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Redefining Remembrance


“Redefining Remembrance”
“The Ferris Wheel Analogy”

Thursday, January 6, 2000
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Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Joe (Holden).

Elias arrives at 10:55 AM. (Arrival time is 30 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

JOE:  Good morning! (Elias chuckles)

Elias, today ... well, first of all, I kind of feel like we’ve had some subjective interaction.  I’ve had quite a bit of energy lately, so I want to thank you for any help you’ve given me in that area.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

JOE:  Now, in a previous session, we had talked about forgetfulness, and you had indicated to me that forgetfulness wasn’t quite what a lot of people, including myself, thought that it was.  So in this session, if you would like to explain exactly what forgetfulness is and how it works and how it impacts, you have the floor.

ELIAS:  First of all, I shall express to you a correction of terminology.  This is not the subject of forgetfulness, but of remembrance.

JOE:  You’re right.  You’re absolutely right — remembrance.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!

As to the subject of remembrance, as you are moving into the objectification or the objective insertion of this shift in consciousness into your officially accepted reality now, as you have moved into your new millennium, you may begin experiencing more and more of this remembrance as you allow yourselves to be moving in conjunction with this shift in consciousness objectively.

In this, the word remembrance, in the definition of many individuals within physical focus, is to be remembering or incorporating a memory of some sort.

In the identification of remembrance in what I am expressing to you, this is not the action of remembering some element of your reality or holding a memory, so to speak, but it is the movement into a state of being in its natural flow.  In this, the remembrance is the creation, in your objective reality, of closing the circle, so to speak.

In early sessions that I have offered to individuals in this forum, I have spoken of this shift in consciousness in conjunction with a circle of your history, so to speak; not merely your recorded history, but the history of yourselves as a species, in a manner of speaking, upon your planet and within this physical dimension.

In this, as we have spoken previously of the early stages, so to speak, of your manifestations within this particular physical dimension, you held less separation of essence and focus and you moved easily within your energy, not incorporating the tremendous influence of belief systems that you incorporate now, and also allowing yourselves the natural expression of your abilities as essence within a physical manifestation.  This was what you would term to be the norm, and natural in its expression within your creation of your reality in this particular dimension.

But throughout your history, you have created more and more of an expression of separation through the influence of your belief systems, and as you incorporate this shift in consciousness and you insert this shift into your officially accepted reality, you move in the direction of a circle, and you are allowing yourselves to be closing this circle, in a manner of speaking, returning to your natural state in all of its expressions within this physical dimension.

In this, you are not merely allowing yourselves the reality of a memory of essence as some element that you are recalling of a past occurrence or a past state of being, but you are beginning, more and more, to be incorporating it as the state of being that you accept as natural and normal within this now, within this time framework in your history.  Therefore, the abilities that you naturally hold — which throughout your history you have viewed as amazing and isolated to the expressions of singular, blessed, or special individuals — shall be incorporated naturally into all of your reality.

In this, in the exercising of your natural abilities and the turning of your attention and the altering of your perceptions, dropping the veil of separation within your physical dimension, you shall be incorporating into your reality a state of being which is the remembrance.

JOE:  Elias, not to interrupt you, but the veil you speak of is the veil between essence and focus.  Am I correct?

ELIAS:  Yes, and this is merely a veil of separation in which you have clouded your objective recognition of essence — of yourselves AS essence — and you have created this element of separation within your beliefs, that you as a focus and essence are two different and separated entities, which you are not.

JOE:  Well, let me ask a question here.  I don’t mean to diverge from what we’re talking about, but I think this impacts, and I would like to try to understand this a little bit better, and it has to do with probabilities.

Now, an individual focus takes probabilities or choices, inserts them into physical reality, and expresses them physically within this reality.  The other probabilities, though, from my understanding, are also explored at the focus level.

In the dropping of the veil, so to speak, or the raising of the veil — however you want to express it — will there be, or should there be, or is there expected to be, a better understanding or a better expression of ... I’m not putting this very well ... experiencing of these other probabilities, and realizing that experience within the focus?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you, it is not a question of better, but it is a situation of a more expanded actualization of your reality.

Therefore, in addressing to your question in the direction in which you are offering it, yes, you shall be experiencing more of an expanded reality than you allow yourselves to this point, for within the influence of your belief systems and what you have created to this point throughout your history, you have actualized this veil, which creates this separation, and this also creates many limitations upon how you allow yourselves to be creating your reality.

It is not creating a limitation in how you are ABLE to create your reality, but it does create a limitation in how you ALLOW yourselves to create your reality, for you limit yourselves through the expressions of influence of your belief systems.

And as you insert this shift into your officially accepted reality, you are altering the entirety of your reality, and in that altering of your reality, you are allowing yourselves to drop this veil of separation, and as you drop the veil of separation, recognizing in reality, not merely in concept, that you are essence — you are not merely a focus of essence, which you identify and define as less than essence, but you are in actuality all of essence — this allows you to be actualizing your abilities within your physical reality.

