Session 109
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Introduction to Probabilit


"Introduction To Probabilities"

Sunday, August 4, 1996 © 1996
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Jene (Rudim), Gail (William), Julie (Lanyah), Bill (Kasha), Rex (Dosh), and arriving late, Jim (Yarr), and Carol (Dimin). (
Elias "arrives" at 6:07 PM. ("Time" was twenty seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Then, without incorporating his usual pause) All things exist and do not exist, simultaneously! (Grinning)

CATHY: Oh, great! (Laughing)

ELIAS: All things are created now, and within the past and the future simultaneously. There is no division within events. You view divisions within your time element, as we have spoken previously, for you "see" events within your present now. Therefore, you assess that events exist only within the now, and are created only within the now. In actuality, as we have spoken previously, the time elements are elastic and flexible. They cross over each other continuously. Therefore, past events are created within the present, as are future events. They exist already, so to speak. They also do not exist, for they are created within the moment.

Your city exists, but it also does not exist, for you are creating it now. This may be easier for your understanding if you are viewing yourselves. You each hold what you define as "potential" from birth. This exists, although the actualization of this potential does not exist, for it is created within each moment of your focus. Within probabilities, it already exists.

You have offered yourselves the opportunity to be viewing many probabilities. We shall be entering the area of discussion of probabilities. I shall be presenting limited information to you, for this area has been agreed upon between essences involved with this group of individuals, assessing your readiness for information; although this particular information ... was ... is ... futurely ... to be reserved for a time period which you would view, within your physical focus, to be removed some years into your future. Therefore, I shall allow you to be assessing your understanding yourselves. You may evaluate your own readiness, remembering your intent; holding the least distortion.

Probabilities hold difficulty within the understanding of physical focus, for this is an area which allows for much distortion and misunderstanding. I hold no doubt that within each statement made concerning this subject, you shall each interpret differently, and distort this information equally! (Laughter) We shall begin with symbolism. All things, within all dimensions, within all areas of consciousness, are symbols, yet they are not; for within one dimension and one focus, you may view an element, a visualization, an event, an action, to be a symbol of another thing. Within another dimension, this symbol holds its own reality. Within your own dimension and perception, symbols hold their own integrity. Therefore, they hold their own reality, simultaneous to also holding a representation of another element. Your physical form is a symbol. It also is not a symbol. It symbolizes an expression of essence. It also holds its own reality and integrity. It holds its own vitality within reality. Therefore, it also is not a symbol.

You have allowed yourselves to be viewing, more clearly, your dream state. You continue to view this area of consciousness as symbols. Within your definition of symbols, you view these to be "not real". They are within your periphery. Therefore, they are not within your official, directed, accepted, "real" reality. They also hold slightly less importance. Although you express the importance of interaction within your dream state, you objectively do not hold the same importance within this state as you do viewing your "real" attention; this being one of your reasons that you incorporate difficulty in remembrance; for as we have expressed, you do not remember what is unimportant to you, for you do not affix your attention to events that you view to be unimportant.

Your dream state is another state of consciousness equal in importance and reality to your official, directed attention. This state is one of many subjective states of consciousness which, whether you allow an understanding objectively or not, this state of consciousness interacts with your objective state of consciousness continuously. You might better understand your own responses within your objective expressions if you were allowing yourselves to connect more efficiently with your subjective expression of dream states, for this subjective interaction provides you with much information directly connected to your waking, objective expression. You assimilate much information within this state. You also actualize many probabilities within this state. You influence your objective choices of probabilities within your subjective dream state.

(Here, Elias stops and looks at each person, as if assessing their individual understanding of the material. Then he starts laughing, giving the distinct impression that he finds us very amusing!)

Symbols cross dimensions continuously. You project your own symbols, very often within your dream state, into other time dimensions. You receive symbols continuously from other time dimensions through your dream state. You create much within this state of consciousness, but as we have stated, your attention holds to one base direction; your primary focus. You do not allow importance to your secondary or periphery within your focus. A very good example of this type of expression would be, in actuality, your city. You have agreed to be creating of this action together. Temporarily, your attention held excitement and motivation, (laughter) but as this event is not within your primary attention, you allow this event, and your attention to this event, to drift. You do not visualize, physically, this "place". Therefore, within your accepted reality, it does not exist. Within your thought process, it exists only within what you term to be imagination, for imagination also is "not real", within your perception.

