Session 415
Translations: ES PT

Addressing to Beliefs


“Addressing to Beliefs”
“It Matters Not”

Tuesday, June 15, 1999   © 2000 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Mike (Mikah).
Elias arrives at 1:47 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)

ELIAS:  Greetings, Mikah!

MIKE:  Greetings, Elias!  (Elias chuckles)  Okay, as usual, I have many, many, many questions!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  As per usual!  And you may proceed.

MIKE:  Okay.  I think it was Bobbi you were talking with, and she asked about her essence ... if the vibrational quality were to be aligned with a color.  I can’t remember what color it was for her, but for my essence, would it be like black or like a bluish indigo? (Pause)

ELIAS:  The vibrational quality that would be the closest alignment with yourself would be a shade, so to speak, of blue, not quite as dark as indigo.

MIKE:  Hmm.  Can you ... ‘cause we give all kinds of names to all the different shades.  Can you give me what we would call it? (Pause)

ELIAS:  You may define this in your identification of blue as a royal blue.

MIKE:  Royal blue.  Oh, it’s almost like a Prussian blue.

ELIAS:  Close.

MIKE:  Interesting.  And this is the closest identification that we have here?  Is that what you said?

ELIAS:  Correct, within vibrational quality.

MIKE:  Okay, alright.  I have some questions about disengagement and death, as we term it.  I have always had a fascination with this, and I don’t know why.  But I’ve always wanted to know, one, when people are obviously choosing disengagement, do they hold an awareness of it before it transpires?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Okay, alright.  The next one would be more along the lines of, I guess a lot of people, including myself, hold not necessarily the fear of death, but it’s the fear of dying.  People always associate all kinds of pain with what happens throughout the process, and I was curious ... like in certain situations, not necessarily disease, but in situations where you get dismembered maybe, or you get shot or you fall off a cliff or you get in a car accident or something, because you’re choosing disengagement, are you present all the way up to when the body stops functioning?

ELIAS:  This would be dependent upon the choice of the individual.

In some situations, yes, your awareness holds presence throughout the entirety of all of the choices that you have chosen to be accomplishing your disengagement ... or death, as you term this.

At times, some individuals choose to be removing their subjective awareness from their body consciousness, but continuing also to hold an objective awareness within physical focus.  In these types of situations, what the individual is creating is similar to an out-of-body experience, but not entirely the same, for they have chosen to be removing all of their subjective awareness from their body consciousness.  Therefore, there is a type of separation which is occurring, and in this, as the body consciousness is no longer receiving direction from the subjective awareness, it shall also cease to function within physical form.

MIKE:  Okay, so I guess it also depends upon the person where they go after that?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  In relation to their choice in what they create as dictated through their beliefs, yes.  Initially, [in] what they are creating in imagery in conjunction with their beliefs that may be held quite strongly within physical focus, yes.  They may be individually creating imagery temporarily that may appear to be a place or a type of action or experience.

But regardless of the individual’s belief systems, each individual disengaging physical focus shall be moving into the action of transition and addressing to the belief systems that have been held within their physical focus.

MIKE:  Okay.  I’m not sure if it was you who said it or Seth, but one of you guys said something about at times, the person may be choosing a reprieve before entering transition.  They take a break, I guess.  Now, what you’re saying is ... would the break that was mentioned be like whatever the belief is, like they’re going to heaven or they’re going to hell or they have to face judges or whatever?  Would that be like the reprieve before entering transition?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, I have offered information in this area also, as has that essence of Seth.

In this, I express to you that an element of addressing to the belief systems within the action of transition — and shedding of these belief systems — may at times involve creating imagery that shall be in alignment with these belief systems.

What I am expressing to you is that in the action — at times — of addressing to an actual belief system which may concern the idea or concept of heaven or hell, [this] may be created temporarily by the individual, that they may be experiencing viewing and addressing to that particular belief system, allowing themselves the understanding that this is not in actuality a place that they shall reside within as an automatic action in conjunction with death.

As for the time period that some individuals may be choosing to engage that you are terming to be a reprieve, this would be an intermediate type of time framework that is created by the focus in-between disengagement and the action of transition.

Now; at times it may involve imagery which is connected to the belief systems that have been held within the individual physical focus.  Therefore, it may at times involve such actions as heaven or hell or limbo or any other physical manifestation of a place that the individual chooses to be creating.

But they may also not necessarily be creating this type of action, but may hold themselves in a type of in-between state in which they continue to create imagery that appears to be physical and appears to be in alignment with the familiar aspects of physical reality, but also allowing themselves the ability to be altering and manipulating energy to be creating differences in those physical realities.

There are physical qualities to the reality, but they are much more flexible, for they are not actually physical creations.  They are similar to your idea of holograms within your reality presently.

MIKE:  How interesting!

ELIAS:  They are a projection of physical imagery, but they are not in actuality physical creations holding the molecular structure or atomic structure in matter and solidity that your physical reality holds in this dimension.  They are merely a projection of an image that appears to be in like manner to your physical reality.

Now; in this image, these individuals also quickly realize that they may be altering of this imagery quite easily.

