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Altering the Primary Aspect


"Altering the Primary Aspect"
"Exercise: Allow Yourself to Express Your Natural Flow of Energy"

Friday, July 12, 2002 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Daniil (Zynn)
Elias arrives at 10:15 AM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

DANIIL: Good morning, Elias.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Welcome!

DANIIL: Thank you for this opportunity this morning.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

DANIIL: May I start by asking the traditional question of the essence name, the tone of mine, the family and the orientation, please?

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, ZYNN, Z-Y-N-N (ZIN). Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari; orientation, common.

DANIIL: And the musical tone?

ELIAS: And your impression?

DANIIL: I have no idea.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Translation of musical tone, G.

DANIIL: Thank you. This may sound as a dumb question. I guess I want to know, as an essence, who am I and what is my purpose in this life as an essence and as this particular focus?

ELIAS: I may express to you that this is not an insignificant question, but I may also say to you that you may attempt to offer yourself this information first. The manner in which you may discover what you term to be your purpose, which is your intent in this focus, is to examine the entirety of your focus and allow yourself to view the theme that is expressed throughout the entirety of your focus. Your experiences throughout your focus shall follow a general theme.

Now; within that theme, you choose many different specific directions in association with the general theme or the general direction of your focus. In this, all of your experiences are connected, in a manner of speaking, to this one general theme.

I encourage individuals strongly to be attempting to view and evaluate and discover this theme themselves, for this significantly offers you intimate information concerning yourselves, and also it serves as an exercise in paying attention to yourself. For individuals within your physical dimension are unfamiliar with the action of genuinely intimately knowing themselves, and in this all opportunities to practice this action of familiarizing yourself with you and offering yourself information concerning yourself are valuable and also offer you a tremendous validation in recognizing your actual individual ability to be engaging this action. For, there are many aspects of yourselves that you view to be hidden from you and in actuality they are not. It is merely a situation in which you are unfamiliar with paying attention to yourself. It is quite familiar to pay attention to other individuals, but it is not quite familiar to pay attention to yourself.

Therefore, my initial encouragement is that you allow yourself to incorporate a time framework in which you allow your viewing of the entirety of your focus and an evaluation of that to discover this theme.

DANIIL: Why do I fear so much remembering my life and the events in my life, and why is my memory so fragmented? I sense that fear whenever I try to go through my life and revisit it. Also, it almost seems like every time something changes in my life, I change inner-self life, and I have difficulty even remembering how I felt and who I was.

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you, in response to this question, there are two factors. One involves a movement that you have engaged in this focus in relation to different aspects of yourself.

Now; this factor I shall offer to you as an element of the theme of your focus. Therefore, what I am expressing to you is that I am offering you clues and some information which also is associated with your first question, in identifying the theme of your focus or the intent of this particular focus.

Now; what I am expressing to you is that the reason that you experience this fragmented objective memory is that within your focus you have generated a consistent action of altering the primary aspect of you. This is a challenging concept for objective understanding, and also is somewhat of an unusual choice of intent in this physical dimension. For the most part, individuals choose one primary aspect of themselves to be expressed throughout most of their focus.

In explanation of this concept of primary aspect, the primary aspect is an aspect of you that you associate as being you, that elusive expression of you that you recognize as yourself, not necessarily your physical expression but the inward expression of you, which also associates with your personality.

Now; there are countless aspects of each individual. I have expressed this previously in terms of the many yous of you. You are not merely one expression. There are many, many, many yous in one focus of attention, and many of them remain latent or underlying the primary aspect.

Now; at times individuals briefly exchange positions of different aspects of themselves and may notice certain different qualities being expressed within different time frameworks, different qualities that perhaps they have previously not expressed, but realize in a time framework that they are expressing new qualities that objectively were unknown to them.

In this, the exchange of position of the primary aspect is generally expressed with another aspect that is what you would term to be closely associated with the recognized primary aspect. Therefore, there is no interruption of objective memory, or in your terms, there is no feeling of difference in personality. The individual continues to recognize themselves as themself. But the individual shall recognize that they are expressing new talents or new interests, new inspirations, and this shall appear to the individual as being different qualities that are now being expressed.

