Session 510
Translations: DE ES PT

Acceptance, Tolerance, and Patience, ...


“Acceptance, Tolerance, and Patience”
“Guilt and Worry: A Waste of Energy”
“Lessening the Trauma of the Shift”

Saturday, December 4, 1999    © 2000 (Group/Pennsylvania)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Gary (Hezrah), Joe (Holden), Meira (Mikyle), and 8 new participants: Brad (Elleil), Carlos (Isadora), Crizi (Jako), Justin (Valeer), Lenora (Annabelle), Naomi, Richard (Blake), Tony (Antonio), and Warren (Gennah).
Vic’s note:  This session was held in a funeral home.  Like Mary said, what a perfect place for a dead guy!  HA HA!
Elias arrives at 2:40 PM. (Arrival time is 29 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good afternoon! (Grinning)

GROUP:  Good afternoon!

ELIAS:  We meet again! (Chuckling)

JOE:  Elias, today, if it’s alright with you, before we start the group session, we would like to go right to left, and if you could give each person their essence name, family, and alignment, we would appreciate it.

ELIAS:  Very well.  Are you inquiring to orientation in this focus also?

JOE:  Pardon?

ELIAS:  Are you inquiring to the orientation of the individuals within this focus also?

JOE:  No.  At this point, just essence name, family, and alignment.

ELIAS:  Very well.

JOE:  Gary, do you want to start?

GARY:  You’ve already given me mine, so unless there’s something new, you can go on to someone else! (Elias chuckles)

MEIRA:  Hi, Elias.  I’m Meira.  You already gave me my information.

ELIAS:  Welcome!

MEIRA:  Thank you.

JOE:  Brad?

BRAD:  Hi.  I’m Brad. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, Elleil; E-L-L-E-I-L. (el-leel’)  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Gramada.

BRAD:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

CARLOS:  Hi, Elias.  I’m Carlos.  What is my essence name, family, and alignment?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Isadora; I-S-A-D-O-R-A.  Essence family, Tumold; alignment in this focus, Borledim.

CARLOS:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

WARREN:  Good afternoon, Elias.  My name is Warren.  Can you give me my essence name, family, and alignment, and can you spell them all for me?

ELIAS:  (Smiling)  Very well.  Essence name, Gennah; G-E-N-N-A-H. (zhau’na)  Essence family, Sumari; alignment in this focus, Milumet.  Sumari: S-U-M-A-R-I.  Milumet: M-I-L-M-U ...

WARREN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  ... E ...

WARREN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  ... T. (Grinning)

WARREN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome, you are welcome, you are welcome! (Grinning and chuckling, and everybody laughs)

Vic’s note:  I think Elias needs to brush up on his spelling....

TONY:  Good afternoon, Elias.  My name is Tony.  I’d like to have my essence name, family, and alignment, please. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, Antonio.  Essence family, Vold; alignment, Sumari.

TONY:  How do you spell Vold, please?


TONY:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

LENORA:  Hi, Elias.  I’m Lenora.  Can you give me that same information?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Annabelle.  Essence family, Ilda; alignment, Sumari.

LENORA:  Elias, does that mean I’m related to Tony?  ‘Cause I don’t want to be.  No, I’m kidding! (Much laughter, and Elias chuckles)

JOE:  I have mine.  Crizi, you have yours, right?

CRIZI:  Yes.

JOE:  Rich?

RICH:  I was told my essence name, but you’re welcome to confirm that if you wish.

ELIAS:  It remains the same.  And offering ...? (Looking at the next person)

JUSTIN:  I’m sorry, Elias.  I was waiting for a pen and paper.  Maybe someone will write it down. (Elias chuckles)  My name is Justin, and could you give me my essence name, family, and alignment, please?

ELIAS:  Very well.  Essence name, Valeer; V-A-L-E-E-R. (val-year’)  Essence family, Gramada; alignment in this focus, Ilda.

JUSTIN:  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are welcome. (Brief pause, and then...)

MUCH is occurring within this time framework, in what you would term to be physically as the end throes of your year, your century, your millennium.

Extremes in energy are occurring.  Individuals are experiencing new and unusual movements.  Some individuals are experiencing extremes within conflict.  Some individuals experience extremes within surprise and new wonders, and throughout your planet, there is a heightened awareness to movement in energy.

This manifests in many different types of expressions, in conjunction with the individuals and also collectively, but there is an objective awareness occurring in heightened manner within you all that there is movement happening, so to speak.

In this, you present to yourselves many examples in imagery of your belief systems.  You bring to surface awareness, so to speak, many different types of manifestations of expressions of your beliefs.

This allows you the opportunity to view, examine, and evaluate your belief systems.  It allows you the opportunity to be assimilating more information in conjunction with your belief systems.  It also allows you the opportunity to view some of the limitations that you place upon yourselves in conjunction with your belief systems.

But it not merely allows you the opportunity to view the limitations, but it allows you to view the opportunities that you may be presenting to yourselves in widening your awareness and eliminating many of your obstacles that you place before yourselves in conjunction with your beliefs, and eliminate many of your limitations.

In this, you also open yourselves and your awarenesses to new avenues of acceptance.  There are also tremendous expressions occurring that you are collectively creating in rebelliousness in conjunction with this widening of awareness.

The widening of your awareness in this physical dimension, in the terms that you have constructed within the design of this shift in consciousness, are unfamiliar to you, and what you have created to this point within your linear time framework IS familiar to you.

The acceptance of belief systems is an unfamiliar movement.  Movement within your belief systems and the perpetuation of them and the expression of them is quite familiar to you.  Therefore, there is an element of comfort in the perpetuation of your belief systems.

Now; in this particular meeting, we shall also be discussing three of your terms — of acceptance and of tolerance and of patience.  These are terms that you have incorporated for much of your time framework throughout your history.

