Session 1052

Offer Your Expression Freely with No Expectation


"Offer Your Expression Freely with No Expectation"
"The Shift"

Friday, April 5, 2002 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and Joni (Aziza)
Elias arrives at 2:31 PM. (Arrival time is 27 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JONI: Hi, Elias!

ELIAS: Ha ha! Welcome!

JONI: Yes, I've been looking forward to really talking to you, especially with what's been going on in my life. Nothing's a mistake, right? There's always a reason. Whoa, is this great timing! (Elias laughs) Okay, shall I start with a question here?

ELIAS: You may proceed.

JONI: I've got a little dog who has an allergy and I've taken him off of corn/soy, but can you suggest anything else I can do with him to make his little life a little bit better?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And express to myself, what is the nature of your concern in relation to this creature and its creation?

JONI: Could you repeat that a little bit? What is my concern?

ELIAS: Concern, yes. Why does this allergy concern you?

JONI: Number one, because it makes him quite uncomfortable. Now, I have a feeling that he... I had a little rescue dog, last year or the year before, who I had to put down because of his allergies, and my feeling is that this Bobby, I mean Joey, is like - what do you call them? - you know, the reincarnation of... I think he's the essence of that dog that I had to put down because of that.

ELIAS: Ah. Therefore, this is your concern.

JONI: Right. And as I said, his comfort, also. He scratches all the time.


JONI: And it's inconvenient for me to have to have special food. I have two other dogs.

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you that you may incorporate, in practical terms, a tar bath, and once you have engaged that action, discontinue concerning yourself. For as you continue to concern yourself and you continue to express this energy, you reinforce its creation.

JONI: Yes, good. Thank you. Okay, I'm done with that one now. Are we done on the dog?


JONI: My ex-husband - who I was married to for 28 years and then he remarried and his wife died; he'd been married to her for 22 years last month - he called me to ask me if I would come down to Phoenix and assist him, because he's had a couple strokes and he doesn't do well and so forth. And I'm going and it feels right. In one minute I think I'm crazy, and in the next minute it just feels right. Could you comment on that?

ELIAS: First of all, express to myself what you actually are communicating to yourself in the moments that you are questioning your choice.

JONI: I think I'm in fear, to tell you the truth. My feeling is it's logistics. I have been in fear for my future; even though I know that if I trust my spirit things will be fine, still the human part of me has been in fear. This is going to create security for me, so this is something I have to do.

But also my feeling is that we need to close the door. I've never been able to seem to detach from this man, and that's a big thing. I do not want to cross over and carry any anger or anything. It's been very challenging for me to let go of the anger, so I think that that will take care of this.

ELIAS: Ah. Therefore, this is your motivation in choosing to engage this action, to allow yourself a settling and to generate a comfort within yourself in relation to this individual. And in this, your motivation also is that you shall allow yourself to discontinue expressing judgment. Correct?

JONI: Correct.

ELIAS: And in relation to this individual, what is your motivation in your expression with him, other than addressing to this fear and allowing yourself to address to the judgments?

JONI: I'm not so sure what you're asking. However, he was my best friend and I would like to get back to the friendship that we used to have. Is that answering the question that you asked? I didn't quite understand it.

ELIAS: Partially, yes. I am inquiring of you what your motivation is that is influencing your choice in respect to the relationship. What is your expectation?

JONI: Oh, I am working very hard at not having any...


JONI: be truthful with you. There are some things that I know that I have got to deal with. My feeling is I better deal with it now, like walking into the house that his wife lived in, seeing the things that used to be mine - they're not important. I'm just conditioning myself to staying in the moment and not getting into the past. I've talked to him already about this, so it's a healing. I think he wants to heal also. The only thing is, is it's ... well, anyway, it's a healing.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and I am acknowledging of your motivation and of your recognition of your choice and what you are addressing to in generating this choice.

Now; I may be reminding you, once you are engaging this action and you are engaging this individual, continue to hold your attention upon self and allow yourself to address to these directions that you have identified, for you are correct, these are issues that shall be quite beneficial to your movement if you are allowing yourself to move through and generate acceptance.

