Session 851

Checking in with Elias


"Checking in with Elias"

Sunday, June 10, 2001 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Liz (Elisabeth), and Ashley (Percie)
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ELIAS: Good afternoon!


ELIAS: And what shall we be discussing this day?

LIZ: I was wondering what my essence name is, my essence family and what family I'm aligning with?

ELIAS: And shall you offer an impression, first of all?

LIZ: Umm, no! (Laughing) Maybe Sumari, possibly. That's the only impression that I have.

ELIAS: Essence family, Zuli; alignment, Sumari; essence name, Elisabeth, E-L-I-S-A-B-E-T-H.

ASHLEY: I was wondering what my orientation is.

ELIAS: And your impression?

ASHLEY: Maybe that I'm soft.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Correct!

LIZ: What is my orientation?

ELIAS: Common.

ASHLEY: I was wondering if I could ask the essence names for two people?

ELIAS: You may.

ASHLEY: For my really good friend named Carly? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Dishah, D-I-S-H-A-H (DEE sha).

ASHLEY: And for my friend named Brian. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Libby, L-I-B-B-Y.

ASHLEY: Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LIZ: Can I ask you for essence names for two people?

ELIAS: You may.

LIZ: The first one I have is for a really good friend of mine named Ciara.

ELIAS: Essence name, Raulin, R-A-U-L-I-N (RAOW lin).

LIZ: And for Alex, a friend of mine named Alex. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Yao-Si, Y-A-O hyphen S-I (YOH-see).

LIZ: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ASHLEY: I was wondering, I really feel very strongly that I'm a final focus.

ELIAS: And you are correct.

LIZ: I was wondering if I have any famous focuses?

ELIAS: Ah! And shall you not be investigating of this, for you hold the ability. I shall confirm, yes, you do incorporate famous focuses, in your terms, and challenge you to be listening to your impressions to allow you to identify what manifestations they are.

ASHLEY: I think that maybe my signature color is purple.

ELIAS: Lavender.

ASHLEY: Oh, lavender!

LIZ: What's my signature color?

ELIAS: What is your impression?

LIZ: I really like blues, but then I also really like pinks.

ELIAS: I may express to you, that which you may identify as petal pink is your focus color. Your signature color of essence may be translated to teal.

ASHLEY: I'm just horribly afraid of snakes. They scare me and I don't like them, even really little ones. I maybe get the impression that somewhere in a past focus, or even in a focus right now, that I've had a really bad experience with snakes and maybe that is why I'm so afraid of them. So, would I be correct?

ELIAS: I may express to you, there is more than one association that creates this expression of fear within yourself concerning snakes. One is an energy that you draw to yourself of another focus and experiences that have been engaged with these types of creatures that you view within your beliefs to be unpleasant.

But you also, in this focus, view this creature as a symbol. Your aversion to these creatures is created in relation to duplicity in the expression of identifying wrong, bad or evil, and this creature is your symbol of the embodiment of those expressions of duplicity and your creation of fear of those expressions within yourself.

Now; shall you be remembering of our discussion yesterday and my offering of information concerning shadows? For in this, as you allow yourself to become familiar with yourself and to be accepting of those experiences or associations that you hold within yourself in relation to the fear of bad creations, you may begin to turn your perception and view that these are in actuality aspects of you and are not bad, and are in actuality wondrous, for they create the contribution of the shadow, which creates the depth.

Let me express to you both, in the experiences and the associations that you engage that you view are bad or wrong, your awareness becomes extremely acute. You become very aware of yourself, and this is an opening of a door to yourself, not to be expressing judgment but to be recognizing your depth, not to be chastising of yourself but to be recognizing the depth of your experiences, the depth of your communication of emotions, the depth of your passion. For, many times, you fear your expressions and their strength, and you deem them to be bad. For you create a fear of the strength of your own passion, and that is allowed to be expressed merely in small increments and in association with what you view to be wrong.

Therefore, as you begin your journey in your exploration of your color, your hues and your shadows, and you allow yourself the recognition of your attention and your passion within yourself, you also may turn your perception concerning these creatures and view them to be intriguing rather than fearful.

ASHLEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LIZ: I feel like I have a very strong focus as a dancer, and I was wondering if that was correct.

ELIAS: You are correct.

LIZ: Do you know what time period that's around?

ELIAS: I may express to you, within your previous century - your 1900s - central time period, and this you may also be investigating. Male individual, not within the identification of this country that you presently occupy - and this is one of your famous focuses.

LIZ: Oh, thank you.

ASHLEY: I was wondering if I have what we perceive to be a famous focus as maybe like a classical musician? Maybe a conductor or something like that, because I'm just really drawn to that.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, 19th century European. Investigate!

(Looking at Liz) Clue: Russian.

LIZ: Okay. Do Ashley and I have any focuses together?


LIZ: What's the ... do you know what the relationship is?

ASHLEY: I get the sense that maybe we're family, perhaps brother, sister, mom...

ELIAS: You have created, in actuality, several focuses together in different types of relationships. Yes, you are correct, you have engaged in family relationships, and you have also engaged friendships in some of your focuses shared.

ASHLEY: Thank you. The house in Hawaii that my mom has seen and drawn pictures of, she has gotten the impression that perhaps that is my house in one of my focuses.

ELIAS: And you are correct. She has inquired if it is her focus in this time framework this day, and I have expressed incorrect but it is a manifestation of another individual's essence close to her - and your impression is correct.

LIZ: Somebody else had told my mom that my brother is my dad in another focus, and I was just wondering if that is accurate.


ASHLEY: I also think that I have a focus, I'm not sure whether past or present, as a writer, because I'm very drawn to writing and that.

ELIAS: Correct, and I may express to you in your investigation, recognize this as future focus.

LIZ: Do you feel it when people touch you? Can you feel that?

ELIAS: I am aware of the energy expressed by the individual, and I participate in projecting my energy through this physical body to the other individual.

As to your question of whether I feel the touch in a physical sense, not in the terms that you associate. For the body consciousness is not associated with my essence, it is associated with another essence; but I do recognize the energy exchange and experience that.

LIZ: Oh, thank you. (Elias smiles and gives a little bow to Liz)

ASHLEY: I'm also really drawn to the Spanish culture, and I think perhaps I've had a focus where I was Hispanic or lived in a Spanish-speaking country.

ELIAS: You are correct, several: within your continent of South America and also within your European countries of Spain and Portugal.

ASHLEY: Thank you. Also I'm really drawn to traveling; just seeing the world is really important to me. I belong to Sumafi and I'm aligned with Ilda, and I know one of those people are really like gypsies. And so I was just... (Elias laughs, and Liz and Ashley crack up) My mom told me to ask!

ELIAS: Ah, the new interpretation of the Ilda family: the gypsies! Ha ha ha ha!

ASHLEY: Well, I was just wondering if perhaps in one of my focuses I was a Gypsy or a pirate or somebody who traveled quite a bit and saw the world.

ELIAS: I am understanding. I may express to you, yes, you do incorporate a focus as that which you identify as a Gypsy in Spain, and also as a merchant [who] travels between different countries accessing wares to be exchanged within other countries.

ASHLEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. Although, I shall also identify to you that the expression of Ilda as an alignment is the choice of the individual focus. This is not to say that you have not chosen any alignment many times.

ASHLEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LIZ: I was wondering if you could describe to me just one of my focuses, just a random one?

ELIAS: I shall offer you two. (Pause) I shall offer you the identification of the Russian, for you already are incorporating much information and this does not present the challenge that another focus may present in your investigation. Therefore, I shall offer to you clues of two focuses that you may familiarize yourself with.

LIZ: All right.

ELIAS: The Russian is identified as the dancer Nureyev.

LIZ: How is that spelled?

ELIAS: You may be accessing this information quite easily through your physical books and other individuals.

LIZ: How do you say it again?

ELIAS: Nureyev, first name Rudolph.