The reason we express these concepts, over and over to you, is to be avoiding trauma and shock within your shift; for within the creation of your shift, contrary to what you presently believe, it is entirely probable that you may awaken one day and view physically all of these elements that we have been discussing, and you shall incorporate much confusion! (Chuckling) You shall be viewing partial creations of your city and expressing, "Oh, my! What be this I view before me? Ancient ruins within my home!" (Grinning)

Your vision already has begun to change, within a very, very small span of your time element. You may, in one respect, view that we have engaged discussion for quite some time; but in another respect, you may view that we have engaged discussion and sessions for no time at all! Think of your physical focus. You each incorporate what you term to be a biological age. You would each agree that regardless of the number of years passed within your individual biological ages, it shall be seeming to you each as no time. Therefore view, in this same manner, your approaching shift; for within no time at all, it shall be upon you. (Pause)

You anticipate joyfully the expression of wonder and happiness and lack of conflict that you will experience at the accomplishment of this shift within consciousness. Do not discount the trauma and tribulation that may also accompany this shift. Within your creation of your small creature, you incorporated minor trauma. If your entire world is seeming to you to be upside down, how great shall your trauma be? How are you affecting of this shift presently? Do you view your affectingness at all? Do you discount your affectingness? (Pause, looking at everybody)

You are widening within your awareness. You are already affecting. You view very small areas of your affectingness, but you affect greatly; for there are no divisions within consciousness. Just as you may create a city within your dream state, it matters not who or how many participate. They shall all be affecting. It matters not your location, for physical location is not a hindrance to movement within consciousness. You are beginning to accept small elements of concepts of no separation within consciousness, and even within your physical expression. You are beginning to allow yourself an understanding. I have prefaced probabilities with this information, for it is important that you be realizing the "reason" this information is offered to you. (Pause grinning) I shall wager you each will be more realistically viewing your own responsibility to self, therefore being not as completely concerned with your responsibility to everything else within physical focus; for now, after much information has been offered to you, you may more realistically view the multitudinous event of your own responsibility, within your own expression of your own small sapling. Expressions to the effect of, "Why do these individuals not appear at our sessions?" seem quite inconsequential in this present now, do they not, Lawrence?

VICKI: This is correct.

ELIAS: I have stated previously, probabilities are choices. For Michael's benefit, we shall incorporate the example of color, to which you have already very well connected with the concepts. Probabilities are all of the elements, actions, events, hues, shadings, colors between blue and royal blue, to which there are numberless. Also, blue and royal blue are probabilities within themselves. Everything is a probability. Probabilities are very flexible. They also are continuously in motion. They are never static. Therefore, they cross time dimension elements. They also intersect and merge through time elements. As we have spoken previously, you may choose a probability within your past, and you may affect and change this probability within your future, causing a different probability within your present.

Your scientists view tiny particles, figuratively speaking; for in actuality, physically they do not view anything; but within their limited understanding, they view trails or images of particles. In this, they may accelerate these particles and allow for the action of explosion, so to speak, to which they may view ghost images or trails of these particles seeming to fly apart in hundreds of directions, this seeming to create hundreds of particles from one. But then, within their view of these trails or ghost images, the original one reappears. The hundreds have not disappeared, and continue to exist, but the one exists once more. How may this be possible? This being a physical example of the same action of probabilities.

By choosing one probability, you set into motion many other actions and events which, in themselves, are all probabilities, therefore giving birth from one choice to many probabilities; viewing the one choice has been made, therefore exists no longer. It has been the foundation, and you have moved "forward"; leaving behind the original choice, creating new choices and events as a result of the original choice. Then, within what you view to be future, another event may occur to which you express, "Was I not accomplishing this same event previously?" And you may scratch your small heads in wonderment, for the event has reappeared! You do this continuously. You only do not notice, for your attention follows one direction which you label as logic. You offer yourselves continuous information, which you reject and pay little or no attention to. Even when you are viewing elements of probabilities being actualized by you, until this present now, you discard this information. Having no explanation, you attribute these elements to "coincidence". Then, you allow yourselves to conveniently disregard this information.