Now; in association with you, you have generated a different type of exchange of primary aspects, which does occur with individuals at times but generally not as consistently as you have generated within your focus. In exchanging positions of primary aspects that are not as closely associated with each other, the individual may experience interruption of objective memory. For if the aspect that moves into the primary position expresses significant alterations of qualities of expressions, this may also generate enough of an alteration of the objective expression that it generates an interruption of the objective memory.

Now; this is not to say that the objective memory may not be regained, so to speak, if that is the choice of the individual, but generally speaking the individual experiences what you term to be memory loss. In actuality, as I have stated, the memory is not lost. It may be regained, so to speak, objectively, but you may incorporate different methods to be allowing yourself that re-establishment of the objective memories, and this is dependent upon the choice of the individual and whether you want to be incorporating the objective memory or not and whether that incorporates importance to you or not.

Now; I may also express to you, I am understanding of your fear associated with memory, for as I have stated, this is somewhat of an unusual action, to be incorporating this type of exchanging of primary aspects of yourself in such degree and in such volume within one focus. But this also is purposeful, for this has allowed you to explore many different expressions of yourself. In this, I may be encouraging of you, my friend, for the reason that you incorporate this fear is that the expression of investigating memory is unfamiliar to you.

DANIIL: Would that be a useful exercise to me?

ELIAS: Yes, for this shall offer you a clearer understanding of your intent in this focus in exploring different aspects of yourself, in exploring the diversity of expressions that are generated in exchanging primary aspects of oneself, and in allowing yourself to accomplish the integration of objective memory in association with this process.

DANIIL: I seem to be somewhat frustrated with my objective life. I am 32 years old, and I know many cases in history and around me where people came to be professionals and at that age came to be even masters at some creative art or music or science or other creative and good occupations, professions, dedications.

In my case, I have been changing places where I live, I have been changing fields where I work, and so I didn't gain what one may call professionalism and momentum and dedication in any particular field, although I thought I had potential in several fields. How can that be resolved and how does that correlate with my choice to change aspects more drastically than most people, and has it been effective in that way?

ELIAS: I may express to you, first of all, do not generate comparison between yourself and other individuals. This merely discounts you and also discounts the other individuals, and this generates a perception of devaluing your worth. I shall also express to you that this moves quite consistent with your intent and your alteration of primary aspects in the manner in which you do.

Therefore, allow yourself the recognition that although other individuals may generate a specific direction and create what you term to be successfulness in a specific career at a particular age, so to speak, that is the choice that they generate and is associated with their direction. Acknowledge your own direction and allow yourself to not generate comparison of yourself, for your direction is unique and is not bad or less than any other individual's direction.

In this, my friend, let me also express to you, in appreciation of your expressions and your choices and your directions, you shall allow yourself much more freedom and much more of an expression of playfulness in this changeability that you express. For you express a tremendous flexibility, but you generate also a rigidness in discounting of yourself. Your natural movement, your natural expression of energy, is in flexibility. Therefore, you generate frustration and conflict in attempting to force yourself to be more rigid and to be moving in alignment with societal expectations. This is not a natural expression of your energy, and that is what generates the conflict and the frustration that you are experiencing.

DANIIL: Other than playfulness, is there any suggestion you can offer me to be aware of this? Because talking to you, naturally I feel more aware, hopefully maybe much more aware. But in my daily life, I feel as if I'm surrounded by a glass wall, as if I am in dream state that I cannot easily break.

Also, in dealing with people I'm trying to control myself, because mature behavior doesn't come naturally to me, and in that control it seems I generate more awareness but also contribute to that auto-pilot, to that dream state that I'm trying to shake off.

ELIAS: And this is directly associated with your continued attempt to force yourself to express what is not natural within your energy expression and within your focus.

