Session 445

Begin at the Beginning


“Begin at the Beginning”

Friday, August 13, 1999   © 1999 (Private)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), and a new participant, Anne (Shea).
Elias arrives at 11:42 AM. (Arrival time is 30 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

ANNE:  Good morning.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And you have inquiries this day?

ANNE:  Yes, I do.

ELIAS:  Very well.  You may proceed.

ANNE:  I’m wondering ... I have lots of questions, so I don’t know where to start actually, but I think I’m going through confusion right now.  I don’t know if it’s because of my age.  I don’t know if it’s because of being connected to a friend who’s getting — what’s the word? — is becoming more attuned.  We have conversations almost on a daily basis about things that make me question, things that make me ... I’m just really, really confused.  I don’t know where I’m going.  I feel like I’m starting to discover a purpose, but I don’t know what the purpose is, and it’s distracting.  It’s distracting in my physical life, and I’m not sure where to go with it, and that’s why I’ve chosen to see you.  I was hoping you could give me some insights, some help, some — what’s the word? — information, I guess, because sometimes I just feel like I’m going crazy.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I may assure you that you are not experiencing lunacy!

Let me express to you initially that an element of what you are experiencing presently is in conjunction with movement of energy that is occurring presently with all individuals within this particular dimension.  I have offered much information previously of this shift in consciousness which is presently occurring throughout your globe.  This is, in part, what is affecting of you.

Another element of energy which is affecting is that within this shift in consciousness, a very strong element of this shift is to be creating an awareness objectively within all individuals throughout your planet of the existence and the affectingness of belief systems.  In this, the point of this shift is to be identifying belief systems, addressing to them, and accepting — not eliminating, but accepting — these belief systems.

Now; this is a very basic explanation of the movement in energy of this shift in consciousness, but there is much involved in this movement.  In this, many individuals in this time framework experience much confusion, for in a manner of speaking, you are awakening to yourselves.

You also are beginning, in this objective process, to be awakening to yourself.  This offers you many new experiences, but they are also unfamiliar, and elements of yourself appear to be unfamiliar, and therefore, you become confused.

Another element of movement which is occurring presently is a wave in consciousness.  These waves in consciousness are also an element of the movement of this shift.  They address to specific belief systems.  In this, individuals are affected by these waves.  They may not hold an objective awareness of WHAT is affecting them, but they are aware objectively that strange and unfamiliar events, thoughts, emotions, actions are occurring within their experiences.

You also experience this type of energy.  What in actuality is occurring is the beginnings of an opening within yourself to more of your own awareness in objective terms.

Now; I hold an awareness also that this creates an element of conflict and of confusion in the area of doubt and a lack of understanding in many different directions.  It also at times may appear to you to be quite overwhelming, for this present time framework within your linear time holds a tremendous surge of energy.

You are experiencing the affectingness of this wave in consciousness which addresses to the specific belief system presently of sexuality and all of the aspects that are contained within that particular belief system.  You are experiencing an affectingness of energy within this shift in consciousness, and you are also experiencing an intensity of energy which is generated merely by this particular time framework — this final year of this particular century and millennium — for MUCH energy has been lent to this particular time framework.

I have expressed to many other individuals previously that within this time framework of this particular year, the intensity of the energy is so very great that with no thought process at all and no objective concentration, each of you is lent so very much energy that whichever direction you choose to be moving into — be it confusion, be it conflict, be it joyfulness, it matters not — any direction that you are engaging shall be emphasized and shall appear to be in extreme, for you are offered the energy to be creating of all of these directions much more easily than within other time frameworks.  Therefore, it appears to you that you experience different elements of your focus extremely.

Individuals may be experiencing an extreme in their focus of calm.  Other individuals may be experiencing an extreme of fearfulness.  Other individuals experience an extreme of conflict and confusion.

ANNE:  So we will all work through that?

ELIAS:  Yes. (Smiling)

ANNE:  It doesn’t ... okay.

ELIAS:  First of all, I express to you, you have begun your sojourn to move in the direction of addressing to this situation in this meeting.  You have chosen to be offering yourself information.

In this, the first area that I direct your attention to is to self, for as you incorporate elements outside of self and allow the affectingness of many elements outside of self, you merely confuse yourself more, for you present yourself with many elements simultaneously and you become overwhelmed.

In this, as you are addressing to self, turn your attention to you, and the first area that I shall express to you to be engaging is the area of conflict.

