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Expressions of Emotion


“Expressions of Emotion”
“The Magic Cage of Duplicity”
“Color in the Beginning of the World”
“The Twin Birds of Control/Lack of Control”

Sunday, September 19, 1999-2   © 2000 (Group/Florida)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Ben (Albert), Elisabeth (Sebastia), Gerhard (Doro), James (Kashel), Vicki (Lawrence), Vivien (Miriam), and a new participant, Pauline (Wilbourne).  James is 7 years old.
Elias arrives at 5:57 PM. (Arrival time is 30 seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! (The group responds)  Welcome to new essence this day. (Smiling)  And where are you wishing to begin this evening?

VIVIEN:  I hadn’t even thought about it! (Elias chuckles)  Has anybody else? (Laughing)

BEN:  Well, wherever you left off! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS:  I do not “leave off”! (Laughter, and Elias grins)  There are merely continuations, and no beginnings or endings! (Chuckling, and a brief pause)  Ah!  There is an expectation that I shall carry the ball this evening! (Much laughter)

VIVIEN:  Your choice!

BEN:  Dealer’s choice! (Everybody is cracking up)

ELIAS:  Very well!  I choose that YOU carry the ball! (Chuckling)

VICKI:  Okay, I’ll pick the ball up!  Hi, Elias.  What I would like to discuss is something I picked up in the last transcript I worked on.  I’ve noticed a few times you’ve talked to people about holding within their energy in order to not allow oneself to move into the expression of duplicity, and I feel ... this really stood out to me because I’ve had some trouble in this area recently.  I think I have some confusion about the difference in holding to one’s energy ... let’s see.  How do I say this?  In some ways, we talk about it as being a negative thing.  In other words, in holding to one’s energy, you can perpetuate a situation.  But at the same time, you’ve talked about holding within your energy and not allowing yourself to move into this expression of duplicity.  So, that’s not really an actual, absolute question, but if you could maybe speak on that subject, that would be helpful to me.

ELIAS:  In wishing to become more efficient objectively in addressing to the subject matter of duplicity?

VICKI:  Yeah, that’s a good way to put it, and also in defining what you mean when you say “holding in your energy” to accomplish that.

ELIAS:  You are correct in your distinction within your expressions in physical focus that you do view holding to your energy as a negative and as creating an obstacle for yourselves many times within your movement, but you may also at times be holding within your energy.  This is a different action.

In this, there is an awareness that you may lean in the direction of duplicitous expressions which also many times reinforce a discounting of self and reinforce a lack of acceptance of self.

Now; as I have spoken recently to individuals in explanation of the steps that you create within physical reality in moving through issues and belief systems into the expression of acceptance, this particular expression of holding within your energy at times may be helpful in conjunction with these steps that I have offered in outline, so to speak, of the process that you have chosen to be implementing within your movement into acceptance.

I may also express to you that this movement within these steps is also created not merely within addressing to belief systems, but in the area of acceptance of self also.

As you are aware, I have offered previously the identification of your first step as noticing and your second step as identification and recognition of WHAT you have noticed in correlation with your belief systems.

In this second step, individuals experience conflict and confusion.  This is your objective indication to yourselves that you have moved into this second step within this process.

In this second step, as you begin to allow yourselves an awareness in identifying and recognizing the aspects of belief systems that you have offered yourself noticing of, there is an automatic expression of duplicity which couples with all of these different aspects of other belief systems, and also with your movement in addressing to your acceptance of self.  Therefore, this element of duplicity, as we have discussed previously, interweaves itself within all other belief systems.  This at times within this step two movement creates much difficulty.

As you are identifying and recognizing, you are already experiencing elements of conflict and confusion, but as you couple the duplicity with the existing identification of the aspects of belief systems that you are viewing, you also create a frustration that merely creates another obstacle and lengthens your process in this step two.

Now; as I am expressing to you — to any of you — to be holding within your energy, what I am expressing to you is to be holding in what you already recognize within yourselves in elements of acceptance of yourself.

Now; be remembering, Lawrence, of our analogies of feeding the different dogs.

In this, as you hold within your energy — in moments — and you hold to the elements of acceptance that you have allowed yourself already, you prevent, in a manner of speaking, yourself from moving into a direction of perpetuating the aspect of duplicity.

