Session 305

Dream Walkers


“Dream Walkers”
“Computers as a Mirror Image of Essence”

Sunday, August 2, 1998 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Michael (Delal), and Dawn (Sarah).

Elias arrives at 10:02 AM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds)

ELIAS: Good morning.

MICHAEL and DAWN: Good morning.

ELIAS: And you have inquiries this day?

MICHAEL: Yes, we do. We have some questions we’d like to ask that I think are more confirmation for us because we think we know the answers, or at least we’ve tried to figure them out ourselves, and we just want to get some new information.

ELIAS: Very well. You may proceed with your impressions, and I shall be responding to these.

MICHAEL: Okay. Do you want to start, Dawn?

DAWN: Yes. One question is, do I hold an aspect of Speaker, and if so, can you elaborate? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes. Let me express to you that in the same manner that individuals hold the aspect of Seer in the Sumafi, there are individuals within physical focus that also, belonging to other families, hold the aspect of the Dream Walkers that are associated with their particular essence family. In this, let us be remembering that not all individuals hold the aspect within them of these Dream Walkers, but certain individuals do hold these aspects.

In this, I shall express to you that this may not be viewed as unusual that you may hold the impression that you participate with the aspect of Speaker or that this shall seem strange to you in difference of other individuals merely for the reason that you draw yourself to this information. This is common. Individuals that hold an aspect of Dream Walkers within physical focus within all of the essence families shall be drawn to this information in a recognition of essence families and the purity of the intent of each of those essence families. Therefore, it is natural that they shall draw themselves to the information being presented by Sumafi, understanding that this shall provide them with the least amount of distortion and shall be presented within the intent of the Sumafi.

As with all other essence families, the Sumari holds the Dream Walkers which have been identified as the Speakers, and in this, as with all other essence families, these particular essences have projected aspects of their essence in mergence with other essences and through fragmentation, and in this action have created the aspect of Dream Walker within other essences which are not Dream Walkers.

Any essence that is physically focused is not classified as a Dream Walker, with the exception temporarily of the essence of Rose, which has chosen to be physically manifest within this present now.

But in this, as you begin to investigate the Dream Walkers and the action and intent of all of the Dream Walkers, you may also offer yourselves information as to their presentment of an aspect of consciousness which is merged with other essences which are not Dream Walkers, but offers them the knowledge and partial remembrance of the initial intent of the particular family, which also offers them an ability with more ease — not necessarily more of an ability but the ability with more ease — to be moving though consciousness subjectively and lending energy to other individuals, other essences which are participating within this shift in consciousness. Are you understanding?

DAWN: I think so.

MICHAEL: Yes, and actually you’ve elaborated more than I expected. It’s good information. My question in similar line with that was, we haven’t been up-to-date on a lot of the Elias sessions, reading them all, so I know you’ve probably talked a lot about the aspects of Seer and Speaker and Dream Walker, and we wanted to know if you would elaborate specifically on our particular roles as Dream Walkers individually. I’m not sure how quickly or simply that can be done, but I wanted to see if you would comment on our specific purpose along those lines.

ELIAS: In this direction, let me express to you that in further explanation of these Dream Walkers, the action has been purposefully created of merging an aspect of those particular essences, a specific aspect which contains the information of intent and creation and remembrance, and this has been offered in mergence to certain essences which choose to be physically focused.

Now; in this action, the purpose, so to speak, of this mergence of the aspect of any of the Dream Walkers belonging to any of these essence families is that there shall be certain essences that in figurative terms shall be lending energy in a guiding manner. These particular essences move in the direction of manifesting physically into this particular physical focus and they move in the direction of assuming the forefront, so to speak.

This does not necessarily mean that the forefront is an expression of being physically in forefront-view of other individuals. It is not an expression necessarily of actual physical projection of self before masses of individuals, but it is an expression that these certain essences shall manifest physically and those physical focuses shall be very influencing in a guiding manner to masses of individuals within consciousness, for they hold the remembrance subjectively, and as you move more fully into the action of this shift, this remembrance becomes more and more objectively realized. Therefore, the expression not only moves in the direction of subjective helpfulness and guiding, but also in the direction of objective helpfulness and guiding. You shall notice more and more that certain individuals become more objectively helpful to other individuals and generate more of a guiding influence. This action is natural.

