like when I go to work in the morning and put on music for 15 minutes and dance, Ling-Tu loves that! We love that, don't we?

ELIAS: You ARE Ling-Tu!

PAT: Yes, I am Ling-Tu - right, I know! (Elias laughs) But I love that, right? And I use it as a tool to bring my energy, my power to the forefront, correct, in joyfulness?

ELIAS: In your method, yes.

PAT: In my method, right; exactly. That's what I do.

ELIAS: For this also is in alignment with your preference in the diversity of culture.

PAT: Yes, I love that, which is why I keep buying CDs, music, that is in other languages, correct? I mean, I buy Spanish CDs and I can't understand a word they're saying! But it's not through the words, but through the music. It's so present for me, and I feel it and love that! Is that the method I use in connecting to other focuses of mine that are of other cultures, through music?


PAT: That's part of the way I do that?


PAT: Will you talk to me, please, about my intent in this focus? We talked a little bit about it in the phone session, about drawing the intensity of experiences for excitement and in acceptance of myself and others, correct? Is that it in a nutshell, my intent, or is there more? I feel like there's something more.

ELIAS: The reason that you associate that there is more of the expression is that I am offering you the identification of the intent, but the intent is expressed in MANY diverse manners. Therefore, you incorporate your exploration in this focus with that intent and interlace your creativity with the expression of your intent, which offers you diverse avenues to be exploring this action.

PAT: I love diversity, don't I? I love it! I love diverse experience! I love everything about it! It makes me so joyful.

Okay, am I creating a probable probability of divorcing Dan, my husband, or have I backed off that?

ELIAS: Answer this question to myself!

PAT: I feel like right at the present moment I've backed off of that, but even as much as six months ago I was moving in that direction. But recently I'm backing away because I'm focusing more attention on me and the acceptance of myself, which is making me see him differently.

ELIAS: Quite!

PAT: Right, but I'm also having this little sexual dalliance with Martin who I have this focus with, and that is so much fun. Hey! That is like that excitement-diversity thing I'm doing again, isn't it?

ELIAS: One point!

PAT: I get a point? (Squeals and laughs, and Elias chuckles) That's what I'm doing! And there's no reason for me to stop that now that I've identified it, right? (Laughing) Because it's a lot of fun! I'm not asking your permission; I'm just doin' it!

ELIAS: Very well!

PAT: Okay! (Laughing) Thank you!

ELIAS: And I shall be quite encouraging of you.

PAT: Yes, thank you very much! I do know that there is a deep connection there, although he frustrates me because he's such a scientist and believes so strongly in science! But he's so attracted to my energy, and I can feel that. I feel that very powerfully, and sometimes ... I don't feel sorry for him, but I feel like I have a recognition of almost weaving a spell over him in a way that he's not aware of, but my energy does so and that causes part of that attraction to me. (Elias chuckles) Was I a witch, casting spells? Did we share a focus where I was a witch or a sorcerer? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes. Although be remembering that these are creations in alignment with the beliefs of the individuals and cultures in mass beliefs, [and] not necessarily that you incorporate the power to be manipulating another individual's reality.

PAT: Yes, right, I got that.

ELIAS: But I may also express to you that in this exploration, you are offering yourself the opportunity to examine your movement, in one respect viewing your own opening in your awareness and your expression of acceptance of self and holding your attention upon self, and in another respect, the movement which is quite automatic in the attempt to be influencing.

PAT: I know I do that, boy! That's a control thing! (Elias chuckles) But it's partially because I feel so powerful, and I want to move that energy around. I want to do that! But I always tell people I want to use my powers for good and not evil! (Laughs with Elias) I'm aware of when I am doing both - not that there's good or evil - but I am aware of when I'm shifting that in ways; I was telling Leslie this. I can tell when I can bring my energy in a way that I'm kind of like muscling somebody with it, you know what I mean? Trying to move them to my way of being or thinking, to have what I want and get what I want.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Yes, I'm becoming much more aware of that. Well, you know I love myself as a powerful being, Elias!

