Session 1315

This Is the Point — Acknowledge Yourself


“This Is the Point — Acknowledge Yourself”

Friday, April 4, 2003 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Joanne (Gildae) and Marj (Grady)

Elias arrives at 11:54 AM. (Arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JOANNE & MARJ: Good afternoon!

MARJ: How are you?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) As always, and yourself?

MARJ: As always.

JOANNE: We just had a couple really good laughs with Mary!

MARJ: Did you feel her shaking all around? (All laugh)

It’s taken between the last time we talked to you, Elias, up until a few days ago to stop bouncing off the walls from the excitement over all the things we learned. (Elias laughs) And to think I’m the mother of a saint just blows me away!

ELIAS: Ah! (Laughs)

JOANNE: The saint herself wasn’t really impressed but the mother is!

MARJ: I had, of course, a thousand questions after we got off phone. We don’t have the tape yet to listen to to get some of the answers, which I know you already gave me. But there was one thing about the apparition of the essence of Rose — I know you said that I created it, that I was open enough to receive her, and I understand that. What I have been asking myself is was she just out and about and found somebody open and just dropped in to say hi? (Elias grins and laughs) Or did I, in my creation of this, want to meet her and I just yanked her from wherever she was? I don’t quite understand how that works.

ELIAS: (Laughing) Not quite in either fashion! For you are viewing or assessing the experience in singular terms. In this, you are generating an association with what is familiar to you within physical focus and viewing the essence of Rose to be this singular entity as an individual. As essence in nonphysical areas of consciousness, there are countless attentions of essence which are focused in many, many, many different areas of consciousness. Therefore, it is not a question of the essence “strolling by” (laughs)...

MARJ: (Laughing) I knew that sounded dumb but...

ELIAS: ...but rather that there are many attentions that are available and that are focused in association with of ALL of you continuously in facilitating this phenomenon. Therefore, all of these essences have aspects that are continuously available to you. It is merely a matter of whether any of you express an openness to be objectively encountering them or recognizing them.

You already are interactive with them but you merely are not objectively aware of your interaction, for it is not physically presented before you and you are unfamiliar with the different energy expressions of different essences. You are more familiar with my energy, for you interact with myself objectively and therefore have become familiar with my energy and recognize different expressions of it. Although they be not necessarily physical expressions, you do recognize the energy at times.

The other essences that participate are not as familiar to you in energy expressions, but this is not to say they are not present. Therefore, what occurs is not as singular as you think it to be. You are allowing an openness to be objectively interactive with an energy that is already present. You in your participation are merely expressing an openness in a particular moment, and in that moment the type of openness that you express is what shall manifest which essence, for they are all available to you but...

MARJ: So how come it was her? The type of openness?

ELIAS: Correct. This particular essence expresses a type of energy which is quite nurturing, and in this...

MARJ: The Borledim comes in?

ELIAS: Correct, as a representative of the Borledim family. Therefore, in the moment in which you expressed this openness, you were also expressing an openness to yourself in an acceptance, in an expression of a nurturing within yourself in that acceptance. Therefore, this would be the essence that you open yourself to.

MARJ: Oh, that’s wonderful! I love that.

ELIAS: Therefore you have not “snatched” an essence nor has one just arbitrarily visited you! Ha ha ha!

JOANNE: You might not have let her go!

MARJ: Yeah, I could have kept her! (Laughs) Oh gosh, this is wonderful.

I had a dream, a couple of dreams I really need to talk to you about. One of them is kinda like two parts. I was with (name omitted), that I had spoken to you about last time. In the dream we were back together again, in love all over again, like there no time had passed. But also my friend Renee was there, and she showed me some stationary that she was designing. In the upper left-hand corner I could see a gold bird, like sitting on a branch looking downward. I believe there was a feather there and there was a plume and a small golden menorah. Everything was done in like a calligraphy type of thing with a special pen, so you could see the strokes of the feathers on the bird and everything. It was so very vivid. I don’t know, but I kind of think it has something to do with what’s going on in the world today. I couldn’t come up with anything other than that.

