Session 66
Translations: ES NE PT

Exploring Channeling, Perception, Distortion, and Spiritual Evolution


"Channeling and Fatigue"
"Concept of a Tunnel and a Light"
"Distortion through a Channel"
"Spiritual Evolution"
"Placement of Shapes on Paper"

Sunday, January 14, 1996

Participants: Mary, (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia),
Guin (Sophia), Jim (Yarr), Tom (James), and Christie (Oliver).

Note: Christie, who is one of the three individuals who
was present at our very first session, has been absent from group sessions
since July 30. Her name will be abbreviated Chris in the transcripts.

Elias arrives at 6:30 PM

ELIAS: Good evening! (Looks around the room, and notices Christie) Ah!
So, Oliver has chosen to move probabilities! (Grinning widely)

CHRIS: Yes, I have! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I had no doubtfulness to this situation! Welcome, once again!

CHRIS: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are wishing questions this evening, or shall I express, Michael
is wishing questions this evening! Acceptable.

VICKI: Okay; questions instigated by the reading of this book. "Please
explain why a person would be affected by fatigue
when involving the channeling phenomenon." (Note: When Vicki is reading
Mary's questions, this will be indicated by quotation marks)

ELIAS: You are wishing to understand why the connection may be affected,

VICKI: Yes. Also, this individual in this book did state that it was
undesirable for the person that was doing the channeling, in this case,
to be doing this when he was very tired.

ELIAS: This is the desire of the physically focused individual. The
essence is responding. The individual wishes not to be engaging in this
phenomenon while experiencing fatigue or uncomfortableness. Therefore,
this is expressed within essence, and responded to by the connecting essence
acting as the through channel. In actuality, as I have expressed to you,
your physical body will not be taxed during this phenomenon to any great
degree, for the essences which are involved with this agreement will not
be wishing to incorporate conflict or "taxingness" of the physical individual.
Much energy is required, but it is manipulated within such a way that the
individual physically focused will not be incorporating any sufferage as
resulting from this phenomenon. A mild fatigue may be following, but normally
speaking, this should be the extent. Many individuals may feel exhilarated
by the incorporation of other energy.

VICKI: Okay. "Why do people speak about a tunnel,
and a light which beckons them to it?"

ELIAS: We have partially discussed this subject previously. I will also
express to you, in additional information, that individuals within a transitional
state, who are not creating a focus according to belief systems to which
they may have incorporated, may view what they interpret, into words, as
being a light and a tunnel. This would be the same as when you view situations
within your dreams, and you do not identify with these things within your
waking consciousness. Therefore, you attach an identification for your
own understanding, as closely befitting the situation as you may possibly

Therefore, individuals experience viewing another essence, which is
there to be helpful during transition. In this, they view visually the
sight of an essence. This incorporates a shape, and also a form within
a shape. Their knowledge of what they are viewing is, shall we say, buried.
It has been forgotten. Therefore, they attach an identification to what
they view. They express that they view a bright or blinding light, but
that this light is welcoming and loving. In actuality, within essence you
do not necessarily radiate what you would think of as visible light, but
you do radiate a brilliance. Within this, you interpret this through your
waking consciousness as a light.

CHRIS: When they talk about going through
the tunnel, and the feeling, is that kind of the same feeling as I had
when I had those dreams, where I feel myself being pulled apart, something
being pulled? Is that the same sensation as going through the tunnel?

ELIAS: Very much so. Yarr also will experience this same issue, if allowing
himself to follow his female. In actuality, it is a pulling. It is a
pulling of consciousness away from physical consciousness. Therefore,
you interpret this also as being pulled through a tunnel.

Many times, you attach interpretations for issues that you do not understand,
and that you have no image for. Then, within physical focus, being expected
to be expressing of these experiences, you strain to attach an identification
within your language. Within this issue, your identification actually changes
your recollection of your visualization. Therefore, as you express what
you believe that you visualized, it has changed within your mind, into
that visualization. If you are to be expressing within words or pictures,
you express a tunnel and a light; for your identification is limited, and
this is as far as it expounds.

TOM: Well, that's kind of like the same feeling I get, like when you're
mirror-meditating, meditating in the mirror. It feels like you pull right
into the mirror. So, in actuality, it's almost the same thing as what you're
explaining right now.

ELIAS: The sensation, yes. There is a physical incorporation of sensation
that is accompanied by this action of consciousness. All of these sensations
will feel very similar to you. In actuality, they are all a moving of
consciousness away from physical expression. This will illustrate to
you the powerful connection between your non-physical consciousness and
your physical expression of body. (Pause)

TOM: Is your sight focused in tonight?

ELIAS: It is ... different.