Now; the most easily accessed method, so to speak, or exercise in addressing to conflict is to be allowing yourself to play the no-conflict game.  This is an exercise that I have offered previously which offers you the ability to be accepting of self, to be not judgmental of other individuals or situations or circumstances, but also offering yourself a manner in which you may view conflicts and confusions and eliminate them.  You are not eliminating the belief systems that influence these conflicts, but you ARE eliminating the conflict itself.

In this, each time you are engaging any action, any event, any encounter that is creating of any element of conflict within you ... which you hold the ability to identify immediately.  You know within you in those moments when you are experiencing uncomfortableness, distress, confusion, anxiety, irritation.  You always hold awareness of these responses within yourself, and each time you experience this type of effect within yourself, the exercise is to stop within that moment — allow yourself to be in the moment, in the now — identify what you are experiencing in confusion or conflict in any manner or any form, and express the question to yourself:  What shall offer you in that moment no conflict?

Now; the tricky area of this game is not to analyze the situation, but to merely offer yourself a clear and simple response of what offers you no conflict.

ANNE:  What if that means walking away?

ELIAS:  If this means walking away, then this is your no-conflict scenario.  Now; let us employ this as an example.

Let us examine.  You may be engaged in a situation with another individual, and you are experiencing conflict within you, and you stop within the moment and you question yourself and you express to yourself, “What shall offer me no conflict?”  And your response to yourself is, “Walk away.”

As you employ this action, as you implement this action of following your no-conflict scenario, what you are creating is the expression of acceptance of yourself [and] the expression of acceptance of the situation, that you may not necessarily be altering the situation, for you are not creating the reality or the expression of another individual.  You merely hold the ability to be creating YOUR reality.  You are also expressing an acceptance of the other individual, for you are not placing a judgment upon the other individual or their expression.  You are merely creating a choice to not participate.

ANNE:  I feel like if I don’t engage other people like I’m engaging you or like I engage my friends that I know on some level have a similar awareness ... I mean, I think we all follow very personal paths.  But I guess what my question is, if I walk away from the engagement, if I don’t allow myself the opportunity to seek and ask questions, how do I learn?  How do I expand this for myself to a place of accepting it, of understanding it, of knowing how it affects my relationship with my family?  Because I’ve come to realize in the last couple of years that we don’t operate on the same level, and I’ve tried hard to reconcile that, and I can’t, and it disturbs me, obviously. (Emotionally)

But I feel like this whole whatever-it-is that I’m experiencing now that I feel like they don’t experience or we can’t talk about it ... I don’t know.  It’s very confusing to me, but it’s something that I feel deeply.  I guess part of my confusion is how to still be part of a community that I’ve been a part of for forty years of my life when I can’t talk with them.  It’s so hard for me. (Emotionally)

ELIAS:  You begin at the beginning.  Now; let me express to you that the intensity of what you are experiencing creates a motivation within you to be skipping shells, so to speak — jumping ahead of yourself, in a manner of speaking, to be creating of a solution, in your terms, to what you view as a problem.

Now; let me express to you first of all that there is no problem, and therefore it is requiring of no solution.  What IS, is that there are differences, and this be the reason that we begin at the beginning.

For if you are not accepting of self, you shall merely continue to rail against the energy of other individuals and continue to be participating in creating conflicts AND participating in judgments and lack of understanding, for the lack of understanding and the judgments are created in both expressions.  They are created by the other individuals that you personalize to yourself, and they are created also within yourself that you extend outwardly.

It is a mirror action, and within this mirror action, as you do not turn your attention to self and begin at the beginning in the acceptance of self, you shall merely continue to perpetuate the conflict, which accelerates quite naturally and becomes overwhelming, and this is what you are experiencing presently — this overwhelming confusion.

Now; in this, let me express to you that an element of what you are experiencing is, in a manner of speaking, being brought surfacely to your objective awareness presently in conjunction with the energy which is lent by this wave in consciousness which addresses to the belief system of sexuality.

Now; be understanding, this belief system of sexuality is not merely encompassing of what YOU identify as sexuality — physical expressions of sexual actions or attractions.  This particular belief system addresses to many, many different aspects of yourself that are innately you; what creates you as you.

One of these elements is what I have explained as orientation, which I shall express to you presently, you may be engaging Michael or Margarite and you may be accessing this information that I have offered thus far in this area, but I shall also offer to you an explanation for yourself.

In this, you hold a different orientation from individuals that you intimately engage in relationships, those individuals that you view to be family.  The orientation that you hold within this particular focus is identified as intermediate.  This particular orientation is chosen by essence less frequently than any other orientation.

