Session 2658
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“Memory and the Body Consciousness”
“The Key is Allowance and Comfort”
“Stop Worrying!”

Saturday, October 25, 2008 (Group/Brattleboro, Vermont)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Ben (Albert), Bill (Zit), Curt (Uceff), Daniil (Zynn), Dave, Ella (Bella), Frank (Xtian), Igor, Inna (Beatrix), Patricia (Liva), John (Rrussell), Katie (Nan-Li), Ken, Lynda (Ruther), Marcos (Marta), Melissa, Natasha (Nichole), Rich (Zephel), Rodney (Zacharie), Sandra (Atafah), Veronica (Amadis)

Transcriber’s note: The many “(inaudible)” notations in this transcript were due to the poor sound quality of this recording. Unfortunately, some of the participants’ comments and questions were unintelligible. Interesting, considering the wave in consciousness discussed concerns communication!

(Elias’ arrival time is unknown.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! This day, we shall discuss this present wave and how it is affecting each of you and what your experiences are thus far in association with it. But before we engage that conversation, I would pose to all of you, how would you define “association”?

RODNEY: With people or with anything?

ELIAS: Associations are generated with any expression: with individuals, with objects, with any experience.

ELLA: It is an emotional response to something based on something you already encountered.

ELIAS: Partially.

MALE: It’s a link between two different experiences. Somehow, they’re linked together.

ELIAS: Partially.

NATASHA: Memories attached to feelings. (Elias nods)

MALE: I think that beliefs are attached to it.

ELIAS: Partially.

MALE: Do our inner needs and intent color our automatic associations?

ELIAS: At times.

FEMALE: I would call it a vibrational resonance which (inaudible).

LYNDA: My experience with associations is that it is something that triggers a feeling either from my past or my future, but it colors what’s happening in the moment. (Elias nods)

RODNEY: I would simply call it an experience, generally. Sometimes confused, sometimes complex, whether I see myself within the event, within the experience, or I see it solely as outside of me, coming to me, but very broadly almost any experience would define some kind of an association.

MALE: I think it’s anything that’s generated by our perception, anything that we generate.

MALE: I think of a system of symbols, archetypical symbols, and a language, a symbology, in the classic consciousness — archetypes.

ELIAS: Very well. Association: an association is what you form or what you create in relation to an experience. You generate an experience and you create an assessment of the experience, which includes a judgment, good or bad. Once that association is formed, it generally remains with you. Yes, it does involve many of the elements that you have described, but simply and clearly, an association is the assessment that you generate in relation to an experience that includes a judgment.

The reason this is important to define and to understand is that you all generate many, many, many associations. You do not generate associations with future, for you have not experienced that yet. You do generate associations with past experiences and with present experiences. But past experiences and the associations attached to them are very affecting and are the most confusing in the present, for they confuse you with your present experiences, coloring them in relation to past experiences.

I have been expressing to individuals for a time framework now of paying attention to your associations and questioning yourself not whether they are real, for your experiences are real, but whether your associations are valid in the present with your experience. For many of your associations are past associations that are influencing and coloring your present experiences, and that becomes confusing and can create significant conflict. That is what is occurring in many situations in relation to this present wave.

Also, remember, this present wave is addressing to ALL FORMS of communication. This is a base element of your reality. It is a base element of the blueprint of your reality: physical and emotion, physical manifestations and communication — not feelings, communications. This wave is more intense than any of the previous waves, and it is more affecting. In this, many individuals are experiencing difficulty and unusualness and fear in relation to the intensity of the energy of this wave. It is different from other waves in consciousness, and as it is one of the base elements of your reality, it is very powerful.

This is not merely addressing to inner communications or outer communications. It is not merely addressing to communication that you generate between each other in your own species. It is ALL communications, in any form. It can be communications with creatures, which generate very different language than you. It can be with your planet, which also generates a different language than yourselves. It can be with any living expression in your reality. And it is challenging, for there are many, many differences. In that, there can be significant confusion, for you all automatically interpret other languages through your own, but your own language may not be what is being expressed by other manifestations. Therefore, it is important to pay attention.

Now; I will engage all of you to share your experiences that you have been generating and what you have been noticing thus far in this particular wave.

I will express to you one encouragement that may not seem to be an encouragement presently, but in actuality, it is a physical example that your planet, that your world, is actually shifting and that you can visibly see. The turmoil that you perceive in your world presently in actuality is not what it seems. It may be frightening to many individuals, that it appears that your foundations are somewhat crumbling, but in actuality, this is a sign of you ARE shifting. Many changes will occur in this shift, and they have begun. What you view to be bad or devastating economically is actually the birth pangs of a new foundation and a new order, for your old systems do not fit any longer in your new reality. This change is not occurring immediately, but it has begun.

But in these changes, there also is trauma, and there is confusion and distress. Individuals are experiencing intensities and are confused in what they are experiencing, and this is what we shall be engaging in conversation this day. What are YOUR experiences?

PATRICIA: I have a question, and it comes from a group of us. I personally and many others have been experiencing a heightened intensity of energy. We feel that we have a (inaudible), and we feel different sensations that are unusual. Is there an energy surge? Could you comment on that?

ELIAS: Many individuals are and will be experiencing physical affects. Many individuals may be experiencing what they think of as a lack of motivation, but it is not actually a lack of motivation. It is a lack of motivation in relation to what is familiar.

Let me express to you, as I have recently with some individuals, one significant factor that is being affected is the body consciousness. For, you think that memory is held or stored in your mind. Memory is not stored in your mind. Memory is stored in your body consciousness. Every experience that you have ever engaged has been logged and stored and retained in your body consciousness. This is actually a very efficient action for you. For when you generate new experiences, your body consciousness retains old experiences and can reference them, which allows you to engage your thought mechanism to reason and to provide yourselves with logical or rational explanations for what you are experiencing. The difficulty presently is that you are moving into a time framework and an energy and experiences that are new. They are unfamiliar and some of which are even unknown.