TOM: (Holding the pipe out towards Elias) Can
you see this? (Elias smiles in acknowledgment) Ah ha!

ELIAS: (Grinning) I will refrain from incorporating this presently,
until I am obtaining agreement with Michael. I am wishing to not be incorporating
conflict, as this may incorporate conflict presently. Therefore, I will
wait; but thank you for your offering!

TOM: I'd just like to see you with it one time!

ELIAS: This will be actualized! (Grinning slyly, and much laughter)

RON: I have a small question, regarding the pipe. I had a perception,
after seeing you with the pipe for the first time, that you were actually
more used to a straight pipe than a curved pipe.

ELIAS: This is quite correct. Very perceptive!

RON: That's why I went and got another pipe!

ELIAS: Ah! We are experiencing Christmas once again! And this pipe would
be presently where?

RON: It's right in front of you. (Holding the pipe out)

ELIAS: (Takes the pipe and examines it) Much better! Very good taste!
I suppose Michael will not be in conflict if I am only holding it! (Laughter,
and then to Vicki) Continue.

VICKI: Okay. "I would like to know about the level of distortion
through a channel, and how much distortion
is involved with me."

ELIAS: Interesting question! I have discussed this issue previously.
Many individuals incorporate much distortion. I will also express to you
all, that given even what you would view to be a "perfect channel", as
you would express, there will always be an element of distortion, for you
incorporate language. Therefore, the concepts must be "turned and molded"
to fit to your language, to which you may understand. Therefore, a partial
distortion is always incorporated; but I will also express that there are
essences which seek out individuals who possess the ability to incorporate
this phenomenon with the least amount of distortion. This is dependent
upon the information to which the essence is wishing to express.

Some essences, within the focus of teaching, are not as concerned with
the amount of information to which they wish to be expressing. They also
are not concerned with the type of information, for their connection is
being made through the phenomenon itself. They also are helpful and instructive,
within the phenomenon, in vibrational qualities and telepathic information
which is expressed during their sessions, so to speak. Others are quite
specifically focused, and incorporate more information at a more involved
(pause) "level"; this being one of your limiting words, for there are no

You must also realize that although there may be distortion through
an individual, these individuals are in agreement with an essence, if they
are incorporating this phenomenon in actuality. Therefore, the essence
is aware of the distortion properties. The agreement may be made regardless,
for there may be qualities of energy incorporated, which may be beneficial.

Within this group of individuals, the essences connected have been conscientious
and careful in choosing individuals to be incorporating information. In
this, individuals have been taught and prepared, for what you would view
as a great length of time. This preparation has been focused upon for the
reason of the least amount of distortion. The individuals have been
chosen, and have agreed. As I have expressed previously, these individuals
possess the ability to allow their belief systems personally to move, allowing
information to be set forth, even given conflicting belief systems. Also,
within these "channels, so to speak, they are clear enough that where a
block may be encountered, it may be expressed openly that the block exists.
Therefore, particular subject matter may be diverted temporarily. This
is also known, that within a reasonable eventual time period, these subjects
also will be allowed to be incorporated and expressed. It is not important,
this time element that you incorporate; for all things will be expressed.

VICKI: So, I'm still unclear. There are "levels", so to speak, of distortion
between different individuals?

ELIAS: There is your distortion presently! (Grinning) There are elements
of distortion with certain individuals, or you may view as levels, which
are not levels, but your comprehension is limited. Therefore, we use available
language. Also, many individuals do not possess an active working vocabulary.
This is limiting, for if the individual does not possess, within their
"brain", not consciousness, the language skills, this will also be hindering.
There are words within your language that Michael does not incorporate
a working knowledge of, but through years of his studying, his visual perception
has incorporated these words. He may not have a working understanding of
their definition, and he may not even realize that he has ever encountered
a specific word, but the brain has registered this information and it has
been stored; for all that you encounter is kept. Every element of information
that you encounter within your physical experience is kept. None is lost.

Therefore, you may not incorporate a working definition of certain elements
of vocabulary, but I do! Therefore, I may access words not used within
your brain, and I may use these for my expression. Some individuals do
not encounter a wider range of your language; therefore, their skill is
limited. I may speak to you only of what the individual incorporates within
this consciousness.

Now you may say to me, "But what of individuals who may be speaking
within another language through this channel, a
language which this individual has no knowledge of?" Incorrect. When this
phenomenon occurs, this will be happening for the reason that the individual
acting as the channel incorporates a closer remembrance to past developmental
focus which does incorporate this language. Therefore, within their
present consciousness, this is available to be drawn upon by the essence
channeling through. Michael is unaware of French words that I express to
you, but you have each shared developmental focuses with this language.
Therefore, within your consciousness you possess an awareness; and you
within this company have moved your consciousness into an area of remembering,
through your meditations and your focus, which allows this information
clearer access.

