Session 1557

Impressions and Significant Meditation Experiences


“Impressions and Significant Meditation Experiences”

Monday, May 10, 2004 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Marta (Bourjn)

(Elias’ arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

MARTA: Hello! Good afternoon, Elias! How are you? Like always! (Elias laughs) This is Bourjn.

ELIAS: And how is your adventure?

MARTA: Oh, my adventure is interesting. Since I talked to you the last time, I had a few experiences that I want to discuss with you. But first I want to check some of my focuses.

ELIAS: Very well.

MARTA: In the last session, you told me that King Olaf of Norway, one of my focuses was one of the parents. I think the person is the mother.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Then I got the impression of being your daughter when you were Francoise with Margot. She was Elizabeth in France. (Pause)


MARTA: And I got a name, Marie Denise Monpellier. (Pause)


MARTA: Now in another meditation, I got information of Marcus Brutus, one of the assassins of Julius Caesar. I had the vision of killing Julius Caesar, and the name that came to me was Brutus.

ELIAS: Observing essence.

MARTA: This Hippolytus of Rome, he combated Modal Monarchianism.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Theophrastus, the Greek philosopher who was a student of Aristotle.

ELIAS: Observing essence.

MARTA: I had this impression a long time ago. Always I feel related to Anastasia Romanova, but I knew that it wasn’t Anastasia. Then one day I was watching a movie of Ivan the Terrible. I realized that his wife was Anastasia Romanova, and I had an impression that this was my focus.

ELIAS: Not that individual, but another individual associated with these individuals.

MARTA: In the time of Ivan the Terrible?


MARTA: I got another; I think this is observing essence. I got in meditation and my impression is observing Pierre Curie, the physicist.


MARTA: In another meditation I got Seneca, the Roman philosopher.


MARTA: Now, as observing essence I got Marcel Proust, the French novelist.


MARTA: These are connections during meditation that Dora/Arria had that are related with me. She saw two twin brothers, Cordelius and Cornelius, in the time of Julius Caesar in Rome. They were lovers, and one killed the other. It was a focus of her and me.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Also Dora/Arria had another impression in meditation about a focus of mine, Donaldina McBride, in Scotland, who was married to one of her focuses.


MARTA: I have an impression in meditation of Countess Maria Valesca.

ELIAS: A close association.

MARTA: In meditation I saw the three sons, I saw everything. This was very, very vivid in me, okay? I got it was Jean Moulin, who was a French martyr during World War II.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Now I got Thais, or Thaistia, a woman in Judea who died the same day her children were being captured. I got the impression that it was 300 BC, but Judea wasn’t by then founded.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARTA: I got also Tumac, a Mayan mathematician and astronomer who created the Mayan calendar, 200 BC.

ELIAS: Observing.

MARTA: I got as an observing essence Anne Boleyn.


MARTA: Francois Luc Belmont, a French soldier of Napoleon Bonaparte, who died in battle in Italy.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Michael Garret, who was an American Marine, a telegrapher on a battleship in the second World War.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Zulima, a courtesan in Babylon around 3000 BC.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Now, I tried to connect to this Roman soldier who was a friend of Laconius, and I got Hesperius Dominicus. We were in Egypt, Alexandria, in the first century.


MARTA: I got another name in meditation, Helen Bradfield, in England, who was married to Alan in the 1500s.


MARTA: In another meditation, I got Bernardo Giacomini in Italy, 12th century, and he was a mathematician.

ELIAS: Observing.

MARTA: Now, in this one, my name was Tabatha Wiedmaier, something like that, and I married Gunther Wiedmaier, who was a focus of you, Elias. I was married when I was fourteen, and he was a very powerful and rich person in Geneva in the 1400s.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: I think I connected with a present focus of mine, the one in England. I got that he is a member of the history faculty at Cambridge University. I think his name is Malcolm Gaskill.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: In this one, I got Matilda Hoenaert, who was persecuted and prosecuted by the Catholic Inquisition in Belgium for heresy. She was burned alive in the 1400s.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: After this connection, Dora/Arria had another connection, and she saw that she was burned alive also and that we both died together.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Another focus, it was an Irish painter, born in Dublin. I got a name, John, and that he was in the second half of the 18th century. Was it John Ramage?