Now; that creates a temporary disruption. It creates a disruption with the body consciousness and it creates a disruption with your thought mechanism, for your thought mechanism automatically wants to translate what information is being processed, but the body consciousness does not incorporate a reference of experience for what you are experiencing now. Therefore, it is processing new, unfamiliar, unknown information, and it must assimilate that before it can be translated by the thought mechanism. Therefore, there is a delay.

You perhaps observe yourselves experiencing, but as you incorporate no frame of reference for what you are experiencing, you do not understand what you are doing, for you cannot offer yourself a reasonable explanation. You merely know what you are doing, but it does not always generate sense to you, for it is unfamiliar. You may be engaging actions that you know within the familiarity of your experiences that you would not do, but you are. You may be responding to situations or individuals in manners that you know you generally would not, but you are. You may be reacting to individuals or to situations that you know in your experiences that you would not necessarily naturally do, but you are.

It appears that your world and yourselves are upside down, and the difficulty is how to right yourselves. But therein, as you express, lies the rub. For you want to right yourselves, but in attempting to do so, you perpetuate the confusion, for you block the assimilation of the new and that requires more time to assimilate. You become more confused and struggle more, therefore creating this circle of confusion and frustration, but also incorporating a sense or a knowing or a feeling that you are fine or that you are comfortable, which is also conflicting, for how can you be comfortable and confused and frustrated simultaneously.

LYNDA: That’s a good question, and I hope you have the answer!

ELIAS: You are comfortable, for you do incorporate much information and you have applied much information. You have allowed yourselves to become more familiar with yourselves and to know yourselves more and to know more of what your preferences are — not all, but enough to allow you a comfort. You are directing of yourselves enough to allow you a comfort. But you also are engaging actions and experiences that are unfamiliar, and therefore, they are confusing.

In that confusion, you are not necessarily uncomfortable, but you are feeling and you generate frustration in not understanding how to eliminate the confusion and continue on with the comfort. Therefore, you search for some reason of what is occurring. Perhaps you may offer yourselves outside reasons, that there is tremendous energy being expressed, that your world is in tremendous upheaval. But in actuality, it is the unfamiliarity of experiencing different. You ARE shifting, and you are evidencing that to yourselves now.

You may express to yourself, “I want to read a book,” but you cannot seem to force yourself to do it. “I SHOULD go to work,” but you remain in your home. “I should engage this action and tidy my home,” and you go to a film. You are not uncomfortable doing the actions that you do, but there is a conflict, for you express, “I should not be doing this. I don’t WANT to do this. I want to read a book, but I am not reading a book.” That may become very confusing also, for you do incorporate information, and therefore, you turn that information on yourself. You express to yourself, “Perhaps I do not want to read a book, for I am not doing it.” Yes, you may want to read the book, but you are DOING what is comfortable. You are DOING what you are self-directing in — not what you are supposed to do, not what you are told to do, not what you have trained to do, not what you are expected to do, but what you want to do, which is the beginning of moving in that genuine self-directedness.


RODNEY: It just occurred to me yesterday that I can allow myself not to smoke, and I feel better when I do not smoke. A weekend comes along like this and I want to have more energy, so I tell myself don’t smoke for the next two weeks. I discovered this only yesterday, that the more I say I will do something, the more I don’t it. It really hit me, the less I say I will do this or I will do that, the more I accomplish! I get up in the morning and I start moving through my day and I accomplish a lot more not having a schedule.

It was funny, last night — I’m spending the weekend with the Russians — I tried to set a schedule for this morning, because there’s a group of us and who gets the bathroom and so forth. Finally, one of them said do we have to be on there to piss? (Laughter) That was a perfect example. Here I was trying to project myself into the future and will it to be a certain way, and he’s telling me to just allow and let it take care of itself. I hear that’s what you’re talking about right now.

ELIAS: Yes, allowance would be the key word, for this is key in this time framework. You ARE shifting, and in that, attempting to force yourselves in old familiar patterns merely creates tremendous resistance within yourself.

You are actually moving into what I have been discussing with you for many of your years. You are actually beginning to experience it now. In that, the more you push, the more difficult it becomes to function, for it is not a matter of pushing any longer. The more you force, the more difficult it is to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish.

The key also is comfort — what is comfortable and what is not. What is familiar and what you SHOULD do or what you are supposed to do is not always comfortable. But in shifting, you are willing out to the comfort rather than the shoulds and the supposed-tos.

RODNEY: Question? (Elias nods) This is personal. I’ve been thinking about moving for the last three years, and I have been creating a lot of anxiety about it. I finally decided in the last week or so to go out and look and experience areas, because there’s nothing drawing me. There’s a lot of places I could go to, but there’s nothing drawing me. I can discover nothing that will motivate me. My decision in the last couple of weeks to go and experience the places and the people there and determine what feels the most comfortable and make my choice based on that and don’t try to make sense of anything, is that what you’re talking about?

ELIAS: Somewhat, yes, and also allowing yourself to be open to new and open to unconventional. In this, perhaps no one location is drawing you for you may not want to be in one location. Perhaps you would be more comfortable being mobile. There are manners in which in your reality you can incorporate the comfort of a home that is mobile.

BILL: Elias, I have a question. This emotional wave seems to be hitting me most forcefully in family relationships. Before this wave occurred, it pretty much was easy to pay attention to me in the little things. What’s occurring in the family now is there is such an intensity of different opinions and preferences, that I’m finding it really difficult to get in cooperation mode. It’s also making me realize that my attention was on them. I needed sort of a sledgehammer in everything, even big things, to shift my focus around to me. I sort of got that just this week. I was almost forced to get it.