Now; let me also express to you that this same action has been presented within your past history, but within a different expression. Previously you have moved in the direction of looking to other individuals as authorities or as examples to you as to how you shall be creating your beliefs and your behaviors. Now you move into the direction within the action of this shift of following yourselves and not necessarily following authorities, but you continue to move in the direction of designating certain individuals, yourselves also, as individuals that may be guiding in helpfulness of others.

Look to the action of behavior within your communities, your societies, and even within your friendships, within a more immediate personal aspect of your creations. Certain individuals move in the direction of what you in physical form term to be followers. Certain individuals move
in the direction of what you term to be more of leaders. This does not suggest that one individual holds more ability or power than the other individual, but that they choose different behaviors and different roles, and in this, those individuals that move in the direction of leading in ANY expression, even quietly, these individuals for the most part hold an aspect of these Dream Walkers with respect to whichever essence family they are belonging to. Other individuals that occupy the behavior and expressions of the followers, in your terms, are the individual focuses of essences that do not hold the aspect of Dream Walkers.

Therefore, in answering of your question — what is your role or your purpose in this action of holding aspects of Dream Walkers in alignment with the individual families that you are belonging to — the response that I offer you is that you are in the position of guiding other individuals within your own chosen expressions. What I may express to you also is that you automatically move into the position of the sapling analogy, being the straight saplings in example.

(Strongly) Now; do NOT be misunderstanding this expression that I have offered presently, for I am NOT expressing or suggesting that all of the essences that are manifest that do not hold an aspect of Dream Walker are the convoluted little saplings! This is not the case. I do not separate or identify in labeling that the essences that hold the aspect of Dream Walker are the straight saplings, and that the essences that do not hold the aspect of Dream Walker are convoluted saplings. This is incorrect! What I am expressing is that within intent and what you term to be purpose within physical focus, in conjunction with the aspect of Dream Walker, there is an element of your individual intents within physical focus that moves in the direction of motivating you to be aware of your intent and expressions, that you may be guiding of other individuals.

Now; let me also be very clear in this area. This is NOT to be expressing to ANY individual that you hold more of an ability or more of an awareness than any other individual! It is also not an offering of permission that you may be moving into the direction of expressing a certain method or direction to be taken by any other individual. You are not in the position of guiding by expressing a method to any other individual of how they shall be moving through their focus or how they shall be creating their reality! You are merely lending energy in a guiding manner to be helpful in WHATEVER expression is chosen by any other individual.

THIS would be the expression of essence: an acceptance of all choices of all individuals and a movement into the direction of helpfulness to all individuals regardless of which direction they are choosing to move into, and holding the aspect of Dream Walker in conjunction with each particular essence family affords you within physical focus more of an ease — NOT more of an ability but more of an ease — in this direction and also creates more of a desire in this direction to be accomplishing of this action. Are you understanding?

MICHAEL: Yes. Very good answer, actually very illuminating for me as well. It seems like instead of being directors, you’re kind of like cheerleaders in a way. You make sure the energy moves through the way it needs to go, and it doesn’t matter the specific direction. That’s up to the other individual. But it’s just sort of a guiding light in a sense or a guiding energy in a sense, to help them realize that they can further what they’re doing even we if don’t agree with what they’re doing.

ELIAS: Correct. This would be the direction that is the expression of essence. Therefore, you are understanding that which has been offered to you.

MICHAEL: Hmm. Thank you very much! (To Dawn) Do you want to ask a question?

DAWN: Okay. The next one I want to ask is, the animals we call spiders are very present for me, both in physical reality and in dream reality. Could you give me some guidance about why this is so?

ELIAS: Recently I have begun discussions with individuals and within our group interactions, addressing to a wave in consciousness and its expressions dealing with the belief system of relationships. In this, individuals present themselves with many different types of imagery and expressions in conjunction with bringing surfacely this belief system and all of the aspects that are connected to this particular belief system. In this, individuals have experienced certain types of expressions or imagery for what you may term to be many years in certain situations. Other individuals are now creating imagery that has not been experienced previously. Either direction is a continuation of this particular wave in energy in consciousness presently.