I may express to you, my friend, incorporate a time framework, perhaps engage an exercise for what you term to be one week, and allow yourself to be expressing freedom in your natural flow of energy. What I am saying to you is rather than continuing to attempt to express control or rigidness or what you have assessed as appropriate behavior, allow yourself an experiment, an exercise; and in this, in your daily expressions, allow yourself to merely freely express you in the moment and do not restrict yourself. This shall offer you the opportunity to relax, and it shall also offer you the opportunity to view how much more easily you may be moving within your focus if you are allowing yourself this freedom.

It is unnecessary that you conform to the guidelines of other individuals or of the expectations of societies. You are a unique individual, and your expression is unique to you. Denying yourself the freedom of your natural expressions merely generates conflict and thickness and fear and discounting of yourself.

It matters not, my friend. You engage a game in this physical dimension, and in this game you are merely choosing to explore and experience in a physical manifestation. Allow yourself to generate your own rules and not concern yourself with the expectations and the rules of other individuals. For as you appreciate and accept you and allow your freedom of your expression, other individuals shall be accepting of you also.

DANIIL: I wanted to ask you about my wife. I was introduced to you, in a way, by my wife. Her name is Natasha, and I wanted to ask her essence name, tone, family and alignment.

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Nichole, N-I-C-H-O-L-E (nee COLE). Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Ilda; orientation, common.

DANIIL: What would be her musical tone?


DANIIL: As a couple and as a family, my wife and myself, do we have a character or a specific purpose that draws us together and that we need to explore?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, individuals draw themselves together not necessarily for what you term to be a purpose that shall be expressed in a specific manner or to accomplish a specific direction, so to speak. Individuals draw themselves together in familiarity and in providing themselves with reflections of themselves through each other, and in what you may term to be a type of compatibility in certain expressions that offers an ease of each individual to be generating their particular exploration of certain aspects of their individual intents.

One of the strongest draws of individuals in coupling is the recognition of familiarity of energy, which is generally expressed in association with sharing many focuses of attention with each other in different capacities, which generates an objective familiarity of energy.

Now; this is not to say that in some cases, or many actually, that the individuals shall continue to generate this coupling with ONE individual throughout the entirety of their focus - some do and some do not. But it matters not, for every individual that you draw to yourself and couple with, you generate a familiarity with that individual. You also create this purposefully, in your terms, in allowing yourselves to reflect certain expressions to yourselves, and therefore offer yourselves greater opportunity of familiarizing yourself with you, for the other individual does reflect you.

You and your partner have and do share many other focuses of attention in this dimension with each other.

DANIIL: Also, I wanted to ask about my parents. It so happens that we live in a different country and we meet about once a year. They live in Israel and I live in the United States. What is it that I can do for them? Is there any meaning to our separation, or should I strive my best to bring us together so we can meet more often and they can observe me in terms of me being their son and so on?

ELIAS: And what is your want?

DANIIL: I think I want them to be closer to me, because they have been without me for many years and they did a lot for me, naturally. So I think we don't need to suffer that separation anymore and we can benefit from being closer.

ELIAS: I may express to you, you may concentrate your attention upon generating more of an intimacy with yourself, and in that action you shall also generate an automatic by-product in generating more of an intimacy with these individuals. In that, you shall allow yourself to generate creative expressions in which you may accomplish your want and in a manner of speaking lessen the gap of physical separation. Are you understanding?

DANIIL: I think I do, but I also have a question. There is a deeper separation that I think you mentioned, but also the physical separation itself generates some suffering, at least for them. So I wonder if I should make it my goal to bring us together, physically closer, so that more intimacy is possible.

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are expressing and this is what I am saying to you, that in generating that intimacy with self you shall also offer yourself the creativity and generate what you term to be the means to lessen the physical separation.

DANIIL: Thank you. Yes, I think I do understand.

In terms of my occupation, I am a programmer and there is some creativity in this work that I do enjoy. But should I be thinking or should I make it my goal to find what occupation suits me best and achieve that? Or do you have a suggestion what type of occupation would be suitable?

ELIAS: First of all I may express to you, there are no shoulds. I shall also suggest to you, in association with our discussion this morning, once again to allow yourself flexibility and freedom in your natural expression of energy, and in this not to attempt to express the rigidness of locking yourself into one expression.