But you also present to yourself a challenge in continuing to hold your attention upon you and NOT generate expectations once you engage physical proximity with this individual. For I hold an awareness that you generate an intensity of feeling in regard to this individual, and this generates an automatic response in expectation of wanting the other individual to be expressing the same movement as yourself in response to your expressions. This is easily generated within many individuals and within yourself also - not that you expect that he SHALL comply or generate the same movement as yourself, but that you may easily slip into the expression of the WANT in relation to yourself that he would. Are you understanding?

JONI: What I'm hearing you say is be careful.


JONI: And do not expect from him to come from the same place I'm coming from.

ELIAS: Yes. Offer your expression freely with no expectation, knowing that you are generating these expressions in paying attention to you, not with the expectation of a response or a return from the other individual. And in actuality, my friend, it genuinely matters not what his expression may be, for you incorporate the ability to generate what YOU want quite genuinely merely through your free expression of yourself and your allowance to be freely offering acceptance to yourself and to this individual, and this shall generate a perception outwardly in your reality that shall offer you what you want.

But the key is to continue to hold your attention in the now and to continue to hold your attention upon you and pay attention to your emotional communications. For they are not communicating to you a reaction in relation to the other individual; they are communicating to you what YOU are generating in the moment, and this shall be most helpful to you in allowing you to continue to hold your attention upon self and in the now and not project your attention past or future.

JONI: I thought if I work on and concentrate on being of service it might help me, because I am such a verbal person and whatever, you know, and I thought if I could just keep reminding myself that I chose this to be of service to heal the situation, is that...? Oh, well, I'll work it out.


JONI: But I heard what you said.

ELIAS: I am understanding of your expression, and yes, I am acknowledging of you.

JONI: Someone suggested that to me and it felt right. Okay, are we done on that one? I mean, is there anything else you wanted to add to that one?

ELIAS: You may continue.

JONI: Now, the other thing is, I am 71 years old now and it's been 20-odd years and I'm driving down with my three dogs in the heat; and I have been running quite a bit of ... I don't know whether it's fear or trepidation - or I'm not even quite sure what the feeling here is, probably fear - of getting behind the wheel again and driving that far. Is there anything that I need to watch out for, by any chance?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Merely acknowledge yourself and trust yourself, for you incorporate the ability to be accomplishing this trip. You are merely incorporating an aspect of fear in relation to your beliefs concerning your age. And these are beliefs, my friend. It matters not what age you incorporate. This does not necessarily limit your choices or your ability to generate the reality that you want in the manner that you want it.

JONI: Well, I'm in the process of reversing my age, anyway.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! Hear, hear!

JONI: And you know, I really do get that I can do anything that I want to. I just have to accept the fact that I can do that.

ELIAS: You are quite correct! Ha ha ha ha!

JONI: Thank you! Now that I'm done with that personal stuff - which of course this is too - I am very interested in my essence name, my family name, the alignment, and the orientation.

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Aziza, A-Z-I-Z-A (ah ZEE zah). Essence family, Tumold.

JONI: What is that?

ELIAS: Tumold. Alignment in this focus...

JONI: I'm sorry, could you spell that family name?

ELIAS: You may obtain this information from Michael, subsequent. He shall be quite willing to offer you the specifics of these essence families.

Alignment in this focus, Ilda.

JONI: Say one more time?

ELIAS: Ilda.

JONI: Ilda. H-I? Or I?




JONI: And orientation?

ELIAS: Orientation, common.

JONI: I can get this information somewhere else of what it's all about, right?

ELIAS: Michael shall be incorporating a willingness to offer you this information.

JONI: I was given, quite a few years ago, the name of Akiana, which is what I use when I work with people and I do readings and so forth. Where does this name come from and what does it mean?


JONI: Where does it come from, you know?

