Session 1424

Hesitation and Fear


“Hesitation and Fear”
“A Cautioning”
“Reconfiguring Energy in a Conflict”

Thursday, August 28, 2003 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Daryl (Ashrah)

Elias arrives at 1:13 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

DARYL: Good afternoon.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! We meet again!

DARYL: Yes, we do. I’ve been very busy since we last met, so I have lots of things to talk to you about. I’m going to start with some simple questions. Is Kastasian, with a K, the name of one of my dragon focuses? (Pause)


DARYL: In that same dream, I got the name Rodain, which is an 11:11 focus, Rodain Dragon. But they don’t have dragons in 11:11, do they?


DARYL: Can you tell me why I had that association?

ELIAS: You are confusing the two dimensions.

DARYL: Oh, the one that Kastasian’s in and 11:11?


DARYL: Do I have a focus named Elisa, with an E?


DARYL: It seems that getting the wrong number can be very informative! (Elias laughs) Okay, do I have a focus where I fly a bomber?


DARYL: Is that in a different dimension than this one?


DARYL: It seemed kind of like it didn’t match this dimension, for some reason.

ELIAS: That is associated with generating a distortion and unclarity in relation to the focus, which is quite understandable in association with the focus itself and you in this focus, and your apprehension with some other focuses that generate very different experiences from yourself, in which your beliefs now may be in opposition to.

DARYL: Also, do I have a focus who burns to death?


DARYL: Does that have anything to do with me feeling like I’m hot all the time? All of my life I’ve felt like I’m hotter than the people around me.

ELIAS: Somewhat, in drawing that energy to yourself in association with what you generate in this focus. But also, that is associated with your assessment of yourself in perceiving yourself as being different from other individuals. Therefore, you also create physical manifestation as imagery in association with that.

DARYL: Oh, that’s interesting. I believe other people have talked to you about cartoons and that there is a cartoon dimension, and that the cartoons are part of this dimension.

ELIAS: They are imagery; they are a translation.

DARYL: They are a translation of something else?


DARYL: Within that, would George of the Jungle, that cartoon, be considered another focus of mine or a translation of a focus of mine?


DARYL: So that would be a translation in the same sense that Cupid would be a translation?


DARYL: Do I share 21 focuses with Milde? (Pause)

ELIAS: Twenty-two.

DARYL: Thank you. And do I share either 14 or 8 with Michael?

ELIAS: Fourteen.

DARYL: I should have had faith in my first impression! (Elias laughs) We talked last time about a new focus I created, George in the 28th century, and I wondered, did Oona then create a new focus that is around George?


DARYL: Is her name Emily or something similar?


DARYL: Emily, exactly?


DARYL: Oona would like to know, did she just newly create a focus named Rose Robin?


DARYL: I had an impression of someone named Brian at the Alterversity, and I wondered if that’s a focus of Sandel.


DARYL: Is Eleanor Roosevelt a focus of Michael? (Pause)

ELIAS: Observing essence throughout the entirety of the focus.

DARYL: This is something that I’m not clear about but it’s come up repeatedly. Am I a dispersed essence?

ELIAS: No, but you do engage similar action in association with your empathic sense.

DARYL: That was one of the things that made me think I was dispersed.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: So that’s kind of like a special area of interest for me?

ELIAS: Not necessarily of interest, but what you do.

DARYL: Recently I’ve had the feeling again that there’s not enough oxygen in the air. When this happened a couple of years ago, it was bleed-through of another focus who doesn’t have breathing or oxygen. Is that going on again?

ELIAS: No. This is associated with what you are generating now, in this focus.

DARYL: Could you explain that a little more?

ELIAS: In association with the restrictions with yourself and imaging that in a feeling or an experience of not enough life-giving force within your experience, which is associated with restrictions that you are expressing within yourself. This is also associated with hesitations and some elements of fear in regard to your own movement and your ability to create what you want and questioning that. In some directions, you allow yourself to create what you want quite effortlessly and you trust your ability. In other expressions, you question yourself and you are much more hesitant.

DARYL: Yes, because I know with deciding to move and selling my house without putting it on the market, finding a new place and finding movers, that was all quite easily handled.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: But not in the relationship area.

ELIAS: But this is quite obvious, is it not? In association with your choices individually and what you may accomplish within your focus in association with yourself, you do allow yourself to generate a trust, and therefore you create an ease in the movement of what you choose. But in association with other individuals, you snare yourself, and you restrict yourself, and you do not trust your ability to create what you want, for there is an association of co-creating with the other individual.

