Session 125
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Saturday, September 28, 1996 (Private) © 1996
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), and Julie (Lanyah).
Note: This was a private session requested by Gail. Note also that this was the first time Mary has engaged Elias with her eyes open. This was quite interesting for all of us present.
Elias arrives at 6:52 PM. (Time was one second)

ELIAS: You are wishing audience this evening?

GAIL: Yes. I have confusion about the exercise. I used to use it for a different purpose, which was blurring and leaving, and I have been practicing it, but I go back to the emotional place of why I learned it in the first place, and I don't know how to change it to make it different. Any suggestions?

ELIAS: First of all, I shall address to a misunderstanding of this exercise. What you have incorporated, within your focus thus far, is tuning out. The purpose of this exercise is not to be tuning out. The purpose of this exercise is to be turning in.

GAIL: I don't understand that. I don't understand turning in.

Note: I think the word "turning" was a slip of the tongue, probably as a result of the "interference" we've been experiencing recently.

ELIAS: The reason you do not understand is that you have also, in your process, tuned out other elements of your focus. You have created a reality similar to an artist who has lost his appreciation for color. This is not something that is not retrievable. This exercise is an exercise in clarity. You have intentionally blurred your focus for your own intents and purposes within this focus.

There are many issues that you engage presently, which are all interrelated. In attempting to tune in to the clarity of your focus, you must also be realizing and accepting of your reality. These, thus far, are ideas. You think that you accept the concept that you create your reality, but if you are accepting of this in truth, then you also hold an understanding of your creation. In this, you do not hold feelings within your emotions that you would classify as negative to other individuals, for they have not created your reality. You have created your reality, for your own purposes and your own noticing and your own awareness. Therefore, you interpret this exercise as being similar in action to what you have incorporated throughout your focus. In this, this brings forward issues that you also need be addressing within your attention, for you attempt this exercise in areas that you are familiar; tuning out. This was your interpretation; which you chose to interpret this exercise in this manner, in an attempt to allow yourself the opportunity to be bringing forward other issues that you may deal with simultaneously. As does Michael also, you both move into areas and within your terms, "bite off more than a mouthful at one time", so to speak. You choose to plunge into many areas simultaneously. This serves to your benefit in one respect, in propelling your movement much more quickly, but also creates much confusion and conflict temporarily.

Within your desire to be moving quickly, you offer yourself the opportunity to view more than one aspect of your belief systems simultaneously. Therefore, you purposefully misinterpret the exercise, which will cause, in your terms, as there is no cause and effect, but in your terms, this causes you to view other belief systems simultaneously. You view still, within you, that you have been victimized. You hold anger to those that you view to be the perpetrators.

GAIL: On one level, I do. On another level, I don't. And I constantly have conflict within myself about that.

ELIAS: Allow me to clarify. Your desire moves you to an area in which you allow yourself the ability to connect and understand the concept. This is not an acceptance, thus far, of the belief system. It is an awareness of reality, but the reality has not been accepted; which is not to say that what you accept is not reality, for it is. It is a different reality. You choose now to incorporate another reality. This, also in your terms, is not a new or recent choice. You have chosen, within what you view to be your past, to alter the course of this focus. You have chosen not to be continuing within your separation. You have also chosen, in this action, to be widening your awareness. In this, you engage many areas of consciousness that must become clear.

I have expressed to you all that this exercise is important. The reason that this exercise is important is that you must hold a clarity within your focus, within the focus of your attention, before you may clearly focus within other areas. It is important that you realize that now is all. There is no future. There is no past. It is a perception. All is occurring now. Your attention is focused here. This is your choice. You have chosen for your attention to be focused here. You look to what you perceive to be your future time as "better", for you shall propel beyond. You look to non-physical focus as "better". You interpret areas of consciousness as more natural, more fulfilling, more real.

GAIL: Well, to a part of me, it felt that way.

ELIAS: It is difficult to be explaining to you, within the limitations of your terms, concepts that incorporate reality, and also simultaneously to be offering you information that you may "fool yourself", which many do. If you incorporate feelings, and you interpret your reality through your feelings to your greatest extent, you are creating reality, but you may also "sidestep yourself".

GAIL: I don't get this!

ELIAS: I wish you not to view that what you create is not reality, for it is; but within this reality, you look for a wider awareness, and you incorporate action to be widening your awareness. Therefore, within this desire, you move to areas that open your periphery and allow more subjective information to flow through. In this action, you hold familiar actions within your memory which are automatic creations. You attempt presently to move beyond these automatic, familiar creations, but you are familiar with these creations. Therefore, your emotions shall argue with you ...