ELIAS: And this is quite acceptable!

PAT: Yes, I know. I just need not to be SO powerful or attempting to place that on other people.

ELIAS: Impose.

PAT: Impose, that's the word I was looking for.

ELIAS: Yes. This is the challenge of holding your attention upon self and allowing the free-flow and expression of yourself, and not concerning yourself with the choice and creation of other individuals.

PAT: Is that why I had children also, because that provides me ... because I was only going to have one child and ended up with two more children. I find that being in the role of mother really is providing me ... I'm providing myself with many, many, many-many-many-many opportunities to attend to myself and recognize that I am not in charge of creating other people's realities, regardless of what the mass belief systems and the school systems and the medical community thinks about what my role as a mother should be.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: That's why I had those other wondrous creatures with me, those other two great kids!

ELIAS: Correct.

PAT: Now, can I ask this? Do some people come together in relationships simply for the allowance of a manifestation of a particular essence?

ELIAS: At times, yes.

PAT: See, I was thinking that's what was happening with Dan and I. How many focuses do I share with my husband, Dan? (Pause)

ELIAS: Four.

PAT: Yes, see, I didn't feel like it was that many. My friend, Brian, I think I share more focuses than that, more than four, with him. I feel a comfort level with him that is tremendous. Can you tell me how many focuses I share with Brian?

ELIAS: Twelve.

PAT: Oh, that's why I love him!

ELIAS: And you also engage counterpart action.

PAT: With Brian? I do, okay. Melissa and I talked about focuses we share with one another, and she felt that we have a focus where one of us is mentor and the other is student, but she did not know which way - her as the mentor, me as the student, or vice versa.

ELIAS: You as the student.

PAT: Me as student, her as mentor - okay. I love her, and I feel an amazing closeness to her. How many focuses have she and I shared?

ELIAS: Nine.

PAT: Is she of the same essence as my friend Susan who was killed a number of years ago?


PAT: I feel a familiarity there, so I'm not sure what that is. Well, I guess that's all, unless you want to say something to me. (To Leslie) How close are we on time, Leslie?

LESLIE: About six minutes.

PAT: Can I tell you how much I love you, and how much I love spending time with you? When I'm accessing that energy, it's wonderful! Thank you. I so appreciate it!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend!

PAT: Thank you! (Laughs) So you like to play with me sometimes? I can certainly feel that. (Elias laughs) I feel that you come to me with a playful energy because I love that so much.

ELIAS: You are correct, and are receptive to it.

PAT: I am, I love that! Thank you. It makes me so joyful.

ELIAS: Ha ha! I am greatly encouraging of your journey and your continuation in your playfulness, rather than the expression of such seriousness!

PAT: I do that sometimes; I hate that part of it. I don't hate it, but I just ... actually, I just realized I feel much more powerful when I'm playful...

ELIAS: Quite.

PAT: ...than I do when I'm serious!

ELIAS: Quite. For you allow yourself to focus upon self and move freely. In the moments that you create seriousness, your attention moves outside of yourself and becomes focused upon situations or other time frameworks or other individuals.

PAT: But I feel like I have been much better about focusing on myself. I've kind of moved into a point where I now have a better understanding of that, and I'm not going to be distracting myself with other stuff as much because I've understood the power of that.

ELIAS: Correct, and this also allows you a greater expression of freedom in interaction with other individuals, for as you continue to allow yourself to focus your attention upon self, there is a greater expression of acceptance of other individuals and allowance of their choices without judgment.

PAT: Yeah, that's my kids doing that! (Elias chuckles) I should thank them for that opportunity! (Laughs) I should thank myself for that opportunity!

ELIAS: Quite! (Chuckling)

PAT: Thank you, I love you so much! Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

PAT: I still don't know what focuses you and I have shared together, but I'm really bummed out that we weren't lovers!


PAT: 'Cause I'd have shown you a good time!

ELIAS: I hold no doubt!