I am recognizing that you express to yourself an identification and a recognition that you are creating your reality, and I am acknowledging of that; but there is continued somewhat of an element that reinforces your hesitation and your fear in association with other individuals creating their reality. Therefore, there is somewhat of an association of co-creating.

DARYL: Is there some way to move through that? Am I moving through it?

ELIAS: Yes. You are already expressing experiences and evaluating and exploring these experiences to offer yourself information in relation to creating all of your reality and not generating as much suspicion in relation to other individuals and that they may be creating some of your reality for you, which is quite significant. I am also acknowledging of you in your resilience in recent time framework in presenting different experiences to yourself and not retreating into that box.

DARYL: I thank you for the acknowledgment! (Elias laughs) I knew you were around somewhere, even though I was blocking feeling you!

One of the things I want to discuss is the breathing and the difficulty with that. I’m still trying to understand what I’m presenting to myself each time, so I want to go through a few different times with you about that.

ELIAS: Very well.

DARYL: One of them was before the Donner reunion weekend. We discussed preferences, and then I ended up not going due to this. At the time, I was thinking that I really had a preference that had to do with not doing the Donner weekend, and now I’m not sure that it might not have had something to do with something else instead.

ELIAS: And what other experiences have you generated? For there is a theme in all of these.

DARYL: You mean in relation to my breathing or in relation to...?

ELIAS: Breathing.

DARYL: Well, the next is I had a very short one — and I had very direct information on this — it involved Myranda and that it didn’t mean what it used to mean. But I think it started then, maybe.


DARYL: And that it might have had something to do with another dimension, that particular time. Then there was me feeling sexual when I got dealing with that.


DARYL: And then there was the wave of truth, that I was pointing out truths to myself.


DARYL: And then there was the relationship.


DARYL: And then there was the concept of struggling with my creations and my attention being outside of self and outside of now, but especially the concept of struggle.

ELIAS: Now; what do you view as the theme or the connecting element in all of these experiences?

DARYL: Paying attention to myself and not struggling with myself, I think.

ELIAS: Each experience involves an element of fear.

DARYL: But I wasn’t feeling that afraid.

ELIAS: It is not necessarily expressed in a feeling of fear, but apprehension or in skepticism or in discounting. But what you would term to be the root element of each of these experiences is associated with hesitation, and that hesitation is associated with an element of fear.

DARYL: I’m basically connected to all those areas, which were associated with different times.


DARYL: One of the things that I’m frustrated about is that it seems like I use breathing to communicate everything with myself. It seems like rather than trying to communicate six different things with breathing, it would be better to do it six different ways. But you’re telling me basically that I was communicating the one thing, hesitation, through all these?


DARYL: The one thing with Myranda, was there some kind of involvement with another dimension?

ELIAS: Yes, but this also was associated with a hesitation and a doubt.

DARYL: And it had to do with the other dimension?


DARYL: The idea of my calling my attention that I’m struggling, is that a prominent thing right now?


DARYL: I have realized that I am just struggling with everything all the time.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Perhaps you may allow yourself to generate some expression of clarity, and in that be trusting yourself and move in the freedom of your direction and lessen your struggle.

DARYL: Yes, that would be nice!

While this was happening, the same day that I was dealing with this sexual stuff and scaring myself, I developed a sizable lump in one of my breasts. I assume that that’s another indication of my stuff with sexuality.


DARYL: Is there any more information that would be helpful to me about that?

ELIAS: In what direction are you seeking?

DARYL: I knew I was repressing sexuality. I kind of had the idea of where, and then this appeared. I don’t know if there’s something else that it’s indicating to me, something that I’m missing or that I don’t already know.

ELIAS: You have been listening to your communications and you have been paying attention, and I encourage you to continue to be engaging that action.

In this, also pay attention to the energy that you are projecting and what you are generating within yourself, and therefore not generating what you may term to be turning that energy and generating an extreme in uncomfortableness and an extreme in drama, which you hinge presently upon an edge of a potential to generate that.

DARYL: What drama?

ELIAS: In an attempt to be incorporating a different avenue to generate what you want — but be advised that in association with your movement, that may be a dangerous avenue.

DARYL: Picking a new avenue to generate what I want might be dangerous?

ELIAS: Incorporating the avenue of generating a drama that incorporates dis-ease to be accomplishing what you want in association with relationship may be dangerous.