You may choose to be incorporating new living space. You may involve yourself within the action of investigating a new home; evaluating all of the important aspects of this movement, incorporating much time and evaluation, seriously considering your action. You may find a new home, and you may feel a strange affection for this new space arrangement. This seems to make no sense objectively, logically. Therefore you accept, partially, this expression, and continue with little thought. The reason you feel this feeling for this space is that it is already within your area of probabilities. You have already been there, but you have not!

As I have stated, all things exist and do not exist simultaneously, for you create them within the moment; but they also exist already. In like manner, you, within your focus, within areas of your focus unrecognized by your official "real" consciousness, have experienced and projected within many other probabilities. You only do not recognize this action, for you hold one official, directed attention. Therefore, you incorporate feelings, at certain times, of affection, or recognition, or closeness, or desire, or deja vu, or many other expressions that you cannot logically explain to yourselves. These are equal areas of consciousness existing and acting during these physical focuses.

We have spoken previously of your "blinking in and out". You automatically identify this blinking in and out as crossing far dimensions, so to speak. You blink out, you visit an alien colony on some far planet within a far galaxy, and you blink in instantaneously to this planet, within this consciousness, within this focus. Within the area of imagination, which is reality, you do; but you also blink in and out of all of your probabilities continuously. When you allow yourselves dream interaction, that you may connect with viewing other probabilities, this expression is merely a holding of attention for a longer time period than you hold within your blinking in and out. Your time element "out" is equal to your time element "in", so to speak; but within the efficiency of your attention, as you have created it, there seems to be no interruption. Therefore, you view a flow, continuous.

The explanations themselves leading to your areas of probabilities may be incorporating much of your time, for we are wishing to be avoiding as much distortion as possible. I shall discontinue this discussion for this evening, in awareness of energy and questions this evening. Confusion ensues! Individuals hold wonderings within their own probabilities presently. Therefore, I shall allow you a small time element to be collecting of your thoughts, and then I shall address to your questions. We shall break.

BREAK 6:57 PM (Another very short break) RESUME 7:13 PM ("Time" was one second)

ELIAS: Continuing. Welcome, Dimin! (Carol arrived during the break)

CAROL: Nice to see you, Elias.

ELIAS: And directly on time! (Laughter) We shall continue with your questions for this evening, for I am aware that there are questions that are wishing to be voiced. (Pause) Very well! Shall I move around this space arrangement individually, and ask? William!

GAIL: I wasn't sure ... Okay, I do have a question. I've been gathering information for a structure, and I was wondering, I have an impression that it's coming from Regional Area Two, where my essence self is speaking to me in its natural language. Is this correct?

ELIAS: All things that you draw to yourself initially are created within Regional Area Two. (Pause)

GAIL: Alright. I have a second question. I've been reading about Speakers and Seers, and I don't understand what the difference is.

ELIAS: We have expressed, briefly, explanations of this subject previously. Seers are ... Sumafi. Speakers are Sumari. They are essences not entirely physically focused. Initially, within the expression of this creation of this dimension of physical focus, within the desire and intent to be creating of this type of reality upon this planet and this physical focus, each essence family expressed a manifestation not completely physically focused. These you may view as your forerunners. This, be understanding, is a quite limited explanation and idea, for there was no "before"! These essences have manifest throughout your ages, so to speak. You view these essences as what you term to be spirits, or aliens, or leprechauns, or fairies, or angels, or many other beings that you view to be imaginary or unexplainable. We have expressed that originally, in a manner of speaking, these essences were what you would term to be "Dream Walkers", existing within what you now view to be a dream state, physically incorporated. You each also, within this group, are aspects of these Seers ... or Speakers. (Indicating Jene, as she is of the Sumari family)

GAIL: I have another question. I have a habit of writing myself notes, and I've had two lately that seem to be coming from elsewhere. Is this true?

ELIAS: (Grinning) It is amusing that you view unofficial information to be coming from "elsewhere". The elsewhere is within! Within your widening of awareness, you are allowing yourself the ability to be connecting with noticing and focusing your attention upon your subjective expressions more. In this, as we have spoken, this creates confusion, for this is within your periphery; therefore viewed as "not real". It may seem, in some respects, quite real, but your logic detours and expresses to you that this is not quite as real as your official, real focus. Therefore, you express to yourself that you do not understand.