My question is, though, the cooperation bit is difficult. I seem unable to allow my preferences and my guidelines to manifest within very opposing preferences. The guidelines seem the same. My wife wants the same thing that I do in relation to our son. We have different methods of doing. I don’t know how to get to that cooperative state. She doesn’t understand Elias stuff, but whether that even matters... I don’t think that matters.

ELIAS: You are correct.

BILL: So I wonder if you could sort of talk me through what cooperation might look like when possibly preferences and guidelines on a particular issue are similar but the direction in which we get to them are very, very different. It’s still causing conflict.

ELIAS: And what is the conflict with the differences?

BILL: It’s probably my judging that her direction is not... We had a battle over that. That’s what made me realize my attention was on her and I wasn’t accepting of her. And it’s work. I always start on the little things, and this is big. I’m creating this because I need to get my focus and my acceptance...

ELIAS: And an example of precisely what I expressed, differences. Differences are being tremendously emphasized in this wave. What is important is to view the difference. View your own position, so to speak, your own preferences, your opinions, but also view the other individual’s and inquire of yourself what is so threatening in the other individual’s difference: “I am reacting; what is motivating me to react; what threatens me?”

If the other individual incorporates one method and can accomplish the same outcome as you can accomplish with your method, what is it that you are threatened with in relation to the other individual’s method? Do you view that as invalidating yours? Do you view yourself as being not heard? Are you generating associations that your opinion is not as important? This is also the reason that it is important to be aware of associations, experiences that you have generated in the past that you have attached associations to that may be influencing in what you are doing now and in conflicts and in judgment. Remember, associations carry judgments, whether they be good or bad. In that, is that association valid now?

You may have an experience pastly in which you were interactive with another individual and you may have felt invalidated in a particular type of scenario, and you may present yourself with what appears to be a similar situation. The imagery may be very different but it appears to be somewhat similar, and that association automatically comes into play without you thinking of it. It does not require your thought mechanism; you feel.

What you feel is the association. You think you are feeling in relation to what is occurring presently, but for the most part what you are feeling is that association, which is automatically being expressed, and you are not even identifying it. It is so present with you that you do not even notice it. Therefore, you think you are reacting to this moment and what is occurring in this moment. You think you are being present and you think are being in the now, but your indicator is where your attention is. That was your clue, that you are focused upon what the other individual is saying or doing, and it is bothersome to you. The reason it is bothersome to you is that already an association has been expressed and is present.

BILL: And creates an expectation within the present moment.


BILL: I feel that.

RODNEY: You’re saying an association cannot exist unless there’s a judgment?


RODNEY: To have an association where there is zero sentiment is not possible?

ELIAS: In relation to all of you, no. You are correct.

RODNEY: In relationship to all of us?


RODNEY: Are there other examples where this would...? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes...

RODNEY: I’m just trying to see if there’s an exception to the rule.

ELIAS: Not with your species.

RODNEY: I don’t care about other species. (General hubbub ensues in the group, and Rodney’s next few comments are lost.)

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. But it does...

RODNEY: (Inaudible) ...a very important point...


RODNEY: ...and I want her to get it, because she’ll understand that this rule does not apply to cats.

ELIAS: Or other species. It applies to you as human species.

RODNEY: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: I would express that associations in relation to humans, yes, do carry judgments, whether they be good or bad.

DANIIL: (Long, inaudible question)

ELIAS: Minimal judgment, and yes, they would be more aware in not generating past associations and generating associations in the moment, in the experience, but not necessarily be influenced by past associations. But there would continue to be some element of judgment, for once again, you are not eliminating duplicity. You are not becoming non-human and therefore eliminating preferences and opinions. You are shifting, but you continue to generate preferences and opinions, which incorporate judgments. In that, you also continue to express your own guidelines, which also include judgments. Therefore, associations would also continue to include judgments, but not necessarily bad.

DANIIL: (Inaudible)


LYNDA: Could I ask you for a little piece of clarification? The sticky piece for Bill and me is in the association. How I know that there’s a sticky piece or I’m uncomfortable is that my attention is on the other person, and it’s all about either what they think about me or how I perceive they make me feel, and that can be an association many, many times in the past.

The one thing I want to acknowledge in this is that I agree with you. You can see where you’re attention was on the other person and not push and relax behind it. That’s all I really know how to do at this point, is to go there’s that familiar discounting, which I know is my second clue that my attention is on somebody else, and allow myself to recognize that I feel like that and almost not do anything or distract myself, something like that. Did I get that right?


LYNDA: For me, this wave can happen so fast and suddenly I’m overwhelmed, that’s my experience. Suddenly I feel overwhelmed, and I have to backtrack and go, “What happened?” A lot of people are overwhelmed around me, too.

ELIAS: And the overwhelm can be generated in very minor experiences or actions. An individual may become overwhelmed and almost nonfunctioning in merely breaking a pencil.

RODNEY: I’ll be watching a movie, and someone will say something in a particular way and all of a sudden, I feel tears coming to my eyes. My entire body is filling with emotion. It’s like what is this? Where does this come from? Is it being depressed?

ELIAS: Or fear, and fear is being triggered very easily.

MALE: Can I ask you a big question? If I understand, in every moment you create a new experience, and in every new experience, we automatically generate an association?

ELIAS: Yes, but not necessarily a past association.

MALE: That was kind of where I was going. It’s very essential that now we know this, that this is completely new. I’m thinking of several examples of what we’re going through in the financial atmosphere, completely new, and no one really knows what is going on or what will happen tomorrow. What kind of associations can we generate to expand that data, to automatically take something from the past and create a kind of conflict that you described? I’m kind of mellow, but if it’s something completely new, then I’m lost. I’ve learned a lot from having heard you over the years and having had you around, and I haven’t experienced tremendous fear or confusion. Much of it’s inside of me, but I’m trying to define something within this unit of experience, that I can relate something to it.