ELIAS: What is the assessment of your impression specifically?

MARJ: The bird reminded me of a dove, about the size of a dove. The plume to me seems like the Middle East and the menorah is Israel. I’m not sure about the feather. But that’s what all came to mind. I don’t know if it was an offering of peace.

ELIAS: Now; let me express to you, I am understanding your association with these symbols, which you are correct individually. I may also express to you, in the imagery of the dream in its fullness, what you have presented to yourself is a communication concerning what you term to be love and magic.

You present to yourself the intimacy with another individual, which is your association with love, and you present to yourself the imagery of the stationary and the creation of this stationary as an expression of magical — that in generating a genuine expression of love, you create magic.

MARJ: So how does that fit in with those symbols, like the bird and menorah and all those things?

ELIAS: Quite well, in actuality, for what would you view to be the most effective expression in association with that situation? What would be an expression that would incorporate the power to magically transform what is occurring?


ELIAS: Correct. MARJ: Love is all there is. Oh, that’s beautiful. So that was just for me.

Now, I had another dream. I have a sister and brother-in-law who are elderly. I need to qualify that — older than I am. (Elias laughs) They are both housebound, so once a week I go over there and get some groceries and do some things for them. At any rate, my brother-in-law is in terrible physical condition, and in my dream when I went over there, he opened the door and there he was, young and strong and healthy and handsome, just the way he used to be. It kind of blew me away and I woke up after that. I don’t exactly know what that’s all about.

ELIAS: Perception.

MARJ: Would that then fit in with another question that I have with... Let’s just say I lose a tooth and I have all the beliefs about if you don’t do this with your teeth or if you do that with your teeth you are gonna lose them, lalala. So according to my beliefs that tooth is no longer there in my reality, but if I look at the beliefs and look at the perception and see the creation of my reality, is it quite possible that in — I don’t know how else to say it other than in real reality — the tooth is still there?

ELIAS: In association with your perception, yes. It is quite possible.

MARJ: I can change all my perceptions and have all my teeth.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) If you are so choosing. Do not discount the strength of beliefs, for you may express an ideal and you may question myself as to the possibility of generating any particular ideal, but this is not to say that you may necessarily actually create that, dependent upon your beliefs and the strength of their influence. But yes, in acceptance of your beliefs, in recognition of them and allowing yourself choice, it is possible to be generating that type of manifestation.

MARJ: Now, there is one other thing. I’ve been trying to trust myself (Elias laughs) or I can say I’ve been working on it...

ELIAS: Very well! (Laughing)

MARJ: It’s not going to happen like that. I noticed there’s a song that I’m really attracted to. It’s called “Let Me Fall.” So I’ve been trying to picture myself standing like on the edge of a cliff and letting myself go and trust myself that everything will be fine. I haven’t quite accomplished that. So now Joanne has me standing by my bed, I close my eyes, put my arms out and fall backwards. I said, “That won’t work because I know the bed is there,” and she said, “Yeah, but do it anyway and see how you feel.” (Elias laughs) Well, each time I do it I feel a little better. (Laughs) What I’m trying to figure out is will any of these things help me to trust myself, or do I just have to relax, allow and wait for it?

ELIAS: Ah — waiting. No. I may express to you waiting is unproductive.

In this, yes, different actions may be incorporated to be reinforcing your trust of yourself, and in this, also in paying attention to what you are generating, what you actually are creating and acknowledging that, is also a manner in which you may reinforce your trust of yourself. Offering yourself evidence of accomplishment and noticing it reinforces your trust of yourself quite strongly.

The challenge is in recognizing and noticing, for you may be accomplishing quite frequently and offering yourself evidence of your accomplishments, which if acknowledged would be reinforcing your trust of yourself. But generally speaking, what many individuals move their attention to is not what they have actually created or accomplished but rather what they view themselves to having not accomplished yet, which also is associated with your beliefs.

Let me express to you that you may be accomplishing an action in association with what you want and objectively not recognize it, for it may not be configured in the manner of which you expect, and therefore you continue to express the belief that you have not generated what you want. This is the significance of paying attention to what you actually do in the now.