Be realizing that as you incorporate more of this subjective activity within your objective knowing, you shall be understanding these expressions more easily. You must learn to be accepting and allowing the expressions without the follow expression of, "I do not understand"; for within your expression of your physical focus, this is your objective expression; to discount reality. It is your expression of fearfulness, which allows you the safety to retreat. One aspect of your objective consciousness presently holds tremendous desire; a tremendous wishing to be projecting and connecting, within consciousness, to subjective information. Another aspect of your objective consciousness views this desire fearfully. Therefore, it rejects information and it expresses, "You do not understand!"

GAIL: Yeah, I feel that.

ELIAS: You need not feel fearful of your own expression, for within your own expression of essence, you shall not be hurtful to yourself. I shall, though, caution William, as I have cautioned Michael previously. Within a tremendous desire to know, you may allow yourself to be projecting farther than your objective self may understand, and may hold the ability to reincorporate.

GAIL: I feel that, too. It's like, I want to go! I'm holding the reins back so hard!

ELIAS: When I am expressing to any individual caution, this is not to say that I am expressing to you, you may not project! I am expressing to you a caution, before you have balanced your subjective and objective selves.

GAIL: I understand. Thank you.

ELIAS: Olivia!

RON: Who killed President Kennedy? (We all crack up) No, I have a real question. I'm curious as to why this particular group of individuals has chosen to gather itself together this evening?

ELIAS: This was anticipated. There are movements in subjective expressions occurring presently. There is confusion, as I have expressed. There is objectively a need for understanding of widening. The awareness has been incorporated; the understanding of this awareness trails. Therefore, you have assembled collectively for information. I have been expressing to you, as has my dear friend Paul, that you are all moving tremendously within consciousness presently. This means not only these individuals present. In expressing all, I express the entirety of your globe, but the entirety of your globe is unaware of Elias' presence! As you move within your awareness, you view expressions to be helpful, at times. You have moved tremendously recently. Each of you, within what you view to be your core of your small little group, notices this tremendous movement. Other individuals incorporate this action also, but allow themselves no benefit of information and explanation. Also, I have expressed my continued interaction with these individuals. Realizing confusion, I may be as efficient at (knocks on the table three times) on their heads as I am with Michael, (turning to Carol), am I not?

CAROL: Yes, you are!

ELIAS: Your process has begun. It shall continue, regardless of Michael's wariness. Kasha!

BILL: I'm finding that a lot of the past that used to be comfortable is no longer comfortable, although it's still impacting a lot of the choices that I want to make right now. I'm looking at other probabilities, but I'm not comfortable with those either. So I'm wondering how to become more comfortable looking at other probabilities.

ELIAS: You have held a knowing of connections for much time.

BILL: Correct.

ELIAS: You have held questions unasked for much time, for you already hold the answers. You wish only not to be viewing the answers that you already are aware of. Previously, you were wishing to be asking of these questions to be validated by Elias; which if asked, you would have received your validation. Being unasked, you have left yourself to your vacillation, to which you view to be more comfortable. You are understanding presently of the direction of your desire. Allow yourself the opportunity to be letting go of personal responsibility for other individuals. This will allow you to actualize your desire. I am understanding that these questions that you hold are of personal nature, involving probabilities with other individuals. With respectfulness to other individuals, I shall not be expressing specifically presently, although if you are wishing more specific information, you may ask and I shall engage with you. I have offered to be speaking with other individuals previously, singularly. If you are wishing, you may also take advantage of this type of audience.

BILL: I would appreciate that. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. So, the little frog may be croaking after all! (Laughter) Shynla!

CATHY: So the shift is a mass event, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: If I can just read this in past transcripts, you can just go ahead and tell me and I will. I'll find it. But if not, what's the Source Event behind it?

ELIAS: As I have expressed to you previously, there is no explanation within your language that may encompass a Source Event. A Source Event may not, in actuality, be manifest in entirety within physical focus, for this is an event within consciousness that far exceeds any expression within any physical focus. As you have seen previously with other expressions of Source Events, many mass events may be incorporated to be expressing of one Source Event, and continue to be expressions of that one Source Event. Your Source Event that Lawrence has interjected into your game is much greater than the small words placed within your category, and spans all time of your physical manifestations, overlapping all time elements. Your religious expression, to which this mass event of your shift also belongs within this Source Event, spans thousands and thousands of your years, and shall continue within a new direction for the entirety of your physical focus. This is not to say your individual physical focus. This is an expression of physical focus within its entirety.