PAT: (Laughing) Okay, but I was your mom? (Elias leans forward and stares grinning at Pat) You're not going to tell me! You're such a booger!


PAT: (Laughing) Okay, I'll work on that!

ELIAS: Interesting phraseology! I shall incorporate this with Lawrence and be accessing this term, "booger."

PAT: (Laughing) Okay! Hey, one more thing. I love the transcripts I read with Yarr.


PAT: I love him! I love him so much! Now, is there a connection to him? I LOVE him!

ELIAS: I may express to you that you draw to this individual in resonance. This individual incorporates the same orientation as do you. I may also express, as I have previously with other individuals, this particular individual, in alignment with his expression and intent in this focus, manifests a tremendous objective example to many individuals in many expressions that you similarly create.

PAT: Yes, I know; I love him so much. When I read those sessions with him, I feel so close. I feel a similarity there within that, like I just feel a connection, a connecting of similarity.

ELIAS: Yarr is expressed in this focus of attention in a tremendous exhibition of openness, which is interpreted by other individuals and recognized by other individuals in a genuine expression of dearness.

PAT: Yes! Thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

PAT: Thank you so much, Elias! I love you, and thank you for this.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

PAT: I will talk with you again soon, okay? May I?

ELIAS: And I shall anticipate our meeting and our interaction.

PAT: (Emotionally) Thank you. Thank you so much for that energy.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

PAT: You're so loving to me, thank you! (Pat and Leslie change seats)

LESLIE: Good afternoon.

ELIAS: Welcome!

LESLIE: Is nonpersonal love a realistic intention?

ELIAS: And express to me your definition of nonpersonal love.

LESLIE: Where it's not emotion directed at one person or one relationship, but it's open to everyone, to every essence and everything in the universe.

ELIAS: Therefore, you are not quite expressing nonpersonal expression of love, but non-individual expression of love. And your question is concerning the possibility of this creation?


ELIAS: This is quite possible, and beyond possible, is the point.

In this shift in consciousness, you are dropping the veils of separation. You are focusing your attention upon self in relationship with self and a recognition of your interconnectedness with all of consciousness and that there is in actuality no separation.

I may express to you, the definition of love in terms of the truth - not the translation which you create within this physical dimension, associated with sexuality or emotion - is a genuine expression of knowing and appreciation, appreciation in genuineness which is the ultimate joyfulness: appreciation of self and appreciation of all other expressions of consciousness, all other essences, all other individuals within your dimension, and allowing yourself the openness to incorporate the capacity to share that appreciation and knowing of them.

LESLIE: Does intellect interfere with that process?

ELIAS: At times, yes, for your intellect incorporates rationale and aligns quite strongly with mass beliefs. The intellect also is designed to interpret and assess physical data.

Love is not physical data. It is a truth within consciousness, and truths are those expressions within consciousness that may be translated into every aspect of consciousness, every area of consciousness, every dimension without limitation, and not an expression that is created merely in relation to one area of consciousness.

This be the reason that I have expressed to individuals previously as they inquire, "What are the truths of the universe or the cosmos," and my response is, the truths are expressions that you within this physical dimension do not attach tremendous value to, but they are constants in...

LESLIE: Then they are the same within all dimensions?

ELIAS: Their translation may be incorporated differently, dependent upon the design of a particular physical dimension or another area of consciousness, but they are consistent in the expression and are translatable.

LESLIE: So when you say "areas of consciousness," it's just where the attention is.

ELIAS: Correct.

LESLIE: All consciousness, and there's different areas of attention, which is dimensions.

ELIAS: They may be dimensions or they may be nonphysical expressions of consciousness, which would be a designation of "area of consciousness," for there is no actual incorporation of space.

LESLIE: I wrestle with being in the physical and recognizing that I'm not a body, because that seems counterproductive. You should enjoy your bodies and be your bodies, and worry about not being a body in another attention, area.