There are three orientations that individuals choose as they choose to be manifesting in this particular dimension: common, which several individuals of your intimate relationships hold that orientation of common.  Soft is another orientation — one individual within your family relationships holds that orientation.  And you hold the orientation of intermediate.

ANNE:  Am I the only one?

ELIAS:  Yes.

In this, let me explain to you, this is a very basic element of physical manifestation.  Each orientation holds its own unique language.  It is the manner in which you perceive — in which you perceive yourself, in which you perceive your world.  It also is very influencing of how you are interacting with other individuals — how you perceive yourself, how you perceive other individuals perceive you, how you interact with yourself and how you interact with other individuals.  In a manner of speaking, it is your basic nature.

This is what I am expressing to you in that we begin at the beginning, in the acceptance of what you have chosen to manifest in this particular focus and that it is acceptable.  It is not strange, it is not unacceptable, it is not inadequate, and there is no element of it that is dysfunctional. (Smiling)  It merely is different than the expressions and perceptions of other individuals, but this is not expressing that it is wrong.  It is different.

In this, individuals holding the orientation of soft and of intermediate both experience an element quite similarly of not quite fitting the officially accepted reality, for the rules in which you collectively create your reality en masse are not quite in stride with what you create individually or how you perceive your world or yourself.

The first order of business, so to speak, is to be assuring you that you are acceptable precisely how you are and that you need not be conforming yourself or fitting yourself into any other mold but your own, recognizing that the round peg does not fit into the square hole, and in this, as you may be expressing yourself as the round peg, you have been attempting to fit yourself into the square hole for much time framework, and you pound and you pound and you pound and it shall not force into the shape in which it does not belong.

In this, as you begin to recognize that you are acceptable in how you are creating your reality, and you need not hold permission of other individuals to be creating in the manner that is natural for you to be creating, and you need no approval of other individuals either ... but you ARE requiring of YOUR permission and YOUR approval.

ANNE:  I suppose that’s the hard part.

ELIAS:  Quite!  In this also, as you begin to look to self, as you begin your journey into the acceptance of self and the recognition of the worthiness of self ... which I shall state once again is not dependent even upon your own perception, for it is not measurable even by yourself, for your perception of yourself is quite filtered through your belief systems, and therefore, you may not measure your worth even by yourself or your experiences.

Therefore, as you allow yourself to begin an acceptance of yourself, knowing that your worthiness is untouchable and quite great, you also may automatically begin to move into the recognition that other individuals are acceptable also in their expressions and in their reality, and it may be different from your reality, and it matters not.  You hold the ability to choose whether you shall participate in creations with other individuals within their differences or not, and it matters not.  There is no judgment placed upon your choices.  They are merely your choices.

Your natural flow of yourself within your orientation, your natural movement, moves in the direction of self.  Your attention naturally inclines to self.  You also naturally incline to individual expression, but you allow yourself heavy influence of the officially accepted reality and attempt to be out-putting continuously.

ANNE:  I’m not sure what you mean by out-putting.

ELIAS:  You attempt to be focusing your attention outwardly.  You occupy your attention with other individuals, attempting to be understanding, to be helpful, to be offering your expression, and to be interactive with other individuals.  But this creates a conflict, for there is also an element of natural friction in which your natural inclination automatically moves back to self.  It wishes to be with self.

You are the round peg.  Here is the square hole.  The square hole of the officially accepted reality en masse is that of the common, which expresses outwardly.  You are the round peg which expresses inwardly, and you are continually moving, attempting to be expressing in the manner that you THINK is acceptable and correct and right and good.  Therefore, you shall attempt to be understanding and offering and giving, in your terms — caretaking — with other individuals, but you are not offering these expressions to yourself.  And yourself, as it is opening to its blossoming of awareness, is beginning to become loud!

ANNE:  Yes, it is!

ELIAS:  And it is beginning to express to you, “Stop!  Be paying attention to me!”

ANNE:  If I can do this, will there be some kind of resolution for everything that conflicts internally?  We live in a society.  I can’t cut myself off!

ELIAS:  I am not expressing to you to be, in your terms, cutting yourself off, to be becoming a hermit.  You may continue to be interactive with other individuals.

I am expressing to you to be turning your attention to self first, to be creating a priority of self first, and recognizing that this also is your natural inclination and your natural movement, and in that natural flow, allow yourself the natural flow.  Allow yourself to be engaging your no-conflict scenario and not engaging guilt, for this is a waste of energy.  It is an entirely unnecessary judgment upon self, and this is not the point of the no-conflict scenario.