In this, they may be creating a physical scene, so to speak, of an open field, for example, and they may recognize that they hold the ability to be altering the appearance of this field quite easily.  In like manner to a hologram, they may add in or delete away any aspect of imagery that they choose.  Therefore, they may place within the middle of their field a tree, or they may allow this field in places to not appear quite so solid, and therefore take on, in a manner of speaking, more qualities similar to water or to air.

You may manipulate these images within this state of consciousness, in a manner of speaking, in any manner that you choose.

Some individuals, as they disengage physical focus, choose to be playing with imagery, holding to their objective awareness and continuing within their creations of physical types of imagery, but allowing themselves the freedom to be playing with that imagery, recognizing their ability to manipulate energy in whichever direction they are choosing.

Other individuals may be moving into areas — as also dictated by their beliefs — of fear, and in this, they may be blocking their movement into the action of transition, but are not allowing themselves to be playful and engaging imagery in the manner that I have just expressed.  But these individuals may be holding strongly to their objective awareness and not allowing themselves to be moving into other actions and other areas of consciousness, and at times, temporarily, they may be producing a situation in which they are “stuck,” in a manner of speaking.

In these situations, there are other essences that may be helpful to these particular focuses which shall be offering them proddings, so to speak, in guidance, figuratively speaking, that shall allow them to be moving away from their expression of fearfulness, and therefore allowing them to be moving more easily into others areas of consciousness.

MIKE:  Okay.  I’ve been getting some interesting imagery with the military trying to enlist me.  This has been going on for a little over a year, and it kind of went away for a while, but then this guy started calling me again with the Marines, asking me to sign up and this and that, and all the opportunities.  So I went in again and I listened to the guy, and the more I listened to him, the more I felt an uncomfortableness like I wasn’t supposed to be there, but another part of me kind of felt like I should have been there, and I was a little confused by that because I didn’t know if my intellect was so overwhelming that — because intellectually speaking, it sounds like a logical thing to do — that I didn’t even hear the intuition which was saying, “Hey, yo!  No, this isn’t the thing.”  I was wondering what the imagery behind this was.

ELIAS:  I express to you, Mikah, that you ARE creating your battling with the intellect and intuition in this situation.

Now; as I have expressed previously, as you are allowing yourself to be balancing these two elements of your focus, you shall be creating much more efficiently.  But you do automatically lean much more in the direction of listening to and paying attention to the intellect and overshadowing the intuition in these situations, for your belief systems are quite strong en masse to be aligning with that element of your focus that you consider to be rational.  This moves in the direction of your logic and is quite influencing of your thought process, which is also quite influencing of your choices.

In this, in responsiveness to belief systems that you hold and also situations that you have allowed to be presented to you and projections of energy that you have allowed to be accepted by yourself from other individuals — of which we have spoken within our last session — in this, you continue to move in directions of aligning with certain belief systems, holding certain expectations of self in the area of responsibility and what shall be acceptable and how other individuals view you and your actions, and allowing this to be influencing of your choices.

Therefore, you listen to the intellect and the rationale, which expresses to you that this is in alignment and responsible in the area of mass belief systems, but your intuition and your small inner voice is expressing to you, “Stop, wait, listen.”

You have been offered much information in this area and you have allowed yourself to be assimilating much information in this area.  Therefore, why shall you thwart your movement and move into the area of aligning with mass belief systems in what you “should” be accomplishing and within the expectations of responsible behavior?

This is an aspect of beliefs.  Responsibility, as it is defined in relation to action and behavior and outward projections in conjunction with expectations, is an aspect of belief systems.

In this, you have been offering yourself information that you may be moving away from the alignment with these types of aspects of belief systems.  But you slip into the movement of expression not of trust of self, but in the expectation of self and the acceptance of the expectation of other individuals, and therefore you engage this type of interaction.

MIKE:  Hmm....

ELIAS:  So!  Shall we anticipate your movement into military service?

MIKE:  (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)  Well, I really don’t want to, but yeah, I guess I did kind of feel like I should be doing it.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!

MIKE:  Okay.  The whole thing with the acceptance of the belief or the aspects of the belief — just by acknowledging that you hold the belief and that it’s neither good or bad, right or wrong, better or worse, it allows the bird to fly away and it neutralizes it?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.

MIKE:  Okay, now I’m confused, because there’s always something new about the belief systems and stuff that I read in the transcripts, and I just continually confuse myself with it.  Please explain to me how you’re to be accepting of a belief other than what I just asked.

ELIAS:  At times, this may be all that you require within yourself.  You may be in actuality — at times — accepting aspects of belief systems merely by recognizing, identifying, and acknowledging them to yourself, but this action occurs merely at times, for I express to you that many of these aspects you hold very strongly.

Now; this is not to say that you may not be accomplishing this very action with a very strongly held aspect of belief systems, but you also hold other aspects of beliefs that express to you that you must be engaging a process and a method to be accomplishing accepting belief systems.

Therefore, although you may be spontaneously, instantaneously accepting an aspect of a belief system, you also may not necessarily allow yourself to be accomplishing in this manner, for it is not expressing of a method or a process, and within physical focus, you have created quite strong aspects of beliefs that express to you that all that you accomplish within your physical focus is requiring of a method.  Therefore, as you are moving into the area of neutralizing these aspects, accepting these aspects of beliefs, I express to you that within your process, within your method, you move in what you term to be steps.