Now; I may also offer to you the identification of another focus within the time framework of your 19th century, physical location Brussels. This individual is female. The individual within her focus sustains herself adequately and is well appreciated within her community, although does not incorporate wealth and may be identified in the class of peasantry. The individual creates a craft that you may investigate, and this craft is shared with other individuals within her community which creates an endearing response of the other individuals in her community with herself. This individual also has incorporated the experience of engaging facilitating another essence into manifestation, creating a child, and experiencing what you term to be the loss of this child at quite young age, which created much affectingness within this individual but also was affecting in the individual's allowance of movement in relation to other small ones and expressing great compassion to them.

LIZ: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I may express to you, this individual may hold interest to you in your investigation, for there are similarities in the expression of your energy and her energy.

LIZ: Do you have her name by any chance?

ELIAS: Ilsa.

LIZ: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ASHLEY: My mom has said that she's seen a previous focus where she was a prostitute in Louisiana, and she is under the impression that I am her mom in that focus. We've shared many focuses together, and in several of them I have been her mom, and she is under the impression that this would be one of them.

ELIAS: And your impression?

ASHLEY: That I am.

ELIAS: You are correct.

(Looking at both girls) It is significant that I inquire of your impressions, for this objectively allows you to validate yourselves and trust yourselves in accessing information through your impressions, and therefore know that you are offering yourselves correct information.

LIZ: One of my friends doesn't like to be touched at all. Her name is Ciara. It seems to be my impression that she had a focus where something happened whereas she can't physically be touched.

ASHLEY: Abuse.

LIZ: Like abuse or something like that. I was wondering if that was true, or it was just something that's not?

ELIAS: You are correct. I may express to you, an influencing aspect of this manifestation is that this individual within the other focus incorporated severe burn and is quite sensitive to the physical sense of touch.

ASHLEY: I think that I've seen another focus, but it was just really quick. I was a girl, probably like in my mid-twenties, I was sitting in a house on a windowsill, and the whole wall was windows. I was looking out below, because we kind of sat high, and I was looking out at all these trees, like I was sort of in the woods. I was not too clear on the time period, but it's my impression that this has been one of my focuses - and I had long hair. Would I be correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct - physical location France, your time framework 18th century.

ASHLEY: Thank you.

LIZ: I've had an impression of one of my focuses as a farmer, a male farmer walking through crops. I was wondering if that was another one of my focuses?

ELIAS: Correct.

LIZ: Do you have the location of...

ELIAS: I shall challenge you to be investigating once again! (Laughing, and Liz laughs)

ASHLEY: How many focuses do I have in this dimension, like the total number?

ELIAS: Total numbering of focuses in this dimension, 936.

ASHLEY: How many of those could I be accessing?

ELIAS: Those easily accessed in tone, 42.

LIZ: How many total focuses do I have in this dimension?

ELIAS: Total numbering, 781.

LIZ: And how many could I access?

ELIAS: Thirty-seven.

LIZ: Do you enjoy talking to human beings?

ELIAS: Quite! I speak with you all, for collectively within consciousness you have asked. You wish to be accessing information in relation to your shift in consciousness that you are creating, and as an essence that has participated in this physical dimension, I express a compliance and a willingness to be interactive with you in response to your request.

In your translation of enjoyment, yes, I am quite amused! I am quite experience[ing] of joyfulness in my interaction with you all.

BOTH: Thank you!

ELIAS: I may also express to you both this day, I especially am enjoying my interaction with all small ones, of which you both are also.

BOTH: Thank you!

ELIAS: For as small ones you have chosen to be manifest in the throes of this shift and hold a natural openness and understanding and acceptance of it, which moves energy in its accomplishment more swiftly.

You also incorporate a natural expression of individuality and directing of your own plays, steering of your own ships, and not the willingness of your parents to allow other individuals or circumstances to be steering their ships. (Chuckles) And my encouragement extends to you to continue to be offering the example to those individuals that may be more steeped in their beliefs than are you.

LIZ: May I touch you?

ELIAS: You certainly may! (Liz momentarily takes Elias' hand.)

ASHLEY: Elizabeth and I had this experience one night. We were driving through a parking lot and we came across a young girl, probably like 18 or 19, or possibly even our age which is 16 and 17. She was standing under a light with her head down, and we tried to speak to her because she looked like she was not in pain physically but emotionally, rather; she looked like she was disturbed. We were concerned for her, so we tried to stop and talk to her. We found the experience to be just really disturbing and different and ... I mean, it just was unlike any other experience that we've ever had.