Now; this imagery that you present to yourself is a physical imagery of the entanglement of this particular belief system concerning relationships. Let us examine this particular imagery and the association that is made within physical focus of this particular creature. First of all, there is the creation of this creature, a web, which we view to be entanglements or a mesh of many different strands. Also, in your physical terms of your language you may identify certain aspects of this creation, this web, as sticky, as a net, as a creation that catches elements, that holds to them.

There are many different connotations that are assigned to this one particular creation that this creature creates. Therefore, there are many aspects that align with the belief system and the expressions of relationships. The creature itself holds its own representation of imagery in alignment with this subject matter also. How do you view this creature? You view this creature as threatening, you view this creature as at times being hurtful, you view this creature as being aggressive, you view this creature as suspicious, and you view your action in conjunction with this creature as withdrawing or retreating from this type of creature.

This creature also, in actual physical size, is presented as very small. Even your very large species of this particular creature of spider, in comparison with other creatures, is manifest very small. Therefore, this is another aspect of imagery in relation to this belief system of relationship, that within the whole of creation and all of the belief systems that you hold within physical focus, this is merely one, and although it holds many aspects and it appears to be an ominously large belief system, within the context of all of the belief systems that you hold within physical focus, it is merely one. Therefore, in the larger picture it is relatively small, and within the whole of essence it is relatively small.

Therefore, you may view that this particular imagery that you present yourself with presently, in the form of encounters wakingly and within dream state of spiders, is directly connected to this particular wave in energy addressing to the belief system and issues surrounding the belief system of relationship, which also appears within your own creations with each other. You merely also offer yourself physical imagery that correlates to the action that you engage objectively, in presenting aspects of this belief system that you may be addressing to and moving though.

DAWN: Thank you.
MICHAEL: Very interesting. Does it mean the spiders are symbolic? I’m trying to figure out the entanglements as they are now, because right now for Dawn and me, the spiders are less of a fearful thing, it seems, and more of a ... they’re very frequent in her dreams and we see them around the apartment a lot. It’s more to help her realize that these are smaller situations and not as sticky as we thought, it seems.

ELIAS: Quite. I am not expressing to you that these creatures hold fearfulness for you. I am expressing to you that they are the presentment in imagery to yourself that is suggestive of different aspects of the belief system of relationships. They are merely imagery that you are presenting yourselves with presently to draw your attention to different aspects of relationship, and that you may offer yourselves the opportunity to view many of these aspects of relationships and recognize that each aspect in itself may be viewed initially as large or complicated or serious or sticky or gripping, but in actuality they are each merely one aspect of the belief system. And as you move into the recognition of these, you also offer yourselves the opportunity to be accepting of each aspect of the belief system, recognizing that they are not so very large at all and that the expression of these in actuality is quite small and holds much less significance than you choose to place upon them merely as an expression of your own fearfulness and lack of acceptance within yourselves, and as you present yourself with the imagery of these small creatures, you reinforce to yourselves the smallness of these different aspects of this particular belief system.

MICHAEL: This actually ties into another question about how we have ants and beetles in our kitchen lately, and I can see ... it’s kind of ridiculous. I can see that where Dawn gets upset at the ants and the beetles and I do not doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s being reactionary to it. It just may actually mean that I’m not being as intent on my ideas about relationships as she is, and that of course would be just in response to our belief systems. The creatures themselves aren’t hurtful. They’re just there to remind us that that’s what’s going on.

ELIAS: Correct, and also an offering to you to be recognizing that individuals hold differences and that this is not right or wrong, good or bad, better or worse, but merely differences in attention, in direction, and in expressions, and this also offers you the opportunity to be viewing these differences and accepting of these differences. And in conjunction with your previous inquiry as to the aspect of Dream Walkers, you also offer yourselves the opportunity to view the affectingness of acceptance of differences, not only with individuals outside of your individual personal relationships, but also with the individuals that you choose to be personally, objectively involved with.

MICHAEL: That makes a whole lot of sense!

DAWN: It does!

MICHAEL: Thank you very much!