DARYL: I guess I hadn’t really considered this a disease or anything, just kind of hoping that it was something I was expressing momentarily.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and what I am expressing to you is to be paying attention, for there is a potential that you COULD create that.

DARYL: A disease?

ELIAS: In association with your want with regard to relationship. But this is a dangerous avenue to incorporate, my friend. Therefore, pay attention to your energy and what you are creating. You are not creating that yet. I am merely expressing a caution in association with potentials.

DARYL: What would be an avenue in a different direction of that, in terms of relationships?

ELIAS: To be continuing in the direction that you are beginning to move into now, in genuinely evaluating yourself and generating a clarity in association with what you want, and subsequently allowing yourself to move into that expression, paying attention to what energy you are outwardly expressing and paying attention to whether you are generating a genuine expression of yourself and your appreciations or whether you are generating expectations.

DARYL: Does this have to do with the person I’m involved with and what’s going on now?


DARYL: Because I did essentially create what I was afraid of.

ELIAS: I am aware.

DARYL: Now I am finding that with this information about emotions as communication and also about choice, I do have other choices about what to do.

ELIAS: You are correct.

DARYL: So that’s the most useful thing for me to pursue, is to just continue to allow myself to be open to that instead of reacting in old manners?

ELIAS: If this is what you want, yes — which I am aware in this moment this is what you want.

DARYL: I do want to know what it is that I want, and one of the areas that I’m confused about is monogamy. Does that play into this?

ELIAS: That is an element of preference, which you are aware is associated with beliefs, but it is quite real. I may express to you, it is significant that you allow yourself clarity in identifying what you want, and most significant, to allow yourself the freedom to express that.

But do not confuse yourself and project your attention outside of yourself in turning your attention to what you want from the other individual, which is quite familiar, but what YOU want to be expressing and what you want to be generating, for this is ultimately affecting.

DARYL: Does this also have to do with fears of sexuality that have been disturbing me...


DARYL: ...and my desire to explore that or something?


DARYL: Along those lines, I had two dreams that after I move I will meet this woman who comes on to me very strongly. In the dream, she seems like she symbolizes those areas of sexuality and my fear of dealing with it. Is that correct?

ELIAS: This is the imagery that you are presenting to yourself. But do not look to these dreams as prophetic but as imagery reflecting what you are addressing to and in association with your wants.

DARYL: Because I’ve begun to wonder if she’s a real woman.

ELIAS: That is dependent upon whether you draw that to yourself or not — but that is not the message that you have presented to yourself. The message is concerning your movement and what you are addressing to now, not in association with what I have expressed as a prophetic expression and that this individual may be real or not real. This is imagery that you are presenting to yourself.

I may express to you also, merely in association with your curiosity, that you have tapped into the energy of another individual that is quite real in manifestation within your physical reality; but whether you move in a direction of drawing that to yourself or not is not the point in association with the individual.

DARYL: That individual aside, is that something that I need to explore and go into? If I don’t explore it, is that going to send me toward the disease path?

ELIAS: No, no. You may explore in the time framework of your own comfort and not force your energy. It is merely an area of curiosity for you, and you may choose to explore it or you may choose not to. It may be influencing in allowing you to express more of your freedom if you are allowing yourself that exploration, but this is not to say that you may not accomplish the expression of your freedom in other manners.

What I am expressing to you is to be cautioned in association with the physical manifestation, not to be moving into an avenue of incorporating a physical manifestation of dis-ease to generate certain responses from the other individual that you perceive to be influencing of their attention, and therefore influencing of a direction of relationship in relation to that type of attention.

DARYL: And that would be the individual that I am involved with?


DARYL: Basically my movement doesn’t depend on whether I’m involved with her or not, it just depends on me exploring myself and allowing myself to express myself.

ELIAS: Correct. That relationship is a choice. That is associated with a want, but your movement is not dependent upon that.

DARYL: I’ve gotten discouraged with that relationship, because I get caught in the co-creation thing and I begin to feel that I really am not creating the whole thing.

ELIAS: I am aware, and this is a challenge.

DARYL: It certainly is.

ELIAS: But this is also associated with your wants and allowing yourself to be clear in identifying what you want and not generating, Ashrah, an expression of semi-desperation merely that another individual has expressed interest or affection with you, but allowing yourself to be genuine and gentle with yourself. Are you understanding?

DARYL: I’m not sure.