Allow yourself the freedom to enjoy and express your creativity now in what you choose as your career, so to speak, in this now. But also allow yourself the freedom of your natural expression, my friend, in that flexibility, knowing that within another time framework you may choose to be altering your direction of career, so to speak, and engaging a different action, and this is acceptable, for this is a natural movement of you.

Therefore, my suggestion to you is that you relax, allow yourself to appreciate the creativity that you are expressing in the now, not to generate worry or concern of the future, and merely allow yourself to move naturally. If you present yourself with a different expression of creativity that you wish to move into, allow yourself permission to express that.

DANIIL: Another question I had was, I have a close friend, Philip, and I learned a lot from him because he was and is more aware than myself and more playful and more daring. He has a different thinking, as far as I can see. While being close to him, I was often angry inside or jealous in him being more advanced than I was and for him helping me. Is there anything I can do now to kind of correct that in respect to him?

ELIAS: Yes - acknowledge yourself. You already recognize the reason that you express this anger or jealousy; now address to yourself. In this, recognize that the reason that you have expressed that previously in association with this individual is that you are denying those expressions within yourself and therefore you generate anger, which is an emotional communication to yourself that you are denying yourself your choices. This is what generates anger.

Now; you may be appreciating your interaction with this individual and not generating those types of expressions if you are acknowledging you and offering yourself permission to be generating what you want. What you want is to be playful also and to be expressing yourself freely, but you are not allowing yourself that freedom. Therefore, you express the role of the victim, and you generate this emotional communication of anger or jealousy.

Now; in offering yourself this freedom to express in the manner in which YOU want rather than creating this glass bubble surrounding you and continuously attempting to force yourself to control your expressions and your behaviors, you may allow yourself much more of an appreciation of you and of your friend.

DANIIL: Thank you, I think I do understand. May I also ask his essence name?

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Vaudi, V-A-U-D-I (VAW dee).

DANIIL: In the future, what I know as the future, would it be meaningful to request more private sessions? Or this is not the best application of your effort and of Mary's time and effort?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Do not concern yourself with the individual that you recognize as Mary, and do not concern yourself with my energy, either. Listen to yourself, my friend.

I may express to you, this is your choice. If you choose and if you generate the want to be engaging conversation with myself, allow yourself that freedom. I am always available and express a willingness to be interactive with you in playfulness, in friendship and in conversation, which may be to offer information or merely to exchange. (Chuckles)

DANIIL: I appreciate it very much.

I read materials of other people, such as Rajneesh or Castaneda, and I got somewhat familiar with their terminology and their thinking. Would it be beneficial to me to try to concentrate on your terminology? And also, is there a place for me in the forum? Should I even be concerned with any kind of interaction with other people in the forum?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. It may be beneficial to be interacting with other individuals in this forum, for exchange with other individuals that in your terms are of like mind offers an energy expression and offers a supportiveness, and also many times offers the individuals a greater understanding objectively of this information.

Exchange is beneficial. It also is helpful in lessening your associations with separation, and this may be quite beneficial also. You already are what you term to be within this forum, for you are engaging interaction with myself and therefore you are participating.

In this, you may also offer yourself an avenue for more of an expression of playfulness, in allowing yourself to exchange with other individuals within this forum. This may be beneficial also in offering yourself an avenue in which you may practice allowing more of a freedom of your natural expression in playfulness in an avenue which you may view as safe, so to speak. For these individuals incorporate like information, and therefore are moving in similar directions and are objectively aware of beliefs and expressions of duplicity and trust and acceptance. This may be an avenue which you shall perceive as less threatening initially than interaction with other individuals, temporarily.

DANIIL: Thank you very much. I think the time of the session is almost over. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

ELIAS: And I express to you, my friend, tremendous affection, and also I offer to you an expression of my energy in great encouragement and supportiveness in your new endeavors. I shall be offering my energy to you in helpfulness in your practicing and your experimenting. (Laughs)

DANIIL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall be anticipating our next meeting. To you this day in lovingness, au revoir.

DANIIL: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:15 AM.

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