VICKI: So this language issue; would that be an explanation of why this
essence, speaking in this book that we just read, incorporates words such
as karma?

ELIAS: Partially. As I expressed earlier, this is also in agreement.
The essence is aware of the individual to whom it is channeling through,
and also is aware of the individuals being affected within the phenomenon,
listening. Therefore, in order to be affecting and also answering to
these individuals, certain language and concepts are expressed forth, for
this will be accepted and understood. These individuals incorporate western
focus, but are viewing eastern philosophy as being more truthful. Therefore,
speaking with tones of eastern philosophy will be accepted and incorporated.
There are always reasons. There are no accidents!

VICKI: Well, what about this reference to schizophrenia
being an issue of possession? (Elias chuckles) This was the most glaring

ELIAS: You will view, as you are moving through, once again, our previous
material, that Elias has incorporated information which you may also view
to be discrepancies; although if you are truly looking and listening, you
will come to understand that there is no conflict, and that all of this
information "fits together". Words, once again, are offered in a way that
individuals will understand.

You will notice that this essence expresses that another essence is
not intrusive. This essence's words may be differently formed, but the
idea is the same. There are no intrusive essences! You will notice
that the essence has been confronted, not only within this encounter, but
at other times also, of "May an essence be incorporated into one's physical
expression of body?" The answer is absolute, just as Elias' answer has
been absolute: No! Therefore, this offers you clues that within this essence's
own words, it is being contradictory; but, it is not! For within this issue
of what you term to be a mental dysfunction, these individuals do incorporate
other essences; not within their physical body, but are in communication
with them. They do speak to them, and these essences do speak to the physical

These essences are not within a focus such as I. These essences would
be within a focus of transition, to which many essences may create much
mischief, for they know not what they actually affect; just as you may
encounter, with your Ouija board, essences who may not in actuality
be within a teaching focus, but may be within transition, and mirroring
to you your own focus. These essences within transition do incorporate,
sometimes, with individuals physically focused. Within the physically focused
individual, they are still within their oubliette; therefore they misinterpret,
and they do not recognize what they are experiencing. Therefore, you express
this as a dysfunction with the mental capabilities of the individual. They
have chosen this experience.

In actuality, there is no conflict within the expression of information.
It is only expressed within words that you find distasteful. Within our
own sessions and group of individuals, we incorporate many distortions
of interpretation of individuals with information! I express concepts.
You pull these concepts within and change them into unrecognizable concepts,
far reaching from my expression! (Laughter) This coming back to our discussion
of the channel, this being the reason why essences such as myself or Paul
search out individuals who will incorporate the least amount of distortion
by blocking, therefore allowing the clearest amount of information; for
it will be distorted on its own with you!

VICKI: Shall I go on, or does anybody want to jump in?

TOM: No, finish Michael's questions up; please!

VICKI: "I don't understand the concept of spiritual
evolution. If we already are, how can we evolve?"

ELIAS: (Chuckling) He is quite amusing! You do not understand! Once
again, language! I incorporate different words. I am conscious to be expressing
the least conflicting use of your language, and I also understand how easily
your words may confuse you, or may invoke belief systems to which I am
wishing to avoid and not be perpetuating of! Therefore, I choose not to
be incorporating the words of "karma" or "evolution", for you already possess
belief systems with regard to these words. I substitute "becoming" and
"choices". It is the same.

Essences will express to you, if they are genuinely speaking to you
from a teaching focus, that there is no repayment of debt. You owe nothing
to any other individual or essence. There is no failure! There are no mistakes!
But you may choose, for your experience, to be incorporating similar action,
to which you expel within different focuses. This is your choice. It is
not ordained! No "God" is pointing his almighty finger at any individual
and expressing, "You now will pay for this!" Incorrect! You may point your
finger at yourself and say, "I will now create this for myself", but this
is your choice. (Pause)

VICKI: Is this essence of Yan Su Lu in a teaching focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And is there a connection between that and Mi Wu Li? (This is
a name that Mary saw in a dream, months ago)

ELIAS: Now, express this identification within a rhythmic tone!

VICKI: I have been for two days! That's why it's intriguing.

ELIAS: This being another developmental focus of this same essence;
this being a connection and inner identification. You are each widening.
I express this to you many, many times, and you express this to you continuously,
within your identifications and your remembrances. I shall incorporate
a brief break, and we shall return for your questions.


ELIAS: We continue. You are wishing of more questions? (Pause)

JIM: I have to formulate mine a little bit clearer. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, I do have one little question. When we did our exercise
recently, in placing the shape on the piece of paper, you went around
and asked everybody where on the paper they had placed their shape and
everybody replied, but then we didn't address that any further. I was curious
why you asked that question.