ELIAS: I am understanding. I may express to you that you as essence have chosen to incorporate this physical naming in several focuses, and in actuality you generate a reason for incorporating this name in several focuses, for there is a strong association of preference of this name in relation to a preferred expression of focuses. In this physical dimension, you incorporate many focuses of attention that express similar qualities of energy and similar explorations in relation to magic, wizardry, sorcery, alchemy, and now in expressions of what may be commonly viewed as psychic interactions. This is a theme throughout your focuses in this physical dimension.

One physical focus in this dimension incorporates that name physically, and is, figuratively speaking, designated by your essence as a type of focal point or example of the theme, and this individual expresses a tremendous movement in sorcery and a tremendous attention, and allows for a genuine free expression of allowance of her ability to be generating many expressions of magic, so to speak, in that particular focus.

This is quite playful, but also is viewed through many of your focuses as quite serious and is recognized as the theme. Therefore, this name is almost a symbol of the theme of all of your focuses in this physical dimension.

JONI: Is that why I manifest so easily? Yeah, sorcery... I manifest quite easily. If I want something, I get it very shortly after that.

ELIAS: Quite.

JONI: Is that the sorcery and the magic and so forth, that energy?

ELIAS: Yes. This is a quality of energy that you naturally generate.

JONI: Are we done with that one?


JONI: Have you got any more to tell me there? I don't want to interrupt you.

ELIAS: Ha ha! You may continue. Ha ha ha!

JONI: Let's see, what do I want to continue with? Oh my. Is there anything else you want to tell me? I don't have too much. That's what I wanted to know, like, who am I, and this lifetime...

There's so many people that this is their last lifetime at this particular time. What's going on with the planet? That's what I want to know!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And you already know, my friend.

JONI: I beg your pardon?

ELIAS: I express to you that you already know, my friend.

JONI: Oh, I know, but I want you to confirm it. (Laughs)

ELIAS: You are engaging a global shift in consciousness. This age is shifting the expression of consciousness. Throughout your history in this physical dimension, you have collectively chosen to be expressing a male energy, for you associate all of your manifestations in relation to gender in this physical dimension, for sexuality is one of the two base elements of the design of this physical dimension. In this, you have generated all of your history to this point in an expression of male energy. You are shifting that energy expression to a female energy expression.

Now; this is not an expression of shifting a balance of societies necessarily or altering the construct, so to speak, of your male and female genders. It is merely shifting the expression of energy from that of the intellectual to the intuitional.

In this, as you shift this energy, you are also redefining terms, for you are shifting from an outward expression to an inward expression, placing value and turning your attentions to the individual and allowing the expression of the individual to be directing themselves, rather than the previous expression of projecting attention outwardly and allowing other individuals to be directing of the masses.

In this, as you turn this attention, you widen your awareness, for the emphasis is expressed upon self and the expression of the feminine, the intuition. In this action, there is a necessity to redefine terminology, and as you redefine terminology you actually redefine your physical reality. You alter your perceptions, which perception is the mechanism that generates all of the physical manifestations within your physical dimension. Therefore as you alter your perception, you alter your actual physical world and your physical reality.

In this, you also are generating a new action that you have not incorporated previously in this physical dimension, and that is the action of acceptance of beliefs - not eliminating beliefs, for they are an integral design of the blueprint of this physical dimension - but the action of acceptance of these belief systems and therefore neutralizing their affectingness in limiting your choices, and therefore also allowing yourselves individually and collectively to generate a tremendous expression of freedom.

Now; this freedom actually is altering your physical reality, and as you insert this shift in consciousness fully into your physical reality in objective terms - which you are now engaging in this century - you shall be altering the construct of your societies, your governments, your movement in relation to what you now view as work and play.

In this, as I have expressed previously, in a manner of speaking you laid your groundwork in your previous century. In your 20th century, you moved in the expression of the subjective movement of this shift in consciousness. Now in this century, you are beginning the objective insertion of it; the actual alteration of your reality in physical terms.