Initially, you notice.  Once you have allowed yourself to be noticing, you begin your process of identification.  You begin to recognize the aspect of the belief system.  You are not merely noticing that it exists any longer, but you begin presenting yourself with imagery and situations that shall demonstrate the aspect of the belief system that you are viewing at that particular time frame, and you shall begin to recognize the different forms that that particular aspect may present itself within.

In this, as I have stated, you may be continuing to view the same bird, but its presentment may be offered to you in different angles.  You may be viewing different elements, different sides, different positions, different angles of the same bird.

This is expressed objectively in different situations.  You are continuing to be viewing and presenting to yourself the same aspect of a belief system, but you are offering it to yourself in many different situations.

This offers you the opportunity to view the aspect fully, that you may not necessarily delude yourself into a thought process that you have accepted this particular bird, and subsequently it may present itself once again with a different face.

Therefore, you create a process or a method of presenting yourself many different situations and behaviors and actions and events that shall present imagery to you, viewing all of the different angles of each particular aspect.

Now; once you have allowed yourself to be viewing different angles of the aspect of the belief — not merely noticing its existence, but viewing and recognizing the aspect in different situations — you move subsequently into your next step, which is to be addressing to the aspect.

Now; this is the area that you become confused, for YOU identify in physical focus that your addressing to the aspect is the action of recognizing.  Let me explain.

In recognizing and in the presentment to yourself of any aspect of the belief system, as you offer yourselves these types of situations, you also offer yourselves the expression of conflict, confusion, and difficulties.  You may at times express emotional expressions in conjunction with these recognitions of the aspect.

In these situations, you THINK to yourselves that you are addressing to the aspect, for you are involving yourself in what YOU identify as motion or movement concerning the aspect, for you are responding to it.  You are creating conflict, confusion; you are creating emotional responses.  In this, you think to yourselves that this is the action of addressing to the aspect.

I express to you, this is merely you presenting yourselves with the opportunity of recognizing the aspect, and as you are continuing to be expressing RESPONSES to the aspect in conflict, you are not addressing to the aspect.  You are recognizing it, and you are offering yourself many different situations to be recognizing it.

Once you begin your next step of actually addressing to the belief, to the aspects of the belief, you begin to notice a lessening of your conflict.

Addressing to the belief is not the objective action, in a manner of speaking.  It is not the DOING — in your terms — [of] some action concerning the aspect of the belief.  It is the ALLOWANCE for the aspect to be recognized, and figuratively speaking, in your terms, it is your allowance of yourself to be giving up with the battling of that aspect.  Therefore, what you are in actuality moving into is the letting go of holding to the energy with respect to that aspect.

Let me offer this to you in another manner that may offer you a clearer understanding.

First you are noticing.  “There is a belief that exists.  This is not an absolute.  It is not some element of my reality which is unchanging or unchangeable.  It is an aspect of a belief.”

The next step is the recognition in situations; the presentment of the aspect.  In this, each time you are presenting yourself with the particular aspect of the belief, you shall notice and you shall recognize.  You shall not merely notice a belief system is in place, but you shall move a little further and you shall allow yourself the ability to recognize, “This is a specific aspect of a belief, and this is the identification of this aspect.”

Once you have identified the aspect of the belief system, you begin to present yourself with many different situations and circumstances that shall be offering you reoccurrences of the presentment of that same aspect, that you may view it over and over, for this is your choice of method.

As you are viewing, as you are identifying the aspect, as you are recognizing the aspect and you are presenting it to yourself over and over in many different situations and behaviors, you are experiencing responses in conjunction with it.

Now; in your idea of addressing to the aspect, you think to yourself that you ARE addressing to the aspect of the belief, for you are responding to it.  You have already noticed, you have already identified, and now you are responding.  This is your logic and your rational thought process in your identification of your method.

Now; I express to you that you are not yet addressing to the aspect in this stage of your method.  You are continuing in the recognition stage, for you are continuing to be responding.  You are continuing to allow the affectingness of the aspect.

As you move subsequently into the next step of addressing to the aspect of the belief, you begin to notice that you are not responding and reacting to the aspect within each of the situations that it is presented to you.  It becomes less and less affecting of you.  NOW you are beginning to be addressing to the aspect of the belief.

Addressing to it is the action, the implementation of letting go of your hold upon its energy.

This be the reason that I have offered the analogy of the bird and the cage, for within physical visual terms, it is quite easy for you to identify in these terms.  You may view that you have set your sights upon one particular bird.  In this, let us express, you have chosen a bright red bird.

You notice the belief system by noticing the cage and that it exists.  Now, you are not addressing to this cage, and you are not creating any movement in the direction of acceptance of all of the aspects within this cage.  You are merely noticing that the cage exists.

Once you have acknowledged to yourself that the cage exists, you view more closely, and you recognize that the cage holds many birds.  Now you have recognized that the cage is quite full, and you choose to set your sights upon a particular bird that you wish to be allowing to fly free.  Therefore, you begin to open the cage.

In this, you are recognizing this red bird.  You are viewing this red bird.  You are reaching within the cage to be engaging this red bird, that you may be removing the red bird from the cage.  But in the process of removing the red bird, the red bird is flying all about the cage and you are attempting to be catching the red bird, fumbling with yourself to be grabbing at this red bird, and occasionally you are capturing this red bird.  But the red bird is also pecking at your hands and it is squirming within your grasp.  Therefore, your grip upon this red bird slips, and it may be escaping your grasp.