ELIAS: And are you remembering where these shapes were placed upon these
sheets of paper? (Immediately turning to Ron and holding his hand out,
palm up, as if gesturing for Ron to answer)

RON: Center.

ELIAS: Pipe! (We all crack up, and Ron gives Elias his pipe) There!
I remember center! (Turns back to Vicki)

VICKI: I remember most of them ... (Elias cuts her off)

ELIAS: Sari's being nearer the top; Sophia's being nearer the side,
not quite center; Elizabeth, to the side; Lawrence, to the side. This was
also what you would term an unconscious identification; for where you were
placing of your shape, in relation to the entirety of the paper, was indicative
of your focus moving through its developmental cycle. Those which indicated
near an end of the paper, which would be closer to a side, were those essences
which are incorporating the intention of non-refocusing within physical
manifestation; the one in the center being with the intention of remanifestation
within physical focus. There are no accidents; and you know more that you
think you know! (Grinning widely)

VICKI: Mine was way up there in the corner! (Interestingly enough, I
had Mary do this exercise. She placed her shape exactly where I did!)

ELIAS: I am quite sure that if Michael and Lawrence were capable of
incorporating shapes off of the paper, they would have been expressing
this! (Laughter) Therefore, you may see that within your most simple exercises
that we incorporate, you possess information. You demonstrate, to yourselves,
information. You only do not notice!

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

RON: I have a question about the game last week.


RON: I connected, I believe I connected Patel with brass. Brass was
already incorporated into the game. I'm curious, as I also got kind of
a funny look from you. So, there's some deep meaning there!

ELIAS: Ah! Another "deep meaning" to information! Incorporate your pipe,
Holmes! We shall investigate! The sleuths are on the case! (Very humorously,
making us all crack up) This was one possible answer to this category.
This was not the primary probability, but was also acceptable. Therefore,
my hesitation, for you were not choosing the primary probability ... which
you possessed.

RON: Zinc.

ELIAS: Correct. You possessed the correct answer at the same moment
that you were uttering a different answer; both being correct. You were
also connecting, at this moment, with this essence, which was interfering
with your transmission; your purple essence, which possess this element
within this category. Therefore, the verbal expression was different than
the thought expression; this being the reason for this response from Elias,
viewing simultaneously two focuses appearing together. 'Twas interesting
to view your choice of which would be expressed, but this was acceptable.
You may change this presently upon our game to the other correct element,
which will replace this answer. (To Ron) Acceptable? (Ron nods) Compromise!

RON: The thing that I thought was strange was that I looked at the board
before the game, and for some reason, I didn't see brass was already on

ELIAS: This is what I have just explained to you, in connecting with
this essence of Mikaki; (turns to Vicki) who is not Mikaki; (turns back
to Ron) and being interrupted with your visualization and thought process.
There was a temporary interference of transmission, or you may express
this as "your wiring was being crossed";(laughing) skipping electrical
impulses, as I would be preferring to express this; my terminology! (Laughter)
Are you wishing to incorporate your game, or are you wishing more questions?

JIM: Let's play the game!

ELIAS: Acceptable.

JIM: Okay. I have a game impression. In the category of connecting essences,
to connect Yarr, Michael, and Olivia, in the category of mythical creatures,
with Pegasus.

ELIAS: (Grinning) And incorporate with Olivia, also ... ?

JIM: Yes. Incorporate with Olivia also, with Michael and Yarr.

ELIAS: And???

JIM: And? Lawrence?

ELIAS: And???

JIM: Oh, okay. That goes that far! Shynla?

ELIAS: No. Ryan.

JIM: What? Ron?

ELIAS: Ryan.

JIM: Ryan?

ELIAS: Correct! One point! (Laughter)

JIM: (Laughing) Oh, thank you! Who's Ryan?

VICKI: Ryan is the baby that was born to Rena.

JIM: Shynla's friend?

ELIAS: Olivia's twin; therefore, not separable.

JIM: Cool!

ELIAS: Very good! One point!

JIM: That's all for now.

VICKI: For Shynla; she would like to connect, in the physically focused
essences category, Joseph, Lawrence, and Shynla with the animal of a whale.

ELIAS: One incorrect.

VICKI: Okay. She would like to connect Tomkin, in the cities category,
with Vienna.

ELIAS: (Smiling) One point! (Still smiling)

VICKI: And, she would like to connect Patel, in the mythical creatures
category, with a gargoyle.

ELIAS: (Laughing) One point! And you may express to Shynla, it is no
matter of this "too obvious!"