ELIAS: No, but you may continue your investigation, for...

MARTA: Okay, I’ll continue with that one. The other focus I have left for my present focuses is the one in France, and always I got the impression that she’s a dancer. I feel that she is a dancer.


MARTA: Then in meditation I got a name. That is Zizi Jean Marie.


MARTA: Another one is Turelius, a scribe in the Alexandria library in the first century BC.


MARTA: Aba Al Rashid, a merchant in Tunis or Tunisia, 1300s.


MARTA: This one is in Spain. I got that my name is Maria, and I was called La Chavala. I was a very flamboyant and colorful flamenco dancer in the 1700s, and I was married to Antonio Corrales, one of your focuses.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Finally, I’ve got this one. (Elias laughs) Finally! You told me the last time about Osiris, that it is very similar to the interpretation of Osiris. Is it Tammuz from the Syrian mythology?


MARTA: Now, I was in meditation, and I think I was communicating with you. I saw an image of a very robust man with black long hair, and the name Nina came to me, but nothing more. Then, later on, I got that the name was Ninavok, and he’s a focus living in Atlantis.


MARTA: Has my essence any infamous-famous focus?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

MARTA: Well, in the way that people call him famous. I have an impression, Elias, that I think I have a feeling of my theme of my essence. I am impressioning that I do not have focuses of a high level of power, like directing, ruling personalities.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: About my musical focuses, is one of them a composer in the 18th century?


MARTA: Domenico Scarlatti?


MARTA: Oh, great! I found it! Now I have an impression that I was in a mergence of my essence, Bourjn, with two more essences. Then, in meditation, I felt I was communicating with you, and you corrected my impression and told me that it was a merging of four essences. I got Bourjn, Elias, Martin and Pele.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Later on I found that Pele is related to Ordin, which I didn’t know.


MARTA: Pele is the same thing like Ordin, or it’s a different essence?

ELIAS: A different essence but...

MARTA: Now, which essence fragmented from this mergence? (Pause)

ELIAS: This mergence itself did not produce a fragmentation.

MARTA: You’re kidding! And you saw this?


MARTA: Then not all mergences of essence produce fragmentation?

ELIAS: Correct. Essences generate this type of action continuously, and that does not necessarily generate a fragmentation.

MARTA: But it could.

ELIAS: Yes. It may, but it is not a rule. It is not an action of cause and effect that if essences are merging that they shall automatically generate a fragmentation. That is not correct.

MARTA: Now another question. Elias, my essence is not a dispersed essence?


MARTA: Then I’m correct in that. I have a question. I understand, Elias, that each essence holds characteristics from all the families...

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: ...but choose to belong or identify with the intent of one family.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Like my essence being Sumafi. Also, the focus is manifested or chooses to identify with the intent of one alignment. Now, I’m aware that they are not absolute, but in all the transcripts I’ve read, for example, I have never seen you saying to an individual that their essence belongs to three, four or six families or that they’re aligned with six different families.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: I’m asking because there is channeled material in which that information was presented. In that material, it was said that our essences belong to six families and that we align with six or more families. They say that we have an alignment for the working place and another alignment when we are at home and another alignment when we are in relationships and so on. It just makes no sense for me.

ELIAS: No. I may express to you, this would be somewhat distorted, for as I have expressed previously, you do incorporate qualities of all of the essence families, and therefore, in different scenarios you may choose to be expressing the qualities of any particular essence family which you do not necessarily align with or belong to. But you continuously express some of the qualities of the belonging-to family and the aligning family in all of your expressions.

MARTA: You see, that makes sense for me exactly. Then, in a way, you can say that this is some kind of distortion, if you will.


Now; I may express to you that it is not impossible to be changing your alignment or even changing your essence family, although, as I have expressed many times previously, this is not an action that essences generate, for it is unnecessary. This is the reason that each focus chooses an alignment with a different essence family. The essence family that any essence is belonging to is a choice in association with the expressed qualities of each essence, what their preferences are, and therefore what expressions of energy they resonate with more strongly.

