Session 148
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Unofficial Information/Schizophrenia


"Unofficial Information / Schizophrenia"

Tuesday, January 14, 1997 (Private) © 1997
Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, and Carole (Aileen).
Note: Elias offered Carole this private session, as Carole lives in Connecticut and was only here for one week.
Elias arrives at 3:51 PM. (Time was twenty seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

CAROL: Good afternoon.

ELIAS: You are offered the opportunity to ask your questions individually.

CAROL: Thank you.

ELIAS: To begin with, I shall ask a question of you!

CAROL: Okay.

ELIAS: Do you hold a slight remembrance at moments, of rolling green fields and Thomas?

CAROL: I visited a school where there were rolling green fields, and I was sitting front of this building and we were talking about beingness and indivisibility.

ELIAS: Hold this memory, for it shall initiate a memory of another focus within another land, very green; to which you were involved with this individual with the name of Tom.

CAROL: I have a son in this focus whose name is Tom.

ELIAS: For this also is a remembrance.

CAROL: Yes. One of the things I was going to ask you is if he was the same essence in this same focus, manifest as my brother Paul. Paul and Thomas, are they the same essence?

ELIAS: From, within fragmentation. The one has fragmented the other, which continues within physical focus presently.

CAROL: I see. That's something that I've felt for a long time, and in dream state would watch these two; the physical focus, the way it manifests, interchange; and I didn't know for a long time why I always saw that.

ELIAS: Each fragmented essence holds all knowledge of the fragmenting essence. Therefore, they are the same; although they are individual.

CAROL: And since all time is simultaneous, the first manifestation still exists in a parallel focus?

ELIAS: Not necessarily parallel, but exists within different choices.

CAROL: I see. The green fields that you talk about, that was very vivid and lucid for me in the dream state. It was one of the times when I became awake in that other existence, and the green of the fields was very striking. It was so real, and I brought it back in my understanding to the physical, and it's something that I can see in my mind when I want to revisit that.

ELIAS: This is a remembrance, and within this remembrance you shall also now hold the ability to identify this essence within that remembrance, for this essence was the manifestation of Tom.

CAROL: I'm not understanding what you mean by "this essence". My present physical focus?

ELIAS: This essence of Elias, to which you speak.

CAROL: Is a manifestation of Tom?

ELIAS: Reverse.

CAROL: Tom is a manifestation of Elias? (Elias nods) Ah. Yes.

ELIAS: Therefore, you understand your identification and your draw.

CAROL: I see. Thank you. I wish to discover ... I'm only beginning to understand about the essence families. That's new information for me on a conscious level. I wanted to ask if I am from the essence family Vold, aligned with Sumari?

ELIAS: You are of the essence family of Sumafi. You are aligned with the family of Sumari.

CAROL: I see. Thank you. My son Tom, I thought that he might be of the essence family Ilda, aligned with Sumari?

ELIAS: Reverse.

CAROL: Essence family Sumari, aligned with Ilda. (Elias nods) And other son, essence family Sumari, aligned with Milumet?

ELIAS: Tumold.

CAROL: Aligned with Tumold, but of the family Sumari?

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROL: Present husband, essence family Milumet, aligned with Zuli?

ELIAS: Essence family Sumafi, aligned presently within this focus with Milumet.

CAROL: The essence name that you gave me, Aileen ...

ELIAS: Does this not strike a chord? (Smiling)

CAROL: Definitely. Definitely!

ELIAS: This name was held also within this particular physical focus of these green fields.

CAROL: I met a friend many years ago whose name was Aileen, and when I met her I didn't know what it was that kept enlivening me and energizing me. There was something magical about the relationship and I knew it had to do with her name, and her name was Aileen. I've often wondered about that, why that was.

ELIAS: For you identify with this tone.