For to this point within your physical reality, you have viewed that you hold certain limitations within this physical dimension that are absolutes and that you may not move beyond these limitations, and this is incorrect, for you may be creating much more expandedly within your experiences, and you may actualize much more within your physical reality than you allow yourselves to realize.

In this, as you move into the actualization of the remembrance — the state of being that allows you the knowing, not the concept but the knowing and the reality, in a natural flow of energy, that you are indeed all of essence manifest into a focus of attention in this physical reality — you shall expand your actualization of your abilities.

In this, as you and I have discussed previously, you hold the ability now, within this moment, to be holding out your physical hand and actualizing, materializing, an apple....

JOE:  Yes, I’ve been working on that, but I haven’t been doing too good with it, to tell you the truth.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha! (Joe laughs)  And this is the objective expression of the strength of the influence of your beliefs!

JOE:  But I want to ask you ... I’ve wondered about this, and maybe you can help me.  Now, in the expansion of the awareness of being essence, doesn’t that in some ways negate the purity of the experience?


Let me express to you, were you to have inserted this shift in consciousness into your physical reality prior to this point within your history, you would be correct, for you have quite purposefully created your physical reality in conjunction with your perception of a linear time framework, and in this, in the incorporation of that linear time framework, you have also quite purposefully created this separation or this veil, and this has been created intentionally for the reason of the purity of experience, and also to allow you, as an individual focus of attention, an establishment of singular and individual identity within a physical reality, that [you] shall not be confused or threatened by the incorporation of the viewing or interacting with all other elements of essence.

Now; let me express to you that within the shift in consciousness, there are some elements of this dimension that shall remain, in a manner of speaking, constant.  You shall continue to manifest within physical form.  Your dimension shall continue to exist, so to speak, in physical matter.  You shall continue to be exploring the physical elements and aspects of this particular dimension.

And in this, you may not necessarily incorporate a continuous interaction of yourself and all other focuses of essence, but you SHALL allow yourself the ability to be interactive at will, objectively, so to speak, and intentionally.

In this, it may be likened to any action that you create now within your reality intentionally.  You hold the knowing that you may create an action or you may choose not to create an action, and this is an objective, intentional choice.  Therefore, it appears to you to be quite natural, and not an amazing story.

Therefore, futurely, as you continue to be inserting this shift in consciousness into your physical reality, you may materialize that apple at will, instantaneously, within your hand, intentionally and with ease.

Now; this is not to say that you shall occupy the entirety of your time framework and your focus in holding your hand before you and materializing or de-materializing an apple over and over and over.  You shall become quite bored with this action quite quickly!

But this is not the point.  The point is that you have created an agreement within consciousness to be dropping the veil of separation, which allows you the opportunity to objectively, intentionally expand your reality and create what you choose to be creating, in the manner that you choose to be creating, entirely objectively, if you are so choosing, which presently, through the influence of your beliefs, you do not allow yourselves to be accomplishing.

It is not that you may not be, for you may.  You hold the abilities already, and there are individuals throughout your history and throughout your globe that do allow themselves some of the objectification of these natural abilities.  But even these individuals hold belief systems that they need be learning how to be objectively creating these actions and that they need be incorporating tremendous discipline to be actualizing these types of actions.  In actuality, these are natural abilities that you hold, and may be created quite effortlessly and quite spontaneously, and require no instruction, no learning process, no concentration, no effort.

In this, you are merely allowing yourselves, as I have stated, to be expanding your exploration of your reality.

Now; I shall reiterate that you have quite purposefully, to this point throughout your history, created this separation, that you may allow yourselves to familiarize yourselves with a singularity in being within this physical dimension, which offers you a unique expression of individuality within this physical dimension.

Were you not creating of these belief systems and of this separation, you would not have offered yourself this type of a unique expression within physical expressions.  Therefore, you have quite purposefully created this type of movement.

But now, within this time framework, you have created enough of your expression of separation.  You have established your individual identification and you hold readiness, within your linear time framework, to be expanding this reality and incorporating more of yourself than you have limitedly allowed yourselves previously.

I shall also express to you once again that this is the source also of trauma which is associated with this shift of consciousness, for in the initial throes of individuals, singularly and en masse, moving themselves into the expressions of this lack of separation, there is an expression of confusion initially, and this many times may also be creating of conflict initially.

But you also may allow yourselves objectively the understanding that you all have collectively agreed to be inserting this shift in consciousness into your physical reality, and in that agreement, the confusion and the conflict is temporary and expressed merely in objective terms, as you shift your perception and your attention into new areas of awareness.

JOE:  It would almost seem to me that it’s going to be quite fun to find out that we’re all supermen, and that our ideas of time and distance can be negated easily.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Quite, and you have already presented yourselves with objective evidence of that very statement in the very first day of your new millennium.  It is relative. (Chuckling)

JOE:  (Laughing)  Yes, I suspect it is! (Elias chuckles again)

ELIAS:  And in this, I shall also express to you that you may view, within this time framework, as you have thrust yourselves into the beginning of the objectification of this shift, the insertion begins NOW.  And as you create this movement, you may also be viewing many expressions of confusion and of trauma.