MARJ: I do notice that I am. I wouldn’t say 100 percent, but I am noticing more of what I am accomplishing and patting myself on the head, kissing myself on the hand, and telling myself that I am a lot more than I ever dreamed I could be, and I mean that. So that tells me that to continue along those lines will bring me right to where I want to be where the trust is concerned. Right?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. Acknowledge yourself in the now and discontinue anticipating the future. Rather than expressing what you have in “if I continue I shall be...” express to yourself, “I am now.”

MARJ: “I am now.” Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MARJ: Wonderful. I understand what you are saying. Thank you so much.

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are quite welcome.

MARJ: I’ll let Joanne have at you now. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: My, my! (Laughs) Shall I exercise caution?

JOANNE: No, not today. (All laugh)

A while ago I had talked to you about a focus that I was observing essence in. His name was Robert Evans and he was in the World Trade Center at the time of that mass event. Later on, I saw a friend of mine and I went to shake his hand or to lend him energy in something he was trying to do. I just stuck out my hand and he grabbed it, and all of a sudden he just started coughing, gagging, and he couldn’t breathe. It just popped into my head “oh my god, you are Robert Evans or another focus of Robert’s or like the same person.” I was wondering if that was what actually happened, that they are two focuses of the same essence.


JOANNE: Cool. Oh, the next one’s pretty good. Rodney keeps calling me Robin. A few years ago, I woke up one morning, even before I met Rodney, laughing about the name Robin. Then when we were in Castaic, everybody was joking around and they had asked you if they were Robin’s merry men and stuff like that, Robin Hood. I was wondering, am I Robin Hood?

ELIAS: (Laughs) Yes.

JOANNE: Yes? (Laughs) Oh, I knew it. Here’s the next one: was Robin Hood actually a woman?


JOANNE: Yes? I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

ELIAS: Ah, now this is an interesting example of perception and what you hear. For I did not express yes; I expressed no.

JOANNE: Oh my god, you said no?


JOANNE: I thought you said yes!

ELIAS: I am aware! (Sarcastically) This is a fine example of paying attention.

MARJ: Now, Joanne is not Robin Hood and Robin Hood is not a woman?

ELIAS: No, this is not what I expressed. I expressed yes to the first question...

MARJ: Oh, so she is Robin Hood.

ELIAS: Correct. I expressed no to the second question.

JOANNE: Oh, now I’m disappointed. Well, why did I do that? Because I wanted to hear what I wanted to hear?

ELIAS: (Laughs) In association with your beliefs, yes. Which, in actuality, is quite commonly expressed.

JOANNE: Would that be like my women’s liberation thing, like along those lines?


JOANNE: Well, I’m disappointed but I’ll get over it.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And perhaps you may allow yourself to examine your beliefs in association with gender.

JOANNE: Oh yeah, I have a lot of those! (Elias laughs) Like if you want it done, ask a woman. You know, those kind of things.

The same person I had asked you about, his name is Joe M. They have such a wonderful house. I love the energy at their house. Anyway, when we were there, I had a very strong impression that Joe and his wife Judy were my son Michael’s parents in another focus. In fact, the particular focus that you had described to Michael that one time on the telephone.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JOANNE: Did you say correct?

ELIAS: Yes! (Laughs)

JOANNE: Now I’m going to be double-checking!

ELIAS: (Laughing) Now; this is another fine example of trust!

JOANNE: Well, I don’t think this is fair.

ELIAS: (Laughs loudly) Very well, and I shall express to you the suggestion that you examine what you are creating!

JOANNE: It feels like confusion! I don’t want to project that anymore. I want to get back to having fun and trusting myself.

MARJ: So Joe and Judy definitely were his parents. Oh, I love it.

JOANNE: After we had gotten back from Vermont, I was looking for my opera singer focus or the opera focus you had told me about, and the name Tatiana popped into my head. So I was looking for an opera singer with the name of Tatiana, and the next thing I knew, “Romanov” was there and I found myself going to a website talking about the Romanovs. Now, I know I knew Rasputin.