CAROL: I see. I wonder about, in this focus, the relationship, the reasons and belief systems behind the relationship that exists with my younger son, who has for the most part left physical focus in what doctors would term schizophrenia, but has returned somewhat now. He and I are locked into some kind of a belief system or an agreement, and I'm trying to understand what needs to change for his belief system, or should it, and mine, and why we have this agreement that we are involved in this together.

ELIAS: Within this manifestation that you term psychologically as schizophrenia, you identify this as a mental disease; a disorder. This is the belief system, that it is a disease or a disorder; for there is no disorder within this manifestation. I shall explain to you.

Many individuals choose to manifest within physical focus, and as they manifest, throughout the time period of a small one they are adjusting to objective creating and objective reality. They are moving from subjective reality into objective reality. Therefore, you view certain expressions within children that you think you do not view within adulthood.

As these children mature, in your terms, they grow accepting belief systems, and accepting objective reality, and creating objectively. They move into an area of separation of subjective knowingness objectively. By the time these individuals reach a certain age, which you classify as adolescence, they are moving into an acceptance of objectivity within their reality. They disassociate themselves objectively from their subjective understanding. This allows for their growth within official functioning; society, within your physical focus. As they move into alignment with mass belief systems and create their reality in conjunction with this, as do all of you, some individuals choose to not engage this action.

You will notice that the most common age for this development of this so-called disease does not occur in small children. Most commonly this begins, so to speak, within adolescence and young adults. You may verify this with your psychology. The reason for this is that certain individuals, as they manifest within physical focus, choose, at this point of movement into objective reality, to not move into objective reality. Therefore, they continue very realistically within an exchange of subjective reality, which is reality.

Within your societies, not only within your present now but also throughout your history, this is unofficial information and behavior. It is not accepted, for it does not align with the mass belief systems. Therefore, it is labeled in an unacceptable manner, for you do not understand the manifestation. You do not understand the creation. Therefore, as it does not fit into accepted official reality, it is ostracized to a point.

These individuals choose to continue communication subjectively. Therefore, they are within communication of other focuses, as would they be non-physically, as would they be during their time period of small children. Within small children, this is acceptable. It is viewed as active imagination and creativity. Within older age brackets it is no longer acceptable, for behavior is expected to change and to align with mass belief systems.

Within this, not only within your present now but also throughout your ages, these individuals manifesting this choice also hold belief systems; as being influenced by the individuals surrounding them, the consciousness within mass belief systems within the time period that they have manifest, and within the non-acceptance of the mass. Therefore, they hold conflict also, for they manifest what they understand initially, but they also hold belief systems that they have acquired. These conflict with the manifestation that they have chosen to actualize. In this, hypothetically, if man were to be accepting of all of man's choices of expressions of manifestations, the conflict would not exist.

CAROL: That's exactly what I knew!

ELIAS: The conflict exists for there is a non-acceptance that these individuals choose to be in communication subjectively and objectively with essence, and therefore with all of their aspects and focuses. They do not hold the veil between objective and subjective reality. Therefore, they may exhibit listening to other voices. You express that these voices are imaginary, delusional, hallucinatory. These voices that they may hear speaking to them are those of their other focuses, other aspects of their own essence which are within communication with them. This does not fit within your accepted reality. It is, once again, as we began discussing within our session, unofficial information.

Unofficial information frightens individuals. It threatens their belief systems. Unfortunately, for those involved within this manifestation, they also hold belief systems influenced by the time period that they manifest within. Therefore, they confuse themselves and they also do not accept their own creation. They do not understand that they are not disordered or diseased. They view themselves within the same belief systems as all of society, and they view their own behavior as unacceptable. This creates tremendous conflict.

You have drawn yourself to this experience and bonded within this experience for your own widening, and for helpfulness to this individual in the area of acceptance; for as you each begin to recognize belief systems and accept these belief systems, this conflict shall be abated.

CAROL: Thank you. That's been the direction that we've been going in more and more, except that we have had to go against all of the existing belief systems.