VICKI: Okay. For Michael; he would like to connect Minerva, Ayla, in
the herbs category, with curry.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And he would like to connect Ordin, in the cities category, with

ELIAS: (To Ron, grinning) Be observing! (To Vicki, knowing that she
thinks this is incorrect) One point! I will explain also, as I have expressed:
There are no accidents! There are no coincidences! This connection exists
strongly between Elizabeth and also Shynla, and they have reversed cities;
for what you would view as originally, this city would be connected with
your red, and Vienna would be connected with your purple, and they have
exchanged; your clue being Elias' exercise, to which I asked you each to
view yourselves as another individual, expressing to Elizabeth what? Aborigine.
Not an accident! (Grinning) She also being connected with Tomkin. Continue.

VICKI: I would like to connect, in the category of fabrics, Elias with

ELIAS: One point! (Grinning)

VICKI: And in the category of ...

ELIAS: Not for painting! (Laughter)

VICKI: In the category of spices, I would like to connect Tomkin with

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: I think that covers me and all the people I have to ask for.

RON: I would like to connect Patel, in the seeds category, with an acorn.

ELIAS: That being of great strength; one point.

RON: Okay. I'll come back in a while.

GUIN: Alright. I'll do an easy one. I'd like to connect North America
as the continent with Ordin.

ELIAS: One point.

GUIN: And that's all I'm going to do.

TOM: I've got none tonight.

ELIAS: Be connecting within our week time span.

TOM: I didn't quite hear you, Elias, honest to god!

ELIAS: Be listening, and I will be helpful before our next meeting.

TOM: I'll be listening! Thank you.

ELIAS: (To Ron) A guess? (Laughter)

RON: No, an impression!

ELIAS: Ah! One point for an impression! (Laughter) Continue.

RON: I would like to try to connect yellow with tulips, in the flowers

ELIAS: One point! (Grinning) Very easy with impressions, as opposed
to guessing!

RON: Yes, sir! (Laughter, and a pause)

CHRIS: I'm kind of clueless as to what you guys are doing.

ELIAS: These individuals may be allowing you viewing of our great board,
which shall become our great wall, (smiling) and they may be helpful in
explanation of our game and its reasoning; for although we play this game
and incorporate fun, it also holds great connections, and many answers
to your connections within essence.

CHRIS: I know it looks like fun! It sounds like fun!

TOM: Would you like to see the game board?

CHRIS: Sure! (She begins to examine the board)

VICKI: I have a question about the connection that Yarr did with Pegasus;
in identifying Olivia as Ron, or Olivia as the other twin, or both?

ELIAS: We have not identified Olivia as Ron. We have identified Olivia
as the twin. We incorporate Ron as Ron, with this physical focus naming,
for it is of his choosing and pleasure.

JIM: You know, I thought Ron, but when I said the name Olivia, I allowed
that to come out. I just allowed it!

ELIAS: Very good; this being an impression.

CHRIS: Okay. Well, from what I think I understand this to be, in the
category of cities, I guess, is there a connection with myself, or Oliver,
and Bodie?

ELIAS: Your connections are with these essences which are focused upon
this game, which are indicated. There are seven essences; which I also
will be offering information further of these seven essences; but for this
present, focusing upon this game within these categories that are specified,
you may connect elements which also connect to the essence. There is
a vibrational quality to all of these elements that connects with each
of these essences. Within the category of your connecting essences, you
may connect yourself with another essence, or with another individual,
physically focused, within any of these categories. Therefore, you may
connect yourself to a city in connection with another essence, or with
another individual.

CHRIS: Okay; such as Thomas?

ELIAS: You may. (Pause, looking intently at Christie) These connections,
I will also express, are arrived at through allowing yourself to be listening
to your impressions. Through this, you will arrive at true connections,
as opposed to lucky guesses; (grinning at Ron) which have been incorporated,
although there is no luck! Eventually, even within guessing, you will connect;
but one of the focuses of this game is to allow you a practicing of connecting
with your impressions, therefore allowing yourself to be trusting of
these impressions and the information that they offer; listening to
oneself and becoming accustomed to that voice. This game should be not
quite difficult for Oliver to quickly incorporate. (Smiling at Christie)
Are you wishing more questions?

JIM: I have a question. I was talking to Michael about it. Yesterday,
I had a sick pony, and while Cindy was calling
the vet, I thought, maybe I can do something, and I started rubbing my
hands around its sides and its belly. The pony was very uncomfortable.
And as I did this, I thought of a lot of things, but I thought of myself
and the pony are not separate. We are connected. And when I got done, he
stood there very quietly for about ten minutes, but then I could see, slowly
the pain began to come back. Was I affecting of, with him at any point?