ELIAS: And you cannot, and that is the point. That is the point: it is a matter of allowance and moving with the new experience and allowing it to unfold, and in that, you will form a new association. But it is a matter of allowing the experience to unfold and to be assimilated, which your body consciousness does. In that, as you allow and as you relax into the experiences, you will offer yourself information. You will generate the translation in thought. You will create your explanation and understand. But the more you push, the more you force, the more you try to understand before the experience has unfolded, the more you cannot and the more elusive the explanation becomes or the understanding becomes. Therefore, it is important to allow yourself to merely flow with the experience.

This wave is literally more associated with actual physical waves than any other wave. If you attempt to swim against a wave, you will meet considerable resistance, and you will not move very far. But if you allow yourself to flow with the wave, you will travel considerable distance with very little effort.

DANIIL: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Quite so! Quite so. And in this, it is very similar to an experience of giving birth.

Now; many of you have never given birth. Therefore, that would be a very unknown experience to you. But in generating that type of direction, you can plan to become pregnant; you cannot plan the pregnancy. You can move with it or you can move against it. If you move with it, you will generate more ease. If you move against it, you will create difficulty and much discomfort. You cannot plan what the outcome of that pregnancy is, either. It will be what it will be. In this, there are many experiences now that you are and will be engaging that are not a matter of planning. They are a matter unfolding, and you allowing them to unfold.

For whether you understand it or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you accept it or not, each and every one of you is a participant in the collective. Whether you think you have agreed to be or not, you are. Your energy ripples out tremendously more than you imagine and is affecting tremendously more than you imagine, and it mingles with every other energy in your reality, in your world. You may view yourselves as one small singular individual that perhaps touches some few individuals that you immediately interact with, but this is incorrect. You are touching throughout your world, whether you know any other individuals objectively or not. This is not to say that you are not participating and that you are not touching; you ARE.

In that, you are choosing to shift. You are choosing to expand. With that expansion comes great freedom, but can also include significant overwhelm and trauma, dependent upon whether you are flowing with or flowing against. Those that flow with may experience significant ease and little trauma, if any, and tremendous comfort and significant satisfaction.


JOHN: I find it interesting that this wave isn’t driven by Ilda, which is all about communication.

ELIAS: Exchange.

JOHN: Pretty much the same thing.

ELIAS: Not entirely. And what is curious to you that it would not be directed by Ilda?

JOHN: It would seem that Ilda and the sense of exchange, the ultimate in communication...

ELIAS: The reason it is associated with Vold is that the Vold are revolutionary, and this is a type of revolution. This is being reflected in your financial communities. The revolution is occurring. Eventually, you will not stand upon the foundation of exchange. (Loud group chatter)

MALE: You’ve already told us that there is no cosmic equivalent of a condom. We’re all getting pregnant! (Elias chuckles)

FEMALE: (Long inaudible question)

ELIAS: But this is what you are doing.

FEMALE: (Continues, inaudible)


FEMALE: Elias, could we return to the financial scene? The plain old country, the values and our pocketbook and our financial standing? I know you’ve referred to the year 2075 everything will be...

ELIAS: Approximately.

FEMALE: But in the interim and presently, is there no guidance system? Are there some steps we can take to reassure ourselves?

ELIAS: Stop worrying! (Laughter)

RODNEY: When I was a little boy, my mom would give me a nickel at the end of every week. That was my allowance. That was the kind of allowance I was (inaudible).

ELIAS: And what will you do with your nickel when it no longer incorporates any value and no one is receiving it?

RODNEY: That would be terrible!

ELIAS: And why would it be terrible? Would it not offer you so much more freedom if you were not ruled by money?

RODNEY: Elias, I’m just trying to be funny, and you’re being so...

LYNDA: Damned serious! (Laughter with Elias) (Hubbub ensues again, taking comments or questions with it)

RODNEY: (Inaudible) ...I almost can’t imagine.

ELIAS: I am quite aware, and this is what we are discussing, that you cannot imagine it, that you do not incorporate a concept, that this is not a direction that you can conceivably plan, that it is occurring but you cannot individually plan it. Therefore, it is a matter of allowing and flowing with rather than flowing against, and one of the flowing-withs rather than against is not to concern yourself and worry in relation to lack.

RODNEY: I’ve been practicing that all my life.

ELIAS: And it is a matter of continuing, but in a different manner now. For now it appears that there is a threat, but there actually is not. You perceive there is a threat, for it is a change; but it actually is not a threat. It is a movement into precisely what you want. You are generating precisely what you want, and you are terrified. (Laughter)

PATRICIA: What happened to me, I have a wonderful life, all the money is there and everything, but I am so flipping scared, I’m shaking. There is this huge contract, excellent success, and we’re just freaking out. But every time something so good happens, do you still get scared?

ELIAS: For you doubt the reality of it. It cannot be real, for it is too excellent, and in that, I do not deserve too excellent. Only special individuals deserve too excellent, not ordinary individuals. But none of you are ordinary, and all of you are exquisite. Therefore, you are all deserving of extraordinary!


FEMALE: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Yes, for all that you do is interconnected. I have expressed this many, many, many times, but I am also aware that many of you at this point do not necessarily entirely understand that or recognize that. For you view actions as imagery, and they may incorporate different subjects or different types of imagery, but it matters not. What connects them is your energy, and all that you do is interconnected.

Therefore, if you are paying attention to an abundance of pebbles in your garden, or you are paying attention to the abundance of foods that you store in your home, or you are noticing the abundance of friends that you interact with, or the abundance of energy that you incorporate when you are generating an action that you genuinely enjoy — it matters not — that is creating an energy. When you are creating an energy that is focused in a particular direction, that is what you manifest in all of your directions. It spills into other expressions, such as money.

