Session 885

Sunday Blues


"Sunday Blues"
"Emotional Signals of Denying Choice"
"Connecting with 'Bad' Focuses"
"Big Dog/Small Dog Analogy"

Saturday, August 18, 2001 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and Marcos (Marta)
Elias arrives at 12:37 PM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARCOS: Elias, good morning!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) We meet again, my friend.

MARCOS: Yes, we meet again; although I know lately we've been meeting a lot and in communication a lot.

ELIAS: Quite!

MARCOS: Elias, I want to ask you some things essentially about one thing that I think is kind of overriding different issues. I believe that's fear, and a fear which blocks the communication from one's self.

Specifically, the first part of this, what I'd like to discuss and ask you about, is this incredible, incredible sensation I have that usually happens on Sundays when I have this just overwhelming emptiness and longing. I think we briefly discussed this at some point, about this disconnect. But it usually happens on a Sunday and I'm not sure why, and I've thought about it for so long. I've been thinking about talking to you and asking you this for months now objectively, but a lot of things I can decide or I can interpret or I can let myself find out. Your information and others' information has been very helpful. This one has got me stumped, and I really need your help on this one, my friend.

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, I may offer to you an identification of your individual associations.

Now; this is directly influenced by the alignment with mass beliefs. You create this experience in this specific time framework in relation to a particular day repeatedly in association with mass beliefs which are expressed within your society - what you identify as your culture - and is underlyingly influenced by religious beliefs.

In this, there is an association with this particular day, influenced by these mass beliefs, that this is the time framework - the day, so to speak - that you allow yourself to be objectively interactive with and objectively sharing an interconnectedness with family and to an extent individuals that you hold intimate relationships with. This is the particular day that within your society, your culture and your religious beliefs, is expressed to be set aside, so to speak, from distractions and labor to be creating playfulness, enjoyment and appreciation of yourself and the individuals that you objectively express intimacy with in each of your relationships. In a manner of speaking, quite simply, it is a day for sharing.

As you are creating your movement, you also are expressing underlying associations in which you are expressing a communication to yourself concerning these beliefs and your fear that you shall be discontinuing your association with these beliefs, and therefore are viewing this as a loss and expressing the communication through the emotion of grief.

Now; in the expression of the communication of the emotion of grief, what your subjective awareness is expressing as a message to your objective awareness is the identification of loss.

Now; the identification of loss is not an actual loss of any expression or thing, but it is a message being expressed that inwardly what you are creating is a loss of choice. Your subjective awareness expresses this emotional communication to your objective awareness to identify to you precisely what you are creating in relation to your beliefs in the moment and therefore offer yourself the opportunity to recognize the message, to recognize the influence of your beliefs in relation to your perception and allow yourself the acceptance of the belief but also the freedom of choice - for the grief is expressing the identification of the loss of choice.

You are expressing to yourself inwardly, "As I continue my movement in the manner in which I am choosing presently, I am also expressing to myself that I cannot create certain expressions of what I want, for I shall be creating physical distance; I shall be creating physical imagery of disconnection, so to speak," which is the association of your beliefs, not necessarily what may be actualized. But in the expression of alignment with the beliefs, the association is objectively quite absolute in relation to actual physical movement and proximity. Much of your individual associations with your beliefs are expressed in relation to actual physical proximity and physical interaction with other individuals that you hold intimacy with.

Therefore, what you are presenting to yourself through an emotional communication is an identification of the strength of these beliefs as they are expressed in alignment with the mass beliefs, and in this, in actuality, my friend, you do offer yourself an avenue to be recognizing that you actually do incorporate choice in your movement.

In this, as you move into alterations of directions within your focus and allow yourself to objectively be creating choices that you want, you do not necessarily need be sacrificing other choices or other expressions of what you want [in order] to be accomplishing the movement that you are choosing. This again is another very strong association with mass beliefs, that you may be creating what you want but that many times in creating what you want you must be sacrificing other expressions of what you want and choosing which may be the priority, for you may not be creating ALL of what you want. Are you understanding?