In a manner of speaking, essence families are a type of grouping of essences, and that grouping would be quite similar to what you generate within your physical reality. You automatically draw yourself to groups of individuals that express similarly to yourself. Essences generate a very similar action. Therefore, the essence family that is chosen, generally speaking, does not change. Even in situations in which an individual may choose to be fluctuating in their alignment, generally speaking they hold to one family as being aligned with, for the most part. They may incorporate moments in which they may explore an alignment with another essence family but return to the original choice of the alignment.

MARTA: Yes, it makes sense for me. Now another question I have — this is for Arria and she asked me to ask you, please. First she would like verification of a focus of herself that she connected with in meditation: Hieronymus Bosch, the painter born in Holland in the 1400s.


MARTA: Also, she would like to know how many focuses her essence has in this physical dimension and how many in this present time.

ELIAS: Eight hundred sixty-one, and within this present time framework, five.

MARTA: She would like to know if one of these present focuses is Eric Clapton.

ELIAS: No, that would be a counterpart action.

MARTA: Also she wants to know if she has focuses with you.


MARTA: How many, she asks.

ELIAS: Twenty-six.

MARTA: Oh, my gosh! (Elias chuckles) She has a lot to do, the work! She wants to know, also, if she has a Dream Walker aspect. (Pause)


MARTA: And the last question for her. You know that she recently entered transition, and she would like to know since when. (Pause)

ELIAS: Within your time framework of one year, approximately.

MARTA: Good, this is what she wanted to know.

Now, I was in meditation, meditating, and then something very strange happened; I felt like I was going just to disengage. It was strange. Then suddenly I realized that no, I am not disengaging right now, but I felt like I’m already moving to the position of disengagement.

ELIAS: This is merely an experience that you have offered to yourself to allow yourself to experience the reality that death is a choice, that it is a choice that is generated quite easily, and that in that choice, it is not fearful. This is a valuable experience to dissipate any apprehension or any expression of fear that may be associated with that particular choice.

Let me express to you, my friend, many individuals may entertain thoughts that they do not incorporate fear in association with death, but I may express to you, in actuality most individuals do incorporate some apprehension and some expressions of fear in association with death unless they have offered themselves some type of experience that they may assure themselves that there is no necessity to be incorporating fear. This is, objectively, an unknown type of choice.

MARTA: It was wonderful, because what I felt, it was just so easy.

ELIAS: Yes, which in actuality it is. This particular choice, generally speaking, may be one of your easiest choices that you engage within your physical focus!

MARTA: Let me first go to my experiences, okay? Because I had three... Oh, before I go to that, I want to ask you one question. I would like your verification about an impression that I have. It’s just I want to know if my interpretation of the energy projected is accurate. There is material channeled by an essence, Kris. Is this essence Sumafi? (Pause)


MARTA: I wanted to verify my impression that it is not. Also, is this an energy exchange, as this phenomenon is an energy exchange between Elias and Michael? (Pause)


MARTA: It’s the same?

ELIAS: It is not the same, but it is an energy exchange.

MARTA: But it’s not the same, like this one. I know it’s an energy exchange but not the same like the one that is between Elias and Michael. This is my question.

ELIAS: No, for the individual does not incorporate the same action as does Michael. The participation of the individual within physical focus is not the same as Michael’s participation, but it is an energy exchange.

MARTA: Now let’s go with my experiences. Since we talked the last time, Elias, three or four months, five months, I don’t remember, I had about three or four experiences that were all subjective. Let me go for the first one.

The first one, this one occurred when I was trying to comprehend or to discern what is truth or true. Really, I don’t know how to explain it. Suddenly I was like observing my objective perceptions subjectively. Then I became aware of the entirety of my thinking process and how all my thoughts are always affected by my beliefs and our translation, and how the thinking process mechanism is, in itself, physical.