ELIAS: Be noticing of your accomplishment. Be understanding also of
your connecting, and also your focus. You have been affecting because of
your focus. If you are incorporating belief systems that you must be focusing
upon some "healing energy", you will not be affecting. If you are focusing
upon your connection and your ability to connect with consciousness in
any form, then you will be affecting.

JIM: Okay. Cool!

ELIAS: Allow yourself the acknowledgment of your accomplishment. In
this, you may further your trusting within yourself, and be accomplishing
further within your future.

JIM: Yes, I will. Thank you. (Pause)

CHRIS: I have a question along the same lines of the healing. My sister
is becoming involved with what they term "healing touch", and when I was
in great pain with my back, she came to my house and did her healing touch
on my back, and it was at a time when the pain was excruciating. The next
day it got even more excruciating, but after that point, after the next
day, the pain subsided incredibly. It's like it wasn't anywhere near, and
nothing had happened other than my sister doing the healing touch on me,
and ... (pause) What is the question I want to ask? I don't know! I was
thinking myself of getting into the same sort of thing, because when I
give someone a massage, it makes me feel so much better, you know. I actually
get a physical feeling of healing someone and making them feel a lot better,
and ... (pause) I guess I just kind of wanted to get a view from you. What
do you think of that and me? Do you think that would be something that
would be good for me to get into or I would enjoy, as I'm kind of in a
flux right now as to what I'm doing with my life, as you already know.

ELIAS: I will say that you possess the answer already, as to what will
bring you enjoyment and fulfillment. This, of which you speak, you are
already aware within you that this would be a fulfilling probability for
you to pursue, if you are so wishing. You need incorporate only a focus.
Your desire is partial. I will offer to you that this direction in probabilities
will follow with your personal intent, therefore will cause you no conflict.
Beyond this, you may realize that you will also incorporate satisfaction.
Your only blockage to this is that your desire is also in flux. Therefore,
your motivation is not quite intense. In this state, as many other individuals,
you are wishing to be following your intent, but you motivation is not
quite all within one direction. If you may motivate yourself and pursue
this probability, you may find that you will be quite pleased with yourself,
and you may be offering helpfulness to other individuals also, which will
be quite fulfilling. You need only focus, and be directing of yourself
and your probabilities. Do not allow your "state of flux" to be holding
your probabilities static. Allow your probabilities to move, and
you will also allow your motivation to grow.

CHRIS: I feel that I really got connected with the reason that this
happened to my back. I mean, I'm totally in tune to why it happened, and
I know that it has to do with not being satisfied, or something else you
just said. I mean, it has complete and total to do with my work right now,
and doing what I'm doing, and where I'm working, and the unhappiness that
I shove away, that I push away and try to make it seem like I want to be
there, I like the job, when it feels like my whole body, and this is why
my back did what it did, is fighting me, going "uh uh, uh uh, you don't
like this! This is not what you're supposed to be doing! This is not where
you're supposed to be, especially at this particular place!" And after
we spoke the last time in November, I really feel, and you told me that
I knew what was going on, and I, you know, I really feel like I've connected
with that, and how we can't go against the grain of how we feel. We can't
work for people who, you know, that are against what we believe, you know,
what our belief systems are, so I feel really connected with that.

ELIAS: You can! (Grinning) But you will also create conflict!

CHRIS: Right! That's what I meant to say! Just like that!

ELIAS: You will obtain your attention, in one way or another! If you
are not listening to the very soft "mother, mother, mother", (laughter)
you will break something within yourself to obtain your attention! Your
goal, so to speak, is to incorporate no conflict. Therefore, listening
to your impulses, to your impressions, to your self, and heeding what your
self expresses to you, will allow you no conflict; but as you do not listen,
you incorporate much conflict!

CHRIS: It's hard when you have so much fear, you know, you have one
side of you saying "Don't fear, go ahead, you can do this, you can do anything
you want", and the other side you have, "You have to pay the rent, you
have to do this." You have all of those other belief systems banging and
creating conflict, and then you just kind of ...

ELIAS: This is correct, and this is where your conflict lies now; this
being what may distract your motivation. If you are allowing your fear
to be influencing you, your motivation will diminish, and once again,
you will deviate from your intent; and in this, be remembering, you will
incorporate conflict; but if you are chancing trusting, you will be moving
effortlessly and incorporating no conflict! You are so blinded to your
probabilities that you believe that the pay-off that you receive presently
is the most pay-off that you may receive! What you do not realize is that
as you move effortlessly in trusting of yourself, and listening to yourself,
and letting go of fear, your pay-off increases! (Pause)

TOM: Pertaining to the question last week; the left hand, the right
hand, this breath. What is the proper way to address your essence?