Therefore, you turn your concentration and your attention to the small dog.  It may be small, but it IS present.  You are turning your attention away from the large dog and viewing the small dog of the acceptance of self.

In this, you continue to be creating your movement within this step two.  You continue within certain elements and expressions of confusion and conflict, identifying the aspects of the belief system that you choose to view and that you choose to be addressing to, but you suspend a further movement of reinforcement of the aspects of duplicity.

Therefore, you move your attention into the identification and recognition of one aspect of a belief system, and you do not complicate that movement with the expression of duplicity.  You suspend this action temporarily, allowing yourself to hold in the expression of acceptance temporarily.

Now; within your perception, this may be considered quite shaky ground! (Smiling)  But I express to you that even within the expression of your shaky ground — for your acceptance of self may be thin within the moment — it serves as a suspension for the element of duplicity, which merely increases your difficulty and your conflict and your confusion.

In holding within your energy, you do temporarily suspend what you would term to be your forward motion, in a manner of speaking, but at times, suspending your forward motion allows you the opportunity to relax, and as you relax your energy, you also offer yourself more clarity objectively, and in offering yourself more clarity objectively, you allow yourself more of an opportunity to be moving in your forward motion, in a manner of speaking, with less confusion and less conflict within this step two, for this particular step, as I have stated previously, is a very conflicting step.  You experience the majority of your conflict and your confusion in that particular step.

Now; look to your storms, your whirlwinds.  Your step two is, figuratively speaking, similar to your whirlwinds.

Your attention is confused and easily moves in many directions, for you are creating a movement of the noticing into a movement of recognition and identification.  You are coupling your noticing and your experience and your objective imagery with the identification and recognition of the aspects of belief systems that correlate to what you are creating.

In this, as you become confused, figuratively speaking, you scurry about viewing all of your bird cages and furiously investigating every bird, attempting to be identifying which bird correlates with which aspect of imagery.  This is the whirlwind, and as you are scurrying about, attempting to identify which bird is correlating with which experience or which element of imagery, certain birds within the cage of duplicity are furiously flying about, in and out of all of the cages, following you and confusing you, and in this, as they flutter quite furiously, they also gain your attention and turn your attention away from your investigation and turn your attention to self, in the questioning of self.  This, as I have stated, is the whirlwind, and this creates a tremendous expression of conflict and confusion.

Now; in the whirlwind, as you move into the eye, into the calm, you stop; you hold.  You do not necessarily create forward movement; you merely hold temporarily.  You return to the motion of the whirlwind, but in holding momentarily in that shaky ground, you offer yourself an expression of reinforcement of your acceptance, and this allows you the ability objectively to be moving back into your whirlwind, viewing more of your choices.

In a manner of speaking, in your quite physical terms, it is your offering to yourself to be regrouping.  You offer yourself a respite, a momentary period in which you allow yourself to relax, and in this, you are holding WITHIN the energy.  You are not holding TO the energy.  You are not pulling your energy to yourself in tightness.  You are continuing to allow movement of energy within you and about you.  You are merely ceasing to be directing of it temporarily, allowing it to flow free.

This is a different movement or action from that which is expressed in holding to your energy, in which we have discussed previously, individuals that are holding to their energy many, many times are creating of expressions of uncomfortability and what you identify as negative.  I express to you that this is not to say that this holding of their energy is not beneficial to them, for it shall offer to them an avenue to be noticing, but it IS creating of conflict.  In this, as you have requested, you seek avenues to be eliminating conflict.

I shall continue to be, as I have expressed many times previously, expressing to you each and to you all repeatedly that your KEY is acceptance, and as I have stated recently, you may view — although there are no absolutes — that within your physical dimension, the acceptance of self may almost be considered a prerequisite to the acceptance of belief systems.

In this, I shall also express to you, acceptance of belief systems is a very similar action to that of acceptance of self.

Therefore, in movement into acceptance of self, shall each of you be eliminating of self to be accepting of self?

VIVIEN:  No, we’re moving out of judgment, right?

ELIAS:  But you express continuously the thought process and the idea of eliminating your belief systems, and this is your identification and definition of acceptance of belief systems.