When you are generating a continuous attention and concentration upon lack, as I have expressed many times — I have not enough money, I have not enough time, I have not enough friends, I have not enough energy, I have not enough milk, I have not enough bread — when you are concentrating upon lack, you create that, and you create more and more of it, for that is the energy that you are projecting.

When you are concentrating upon appreciation and upon what you do have and what you are generating and acknowledging that, that creates a very different energy, and energy is key, for it is what MOVES what you create, for it attracts what matches it.

DANIIL: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Correct, for you attract what you express in energy. This is one of the most difficult elements for most individuals to recognize, for you do not see energy. Therefore, you are not always aware of what your energy is doing or how it is being expressed. This is the reason that I have expressed many times, your greatest indicator of what your energy is is to be paying attention to what you are actually doing, not necessarily what you are feeling. At times, what you are feeling may correlate, but feeling is not always an indicator of what your energy is doing and how it is being expressed.


CURT: If we learn to create the feelings intending what you’re experiencing, then as you learn to create those feelings, do we not generate what we’re feeling, do we not generate that physically?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the situation and the individual; not necessarily. An individual can be feeling quite agitated or distressed, and actually be generating an energy quite differently that would attract to them more pleasurable or more satisfying situations.

CURT: Which comes first... (inaudible).

ELIAS: That is not a feeling. That is the energy, and energy is not a feeling. You can feel energy, but it is not a feeling. Generally, energy that you can feel is expressed by another individual or some situation involving living manifestations. Most individuals do not attune themselves to feeling the energy of objects. Some individuals do, but most individuals do not. Other energies of living manifestations are more obvious to all of you, and you can feel them more strongly.

In that, yes, if you were attuned to feeling energy, you would offer yourself clearer information in relation to any particular situation, for you would be aware of what is occurring, and you would be aware of what your energy is doing and how it is participating in that situation.

CURT: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: That would be listening to your intuition, and I would be advocating of that.


VERONICA: Elias, I feel like I have a (inaudible) attached to my body, and it’s sending out rippling energy layers. It distracts me, because I think why is it happening and am I allowing your words to come through or am I fighting them? Is it a conflict situation or is it merely a concentration of how I feel, my body consciousness? What could I be doing? Is this beneficial, or is it just a matter of allowing it?

ELIAS: Allowing. Distraction is not bad. There is much distraction occurring recently, and it is not bad. In actuality, it can be very beneficial, for it allows you not to concentrate upon what you have not assimilated yet. Therefore, it allows you to not frustrate yourself and allows you to experience being comfortable in the midst of confusion or in the midst of unknowing.

We shall break, and we shall return with your questions.

BREAK (Session time was 1 hour, 18 minutes.)

ELIAS: Continuing! And you had a question?

JOHN: (Long question, inaudible)

ELIAS: It is unknown to you.

JOHN: (Continues, inaudible)

ELIAS: Yes, to your experiences. Yes, you are correct.

RODNEY: When you said that, the first thing that popped into my mind is what happens when my body goes. They’ll throw me into the incinerator, but we’ll still have memory, right?

ELIAS: This is an excellent question. Let me explain. There is a process that occurs when you choose to disengage, when you die. In this process, you generate the choice to disengage from this reality. You initiate that choice and you blink out.

Now; what is meant by that blink out is you are, in a manner of speaking, blinking out of this reality but you have not yet blinked in to nonphysical reality. As I have explained previously, that process is literally for the individual a blink, but in your linear physical time is approximately two weeks.

In that two weeks, there is a transition. The energy of the individual remains in this reality. It has not yet blinked into nonphysical reality. While it is continuing to remain here in this reality, it assimilates all from the body consciousness, which is dead. The body consciousness is shed. It is perceived and pronounced dead, but the energy, the essence, the attention of the individual remains and begins the process of assimilating all of the information from the body consciousness, which it assimilates and moves with into nonphysical consciousness. It is not lost.

RODNEY: (Inaudible)


LYNDA: Is that what you mean when you say that people who do not choose to immediately transition or shed beliefs about physicality, that’s why they keep creating physical imagery?

ELIAS: No. This is a different action. Once the individual blinks in to nonphysical consciousness — in your terms, they have died — and their attention and their essence is no longer present in your physical reality — which, as I have expressed, is approximately two of your weeks but a blink to the individual — once they generate that action, the individual generally speaking does not enter into transition immediately. The individual generally continues to create physical objective imagery that is very similar to what they were engaging within physical focus, with some differences.

One difference is the individual will image themself as a general age, not the age that they disengaged at. They also will not immediately remember their death. Therefore, they will not remember any of the circumstances or situations that were preceding their death. If they engaged a dis-ease, they will not image themself with the dis-ease. They will image themself as healthy and functioning, for they do not remember what they were creating to initiate the death. Regardless of how much time framework was involved to create that disengagement, they will not incorporate a memory of that. They also will incorporate objective imagery in relation to what is what you would term to be normal to them, but somewhat more pleasant.

Therefore, there will not be conflict. If the individual was generating conflicts with family members or friends, that will not be present. They will be interactive with the images of those individuals in a manner that is amiable and that is more of their ideal. But they are not actually interacting with any other individuals. They are interacting with their own images of other individuals. Therefore, they are not interacting with the attention of any individuals that remain within physical focus.

Eventually, they begin to notice discrepancies in their reality. Eventually, they begin to notice that in their interaction with the individuals that they are interacting with, the images of them, that there are no surprises, that their interaction is always very predictable. That will begin to spark their curiosity and questioning, and when that occurs, the individual generally will begin to remember their death.

Once they remember their death, they can choose whether to engage transition or whether to continue to create objective imagery. Many, many individuals choose to continue with creating objective imagery, for they realize that they are no longer actually participating in physical focus, and therefore, they also realize that they can manipulate their physical imagery much more freely and much more easily. They begin to realize that they can create the imagery of walking upon a beach in one moment and with a mere alteration of thought, they can create themselves being in another country, and they can be experiencing an entire different scenario.