Many essences — many individuals within physical focus that you identify as teachers or masters or whichever designation of label that you assign to them — have incorporated these particular terms, and you in this time framework, as the energy of this shift in consciousness is accelerating, attempt to be incorporating these particular terms into your focus in what you identify as a type of working manner, in your vernacular.

GARY:  This is incredibly apropos for us in terms of my nephew, who has suddenly decided that because we didn’t go to his wedding, he can’t stand us, and he’s been sending me horrible emails, and I have to just ignore that and ... I’m not sure what, but being patient and so on with him is, I guess, something I need to do. (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS:  (Loudly)  Now; I shall express to you that these three terms appear to be quite difficult for your incorporation within your physical experience.  You incorporate conflict in your attempt to be manifesting patience or acceptance or tolerance within different situations or circumstances and moments of your focuses within this physical dimension.  They appear to writhe against your natural inclination of movement within your focus.

Many of your beliefs express to you in one manner that you SHOULD be incorporating these actions, and many of your beliefs express to you contrary, for they express to you — or you express to yourselves — that you should be NOT incorporating patience or tolerance, but you should be affording these attributes to self and not incorporating them in conjunction with other individuals.

“Look to self first.  Identify the importance of your expressions first, and do not concern yourself with the expressions of other individuals.”  I myself have incorporated language in similar manner with many of you, expressing to you to be concerning yourself with self and not concerning yourself with the expressions or the movement of other individuals.

Now; in this direction of information, this is correct, for as you are looking to self and incorporating these actions — for these are terms for actions — you shall be also incorporating elements of the same expressions with regard to other individuals as a natural byproduct of the action of acceptance and tolerance and patience within self.

These three terms hold very different meanings — they are very different actions — and one of the difficulties that you experience within physical focus is a lack of understanding of each of these terms.  You express to yourselves that these are virtues and that these are elements that are desirable to be incorporating into your focus, but you do not hold an understanding in objective terms of what these movements are.

What is your identification of patience? (Pause)

LENORA:  Accepting?

JOE:  The ability to watch and learn over a long period of time without passing judgment.

JUSTIN:  Giving the person the benefit of time.

ELIAS:  You also identify with patience, waiting; to be allowing yourself a time framework of a lack of movement, a lack of action; a waiting period, so to speak.

I express to you that patience is an action.  Patience is a movement.

In this, I have expressed to individuals within different time frameworks that they may be exercising patience and this may be helpful within their movement, and as the movement of this shift has intensified, it has become increasingly clear that within physical focus, your identification of the definition of this word of patience is lacking.

Therefore, it may be expressed to you that you incorporate this action of patience, but you hold a lack of definition of what you are being instructed to be doing.  Therefore, how shall you be incorporating the action of patience if you do not hold an objective definition of the instruction?

Patience is an allowance.  Patience is an objective incorporation of movement; an intentional, objective action of allowance for the natural flow of energy.  Patience is a direct implementation of action in conjunction with the selection of probabilities.

You are continuously choosing and creating probabilities, and in this, each probability that you choose within every moment may not necessarily be immediately or spontaneously inserted into this physical reality, for you have created this physical reality with a linear time framework.

All probabilities are actualized, but all probabilities are not necessarily actualized within this officially accepted objective reality within this physical dimension.  You choose one probability to be actualized into this physical reality in conjunction with each direction of movement that you incorporate and in conjunction with your experiences.

You may set probabilities into motion, and in that choice you may be creating the movement for the actualization of a probability, but it has not entirely been inserted into your actual physical reality within the linear time framework yet.

The action of patience is an active participation with the probabilities that you have set into motion in your physical dimension in an allowance of what you have already chosen in conjunction with your acceptance — for acceptance is a different action — and this allowance creates a free flow of energy.

The lack of incorporation of patience is a movement of pushing, which you incorporate in an action of forcing, so to speak, energy that you manipulate.

In this, many times you may place a probability in motion, and you may alter the manifestation of that probability by not allowing the free flow of the energy.

Therefore, you may hold a thought process of an objective want that you wish to be creating and manifesting within your focus.  Within the moment of your recognition of that want, you have already set into motion a probability to actualize that want.

You may also alter the actualization of that probability through your lack of trust and acceptance within yourself and your pushing of energy, which redirects the flow of energy, and you may not in actuality manifest that want, for in your lack of patience, you have created an alteration of the direction of energy.

Individuals perplex themselves many times within physical focus in expressing to themselves, “I want to be manifesting this particular thing, and I am concentrating and concentrating my energy in this direction to be manifesting of this thing, and I am experiencing frustration, for it is not manifesting, and I know not why it is not manifesting.”

And you also express to yourself perplexities that what you want is not being actualized within your physical focus, for you express that you have received information that you shall manifest what you concentrate upon.  Therefore, if you are concentrating, you should be manifesting.

Concentration is not necessarily objective thoughts, but you equate concentration with thinking.

Therefore, if you are thinking, thinking, thinking of what you want, and you are objectively expressing to yourself repeatedly, “I shall manifest, I shall manifest, I shall manifest,” you believe you shall manifest, for this is your expression of objective concentration, and you create what you concentrate upon.

I have also expressed this to many individuals, but your concentration is not necessarily your thought process.  Your concentration is the expression of your beliefs.

Your thoughts may not necessarily move in conjunction with your underlying beliefs.  One of the most strongly expressed belief systems within this dimension, as I have expressed many times, is that of duplicity.

This particular belief system is quite cunning, and YOU are quite cunning in how you create camouflage within yourselves and how you fool yourselves with your thought processes that you may believe one direction, and in actuality you may hold a very different aspect of beliefs underlyingly.  This is the area in which your concentration lies.  Your concentration is that which you genuinely believe.

Now; returning to the term of patience, you may substitute the word “allowance” for the word “patience,” for the action of incorporating patience is merely the action of allowing yourself to move naturally and to flow within your energy without complication.

This is also a reason in which you experience difficulty with patience, is that this is a simplification of movement, and you are quite fond of complicating movement within this physical dimension! (Grinning)  It is fascinating to you to be complicating ALL areas of your physical existence!