I express to you that the movement into acceptance of your belief systems follows quite similarly to that movement of acceptance of self, and you shall not eliminate self to be accepting of self!

You shall continue to create your reality.  You shall continue within physical focus.  You shall continue to identify yourselves as yourselves, but you shall move into an acceptance of yourselves without judgment, without justification, and within trust.

And as you move into the expression of acceptance of self, as it is almost a prerequisite for the movement into acceptance of belief systems, you shall find that your movement into acceptance of belief systems proceeds much easier if you hold the acceptance of self, for MUCH of your expressions of your belief systems are very influenced in how you view yourselves, your perception of yourselves.

It is not merely a one-way avenue — that you create belief systems and your belief systems influence your perception and your perception creates your reality.  This is in actuality what you create, but the other element in this process is your acceptance or your lack of acceptance of self, which is also QUITE influencing of your perception and moves your energy in your attention in the reverse — to be influencing of your beliefs and reinforcing your beliefs and creating NEW beliefs! (Grinning, and a pause)

VICKI:  I think I understand part of that. (Ben cracks up)  I don’t understand all of it, so let me ask you, just on a totally personal level, what I’ve been experiencing a lot recently is very much of a noticing of how automatically ... of an automatic thought process in me that is very discounting of me, which I correlate with duplicity.

It’s something I’ve never really noticed to this extent in my life before — maybe when I was a teenager — and what I find is, just in the course of ... it could be anything, a day at work, that these thoughts are coming up that I’ve never had before.  I’ll be getting ready to engage a group of people, say, and I’ll have a thought that says something to me like, “Well, these poor people have to deal with ME today!” (Laughter)

These aren’t the kinds of thoughts I normally have, but I’ve had them quite extensively for the last month or two, and this is kind of why this has jumped out at me, because I do think that this probably ... I mean, this experience I’ve been having, is this similar to what you were talking about a few minutes ago, these birds all flying around?

ELIAS:  Yes.

VICKI:  Okay, so this is the whirlwind.

ELIAS:  Yes.

VICKI:  Okay, and that’s what I’m experiencing.

ELIAS:  Yes.

VICKI:  And if I ... and in that, to hold within my energy, I can turn my attention and focus on areas in which I have accomplished some sort of acceptance?

ELIAS:  Yes.

VICKI:  And this will be helpful in the experience?

ELIAS:  Yes.  Look to your individual expression within your questioning and what you express to me.  Your identification moves merely to the duplicity.

VICKI:  Right.

ELIAS:  And you are not viewing the aspects of other belief systems that are COUPLED with the aspects of duplicity.  You merely identify [that] these experiences, these expressions, these thoughts, these feelings are identified within duplicity, and you express quite broadly in merely identifying the cage — not even the bird of the duplicity, merely the cage!  This is quite encompassing!

There are many, many, many aspects of duplicity, and they couple themselves with all other aspects of belief systems.  Therefore, duplicity is not a belief system that moves independently of all other belief systems.

This one belief system of duplicity moves differently from other belief systems.  This one belief system — this one cage holding all of these birds — does not limit itself to itself and does not express itself singularly within itself.  It is continuously in motion, merging with all of the other cages and intermingling all its birds with all of the other birds.  Therefore, in addressing to duplicity, you do not separate this one cage and view this one cage singularly and identify all of its birds singularly, for all of its birds are intermingled in and out, in your figurative terms, with all of the other cages.

This may be expressed as your “magic cage.”  It is quite good at camouflage.  It is quite good at disappearing and reappearing, of merging, of superimposing.  It may alter its form.  But this one particular belief system does not express itself singularly.

VICKI:  And I’ve been viewing it singularly.

ELIAS:  You are generally viewing the cage and expressing to yourself, “This is my identification of duplicity.”

What is duplicity?  Which bird within this cage of duplicity are you viewing?  Which bird has it coupled itself with within other cages?

But you have not allowed yourself to be identifying and recognizing within step two the response to these questions, for within the whirlwind, your attention has been caught by these birds all fluttering and confusing you, and there are so very many of them that you are merely viewing the entirety of your scene, so to speak, and expressing to yourself exasperation and frustration — which is what I have stated to you, which you shall create — and in this frustration and this confusion, what you create is a holding to your energy in protection, merely viewing all of the chaos that is being created in this whirlwind, but not identifying which aspects are in actuality coupled with the imagery.  This is the reason that this step two is quite difficult within your movement.