ELIAS: Which, as you have found presently, creates conflict also, and may be quite difficult at times.

CAROL: Yes. You mentioned at the Sunday night session about being able to go into other essences with your consciousness. I had an experience when I was doing that one time. I was on a train and the sound of the train started to change my vibratory rate, and I felt myself beginning to go into other people on the train and experience their essence. As I went into each one I knew what they felt, what their story was, not in words but in feeling. Then I could go to the next person and the next one and the next one and the next one. Is that what you were talking about? I didn't consciously choose to do that. It's just an experience that sort of happened. Or were you talking about when somebody consciously tries to take over somebody else's consciousness? Or just the experience of putting your consciousness into someone else's temporarily?

ELIAS: An individual may not take over another individual's consciousness. Any individual, any focus, any essence may not take over any other. You may merge temporarily. What I was expressing at our previous session, I shall explain, for the most part was an explanation of exchange between focuses of your own essence; although you may also merge temporarily with other essences, other focuses not of your essence. This is not an assuming of the consciousness of the individual focus. It is a temporary mergence with the consciousness of the focus, for there are no divisions or sections within energy and consciousness. Therefore, you are a part of all and may intersect with all, although you also hold individual uniqueness and personality and tone. In this, you are individual, but you are not separate. You may experience a mergence with other individuals. This would be an extensive empathic action.

CAROL: I did the same thing with seagulls and the ocean and the sand and the sky in a different experience. It was the same type of thing, just kind of like spreading my consciousness out to experience those other manifestations.

ELIAS: Which, you are a part of all of consciousness. Therefore, you hold the ability to merge with all. I have expressed many times within the forum of our sessions that individuals may experiment with the elements within our game and experience all, for these may be instructional to them within their individual family alignment or within their counterpart family.

CAROL: If you reach an intersection where you make a choice, such as to leave one individual in a relationship and take up with another individual, does that first relationship continue? I have this very strong feeling that I am continuing two other relationships in other focuses.

ELIAS: Each choice that you choose within physical reality is only one probability. All probabilities are actualized. Therefore, as you choose to move into a different direction, an alternate continues within the existing direction.

CAROL: But I keep tapping into the other two relationships. It's very strange.

ELIAS: All of these probabilities actualize. This is reality. You may intersect with alternate selves. You may actually view, visually, physically, alternate selves. This is not common, for individuals do not seek to experience this and do not seek this knowledge of reality, but it is possible to experience this. The knowing is within you that these realities, within different dimensions from your own or that which you recognize, exist and continue in all of its myriads of variations. There are alternate selves of you, probable selves of you, that have never experienced relationships within what you identify presently. There are alternate you's that have no children. Every aspect of your being is actualized. You hold the ability to tap this information, and to view these alternates, and to be experiencing these other focuses within this focus.

CAROL: There has been talk in the sessions about nine babies that are being born that are going to assist in the shift.

ELIAS: They have been born.

CAROL: I had an experience in the dream state in some other reality, where I saw a baby being born. I was brought over to this place. This was not a male child; it was a female child. I was brought to a hut. In the dream state, I was thinking about the Christ scenario that's here, not that that's something that's important to me, but just that I'm aware of it. It was interesting, the familiarness with the situation, because this baby, this little girl baby named Kadu was somebody who was supposed to be affecting a lot of changes in the physical reality. A lot of people were standing around her, and she was in this crib and they were picking her up, and I was there as a part of it, to take part in this coming or this ceremony. I woke up that day with this information, feeling as though I had viewed something that was very important. When I heard about the babies from these sessions I thought maybe there was a correlation, but there obviously is not. Do you have any information on what that was that I experienced?