CARLOS:  Elias, why do we create all these complications?

ELIAS:  For it is stimulating to you!  It is interesting!

You are an energy essence.  Your natural state of being, of consciousness, is a continual movement of exploration and becoming.

Therefore, in your terms in this physical language, you have an insatiable curiosity of EVERY possible manifestation of consciousness.  Every experience, every element that may be created within consciousness, you desire to be creating.

This is a physical dimension.  This is an extremely intricate physical dimension....

CARLOS:  Is it natural, then, for us to create these complications, in an inability to cope with ourselves, to express ourselves in the way we want to?  Is it something natural, to create obstacles and difficulties?

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking, yes.  It is unnecessary, but in this particular physical dimension, there is an element of this type of movement that is objectively natural to you, for it is an element of your exploration and your curiosity and your desire for experience.

CARLOS:  You said it’s not necessary, which means there is another way to be doing it, but there’s something wrong there.  Why are we doing it if it’s not necessary?

ELIAS:  You create MANY actions within this physical dimension that are unnecessary.

CARLOS:  Why is that?

ELIAS:  This is movement in conjunction with your curiosity and with your exploration of all of the expressions of this physical dimension.  MANY of your expressions within this dimension move in conjunction with your exploration of your emotional qualities.

Emotion is a base element in this particular physical dimension.  Emotion is relative to this physical dimension — and certain other physical dimensions — but not to all of consciousness.

Therefore, as you choose to be manifesting within this particular physical dimension, it is quite natural for your movement in exploration of all of the qualities of emotional expression, for this is not a manifestation that may be relative to other areas of consciousness.

Therefore, there is a curiosity also as to the intensities of emotional expressions, the diversity of emotional expressions.  You create many elements of conflict within this particular dimension to be experimenting, in a manner of speaking, with the emotional quality that accompanies many of your experiences.

As I express to you that certain movements are unnecessary within your physical focus, I express this purposefully, that you may allow yourselves an understanding, in objective terms, that there is more available to you than you perceive yet.

This allows you the opportunity to open your objective awareness and eliminate some of your limitations, and this is part of the point of this shift in consciousness, which YOU have created and YOU have designed.  Therefore, it is your objective, so to speak, to be moving in this direction, and the information that I am offering to you is merely an aid in response to your own creations.

YOU have asked, within consciousness, for helpfulness — in your OWN movements into a remembrance of essence and of consciousness — that shall aid in your objective movement in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.


JOE:  Elias, may I ask a question?

ELIAS:  You may.

JOE:  Some philosophies point to ego as the reason for complications in people’s lives.  What do you consider ego to be?  And is that a way to put it, in a nutshell?

ELIAS:  This also would be a complication in explanation to yourselves of an aspect of yourselves.  You are quite fond in this physical focus of classifications and separations.  You entertain yourselves with segregations of elements of your reality, even to the point of separation and segregation of yourselves into sections and different parts, so to speak.

Therefore, within your psychology, you separate your awareness into sections.  [You identify] that element which drives you, that element which focuses attention upon yourself, that element which holds the quality of selfishness or what you identify as self-centeredness, self-indulging, self-focusing, as the ego, self-perpetuating, and you also identify elements of negativity with this designation of ego.

You identify certain elements of negativity with what you identify as subconscious, for this is an element of yourself that you have created as a section of yourself which identifies that aspect of yourself that is unbeknownst to you, that is outside of your control.

JOE:  But not necessarily negative.

ELIAS:  At times you attach negative to this, for you assess that there are certain behaviors that you may be creating which are influenced by your subconscious which are not within your control, and this is not necessarily good.

JOE:  But the truth.

ELIAS:  Not necessarily truth either.  But within your beliefs, you may identify that what appears to be offered to you through your subconscious shall be truth.  I shall express to you that this also is a belief.  It is not necessarily truth.  It may be truth that it is a reality and that reality is truth, but beyond reality, it is merely a belief.

I may express to you, you may incorporate an action of engaging interaction with another individual, and you may engage a process that you identify as hypnosis, and this process you believe shall allow you the ability to access areas of your subconscious — or that which you identify as your subconscious — and this shall unlock secrets that you do not allow yourself to access objectively, and you may offer to yourself a recalling of an experience of an encounter with what you identify as an extraterrestrial, and as you disengage this action of your hypnosis, you may hold an objective memory of what you have accessed in recall within this action of hypnosis.

Now; is your recall, is your memory truth?

JOE:  To you, I believe it would be.

ELIAS:  Your experience, in a manner of speaking, is truth, for it is a reality, and reality is truth.  The experience or the recall of the experience may not necessarily be what you identify as truth, but may be a translation and may be an interpretation.

You may hold a very clear memory.  You may hold great clarity in your recall of a particular experience, but the experience itself may be a translation.  It is a reality.  It is not what you identify as a distinguishment that some elements within this dimension are not real.

JOE:  What’s wrong with my translation?

ELIAS:  There is no element that is wrong with your translation.  Your translation is a reality.  It is your interpretation, through your perception and your objective understanding, of an experience.  It is not wrong.

JOE:  Is it not what counts?

ELIAS:  It is, in your terms, what counts or what matters, and it also is not what matters, for it is a filtration through a perception.

Therefore, it is a reality in conjunction with this physical reality, with this physical dimension, and it is relative to this physical dimension.  It is a reality in the experience of consciousness as a creation of consciousness, but it is not necessarily a truth.

JOE:  Then why were we made individual?

ELIAS:  Ah, but you were not made!

JOE:  Then ... wrong terminology.  Why ARE we individual?

ELIAS:  This offers you an opportunity of exploration.  As I have stated previously, essence or consciousness is continually within a state of becoming, and therefore is continuously within a state of exploration, and in this state of exploration, it is continuously creating and manifesting.  Imagination is reality.