In this step two, you move within your greatest time framework, your most lengthy expression.  You may be continuing within step two for much of your linear time framework.  You may engage step two for years within your linear time framework!  You may move through step one, in noticing, in what you term to be relative quickness, and once you are moving into step three, of addressing to these aspects of belief systems, you also allow yourself relative rapid movement, for your conflict dissipates and you create less of a thickness, and therefore you allow yourself much more of a rapid movement within step three, and in step three, you move yourselves closer and closer to step four, in “it matters not,” and this is the acceptance.  But step two is your quicksand!

VICKI:  This is probably why so many of us are presenting ourselves right now with such not only similar but very affecting imagery in situations and experiences that are triggering a lot of different aspects, I guess, like personal responsibility aspects....

ELIAS:  Quite!  You are moving within an accelerated expression of energy, as I have stated repeatedly.  You engage a very strong wave in consciousness, which is not dissipating!  You also move, within this time framework of your final year of your century and your millennium, in a heightened intensity of energy, which allows you all the opportunity to present yourselves objectively with the identification of all that you engage automatically as influenced by your beliefs — your automatic behaviors, your automatic expressions, your automatic assessments of self, your automatic expressions in conjunction with your belief systems — and in this, you are lent tremendous energy in this time framework to be pulling surfacely, objectively all of these expressions.

VIVIEN:  We do have so much conflict in the world right now, like problems in other countries.  Everything is going on right now — Floyd, hurricanes, all kinds of stuff going on — and there will be more, I expect.

ELIAS:  These are YOUR objective outward expressions of YOUR energy.  Look to what you create within your reality presently!  These are not accidents!  These are not expressions of energy within the cosmos!  These are not movements of energy that you do not participate within!  You are not victims of all that is created within your environment and within your reality!

You yourselves collectively are creating this, and as you are experiencing these whirlwinds within yourselves individually and you are holding difficulty in identifying and recognizing the aspects of belief systems that you are attempting to view and you are creating of confusion, you are also creating of frustration, and this frustration is exhibited outwardly within your atmosphere, within your expression of weather, of your planetary conditions, of MASS EXPRESSIONS. (Pause)

VICKI:  Okay, I think I understand better, but just to be sure I do understand, because it’s important to me, in this “holding to” and “holding within” the energy, when I start to notice these automatic thoughts, because they happen quite often these days, if I’m holding to my energy, I’m focusing on those thoughts.  I’m trying to do what we call “deal with them.” (Elias grins)  I’m focusing on a singular thing.  In holding within my energy, I am shifting my attention to focusing on, say, things that I do accept about myself.

ELIAS:  Correct, and you are RELAXING your energy.

Holding TO your energy is creating a tension within your energy field.  Holding WITHIN your energy is creating a temporary stop-point and allowing of a relaxation of your energy.

VICKI:  Okay, thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

VIVIEN:  James has a question, don’t you, James?

JAMES:  How did they make color in the beginning of the world?

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  Ah!  Color within the beginning of the world!  Let me say to you, they are you!  Therefore, THEY did not make color in the beginning of the world.  YOU made color in the beginning of the world!

Vic’s note:  In the following explanation, Elias uses hand gestures to demonstrate the different movements of energy.

ELIAS:  Now; look to yourself as a great painter, and as the first great painter at the beginning of the world, you have noticed that you have great amounts of energy similar to electricity, and this energy, you notice, vibrates.  It moves, but each element of energy moves differently.  One moves in this manner, one moves in this manner, one moves in this manner.  And you express to yourself, “How very fun to play with these moving energies!”

And you as the painter take hold of each of these moving energies, and splash them into the beginning of the world, and you express, “I identify you as blue.”  And within the moment that you say to this energy, “It shall be blue and this is its identity,” in the beginning of the world, it becomes the color blue.  And you turn and look to another energy which is moving much slower, and you express to this energy, “You are red,” and you splash the red into the beginning of the world, and it colors red.

And you watch that each of these movements of energy are made together of little particles, little beads that are that color.  Therefore, you may take each of these little beads and you may look to a little flower, and you may move the little beads to the flower and create a red flower or a blue flower.