Therefore, once again, you are presenting yourself with situations to be recognizing, “Ah, yes!  The red bird has now moved from this location to this location, and I shall move now to be capturing the red bird here.”  And once you have moved here to capture the red bird, it flies to another location of the cage, and you present yourself with a new situation to be capturing the red bird.

Once you have moved through your maneuvers with this red bird, you express to yourself exhaustion in attempting to be pursuing and capturing this red bird.  Therefore, in your physical terms, you give up, and as you give up and are not in pursuit any longer, the red bird flies to you and lights upon your hand, and there you hold the red bird.

Now; once the bird has flown and has been allowed to light upon your hand, it is no longer bothersome to you, for you are no longer in pursuit.  NOW you have moved into your next step of addressing to the aspect.  You are now holding the red bird, and in this, you now offer yourself the ability.  As it becomes calm and you are not reacting and responding to it any longer, you offer yourself the ability to be moving outside of the cage with the red bird, holding this bird, and once outside of the cage, allowing your hands to open and for the bird to fly free.

The addressing to the aspect of the belief system is not the engagement and the pursuit of it.  That is the recognition of it.  This is the stage, so to speak, that you move through in your process of conflict, confusion, (coughing) irritation, much pursuit, repeated presentments of different behaviors, of different movements, of different angles, of different locations of the aspect.

Once you have fatigued yourself sufficiently in your pursuit, you shall then allow yourself to be addressing to the aspect, in which you expel much less energy, for it is unnecessary to be creating the vast expelling of energy with respect to the aspect of the belief system, for you are now addressing to it, and in that, you begin to let go, and as you let go, you allow the bird to fly free and you neutralize the effect of the aspect of the belief.  If the bird is no longer within the cage, it shall not be affecting of you, and you shall not be responding to it, for you shall not be engaging it.

MIKE:  Okay.  So what you’re saying is that I’m fatiguing myself by going after them, or I’m supposed to allow myself to become fatigued so I expel this energy when I actually get to the addressing of them?

ELIAS:  I am expressing to you that this is the method, the process that you have chosen; not merely you yourself, but many, many, many individuals within physical focus.  Generally speaking, this is the method that is commonly accepted within physical focus by individuals to be moving into the acceptance of a belief system.  Therefore, you, merely yourself, are not singularly the individual that is creating of this type of action alone.

But as to you yourself, you also are engaging this type of movement.  You align with this type of creation in methods and processes, and in this, this is not a bad creation!  It is merely a choice of movement that you understand.  It is merely a familiar choice of movement, and there is no thing that is wrong or bad with this type of choice.

Therefore, in this, I express to you that it is not a question of what you SHOULD be creating, but what you ARE creating, and what you ARE creating is the situation of the recognition of aspects.

You are within your second step.  You have noticed within your first step certain beliefs, and you have moved into your second step of the identification and recognition of aspects of the belief, but you are also continuing to be chasing the bird throughout the cage.

Therefore, you have not quite moved into the position of the addressing to the aspects of the belief systems, which is your third step, but you are moving closer, for you are fatiguing yourself in your pursuit.

Therefore, you are beginning to express to yourself that you are tired of chasing this bird, and you are allowing yourself to become ready to merely STOP, and to sit and to wait for the bird to light within your hands, and in that step, you shall allow yourself to move easily outside of the cage and to let go of the bird.

MIKE:  (Sighing)  Okay.

ELIAS:  I must express to you, Mikah, that you are creating of your method quite efficiently!

MIKE:  Yes!  (Laughing)

ELIAS:  For you DO present yourself with your imagery quite often and consistently over and over again, and you ARE creating of your situation quite efficiently, that you shall BE becoming quite tired of re-addressing and re-addressing and re-addressing to the same situations!

MIKE:  (Sighing)  Okay.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!

MIKE:  (Laughing)  I’ll work with it.

(With a tone of resignation)  Okay, before we get too much farther, Jenaro asked me to ask you a question, so I will ask it.

ELIAS:  Ha ha!

MIKE:  He wants to know why he is not drawing as well as usual.

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  And this has become such a chore to you to be offering this inquiry, has it not? (Mike cracks up)  Ha ha!

(Chuckling)  I may offer to you in response that you may express to him that he is distracting himself and allowing himself to be — in your physical terms — scattered within his energy, and this is affecting of his production, so to speak.

In this, what he is creating is allowing his attention to be drifting in many directions simultaneously, and as he views within his belief systems that this is distracting and is not concentrated and therefore is also not quite efficient in his belief systems, he creates a situation of objective imagery in which he blocks his creative expression, for he views that he needs be concentrated quite singularly in his attention to be efficiently expressing his creativity.

In this, he holds very tightly to his energy, and I express that he may be just as efficiently creating his creative expression and not necessarily be so intensely directed in singular streams of energy.

MIKE:  Okay.  Alright, along those same lines, he has requested of myself to be helping him within his creation of all of his stuff that he’s looking to create, and I am well aware, ‘cause I can identify it within myself, that when you make plans, they don’t necessarily come out the way that you expect them to.  So, I’m a bit hesitant to go there with him because ... well, just because I’m a bit skeptical about what he’s looking to be creating, and I don’t think that he’s — in my perception — thinking it out.  And I was curious to know, why am I allowing myself to become involved with him?  Is this going to be another one of my wonderful distractions for myself, if I allow myself to become involved with his creation?