Then I confronted myself with what I thought I knew. I never had an experience like that, because what happened is that I felt a total emptiness, and this emptiness lasted for about three days. I felt empty. I was facing myself with a total absence of knowing what I really knew, and it was not (inaudible). It’s even hard to explain how I felt.

I had the realization that no matter what I think, it always will be an interpretation of a belief that I may hold in my perception, and that my objective perception always will be affected by my beliefs, no matter how I believe they are not. I realized that they are not truth. Then I understood that whatever I believe or I understand will be my interpretation of something that holds true in my perception, but it’s only true to myself and it’s not a truth.

After this experience, I was trying to understand what is knowledge. I was thinking that as long as I was physically focused, I wasn’t able to have any knowledge. Then I had a sudden understanding about what knowledge truly is, and what I understood is that knowledge is awareness. When I become aware of something, then it becomes a knowing and will be MY knowledge. That knowledge is not about a neat package of truth, and widening my awareness means widening my own knowledge and that there is not absolute knowledge. It makes sense?

ELIAS: I am quite acknowledging of you. Yes, you are correct.

Now; I may also express to you an identification of what you experienced as this emptiness. That would also be somewhat of an accurate translation of essence not associated with your physical reality, for there are no beliefs but there also is no physical manifestation, no physical generating of any of the objective awareness. Therefore, there is also the absence of not merely physical but emotional. That to you, within what is known in your physical reality and in your experiences, would appear to be a type of void, for it is the lack of all of these expressions that are so very strongly associated with your physical reality.

Let me also express to you, your explanation of your experience and the information that you offered to yourself and the KNOWING that you now possess is quite accurate, and that is the point. That is a significant movement in widening your awareness and in shifting.

MARTA: Yes, it was very, very significant. It was really an important experience.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding. That also allows you to appreciate the significance of the individual of yourself. For all that you generate is not to be discounted as merely translated through your beliefs but rather to be appreciated, that you have chosen to be participating and manifesting in this physical reality precisely to explore all of these wondrous expressions that are within the blueprint and the design of this physical reality.

MARTA: It was a very significant experience because it changed totally my perception of things.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding.

MARTA: It was really important. After this incredible experience, I had this other one, and the only thing I can express is that it was like an experience of this focus of attention. I don’t know how to explain it; maybe there is another way.

What happened is in this one I became aware of the entirety of the self of my present focus. I became aware of how all the moments of my focus, present, past and future, are existing in the now, and how there is a constant affectingness between them, and how in this moment I am affecting another past moment of myself and I’m affected now by moments of what will be my future.

Then I saw how all those countless expressions of Marta, past, present and future, all are in the now, and how many other selves are splitting from those, and even more probable selves. Basically, there was no ending. I don’t know how to say, because although they split over again, I guess I was amazed to see this incredible... It was like a dream with thousands and thousands of leaves, splitting more and more. I became aware that there’s really affectingness in all of them. But still, I feel like myself, my own individuality, my self-awareness as unique. I knew that all those expressions of the self hold the same self-awareness and uniqueness.

Then I realize that a focus of attention from essence can and has countless points of self-awareness. It hit me, in my understanding, that that was precisely what essence is. It’s an infinite gestalt of consciousness which is self-aware, that aligns with the personality tone that is the essence. I became aware of me, this self-awareness that I recognize as myself, as a point of attention of this gestalt of consciousness, and that I, being this point of attention, am manifested in this dimension and I could see events linearly by choice but my consciousness is constantly blinking in and out. I became aware of that.

When my consciousness is directed objectively, I am aware of this Marta, this that I call myself. When my consciousness is directed subjectively, then I become aware of the entirety of my essence. There is no separation. As this Marta, I am aware of myself objectively and I create a line of events that I choose to recognize as my past. But then I realize that all the points of self-awareness of this same focus of attention — I don’t know how to call it — the other me’s, the other Martas, they choose to recognize other lines of events as their pasts. We may choose some that are the same and some we don’t. What I understood is that this focus of attention — and this is my point — what I understood from this experience, Elias, is that this focus of attention that I call Marta has endless points of attention. There is not only one Marta; there are endless Martas.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding, and I am once again acknowledging of you. You are quite correct, and you have expressed it quite accurately. This is what I have been expressing to individuals from the onset of these sessions. There are COUNTLESS you’s of you, and you are much more vast than you perceive yourselves to be. You have expressed this quite eloquently.