It is all energy.  YOU are energy.  All that you see is energy.

And this is how you have created color in the beginning of the world! (Chuckling)  And what shall you create next?

JAMES:  Green! (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Ah, green!  A very good color!  And you may create very much green, for many, many objects within your reality are green! (Grinning)  And which color is the most favorite color?

JAMES:  Blue.

ELIAS:  Blue.  The reason that this color is so very favorite is that you like the movement of the energy of blue, and it, in the middle of all of the colors, is very playful! (Chuckling, and a pause)

We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning if you are so choosing.

VIVIEN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

(To James)  And WE shall play! (Chuckling)

BREAK:   6:51 PM.
RESUME:  7:18 PM. (Arrival time is 12 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing. (Pause)  Or not! (Grinning, and much laughter)

ELISABETH:  I want to ask you, do the feelings we have create the duplicity, or is it the other way around?

ELIAS:  Which causes which?  Do your emotions cause your duplicity, or does your duplicity cause your emotion?  This is an expression of another aspect of belief system which we term to be cause and effect, which is that — an aspect of a belief system.

In actuality, your emotions do not cause duplicity, and duplicity does not cause your emotions.  They are, figuratively speaking, different entities.  One is a base element of your reality.  One is a natural expression that you create within this physical dimension, and the other is a belief system.  Therefore, they are different in expression and quality.

Now; as with all elements of your reality, duplicity is influencing of your expressions and your creations, for as a belief system, it — in like manner to all belief systems — is influencing of your perception, and your perception, as we have stated, is the element that creates your reality.

Now; your perception is quite changeable.  Your perception is not an absolute.  It is a very changeable element within your creation of your reality.  All of your belief systems are influencing of your perception.  Your perception is also influencing of your emotion.

In this, as I have stated, emotion is a base element of your reality.  You have created this particular dimension of reality physically with certain base elements.  These base elements are the facilitating factor in how you interact and create within this physical dimension.

Therefore, in like manner to the subject to which we have been discussing this evening, as duplicity is influencing and intertwined with all other belief systems, it couples itself with all other aspects of belief systems.  Your belief systems subsequently may be influencing of your emotions, but they are not causing your emotions.

Your emotions are a natural expression that you create within this physical reality.  They are not right, they are not wrong, they are not good, they are not bad.  They are merely an expression that you create within this physical reality.

Your beliefs are quite influencing of your emotions, for your beliefs are influencing of your perception, and within your perception, you create definitions and identifications within your reality.

Therefore, your perception, influenced by your beliefs, views your creation of emotion and assesses certain expressions of emotion and defines to you what that emotion is, in very similar manner to the expression of how your perception evaluates and defines all of your physical creations.

In this, if you are looking to your physical creations within your physical form — within your perception as influenced through your beliefs coupled with duplicity — you define certain physical expressions as uncomfortable or bad and some physical expressions as pleasurable and good.

You may alter your perception of any expression within your physical creation and you may view that expression quite differently, and this is evidenced within your actual physical reality regardless of your mass belief systems.

You may identify through your perception the definition of physical pain, and you may define this within yourself as bad, as uncomfortable, as negative; an element of your reality which you wish to be eliminating of or changing.  Another individual may create physical pain within their reality, and through their perception it is identified as pleasurable, and is not viewed as a negative element or an element to be eliminated, but to be perpetuated.

I have been expressing recently to many individuals the discussions that there are no absolutes, but you hold thought processes within your physical reality identifying certain elements of your reality as absolute.

I am offering you information, that you may allow yourselves to be understanding that there are no absolutes.  All that you create within your physical reality is dependent upon your perception, and your perception is not an absolute.  It is quite changeable.

In this, you look to your expressions of emotion, and you identify certain emotions as negative and uncomfortable, and you wish to be eliminating of these expressions.

Once again, we move in the direction of acceptance.  This moves you into the direction of acceptance of self as prerequisite to acceptance of beliefs, for as I have stated, there are base elements within your reality which are not expressions of belief systems.  You have created belief systems in conjunction with those base elements, but those base elements within themselves are not belief systems.