ELIAS: You are welcome. Let me also offer to you that many, many times within physical focus, individuals create a very large distinction within their belief system and their behaviors in the direction of allowing themselves to be accepting more easily of differences in individuals that they do NOT engage a personal relationship with. In these personal relationships, there is much less tolerance and acceptance. It is much easier for individuals to move in the direction of creating a separation and expressing a difference, that they are not personally involved with other individuals within their community, within their societies, and therefore they afford themselves the ability and the expression of accepting general expressions. Whereas within their interpersonal relationships, many of these same expressions are NOT accepted, for there is a separation made in this area and there is less tolerance of difference within interpersonal relationships.

This be another aspect of the belief system of relationships, that when you are engaging in an interpersonal relationship with another individual, you shall be accomplishing this more efficiently if you are the same, or if you are of like mind, or if you are what YOU term to be compatible. You use very many different words in your language to express what you consider to be similarities, and this in your belief system is “good” and accomplishing of a “proper,” so to speak, relationship, and this is acceptable. Differences are not acceptable and are not tolerated. This is an opportunity for you to view that there is no difference between the masses and individual expressions, and that they mirror each other. And how may you be accepting of masses if you may not be accepting of what is in your objective awareness immediately directly affecting of yourself? And these relationships are the most obvious expression of what is directly affecting of yourselves.

This also brings surfacely all of your areas individually of the lack of acceptance of self, for each time that you express an intolerance, a judgment, or a lack of acceptance in the direction of another individual, you are mirroring outwardly that expression which is being created within yourself. You are expressing a lack of acceptance of self and projecting this outwardly to another individual, therefore creating two areas of the lack of acceptance simultaneously.

This be the reason that I move in the direction in information so very often of repeating and expressing to you each, YOUR FIRST DIRECTION SHALL BE IN THE ACCEPTANCE OF SELF.

MICHAEL: I can sense at least two conflicting belief systems and the core beliefs right behind them. One of them is, in order to be in a relationship we have to merge instead of be individual, and the other one is, I have to be individual as much as possible to be in alignment with the shift. So I can see a definite conflict there!

ELIAS: Quite! Within your belief systems you create a conflict, but in actuality, within reality there is no conflict, for you may be merged and hold the recognition that there is no separation, and whatever you are expressing to another individual, you are also expressing to yourself. Therefore, there is no separation.

Simultaneously, you hold your own individual uniqueness and your own personality expression, which is your individuality. This is NOT in conflict with the mergence or the realization of the lack of separation, and as you allow yourselves to be more accepting of self, you may also come to understand this situation, that there is no conflict in this area.

Your identity is not threatened by the lack of separation of all other essences and consciousness. It creates no conflict. It merely creates conflict in the area that you are influenced by your belief systems, believing to yourselves that you must be creating of separation and holding to your own individuality in a separated manner that creates your conflict.

MICHAEL: Thank you very much. I have a question regarding computers that I think we have sort of answered mostly, but let me just verify. I have in my notes here, “Computers and life probabilities: what am I trying to communicate in the action of computer construction and maintenance?” I think that in my first question, we answered that. It’s just my expression of stability, and of being able to repair things and to show people that there is a chance for things to be repaired, and that we don’t always have to have the conflict we typically do.

ELIAS: Let me express to you further in this expression, for the situation and involvement with these creations that you have termed “computers” holds its own unique significance. There are several expressions in the creation of these particular manifestations of computers.

They are outward expressions, mirror images of your knowing of interconnectedness, and as you become within your technology more sophisticated in your creations of these particular creations, you also expand the interconnectedness of individuals through the programming of these creations and the functioning of these computers. You become aware more fully of your interconnectedness as you express objectively your mirror image in creating more and more of a web of interaction and accessibility and connectedness with each other, creating less of a separation.

Another aspect or function that these particular creations serve, as an outward expression or mirror image of what is known inwardly within consciousness, is your ability to create in much more diverse manners than you have allowed yourselves previously. Your abilities to create in conjunction with this particular expressed creation of computers moves more and more into the direction of creating more and more outward expressions of your own innate abilities, and individuals that move in the direction of involvement in this particular expression — which in your essence family connections is quite within the parameters of your intent or part of your intent with the Gramada — are initiating the furtherment of the expressions with these creations. ()

These creations shall be futurely opening many, many doors to many of your expressions within physical focus, of new creations and new areas of creativity and expression within physical focus. Therefore, it is more encompassing than you realize that there is involvement with these particular creations. This is not the up-and-coming fashion! This is a new expression outwardly, a mirror image in imagery of known abilities and expressions and qualities and elements of essence that you are now beginning to express outwardly into physical manifestations within your physical focus, which shall move beyond what you have created through what you view to be your imagination in your science fictions.