LIZ: It was unreal.

ASHLEY: Yeah, sort of very unreal! We came away from it asking a lot of questions and being very confused. I don't know what we want to know, but did that happen for a reason? I mean, was that ... do you ... I don't know exactly what we're trying to ask. I guess it was just different. Do you understand?

ELIAS: Yes. Now attempt once again to articulate the nature of your experience, and identify what your confusion was and the nature of your concern.

ASHLEY: Okay. She talked about being left there by her boyfriend and said she was just waiting there for him. So we came away being very confused as to why a person would allow another individual to have that sort of power over them, to sort of keep them from doing what they should be doing or ... you know what I mean? We were just very confused about that, and we found it very disturbing because she was young and she seemed so sad and so ... like she just didn't know who she was. We just were very disturbed by the fact that she was so young and going through such emotional turmoil at such a young age. (To Liz) Can you think of anything else? It was just ... so I guess that's really all we can articulate about it.

ELIAS: And have you presented this experience to yourselves purposefully? Yes. For, you offer yourselves the opportunity to view confusion and difference in experience. You offer yourselves the opportunity to view the similarities between you and the difference in choices. And in this experience, you present to yourselves another opportunity to examine within yourselves the examination of the potential or the possibility of allowing another individual to dictate to you your choices and what shall manifest in the moments that you allow that to be in occurrence.

For in the moments that you allow a circumstance or another individual to dictate to you what you shall choose or what you shall not choose, yourself cries out to you in anguish that you have denied yourself your choice, and that you have discounted yourself in the moment and have moved yourself into the expression of victim; and once you have moved yourself into the role of victim, you deny yourself ALL choice.

This is an important experience that you have offered to yourselves, as an example to be aware of yourselves and what you are creating: your communications to yourself, holding your attention upon self, creating your choices, and allowing yourself - regardless of what may be occurring outside of yourself - permission to engage your individual choices, for ultimately what holds the greatest significance is your own freedom. For, your expression outwardly and its affectingness in relation to other individuals is expressed with the least thickness in allowing yourself to be creating your choices, and your choices are NOT dependent upon the choices or preferences or expressions of any other individual.

BOTH: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ASHLEY: We have a friend who is very different and is just unlike anybody that we've ever met before.

LIZ: His energy is.

ASHLEY: His energy is just completely different. I mean, just when you talk to him, you look at him and it's just really apparent that his energy is just very different. And perhaps ... our moms are under the impression that perhaps he is more evolved, sort of, that he's more open or aware...

LIZ: He's more overall playful; he's just very playful. I don't know how to explain it.

ASHLEY: Some people would say it seems like maybe he actually has a mental illness, but we don't believe that to be what it is. We just believe it to be ... I'm not sure how to explain it, but...

ELIAS: The individual is not more evolved than are you. This is precisely what you have identified, the recognition of difference. This once again may be incorporated as an example to yourselves and incorporated by yourselves as an example to other individuals in your acceptance.

For as I have stated previously, difference is associated with threat within your physical reality. Sameness is associated with validation. You accept same; you gravitate to same expressions. You validate yourselves in your experiences if you are magnating to sameness. As you encounter difference, the immediate association is threat, for there is an objective lack of understanding and therefore the automatic expression is rejection.

Acceptance of difference is a tremendous movement in this shift in consciousness, for it allows you the freedom to be accepting of your own differences and uniqueness, and therefore also of the differences of other individuals. For they are not right or wrong, they are choices of experiences and choices of how an individual shall manifest and project their energy. Therefore, once again, you incorporate great opportunity and have already allowed yourself the expression of acceptance.

ASHLEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LIZ: Do I have any focuses with a boy named Alex H? (Pause)


ASHLEY: I was wondering if I have any focuses where I was a Native American, where I was associated with the Native American culture, people?


ASHLEY: I have another question too, about my step-mom. I feel like I've had focuses with her before, like we've shared other focuses.

ELIAS: You are correct.

LIZ: I don't know if you're going to be able to answer this or not, but there's this man who says that he can channel Seth, and I was wondering if that's true, if Seth was actually being channeled by him.