Your perception, your creation of your reality, in itself is not a belief system.  Your energy in thought in itself is not a belief system.  Your emotions in themselves are not a belief system.  But you do create belief systems to be surrounding these base elements of your reality, and therefore you create influences of your perception which color your picture.

Now; in this, what I am expressing to you is that the color that you paint your picture with is not bad and matters not.  It merely serves to be creating of the entirety of the picture.  But you place certain colors within your pictures and you express a dislike for those colors, and the reason that you dislike those colors is that you hold a lack of acceptance of self first.

“This particular color is a reflection of an element within myself that I do not accept, that I do not appreciate, that I do not like.  Therefore, I wish to eliminate this color from my painting.”

But this is the point: in acceptance of self, you are not eliminating self.  Therefore, you are not eliminating any expression or aspect of yourself.  You are allowing yourselves to become aware of ALL of the colors within you and to be accepting of all of these colors, holding the recognition that each of these colors adds to your creation and is beneficial to the entirety of the picture.

Therefore, in duplicity and emotion, you experience certain emotions that through your perception you identify as sadness or anger, hurtfulness.  These types of expressions of emotions you hold little acceptance of.  These emotions you view through your perception as being wasteful of your energy.  You view these types of emotions as very uncomfortable.  You view these types of emotions in an evaluation of self.  They serve, coupled with other expressions of emotions, as your measure stick of yourselves.

If you are creating joyful emotions, if you are creating what you identify and define as pleasurable emotions, you also mark on your measure stick that you are creating well, and therefore YOU are well, and therefore you are valued.  If you are creating what you identify and define as negative emotions, you mark lower upon your measure stick of yourself, for you are not creating your reality efficiently and you may be creating your reality better.  But these are the definitions that you hold in identification of emotion, which are offered to you through the influence of your beliefs.

You may be experiencing elements of your reality that you identify emotionally and define within your perception of your emotions as quite painful, and your automatic movement is to be discounting of self, that you are not creating your reality efficiently.  Your automatic movement is retreat, for you engage the assessment — through your perception — of how other individuals shall view you, you assess within yourselves how you view yourselves, and you move into the automatic identification that this is uncomfortable, and therefore it must be eliminated.

Now; I shall express to you that as you are creating a perception of negativity in conjunction with elements of your reality, you are creating a thickness in energy.  A thickness in energy is not bad either.  It is merely a difference, which may also be measured within your perception, for thickness is bad and thin is good.  Slow is bad and fast is good.  Movement is good and non-movement is bad.  Painful is bad, and all bad need be eliminated, for it is inefficient, it creates obstacles, it creates blocking of energy, it is a waste of energy, it is hurtful.

These are all expressions of your perception, but as I have stated, your perception is not an absolute, and all of these definitions are quite changeable.

Your psychology expresses to you to be embracing your fears and your torment and your painfulness, and this shall be eliminating of these expressions of emotion.  I express to you, why shall you embrace any element that you are unaccepting of? (Laughter)  If you are creating an interaction with a bird — of any aspect of duplicity — and it is biting of your hand, why shall you continue to offer your hand?  Why shall you attempt to be embracing this bird if it is pecking at you?  But you also need not be eliminating of this bird.

This bird is attempting to be gaining your attention, and this is your very efficient method of gaining your attention, for you shall pay attention!  Your very clichés reflect this.  You express to each other throughout your history that you shall oil the squeaky wheel.  You shall pay little attention to the wheel which is not squeaky, but you shall offer your attention to the noisy wheel.

And if your emotions are creating through your perception uncomfortableness, this shall gain your attention!  But you automatically move into the direction of eliminating and wishing these emotions gone, but they shall not disappear, for they are a base element of your reality.  But you hold the ability to perceive them differently, and therefore their affectingness of you is different.

You may be experiencing what you identify as painful emotion, and if your perception turns and is no longer identifying and defining to you the terminology of painful, you may allow yourself to be experiencing that very same emotion in its same intensity, but you shall be responding differently.

You yourselves express, there is a fine line within your reality between pleasure and pain.  I express to you, there is no line between pleasure and pain.  It is merely a choice to be viewing from different angles.  It IS the line.  There is no line between.  The emotion, the expression, IS the line, and you may view the line from different angles, and your response to the line shall be different.