MARTA: The only thing I can explain is the experience of this focus of attention, because I see that the focus of attention has countless points of attention.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARTA: All those points of attention, they are experiencing all the possibilities of the intent of this focus of attention...


MARTA: ...and it’s not one single line of events from future to past. This is what I became aware of.

ELIAS: Correct. This is also the reason that the past is not as solid and absolute as individuals may think it to be, for it is continuously altering and changing, for all of these points of attention, as you have expressed them, are intertwined and are not separated. Therefore, the mosaic of the past or the future or even the present is continuously reconfiguring and changing.

MARTA: This goes now with the last experience I had, Elias. After this experience, I had an experience, and the only thing I can say is that it was conceptualization. I viewed the concept of simultaneous time. It began as I was trying to imagine all this that has become part of my awareness. I was trying to imagine what a focus is with the countless selves, all these points of attentions, and then expand it to all the focuses of attention of my own essence with also countless points of attention. I was trying to imagine all that.

Suddenly, when I was trying to imagine it, I became aware of what simultaneous time is. I became aware that there is not a space at locality, that there is something that I can’t describe in words and it is the existence of all consciousness in which locality has no meaning. It takes no space, but in the same time it is boundless. Then, I became aware that in reality there is nothing but simultaneous time. It was more like no-time, in which all the possibilities, manifestations of time are manifested in the now. I became aware and I noticed through this trajectory, this experience of what I call simultaneous time, is more like a duration. What I call it, let me see if I can explain myself.

My perception of time I feel is about duration, but I understood that this duration is not really a duration. It’s more like intensities. I understood that intensity is how our consciousness expressed itself and to focus for experience. These intensities create different durations of time.

I understood the paradox of everything existing at once and at the same time everything in a state of becoming. I saw how all the possibilities of creation exist at once as potentials, and at the same time all the probabilities are created, manifested and experienced in the now. In my terms, I understood how there is no beginning and no ending. Nothing had begun and nothing has ended. It’s very difficult for me to express in words what I understood, but I became aware of all the consciousness existing at once and at the same time everything constantly moving and changing. I think it was conceptualization because I don’t know even how to express it in words, Elias.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

MARTA: I had mental images but there were not images, without images. I felt the movement of consciousness in no-time without movement at all, and I don’t know how to say it without sounding illogical.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding, but it matters not whether it appears to be illogical or not. For this is quite accurate, and I may express to you that in association with your physical reality and how you are accustomed to perceiving reality and what you know within your physical reality, many of these may appear to be paradoxical or incongruous, but in actuality they are not.

I am acknowledging of your conceptualization and of your challenge in attempting to express that in communication. I may express to you that you accomplished quite well in your explanation of your experience, and I am quite understanding of your experience. It is quite significant, for this may be viewed as a genuine revelation of understanding that generates actual knowing, and therein lies your knowledge.

MARTA: During the conceptualization, there was no paradox. Everything was understood.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: But when I tried to put it in words, I realized I didn’t know how to do it.

ELIAS: I am understanding. As I have expressed to many individuals, engaging your inner sense of conceptualization does offer you a genuine experience and thus a genuine knowing of what may have been previously concepts, but it is quite difficult or challenging to be expressing that type of experience in any type of physical language.

MARTA: I feel totally unable to explain it in a way that people... If I cannot express myself, how can the other person understand?

ELIAS: I am understanding. In this, you may be, if you are so choosing, expressing, sharing your experience with other individuals, and in that sharing, if you are genuinely concentrating your attention upon the experience itself, what you shall do is project an energy to the other individual that if they are accepting and receiving that projection from yourself, they may receive the information in the language of energy, not in physical language, and generate somewhat of an understanding. But remember, without generating their own experience of any of these concepts, they may not necessarily incorporate a genuine understanding or a full understanding of even the interpretation of the language of the energy that you are expressing to them. For that is what generates reality, is experience.