We have not expressed the connection of the mass event of the shift with the mass events of your religious element, simply for the reasons of avoiding distortion. We are not wishing that you equate the shift, within consciousness, as a religious expression, although it is another aspect of the Source Event which was also creating of your religious element. This Source Event has created many expressions, not only what you view to be religions. This Source Event also has manifest within all of your mass events and individual events of spiritual expressions. It moves now away from your definition of spirituality, into a more realistic expression of what you may term spirituality. This word in itself shall be incorporating a new definition, just as you may view words that you may look to the definitions of, and you may read that these words are presently obsolete, but may also continue to be within use. This word also, within your shift, shall move into this same type of definition, eventually, within your written pages, reading obsolete expression of religious definitions; for your concept of spirituality is changing. Within your widening of awareness, you are learning that spirituality is not an element "without". It is all within. (Here, Jim arrives) Good evening, Yarr.

JIM: Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We shall continue. I feel you are aware of the direction! (Laughter) Therefore, you may continue yourselves, and express your questions unprodded. (To Julie) You have the floor!

JULIE: I don't have any questions.

ELIAS: Very well. (Turning to Rex)

REX: I have a question, Elias. For a long time now, I've believed that we were in charge of our own reality. If you're participating in mass events, does that take away some of your control?

ELIAS: (Firmly) Nothing ever dissipates you. The subject of control is a creation that you all, en masse, have created as an illusion of safety. In actuality, it is unnecessary; for there is no element, within your expression of control, that is out of control! Each of you, individually and en masse, are always perfectly in control of every expression that you create. You may feel, within your emotions, out of control, but this is an expression of conflict between your intellect and your intuitions; your intellect being that element which assesses your experiences and feeds information, within the circle of communication, to the subjective focus. (To Vicki) Make a distinction here! (Okay, I'm making a distinction!)

You feel out of control, for you do not understand, objectively, your own creations; which, at times, seem to be contrary to your desires. Your definition of desire is distorted! (Smiling) In actuality, the definition of "child's wishing" is closer to what you define as your desires. You hold desire, in alignment with your intent, within each focus. Your expression, within probabilities, follows perfectly these desires. You may choose to be creating tremendous conflict. You may feel quite unhappy with your creation. You may feel out of control. You are in complete control of your creations, and your creations are following perfectly your desire, within your intent and within your subjective knowing of how you will best listen to your own expressions for your own attention; therefore allowing for your own widening. Within mass events, as we have stated previously, elements of government, societies, may seem out of control to you, within your limited understanding. Their expressions are natural byproducts, completely within control of unexpressed elements of emotion within the mass cooperation. Therefore, you may look to your society, and you may view rioting within the streets. You may express, "These individuals are out of control." They are not out of control! Each individual is perfectly expressing, within perfect control, their desire. They are individually creating expressions for your noticing, and also for their own attention. En masse, they are collectively expressing the latent or suppressed emotion of the whole. Therefore, it is only within your understanding of your perception that you view any element, en masse or individually, your world or yourself, to be "out of control". (Pause)

RON: Elias, can I interrupt for one brief moment, so to speak?

ELIAS: So to speak! (Laughter) (Ron changes the tape)

RON: We're back. Thank you.

ELIAS: Thank you, Holmes! Is this answering of your question?

REX: Yes, it is. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Turning to Carol)

CAROL: I have two questions. One of them goes along with what you just said to Rex, and something I was thinking about anyway. I have been taught that when you're on a path, and you resist the path too much, that Spirit, or your guides, your guidance, will make your life so uncomfortable until you get onto that path, and that makes me, right now, feel like I'm out of control. I have a two-year goal that I was given. I'm on the path. I have told Spirit that I will do as they ask, but just don't do it to me like this! (Pounds her fist into her hand) I will do it. My life is so uncomfortable right now, in all aspects. If you're saying that we're not really out of control, if I'm understanding, it's basically we're where we're supposed to be, if that's true, then why am I going through this emotional and mental torture right now, over everything in every aspect of my life?