ELIAS: You have generated a want, a general want, for an extended time framework in association with specifics in relationships, and that has incorporated a drive within you. In that, at times that drive may be confusing to you. In attempting to move beyond your fear and your association with past experiences and the fear generated in relation to those past experiences and generating similarities in the present or within the future, listen to yourself in gentleness and genuineness with yourself.

I am not expressing to you that your want in association with relationship with this individual is invalid. I am not expressing that to you. I am merely expressing to you pay attention to yourself, listen to your communications, evaluate your genuine wants and allow yourself to express them — not to be waiting and dependent upon the expressions of the other individual to create the manifestation of your want, but to direct yourself and allow yourself the freedom to move within your own direction.

You easily slip into projecting your attention to the other individual in association with relationships of intimacy. In that action, you allow the other individual to dictate your choices.

DARYL: Yes. That’s very clear to me.

ELIAS: And this is what I am identifying with you. Pay attention to your own communications. Pay attention to what YOU want and allow yourself that freedom, holding your attention upon you and not succumbing to the dictates of other individuals.

DARYL: One area to me that is an example of that is monogamy, because my understanding is that I have a preference for monogamy.

ELIAS: Very well. And what is your confusion?

DARYL: Well, throughout my life, including recently, I present myself with a situation where I’m with someone who chooses not to be monogamous.

ELIAS: Which...?

DARYL: Which makes me wonder if I really don’t prefer monogamy.

ELIAS: Your preference is what it is. What is your confusion in association with other individuals? When you present yourself with other individuals as a reflection, this is not to say that they may be reflecting precisely what your expressed beliefs are. They may be reflecting an element of yourself to allow you to examine different expressions of your beliefs. Not to change them per se...

DARYL: Not to tell me that I’ve got it wrong.

ELIAS: Correct. But to examine what your expressed beliefs are and to allow you to move into an acceptance of that, and to recognize differences and recognize that your preferences are what you express, not what you expect of other individuals.

There are many different manners in which you present reflections to yourselves, and at times they may not necessarily be to identify a belief but to examine a belief in association with your preferences, and to recognize differences and identify your expectations in association with differences, which is another avenue in which you present yourself with an opportunity for acceptance within yourself.

DARYL: If I’m clear on my wants and my freedom, then I can create what I want and not worry about other people’s preferences.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; let me clarify. Do not move into an area of black and white in which you incorporate no care for other individuals. Remember, there is a difference between caring and concerning.

Concerning is a projection of your attention outside of yourself and is generally associated with expectations of the other individual, and generally speaking also incorporates an implication that in those expectations there is an expression of wanting the other individual to change some expression within themselves.

Now; caring is quite different, for this is a natural expression in which you recognize the other individual and their direction, and you allow yourself to appreciate the other individual’s direction but not to the distraction of yourself. Are you understanding?

DARYL: So in terms of my direction, I am moving towards the kind of intimate relationship I want, although not real fast. I’m not stuck, right? I’m moving?

ELIAS: No, you are not stuck. You are merely presenting yourself with challenges to address to your own beliefs and your own movement and your own limitations that you place upon yourself in association with your own freedoms, and also challenging yourself with genuinely paying attention to yourself and not moving into familiar expressions of allowing the other individual to dictate your choices. You are genuinely moving, Ashrah, into the fullness of your own expression, which I am commending.

DARYL: Another thing that I think is part of all this is that I became very aware of my body feeling thick and rigid for a few days. I felt like I was presenting myself with something kind of huge, and all I could think of was a block of emotions, except that I couldn’t really figure out what emotion it was. When I went for a message, all I got was it was about leaving the familiar. Then I started crying and going through expressing fears, and my interpretation is that I’m actually beginning to take down the energy block in a very real way.

ELIAS: Correct, which is a turning point.

DARYL: Okay, that’s what I thought. I know I’ve been working on it for a while, but this is an actual, real significant change in what is going on.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and I may express to you that you are genuinely moving into an expression of compliance with this wave in consciousness and generating movement into an examination of your individual truths, which shall be tremendously empowering.

For once again, it is not concerning the action of eliminating these truths but recognizing that they are not absolutes, and that certain aspects and influences of them are preferable and certain aspects and influences of them are not, and you may choose how to configure your energy in association with them, intentionally. This is a tremendous movement of this shift, the intentional movement in association with beliefs. This is the empowerment that this wave is generating.