For I may not express to you strongly enough, you ARE, in actuality, throughout your globe, regardless of your physical languages, you are redefining your terms, and in your redefining of terms, you are redefining your meanings, and in this, you are also redefining your reality, and THIS is the beginning, in objective terms.

JOE:  And redefining our abilities to manipulate this reality.

ELIAS:  Quite. (Pause)

JOE:  Elias, you’ve given me a lot to think about, as usual.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha! (Joe laughs)

JOE:  So I guess, unless there’s something else that you’d like to explain about remembrance or anything that we’ve talked about today, we’ll end this session, and I’ll see you next time.

ELIAS:  I shall be offering to you this day — in the recognition that this shall also be offered to many other individuals and shall be shared amongst you in information — an analogy which I have offered recently to another individual, but shall not be offered in sharing collectively, objectively with other individuals.

Therefore, in an offering of a type of explanation addressing to the experience that many, many individuals are creating presently in conjunction with this shift in consciousness and their redefining of their reality and the confusion and the conflict that they may be experiencing in their movement, I shall offer to you a small analogy to be addressing to individuals in what they are creating presently, and how they may offer themselves an opportunity to turn their attention slightly and alter their perception in how they are viewing their reality in the midst of the conflict that they are experiencing, for many individuals are experiencing expressions of conflict presently.

And in this, their attention in questioning moves in the direction of how they may be affecting of their conflict, and their assessment of their conflict is that they appear to be moving back and forth upon their hamster wheels, and as they discontinue momentarily from the engagement of their hamster wheel, they also view themselves to be jumping upon it once again, and they are experiencing tremendous frustration, and in this frustration, they also move in the direction of invalidation of self and discounting of self, viewing that they are blocking their own movement or they are not accomplishing efficiently or good enough.

And in this, I offer to individuals, in a different type of identification, an analogy that what you are creating is not necessarily movement from one hamster wheel to another.

What you are creating may be likened to what you term as a ferry wheel, or in your language, Ferris wheel.

Imagine, so to speak, your image of your Ferris wheel — an immense structure of a wheel with carts, so to speak, or compartments which are placed all about the outer rim.

JOE:  Elias, are you talking about a Ferris wheel?

ELIAS:  Yes.

JOE:  F-E-R-R-I-S?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.

JOE:  Okay.

ELIAS:  And in this, as you view this immense wheel and all of the carts or compartments that are placed along the outer rim of this wheel, you may view the different expressions of your belief systems, and those that you struggle with in your attempt to be engaging them and your attempt to be identifying and recognizing and addressing to and accepting of them.

All of these compartments along the outer rim of the wheel are these expressions of aspects of your beliefs, and as you place yourself in any one of those compartments upon the outer rim, your vision of the center of the wheel is blocked, and you do not afford yourself a clear view of the center of the wheel.

And in the movement that many individuals are creating presently, they are jumping from one compartment to another upon this wheel.

And my offering of suggestion to you all is that you allow yourselves to turn your attention slightly and not look in front of yourselves, ahead of yourselves, or behind yourselves to the compartments of the outer rim of this wheel, but turn your attention to the side and view the center of the wheel, and allow yourselves to climb out of the compartment and move yourselves down the structure into the center of the wheel, and from the center of the wheel, you may view all of the compartments and all of your reality simultaneously.

This is my offering to you this day, in helpfulness to individuals that are experiencing frustration and conflict presently.

JOE:  Okay ... I’ll think about that.  Actually, I kind of think that this whole expansion of awareness and everything is going to be quite fun!

ELIAS:  Quite! (Joe laughs)  But even within the expressions of individuals that are not experiencing conflict, you may also view that you may allow yourselves to view your beliefs much more clearly from the center of the wheel than from the outer rim of the wheel.

JOE:  I think I understand what you’re trying to tell me, at least in part.  A lot of times, things become clearer over time, when I have a chance to mull it a little bit.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And allow yourself to be viewing self within your expression of clarity! (Chuckling)

JOE:  Thanks, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome, my friend.  I shall express to you an engagement of participation of fun with you!

JOE:  I’m up for that!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha! (Joe laughs)  And we shall ring in your new millennium in excitement and pleasure, shall we not?

JOE:  Yes, we shall!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!

JOE:  And also an expansion of understanding!

ELIAS:  Quite, and an expansion of abilities!  And in this, I shall express to you, you may continue to be practicing in your materialization of your apple!  Ha ha ha!

JOE:  That’s just exactly what I was going to say in the next minute, that I’m going to continue to try to work on this apple!  In fact, I’m not just going to try to work on it.  Eventually, this thing is going to appear!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!  Hear hear, my friend!

JOE:  Elias, take care until we talk again.

ELIAS:  I anticipate our continued interaction, and I express to you quite joyfully and affectionately, au revoir!

JOE:  See ya!

Elias departs at 11:42 AM.

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