GAIL: All the time!

ELIAS: ... and they shall incorporate confusion for you; for they attempt to propel you, in what you view to be a backward motion, into your familiarity. Within your desire, the intellect attempts to propel you, in what you view to be a forward motion, into unfamiliar. This exercise is unfamiliar. Therefore, you hold a desire to accomplish. The emotions express to you, "This exercise is familiar." It is not.

GAIL: Part of me understands that, and I want to know how not to do that.

ELIAS: First of all, be realizing that you are not disconnecting! This focus, this attention that you hold presently, is all that is; for your awareness is centralized within this focus, not the entirety of essence. You have successfully incorporated the action of unfamiliarizing yourself with yourself throughout this focus. Now, your desire is to familiarize yourself with yourself. In this, you require clarity. If you do not hold clarity in that which you know, you will not understand that which you do not know. In a lack of understanding of elements that you do not know, you automatically misinterpret and distort. You do not believe that you distort, but you do. You automatically translate into what you know. You do this continuously within your dream state. You visualize objects that are familiar. You visualize people that are familiar. You visualize scenes that are familiar. Very many occurrences within your dream state have no familiarity, within your terms. You interpret them this way. This is automatic. As you learn clarity within this attention, you will also learn to view reality within other focuses.

GAIL: In the last four years, I've viewed color and objects clearer than ever before. What is that purpose? Is that for this reality?


GAIL: And so paying attention to all my five senses will become that clear in this reality?

ELIAS: Yes. The only purpose for instructing each of you to intentionally tune out a given sense is to allow you the opportunity to intentionally and purposefully manipulate your clarity. It is not to be tuning out.

GAIL: Okay. So it's sort of like you have your television, and it's fuzzy, and you're just tuning it in, and that's what we're supposed to be doing with this exercise.

ELIAS: Precisely.

GAIL: And I've tuned out my whole life, so now I've got to learn to tune in ...

ELIAS: Precisely.

GAIL: ... and make it as clear as the color and the visual.


GAIL: Okay. I'll work in that avenue.

ELIAS: All of these individuals express truthfully when they are expressing, "This exercise is quite difficult." It is very difficult for you each, for you each defocus throughout the entirety of your lifetime, in your terms.

GAIL: So you mean I'm not the only one??? That blows me away!

ELIAS: You "desensitize" yourselves to your focus. You hold your attention more and more narrowly. As children, you hold great clarity. You not only incorporate great clarity of only your senses, but of the entirety of your awareness. As you grow and align with belief systems and move through your focus, you desensitize yourselves to many elements of your consciousness, which is reflected the most obviously within your physical senses. This is where we begin, in a recognition that even those elements of your consciousness that are the most obvious to you, and are engaged daily and are used constantly, are defocused.

GAIL: I can remember at what ages it faded, at three, six, eleven, each one of those, it was like I lost touch with all of those senses.

ELIAS: Now you incorporate the action of clarifying, and pulling back your clarity. In this, as I have stated, you also engage belief systems; which, within your reality, are base belief systems, as is the common action with these other individuals also. Each holds base belief systems within different areas, but these belief systems are what you might term to be crucial to your movement; for these belief systems, engaged and accepted, are that which allows you to widen.

GAIL: But I'm creating situations where I will be confronted with these belief systems.

ELIAS: Absolutely. You shall not engage an action if you are not confronted with it.

GAIL: Like asking for a session? (Elias nods)

ELIAS: And also, the more you incorporate the desire to be moving through, the more you will present yourself with objectified belief systems. Therefore, you may find yourself onslaughted with your belief systems, for you have chosen to engage them.

GAIL: I'm aware of that one. I have another question. With the subjective and the objective, is my goal to respond only subjectively and be effortless, and allow just effortlessness to take over, as opposed to analyzing and questioning?

ELIAS: I shall inquire of you, is this your goal?

GAIL: Yes, I believe it is.

ELIAS: Then I shall express to you, examine your goal; for you occupy physical focus. Therefore, you hold objective awareness ... by choice.

GAIL: Okay. Then why, when I allow myself to be effortless, situations occur where I just "do". Like in the coffee house, meeting this young kid, and I have this huge desire to rub his back, and I can see where it hurts him, and I have to figure out a way to be able to do that, but it's somewhat effortless in doing so. It was not something that I consciously thought about doing, like "Oh, I have to get up and take a shower, and then I have to go to work." Those are planned things in my mind, but this situation was completely effortless. And I like that! So, is that also objective?