You, within this physical dimension, mirror many elements of consciousness — not all, but many elements of the natural state of consciousness — and you objectify these elements into physical, solid terms.  You create physical movement.  You create objects.  You create imagery within a thickness that you may move through in a physical manner, which creates a slowing of action and offers you the opportunity to view intensely every aspect of this particular area of consciousness.

All of what you create within this dimension is a mirror of different aspects of movement of consciousness.  It also is all a translation.  It is translated into physical solidity.

Even your thoughts and your communication holds a physical quality to it and a thickness in energy that is translated through a time framework, an element of time, which creates a thickness within the expressions of all that you create within this physical dimension.

And therefore, what is the point? (Grinning at Joe)  The point of this physical dimension is merely to be experiencing.  You are not conducting a mission.  You are not upon a holy quest.

JOE:  Don’t feel guilt?

ELIAS:  Guilt, I shall express to you — as I have expressed many times previously — is one of the two manifestations of energy within this physical dimension that you express that may be the most closely associated with a waste of energy.  In actuality, there is no waste of energy.  Therefore, I may not express to you definitively that the expression of guilt is absolutely a waste of energy, for no energy expression is wasted, so to speak.

But I shall express to you, were there any expression of a waste of energy, the expression of guilt and worry would be those.  These two expressions of energy serve merely to perpetuate the belief system of duplicity.  They reinforce all that you identify as negative.

They reinforce the expression of a discounting of self, a lack of acceptance of self, and they create an expression of devaluation of worth, which — in a manner of speaking, figuratively speaking — is an expression which is contrary to consciousness and essence.

I am not expressing that it is not a creation that may serve or that has served as beneficial to you within this physical dimension within different moments of your history, but I shall express to you, within consciousness, were there to be an expression of an unacceptable manifestation of energy, these expressions would be they.

JOE:  Whew! (Laughter)

GARY:  Well, I know Seth had pointed out the two versions of guilt, one which he says is beneficial, which is just to let you know that this may be something that you shouldn’t do again, versus the kind of guilt that we have in our civilization, which just goes on and on and on forever, and you don’t release it.

ELIAS:  I am understanding of the direction of this information, and I am understanding the purposefulness of this information.

I shall also express to you, in conjunction with the direction of flow of this particular forum this day, that this also is an insertion of an extra piece, so to speak — a complication of information purposefully offered for your understanding within a transitional point — that you may assess certain information in conjunction with your belief systems that shall be acceptable to you, which allows you a window to move into more of an acceptance of information that would be, so to speak, offered to you futurely.

This is that information.  And I shall express to you that within this information that I offer to you — without complication, in its simplicity, and without distortion — any expression of guilt is unnecessary, and as I have stated, were there to be a waste of energy, this would be the expression of it in any form.

GARY:  I guess you can’t say it any more clearly than that!

ELIAS:  It is unnecessary to be incorporating guilt or worry within your focus!

You create worry in the discounting of self and your abilities and your lack of trust of self, that you do not hold the ability to be accomplishing in a successful, in your terms, or adequate manner.

You incorporate worry in the expression of what you identify as a lack of control.  Control, I shall express to you, is an illusion!  This is a manifestation through your perception, which is directly influenced by your beliefs, and is NOT in actuality an actual thing.

There is no control.  It is merely an illusion that you provide yourselves, that you may offer to yourselves some element of permission to be manifesting certain directions within your physical focus that you wish to be manifesting ... but it is not entirely successful!

Worry is the perpetuation of a lack of trust of self.  Guilt is the perpetuation of a lack of acceptance of self.

I have stated previously and shall do so now, trust and acceptance are not synonymous.  They are two different movements.  They are two different expressions.  You may be trusting of certain elements of yourself and your abilities and your creations, and not be incorporating acceptance of yourself.  Therefore, they are not the same in expression.

Worry attaches, in the aspect of duplicity, to trust.  Guilt attaches in the manner of a parasite, in YOUR identification of a parasite, to your acceptance of self.  Therefore, these are expressions that offer you, in your assessment of negative and positive, no positive payoff.

They are also unnecessary, for there is no need for their generation, for what shall occur within your physical focus that shall be an acceptable expression of guilt, other than your belief systems?  What perpetuates this expression of guilt?  Not yourself, in actuality, in your natural state, not your natural flow of energy, but your incorporation of belief systems and shoulds and should nots.

GARY:  Is there no such thing?

ELIAS:  They are a reality as you create them to be, and what I am offering to you is that they need not be, that there IS reality beyond shoulds and should nots.

GARY:  Am I holding the conversation up?

ELIAS:  You are not!

GARY:  But wasn’t civilization built on people learning to not do certain things and to treat others in certain ways so that we didn’t kill each other off?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that you have developed belief systems throughout your millenniums, and in these belief systems, you have incorporated very strong alignments and creations of behaviors and limitations and guidelines, and MANY of the actions that you incorporate are influenced through many, many, many different types of religious beliefs.

I am not expressing religious beliefs in the manner of institutions, but underlying religious beliefs as to the identification of what you are, who you are, where you exist, and how you exist.

And what you are in conjunction with religious belief systems is a manifestation of “less than,” and what you create as a manifestation of “less than” are natural inclinations in the direction of hurtfulness and untrustworthiness, and this is quite incorrect.

These are aspects of beliefs that you have incorporated and that you have created a reality in conjunction with, but they are not truths.

There is no supreme being which has created you in its image.  YOU have created a supreme being in YOUR image.

GARY:  Then where do you get your power?

ELIAS:  And which power would you be identifying of?

GARY:  The energy to be.

ELIAS:  You always have been.  You have not received from any thing.  You ARE, and you are all of consciousness.  There is no thing, so to speak, outside of you.

GARY:  You draw energy to be here.  Where does that energy come from?

ELIAS:  It IS.  Energy is all-encompassing.  It is, and — in your terms — has always been, and shall always be.  These are your terms, for you incorporate a thought process and a reality physically which incorporates time in a linear fashion.