DAWN: Elias, is there a similar sort of meaning to the freelance writing and editing that I’m doing currently?

ELIAS: This is a movement into the expression of natural time and the expression of the allowance of creativity. Yes, this indirectly does move into an area of correlation with the expressions that I have offered now in the area of your computers, for this opens doors for an expansiveness of your creativities within physical focus.

Your expression, in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, is a new allowance of yourself to be moving into the action of this shift more, with the incorporation of allowing yourself more natural time and more of your own creative expressions, acknowledging self, moving into the easement of this shift in consciousness, and also an offering to yourself partially of the effortlessness of expression within this shift in consciousness; the lack of push but the free expression of creativity, which shall be in your terms quite satisfying to you.

MICHAEL: Very good question ... I mean, very good answer! I had a small belief system in there where I was afraid I wasn’t keeping up with the shift, but now I know a lot better, so I can accept that belief and get rid of it. Thanks very much!

ELIAS: Ah! Be remembering, you are NOT eliminating belief systems! You are ACCEPTING belief systems.

MICHAEL: Thanks. Let us know if you need to break at all. Dawn has another question.

DAWN: I have another question about my great-aunt who died a few months ago. I noticed while she was ill there was a great deal of psychic communication between us, one being partly that she called me to a great action of being physically ill if I went to work at the corporation, so I called in sick and went home and went to see her. And then a week later she died, and it happened to be on same day that I quit my job at the corporation. My feeling about this is that it was something to increase the potency of those events and propel me out of this job. Is there more to it than that?

ELIAS: It is a lending of energy from one individual focus to another individual focus, a helpfulness within consciousness. This ability very often is expressed most efficiently by individuals that are engaged within the action of transition as they continue within physical focus, as was the case, so to speak, with this individual.

In the action of transition you allow yourselves the ability to be projecting energy in areas that may be quite helpful to other individuals in directing energy specifically for their benefit, which is assumed by the other individual which is receiving the energy, and as it holds a direction that this energy may be used for your greatest benefit, it is also applied in this direction by the individual receiving it, which would be yourself.

MICHAEL: What energy did she lend back to her aunt?

ELIAS: It is not what you consider to be an “even exchange.”

Let me express to you that this is another element/aspect of your belief systems concerning relationship, that as one individual expresses to you, you in turn shall also be responsive and express to them. This is not necessarily the situation. This is an aspect of this belief system.

There is no element that is wrong in the action that one individual focus shall express energy to another focus, and that the receiving focus shall receive it and not reciprocate. This is merely a belief system. It is a complete action in itself to be offering and to have that offering which is expressed be received. This is a complete action. It is not incomplete in the reason that there is not a reciprocation.

Therefore, in this I shall express to you that the action has been a lending of energy to you in helpfulness in directing your own energy and there has not been a generation of energy reciprocated, for this is unnecessary. There has been merely the receiving of energy, which is the completion of the action.

MICHAEL: That makes sense. My question totally showed my belief in Dawn’s belief system, and the way she gave energy is very in line with her belief system of giving.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that in your receiving, you are also, in a manner of speaking, giving, for you are acknowledging.

DAWN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MICHAEL: In line with this, I have a dream interpretation I’d like to ask for. About the same time that her aunt had cancer and died from it, her grandparents, both her grandparents, had various forms of cancer, and for quite a while I was very nervous about that because I know my grandmother had cancer and she died from it as well. I had a dream a while back, about that time. I was on a search for my grandmother and I found her, and in that dream, very, very clearly she told me that in this current lifetime that I’m in, I would not get cancer, and that dream was very powerful, enough to come with me into wakefulness and really relieve a lot of my fears about that, and I’d love to hear your interpretation.