ELIAS: Yes. (Grinning)

GAIL: (Expressing frustration) But I want to do that more than all the other stuff. Is that, what is that???

ELIAS: That is an allowance of a mergence of subjective information and objective incorporation. You are motivated subjectively. You move a physical body, which is objective. Objectivity does not always incorporate thought!

GAIL: Well, I like not thinking! (Laughter) I'm sorry! I get tired of analyzing and thinking and making decisions! I like the part where it's just effortless!

ELIAS: Then create this!

GAIL: I will! (Laughing) Okay, I have another question. This is about probabilities. I had this dream that I was viewing different time periods. I can remember one fairly well, but the other ones I didn't pay that much attention to, and it was the seventeen hundreds, and I felt that I was there, but I was viewing myself there. Now, is that past or future lives of mine that I was viewing in this dream?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Alternate focuses. (Pause)

GAIL: Okay. And probabilities, I have probabilities in this focus. Is this correct?

ELIAS: (Firmly) You hold probabilities continuously; within this focus, within all focuses, within essence, within consciousness, within everything!

GAIL: Okay. So, in probability, I can choose a probability from that time period now. Is this correct?

ELIAS: (Pausing) Partially.

GAIL: Can you give me an example of how I would do that?

ELIAS: If you are focusing upon an action that you have viewed within another focus, you may also recreate this action within your present directed attention within this focus.

GAIL: And is that where the massaging is coming from?

ELIAS: You may incorporate information from other focuses, which you do, continuously. All of your focuses are simultaneous. They are all affecting of each other. Each action that you incorporate and choose affects every other focus of your essence. Each action that each focus chooses affects you. You do not feel these affects continuously, objectively; although at times, you do. You only do not recognize them. You view them to be your own ideas, your own desires, your own inspirations, your own motivations; which, within one respect, they are. Within another respect, they are influenced ...

GAIL: I feel the influence of ... I definitely feel the influence. When I feel like I have to be out in nature, I know that I'm not thinking about that, but I'm propelled in going there to fulfill the feeling that comes over me, and I know that's not mine, and I know that the massaging isn't necessarily mine. It just occurs, and I know it's coming from someplace besides me.

ELIAS: It is coming from you.

GAIL: Well, okay. I understand.

ELIAS: It may be influenced by action that is incorporated by other focuses, but you also are an active participant, for you choose to incorporate the action, or not. You choose your probabilities.

GAIL: That's like the example that you gave, where the woman was dusting and picked up the bible because this other person was also picking up this bible.

ELIAS: The influence is continuous. The action is chosen, for all actions are probabilities.

GAIL: Now, with myself, going back to my childhood and looking at what happened and viewing it differently changes my perspective in objective focus. Does that also influence my other focuses?

ELIAS: Yes. It also influences other individuals, and also those individuals which you view to be past involved with actions, for you are continuously affecting of events. There are no closed systems. Therefore, once an action is incorporated, this is not "set" concretely. It is always subject to alteration.

GAIL: Yeah, it's kind of like watching air. It's just like bam, bam, bam. It's just constant motion. It's kind of trippy to watch.

ELIAS: Quite.

GAIL: Well, I have one other little question. In a session, we were talking about psychics and viewing, someone allowing you to view something and someone not allowing you to view. In that session, Chelsea walked up to me and in my view, allowed me to see puppies within her. Is this viewing correct?

ELIAS: This is a very good example of that which we have spoken of this evening; that you automatically interpret within what is familiar to you. Therefore, within the filtration of your belief systems, and also your desires affecting of the belief systems, and also an incorporation of an allowance of subjective bleed-through, you place all elements together and mix them quite nicely, and interpret within what you choose as a picture. This is not to say that this is the probability being actualized. just as I have expressed that your emotions may color your perception, this is your reality, but it also may be, in the terms of a wider awareness, a distortion.

GAIL: Well, how did I distort it? How do I do that?

ELIAS: It is an automatic action. You translate into terms that you are familiar with. Therefore, you gather information and you translate. Within this action of this small scenario, I shall explain. You gather information that this creature has incorporated the opportunity to possibly create small ones. In this, you plant this information in your psyche. You continue, and you connect with a physical desire of other individuals to view the manifestation of this probability. Different individuals incorporated a desire for this probability to be manifest for different reasons; some for validation of their own "faith", so to speak, some for purely physically focused reasoning, in your terms. You subjectively incorporate a viewing of the desires. Then, the creature approaches physically to you. Its action, within consciousness, is quite different than you interpret, but using the objective information that you have gained, and also the subjective information that you have allowed yourself to view, you put these elements together and you create a vision. Now; be understanding that within the creation of this vision, you create a reality. This is not to say that the creature chooses to create that probability to manifest. You have chosen to create a visualization based upon an interpretation. The creature also creates its own reality. Therefore, it is not subject to manifesting your creations. These are choices.