There is no past.  There is no future.  All which is, is now, and all that is in consciousness is YOU. (Pause)

You have created intricate belief systems to be offering yourselves explanations that you understand within physical terms, for you have created a manifestation of a physical form.  Therefore, there is an appearance that you are singular.  You incorporate one body, one persona, one manifestation, one identification, one mode, so to speak, of movement.  You create one manifestation of probabilities at a time, in your terms.

You create singularly, and you have created this quite purposefully to be experiencing this type of manifestation, this type of exploration.  You also are manifest within every other area of consciousness, for you ARE every other area of consciousness.

This which you identify as yourself is one focus of attention.  You even mirror consciousness within this one focus of attention, in your ability to focus your attention in many different directions simultaneously in this physical dimension.  You direct your attention within your physical manifestation in many areas simultaneously, and this also is a mirror of all of consciousness.

Your very physical manifestation is a mirror of essence.  You may incorporate several actions simultaneously.  Essence focuses attention in countless directions simultaneously, but they are all elements of the essence, and essence is merely a designation or an identification of a personality signature, so to speak, of consciousness, a unique element of consciousness, but is not separated.

GARY:  What is the importance of a healthy physical self?

ELIAS:  This would be a relative question.  It is relative to your intent and your direction within a particular focus.

Within your society, within your belief systems, you place great value upon physical health, but this is merely a choice.

There may not necessarily be an importance to holding health, within your identification of it in physical terms, if this be not your intent for your experience within this focus.

This be the reason that there are individuals manifest within your physical dimension who do NOT incorporate physical health in the manner that you identify as good.  This be the reason also that individuals may create dis-ease and NOT move in the direction of cure.

Some individuals DO incorporate that type of movement, to be creating a dis-ease within their physical manifestation and to be uncreating that physical disease within the same manifestation, and this is an experimentation also, and is created for the reason of the individual and what they choose to be experiencing and experimenting with within this physical dimension.

Some individuals choose to be incorporating different elements of dis-ease or dysfunction quite purposefully, and do not alter their manifestation throughout their focus.

Therefore, this question is quite relative to the individual and their perception and their beliefs and their intent and their direction of their manifestation within their physical focus.

It is, once again, an example of mass belief systems that express guidelines that you “should” be manifesting in a particular manner, and this is acceptable, and there are certain expressions of manifestations that are not acceptable within your officially accepted reality.

And this shall bring us full circle to our discussion of these terms of patience and acceptance and TOLERANCE, which is the one term that we have not been discussing this day.

Tolerance is a term that you interchange many times with acceptance, and these are very different expressions.  Tolerance is NOT an expression of acceptance.

We shall break, and we shall resume our discussion subsequently.

GROUP:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome. (Chuckling)

BREAK:   3:58 PM
RESUME:  5:20 PM (Arrival time is 14 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.  Now; as to the subject matter of tolerance.

You view tolerance to be a noble expression.  You strive to be expressing tolerance in conjunction with other individuals, and also at times with yourself, and as I have stated, you equate tolerance with acceptance.  If you are being tolerant, you are also being accepting, and I shall express to you, these are very different expressions.

You may be tolerating of behaviors or actions or situations, but tolerance is an expression of temporary.  Acceptance is enduring.

Tolerance is an area of expression that you may allow yourself to move into temporarily with yourself or with other individuals, and even with situations and circumstances.

You allow yourselves to move in conjunction with certain aspects of your reality and not be struggling against them temporarily with an anticipation or an expectation of an alteration, a change.

You may be tolerating of another individual or hold tolerance in conjunction with another individual temporarily, and also be holding an underlying expectation and anticipation that there shall be incorporated a change of some element that shall allow you to be accepting.  Tolerance incorporates expectations and anticipations.  Therefore, it is not synonymous with acceptance.

Acceptance is the lack of judgment, and also incorporates a lack of expectation, for acceptance is a genuine expression of “it matters not.”  “It matters not” is not incorporated into tolerance, for there IS a mattering in your expressions in the area of tolerance.

There also is an underlying expression that accompanies tolerance.

If you are tolerant in conjunction with a specific group of individuals, you are also intolerant of another group of individuals, or you are intolerant of certain expressions in conjunction with different individuals.  As you incorporate tolerance in certain areas with yourself, you also incorporate intolerance with other areas of yourself.

Acceptance is not partial.  Acceptance is inclusive, and is incorporated into all expressions and areas of yourself.  It is not separating or excluding of any of your creations or your expressions.

You may be expressing ideas and even behaviors of tolerance in conjunction with other individuals, and you may express to yourselves an acknowledgment of your nobility in these types of expressions and behaviors, and you may be expressing to yourselves that you are quite good that you are expressing of certain elements of tolerance, and that other individuals are deserving of your tolerance.

This creates even more of an expression of nobility within you, and you may elevate yourselves to saintliness in your nobility, that you may be incorporating such tolerance in situations and in conjunction with other individuals, or that you may be incorporating tolerance of yourself.

Now; I shall express to you that your incorporation of tolerance to self is quite different than your incorporation of tolerance to other individuals.

Your incorporation of tolerance to self is a shifting of attention, turning your attention from one area that may appear unacceptable, within your perception, into another area of your expressions that you may be acknowledging of yourself within.  This offers you an expression of partial validation.

I am not expressing that the action of tolerance is bad.  I am merely offering you an explanation, that you may hold within your objective awareness more clarity as to WHAT you are creating as you incorporate these three actions.

Therefore, you shall not be deluding yourselves or fooling yourselves into the thought processes that you are moving into expressions of acceptance in your behaviors and your expressions when you are not.

This allows you the opportunity of less misunderstanding of your own behaviors, and allows you to recognize what you ARE creating in your expressions and your behaviors.

As you express outwardly your definition and your evaluation of tolerance that you assess you “offer” to other individuals, you are also creating judgments, and this is not an expression of acceptance.