MARCOS: Yes, very well. It's just that it's so strong. I think about these things - and I know we've talked about some of these things before - but sometimes when it gets so bad, when it's so strong, I think it's something else, but I know it's not.

ELIAS: You are creating an extreme in this communication to be offering yourself the opportunity to receive the message. What you have been paying attention to is the signal, the feelings. But within the signal is also the message, the communication.

In identifying the signal you allow yourself one step, so to speak. But in continuing to merely hold your attention upon the signal, you remain in that one step, and as you do not allow yourself to receive the message, you continue the signal and the signal becomes stronger and louder, dependant upon the importance of the message that you are offering to yourself in the particular time framework.

You have chosen to be creating movement in a particular direction and to be addressing to certain beliefs concerning relationships. In this, you generate a strong desire to be examining these beliefs and offering yourself new freedom in choice in relation to these beliefs. Your desire is quite strong to be expressing an acceptance of these beliefs and discontinuing your struggle in relation to them. Therefore, you present yourself with continuing signals which gain your attention, but as I have stated, the signals also are accompanied by messages, and the message is offered to you that you may allow yourself to be examining the influence of these beliefs and therefore allow yourself the opportunity to incorporate more choices. In merely recognizing the signal, you are limiting your choices and holding your attention in alignment with the beliefs and in the expression of black and white.

MARCOS: I think this also has to do with the same kind of choices and movement at work with different emotional messages, but the underlying communication to myself is the same, right, that there are many choices and not just one or two, or sometimes we think that we have no choices?

ELIAS: Correct! And this is the reason that you continue to offer this emotional communication to yourself. As you continue to merely pay attention to the signal, I may express to you quite definitely, within your movement presently and your choice to be addressing to this expression, you are already and move in the direction of continuing to increase the volume of this signal to the point that you allow yourself to receive the message.

Now; I have offered to you in this conversation this morning the identification of the message. You need not even explore to discover what the message is, for I have expressed to you the message is identified with the signal of grief and the communication is the loss of choice, that you must be creating sacrifice.

I may express to you quite genuinely, my friend, within your physical dimension in the moments that you deny choice to yourselves, your subjective awareness communicates a message to you which is expressed in anger, sorrow, grief, disappointment, anxiety. These are the signals that are expressing to you the identification that you are denying choice to yourself. You are expressing to yourself that you cannot, and this signal of grief is expressing the message to you not merely that you cannot and that you are denying your choices, but that you also must be sacrificing certain choices to be accomplishing other choices.

MARCOS: (Pause) As a friend of mine says, this is big timber for me!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And I may express to you, this is being created within your expression not merely in association with individuals that you view as family members but all individuals that you have allowed yourself to create any type of expression of intimacy objectively with. This is expressed with individuals that you term to be friends, family, and those individuals that you are interactive with in what you identify as your work place.

MARCOS: Yes, that's very clear.

Let me ask you something just slightly different. Several conversations ago you asked me to connect, or you suggested that I connect with a focus that is very different from, at least with my perception today, as to what I am. This was a focus that was creating very well and was what I would perceive today to be a hurtful and bad person. I've tried, and then I've tried to relax and not think about it, but I don't think I've connected with that focus yet. Is there a reason why? Once I connected with a focus I have that I believe is somewhere in China or Mongolia, and it was a very mean-looking character, but I don't think that's the one that you were suggesting.

ELIAS: Correct. Although, you may allow yourself to be investigating that focus also and offering yourself an easement into a recognition of the differences, without incorporating an overwhelmingness to yourself.

I have expressed this quite purposefully, my friend, for in allowing yourself to view this type of focus, you may also allow yourself to view an expression of yourself that does not incorporate the expression of personal responsibility that you incorporate; you may also recognize that in the expressions of these other focuses, the attention of these individuals is focused quite strongly upon self, which offers the individual a much greater expression of freedom in their incorporation of choice.