ELIAS: You create this for your own attention, as I have expressed to Dosh. You express perfectly, within the direction of your intent and desire. Therefore, if you are viewing subjectively that you are deviating, you shall attain your own attention within your own perfect expressions. You will create very uncomfortable circumstances within your focus. Other essences are not attacking you! They are not "pushing" you; for essences are not intrusive, and are respectful of your choices. You are not always quite so respectful of your own choices! (Grinning) I will express to you, it is only your interpretation that deviates slightly off the mark. You do experience, individually and en masse, this expression to which you have just explained. Your interpretation is that "Spirit" shall be interacting with you, creating an uncomfortable situation, pushing you to your path. This is an expression of what has been created as a belief system, but as with all belief systems, is based in an element of truth. It has only been distorted. Your understanding is that of "other", from without, pushing upon you for your attention. In actuality, the action is occurring. This is reality. The interpretation is incorrect. You are pushing upon yourself for your own attention and noticing; for you have widened your awareness, and in this expression, hold the realization of your desire and intent consciously, objectively.

Therefore, as is the case with other individuals within their widening process, it has been expressed: If you are choosing a probability for widening, and subsequently you are choosing to express contrary, you shall create tremendous conflict, and you shall create the circumstances of "more difficulty" in actualizing your desire, as Lawrence has been instructed previously; this being the same principal held even within your religious element. Your Christians will express that if you have accepted the path, and deviate and backslide, it shall be tenfold the difficulty to regain your foothold. This is an accepted, universally, so to speak, held belief system, which creates an actual, real expression. You will, in reality, experience these actions, for you have created this system!

You may express to yourselves, "I hold a wider awareness. I do not subscribe to this belief system." Very, very, very incorrect! You all globally hold to this belief system, which has attained such tremendous strength that the energy provided the belief system itself, independent of you, may create movement. Therefore, you shall wreak havoc upon your own focus, with much support of energy within this belief system. Therefore, when individuals feel what they interpret to be "outside entities", spirit, essences pushing upon them within their focus, this also, along with your own pushing, is the energy collected within the belief system, which holds tremendous strength and may be interpreted to be entities in itself.

Some belief systems that you hold, you have incorporated such strength in energy with that they seem to hold life of their own! In actuality, this is energy. Therefore, in actuality, they do; this being your dragon that hounds you! These circumstances may be quite easily dispelled if you are allowing your own compliance with your own self. If you are listening to your own subjective expression, if you are allowing the flow and balance of interaction, subjectively and objectively, and if you are letting go of your "idea" of control, you shall dissipate your conflict; but within your continuance to hold your control of self, you continue your conflict. This is your reaction to fear, to which there is no element that you need be afraid. Your perceived existence, in reality, may flow effortlessly and joyfully, with no need for control, if you are trusting self and realizing that all that awaits you is joyous, not fearful or hurtful. I express to Dimin, think to yourself of your tremendous battle that you wage; and within audience of Elias, do you experience hurtfulness?

CAROL: No. (Very emotionally)

ELIAS: For, there is none. Therefore, what be the focus of such fearfulness, when what awaits you is such affection? (Smiling warmly)

CAROL: It's trust in myself.

ELIAS: Feel not isolated, for every individual within this company experiences this same issue, of lack of trust of self! Therefore, feel privileged; for you occupy the space arrangement with many of great affection, and many who incorporate the ability of great widening. (Pause)

CAROL: I'll ask my second question, which is not quite so emotional! Yesterday, I got some information that the month, the day, and the year, of May fifth in the year two thousand, is very pivotal in this evolution in this shift that we're going through. Is there some fact in this information?

ELIAS: This being another probability. It is dependent upon the focus, en masse, that you allow to these specific dates within your time element. They serve as a focus point. They do hold significance, in that they hold importance for your focus, en masse and within collective consciousness. Just as with your games, you express to each other the importance of holding a specific site for meeting within dream state, this allowing you a focus point; this being a time-space designation, within agreement, for manifesting collective power. Therefore, each of these dates that you encounter within this present now, as related to your future, as also related to your shift, hold significance, in your interaction within collective consciousness.