The point is to be expressing the acceptance of self: that you are acceptable, that your choices are merely choices and they are acceptable, and that you need not be fitting yourself into expressions merely as they are dictated by other individuals.  You hold free will, you hold the ability of choice, and you ARE worthy.  Therefore, you may be creating of your choices, and this shall be the most efficient expression within you.

Now; I shall express to you that initially, other individuals may not necessarily be so very accepting of this type of change in movement or behavior, for just as you are familiar yourself with your movement in the directions that you have created throughout your focus to this point, and just as you automatically magnate to your own familiar behaviors, other individuals also automatically expect certain behaviors to be expressed from you.

ANNE:  Hmm.

ELIAS:  None of you within physical focus initially readily accepts unfamiliarity.

ANNE:  Physical focus being this life?

ELIAS:  Yes.

ANNE:  That we are consciously aware of?

ELIAS:  Yes.

You ALL initially resist change.  You resist change within yourselves, you resist change within each other, you resist change within your societies, and within this present now, there is much to resist, for there is much changing!  This is creating of trauma and confusion and great conflict with very many individuals, and you may view this all about you in expressions of intolerance, of what you term to be violence, of tremendous confusion and tremendous upheaval.  Energy is INTENSELY moving presently, and in this, it is VERY affecting, and it also is moving into changes.

ANNE:  Are the people that are aware of this shift ... do we have a responsibility to do anything for anybody else other than ourselves?

ELIAS:  I express to you, you hold a responsibility within self, and in meeting that responsibility of self, you are automatically lending energy to the action of this shift.  You are automatically affecting.

I shall express to you a promise — a promise that if you are genuinely in reality turning your attention to self and addressing to the acceptance and the actualization of the acceptance of self, this shall be automatically affecting of your individual behaviors and it shall also automatically be affecting of the individuals that you interact with.  It shall be affecting far beyond this, but you may view objectively that it shall be affecting of individuals surrounding you, so to speak.

You need not engage any action of attempting to be altering of any element of any other individual’s reality.  Merely engaging yourself and altering YOUR expression in acceptance of self, which shall also alter certain behaviors, this alone you may view shall be affecting of other individuals, and they shall be responsive.

Be remembering, you may merely be influencing of another individual’s reality if they are in agreement and if they are allowing you to be influencing — INFLUENCING.  You may not be creating another individual’s choices.  You do not hold this power.  But you DO hold the ability to be creating YOUR reality, and in this, you shall automatically be affecting.

I also express to you quite realistically that it matters not what another individual is creating within their reality.  It matters not what they choose to be expressing.  You hold the ability to automatically be reconfiguring that energy that they project merely by the acceptance of self.

I am very aware that within physical focus, you do not quite understand this yet, but you shall, and I shall continue to be interactive and I shall continue to be offering information and exchanging with you each until you do, at which point you shall hold no necessity for my direction any longer, for you shall hold not merely the ability, which you already hold, but the awareness of your abilities and the acceptance to implement your own abilities.

ANNE:  Can you see the future?

ELIAS:  The future is now!

ANNE:  That’s a whole other question!

ELIAS:  For it is all occurring simultaneously.

ANNE:  I don’t understand that.

ELIAS:  And those individuals that express to you that they DO understand that concept, you may be assured that they are deluded, for they do not either, (chuckling) for you occupy physical focus!  Your attention is focused within this physical reality, and you have created this physical reality with a linear time framework, and therefore, this is what you know, and you process all of your information through what you know objectively.  Therefore, you do not hold a realistic understanding of simultaneousness of time or that there is no time, which also is acceptable, for within your physical reality, this is not a reality!

ANNE:  Is it a reality in your reality?

ELIAS:  Yes.

ANNE:  Is it important that we understand this?  Does it direct us, does it guide us?

ELIAS:  It is not important that you understand that time does not move in linear fashion outside of its creations within certain physical realities, no.  There is an element of importance that you know that physical time is not an absolute, and therefore, I offer you information that I hold the awareness you do not understand.  It matters not that you understand.

What holds importance is that you offer yourselves the ability to view that there are no absolutes, that what you perceive as an absolute in your physical reality is not necessarily an absolute.  You perceive time to be an absolute.  It is not.

This holds importance in offering you the ability of what you are so very familiar with, in comparison, for you may look to the concept of time being simultaneous or there being no time, which offers you the realization that time is not an absolute as it is expressed in your reality, and this may be translated also into comparisons in any other area of your reality, for NONE of your reality is an absolute.  Although you view it to be an absolute, it is not.