ELIAS: I may express to you in your identification of the essence of Seth that has generated the books, no. This is an expression of channeling - not an energy exchange - channeling information within the individual essence and incorporating distortion through the associations and beliefs of the individual. This essence of Seth does not interact in this capacity with your physical dimension presently.

LIZ: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ASHLEY: When you said that I had had focus, perhaps a future focus, as a writer, were they specifically a poet?

ELIAS: Yes, but also at times incorporates prose.


LIZ: Can you hold things?

ELIAS: This is possible. I may express to you that as I focus my energy through this energy exchange, it is projected through many layers of consciousness to enable my awareness to be presented within an objective physical interaction in a manner which you understand and which you shall receive in alignment with your physical dimension in the expression of sexuality and emotion.

In the area of consciousness that I occupy my attention, there is no incorporation of sexuality or emotion. But this is the design of YOUR physical dimension, and therefore this is what is familiar to you. Therefore, I focus my attention through layers of consciousness and configure the energy in a manner that presents myself to you in this type of expression. I am understanding of the associations of your physical dimension.

As to other aspects of my interaction with you, my attention is focused in the exchange of energy with you. Therefore, physical matter is unimportant.

Now; this is not to say that I may not focus the attention to be actually physically viewing through the physical sense of vision that Michael incorporates, for I may and at times have and do, although this action is requiring of much more of a stream in preciseness of energy in a specific configuration to be actually viewing or engaging sense manipulation of Michael's body in relation to objects.

The objects are unimportant. Your energy and the exchange of energy that we create together holds much more importance, and in that exchange I may allow myself to more easily flow an energy to you without the distraction of physical matter.

LIZ: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ASHLEY: I'm under the impression that I am emotionally focused.

ELIAS: Correct. And you also. (Looking at Liz)

LIZ: Oh, thank you!

ASHLEY: I also feel like I've shared focuses with my really good friend named Tia. Would I be correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

LIZ: Am I currently creating the most probable probability of becoming a writer?

ELIAS: This is your choice, and whether you choose to be expressing your creativity in this manner and focusing your attention in this manner.

ASHLEY: I think that you've said before that in one of your previous focuses that you were Oscar Wilde.

ELIAS: Correct.

LIZ: Do you remember it?

ELIAS: Quite!

ASHLEY: I like what you wrote!

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA HA HA! I may express to you my appreciation of your appreciation of my expression within that focus of attention! Quite a colorful character! (Ashley and Liz laugh)

ASHLEY: Yes, he was!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And in the expression of this essence, quite a preference of manifestation! Ha ha ha!

LIZ: You're very funny! (Elias chuckles) Why did you decide to do this?

ELIAS: Energy exchange?

LIZ: Yes.

ELIAS: I have expressed, you collectively have asked and I have responded.

BOTH: Well, thank you! Yes.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome!

LIZ: Sometimes I feel like I have focuses as a philosopher. I was wondering if that's correct.

ELIAS: Correct. This would not be one of your famous focuses, more of a rogue philosopher than one that has gained notoriety! Ha ha ha ha! (The girls laugh)

ASHLEY: Do I have a focus, past or future, that has lived in Alaska?


ASHLEY: Was it past?


LIZ: Is there anything that you want to say?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Merely to be offering you each encouragement in your sojourn, and also to be allowing yourselves to be appreciating of yourselves. Be the straight little saplings, for this shall be quite influencing of all individuals that you encounter within your journey.

Now I may express to you both that you may approach and accept my hands (Liz and Ashley stand and each give Elias one of their hands; Elias continues to hold their hands through the end of the session), and we shall disengage our interaction in an exchange of loving energy, and I shall offer to both of you my energy that you may carry with you.

BOTH: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you both this day, in tremendous affection and appreciation, au revoir.

LIZ: Au revoir.

(No date/time stamp on video; session running time was 57 minutes, 20 seconds.)

(1) In the previous transcript #850, 6/10/01-2, Elias gives Ashley's orientation as common.

(2) This phrase was originally expressed as, "...for ultimately this holds the greatest significance is your own freedom."

©2002 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2001 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.