And THIS is accomplished through the acceptance of self — the recognition that this also is an element of self, and there is no aspect of it that is unacceptable.

You may view within your reality the identification that you feel emotion in response to outside stimuli.  As movement occurs within energy outside of yourself, you respond within an expression of emotion, and you view these responses to be automatic and without choice.

I express to you that you hold choice in your response to any element within your reality.  You choose which direction to be moving your perception within.  You are not dictated to by circumstances or other individuals.

Your reality is not creating you!  Therefore, all that occurs within your reality is not creating you.  YOU are creating all that is within your reality through choices, but you view in the reverse.

(Humorously)  You view, regardless of what you express — that you BELIEVE you create your reality — in actuality, you believe that your reality creates you!  And therefore, you are victim to your reality, for you are without choices.  And therefore, you hold no control — another very large bird within these bird cages, the ominous control bird, and its twin of the infamous LACK of control bird! (Laughter)  And they move quite efficiently together, and THEY are creating of your reality!  You are not creating of your reality, for reality creates you.  You do not create reality. (Very tongue in cheek)

You yourselves have created all of these beliefs!  You yourselves have created all of these bird cages and all of the birds within them, and they have served you well throughout all of your reality, through millenniums, and they are not bad now any more than they have been bad previously within your reality.

You are changing your reality to be expanding your reality, but if you are to be expanding your reality, you also shall be allowing yourself acceptance of what you have created, and in this acceptance, you also recognize your responsibility — that you yourselves are creating your reality IN EVERY ASPECT OF IT, and that it is not creating of you.

And even now — as I have spoken to you for much time framework — within your humor, you express different words, that the universe is dealing you certain elements of reality that you are subject to.  Even within your playfulness, you reflect what you believe, and what you believe is not necessarily that you create your reality, but that some cosmic element, some higher self, some “unconscious” aspect is creating for you, for it is in control, and it is skipping merrily with you in tow OUT of control ... and there we view the twin birds once again! (Grinning, and a pause)

In this, as you look to self, as you move into the acceptance of self, you also recognize that there is no element of you or your reality that is broken, not within your thoughts, not within your emotions, and therefore, they are acceptable and they need not be fixed.  They are merely an expression.  They need not be altered; they need not be fixed.  You merely may turn your attention within your perception and your definitions of your emotions.

As I have stated, you may continue to define the word painful, but within that definition, the explanation of painful may turn, and therefore your experience — which also is not absolute — may be quite altered, for your experiences also are a creation through your perception, and you may consistently and continuously be creating certain types of experiences to be reinforcing to yourselves that they do hold absoluteness, but this is merely your reinforcement of your beliefs.

ELISABETH:  (Barely audible)  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

Let me express to you, in this area of uncomfortableness and emotion, a reiteration that other individuals do not dictate your behavior or your reception or your responses.  You hold choices.  Although you may be within the whirlwind of our step two, you continue to hold choices.

In holding within the energy and stopping momentarily, you may be reminding of yourself that any other individual may be expressing in any manner that they are choosing, and this is not dictating of your choices.  How you choose to be receiving of energy which is projected is YOUR choice.  You are merely accustomed to creating in the familiarity of automatic responses, but you may alter those automatic responses.  You may turn those automatic responses into different automatic responses. (18-second pause)

PAULINE:  I have a personal question to ask you, Elias.

ELIAS:  Very well!

PAULINE:  The group has encouraged me to speak about my personal question tonight.  I have an elderly mother-in-law who has been sick for many years, and is being kept alive by medication, and is really very depressed about living in that quality of life.  I was wondering if you could tell me a little about what is going on with her.

ELIAS:  This may offer an efficient example in conjunction with the subject matter that we have been engaging this evening, for in this expression, one individual engages choices that are very influenced by her beliefs — many different beliefs, not merely one — which also is coupled with the expression of duplicity.

This individual assesses an identification of a belief within a certain quality of what you term to be life, and holds an expectation of that type of expression of quality of life.  This expectation is not being expressed objectively, for there are many elements of aspects of beliefs that are intertwined in this situation, one being also that it is unacceptable to be disengaging from physical focus intentionally.  Therefore, there is a continuation within the physical focus, but there is also an emotional expression of discontent and uncomfortableness and sadness.