“No” is not an absolute term.  “Yes” is not an absolute term.  There is no cause and effect, merely what you create.  Your belief systems are very strong, and therefore, for the most part, you do create within the confines of them.  Therefore, as your belief systems dictate that there is cause and effect, for the most part you shall create within those limitations, but it is not an absolute!

Therefore, no element within your reality is unchangeable, and THIS holds importance, for this offers you the realization of freedom — that there is no element of your reality that is unchangeable or impossible.

ANNE:  (Inaudible)

ELIAS:  Quite.

ANNE:  Is part of the conflict being created, not only with me, I think, but with other people, by the fact that we’ve all been here before and we’ll all be back again?  I believe that, in a thinking kind of way.  You don’t remember that like you remember yesterday or last year or when you were ten, but I think that there is something inside our core that has a remembrance that we’ve been here before; not here, but HERE.  Does that contribute to the conflict?

ELIAS:  Partially, at times, for you DO hold many focuses, many manifestations within this particular dimension, that which you within your belief systems term to be lifetimes or that you identify within the concept of reincarnation.

I shall express to you that all of your focuses are occurring simultaneously.  Therefore, there is no reincarnation, for you are not manifesting again from used parts! (Chuckling)  You are projecting elements of consciousness, of essence, into focuses of attention — which is what you are presently, a focus of attention — and essence focuses its attention simultaneously in many, many, many directions.

But as to your question of the affectingness in the area of conflicts with respect to other focuses or what you term to be other lifetimes, each focus which is manifest in this particular dimension holds belief systems.  Many of the focuses hold very similar or the same belief systems.  In this, each focus is affected by all of the other focuses with respect to the belief systems that you hold within this physical dimension.

Now; in certain areas, it may be more affecting, dependent upon what you are choosing to be creating and addressing to within any particular focus.  Therefore, in THIS particular focus that YOU occupy, you have manifest within the center throes of this shift in consciousness, the objective of which is to be addressing to belief systems and accepting belief systems, to widen your awareness and offer you greater freedoms in your abilities of creativity and your expressions of explorations without the limitations that you create as obstacles for yourselves presently.

Therefore, as this is the objective within this particular focus, other focuses lend energy to you in offering bleed-throughs of energy, which ARE affecting, and this creates a helpfulness to be moving these issues and different aspects of beliefs surfacely into your objective awareness, that they may be addressed to and thusly accepted.

ANNE:  Are you saying that the things that we view negatively as a conflict could actually be viewed positively as ... as you said, the motivation to ... I don’t even know how to finish the sentence!

ELIAS:  You are correct in your concept, yes.  You may view these conflicts as an opportunity.  It is an opportunity for movement.  It is an opportunity for a widening of awareness, an opening, and a realization.  It is also an opportunity to eliminate obstacles and barriers and thicknesses within energy and limitations within yourself.

Each time you are engaging conflicts, you are also incorporating elements into your focus that are beneficial.  I am not expressing that they may be comfortable, but they are beneficial, for every element that you create within your reality offers you an opportunity to view what is being created, and an opportunity for you to open to your awareness more and eliminate limitations.

ANNE:  This is my key ... this is my key. (Pause)

ELIAS:  And in that, be not forgetful of the natural inclination of yourself and of the acceptance of self.

ANNE:  Who are Margaret and Michael?

ELIAS:  Michael is the individual that you identify in conjunction with these sessions as Mary.  This is the essence name of that individual, the individual that you physically view.  Margarite is the essence name of the physically focused individual that you identify as your friend that has objectively directed you to this session.

ANNE:  Do I have an essence name?

ELIAS:  Yes.  Your essence name is Shea; S-H-E-A. (pronounced shay)

You hold the essence family of Sumafi, and you hold the alignment within this focus, similarly to Margarite, of Milumet.  And you may be inquiring of Michael at the discontinuation of this session of information concerning these essence families also, and he shall be offering this to you.

I express to you this day great affection and much encouragement, although I hold the awareness of your apprehension in your execution of this new direction.  But be assured that I shall continue to be interactive with you and offering to you energy to be helpful.

ANNE:  Will I be able to feel this energy outside of this session?

ELIAS:  Yes, and I also offer to you a playful expression of the objective color of blue that you may notice futurely in different areas of your focus that you may identify with myself also.

ANNE:  I don’t understand.

ELIAS:  You shall.  To you this day, receive from myself the energy of much love, and I shall be anticipating our continued interaction at our next meeting.  I bid you a very fond au revoir.

ANNE:  Thank you.

Elias departs at 12:50 PM.

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