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!  I shall express to you, Mikah, this is a very good question, and I am acknowledging of you, for you are beginning to be moving in the direction of noticing more efficiently what you are creating, and in this, you are beginning to move in the direction — in this second step — more efficiently.

I express to you that what you are presenting yourself with presently is an opportunity.  You are moving yourself into a position of drawing to yourself different types of expressions and different types of creations through other individuals, that you may allow yourself to move deeper into the viewing of yourself and that you may be more efficiently identifying more of the angles of these beliefs.

Now; let us view the aspect of beliefs that you have chosen to be addressing to and the aspect that you are continuing to be chasing around your cage and attempting to the capturing.

One of the aspects which holds much of your attention is expectation; expectation of yourself and how you are creating your reality, the expectations of other individuals which you allow to be placed within your reality and how they may be influencing of you.  Now you turn the bird to view another angle of this same bird, and you present to yourself another individual, of which we have spoken previously in how he views you and how this individual looks to you as the teacher.

In this situation, you are presenting yourself with several different actions.  You are presenting yourself with the opportunity to view more into the area of your own abilities in this area of teaching with other individuals, of which we have spoken of previously, have we not?

MIKE:  Yes.

ELIAS:  In the area that your choice of probabilities of teaching is not necessarily moving in the direction of what you term to be conventional lines, and this offers you a glimpse of the beginnings of how you may be implementing your creativity and your actions in conjunction with teaching, and how other individuals shall begin to be drawn to you in this area.  This is one element that you are drawing to yourself and presenting yourself with.

Another is to be addressing to this aspect of expectation in relation to yourself and the expectations that you hold of yourself, and how they move in conjunction with your sense of responsibility, and how you may shy away from certain situations as you view that they may be requiring of responsibility in your expression, and responsibility is not the situation.  It is not the issue.  But you equate the expectation with a projection of responsibility that you hold within yourself: if you are engaging certain actions, you must also be responsible for those actions.  This is not the point.

In this, you also allow yourself the opportunity to view your participation in the very same expression — offering yourself another angle of this same bird — in the area of projected expectations.  You have allowed yourself to view the projection of expectations of other individuals in conjunction with yourself and your choices and your behaviors.  Now you may view YOUR projection of YOUR expectations upon another individual with respect to their choices and their creations and their reality.

For what have you expressed to me in this very questioning?  An expectation and a judgment.  You hold reluctance to be moving into any engagement with this individual, for your perception dictates to you that the individual is not viewing the entirety of the picture, is not seriously considering all of the angles and aspects of what they are creating.  They are not being responsible but are moving into areas of fantasy, which is not rational and not logical and not responsible, and therefore is an expression of immaturity and is unacceptable behavior.

My my my!  And shall we be remembering and recalling this very expression that has been offered to you by other individuals?  And you are now expressing this same situation and judgment to another individual!

In this, you offer yourself the opportunity to view that this is not the point.  You are each creating your reality for the experience of physical reality — to be experiencing within the purity and fullness of emotion and sexuality, within your creativity, and within your exploration of all that you may be expressing within physical focus — and there are no rules that must be implemented as to how you may be creating of this.

I express to you that in this, I am encouraging you to be expressive of your creativity to its fullest extent within your physical focus and to be quite expressive of yourself, and in this, I have expressed to you many, many times that you may be turning your attention to self and allowing yourself to be more accepting and trusting of your own expression, regardless of other individuals’ opinions of your choice as to how you shall be creating your reality.

Now view your expression and recognize — second step, recognition!  Recognize that you also express this outward[ly] in expressing to another individual, as they move in the direction of trust of self, that their expression is not trust of self, but frivolity, irresponsibility, and immaturity.

MIKE:  Interesting.  Okay....

ELIAS:  And I may express to you that I hold an awareness of your interaction with Michael, and I hold the awareness of your assessment and judgment of expression offered to you of the lack of acceptance of other individuals in relation to one individual that expressed a trust and acceptance of self and the judgment that was placed upon that individual, and your responsiveness has been within yourself, “My my.  This is very bad.  These individuals are missing the point.  The individual is creating efficiently, for he is trusting himself, and they are creating judgments upon this individual for the very expression that I am attempting to be accomplishing now.”  And what you expressing?  The very same judgments.

MIKE:  Huh!  Interesting.

ELIAS:  This be the reason that you all within physical focus create these methods and processes to be viewing these aspects of belief systems, for you may quite easily not view all of the expressions and angles of one single bird.

You may express quite strongly that you have viewed the expressions and the presentment of this bird, and in that, you may express to yourself — deluding yourself — that you have accepted this bird, and subsequently you may express the very same element that you have held the thought process that you have dealt with already, and you have not, for it presents itself in a different manner.

For you do not look to yourself and express, “Oh, I am expressing this very same expression also.”  Of course not!  For YOU are not expressing of this type of behavior, for you are noticing quite effectively how OTHER individuals are expressing of this behavior with you!  Therefore, why shall you be expressing the very behavior that you view to be so very offensive?  Ha ha!