ELIAS: This is also a remembrance of another focus, in conjunction with Lawrence. This child of which you speak was instrumental, in your terms, for this being in what you view to be your past history. These children within this particular village were removed from this village and transported to another country. This female was instrumental within old age, as you term this, in furthering action with these people physically to be relocating and acquiring liberation from slavery. Therefore, this one small one was significant, although not within what you expected; but your symbolism in feeling that this small one was as the Christ child is very good within accuracy, for both were focused upon liberation. (

CAROL: It's nice to know, finally, what that was. I have this feeling or theory that the more awarized we become, the more things we're able to accomplish should we choose to, because we can draw from the experiences of all of our other focuses. Is this accurate?

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause)

CAROL: As a focus, speaking about this focus that you're looking at, I have always felt very aware from the time I was a very small child in this focus, and have always wondered if others had the same awareness but just didn't talk about it, or whether I was indeed more aware than others. It's not an easy question to ask other physical focuses, but I ask you that.

ELIAS: This is difficult and dangerous territory. All individuals physically focused hold the awareness that they choose to hold, in regard to the direction of probabilities that they have chosen to be moving through within the individual physical focus. It is dependent upon your desire and your intent, and also the direction of your attention. Therefore, more or less is relative, for you may hold a greater awareness of subjective activity and of information that others may not hold objectively, but they choose not to hold this objectively. Each individual chooses a direction. (Here, the tape recorder makes a noise) Ah! Your electrical equiptment is creating interruptions! (I've been wanting spell "equiptment" the way Elias says it for a long time now. I just love the way he says this word!)

RON: It's okay. It was just flipping itself.

ELIAS: In this, your direction may lean towards information of transition, or of actions being instrumental within the shift, or many other actions that involve non-physical essences or movement. Another individual may hold a tremendous awareness of objective reality. This may seem in your estimation to be quite mundane, but their direction is different. They may be choosing to be concentrating, within their attention, solely upon the experience of physical focus.

CAROL: That's my present husband. He's very similar to that.

ELIAS: Therefore, this is their awareness. This is the area of their concern. This is not to say that their subjective awareness is less than, for it is not. It is also not to say that their direction within their manifestation is less than, or not growing; this being why we do not incorporate the usage of the words of levels, for individuals magnate to classifications of levels and planes, and those that are more advanced than others.

Now; I have expressed within our sessions that individuals attending within our forum occupy different states of awareness. Within their estimation, they view more awareness or less awareness. This presently is inevitable of this type of thinking, which will also be moved through eventually; but within this present now, some individuals within similar directions of attention hold a greater awareness or understanding of their awareness than other individuals, but this is of no consequence; for you each accomplish what you choose within experience within a given focus. Within this focus, one may choose to manifest as a scholar. Simultaneously, within another focus this same essence may be manifesting what you term to be lunacy, or the reverse. Therefore, it must be considered that each focus is one focus. Although each focus is the center and each focus is all-important, each focus is individual and each focus is not objectively the totality of your experience.

In the same manner that individuals place judgment upon official and unofficial information and behavior, which you are familiar with, individuals also place judgment upon levels of awareness. It is of no concern; only of your level.

CAROL: Thank you. At night, when I go to sleep, I see pictures, and they're not of anything that I'm familiar with on this plane. Am I seeing other focuses? One time I saw another consciousness that was like a soft material that could stretch way out and then contract, but it had a consciousness. I felt as though I was in another focus. Is that what's happening here? Sometimes I'll see like a white circle and I can see into another reality. Is this all just more of the same tuning in to unofficial reality? Sometimes it's so varied that because I like to know about things, I wonder what they all are, and I guess they're so myriad that there's no way to know.

ELIAS: These are viewings of other dimensions, in part. At times, you also view other areas of consciousness which do not hold recognizable images. Some of the experiences that you engage are tapping into other dimensional focuses. Your essence is not focused only within one physical dimension. It is focused within many physical dimensions which are very diverse. I shall break, with your permission, and you may continue with your questions.

CAROL: Thank you, Elias.

BREAK 4:48 PM RESUME 5:05 PM (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS: We continue.