This, for most individuals, is exciting and fun, and therefore, they do not always choose to immediately engage transition. For nonphysically, their beliefs are extremely relaxed. They do continue to incorporate them, but they are so relaxed that it is much more similar to your dreams, that in your dreams you can alter the scene very quickly and you can change the scenario very quickly. They can do this physically, once they recognize that they are no longer participating within physical focus.

RODNEY: It sounds like the ultimate out-of-body experience.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. And actually, somewhat literal, for you do not incorporate a body any longer! (Laughter)

CURT: Is there an opportunity interact... (inaudible)?

ELIAS: There is, in two fashions. When the individual has disengaged and has not yet remembered their death, they can continue to be interactive with individuals that remain in physical focus. They can be aware of individuals within physical focus and their energy, and this is an element that contributes to their remembrance of their death. Once they remember their death and they know that they are no longer participating in physical focus, they can participate with other individuals that are also not participating in physical focus, and they can project energy to individuals within physical focus.

CURT: (Inaudible)


MALE: Elias, is there a name for that in-between period, that place?

ELIAS: It is not a place. It is here.

MALE: But I mean as far as transition or physical reality, what would be the space in-between?

ELIAS: It is not a space in-between. The individual’s attention, their energy, their essence remains within your physical reality. It is not moved to a different place. It remains in this reality.

I would express to you, if an individual approached myself and expressed to myself, “I am experiencing an intuition that a friend or a family member of mine has disengaged, is dead, and I believe that this individual is no longer living from the point of yesterday.” If the individual requested myself to confirm that, I would express no. The individual has not disengaged yet. Their body may be in your terms dead, but the individual has not moved themselves from this reality yet.


ELLA: May I ask a question about the body? (Inaudible) What happens if the body itself is disposed of within a couple of days rather than two weeks? (Inaudible)

ELIAS: No, for immediately upon the death of the body consciousness, you as essence and your attention and your identity assimilates all of that information.

BILL: Elias, I have a question about something that happened to me. In my dreams, regularly, I hear a phone call, a ring. At work, objectively I hate phones. I understand the ring of a phone is a signal; the feeling is a signal. I can’t quite get what... I’m getting signals, emotions. Am I globally not paying attention to my communications, or are there specific communications I’m not paying attention to? Because it seems so real to me that it’s some kind of signal. I’m getting the signal; I’m just not answering the phone. I’m not getting the communication. I’d appreciate it if you could address that to me.

ELIAS: Yes. You are receiving the signal. The message that you are not necessarily receiving is that in relation to difference and in relation to your associations with differences.

BILL: Globally or more specifically?

ELIAS: More in relation to individuals that you interact with personally, and also not personalizing.

BILL: What do you mean by “not personalizing”?

ELIAS: When other individuals engage actions or express in particular manners that are different from yourself, most individuals incorporate a tendency to personalize what other individuals are doing. When you personalize, you view what the other individual is doing as a personal affront to you. They are doing this to you with the intention of doing it to you, and generally speaking, they are not.

BILL: Would you say I do this mostly with my family? I don’t feel like I do that generally.

ELIAS: Yes, and in that, when you personalize with other individuals, you create more of an explosion, for you also generate expectations. You generate expectations of yourself, you discount yourself, and you generate expectations of the other individual: they should not do this or they should do this.

In that, as you are personalizing, it moves somewhat beyond that they SHOULD do this or they should NOT do this; it also becomes an expression of why do they not know this, why do they not recognize this. This individual knows me, why would they express in this manner, knowing that it will generate this type of response from me? But the other individual is not personally affronting. Therefore, they are not perceiving in that direction.

BILL: Then why do I understand that with everybody else except my family? (Laughter)

ELIAS: For those individuals are closest to you. You are most vulnerable to those individuals. You allow yourself more of an openness to those individuals. Therefore, they are more affecting.

BILL: (Inaudible) (Laughter) Thanks, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

SANDRA: (Long inaudible question about the body consciousness)


SANDRA: (Still inaudible)

ELIAS: It is, for that would be what is assimilating or, in your terms, absorbing all of those memories.

SANDRA: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Yes, precisely.

SANDRA: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Nonphysically? Yes.

PATRICIA: I have a question about becoming more energy sensitive. I’ve been going on these (inaudible). I’ve never really thought of my body as being a communication vehicle in that way.

ELIAS: Oh, and it is. Your body consciousness communicates to you continuously. It is a very strong avenue of communication.

PATRICIA: It’s hard to tell if it’s me or it’s something else. Like the day the stock market crashed... (inaudible). I had to go be by myself because something was happening. (Inaudible)

ELIAS: When you experience these type of energy surges, so to speak, it is important to stop momentarily and pay attention to what you yourself are doing, to distinguish whether you are connecting with another energy or a collective energy or whether it is your own. When you can stop and decipher what you yourself are doing in that moment, if it does not correlate with what you are experiencing and what you are feeling, generally speaking it is an indicator that you are connecting with some other energy.

In that, you can practice buffering out other energies. When you feel that, allow yourself to distract yourself. One manner in which you can distract yourself that is very effective is to engage your imagination. Move your attention away from what you are feeling and away from your physical body consciousness, and allow yourself to actively engage imagination — which I am aware that you are quite versed in imagination and that would not be very difficult for you, though it may be difficult for some individuals. This may be a very effective manner in which you can begin to buffer energy and not allow it to overwhelm you or to consume you.

KEN: Elias, would this work in the case that you mentioned before when the person broke the pencil and was overwhelmed and everything seemed to fall apart? Would this be time to practice this also, to delve into imagination, as a way of separating myself from this overwhelming feeling?