This is a very strange experience for me because of the feeling that sort of hit me in the chest. When I saw her picture, I felt like I was looking at me, but the two words that came to me in trying to figure out what all these feelings were that were hitting me was mergence and aspect. I don’t know what that means. I don’t know how to apply it. My first initial reaction would be to say that Tatiana was a focus of mine, but with the dispersed thing, I really don’t at this point trust that, because I know without even trying I can merge with anything and still feel like me.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: So I don’t really know what that whole thing was about but it was very powerful. It was very moving and I was wondering if you would tell me a little bit about what happened there.

ELIAS: This is a mergence with that particular focus but not merely that focus, but with several focuses that express a similar energy. This is the reason that you incorporated the strength of the experience that you generated.

You moved in the direction objectively of this particular focus for it is more obvious and it may be viewed as a type of focal point, so to speak, one that you may objectively connect to in association with that type of energy expression — which is also a type of energy expression that you, in a manner of speaking, favor within your essence. But you also...

JOANNE: These kind of feelings just seem to come from out of nowhere. I mean, that’s not the first time that has happened. But that was, I would say, the strongest to date. So when I do that, or when that happens, it’s because I favor that type of action?

ELIAS: That you incorporate preferences within your essence that favor certain types of expressions, certain types of manifestations, certain types of explorations within physical focus. There are similarities which you incorporate in essence preferences to those expressions and those manifestations of energy.

But let me also encourage you to continue following your trail, for this may indeed lead you to your singer.

JOANNE: So the singer had something to do with the Romanovs or was within that timeframe?

ELIAS: I shall leave this to your investigation, that you shall allow yourself to follow your clues. You are already generating clues and you are moving in the direction of your treasure hunt. Ha ha ha!

JOANNE: There was a treasure hunt on that site for Anastasia. The opera singer or whatever, was that how I had my association with Rasputin?

ELIAS: It is known to him.

JOANNE: Now, I know when the name Rasputin came to me, I felt that I knew that person. Was it the actual focus of Rasputin or was it just the essence that I knew, if that makes any sense.

ELIAS: I am understanding. It is the individual.

JOANNE: So are we talking about two focuses of mine? One was an opera singer and one... Was I a Romanov?


JOANNE: So in that time period, my only connection to Rasputin was through the opera singer?

ELIAS: No, you do incorporate two focuses. One that is more closely associated than the singer.

JOANNE: I’m gonna move on. This is good. One day I was all bummed out, and it seemed like every time I got in my car I heard this song, “Here Comes the Sun.” The first three or four times, I wasn’t even paying attention. It was like oh, there’s that song again. By the end of the day, it came on again and I was like, oh my god, this is a message to me. Then I started to play a game — if this is really a message, the song will keep going. And the song did, and that song played over and over again on the radio all night long. I even called my mom to make sure she could hear it too and it wasn’t just me. (Laughs, and Elias laughs) That was pretty wild. I looked up the song and it was by George Harrison. If I remember correctly, that’s another focus of Lawrence.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: I was wondering if that was some kind of message from Vicki.

ELIAS: Correct, and what is your impression? What did you notice and what became obvious to you in association with that song?

JOANNE: I just initially sat in my car and cried and thought this was for me.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: It was telling me that everything was going to be all right and not to worry so much about everything. It was just a really beautiful message to me that everything was going to be fine.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: Once I calmed down and everything, I had to look up the song because I didn’t know who had written it or anything like that. That sorta led me to George Harrison and Vicki, but that wasn’t my first thing. My first thing was trying to tell myself that I was special, that I was important, and of course something like this would happen just for me, and that’s not such an unbelievable thing that something really cool like that would happen just for me.

ELIAS: Correct. And now perhaps acknowledge yourself.

JOANNE: Cool. So I did that?

ELIAS: You allowed yourself to receive the message, but you did allow a genuine connection with Lawrence.

JOANNE: Oh, cool. I know I just sat there in awe that something like that could happen just for me.

ELIAS: To reinforce that the impossible is not impossible.

JOANNE: Impossible things happen every day.