CAROL: Elias. Relay the force pattern as a source of tension.

ELIAS: No! You relay the force pattern as a source of tension! (And we all crack up. Elias is grinning widely)

CAROL: Does that sentence have something to do with the electric light show I saw blinking on and off when I got that sentence? Is that the energy that we have to be able to access to create?

ELIAS: Accessing energy! Very good beginning!

CAROL: And then we need to engage action with the energy?

ELIAS: This is a sentence presented to you objectively, in description of subjective activity. Your question is, "How do I create my reality?" Your answer is this.

CAROL: Create the force pattern as a source of tension.

ELIAS: You must be engaging your periphery and allowing yourself a wider explanation and definition of these words, for these words indicate the action which you engage within Regional Area 2 in creating your reality, and also within your dream mission behind the imagery. It is the same.

CAROL: How would I consciously move my consciousness to the place in the dream imagery where that information becomes clearer to me?

ELIAS: You do not move your consciousness to a place. You allow yourself to understand your imagery which you have created for your symbolism; recognizing that you create symbols to explain action to yourself, and also recognizing, as I have stated previously, that each symbol, every symbol, is a symbol, and also holds its own integrity and therefore is a reality.

CAROL: Are there any actions or incidents that are inconsequential? Such as I bought some lettuce and broccoli while I've been here, put it in the refrigerator at the motel, opened it up and they were both frozen solid. Now is everything symbolic of original action or intent or creativity, or are there some things that are inconsequential? If everything is consequential, it would take a lot of concentration to be watching every incident that happens so that you could be reading what it's symbolic for. (Elias is smiling)

ELIAS: I shall express, every action, every moment, every choice is consequential. Every motion within consciousness is consequential. This is not to say that every action that you engage is leading to what you think of as more important probabilities. All action is important, for in actuality there are no actions that are more important than any other actions. You think in these terms. You believe the choice to engage a partnership in marriage is a very important choice, as opposed to the choice of adding mustard to your sandwich! (Grinning) In actuality, they are both choices. One holds no more significance than the other. The difference in these choices is the duration of their temporariness. Therefore, you place value on some choices and you place no value on other choices. All of your choices, all of your actions, are consequential. All of your choices are meaningful. All of your actions are purposeful, for your experience. Now; there are some actions and choices that may objectively seem inconsequential and in actuality are not, for they are a piece of a grander puzzle within probabilities. You will notice that many times, very small actions such as frozen broccoli may trigger what you view to be more important information. You are quite inventive, all of you, in your creativity in triggering your own connections. You are very creative in your methods of symbolism in offering yourselves information. Therefore, I wish not to express to you that you be upon your hamster wheel, spinning spinning spinning! But also be recognizing that nothing is insignificant ... except the assassin of your President Kennedy, which is quite inconsequential! (Much laughter)

CAROL: Did you mention that because you knew I had that precognitive dream about that? Is that why you're bringing that up, or do you have a personal ... (Ron and I are losing it)

RON: It's an inner joke! (

CAROL: Oh, okay. It must be a good one! My son Rick, the one that I mentioned before who is not locked into this physical focus but is more in a subjective focus, which I see myself as being similar actually, except that I'm able to function in an objective focus in addition to having the subjective focus, which is why I think in some ways we're very close. Watching what he went through with the way he was viewed by society has helped me tremendously to become less judgmental, and I was aware of that in stages. It's difficult, but I just keep trying to become less and less judgmental through that, as a vehicle. Did this son in this lifetime and myself, do we now in a simultaneous life have contact in a life in Germany during the 30's or 40's? Do we know each other there?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Yes. Family members, once again. You may also be investigating of these other focuses in incorporating the new game. (Referring to our TFE's)

CAROL: My other son Thomas, he has a lady friend Monica from Brazil. In a dream experience I was impressioned with the fact, or what seemed to me as a fact, that they were the parents of his father, my ex-husband. Am I explaining that clear enough? Is that a fact?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Within one focus, yes; you are correct.