ELIAS: This dream imagery is an offering to yourself of a recognition of what you are choosing within your own probabilities within this focus, of what you shall be creating and what you shall not be creating. You have imaged this in a manner of a familiar individual and in a manner that you shall be trusting of the information that you are offering to yourself.

This is your expression to yourself as to your own abilities and what you may or may not be creating, knowing that you hold a choice and therefore eliminating an element of your fearfulness, recognizing that each creation that you choose within physical focus IS A CHOICE. It is not accidental. It is not thrust upon you. It is a CHOICE.

Therefore, you hold the choice as to whether you shall be creating of any given manifestation or not. In this, you offer yourself an elimination of an aspect of your fearfulness. This is not to say that you may not move into the direction futurely of altering your choices and your probabilities, but within this present now, your most probable probability, in the line of probabilities that you are creating, is that you shall not be moving in this direction and creating of this type of situation, for you choose not to.

MICHAEL: I had a second dream not too long ago. The dream involved a person from a television story that we watched called “Star Trek Voyager.” One of the characters who lives on board, a person, Seven-by-Nine, has very rigid — Seven of Nine, excuse me! My term, Seven-by-Nine! — has very rigid, unaccepting qualities, but in the dream she was very friendly. Later in the dream I was overcome with some kind of grief, and I can’t remember what led up to it, but it was a very painful, racking kind of grief that I was trying to express that woke me up because it was so strong. I experienced a similar grief in a movie we saw just a few nights later — not personally, but I got to see it on the screen — in just about the same intensity, and it was very familiar. Is it just kind of a premonition-type dream? Can you tell me anything about that at all?

ELIAS: This imagery is your presentment to yourself of a recognition of your participation in the action of this shift in consciousness and its involvement with belief systems, lack of acceptance, and trauma. Therefore, you image this to yourself with the presentment of a particular individual/character that you identify as a specific extraterrestrial being or its alignment with extraterrestrial beings, and what its representation suggests.

First of all, it suggests a collective, which is the representation of the interconnectedness of all of yourselves within physical focus and all of the essences within this manifestation and the choice of participation in this dimension.

This particular imagery simultaneously represents the lack of acceptance, tolerance, and flexibility, which is the representation of the resistance in action of acceptance, which is the movement of this shift in consciousness, and THIS is the element that is creating of trauma, and in your recognition of this, you also present yourself with the emotional response of sadness, for this is your emotional feeling of compassion.

MICHAEL: Right now, the thing that comes to mind when you talk about accepting of self is ... and it came to mind with all my other questions about computers and so on. That is what I really like to do and really would like to do, and it seems to me that if I were to truly, really respond to the accepting that I want, I would move into that area a lot stronger and a lot ... maybe a little faster. That seems to be what comes to mind when I say that, and so even if it has some damaging repercussions immediately, it might be better for me in the long run because it’s what I feel like I should be doing.

ELIAS: Correct. This would be if you are allowing yourself to move outside of your own blocking. If you are moving into the direction of acceptance of self and trusting of self, this is your most probable probability in line with your intent.

Let me express to you, I shall be accepting of another inquiry and then we shall be disengaging for this day. You may offer your next question.

MICHAEL: I’m sorry. Did you say that we would have one more question and then you would be taking a break?

ELIAS: I shall not be engaging a break this day. I shall be disengaging in this session presently, for I wish not to be taxing of Michael this day.

MICHAEL: Understandable.

DAWN: Elias, we’ve talked about dreams, and I’ve not worked very hard at lucid dreaming, but I do frequently dream of reading things in dreams, which is supposed to be a sign. Do I have a different key? Is that something I should pursue, or is there another direction that might be better for me at this point?

ELIAS: You are offering yourself this imagery not to be suggestive that you need be moving into a different direction, but to be validating and acknowledging of yourself that the direction that you are moving into within your own personal creativity is accomplishing and is in direct correlation to your individual intent and expression. Therefore, it is an acknowledgment, not a motivation to be moving in a different direction.

DAWN: Okay.

MICHAEL: May I ask of you ... I have three people I’d like to find out the family of consciousness for, and I think I’ve figured them out myself, so I just want to see how I did.

ELIAS: Very well.

MICHAEL: My friend Debra, who is a very good, close friend of mine, I believe she belongs to Milumet and has an aspect of Vold.