DARYL: The one I came across the most strongly was that there is one general reality and we all are walking around in it, and that’s what I have to deal with, which is the same idea of co-creation.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: Also, that emotions really are reactions. That got me the other day.

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: So in a lot of cases, this is going to be something that I’ve already been dealing with and I’m quite familiar with, in a way, but I’m kind of recognizing the strength of it.

ELIAS: Correct, and moving more into a genuine clarity and reality with it rather than playing with the concept — moving the intellectual understanding into a reality of knowing and experience.

DARYL: In terms of the energy-block thing, I feel like a lot of times that my attention is either inside of it or outside of it. Is that an accurate way to think of it?


DARYL: My reality is very different when it’s outside of there. Yesterday, for instance, I felt it move back in and everything changed. I guess one of my questions, I know that where our attention is affects what we see as choices...

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: ...but it seems lately to me that I choose where my attention is.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

DARYL: Would that be accurate?

ELIAS: At times, yes.

DARYL: Can you maybe talk about that? I feel like my attention affects all my choices, but I’m actually choosing at a higher level where the attention is. Do you understand what I’m saying?

ELIAS: I am understanding, although I may express that it is not concerning a higher level. It is you. But in this, this is an element of the exploration that, yes, you are choosing where to be focusing your attention, but in that choosing of where to be focusing your attention, it continues to be unfamiliar of what to do in that action.

What you are engaging is experimenting with an expansion of yourself, knowing that your attention is flexible, knowing that it is mobile, recognizing that you actually incorporate the ability to move it, which is tremendously significant and to be acknowledged. For many, many individuals have not quite realistically generated the experience to recognize that this is actually what occurs, that they actually direct their attention, but you are recognizing this.

But once you have intentionally chosen how to direct your attention, what shall you do?

DARYL: Yes, for example, the other day when I found it had shifted from outside to inside the energy block, do I just say I must be there for a reason and explore that, or do I try to move it back where I think I want it, which is outside?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon what you want, and that is an element of the exploration, to be paying attention and listening to yourself and evaluating what you have generated — whether you are merely generating a movement intentionally of your attention to reinforce to yourself that you can move your attention intentionally, or whether you are generating that action to explore a particular experience in it, or whether you are generating that action to challenge yourself to experiment whether you may move it again in a different direction at will.

But this is dependent upon what you are actually doing in the moment and what your direction is, and this is the significance of paying attention to yourself in those moments and to your communications with yourself, to assess what it is that you are actually exploring and doing, and allow yourself to move with that and not force energy against it.

It is all an exploration, my friend. You are experimenting. You have discovered that you actually manipulate your attention. You have discovered that your attention is not thinking. It is another element of yourself and you have discovered that it is flexible. Now the discovery moves to the unfamiliar of “Now that I know my attention is flexible and I may intentionally move it from one direction to another, what shall I do with it? How shall I direct it?” It is another exploration of an aspect of your freedom.

DARYL: I have a lot of big stuff opening to me right now.

ELIAS: Quite. I am in agreement! Ha ha ha!

DARYL: Another area is I’ve been getting a lot of stuff going on in my yellow energy center. One time I noticed that I had it for two days before I decided I wanted to move, and I felt like that was connected. Basically beyond noticing that it’s happening, am I supposed to be translating something objectively when that’s occurring?

ELIAS: Pay attention to the moments in which that is occurring and merely allow yourself to recognize that it is an activity which is in responsiveness to emotional communications that you are offering yourself in the moment.

DARYL: Particular to that moment.

ELIAS: Or the surrounding time framework, as you may term it.

DARYL: I’ve been thinking it may be something going from subjective to objective, and not necessarily emotional.

ELIAS: This is what emotional communication is! (Laughs)

DARYL: I guess in addition to the emotional communication.

ELIAS: It is a signal. It is a different type of signal, but it is associated with the same communications.

DARYL: I’ve been getting stuff in my throat that kind of chokes me and I cough it up. I’ve been thinking that that has to do with my attention being outside of self. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: Today I got, when I was trying to clarify it for the session, I got it really, really strongly. Was there something else that I’m not catching, in terms of...?

ELIAS: An apprehension associated with your anticipated interaction with Michael.

DARYL: Oh, okay. I can understand that. I was definitely apprehensive.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Which I may express to you, as you have already been aware and presented to yourself, your apprehensiveness is less founded than you initially anticipated.