CAROL: I have a place, I can't say place because I know it's not a place, but I have an experience in what looks like a park-like setting, and I have seen people there before that have transitioned. I saw a friend there and I didn't know that she had transitioned because she had moved south and I hadn't seen her in a long time. I could tell from this experience that she had transitioned, and then I investigated and found that indeed she had. Her name was Claudette. I wondered, was that actually a fragment of her essence or her energy or was that her authentic energy? I'm probably not using the correct terms that you've been using here, so I'm not sure if I'm making myself clear.

ELIAS: We have spoken previously of what you may encounter within energy and identify of individuals within the action of transition. You may intersect and incorporate a deposit of energy of this individual. You do not intersect the individual themselves, but you may intersect the energy of the individual as an energy deposit within consciousness. You may also connect with another focus, paralleling in cooperation with this focus and with this energy deposit, which may appear to be what you identify as the individual; although in actuality, it is not.

CAROL: I see. In this focus, I've been active in a spiritual path called Ekankar. Sometimes I'm not sure whether I should do the things that I do, such as I give talks and I do something with a TV thing. Oftentimes I think to myself that maybe I shouldn't be doing those things in the way of setting myself up as a mentor kind of, because I really don't feel that way, but then part of me enjoys doing it. But more of my question is, this spiritual path, is this a stepping stone or a part of the shift that's going on? There is a spiritual leader called Harold Klemp. Is he a part of the shift or not?

ELIAS: Every individual upon this planet is a part of this shift. It is an agreement within consciousness. Therefore, all individuals are a part of this shift. Some individuals choose to be instrumental. Some individuals choose to be helpful to other individuals within the action of this shift, in alleviation of trauma. In this, you are one; as many who are drawn to this forum. This individual of whom you speak is helpful within a different direction. Many individuals are helpful within the expression of this shift, but not all are engaged within the same direction. Your personal direction is also in alignment with individuals within this forum. Also, do not be discounting of the action that you engage, for I shall express to you that I shall send ye forth! (Much laughter) Verily, I say unto you!

CAROL: You're teasing me, and that's part of why I wonder sometimes if I should do that, if I should just not do it anymore, be on my own path! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I indeed tease, although I also express truthfulness to you. You have set probabilities within this focus that you are accomplishing. In this, you also are recognizing of the movement within consciousness which is of this shift, and you may be instrumental in helpfulness to other individuals within this action. You have been availed of information that shall be helpful, and you shall continue to receive information that you may utilize to be helpful within the action of this shift. Be remembering also that much information that you incorporate is also individually directed to be incorporated, for you choose to incorporate this information to be understanding as you engage transition within physical focus; this being an action common to several, not many, but several other individuals within this communication also.

CAROL: In other words, preparing for transition in addition to being involved in the shift? Am I understanding correctly?

ELIAS: Correct. The act of transition may be engaged within physical focus. The act of transition is engaged within physical focus to a great extent. These individuals, yourself among them, choose to be engaging this action of transition within a different probability; not engaging the officially accepted action of senility.

CAROL: Will I be able to continue somehow with the forum here, perhaps visiting in the dream state? I did that once, although I wasn't totally understanding of what was happening, although I did feel myself to be here before I came here physically. Will I be able to continue doing that? I know it's probably up to me, but any assistance you can give me I would appreciate.

ELIAS: Absolutely. And you may continue; and you may also, as you return to your home space, hold an awareness of interaction of this essence with you.

CAROL: Thank you. I think I have asked all of my questions. I have one comment. When you had a session with Jene, who is from this forum, she asked you about experiencing a lot of trauma in physical existence. You mentioned something about that we think sometimes that's a way to reach others in a helpful way. I agree that you can reach others simply if you have the consciousness, but a lot of people in this focus, if they don't have a sense of identification, they don't allow the consciousness to get through to them, or maybe just objectively they don't. Maybe subjectively it does. Is that what you ... As I'm talking, I'm beginning to understand it more. Was that what you meant?