ELIAS: And so they do. (Laughs)

JOANNE: Pretty cool. My next question is about St. Rita. It says in the information that I read about her that after she had been dead for quite awhile, during what they call the beatification she sat up and opened her eyes. Did I really do that?(2)


JOANNE: No kidding! (Cracks up) I wish I could pop in and see that! (Elias laughs) To see the look on everybody’s face!

ELIAS: One of awe and wonder! (Laughs) Which is another evidence that the impossible is possible. That which you deem to be miracles are actually merely choices that are associated with your abilities.

JOANNE: That’s wild. Remember when I told you that I had the apparition envy?


JOANNE: It’s funny. The whole way home from Vermont I kept thinking about the various looks on your face when we were talking, and I finally figured out why you looked at me when Mom was asking who that apparition was and you were looking at me. Afterwards I figured out it was because there were so many hints prior to that...

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: ...about Rose. I kept saying to Mom, why was he looking at me so funny?

ELIAS: (Laughs) There are no accidents and there are no coincidences.

JOANNE: And then when you were talking about manifesting and the energy it takes and you looked at me funny again, all of a sudden it dawned on me, you have done that to me, haven’t you?

ELIAS: I have expressed this, in actuality, many times, with many individuals.

JOANNE: I’m thinking of one particular time where it actually entered my head that it could have been you sitting there.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: And it was at the Frosted Mug not too long ago?

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: I liked the rings you had on. They were really nice!

ELIAS: (Laughs) I am fond of adornments.

JOANNE: I thought about it, but I thought nah. So here’s my next question: why didn’t you get up and come over and talk to me?

ELIAS: And I may inquire the same of yourself! (Joanne and Marj laugh)

JOANNE: Well, it was because I was afraid!


JOANNE: I didn’t know how to explain to my husband that I was talking to a dead person. (Elias laughs loudly) You know, don’t get jealous honey, he’s not alive, he’s not really here.

MARJ: Oh, that would go over big.

JOANNE: He’s already accused me of loving dead people more than I love him. (All laugh) I really didn’t want to add fuel to that fire.

ELIAS: Ah. (Chuckles) And perhaps if you generate an allowance for this type of manifestation again futurely, you may be trusting your choices a little more.

JOANNE: I was talking to Mom, and you watch, next time it pops into my head, I’m going to accost some stranger who’s just sitting there minding their own business, and I’m gonna go over and say, “Hey, I know it’s you, Elias!” They’re gonna think I’m nuts! Can we work out a code? (Elias laughs) You know, like a red flower in your lapel or something?

ELIAS: (Laughing) Ah! Deals!

JOANNE: Because now I’m gonna be looking and I’m gonna go up to some stranger and shock the hell out of them.

ELIAS: What is significant is that you pay attention to the energy. For let me express to you, there are many ways in which an essence may present themselves to you physically within your physical reality. One is to be expressing an apparition, which, as you are aware, does not incorporate the solidity as an actual individual within your reality that is physically manifest. Another manner is to be super-imposing energy in relation to an individual that is physically manifest, momentarily.

JOANNE: Ah. So that’s what you did that one time then.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: Because you didn’t look see-through.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: That would have been a clue. That would have been a real clue, if I could see through you! So you have actually done that to me a number of times and I just totally did not pay attention?

ELIAS: No, I may express that I have incorporated this action a number of times with different individuals. Generally speaking, I do not choose to be incorporating that action numerous times with each individual, but periodically I do incorporate these actions to be reinforcing to individuals that I am interactive with of my presence and the reality of it, that it is present even within time frameworks in which I am not objectively speaking with you.

MARJ: Elias, can I ask you a question about this? Prior to us having the session with you and finding out that I manifested an apparition of Rose, I was sitting having breakfast with friends and talking about what I had seen and wondering what it was all about. Suddenly I picked up all this energy from my toes on up. It was strong; it was pleasant. At the same time, I started to look around for where it was coming from, and I noticed a girl from the other side of the room, wearing black clothes and an orangey-red knitted hat on her head, and she passed in front of me. After finding out about Rose and thinking about all of this, I’m thinking that perhaps that was a clue at the time to me that it was tied in with that apparition. Does that make any sense?