These expressions of these emotions are viewed within the perception of the individual as bad and unacceptable, which perpetuates the expression, for there is great concentration upon these expressions, and as I have expressed many, many times, you do create what you concentrate upon.  This is not to say that you create what you concentrate upon objectively always, but you shall create what you concentrate upon in strength within your beliefs.

Therefore, the situation is perpetuated.  There is not an objective recognition of the belief systems which are in play, so to speak, in objective expression, and in this, the individual continues upon the hamster wheel and continues to run in circles, expressing much dissatisfaction, but also expressing a powerlessness to alter what is unacceptable.

In this, there is a tremendous expression of the unacceptability of self, for each time you are invalidating yourselves or you are expressing your own helplessness and lack of choices, you ARE invalidating of yourselves and you are expressing a lack of acceptance of self and you are closing your window to your choices, and this moves you into the area of victim.

You hold no choices.  You are powerless to be altering of your reality, for you do not create your reality and she does not create her reality.  Reality has created this situation for her.  Therefore, how may she be altering of it with no choices and with no power?  It has been chosen for her, and therefore she is the victim of this situation.

In this, the expression is also quite affecting of individuals objectively surrounding this individual, for the individuals that objectively surround this individual create emotional interaction, and also express sadness and concern and a wishing to be helpful.

This creates a confusion and a frustration within the individuals surrounding this individual, and it also mirrors to you each your own identification within self of the areas that you feel powerless and without choices.

And you continue to push the energy ball, back and forth between you all!  Quite a poet! (Grinning and chuckling)

And in this, I express to you, each individual’s choices are their choices, and they create their reality within their choices and in their reasons and through their beliefs and perception.

And in this, you may be focusing upon you, and you shall be offering an expression of energy in focusing upon self and not continuing to play the game.  As you continue to play the game, you merely offer energy to what is being created.

Now; I am not expressing to you that if you are not playing the game, this shall automatically alter the choices of this other individual, for it continues to be her choice.  But it shall alter YOUR choices and it shall alter your participation, and this is the example of how it shall also alter your perception and your creation of the identification of the feelings that YOU create.

You may continue to view the situation.  You may continue to hold understanding and what you identify as compassion for the situation that this individual creates.  But if you are not creating a judgment upon the choice of this individual and if you are turning your attention to self and your participation, your identification of your emotions shall turn, and in this, there is no reason to be sorry.

Creating the feeling of sorryness for any individual in their choices is the expression of invalidation, for what you are expressing as you are expressing sorryness for another individual’s creation is your definition and assessment that what they have created is broken, and were they to be fixing this brokenness, you would need not be sorry for them any longer, and in this expression, you are invalidating of their expression and of them by defining to yourself that they are inefficient and inadequate at creating their reality, that there are elements of their reality that are lacking, and there are not!

You participate in this physical reality in a sojourn of exploration, in a momentary expression, to be exploring the creation of physical reality in every type of expression that you may imagine.  Therefore, as you all travel through this sojourn, you are not creating a reality that is broken. (Pause)

VICKI:  Can I interrupt for a second?  I think we either need to disengage or change the tape.

ELIAS:  Very well.  I shall offer essence name and we shall disengage to be offering Michael less conflict in physicality! (Grinning)

VICKI:  Good idea!

ELIAS:  (To Pauline)  Essence name to you: Wilbourne; W-I-L-B-O-U-R-N-E. (wil’born)  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Milumet.

And I shall express to you each this evening great affection, and we shall be continuing within our sojourn together and engaging within this time framework.  Therefore, we shall be continued!  Au revoir!

Elias departs at 8:18 PM.


(1)  And James and Elias DID play — they played till about 2:00 AM!  It was most interesting to observe this.  I remember watching James sitting on his bed, obviously playing cards and having a conversation with somebody.  Later, James told us about the process through which Elias manifest to him, described his physical appearance in detail, and related much of what they talked about.  Fascinating!

Vivien’s note:  You know, he still mentions Elias from time to time.  The other day he told me that when Elias and he were jumping off the bed playing ninja turtles and yelling “COWABUNGA!” Elias wore all green and painted his face green too so that he looked more like a turtle.  No wonder James thought he was the “bestest fun”!

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