It matters not that you within your beliefs presently deem the other individual as bad. For let me express to you now, my friend, in actuality in relation to the expression of duplicity, the identification of "good" may be much more strongly affecting and limiting to an individual's movement than the association of "bad."
Your expressions in relation to duplicity in your identifications within your physical focuses of "good" and "right" and "virtuous" are expressed quite strongly and do not lend to motivation in movement in exploration of any other choices. Therefore those movements and creations, manifestations, expressions, actions that you deem to be right and good within your reality are in actuality many times more limiting to you than those that you express to be wrong or bad.

In allowing yourself to explore a focus which you deem to be bad, you may also allow yourself an understanding of the strength of limitation of your expression of good. For in actuality, as you are aware intellectually, any association with good or bad or right or wrong are merely expressions of duplicity, which are beliefs.

MARCOS: Yes, yes, I understand that so well! When I connected with this other focus, he was so different. He was just so physically unappealing; he was a drunkard. He was just a really awful guy yet I liked him, and in an intuitive sense it made sense to me that the choices he is making give him a lot of freedom.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARCOS: That was very, very clear to me. So that has been very helpful, and I continue to explore. I have connected with a number of other focuses that I guess in my ... I don't know if it's because of my orientation or whatever, I'm not extremely over-interested in getting all of the details of the focuses; but the impressions that they leave with me are such that I carry them with me, and those impressions have been very useful and very helpful in my movement.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARCOS: Well, coming back to the fear issue, one question which I've wanted to ask but I leave it always for the end, I've always had this tremendous fear of dogs. It's very, very strong. Why is that?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! I may express to you, my friend, this particular creature is what you have chosen as objective imagery to be the embodiment of the aspect of yourself that objectively expresses automatic responses and that aspect of yourself which you do not trust.

I have expressed previously an analogy of the two dogs which are, figuratively, manifest within each of you - one which is the large dog which expresses a very loud bark and appears to be quite threatening. This is the expression of yourselves in automatic response of beliefs and the expression of discounting and distrusting yourselves. This dog is fed quite well and often, and has become quite large and imposing, so to speak.

But you also incorporate a small dog within you each. That small dog is the expression of your acceptance and trust of self and your communication in intuition to yourselves. This dog is not fed as well or as often, and therefore its voice, its bark, is quite soft, and its form is quite small, and it may be overshadowed quite easily and quite often by the large dog.

But as you move in widening your awareness and becoming more familiar with self and begin paying more attention to the small dog and feeding the small dog more often, you begin to recognize that the large dog continues to be present, but ah-ha! You discover that the large dog in actuality incorporates no teeth. (Marcos laughs) It merely appears ominous and threatening, but in actuality it incorporates no bite, and the small dog is allowed to become more of a focal point in your attention.

It does not necessarily grow larger, but you allow yourself to express an affection for this small dog, and in that action, you may hold the small dog upon your lap continuously and be paying attention to this small dog, expressing pleasure in your interaction with it and begin to ignore the loud musings of the large dog, for you recognize that this large dog is merely noisy but needs not appear ominous or threatening any longer, for it incorporates no teeth.

MARCOS: Oh, I love it! (Laughs) I'm not familiar with this parable, but it's great and it strikes home.

ELIAS: You have expressed the embodiment of this association with the objective imagery of the actual creature. (Both chuckle)

MARCOS: Well, that's really, really neat. Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Now as you encounter these creatures, my friend, you may objectively remind yourself that as threatening or imposing as they may appear, you may offer to yourself a chuckle in reminding yourself of your own inner loud dog! Ha ha!

MARCOS: Absolutely, absolutely! (Elias chuckles) Well, I have no more questions today. I have some listening to do with myself in the next few days, some interpretations of communications which will keep me busy.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. And I, as always, shall be encouraging of you and shall be interactive with you.

MARCOS: Thank you so much. As always, it's been a real pleasure.

ELIAS: And to you also, my friend. As always, I express tremendous affection to you. You may offer my greetings to Isabel and Paul, and hold within yourself my offering of energy to you individually, my friend. I shall anticipate our next meeting, perhaps once again within physical proximity. To you this morning in lovingness, au revoir.

MARCOS: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:21 PM.

©2002 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2001 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.