ELIAS: What you view outwardly is not always an indication of subjective movement. Individuals choose painfulness within physical focus for many reasons. There are many actions that occur within this subject matter. I address to each individual within a framework of their own identification and understanding. Within the expression to Rudy, these are elements that he understands. There is also a leaning within this individual of non-understanding and non-acceptance of his own creation of reality, for there is a negative belief system held in this. Therefore, there is an avoidance in perpetuating certain ideas in addressing to this individual.

Each choice of manifestation holds very diverse actions and reasoning within this actions. Some actions may appear to be the same or similar, but you each are individual and unique. Therefore, you each create very individually. In this, each expression also is influenced by the individual probabilities and direction and attention. You may view different individuals that may manifest very similar painful expressions within your understanding, and they may be expressing the same action for quite different reasonings.

CAROL: I see. I just have one more small question, and it has to do with the pain that I have in my lower left back. Is that tied into some belief system, and if so, can you help me with a little assistance in understanding what it is so I can perhaps let go of it?

ELIAS: I express to you that this is a similar action, in holding energy within an area of physical expression, to Michael. These are difficult areas. You hold belief systems of negativity, of what you view to be painfulness. Therefore, you look to "fix" this affectingness. Within the incorporation of much subjective activity, you shall be holding energy within certain areas of physical expression.

It also involves belief systems and issues of responsibility. Within holding certain belief systems in regard to personal responsibility, this in combination with rapid and continued subjective movement which becomes objective and is allowed to become objective, energy is held in areas of your physical expression, for you do not understand how to be releasing of your own energy.

(Smiling) It is quite difficult to express these concepts to each of you within physical focus, for you hold belief systems attached to these ideas. I may express to you that you, as Michael also, may, within an instant, allow the dissipation of this hurtfulness; but you do not believe this, and you do not understand the energy movement. Therefore, you will not release this within an instant. But you may, if you choose!

Much subjective movement which is allowed to be incorporated objectively creates turbulence in energy, for you hold many belief systems and you do not accept, within the belief systems, unofficial information. You do accept much of the unofficial information, for you know. Therefore, you battle between objective and subjective, for you battle belief systems and knowingness. In this, you create a turbulence within your own energy. In not understanding how to be releasing of this energy and also not choosing to be disrupted within this turbulence continuously, you isolate certain energy and you express subjectively to your physical expression to hold. In this, you place energy in certain areas. You create a painfulness that you shall remember.

CAROL: So it's calling my attention. It's for my noticing.

ELIAS: Therefore, you do not forget that your turbulence is still aroused and must be addressed. As you address the belief systems which are in conflict, as you accept the belief systems and action of personal responsibility, and as you allow the unofficial information to be incorporated without battling, this shall dissipate.

CAROL: Okay. I'll do that. And I won't try it, I'll do it!

ELIAS: Very good!

CAROL: Thank you. I don't have any other questions. I appreciate your time.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

VICKI: I have a question, if I may. There's a certain amount of ease within the flow of energy between this exchange here today that in my memory I haven't really viewed before, and I wonder if you could explain that?

ELIAS: What you view, within your explanation or noticing of ease, is a cooperation in alignment of Michael and Lawrence within consciousness. You have allowed yourself subjectively to be cooperating with the energy exchange, therefore allowing more of an ease in movement or intensity.

What you also perceive is the objective exchange which occurs with ease with Aileen; this being a fragment of Elias, and also one that has shared focuses within physical manifestation. Therefore, you view a reunion of old friends.

VICKI: I also view what appears to be quite a few parallels between Michael and Aileen.