ELIAS: Yes, as this type of energy expression also in relation to what Gildae has expressed — a super-imposing of energy in relation to an individual that is physically manifest, momentarily.

MARJ: Was that that individual’s energy or was that Rose’s energy I picked up on?

ELIAS: Rose, in confirmation and also as a clue.

MARJ: Boy, there were clues everywhere that day.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! As there are in each day. It is merely a matter of whether you are paying attention or not.

MARJ: I’m finding that out more and more. It’s so exciting.

JOANNE: I’ve been thinking that I have to go back and order the video tapes of each one of my sessions so I can see the look on your face when I ask some of these questions. (Elias laughs) Because I was so surprised afterwards, that there would be a particular look on your face when you answered a question and I thought there’s more to this. There’s something here and I need to look at this again. It was really cool.

I was wondering, are there any essences out there observing this focus of me right now?


JOANNE: Really? A lot?


JOANNE: So it’s not just me out there observing everybody! (Elias laughs loudly) Someone is actually interested in observing me! Sorry! That’s pretty cool.

ELIAS: And you may recognize that you do not merely observe focuses that are necessarily famous, so to speak. This is quite a common action.

JOANNE: That’s pretty neat. With everybody with the famous focus thing and who’s the primary and who’s “just” the observing... (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ah, yet another manner in which you may be discounting or comparing!

JOANNE: Yup. Well, I kind of with St. Rita... Mom just kept laughing about how I just sort of blew that off.

MARJ: “Do I have any other famous focuses?”

JOANNE: Do I have any famous focuses aside from her, and I’ve been trying to pay attention to why I did that. Now, in looking at her life and stuff like that, I don’t really connect to it. In the things I’ve read, I’ve kind of passed some pretty harsh judgments on her.

ELIAS: This is not unusual either, my friend, for although individuals express a fascination with discovering focuses that incorporate fame, for the most part their interest is not associated with the fame. They are not trusting themselves to be discovering focuses which are not recorded that they may validate themselves in association with. In this, many times, not always but many times, individuals may be discovering a focus of their essence that does incorporate an expression of fame, and the individual may not necessarily generate much of an interest in that particular individual.

JOANNE: I know I keep joking about how she was just a smelly fanatical religious person and it... But that’s sort of what I turned her into. I want to read more about her and see if I can feel some type of connection, but I also realize that the more I discount her, I’m sort of discounting myself.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; let me also express to you, another quite common association which is generated by individuals in association with focuses that incorporate fame is that they may be more drawn to other individuals that also incorporate fame in the same time framework which in that focus they admire — which also distracts from some of the appreciation or what you view as connection to the individual’s actual focus.

JOANNE: I don’t know that I understood that. I’m going to have to read that. Like if Rita had a fascination with someone in that...

ELIAS: Correct. Within that time framework, that individual may have incorporated an admiration for another individual, hypothetically as an example, perhaps a religious figure, and therefore you may incorporate more of a draw to an individual associated with that focus than the focus itself, for you shall associate with that focus’ experiences.

JOANNE: I think from what I read that the saint she prayed to was like St. Sebastian, and I know that really caught my attention.

ELIAS: Correct, for this is an expression of that focus. Therefore, you also shall incorporate an appreciation for what is held in value by that individual.

JOANNE: I know I kinda had to hold myself back from going off in that direction, like looking into St. Sebastian. What I did was I started thinking about the focus that I have with the name Sebastian. In fact that’s on my list, like what was his last name, if you could help me with that.

ELIAS: You may investigate! You are accomplishing quite well. This is the point, acknowledge yourself. What have you been expressing within this conversation? That you both wish to be incorporating more of an appreciation and trust of yourselves. Begin NOW.

JOANNE: Oh, I have one more quick question. In the Oscar Wilde focus, the only thing I ever came up with as to who I was was the woman who owned the hotel or boarding house or whatever where Oscar Wilde lived in France. I was wondering if that was correct.