You express that the action of tolerance is good and intolerance is bad, and as you express your temporary movement in the action of tolerance, you hold expectations that either the situation shall alter, you shall alter your perception in conjunction with the situation, or another individual shall alter.  Therefore, you nobly afford them the expression of tolerance temporarily, but there is an expectation that accompanies this action.

You may look to a religious group of individuals.  You may express to yourself, “I am quite tolerant of these individuals and their choice of expression.  It is non-affecting of me.”  But as you move into your definition and your designation of how you are tolerant of those individuals, as you encounter another individual that is not affording that same expression, there is a judgment placed.  There is an automatic lack of acceptance.

The expectation is that tolerance is right, partially.  The expectation also is that within your perception, other individuals shall follow your expression, for your expression is tolerant, and tolerant is right.  Therefore, there is an assessment of how each individual shall be creating their reality, and there is a reinforcement of duplicity in these expressions.

Now; I offer to you this information in conjunction with tolerance quite specifically, for within this time framework, as you ARE aware that there is great movement in energy and there are many expressions of what you would term to be upheaval and much conflict, there is a leaning of many individuals in the direction of the expression, “I may not be moving into an expression of acceptance.  Therefore, I shall move into the middle step of tolerance first, and this shall move me into the expression of acceptance.”  Expectation, once again.

This is important.  Each time you are expressing to yourself or to any other individual that you are moving in the direction of tolerance, you also attach an expectation.  Tolerance is a temporary expression with an expectation of an outcome.  Tolerance is not necessarily an expression that shall automatically move you into an expression of acceptance.

I am not, as I have stated, expressing that your creation of tolerance is bad.  It is not, but it may be camouflaging of certain movements in energy with you.  It may camouflage beliefs that you do not allow yourselves to objectively view.

Let me offer you an example.

You may express to yourselves that you hold tolerance in the area of a group of individuals that may be manifest within a particular race.  Within the framework of this society that you occupy — this physical location, this country, this political association that you hold in this particular reality of your society — in that framework and context, let us express that all of you present within this room may be expressing that you hold tolerance to individuals of African race.

Now; attached to that tolerance that you so generously afford to these individuals that manifest in the design of the race of African, there is an expectation that this is right, and therefore other individuals should be following this same expression.

Therefore, we introduce another individual into your group that may hold different alignment of beliefs, and this individual may not be expressing tolerance in conjunction with those individuals manifest of African descent.  This individual holds very strong beliefs and is expressing those beliefs in opposition to the manifestation of the individuals of African descent.

Your response, in conjunction with your tolerance and your expectation, is to be turning to this individual and expressing a tremendous lack of acceptance — and judgment — and expressing that they are wrong, that they are bad, and they are unacceptable.

The individual is no more acceptable or unacceptable than the individual that you hold tolerance to.  They are the same, and in the context of the lack of separation of consciousness, they are YOU.

Your expressions of tolerance or the lack of tolerance are mirror expressions of your acceptance or lack of acceptance of self.

Those areas, those behaviors, those expressions that you deem within yourself to be acceptable and right and good, those are mirrored in your expressions of tolerance.  Those areas of self that you deem to be the “dark side” of yourselves, those are unacceptable and not tolerated, and these are expressed outwardly to other individuals in an expression of a lack of tolerance.

This moves in the direction of preference, which is influenced by your beliefs also.  Your beliefs move in quite specific directions, and in those directions you create preferences, and within those preferences, some elements of your reality are good and some are bad.  Some are deserving of your noble expression of tolerance, and some are not.

You shall not be tolerant of the individual that strikes another individual.  You shall be tolerant of the individual stricken, but you shall not be tolerant of the individual striking.  They are merely choices.  There are no victims.

Each time you place yourself in the position of a victim, you limit your choices, for you are not creating your reality any longer, in your perception.  Some other element of reality is creating it for you — a situation, a circumstance, another individual.

I express to you, you are creating all of your reality, and you are also creating of all of your choices, to be limiting or not to be limiting.

But I also offer to you the suggestion that you allow yourselves to be noticing and allow yourselves an awareness of self — of your automatic movement and actions and behaviors in these time frameworks of much movement of energy and acceleration of this shift — in your expressions of tolerance, and do not confuse your expressions of tolerance with an assessment of acceptance, for they are quite different.

Are you wishing of questions?

JOE:  Elias, I have one thing.  How may focuses in this room are involved with each other in other focuses or in some sort of counterpart action?

ELIAS:  All of you hold involvement within other focuses.  You all engage in counterpart action, but not necessarily with each other.

In this particular room, there is a counterpart action which is incorporated with these two individuals, of your partner and your relation. (Indicating Naomi and Brad, and there is a pause)

JOE:  Could you explain that a little further? (Laughter)

JUSTIN:  Before you explain, can we do a tape change?

ELIAS:  You may.

Tape change: 5:48 PM
Resume: 5:49 PM

JUSTIN:  Okay, we’re ready.

ELIAS:  Very well.  I shall clarify. (Laughter)  Your partner ...

JOE:  Naomi.

ELIAS:  Correct.  ... holds counterpart action with familial relation — yourself. (Indicating Brad)  You hold counterpart action with each other in this focus.

NAOMI:  Us three? (Indicating herself, Brad, and Justin)

ELIAS:  No.  These two individuals.

NAOMI:  Us two? (Indicating herself and Brad)

ELIAS:  Correct.  In this, you offer each other different elements of experience, through assimilation within consciousness subjectively, as you each choose different types of experiences, and as each of you do NOT choose different experiences.

Therefore, what I am expressing is, qualities that each of you hold latently are expressed through the other, and this offers you both the benefit, so to speak, of the experience of these qualities in essence.

There are certain qualities that you (indicating Naomi) manifest within this particular focus that your counterpart action with you (indicating Brad) do not actualize physically.

You (indicating Naomi) express certain physical qualities that are latent or not chosen with your (indicating Brad) focus, but you offer yourself the benefit of the experiences through the counterpart action, and this counterpart action moves between both of you.