ELIAS: Quite; this being also what you may view to be the reverse side or aspect of other individuals of which you have been informed, which are fragmented of this essence, which display quite different characteristics. (

VICKI: Okay, I have an off-the-wall question. (Here, Elias turns and looks questioningly at the wall, and we all laugh. What a geek!) I'm curious about this unusual physical manifestation of mine in the recent past. It's a little overdone, if I do say so myself! My question is, is part of this a response to a physical proximity with this individual, in a recognition of a sharing of another significant other-dimensional focus?

ELIAS: This would be an element of the choice of action which you have engaged; for the action which you have engaged, as we have spoken previously, is a remembrance. In this action, you experience much more difficulty than you have realized within experience of attacking your belief systems. Therefore, you also respond more severely to this new action. The remembrance is not of only one focus.

VICKI: Okay. And for Rudy, she wants to know if she's doing the right thing.

ELIAS: Shall you be peeling this question off of your wall? (Much laughter) Ah, Rudy! Such conflict, such confusion, (chuckling) and such belief of such awareness! You may express to Rudim, if he is choosing to be listening and not bouncing off, his choice within probabilities, in his terms, is not incorrect, although there is no correct or incorrect, right or wrong; but I shall express that within the line of probabilities which has been established within this ongoing situation that individuals have created, this probability may be viewed as more probable. Therefore, you may express that I offer not the same direction in answering as I have offered to Yarr previously; and at this present now moment, it is possible that one shall incorporate and absorb, as the other does not. Many issues are incorporated with these choices of Yarr, but they may be accomplished also.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Are you wishing of more questions?

RON: Yeah. So who killed President Kennedy???

ELIAS: (Looking up at the wall again and grabbing at the air) Another piece from the wall is coming! (Grinning, and much laughing)

CAROL: I have some conflict about which method to pursue in engaging action toward being involved with what's happening, whether it's in the method of continuing to what I've been doing, teaching and talking, or whether to start writing. Do you have any kind of input or assistance for me on that? I have a hard time sometimes disciplining myself to make myself take the actual actions. So if I have an idea on probabilities and which direction, then that would maybe give me the incentive to discipline myself!

ELIAS: Ah! We engage another artistic spirit which is unbridled! (To Vicki) View the parallels! (There are many, I must say!)

CAROL: Should I write or should I paint or should I speak? Or all three? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Engage your creativity, and continue in your instruction.

CAROL: Continue with the speaking rather than ...

ELIAS: I shall express to you that you may engage the action of writing, and I shall also express to you that some individuals are writers (looking at Vicki) and some individuals create differently.

CAROL: Okay.

ELIAS: Color is quite nice!


ELIAS: And be remembering, it also is truth.

I shall bid you this evening a very fond au revoir.

Elias departs at 6:03 PM.


(1) This is interesting, as I partially experienced this focus while in an altered state (hypnosis) last year. I found myself observing a man engaged in what appeared to be a ritualistic dance, which I interpreted as a mating dance of some sort. The setting was a primitive village. There were people watching this man. As I looked around at these people, I realized there were no children in sight except for two infants held by two women. The person facilitating the hypnosis asked me where the children were, and all of a sudden I found myself standing on a beach. There was a group of children gathered there, and a ship approaching. My visualization ended here, but there were two other people present (Ron and Mary) who both "saw" the same event occur. They saw the children being put aboard the ship, and both had the impression that it was a slave ship. (BTW, this footnote's for you, Mare!)

(2) I guess it would be rude not to share the joke, so here goes. In the very beginning of our sessions, Elias said something to the effect of, "We shall not answer questions of no consequence." Soon after, somebody asked "Who killed President Kennedy?" Elias replied quite humorously that this was an example of a question of no consequence. The interesting thing is that the person who asked this question became quite upset and even angry at this response, which none of us understood. I guess we were laughing too hard!

(3) We know several other folks who are fragmented of Elias and who attended sessions for quite some time, but no longer do for various reasons. These folks all had major conflict in one area or another.

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