ELIAS: Yes. Imagination can be an excellent tool. It is not merely a powerful distraction, but it also simultaneously can be very inspiring and can spur you into new directions that are not overwhelming.


CURT: (Question about directing self, inaudible)

ELIAS: Directing the focus of your attention — which is you. Directing yourself intentionally, in actuality, is very simple, but you complicate it tremendously. Directing your attention is simple, for it is merely a matter of being aware of what you are paying attention to and whether what you are paying attention to actually is directly affecting you in the moment or not, which, in actuality, is quite simple. For, most of what conflicts you and bothers you and frightens you and distresses you is not actually directly affecting you in the moment. It is the possibility that it COULD affect you, or it is the idea that it MIGHT affect you, but it is actually NOT directly affecting you in the moment.

This is the scenario that I have expressed previously, when individuals become distressed and anxious and worrisome in relation to money or in relation to a bill or a debt. The perception is not what is occurring in the moment. No monster is ripping down your door in the moment and dragging you from your dwelling and hoisting you into a cage, but the perceived threat is present and that is what you are paying attention to: “I will not incorporate the ability to do this.” That is not occurring now. It is a matter of very simply reminding yourselves what IS actually occurring NOW. Are there monsters waiting to devour me? No. Are there individuals coming to take away all that I have? No. Shall I die in this moment? No.

You project so much, and you move yourselves out of the now and what you are actually doing and experiencing so often. That is what creates most of your conflict or your anxiety, not what is actually occurring.

ELLA: (Question about mass disengagements during this wave, inaudible)

ELIAS: There is a potential.

ELLA: (Continues, inaudible)

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and may not necessarily be always in the form of your species’ deaths. (Comments and questions lost again in the group talking over each other)

It may not always be associated with YOUR species’ deaths, but also how that may be affecting of you.

ELLA: (Inaudible and apparently funny question, group laughter)

ELIAS: Other species are, in a manner of speaking, part of you. Therefore, when they disengage, that energy, in a figurative manner of speaking, reabsorbs to you, but is no less of a loss than it is if an individual disengages, or in a manner of speaking, the loss is the loss of a part of you that you have projected, that you have manifest, and you have disengaged.

Not that it is your responsibility or fault, for other species, creatures, choose their own disengagement, but they are a part of you. They are a projection of your energy. Therefore, when they disengage, it is similar to a part of you disengaging.

FEMALE: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: For most individuals, dependent upon what they are connecting with, it would be in varying degrees a feeling of emptiness, a feeling of detachment, which is also connected to this communication wave. For as I expressed, you are not separate from all that is within your reality. You are intimately interconnected. In that, the communications within your world that are not being expressed by you individually, but are present, are important to pay attention to. Your economy is not the only expression which is global that is being affected and being changed. There is much more in your world that is being changed, and it is important to pay attention.


RODNEY: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the people who concern themselves with these things say it’s not just the polar bears but there are huge numbers of species on the planet that are becoming extinct at a regular rate, maybe even escalating. If this is true and if they are a part of us in that we’re creating them, then in our losing them is this a natural movement in the Shift, or are we damaging ourselves in some way? What’s the significance of this?

ELIAS: And it is VERY significant, for you have created an exceptional balance within your world, within your reality, in which all that is within your reality is interconnected, just as you are interconnected with all that is within your reality. What you do in your experiences in this location ripples out, and other individuals in Siberia are affected. You do not see that, but it occurs. What you do in your experiences does not merely affect you and what is around you physically, but it affects all of your reality. It affects the balance.

An element of this shift, a significant element of this shift, is to be self directing and to be AWARE, to be expanding your awareness to recognize and genuinely know that you are interconnected with all of your reality, that the individual is important, that the individual matters. Beyond the mattering, you are responsible for you, and therefore are responsible for all that you create, and you create the entirety of your universe.

FEMALE: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: What I am expressing to you is you are moving into a greater awareness. I am not expressing to you that you must be overwhelming yourself with the responsibility of the universe. What I am expressing to you is the importance of being self-directing and paying attention to what you are doing, and in that, not pushing, allowing. You have been pushing for centuries, for millennia, and pushing is not the direction of this shift. It is time now to stop and to allow.

RODNEY: Scientists are saying that the coral reefs on this planet are dead. How do we hold that information? Is it a natural evolution into...?

ELIAS: Is this a natural evolution? I may express yes or no. Is it a natural evolution in what YOU term to be natural in relation to the natural function of your planet? No.

RODNEY: Is it quote bad, wrong, something that needs to be corrected?

ELIAS: Is it bad, is it wrong? That would be a matter of perception. That would be a matter of your individual beliefs. Is it affecting? Yes. Is it creating changes? Yes. Will many of...

RODNEY: Is it hurtful to us?

ELIAS: It can be. It very well can be, and already is. But these are your choices. Will I express to you that continuing in the direction that you have been for millennia will lead to your extinction? No, it will not. May it lead to an imbalance in your world in which it may no longer be sustainable to you? That is a tremendous potential, but that is not the point. This is not a matter of doom. It is not a matter of predicting this direction, “if you continue, this will occur!” No, this is not the point.

The point is being aware and knowing that significant changes ARE occurring now. They have begun, and it is to you how you will proceed. It is to your choice how you will proceed and what you will do with the changes that you have initiated. It is not a matter of perceiving that it is all doomed and you incorporate no recourse and no choices. You incorporate many choices. In that, it is a matter of expanding your awareness and choosing what are your preferences, what is your comfort, and moving in that direction intentionally.

Every individual contributes to that in their daily experiences, in their daily actions, and in all of the actions that they are not comfortable in and all of the actions that they are comfortable in, and shifting the ratio of uncomfortable and paying attention to the comfortable, and therefore shifting the energy.


RICH: I’m noticing that there seems to be a pattern of speaking in terms of pushing energy that’s dynamic and masculine energy, where allowing is more feminine. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

RICH: And the Shift in consciousness is moving away from the masculine...