ELIAS: Correct. You have purposefully manifest in this now, in this manner, with this particular attention, to be exploring this time framework and this aspect of physical reality in this particular physical dimension, knowing the design of this physical dimension and allowing yourself more of an expression of becoming through your exploration of this physical dimension and this aspect of yourself.

LESLIE: So are we the same consciousness with different focuses of attention?

ELIAS: Yes. The designation of essence is merely the identification of individual personality expressions of consciousness.

LESLIE: And that to me feels like distraction. I'm cautious not to get too into difference of essence (Elias nods), because I'm working towards recognizing that it's all the same.

ELIAS: Correct.

LESLIE: So, is it possible to help other people?

ELIAS: Is it possible to help other individuals...

LESLIE: Or have a life of service?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, and in this your greatest contribution, so to speak, shall be to exhibit yourself as the straight little sapling.

As any individual attempts to be helpful to another individual in an objective overt manner physically, in actuality they are not necessarily helpful. Individuals draw to each other in any situation in any moment to be offering themselves information concerning self and continuing their individual exploration - not to be learning, not to be teaching, but to be fellow sojourners and to be sharing the discoveries of experience within this physical dimension.

In this, holding your attention upon self and creating the example of the straight little sapling, you offer a reflection to other individuals, for this also is an aspect of the design of this physical dimension. The manner in which you interact with each other is a continual action of reflection, and the reason that you reflect to each other is to allow each of you to view yourselves and become more familiar with yourselves.

LESLIE: Is that what I think of as projection? We project out on another person, so we may see ourselves?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. You project energy outwardly. It may not necessarily be directed individually to any one individual, although within your perception you view that you may be specifically projecting to another individual. In actuality, every moment you are projecting energy within all of your experiences, which is merely set into motion outwardly.

Now; other individuals are interacting with that energy, just as you are interacting with their energies, and in the process, in alignment with the design of this dimension, you receive energy and you filter that energy through your beliefs and your assessments into your perception, and you project outwardly the manifestation, the physical images and situations, scenarios, circumstances, that create your actual physical reality. Each of you are creating your own individual play, and you are creating all of the players and all of the scenery, all of the reality, but you are drawing energy from other individuals and creating your interpretation of their energy, inserting it into your play.

Now; in helpfulness, or what you define as service, your greatest achievement in alignment with that movement shall be to present the energy of self in acceptance, and this is the point of the straight little sapling. For this little sapling does not ask of any other tree; he does not offer instruction to any other tree. It merely creates itself and trusts itself in its own expression, and that is recognized by all other essences. That is what is noticed by other individuals.

I may express to you, language is your least effective and least communicative expression, for your communications are offered in many other expressions which are received without confusion immediately. You within this physical dimension create a cliché that expresses that your actions speak to each other more than your words, and this expression is quite correct, for your movement and all of the other avenues of communication are received much more clearly by each of you than your expression in language.

LESLIE: So is to be silent or to sit in stillness, does that help with expansion?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual. You may choose this type of expression, but be remembering, you are all interconnected and therefore you are also sharing experiences.

You have incorporated language in this physical dimension as one avenue of communication. I merely identify this to you that you allow yourself to be aware that there are many other avenues of communication that many times individuals become forgetful of. (Pause)

LESLIE: May I ask my essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Myranda, M-Y-R-A-N-D-A (mere AHN dah).

LESLIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LESLIE: And my family?

ELIAS: And your impression?

LESLIE: I have no idea, because I have not studied it. So I should just study it. (Laughs with Elias)

ELIAS: I shall offer to you, essence family, Tumold; alignment in this focus, Milumet.

LESLIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LESLIE: My sister, Julie, do we share other focuses out of the physical dimension?


LESLIE: Is that why we're lonely for it? In this focus is it possible to miss that?

ELIAS: This is an interpretation. I may express to you, there are many essences that focus attentions and manifestations in this particular dimension which focus more attentions in other dimensions. Therefore, at times, this dimension may objectively appear to the focuses of attention as less familiar and at times even less comfortable, for the associations of the other-dimensional focuses are stronger and more familiar. Therefore, yes, a translation of that familiarity may be expressed in a longing or what you express as "missing."
LESLIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

LESLIE: My son, Timothy, may I ask his essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Tima, T-I-M-A (TEE mah).