MARTA: I tried to share my experiences. The only thing I can do, I share my experiences.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But what is significant in these experiences that you have allowed yourself is that this allows you genuine knowledge that you may be expressing not necessarily information but example.

MARTA: And this is okay that I share my experiences?

ELIAS: Yes. It is quite natural to share your experiences, but what is more significant is that these experiences and this knowledge that you have generated in association with these experiences allows you a greater understanding of other individuals and allows you the freedom to be acknowledging and appreciating yourself and expressing yourself freely, and therefore generating an example with other individuals.

MARTA: It’s true. I felt this. All those experiences, of course, bring me a lot of thinking on another subject also. Remember, Elias, in my first session I told you — this was before I became aware of all your information — I was doing three projections in which I think I projected to an area of consciousness where personalities of essences learn the art of creation. I was told that they create the blueprints of multidimensional systems as potentials for the experiences and manifestations of different realities. This was even before I became aware of you.


MARTA: Now I have questions about that. I would like to discuss about the different actions and areas of consciousness from which multidimensional systems of reality are created. About those blueprints, let’s see if I can... I’m aware that all consciousness is interconnected. Now this is part of my awareness. There is no separation, and we are truly multidimensional, and we occupy all the areas of consciousness.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: My question is about how those multidimensional physical systems are created, because I think there are different areas of action, and those actions are related to different states of awareness.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, but not quite as contained as you...

MARTA: With all these connections, I’m aware that all is nested, all interrelated. They are not separated actions.

ELIAS: Correct, but yes, you may translate that as different areas of consciousness. I have translated to all of you identifications of different areas of consciousness merely to generate an illustration to all of you in a manner in which you may objectively understand with little difficulty.

MARTA: I don’t see these like places or enclosed areas. My understanding is everything is basically one. Everything is connected, and no one action is separate from another one. All are interconnected.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: In that way, I interpreted that there are different states of awareness...


MARTA: ...and those different states of awareness create different actions.


MARTA: Now, coming back to the blueprints — because this is one of the things that’s in my head now — will it be accurate, for example, to say those blueprints are like suggested structures of all the potentials that can be manifested in a multidimensional system according to a design?

ELIAS: Almost, with the exception of the element of “all of the potentials,” for that implies that there is an awareness of potentials or possibilities that have not yet been realized.

MARTA: That will be better, the definition to my understanding. They will be like suggested structures of possibilities that can be manifested in a multidimensional system according to a design?

ELIAS: Not possibilities, but rather expressed qualities. For in expressing the definition of possibilities, you incorporate the factor of a closed end, or there is an implication that the probabilities are set before you, and they are not. For in any dimensional system, in any blueprint, there is an expression of qualities that are favored or chosen to be expressed in the creating of a physical reality. But physical realities incorporate the same quality of consciousness that all of consciousness incorporates, and that is that whatever you are exploring, every experience that you generate is a new exploration. This is the manner in which consciousness is continuously becoming and continuously expanding.

MARTA: Basically, it will be better for my understanding that the blueprint will be like a suggested structure of qualities that can be manifested.


MARTA: It’s just the word, I guess, but then those are basically what are the blueprints.


MARTA: Those blueprints, they spring from where, from which area of consciousness?

ELIAS: I would express, although this is a loose translation, it would be associated with Regional Area 4, for there are filtrations through layers of consciousness.

Now; remember that this is a figurative or loose translation, for they are not actual areas. But in that type of a definition, in movement through layers of consciousness those qualities that would be expressed in association with the design of blueprints to be creating physical realities would necessitate being within an area, so to speak, of consciousness that is closely enough associated with the actual physical manifestations. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Any area of consciousness that would be more removed would incorporate many distortions in the actual blueprints and qualities, for it would be filtered through...

MARTA: Many different layers.

ELIAS: Correct, which would not facilitate the desired accomplishment.