There are certain expressions physically that are expressed by you (indicating Naomi) that offer a difference in your (indicating Brad) understanding of certain manifestations, and offer you more of an ease in movement into acceptance in some areas in conjunction with the qualities that are expressed with you (indicating Naomi).

The action of counterparts is to be offering different experiences without actual manifestation of those experiences within one particular focus.

This would be quite inefficient, were you to be physically experiencing every aspect of this physical reality within each manifestation of essence.  Essence would be manifesting billions and billions and billions of focuses within this dimension in every time framework to be experiencing all of the aspects of the designs of experiences of this physical dimension.  This is quite inefficient.

Therefore, essences focus a limited amount, so to speak, of focuses in different time frameworks in this dimension, and incorporate countless actions of counterparts which offer the benefit of the experience without the actual manifestation physically. (Pause)  There are more methods than one to be experiencing within your physical dimension! (Grinning)

GARY:  So you’re saying that people can be counterparts for short periods of time?

ELIAS:  You may.  There are many different designs of counterpart action.

Some individuals are creating a counterpart action with another individual, and that individual does not incorporate the same counterpart action in reverse, so to speak.  Some individuals incorporate counterpart action throughout an entire focus.  Some individuals create counterpart action merely temporarily; some intermittently throughout a focus.  There are counterpart actions that occur between focuses.  You may be incorporating some elements of counterpart action with other focuses of your essence.  You incorporate counterpart action with other essences.  There are many crossovers, so to speak, in this action.

Counterparts are not individuals.  It is an action that occurs between individuals and essences to be offering the benefit of experiences.

CARLOS:  Elias, may I ask you something?  How many more focuses do I have in this reality?  Can I guess?

ELIAS:  You may.

CARLOS:  Five?

ELIAS:  In this particular time framework, yes, you are correct, and with yourself inclusive is totaling six.

LENORA:  Let me ask you one.  Is this my last reincarnation?

ELIAS:  HA HA HA!  Shall we be opening a new can of worms, so to speak, (everybody cracks up) and a new aspect of religious belief systems?  Ha ha ha!

I shall express to you, no, this is not your final reincarnational focus, for you do not hold ANY reincarnational focuses, for you do not reincarnate! (Grinning)  All of your focuses are manifest simultaneously NOW.

Are you the designation of the final focus of essence within this particular dimension?  Yes.

LENORA:  Okay.

ELIAS:  This is not to say that any other manifestation in this dimension of your essence shall be remanifest, for it shall not, for no focus remanifests, for there is no reincarnation.

At the moment that any individual focus chooses to be disengaging from this physical dimension, it chooses also to be moving into other areas of consciousness.  It does not repeat and remanifest within this physical dimension.  This would be quite redundant and quite unnecessary!  You are manifesting many focuses of essence within this physical dimension.  Therefore, it is unnecessary for any particular focus to be remanifesting into this physical dimension.

There is no reincarnation.  There is no karma.  Therefore, there is no cycle of learning and movement to a higher plane, and there is no cycle of debt that needs be worked through.

You hold complete freedom within your focus.  The only limitations that you hold within any focus are those that you place before yourself in conjunction with your individual beliefs.

GARY:  But if we have complete freedom, then isn’t it possible that we could decide to incarnate again?

ELIAS:  In what you may term to be the realm of possibility, yes.  I shall express to you that you do not, for it is unnecessary.  There is limitless consciousness to be exploring within self.

Therefore, as you incorporate an exploration of this one physical dimension, why shall you be creating a redundant action and repeating your exploration, as you ARE essence and you ARE experiencing all of your other focuses within this physical dimension also?

GARY:  Possibly because some of them aren’t as right as others?

ELIAS:  Ah, not so! (Chuckling)

TONY:  Are you saying, from what I gather, that all things are happening at the same time?

ELIAS:  Correct.

TONY:  All things that have ever happened are happening now.  So, our essence can express in physical form, and simultaneously in certain others?  Is that correct?


TONY:  It IS happening that way.  Okay.  So, it really comes down to, it doesn’t really matter....

ELIAS:  Quite!  I offer one point for your observation, and this is what I have been expressing many, many, many times.  It matters not!

You manifest within this physical dimension to experience.  You have no mission.  You have no quest.  You have no higher plane to attain to.  You manifest for the experience.

TONY:  I like that! (Elias chuckles)

WARREN:  Elias, I have a question.  This is Warren.  Do you have contemporaries in your dimension?

ELIAS:  All of you, and many beyond. (Grinning)

WARREN: Well, one thing I was wondering about, that being the case, in the dimension that I’m in, there are a lot of people who would be skeptical of the energy transfer we’re experiencing.  I was wondering if beings in your dimension ... how they feel about an energy transfer to our dimension from your dimension.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, I am not a being from another dimension, in the terms that you are placing this ...

WARREN:  Well, I understand that....

ELIAS:  ... and for clarification, that there be no misunderstanding or element of distortion, the difference between myself and yourself is merely that I incorporate a remembrance and you do not, for you have chosen, within the manifestation of this physical dimension, to be forgetting and to be separating, within your objective awareness, your remembrance.

In this, I hold an awareness that there are individuals that you may classify as skeptical or doubting of the validity of this energy exchange.  I express to you that this is not an unusual expression within your physical dimension, in conjunction with your belief systems.  You hold doubtfulness of yourselves!  Why shall you not be doubtful of myself also?

WARREN:  Good point.

ELIAS:  In this, as to your inquiry of my view or what you term to be my contemporaries’ view of your dimension, the expression of skeptical holds no relevance, for there is an awareness of essence in the area, so to speak, of consciousness that I project energy from, and in this, there is an awareness of the remembrance of essence.  Therefore, it is unquestioned, for it is a reality!

You are.  You exist.  You manipulate energy.  You are a manifestation of consciousness.  There is nothing to question in this, for it is a reality.  You merely do not incorporate your remembrance.