And I express to you that this is the point of recognizing these birds, for they are quite crafty, and you are not accustomed to viewing your own behavior, and you are quite familiar with viewing outside of yourselves and viewing all others’ behavior first.

I am also quite acknowledging of you in this, and express to you that you ARE accomplishing in this area, for were you not, you would not present yourself with this type of situation that allows you to move deeper within yourself and view more efficiently all of the angles of this particular aspect.

MIKE:  I’ve got a couple of questions that revolve around all that.  I’ve been having a lot of — as I’m sure you’re aware — trauma within myself because I’ve had a hard time trusting myself.  Everything, everything, everything!  From lifting weights to creating a job to wanting to disengage to even making dinner — everything I look to create now, I hold skepticism.

Ever since I’ve come across this info, a lot of stuff has been put into perspective and a lot of stuff has made sense, but I’ve also been acquiring a lot of skepticism about this whole thing, so I know the two are connected — my skepticism and my lack of trust.  And I want to ask you, how am I supposed to deal with this, considering I used to trust in most things, period?  But now it’s like I can’t even create dinner without having a little voice telling me how it’s going to taste like shit!  So I’ve been very rough on myself, and I was wondering how to be tackling this one.

ELIAS:  Be listening to your own words.  Listen to the expression that you offer to Candace.

MIKE:  Which one?

ELIAS:  You offer many expressions to Candace in your simplification of this information, and in this, you offer helpfulness to her in not allowing herself to be analyzing and moving into complication of all of these concepts, but you do not apply this to self.

In this, merely allow yourself to be accepting of your expression as it is; not that it is good enough or that it shall not be good enough or that it shall be bad or it shall be wrong or it shall be inefficient.  It is what it is.

This offers you also the very same opportunity to be recognizing the same type of expression of which we have just spoken, for this offers you the opportunity to view how you may be expressing to another individual that they may be rationalizing and creating logic and complicating situations and concepts, and therefore not accepting of themselves for they are berating themselves in this type of process, and you are encouraging of other individuals to be simplifying their viewing of these concepts.  And YOU are complicating them!

Therefore, I express to you, heed your own words, and you may be offering yourself a great gift in not over-analyzing all that you create and complicating all that you create and judging all that you create, but merely allowing yourself to express freely.

I express to you, the most important expression that you may offer to yourself is, “It matters not.”  Express this to yourself, Mikah, over and over, until the point that you believe this, for this is genuine.  It matters not!

How shall your reality be so altered if you are burning your dinner?  Shall all of your experiences and situations and circumstances within your physical focus alter truth within reality, within consciousness?  No.  You are merely upon a quest.  You are upon an exploration of a physical focus, acquiring experiences.

You are not solving the mysteries of the cosmos, for you already know the mysteries of the cosmos!  You are not answering the questions of the universe, for you already hold the questions of the universe and their answers!

You are creating an exploration of physical creations — experiences — and in this, it matters not how you are creating them!

MIKE:  Alright, the last time we talked, we talked about jobs and my issues with that, and how I was offered stuff and my reactions to it and whatsuch.  So I think I’ve pretty much dealt with a lot of the stuff because I’m pretty much willing to take whatever I create for myself.  But quite interestingly enough, the only thing that has come across my path between now and then concerning a job has been the military thing, which I think was imagery of another sort.  So pretty much, there has not been any offering or creation that has been like so obvious to me that I could say, hey, that’s an offering of a job.  So I was wondering, why?  Is it because I’ve released the energy from the issues I held and so therefore it’s not necessary to create that imagery, or am I not creating it because I don’t trust myself?

ELIAS:  No.  I express to you that you are merely allowing yourself to be relaxing in this area.  You are not creating the same imagery, for you are relaxing your hold in some areas upon your expectations.

You continue in some areas to be pursuing the bird, but as we have spoken within this session, you are fatiguing, and in that, you are slowing yourself in your pursuit, and therefore, you are readying yourself to be stopping, and in this, certain elements of your imagery also shall be stopping, in a manner of speaking.

This is the movement into the addressing to the beliefs, to the aspects of the belief system, as I have stated within this session.  Those elements that are creating conflict and confusion and are continuously being presented to you shall begin to not be created as often and shall begin moving away, and you shall begin to not be responding any longer, and your conflict shall calm.

In this, as you become fatigued and you move into the position of giving up, many of the actions that you have been creating previously shall cease, for it is unnecessary for them to be continuing, for you are no longer chasing the bird.  Therefore, the bird no longer flies frantically.

In this, as I have stated in this session, you shall notice that many of your creations in conflicts and concerns and confusions shall discontinue, and you shall not be experiencing the intensity in these areas.

Therefore, in physical terms, I express to you, one by one, you are dropping feathers, and you are allowing certain expressions to not continue, and you may, in this, move yourself into the position of the expression genuinely of “it matters not,” and when you move entirely into the position of genuineness in “it matters not” in every angle, you shall have released the bird.

MIKE:  Hmm.  Okay.  Is this whole thing, with ”should I be choosing to involve myself with Jenaro’s creation to any great extent,” is that going to turn up an avenue of a job?