ELIAS: In actuality, you are not that individual; but this once again is an example of what we have been discussing, in that it may be viewed that the focus that you incorporate wishes they were that individual and is closely associated with that individual.

JOANNE: I give up! (Elias laughs) Was I an observing essence of Oscar?


JOANNE: That was my last ditch effort. (Elias laughs) I give up.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Gildae, it is merely a game.

JOANNE: Oh, I know. I play games with myself too, you know.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I am aware!

JOANNE: You’re aware? (Laughing) If I say I give up, sometimes I take that as an oh well, I can’t figure it out. So then I present myself with the information and then I go “Oh!” See, I’m trying to trick myself.

ELIAS: And offer yourself surprise.

JOANNE: Right. If you can’t get it through the front door, you try to sneak around and come in a window.

ELIAS: Very well! (Laughing) Window away!

MARJ: It’s only a window away! I like that.

JOANNE: This focus of mine, am I an emotional focus?


JOANNE: Yes, I thought so. Oh, I know a burning question. Do all essences fragment from somebody or are there essences that sort of just create themselves? I don’t know how that works from consciousness to...

ELIAS: All essences fragment. This is an action that is continuously occurring within essence.

JOANNE: Who did I fragment from?

ELIAS: Essence name Todd, T-O-D-D; essence Mah, M-A-H; essence Lin-fon, L-I-N hyphen F-O-N.

JOANNE: No wonder I’m so complicated. (Elias laughs) Well no, I’m not. So from the three of them, I created myself.


MARJ: Elias, I have one quick question. Did I create being told that no, I have no famous focuses because of my own lack of self esteem, and then conversely created you telling me yes, I have these kinds of focuses, because I am beginning to appreciate myself?

ELIAS: Yes, but as I have stated previously, there is some expression of distortion in the information which is being offered in that energy exchange. But in association with your choice to be incorporating that interaction in that time framework with that essence, yes, this is what you have created — an allowance of a distortion of information, which reinforced what you were expressing within yourself.

Very well. (Chuckles) I shall be anticipating our next interaction of playing together!

JOANNE: Sounds good. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, and perhaps you may be acknowledging of yourself slightly more. Ha ha ha!

MARJ: We are going to put that into practice immediately.

ELIAS: Very well!

JOANNE: Sounds like a plan.

ELIAS: You may continue falling, Grady, and Gildae shall perhaps allow herself to incorporate a slightly more accepting perception of lovely Rita! Ha ha!

MARJ: Elias, she says that she doesn’t sleep well at night and she gets headaches every morning, so I told her it’s because of all the people praying to her all these years. (Elias laughs loudly) Similar to what you must go through!

JOANNE: Do you walk around with a headache all the time?

ELIAS: No, for I do not incorporate a head!

JOANNE: I know, but the energy of a headache?

ELIAS: (Laughing) No.

JOANNE: That was funny, because we had talked that one time about Mom saying when everybody calls, how can you be there for everybody and this and that and the other thing. And I know my first thought was I wouldn’t want to do that, and now there’s poor Rita and me and we can’t get any sleep.

ELIAS: Ah, but you are incorporated within physical focus...

JOANNE: And I have a head — that’s why I get a headache!

ELIAS: Correct!

JOANNE: That’s not fair! That’s really not fair. So once I’m not here anymore I won’t... Well, of course, I won’t have a headache.

MARJ: We’re a little slow, but we get it. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Very well. You may continue to contemplate the action of headaches and I shall be upon my way. (Laughs)

MARJ: Thank you so much, Elias. It was wonderful.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. To both of you, my dear friends, in tremendous affection, au revoir.

MARJ: Au revoir, Elias.

JOANNE: Bye-bye.

Elias departs at 1:05 PM.

(1) Joanne’s note: From the time that we heard “yes” when Elias said “no,” we were unable to hear the first couple of words that Elias would say in answer to our questions. Go figure. The tape is clear, thank goodness.

(2) Joanne’s note: Regarding St. Rita, it was almost two hundred years between the time she died and the day she was beatified.

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