Therefore, you continue to search for your explanations of reality and of self.  Once you are allowing yourself to be recognizing and accepting of self, you also shall incorporate the remembrance, and you need not be nonphysical to be incorporating this action.

And this is the point of this shift in consciousness, that you have chosen within this particular dimension to be incorporating your remembrance in conjunction with your physical reality, which shall allow you greater freedom and an exceptional expression of your creativity.

WARREN:  I think I understand. (Elias chuckles)  This is still Warren, and I’m asking another question, if I may.

ELIAS:  You may.

WARREN:  From my perspective, as limited as it is, it seems to me that your transfer of energy from your dimension to our dimension is ... I would consider that to be somewhat of a mission.  From my perspective, it would be like an educational mission.

ELIAS:  It is an answer.

Collectively, in the movement of this shift in consciousness, as you have begun an objective recognition of this shift, you also within consciousness have created a request.  You have asked.  You have asked for information that you are not incorporating in remembrance.

You have asked for helpfulness in understanding objectively of what you are creating, that you may lessen the incorporation of trauma within the action of this shift in consciousness, and in that request, in that asking, essences are responding.

This essence of myself is one of the essences that is responsive to your request, in offering information to you to be helpful in the lessening of the incorporation of trauma within this shift in consciousness.

Many individuals may not be experiencing a tremendous expression of trauma presently, but you are also offering an expression of energy to those individuals that ARE incorporating tremendous trauma presently.

Your acquisition of information that you allow to be assimilated lends to the movement within consciousness to be lessening the trauma that other individuals are experiencing or shall be experiencing, and also lessens or eliminates your own incorporation of trauma within the action of this shift.

There IS trauma being experienced within the action of this shift in consciousness.  You that draw yourselves to this information incorporate tremendous confusion.  Those individuals that do not avail themselves objectively of information in this type of manner incorporate a tremendous lack of objective understanding, and this incorporates trauma.

You objectively, desirously move in the direction of acceptance and into the movement of this shift in consciousness.  You seek out information which lends to your individual expressions and abilities to be moving in harmony with the energy of this shift in consciousness, and you experience tremendous confusion and conflict and difficulty.  Think to yourselves of the individuals within your dimension upon your planet that do not avail themselves of information objectively.

They are experiencing the same shift.  They are incorporating the same experiences.  Many of them are experiencing this shift in consciousness much more in extreme, in objective terms, and believe themselves to be experiencing lunacy, for it is unfamiliar to them, and they do not hold an objective explanation or understanding.

As I speak to you, I also speak to the potentiality of all of the individuals within your physical dimension that you shall incorporate an affectingness of.  Therefore, as you avail yourself of this information, you also create, in a manner of speaking objectively, a channel for many, many, many other individuals to be incorporating this information, and as this action occurs within energy, you alter probabilities, and you divert those probabilities that you view to be devastation from being inserted into your officially accepted reality, and you set into motion more of the movement of acceptance and less and less trauma.

You wish to be moving through your creations in this physical focus without conflict, and you are moving in this direction as you allow yourselves to be understanding yourselves — who you are and what you are, and what you create and how you create within your reality — and this allows you an acceptance of yourselves.

TONY:  This is Tony again.  You spoke about remembrance, and I was wondering, how do you know the difference between taking on or choosing the remembrance versus leaving this plane in the physical form?

ELIAS:  A remembrance, or THE remembrance, is a state of being.  Therefore, you are moving in a correct direction, so to speak, figuratively speaking, in your inquiry.

The remembrance shall be incorporated into this physical reality.  Therefore, you shall continue to be incorporating the action of this physical reality.  Physical reality holds very different qualities from nonphysical realities.

You shall continue to be creating this reality in a linear time framework.  You shall continue to hold beliefs.  You shall continue to be manifest in solidity physically and create your reality in conjunction with physical manifestations, but you shall also allow yourself the objective awareness of your abilities to manipulate energy.  You shall allow yourself the awareness objectively of what you are.  You shall allow yourself more freedom within your choices.

You may choose to be incorporating a reality in the manner that you are creating reality now, or you may choose to be incorporating very different elements of your reality.  You may allow yourself much more freedom of movement within consciousness.  You shall continue to direct your attention in this physical reality, but you shall also allow yourself temporary movement in and out, so to speak, of other realities.  You shall also recognize that it IS this physical reality and the creation of this shift in consciousness, for other physical realities shall not necessarily hold the same awareness of you that you hold of them.

This shift in consciousness is a design of this dimension.  It is not incorporating of all of consciousness.  YOU have designed this as a source event within THIS reality.  Therefore, within this dimension, this universe, it is incorporated as a reality, but this is not to say that it is a reality within other physical dimensions.

TONY:  Would such a shift be recognized by those around me that know me now?

ELIAS:  Yes.

TONY:  It would be?

ELIAS:  Yes.  Let me express to you, all individuals ...

TONY:  That’s a little frightening, in my beliefs!

ELIAS:  ... upon your planet are recognizing of some aspects of the movement of this shift in consciousness.  They may not objectively hold the same awareness that you hold, but all of the individuals upon your planet hold some element of awareness of this shift in consciousness, and as you widen your awareness, it shall become noticeable objectively to other individuals.  This is a natural byproduct, and it shall matter not! (Grinning, and laughter)

TONY:  That’s right!  It shall matter not! (Laughing)  Thank you.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!  You are quite welcome!

I shall be disengaging this evening, and I shall be anticipating interaction with you all once again.

To you this day, in a tremendous expression of affection, and in my expression of acceptance that you may incorporate within yourselves, I bid, lovingly, au revoir.

GROUP:  Au revoir.  Thank you.

Elias departs at 6:25 PM.


(1)  I have done the best I can to indicate which person Elias is indicating at which time in this explanation, but it’s been difficult because they were sitting right next to each other.  I will also take this opportunity to say that I guessed at who was speaking at times throughout this transcript.  So, there may be errors in this area.

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