ELIAS: I will ask you, what is the proper way for Elias to address you?

TOM: James.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

TOM: Acceptable.

ELIAS: What is the proper way for Oliver to address you?

TOM: James or Tom; both being the same, both being one.

ELIAS: Correct. These are names. You have incorporated many names!

TOM: Well, how do I get in touch with those many names?

ELIAS: A name is of no importance. Therefore, seek out yourself. The
best way for Tom/James, or James/Tom ...

TOM: Or Jessie James!

ELIAS: ... or anyone, within your focus of
your essence, to be in touch, so to speak, with your essence, is through
your feelings.

TOM: I just got it! Thank you!

ELIAS: You are welcome. Be in touch with your emotional focus.
This will speak to your essence, and your essence will speak to you.

TOM: We've had some great communication as it is. I just, I didn't know
if there was, I felt that there was a different way to approach it, but
I've got the feeling, and actually, there's almost any way to approach
it! (Elias nods) Another thing here, pertaining to backs. My back has been
fractured and broken two different times, which you know of, and I've healed
that with my chakras. I don't have any more back problems, but Jeri, Fromasch,
has a lot of back problems. Everybody was talking about the "touch", and
the feel, and trying to relieve the pain on somebody. Now, I try that a
lot with Jeri, Fromasch, massaging her back, and I massage her back thinking
of the pain, and what feels good to me when I do it. Is that the right

ELIAS: I will express to you, James, that I am quite understanding of
your focus with Fromasch, and your concern, and also of your connection.
I will express to you though, that Fromasch incorporates Excuse. (To Ron)
Are you wishing mechanical interruptions for Elias?

RON: That's okay. (Ron is trying to tape the session on cassette)

ELIAS: I shall discontinue momentarily if you need make adjustments.

RON: No, that's okay.

ELIAS: Acceptable. Fromasch incorporates much fear, and also many issues
within this developmental focus, to which I have not incorporated much
discussion. I await the focus of Fromasch. She is not ready to be listening.
The fear is too great. The issues are too strong. Therefore, she will not
listen presently. These issues will block your efforts.

TOM: And I try!

ELIAS: It is not necessary for your trying. The effort will be blocked.
It does not serve the motivation within Fromasch. It does serve for Fromasch's
intentions in attention. Fromasch incorporates many physical elements,
this being for the reason of types of attention, which are accomplished
through the accomplishment of ailments. This follows Fromasch's intent
of this developmental focus. She is not quite in touch, so to speak, yet
with her reasoning for this intent, but she has developed this intent in
relation to other developmental focuses. This is her choice. She will not
discontinue these elements of physical discomfort through helpfulness of
other individuals. They will be affected if she is affecting of herself.
Her fears must be confronted, and her motivation within her development
of attention must be addressed first.

TOM: Is there any way we can turn this around?

ELIAS: She may, instantaneously. You may not. We may not.

TOM: Fromasch only.

ELIAS: You may lend energy within supportiveness, and also in being
a straight tree.

TOM: Good point. I'll have her read that again. (Dear Tom: I think the
point is for you to read it again! Love, Vicki) Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause) I will address also to Yarr, in affectingness;
not to be construed into a negative thought!
Your affectingness within consciousness and expectation has also, within
your recent past, affected of your animal, which was developing illness.
This was a cooperation of yourself and your mate; she not wishing to incorporate
physical expression of female organ disorder which, through consciousness,
was accepted by your animal and expressed for her.

JIM: Amazing! That's neat! Thank you for sharing that.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: All connected! Amazing! So connected! More and more I realize,
and more and more I see and begin to know, there are no coincidences!

ELIAS: I have heard this somewhere in the cosmos! (Grinning)

JIM: Me too! That's so neat! It's comforting! (Pause)

TOM: I've got an off-the-wall question. I'm in a position where I have
a lot of stress, and I deal with a multitude of personalities. I'm doing
my best to keep it on an even keel, but there has been recently, in the
last two weeks, that I've "geysered up" really bad. Come touch me in a
couple of dreams and keep me down, would you?

ELIAS: Ask yourself, within the moment! Within the moment of your geyser,
ask yourself what you view to be of such great, ultimate importance!

TOM: Good point. 'Cause at the time, I just want to tear their heads
off! Good point.

ELIAS: Incorporate Ron's words of "It matters not!"

TOM: Ah! I've heard those words! (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, Lawrence?

VICKI: My question is for Shynla. She wants to make sure she understands
correctly that in this simultaneous time ...