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and I have expressed that from the onset of this forum.

MALE: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Allowing is not non-action. Allowing is not merely being and not incorporating any action. It is incorporating action but being open to what may not be forcing or what may not be seen immediately.

MALE: (Inaudible)


MALE: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Yes, it is not non-action. Therefore, there is not a paradox.

BILL: Does allowance incorporate great trust?

ELIAS: YES, and that is another very significant factor in all of these directions is trust.

BILL: That would include, then, expectations. If I’m allowing when I’m creating those against expectations, the (inaudible) is trust. This is what I expect; this is my association. So no matter what I create, allow and trust. Even though it doesn’t meet what I expect to be a direction to where I want to go...

ELIAS: It can be.

VERONICA: Before, you spoke about imagination, and you said it was very simple and effective. How important a tool is it...


VERONICA: reversing what is happening?

ELIAS: Very. Imagination is one of your most powerful directions and one of your most powerful avenues of communication.

VERONICA: Would it affect my personal reality as well, and since we’re all connected, it would be affecting of all of it, to allow?


FEMALE: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: It is not one proceeds the other. It is in the moment.

VERONICA: Elias, to return to imagination. It is so effective that there can be a reversal or a stopping of the current trends?


PATRICIA: I have a question about bridging. (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Yes. Bridging is your allowance of yourself to express your own ability to stop and pay attention to the different languages that individuals speak, and rather than incorporating the direction of attempting to force individuals to speak your language or to expect them to speak your language, to incorporate the ability to listen and understand their language.

This is the reason that I expressed that individuals that are thought-focused or politically focused would incorporate much more difficulty in this wave and much more confusion and possibly trauma in this wave. Not every individual incorporates the ability to be a bridger. Not every individual can accomplish that, for the differences of focus types allow you different abilities, different qualities. You are not all the same, and in this particular wave, these individuals would not incorporate the ability, for the most part, to be a bridger, whereas individuals such as yourself can be, for you process and assimilate and interact more abstractly. Therefore, you can incorporate more differences, more translations. You can translate in more of a diverse manner.

Individuals that are thought focused or politically focused do not incorporate that abstractness to allow them to translate in more diverse manner. They are more rigid and in some manners more absolute, for they are more literal. Individuals that are emotionally focused or religiously focused are more abstract, and therefore incorporate more flexibility in communication. This is what allows them to be bridgers, which is significant, for that is, in your terms, in this time much needed.

FEMALE: (Inaudible)

LYNDA: I’m with you on the bridger thing and the emotional focus thing. Listening to somebody who’s thought focused and genuinely understanding what they’re saying, people just need to be understood is mostly my experience with this. In talking to a thought-focused person, I know what they mean and I slow myself down and don’t give so many explanations for what I mean, because that’s confusing. It helps to slow down and listen to the other person. Don’t you find that just listening to the other person calms the atmosphere automatically? You don’t have to say anything deep. It’s just listening and being heard. I didn’t get that until I started really, really paying attention to the need to be heard.

FEMALE: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: You all incorporate your own imagery and your own symbolism.

NATASHA: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Yes, quite so.

DANIIL: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Correct, and it is acceptable for you to do that also.

NATASHA: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: And you do continuously. All of you do. You generate many different directions that appear to be paradoxical, but in actuality, they are not.

In this, it is merely a matter of accepting all of the diversity of yourself and knowing that yes, in this focus you incorporate your own guidelines, and those are to be acknowledged. But this is the element that actually can allow you to be more accepting of difference, for you are interconnected with that difference and you wish not to be opposing of yourself. Therefore, it is another encouragement for you to be accepting and therefore not be opposing of those differences.

ELLA: (Long question, inaudible)

ELIAS: That is a possibility, but you will discover. You will invent.

FEMALE: Elias, you said we will discover. You’ve said that the Shift in other dimensions is already completed.

ELIAS: Not in other dimensions. The Shift is...

FEMALE: Oh, in this one.


FEMALE: It has already occurred in another time zone.


FEMALE: So the imagery of death, the reversal of what is now occurring, is not present anywhere? Or it has yet to be discovered?

ELIAS: It is present and it is not present. It is present in the future, which is simultaneous with now, but it is not present in your reality.

RODNEY: You’ve made the statement a couple of times, you made it in relationship to the tsunami near India and Indonesia, and I think you’ve made it elsewhere, where (inaudible) disengaged, were knowingly or unknowingly lending energy to the Shift. It’s kind of like with some of the things that we’re talking about, that there may be significant depopulation on the planet in the next 15 years. Today we certainly have significant advances in Iraq and hurricane Katrina and elsewhere, and I was musing as to what is the mechanics of this lending of energy. How does that work, what does it do? Are there a few groups of individuals...


RODNEY: ...or is it only singular individuals?


RODNEY: How does that happen? What is involved there?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the expression. Such as with the tsunami, the intention was not to continue to contribute to energies that were opposing, which you do individually and collectively. It is dependent upon what the collective situation is as to what the contribution of energy is to the Shift.

RODNEY: Would that be similar to in Iraq? I think 100,000 people died in Iraq over the last few years. Would that be similar? Did people say, “I’m going to stop opposing”?

ELIAS: No, they are opposing, and they are emphasizing. They are emphasizing opposition.

RODNEY: When they do this, are they lending energy to the Shift?

ELIAS: Yes, for they are raising awareness.

RODNEY: Raising awareness is synonymous to lending energy to the Shift?


Very well. I will express great appreciation to all of you, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting. I offer tremendous encouragement to each of you, and be assured, my energy is present and you will continue. (Laughter) In parting, remember: do not worry! To you all in tremendous lovingness, au revoir.

GROUP: Au revoir, Elias.

(The total session time was 2 hours, 30 minutes.)

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