ELIAS:  There is a probability in this area, of which, as always, I express to you, this is your choice as to which direction you shall be moving in, in these probabilities.  But there is a probability that moves into position which is not actualized yet, but may be if you are so choosing in that direction.

MIKE:  Okay.  Well, kind of along the same lines of probabilities, my mother, I know you expressed to her in one of the sessions ... which I know probabilities aren’t absolute.  But a probability was brought up about a probability of moving, and she’s been talking an awful lot about moving and this and that.  I was wondering if that probability is the most probable probability now. (Pause)

ELIAS:  It remains neutral, in a manner of speaking.

In what I am expressing to you, in physical terms, figuratively speaking ... be remembering, I am not expressing literally!  But figuratively speaking, were you to be placing a spectrum upon a line engaging probabilities — one end being less probable, one end being most probable — this probability continues to be residing within the middle.

MIKE:  Okay.

ELIAS:  In this, I have expressed to Candace, there is a probability that you are creating in this direction, but it remains within the middle as to its actualization and insertion into your reality.  I express to you that Candace, within her participation of the creation of this probability, leans more in the direction of actualizing this probability; therefore, there is energy being lent in that direction.  As to your participation in this probability, you remain neutral.

I express to you in this also that you may be applying the “it matters not” in this area also, for in actuality, although you are moving in the direction of thought process of how this may be affecting if you are choosing a probability of engaging this individual and endeavors futurely, I express to you once again, it matters not.  Your physical location is not necessarily required.

MIKE:  Interesting.  What individual are you speaking of?

ELIAS:  With Archer.

MIKE:  Oh, okay.  So that may be a factor in the probability?  Is that what you’re saying?

ELIAS:  YOU are creating this as a factor in this probability.

MIKE:  Well, yeah.  That’s what I mean.  Okay, I have some questions on connections with focuses and whatsuch, if you have time.

ELIAS:  You may proceed.

MIKE:  Okay.  Number one, do I hold focuses with Zolar? (Pause)

ELIAS:  One.

MIKE:  One?  Okay.  Alright, does he have a famous focus? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Relatively speaking.

MIKE:  Alright, can you tell me? (Pause)

ELIAS:  This would be what you may term to be a minor pope.

MIKE:  A minor pope.  How interesting.  Okay.  I was hoping to get a picture of him, but....  Alright, with Paul/Caroll, do we have a focus as brothers? (Pause)

ELIAS:  No, but you do hold another focus in which your relationship of friendship is held so very strongly that you associate yourselves in that manner.

MIKE:  Okay.  With Patel, since that avenue you pointed me into fizzled out, would one of the focuses be something of marriage? (Pause)

ELIAS:  As what you would term to be in-laws.

MIKE:  Okay, but not married?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  And this is other than our German focus?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Okay.  Alright, with Dante, that writer person, Stephen seems to think he himself is the reincarnate of Dante, for whatever reason.  He thought he looked like him or something.  But I was wondering, is this because he held a focus with him?

ELIAS:  In that time framework.

MIKE:  Oh, so it wasn’t with him personally.

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay.  Alright, with Candace, in the Roman focus that we share, would this be a connection either with my Roman focus with Mark Anthony or with my Roman focus of the cardinal? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Cardinal.

MIKE:  The cardinal.  Was she a nun?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Yes!  Ah!  Okay, I have to ask you this about my cardinal.  Is he like Italian?  Because I did a small amount of research and I have a hard time with just connecting with the name, but a lot of them aren’t necessarily Italian in origin.

ELIAS:  You are correct.

MIKE:  Okay, so he is Italian?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Okay.  Alright, and you said that he didn’t contribute much.  He just did his job, in a manner of speaking.

ELIAS:  You are correct.

MIKE:  Alright, so there wouldn’t be too much written about him because he just did his thing.

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Alright.  Okay, and with the Egyptian focus that I share with Candace, are we family? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Are we sisters? (Pause)

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking, although not in the relationship that you identify within your culture.  In your culture, you identify two parents — one mother, one father — and the offspring, so to speak, that are produced by those two parents shall be deemed as brothers and sisters.  In this culture, there are many different mothers with one father.  Therefore, yes, you are sisters, but hold different parents.

MIKE:  Okay, that’s interesting.  Okay, and she wants to know, in the Greek focus that I am her and my sister Bahlah’s mother, as sisters, were they twins? (Pause)

ELIAS:  No, but very close within age of your physical time framework.

MIKE:  Okay, alright.  Do I hold other focuses besides this one with Belel? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Okay, any in the same relationship as in this focus? (Pause)


MIKE:  No, okay.  Alright.  Oh yeah, do I hold focuses with either Ron or Vicki?

ELIAS:  Yes; both.

MIKE:  Both.  Okay, could you give me an example of each, of the relationships? (Pause)

ELIAS:  You hold a focus with these individuals within ... a focus in which Michael and Lawrence are identified as gypsies.

MIKE:  As gypsies!  Interesting!  What was my connection with them?

ELIAS:  You occupy the same clan.

MIKE:  Ah, so I was a gypsy too!

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay.  Alright, what about Ron?

ELIAS:  He also holds a focus within this particular time framework.

MIKE:  Okay, and there are others besides these though, yes?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Okay.  Going back to Candace, in our French focus, were we — like we were told by another individual — competing sword fighters?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Sword fighters!  Ah, this is an interesting term!  I shall express to you that you have engaged the duel!