Therefore, yes; this holds significance. Other dates also shall hold significance; for within physical focus, it is important for you to focus collectively upon common events and areas of consciousness to be affecting within your shift. Collectively, you may be quite effective in directing energy. You have viewed previously the effect generated by many, concentrated collectively within consciousness. You may experience physical, actualized manifestation of energy, which is generated collectively within one direction. Therefore, with respect to your shift, these specifics in dates and times are important. This particular date shall hold importance also, for within your consciousness and your belief systems, you believe your "turn of your centuries" to hold great power. They hold the power, within this time element, of focusing collective attention; for globally, you all notice. You all pay attention. Your time element of passing millennium does not appear frequently. Therefore, you view this to be a very large event. You also collectively join within agreement, within consciousness, and allow yourselves the directedness of great strength. Therefore, this particular date shall hold tremendous power in energy.

This particular month holds tremendous energy, for you have afforded this within consciousness; viewing this month of June to be the direct center of what you view to be your year. Even within cultures that do not align with your calendar, this time-space that you identify to be June holds significance; for this is the changing of a season, marking the center of the cycle. Therefore, the energy is concentrated within this time element. When I express to you center, I do not mean "center middle"; for dependent upon the individual culture and awareness, this time period may be their ending or beginning; but it is an energy center within consciousness.

CAROL: May I tack another small question onto that? Connected to this five-five year two thousand, that time, there is supposed to be a particular alignment of planets that's supposed to have a great affect on the energy. How do you view the connection between a planetary alignment, and the shift, and what you've just said? Is this part of just the way we're perceiving things, or is there fact in the planetary alignments in general, and certainly within connection with this five-five year two thousand event?

ELIAS: You collectively create this.

CAROL: That's what I thought.

ELIAS: This is reality. It is not only individual perception. It is reality, for you have created these events within the expression of your own energy manipulation, for your own reinforcement and validation of your own awareness and knowing.

You express physically. These planets do not incorporate a movement independent of your consciousness! It is not coincidental or accidental that many elements appear before you physically that you attribute to movements within consciousness; for you, collectively en masse, create these expressions as your own signs of your own knowing, as your own symbols, which are, as we have stated, reality within themselves also, holding their own integrity and vitality, and also being representative simultaneously.

CAROL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Turning to Jene)

JENE: You've answered almost everything! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Not quite! (Grinning)

JENE: No, not quite! So in our collective consciousness, the shift has already begun?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: And within our collective energy, our focus is creating the speed of the shift, so to speak? (Elias nods) Chronologically, through our consciousness, each of us are determining the speed in which we will experience the shift, as it is a probability for each of us. It's simultaneous, but it's also part of our past, part of our future, and part of our now. So as we perceive our part of the shift, we accelerate the energy that we then experience?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: So therefore, we can determine, our energy consciousness can determine what we experience during the shift?

ELIAS: Absolutely, if you are widening your awareness, and allowing an acceptance of belief systems!

JENE: That's a lot of work! (Laughter) I'm just asking! I feel those things in my consciousness. I hear them. I knew them, from the first time I came. It altered my perception of the shift. I perceived it at the time to be gloom and doom and the destruction of our planet, and all that we know at this time. I don't view that any longer. It's a little fuzzy, but there is a different opinion. There is a subjective ...

ELIAS: Awareness. You may choose to create your doom and gloom, and you shall experience this effect; just as you may choose, within transition, to be experiencing a reckoning, so to speak, with acceptance of belief systems, or you may be choosing within physical focus to be accepting of belief systems, therefore eliminating aspects of transition that you may view to be undesirable or traumatic. These are your choices; but without information, you shall surely incorporate trauma, for you have not allowed yourselves the remembrance that you hold. Your shift shall be incorporating trauma to many individuals. Your beginnings of your shift incorporates elements of minor trauma to you each presently, in widening your awareness and accepting belief systems. Acceptance of belief systems is difficult, as you expressed; for you fight against this. You hold to your view of control. You allow the establishment of fear. Therefore, you prevent your widening in acceptance of belief systems. But these individuals have chosen, as have many, many other individuals, to be widening their awareness and to be incorporating information to be avoiding trauma; but in this, you hold responsibility within consciousness. Forget not this! For you move away from blissful ignorance, incorporating trauma, and you move into awareness, which holds responsibility. (Emphatic pause)

JENE: Okay. Anyhow, I'm experiencing an issue of control where it has taken me about a week to make a decision, and decided to give it up and to go about a not so risky, but little journey out of control, putting one's self, myself, my essence, in another's hands, as Elias has knocked upon the noggin a few weeks ago, and I am pretty sure this is a good direction. I'm noticing, I'm accepting, I'm fearful, I'm confused ... I'm going the right way, right? (Laughter) This is a part of that control issue, and letting others "take care of"?