This also generates conflict and many expressions of trauma for many individuals throughout your world. For the action of addressing to belief systems and acceptance of them is quite unfamiliar, and this action generates tremendous expressions of trauma within individuals and en masse. This is the reason that there is also an acceleration of information which is being offered through essences, such as myself and many other expressions of energy throughout your world, in lending energy in helpfulness that you shall not generate tremendous trauma, for it is unnecessary. Therefore, as you offer yourselves more information as you widen your awarenesses, you allow yourselves less trauma, and this is the point of my engagement with all of you in offering information to you.

In this, you already are beginning to view tremendous changes and alterations and also tremendous upheaval, and you also view many, many, many individuals choosing to disengage in this time framework for they choose not to be physically interactive in this shifting objectively, for there is a subjective recognition of the challenge which is expressed in this shift.

Now; these individuals continue to lend energy to the accomplishment of this shift but are choosing to express that nonphysically rather than experiencing the objective physical affectingness of this shift. But those individuals that choose to continue within their physical expressions and manifestations as this shift accelerates are beginning, and shall continue to do so, to generate much more of an excitement in relation to the discovery of these new freedoms that you are each and all offering to yourselves.

You are also all widening your awarenesses to the point now that you recognize that you present yourselves with tremendous challenges and that the energy expressions are quite real and quite strong, and you participate in expressing these energy surges collectively within your physical dimension to assist the movement of this shift. But even these energy surges may be quite challenging in your objective physical reality, for they are also quite unfamiliar and they are being expressed quite strongly.

JONI: I need to... Were you done? You triggered something, and I could ask a personal question here.

ELIAS: You may.

JONI: I work with people, and I have not been doing very much of this lately, and now I'm starting... Do you see me working with more people than I have in the last year? Did I come to do this, or am I going in a different direction? I know you don't do fortune telling.

ELIAS: I am understanding. This in actuality is strongly influenced by the essence family that you align with.

In physical manifestations in this dimension, the alignment of an individual is much more overtly or obviously expressed, not necessarily more strongly expressed than the essence family that you are belonging to - which once again I shall express to you, as we disengage this session this day you may inquire of Michael for more specific information concerning these essence families - but each individual as essence is belonging to one essence family which is the same in all of their focuses. But each focus of attention aligns with another essence family to express and experience different qualities of different families.

Now; in this, you align with the essence family of Ilda, which has been quite influencing throughout the entirety of your focus and continues to be. This also is an expression which generates part of your individual value fulfillment in this focus, which is to be interactive with other individuals and allowing yourself a free expression and a free flow of energy in relation to other individuals.

And as you engage this trip and allow yourself the experience of addressing to the subject matters that you have recognized that you are choosing to move into an expression of acceptance with, and you are, in your terms, facing your challenge in this, you also are allowing yourself to open another window into much more of a free expression of yourself in relation to other individuals, and in that, incorporate more of a playfulness with yourself and more of an allowance with yourself that it shall not be tedious, but rather that you shall allow yourself to incorporate interaction with other individuals and incorporate fun and playfulness, for you shall discontinue the expression of personal responsibility in relation to other individuals or any expression of obligation.

JONI: (Sighs) Well, I think we're close to the end of our hour, aren't we? Yeah, I think we are. And did you have anything else you wanted to say?

ELIAS: Merely that I shall offer you a tremendous energy of encouragement, my friend, as you embark on this adventure, for I may view in your energy expression in this now that you are generating already probabilities to allow yourself what you deem to be tremendous success, and I am acknowledging of you. Merely be remembering, pay attention to you and pay attention to the now.

JONI: Indeed. Thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. I shall be offering you playful energy.

JONI: Cool!

ELIAS: You may on the watch, for I...

JONI: Great! I need all the help for that driving day! Yes, thank you. I really need that encouragement.

ELIAS: Very well. I express my energy quite consistently in blue imagery, therefore you may be on the watch!

JONI: Oh, thank you. I will be.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I may express to you my enjoyment of our interaction and offer to you tremendous affection in anticipation of our next meeting.

JONI: Oh, bless you. Thank you. And the same.

ELIAS: To you, this day, au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:13 PM.

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