MIKE:  Okay.  Were we friends, or was this duel a result of not liking each other?

ELIAS:  Both!

MIKE:  (Laughing)  So, a disagreement?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  We didn’t kill each other, did we?

ELIAS:  One!

MIKE:  (Cracking up)  Oh my god! (Elias chuckles)  Who killed who? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Ah!  The focus of Candace has disengaged the focus of Mikah.

MIKE:  Oh!  Oh!  Ouch!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!

MIKE:  (Laughing)  Oh, she’ll laugh when she hears that one!  Dare I ask what the disagreement was over? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Engagement (coughing) in the area of finances.

MIKE:  (Cracking up)  Oh my god!  Money! (Elias chuckles and coughs)  Oh boy!  Okay.  Alright, was Stefan George aligned with either Ilda or Sumafi? (Elias coughs again, and there is a 35-second pause)

You still there? (5-second pause)

ELIAS:  Excuse interruption.

MIKE:  Okay.

ELIAS:  Michael is experiencing difficulty in holding.  As to your question, Sumafi.

MIKE:  Sumafi.  Interesting!  Okay.  Hmm.  With my focus in New Zealand, Joseph, is his orientation soft?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.

MIKE:  Okay, is this why I got the imagery that he was either gay or bisexual?  Or is he one of those?

ELIAS:  He holds that preference.

MIKE:  Of which?

ELIAS:  Of what you term to be homosexual.  Be remembering, this is an objective choice of preference, and is NOT an identification of absolute in conjunction with orientation.

MIKE:  Okay.  Alright, within those probabilities of him drawing himself to this information, are there any probabilities of myself meeting him?

ELIAS:  This would be less probable.

MIKE:  Less probable. (Sighing)  Alright, I have two more questions for you.  What are the ... no.  I’ll do that one in a second.

Why do I get shaky and dizzy when I’m talking to people about this information or other kinds of detailed information? (Pause)

ELIAS:  This would be your objective responsiveness in allowing yourself to be moving through certain aspects of fear that you hold, and this is in relation to how other individuals may view you.

Therefore, you allow yourself to move in the direction of objective expression, but you also create a physical affectingness.  As you move more fully into the expression of acceptance and trust of self, you shall also discontinue this action, for you shall let go of this element of fearfulness and it shall not be physically affecting of you any longer.

MIKE:  Okay.  Alright, what are the qualities of that aspect that was in the offshoot of probabilities that may be chosen at age twenty-three that you told me may be taking primary position?  I mean, why would it be necessary for that aspect to take primary position?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that this type of action happens throughout each focus that an individual creates in manifestation.  In this, it is quite common.

Different aspects move into primary position to be offering that particular focus more of a fullness of the expression of their creativity within a particular focus and more fullness within their experience, for qualities that may be latent in one aspect of the focus may be expressed within a different aspect of the focus.  Elements that you may be displaying in behavior within one focus, you may not necessarily allow yourself to be expressing within another aspect of the focus.

Therefore, there are — within your probabilities and your movement in this type of direction — certain qualities that may be expressed more freely in creativity through another aspect of yourself that lie dormant within this particular aspect.  Each aspect brings surfacely different elements of expressions that contribute to the experience and the creative expression of the focus.

This shall not change you as you, in your perception.  You shall continue to identify yourself as yourself, but you shall experience and recognize new qualities of yourself that you may express easily, and recognize that previously you would not be expressing those qualities.

In this, this may be expressed within some individuals quite dramatically.  They may move for many years through a particular focus expressing in one manner, and they may create a choice to be moving through their focus subsequently in an entirely different manner.  This would be a different aspect moving into primary position.

The individual is not altered as they view themself or as they identify themself, but their choice of direction may be dramatically altered, and they may exhibit new creativity or talents that they did not hold an awareness of previously.

MIKE:  Hmm.  I don’t suppose you’d be willing to tell me some of the talents that are dormant here, but not so dormant in that aspect.

ELIAS:  You hold many different creative abilities within this focus which you have not allowed expression of or development of, so to speak, in physical terms.

In this, you have creative abilities in exchange with other individuals, allowing yourself quite an eloquence in verbal communication with other individuals.  This is an element of your creativity that within this particular primary aspect lies dormant, for you do not exercise this particular ability in your creativity, and express many times that you hold inadequacies in the area of verbal communication with other individuals.  This is not the situation.  It is merely an aspect which lies dormant within your creativity presently, but may be expressed futurely.

You also hold another aspect of creativity in the area of written expression in which you do not allow yourself presently the fullness of its expression, but in your physical terms of talents, you may identify that you hold talent in this area.

The area that I express to you is moving into a position of an allowance of expression is that area of eloquent speaking, which you do not allow yourself presently, but I express to you that this is an aspect within your focus that you hold, and within your expression of your intent in this focus, you also hold probabilities to be allowing that expression of creativity in conjunction with written expression.

MIKE:  Interesting.  Okay, I know I’m pushing the envelope, but I missed this question, and I’m not going to ask the whole thing ‘cause I know I’m going to run out of tape, but I’ll summarize it for you.  I had a whole thing with creating a piece of imagery for myself to be denoting of certain imagery of basically showing myself an avenue that may be or....

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