ELIAS: Correct. Each individual manifests their own scenarios to be dealing with their own issues. You each create your own reality. You each create your reality in a fashion that speaks to you; therefore this being why I have expressed to you, within your widening, a cautioning, to not be judgmental of another's reality which they create, for you may not hold an awareness of why they create this reality. I encourage this action, for you offer yourself the opportunity to connect with self and allow a beginnings of a balance, allowing the issue of what you view to be control to dissipate slightly. This shall be a difficult endeavor. Fear not within your approaching time period, for you shall experience time elements to which you shall be wishing to be turning and discontinuing this effort. Hold your direction. Realize you offer yourself the opportunity to learn much.

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Turning to Vicki)

VICKI: Recently, I had a dream in which somebody was telling me I was spelling Sumafi wrong, and I'm curious if you could offer me any information about that?

ELIAS: (Smiling) You are not spelling Sumafi incorrectly. This is an expression to your objective consciousness. I shall attempt to explain this layer of dream activity.

Within your dream state, you have chosen to be incorporating a game of bouncing elements from one area of consciousness into another area of consciousness and into another area of consciousness. In this, the event appears to take different forms. In actuality, what you are attempting to accomplish is an acceptance and allowance of expression through different areas of consciousness.

It is unimportant, the word itself. The idea of an unaccepted, incorrect element is what holds the importance. The objective self projects argument to the subjective self. Therefore, the subjective self projects this event into another area of consciousness to be rearranged, pulling back the event subjectively subsequent to rearrangement, and offering up once more to the objective self; for it may be accepted more easily if it is presented differently.

Therefore, Lawrence has chosen this game of bouncing concept balls through areas of consciousness, changing the color of the ball with each bounce into another area of consciousness, in the hopes that the planted objective self shall view one color of this ball bouncing and express, "Oh, I accept this color. It is appearing quite acceptable to me. Quite attractive."

Do not confuse yourself to be viewing each expression within your dream state as the same as the one of issue within expression of terms. This does not occur often. You, realizing that this expression attained your attention, duplicate within your dream state a similar action, therefore attaining your own attention. If you are taking issue with wording provided within sessions, you shall pay attention, believing another essence to be communicating with you. In actuality, you play this game to obtain your own attention, quite efficiently! A useful tool, to which you may be more attentive to now. (Turning to Jim) And, we shall conclude with Yarr.

JIM: Thank you. Well, since you so eloquently answered all my other questions this evening, I have one. In my TFE, my first one the other night, which was great fun, my interpretation of the person that I met, in that being a person I recently met, Bear Walker. Were they one and the same?

ELIAS: This would be a focus of this individual also.

JIM: Cool. Thank you. (To Jene) I'll tell you about it.

ELIAS: Very good connecting, Yarr.

JIM: Thank you. It was fun! I'll do it again.

ELIAS: We shall dispel with our game for this evening, and we shall continue at our next meeting, although you may not incorporate eight points at our next meeting to be "catching up"! (Laughter) I shall be affectionately anticipating our gathering once again. I shall bid you all this evening, au revoir!

Elias departs at 8:47 PM.


(1) Carol has been an integral member of this group since its inception. Although she has not been to a group session since July 23, 1995, she did interact with Elias in a private session on May 27, 1996. It is interesting to note that Carol is the first person that Elias verbally engaged. We consider this Session 1. The interaction was very short, and included one other person, Donovan, who only came to a few of our group sessions. However, Carol was not present at Session 2, which occurred spontaneously in the company of Vicki, Christie, and Laszlo.

(2) The three dots before the word "Sumafi" indicate a pause, during which Elias seemed to be "accessing"; in other words, his eyes were closed, and he appeared to leave us for a moment. My impression is that he was somehow communicating with the Sumari family, so as to deliver the answer to this question in alignment with that essence family. Hence, the emphasis on the word "before", which you can read more about in the 1-28-96 transcript.

(3) There seems to be a discrepancy here. Carol was referring to the month of May, and Elias is referring to June. I'll ask about this in the next session.

© 1996 Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1996 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.