GAIL: Okay, what about the visual experience I exchanged with my friend Chris, when she was telling me about her experience with her mother? Was that a similar situation?

ELIAS: (Pausing) This is the reason that it is necessary for you to incorporate this exercise; for if you are incorporating your clarity, you shall hold the ability objectively, within this focus, to be differentiating between those elements that you create and influence through filtration of belief systems, and those which are purely subjective recognitions. You do incorporate both actions. You do not identify. You do not incorporate the awareness to identify which is which. GAIL: Yes, I do have that problem!

ELIAS: And also do all other individuals! (Chuckling) You shall not reach a point, within physical focus, of complete subjectivity; for within physical focus, if you are attaining complete subjectivity, you shall "poof away"! (Laughter)

GAIL: Well, at some point, I hope to do that!

ELIAS: Physical focus in itself is a choice. It is a cycle that you have chosen. Not all essences choose physical manifestation. Those that choose physical manifestation, choose this for the experience. (Pause) Therefore, realize you have chosen to be manifesting physically, for the experience of physical manifestation.

GAIL: It was just very confusing, with everything that has happened in my past, to understand about objective focus, and trying to be one person instead of eight. I'm still having difficulty with that.

ELIAS: For you incorporate action which is familiar. This shall be helpful, for you shall be fine-tuning your clarity.

I am understanding that this exercise is quite seeming to be very elementary, but within its elementary action is also incorporated much affectingness of other aspects of your consciousness; and as you allow yourselves the ability to be accomplishing within the elementary exercise given, it shall expand, which also will offer you more mobility within the areas of your other channels. Be realizing, though, that this is the area of consciousness that you focus upon. If you may not manipulate within this area, you shall incorporate much confusion and conflict within other areas, for they are not familiar. (Pause)

JULIE: My question, which is not what I planned on asking, has to do with probabilities. I have a fixation with a person, and I did a TFE, and I'm pretty sure that this person was someone that I was married to in a past life. I never confirmed it, but I was wondering if being intrigued with this person has to do with engaging probabilities that are affecting me from something I did in the past or the future?

ELIAS: Just as has been expressed to William, all of your focuses are affecting of this focus. Therefore, within some elements, you identify more clearly the affectingness. In certain elements of your awareness, within your connections to other individuals, you may identify more strongly at times, because of the interaction that you incorporate presently within other focuses. These are what we have spoken of previously as your "connections"; which Lawrence views to be a very inadequate term, which he is quite correct! But within your understanding, we shall continue with this wording temporarily. You hold connections to other individuals. Some are within your pool of consciousness, and choose to manifest together with you and hold relationships with you in many focuses. These individuals you shall identify more clearly. In this, you shall feel a draw, or in your terms, a preoccupation.

GAIL: Slightly! (Laughter) ELIAS: Many individuals also are counterparts to you. We shall be engaging discussion of counterparts within our "near future present", for this also intertwines with our subject of probabilities, and also with alternate selves. Therefore, I shall be offering information, more detailed than has been expressed previously, on this area of counterparts, for we have only briefly introduced the concept of counterparts; to which these individuals play a more intricate role within your probabilities than you realize. (To Vicki, in reference to stumbling over the word "intricate") You may note this; although I shall be expressing, you may also note the directedness of energy, which may be only slightly interfered with; very slightly! (Grinning, and a pause)

GAIL: Well, I think you answered some of my questions, and made things a little more clear. It will probably take time to soak in.

JULIE: Can I ask another quick question? What was the significance of this individual that I was speaking of appearing in her dream? (Indicating Gail) Was she picking up my feelings?

ELIAS: Very good!

CATHY: No secrets!

ELIAS: Absolutely! (Pause)

GAIL: Does anyone else have any questions?

CATHY: I'll sit on mine for a while. (Elias starts laughing, which makes all of us crack up)

ELIAS: Very well.

GAIL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Smiling) I shall be allowing for your interaction presently for this evening. A very "affectionate" ... quotations! (Grinning at Cathy, and we all crack up again)

CATHY: Very funny! Most amusing! (You had to be there!)

ELIAS: (Laughing) Au revoir!

Elias departs at 7:56 PM.

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