DARYL: Yes. In the past, I’ve had pain in my lower back, which to me was discounting self. I’m having it and it feels a little different, and I feel like that was also meaning something different these days. Is that correct?

ELIAS: This is associated with a signal of supportiveness to yourself or a lack of supportiveness to yourself, and you may be addressing to this in paying attention, noticing and allowing yourself to intentionally incorporate a gentleness with yourself, and reminding yourself to be supportive to yourself.

DARYL: One area of confusion in this relationship is that if I’m creating an interaction with this woman that is critical of me and not supportive to me, I recognize that that’s me reflecting back to myself. Sometimes I wonder if I should keep on going and be interactive and nice with her, or if that somehow undermines me.

ELIAS: It is your choice. It is a reflection. Therefore, the significant element is that you address to you and how you are not being supportive of yourself.

DARYL: But how I react to her doesn’t necessarily make a difference?

ELIAS: It is not a question of reaction. It is a question of directing yourself and reconfiguring energy. If you are reacting, you are not being supportive to yourself, and in reacting, what are you generating? (Slight pause) What are you generating?

DARYL: I don’t know. Giving energy to whatever it is?

ELIAS: Defensiveness and justification. And what are those expressions? Those are discounting of yourself.

Therefore, the significance is to be paying attention to you and reconfiguring YOUR energy, which shall produce an automatic by-product of reconfiguring the other individual’s energy — but without reconfiguring your energy, that shall not occur. I may express to you, you may intentionally reconfigure the other individual’s energy, but it is much more challenging if you are not reconfiguring your own.

DARYL: I guess I’m still confused. Say we have some kind of disagreement, and in traditional terms I would say I felt hurt or that I didn’t feel like I was being treated nicely. If I go ahead and just... (Sighs)

ELIAS: Stop...

DARYL: If I say well, that’s me and that’s this and that doesn’t... Instead of, I guess, carrying on the action and saying you treated me like this and I’m going to have this reaction, if I just say she treated me like this and it’s an expression of me, and then just express whatever I feel like expressing, regardless of what the interaction has been up to that point...

ELIAS: No. It is not a matter of merely intellectually or within thought expressing to yourself, “Ah, this individual expressed this to myself and my feelings are hurt or I am distressed, and that is a reflection of myself and it may be associated with this belief or that belief.” That is intellectual. That is not necessarily reconfiguring energy.

The reconfiguring of energy, in a manner of speaking, requires another step, my friend, and that is to move beyond the intellectual and to genuinely pay attention to you and assess within you what you want within yourself, which I am understanding may be tremendously challenging in any particular moment given the situation and the interaction that may be occurring, for it may be quite distracting. This is a very unfamiliar action.

In that moment, find, discover one element that you may appreciate. It matters not how you measure it or how insignificant it may seem in the moment to you, but allow yourself to find some element within you, and perhaps in association with the other individual, that you may appreciate and allow yourself to move into that genuinely and thusly express it.

This is a reconfiguration of energy. It moves your attention away from the conflict or the concentration upon the hurtfulness, which is the expression of you being a victim, into an acknowledgment of yourself with an automatic by-product of an acknowledgment of the other individual. This is a reconfiguration of energy.

Hold to your trust of yourself, and in your terms, your confidence of yourself. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the expression of the other individual, which I am quite understanding may be quite challenging. But I may also assure you that in continuing that action and practicing and genuinely moving into that expression and trusting yourself, it becomes easier and easier, and it becomes more automatic. And it does accomplish.

DARYL: I feel that making this move into a place that I feel very at home and supported by, in a way I’m giving myself what I want. I also feel like that is a more supportive environment for me to give myself.

ELIAS: Yes. I am in agreement, which may be quite supportive in energy in association with your trust of yourself.

DARYL: Good. Well, I see our time is up, unfortunately.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Very well. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and in the interim time framework, I shall be offering my energy to you not merely in supportiveness but in encouragement and validation.

DARYL: If you want to tell me to pay attention at particular times, that would be very helpful.

ELIAS: Very well.

DARYL: And I do expect you and the whole gang to move down to Berkeley with me.

ELIAS: Ah! (Chuckles) I may express that my energy shall be with you, and in this, remember your playfulness!

DARYL: I think I am allowing myself to open more to that.

ELIAS: Very well. Continue! I am aware that you are forgetful of this at times. I shall be prodding you in that direction also. (Laughs) To you, my dear friend Ashrah, as always in tremendous affection and fondness, au revoir.

DARYL: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:16 PM.

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