MARTA: I understand. For example, this Regional Area 3, the area of transition, I think it also has many other different actions.


MARTA: And it’s a vast area. I know because in my perception, it’s a vast area of interconnection of nonphysically and physically focused essences.


MARTA: My question is what kind of actions of creation related to this multidimensional physical system are relevant to this area?

ELIAS: There are many expressions that are relevant to Regional Area 3, for recognize that each area of consciousness, in a manner of speaking, is not merely associated with your one physical dimension. It is associated with ALL physical dimensions. Therefore, dependent upon what the blueprint of each physical reality is, there are different functions, so to speak, or expressions that may be generated in association with the physical reality, and that may be expressed in many, many, many different manners.

MARTA: In my understanding, this Regional Area 3 is related, like you said, to many, many different physical manifestations, many different realities...

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: ...and many more multidimensional physical systems.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is a vast area of consciousness, just as each area is vast. Regional Area 1 is endlessly vast in all of the manifestations of all of the physical realities that exist within consciousness.

MARTA: Then after that, this will be Regional Area 2. Now, Regional Area 2, I see it or I interpret this as the inner or subjective domain of all the subjective self.


MARTA: It’s a great interconnection among all the focuses and aspects of all essences that have manifested physically.


MARTA: The way I interpret, is from this Regional Area 2 all our individual experiences spring. I don’t know how to say it; it’s like the primary construction of physical reality.

ELIAS: Partially, but I would alter the term of “spring,” for that implies that some other expression is directing of you within Regional Area 1, and that is incorrect. Your objective awareness is not subject to any command or any creation. It is your choice. Even the subjective awareness does not create prior to, and the object of awareness does not follow. Therefore, in defining Regional Area 2, this is an area that allows for the facilitation of the interaction of collectives.

MARTA: I think that when we insist on being separated, this is the problem. In reality, there is no separation between objective and subjective self.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Because there is no separation, it’s the same.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: It’s just focus objective and the other one focuses subjectively.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: But it’s exactly the same thing. It’s just awareness. The way I see it, the difference is in the state of our awareness.

ELIAS: Yes, and where you are focusing your attention.

MARTA: Exactly. Well, Elias, we are already at the end of the hour. I love to talk to you so much! (Both laugh) I want to be talking to you objectively every day!

ELIAS: It is my pleasure to be interactive with you, my friend.

MARTA: Anyway, I will have to wait until the next time we can objectively interact.

ELIAS: Very well, and I shall be anticipating that.

MARTA: Thank you, thank you. Anything that you can tell me before I say goodbye?

ELIAS: I may be expressing my congratulations to you in your new experiences and in the knowledge that you have offered to yourself. Be acknowledging of yourself and allow yourself to genuinely appreciate what you have accomplished. (Chuckles)

MARTA: Thank you. We are really magnificent.

ELIAS: Quite!

MARTA: This is true. I’m repeating this to everybody, everyday. We are magnificent — believe it! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: And I offer my genuine appreciation to you.

MARTA: Thank you, thank you. I will be talking to you very, very soon again, okay?

ELIAS: Very well, my friend.

MARTA: And be with me, like always. Oh, before I go, something I wanted to ask you, something very strange. My left ear, it’s always red and it’s only the left one.

ELIAS: And your impression?

MARTA: My impression is that I thought it was you. (Elias chuckles) You are laughing! But that’s the only thing, you know, it’s red like something warm but nothing else. It’s only the left ear, not the right.

ELIAS: And you may incorporate this knowledge, that this is merely a gentle reminder that my energy is continuously with you.

MARTA: Why always the left?

ELIAS: Merely a preference.

MARTA: I associated it with you, you know, “this is Elias.” I don’t know why, but this is my impression. (Elias laughs) And it’s always the left, never the right!

ELIAS: And that would be associated with your energy and preferences.

MARTA: Well, that was my last question for today. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you very much. Always be with me, and I talk to you very, very soon.

ELIAS: Very well, my dear friend. In tremendous fondness and affection, as always, au revoir.

MARTA: Au revoir. Bye-bye.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 8 minutes.

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