ELIAS: Belonging to Milumet, aligning with Tumold.

MICHAEL: Okay. Do you have her essence name? Would you tell me?

ELIAS: Essence name, Ricard; R-I-C-A-R-D. (pronounced ree’-card)

MICHAEL: Hmm. Okay, my friend Stephanie, who I work with, I believe she belongs to Borledim and her alignment is Sumafi.

ELIAS: Reverse. Very good!

MICHAEL: Thank you! And her essence name? That’s one part I have to work on more!

ELIAS: Plalae; P-L-A-L-A-E. (Pronounced as rhyming with ballet)


ELIAS: Correct.

MICHAEL: Okay, and the last is my supervisor and friend Margaret. I didn’t know her belonging to, but aspect I think is Sumari.

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari; you are correct.

MICHAEL: And last but not least, her essence name.

ELIAS: Lont; L-O-N-T.



MICHAEL: I guess there’s a last question I want to ask. In my aura abilities, I’ve been able to see energy more; not physically see it, it’s more of a knowing that I asked about in our last private session that has grown fairly quickly, I think. Would you be able to lean me in the most probable probability that I’m moving in with that energy?

ELIAS: You are offering yourself the ability to be viewing energy, and in this you allow yourself more of the reality of this energy field that surrounds yourself and all other individuals in physical form within physical focus. Therefore, you also futurely offer yourself more information as to the action of this energy field and its abilities and your own manipulation of it, and how it may be very affected by the energy projected from your individual energy centers and their connection and role in the projection of your energy field. Therefore, you may continue in your engagement of activity with energy fields and the viewing of these, and participating in the manipulation of your own in conjunction with your own energy centers.

MICHAEL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I shall be expressing to you each this day much affection and I shall extend my invitation for our continued interaction and objective participation, and I shall also be offering my reminder to you that regardless of objective participation, I continue to lend energy to you each and to be within communication and interactiveness with you continuously, and in this I offer you each much lovingness this day and always, and to you both I express to you a very loving au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:17 AM.


(1) I have changed one word in the following sentence: “... and individuals that move in the direction of involvement in this particular expression — which in your essence family connections is quite within the parameters of your intent or part of your intent with the Gramada — are initiating the furtherment of the expressions with these creations.” Elias said “in,” not “are.” I rarely change Elias’ words, but when I do, it is always noted. The one exception to this is the infrequent removal of the word “and.”

Vic’s note: Following is a note Michael sent regarding this session:

All the statements about computers have some pretty impressive ramifications. Two weeks after our session (my typical turnaround time for belief work), I was offered a job by the brother of a mutual friend. This job had to do with a gray area in my experience that I have always wanted to focus on: Novell Networking. The salary was better, the situation seemed perfect. I accepted the position and am now working for this individual. Since converting over to this new position, I am frankly amazed at several things:

1) How quickly I created this.

2) How dramatically my learning curve steepened in a subject area I thought I had exhausted, and

3) There are some amazing concepts in computer networking that are COMPLETELY in alignment with the materials Seth and Elias talk about, especially one called context. Context is your position in the global “networking tree” of Novell. You can change your context at any time and move into very unusual areas. It seems to me very reflective of states of consciousness. There are nearer ones to the “normal one,” and states further away.

But back to the story! (remember, I am Sumafi!) Since working for my new employer, I have had an extremely difficult time relating to him and working with him. I notice all these things about him that I don’t like: he has little recognizable creativity, he does not express his emotions, he doesn’t seem to HAVE any emotions, he verbally abuses me and criticizes my abilities in relationship to his. As of the time I write this note, there is a distinct possibility I will resign the next day. I realize fully that the things I don’t like in him are reflections of MY belief systems and are perceptions based on MY standpoint, but I am beginning to realize that I am actualizing my own self-worth. Before, I would have taken it and internalized it all and been endlessly frustrated. In addition to all this is the sore throat I have had for four weeks, starting since three days before I went to work for him. This opportunity at learning digital connectedness has shown me MORE about my own personal connectedness with myself and those I am around. Leaving at this point would be a validation rather than a defeat: I am standing up for myself, my beliefs, and my emotions. It makes me feel really good to say that.

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