LESLIE: He and my daughter Elizabeth have great conflict. Is there ... do I need to do anything about that?

ELIAS: No. This is the experience that they create between themselves, and is influenced by their own movements and their own beliefs and their own judgments.

LESLIE: Thank you. Is there an infinite source where all energy comes from?

ELIAS: You! (Smiling)

PAT: That's so cool! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Which is quite infinite - unlimited!

LESLIE: So there's no one, greater than all? There's no supreme energy source?

ELIAS: You - you are the supreme energy source and being.

LESLIE: And the reason that I don't know that is so that I can experience this?

ELIAS: Yes, in a manner of speaking, for within this physical dimension you have created veils of separation, and you have forgotten...

LESLIE: But why?

ELIAS: ...intentionally to be creating the purity of the experience of exploration in the design of this physical dimension.

LESLIE: Could you say that again?

ELIAS: You have purposefully created veils of separation to allow yourselves to be exploring this physical experience in the purity of it.

LESLIE: Okay ... do I have to do it for much longer? (Laughs, and Pat and Elias crack up)

ELIAS: This be your choice! Ha ha ha ha! I may express to you, you may choose within any moment to be continuing or to be discontinuing your exploration in this physical dimension. I may also express to you, do not delude yourself. For where you move, there you are.

LESLIE: Right, but for some reason it feels uncomfortable.

ELIAS: And this may be your opportunity to challenge yourself to genuinely be viewing within self and discovering what you are creating and what you are allowing in influences within you, what choices you are denying yourself that create this uncomfortableness and this push to be escaping the trap.

For presently I may identify within your energy expression that you have created your snare - have you not? - and feel quite tethered to it. Now the challenge is to listen to you, and turn your attention to you, and discover what the design of the snare is, and therefore you shall allow yourself to free yourself from this snare of a lack of choice, and not continue to create that outside of this physical dimension.

I am not identifying karma. I am expressing that as any individual essence chooses to be manifesting attentions in this physical dimension, there is also a willingness to be compliant with its design and participating with that.

The design of this physical dimension incorporates beliefs. In disengaging this physical dimension, you create an action which we have termed to be transition to be shedding those beliefs, but this is a process also and those issues that you create within this physical dimension ... you shall follow you regardless of where you move. Therefore, those beliefs that you associate to be ensnaring you shall not necessarily disappear merely as you move...

LESLIE: Oh no! Our beliefs follow us? Do our beliefs follow us?

ELIAS: They do not follow you, you bring them where you move - temporarily - to the point that you allow yourself the genuine recognition and acceptance of them.

LESLIE: Acceptance of them.

ELIAS: Correct.

LESLIE: So it's not just a task of getting rid of them. It's a task of embracing them.

ELIAS: Acceptance. You need not hold affection for your beliefs, but you need not curse them, either. They are neutral in themselves. Therefore, the acceptance of them is the key. For in the acceptance, you allow yourself the freedom of choice. When you are not accepting, you limit tremendously your choice, and therefore you limit your movement, and therefore you create the snare.

PAT: One more minute. Leslie, do you want your orientation? Did you want that?

LESLIE: May I ask my orientation?

ELIAS: Orientation, soft.

LESLIE: May I ask quickly of my sister, Paula, who is creating an illness? And that's okay, right - there's nothing that we need to do about that. Everything is okay, any expression of essence is fine.

ELIAS: Correct, it is a choice and an experience.

LESLIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I express tremendous affection to you, and anticipate our continued interaction. To you this day, in the truth of love, au revoir.

LESLIE: Au revoir.

PAT: Good-bye! Thank you, Elias!

LESLIE: Thank you very much.

(No date/time stamp on video; session running time is 1 hour 21 seconds.)

©2002 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2001 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.