ELIAS: (Laughing) Much conflict with simultaneous

VICKI: ... that she may connect in our sessions, for example, at any

ELIAS: This is correct. Let me also offer, for Shynla, as my intent
for this evening was to also involve this subject, that you incorporate
within physical focus very physical views of your nature, and of time and
space. Within your consciousness, you respond and react and act just as
a particle acts upon a sub-atomic level. In this, your scientists are not
quite sure what these particles are doing, so to speak, but I will express
to you that they are communicating; and the way that they communicate is
through space. They appear to disappear and reappear within what you view
to be your space. Their communication is expressed during their time, so
to speak, that they have disappeared. They have not disappeared! They have
moved through space.

You move around space. You have created physical space, in which you
move around. You move around your planet, in space. You incorporate a flying
carriage, and you move around in space to a destination, as did Shynla.
Your consciousness is quite understanding of the inefficiency of this method.
Therefore, your consciousness projects through space. Therefore, as you
project your consciousness to Shynla, or Shynla projects consciousness
to you, it does not travel around your planet, through time, in space.
It projects without time, through space, through dimensions, as you view
them, and incorporates instantaneously. There is no time! There is
no space! It is a perception of your creation for the forum of your experience.
(Pause, during which you can hear many sighs) Therefore, each of you may
be connecting, and may "turn your channel" slightly, to incorporate her
frequency, for it is present; and if you are acknowledging of this, you
may experience this presence. I do! You may assure Shynla, time nor space
is of any consequence! (Pause) And, no questioning from Sophia this evening?
(Smiling at Guin)

GUIN: I'll ask a quick question. I wanted to know if Keith, my boyfriend,
was an emotionally-focused or a thought-focused essence.

ELIAS: Thought-focused.

GUIN: That's what I thought. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. And with this information, you may allow yourself
less conflict! (Pause, grinning) I was not quite hearing of this personal

Note: Here, we run out of video tape, and lose three minutes in the
changing of it. To the best of my recollection, Guin's question sparked
similar questions from Jim and Christie. Jim's partner is emotionally-focused,
as is Christie's. Christie seemed to be quite surprised to hear this, and
the ensuing dialog is the continuance of an explanation of this to her.

ELIAS: (To Ron) I shall be quite willing to be pausing for machinery,
as this will also be helpful to Shynla in her connecting. Therefore, you
may express to me to be momentarily discontinuing, and I will have no conflict
with this.

In continuing, some individuals may hold their emotional focus to themselves
in not wishing to be connecting emotionally with other individuals, for
they protect themselves in their fear; but they interpret their own language
through emotional focus, this being the difference. Thought-focused individuals
move beyond not expressing of many emotions. They do not interpret the
language of their essence through emotion. They interpret through thought.
You may experiment with these elements, given any situation; and although
you may believe that you instantaneously incorporate a thought in response
to a given situation, if you are, within yourself, slowing your focus and
retarding your camera to slow motion, you will view that your initial "twinge"
is within, in a feeling, as opposed to your initial thought. Many thought-focused
individuals do not incorporate the initial twinge. They only incorporate
the thought.

CHRIS: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause) Are you wishing more information?

TOM: I'm wishing for a cigarette!

ELIAS: You may be excused!

TOM: Thank you, Elias. You want me to light your pipe?

ELIAS: Thank you, no. (Pause, and then to Ron) And we incorporate much
mechanicalness for no time! (Laughing) My sense of audio hearing within
this phenomenon is quite acute. Therefore, I am aware when your machinery
is discontinuing. If you are wishing within the future for my acknowledgment
of this, I will automatically stop.

RON: That would be appreciated.

ELIAS: Therein Shynla will not be incorporating conflict of missing
information, although she may be acquiring this within transcribed material;
but I am aware that she is quite fond of my tone.

VICKI: Yes, she is.

ELIAS: A hold-over ... (turns to Ron) Are you getting this? ... from
previous developmental focus, in jealousy of Michael in relationship to
Elias; she being too young for my taste, but quite pretty! Ask also if
she has found your residence within Vienna. It is available to be found!
(Pause) Then I will be excusing myself, and we will be discussing of these
seven essences at our next meeting, for I have information to offer you
of these connections, which you have been anticipating! (Vicki is nodding
vigorously) And Shynla also.

VICKI: And then after that, will this explanation you gave to Ron this
evening, of what happened with his brass game question, be more easily
understood? Because I don't understand!

ELIAS: You will! (Grinning) I shall be signaling off of our station
this evening, and our channel, as we have incorporated much discussion
of channels this evening; mine being channel seven! (Laughter) I will be
speaking with you later. Good evening!

TOM: Thank you, Elias.

JIM: Yes, thank you for everything.

Elias departs at 9:19 PM

Note: The book referred to in this transcript is titled "Reaching For
The Oversoul". The author is Eugene G. Jussek, M.D.

© 1996 Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1996 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.