Session 539
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Risk, Security, and Freedom


“Risk, Security, and Freedom”
“Birds of a Feather Flock Together”
“Your Perception Creates Your Reality”

Tuesday, January 11, 2000-1
© 2000 (Private)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), David (Mylo), and Cathy (Shynla).
Elias arrives at 2:42 PM. (Arrival time is 32 seconds)

ELIAS:  (Gently)  Good afternoon, Mylo.

DAVID:  Hello, Elias.  It’s good to be here!

ELIAS:  Once again, in objective interaction!

DAVID:  Yes.  It’s been a long time for me, but it’s good to be here. (Elias chuckles)  Yes, I have some questions!

ELIAS:  Very well.  You may proceed.

DAVID:  Okay.  It’s been really weird because I’ve been thinking for months, if I’m going to talk to Elias, how am I going to formulate this question?  It should be so easy, but I’ve just been a pretzel bigtime the last year, and I’m just wondering or trying to figure out why I’ve dug myself into such a deep hole.

I feel confused as to why I sold my house.  I had this strong impulse to get rid of everything, and then I moved back home, and I’m in a hole, and I’m not happy at all.  I know there’s a lot of people right now in this time period with the shift going through similar things, but it’s gotta change, ‘cause I just really can’t take it anymore, to be honest with you.  Something’s gotta give, but I don’t have enough confidence to believe it’s ever gonna give.  I feel sometimes that my next step is to just disengage, although that obviously terrifies me ‘cause I don’t really want to go there, and yet I feel like sometimes I want to go there, just to get away from all this, and I’m confused.

I have no desire anymore.  I can’t find a spark anymore.  I can’t even decide anymore — shall I do this, shall I do that, shall I do this, shall I do that — I can’t even make a decision!  I feel totally stuck — paralyzed — and it scares me.  I feel very, very insecure all of a sudden, vulnerable beyond belief, and I figure I really do need some help here.

ELIAS:  First of all, let us address to all that you are expressing in what you are experiencing — this vulnerability, this element of giving up, this expression of a lack of motivation, and your objective creation of detachment of physical elements.

Now; view with me what you are creating and what you are moving yourself into.  Allow yourself a moment to view your movement and your creation through a slightly different perception, for the perception that you are viewing through now is inundated with what you identify as negativity.

And in this, what you reinforce within yourself is a lack of worth and a lack of acceptance of self, for you are viewing yourself as being stagnant, not moving, and in your terms being stuck, and as you allow yourself to view through a slightly different perception, you may allow yourself the opportunity to see objectively how you ARE creating a movement.

In this, you have created a movement of detaching yourself, in objective terms, from some elements within your physical focus that symbolize an expression of encumbering.  Therefore, you have chosen to be creating the movement in which you have, in your terms, sold your house.  This is imagery that you have objectively presented to yourself as a beginning movement.  Therefore, we shall begin with this imagery, and walk through the steps of your creations, so to speak.

In this movement, you chose to be disassociating yourself, or discarding, in a manner of speaking, an element within your focus that appeared to you to be cumbersome and restrictive — limiting — for within your beliefs and within your perception, this structure confines you to a specific location and continues to pull you back to that location and tie you, so to speak, to that location.

This is, be remembering, your perception within your beliefs, but this is also quite reality!

And in this, you chose to create a movement in discarding that cumbersome element within your focus, which moves your perception into a direction of allowing you an expression of more freedom.  You moved into that direction of more of an expression of freedom and altered your physical location, but moved yourself into physical location offering yourself an element of familiarity.

Also, in conjunction with your beliefs and with your perception, you have created, in a manner of speaking, a steady stream of movement.

You are not stuck.  You are not creating a lack of movement.  You are creating a movement that is familiar to you.  You are creating a movement in which you shall motivate yourself into an expression of extreme uncomfortableness, and this is quite motivating.  Therefore, I shall express to you that in actuality, you are creating the very movement that you express you are not creating!

You ARE creating movement.  You ARE motivating yourself.  You are creating an uncomfortableness to the point that you turn your perception, and in turning your perception and your attention, you move into the expression of what you have stated — that you are giving up.  In this expression of giving up, so to speak, you are also creating movement, for you are letting go.

You have been holding very tightly to your energy.  You have continued to create movement, but you have continued to hold very tightly to your energy, so much so that you are exhausting yourself, in objective terms, and you are creating an alteration in your attention, expressing to yourself a resignation, and as you resign yourself, you also loosen your hold upon your energy, and you DO create the movement of vulnerability.

And what is vulnerability?  It is openness.  They are synonymous.  And in that openness, you may allow yourself more movement.  For as you have created your choices, as you have created your movement into each of your probabilities, you have consistently moved yourself into more and more and more of an expression of uncomfortableness, and you quite efficiently have allowed yourself little expression of windows to be viewing outside of that uncomfortableness.  You have created a constant flow to be motivating you, to be pushing yourself into a resignation and a letting go and a loosening of your hold and an expression of opening.

I shall express to you, within this physical focus, within many cultures, there is a very common expression of movement of individuals in which many individuals hold the belief that they need be pushing themselves to a limit in which — within their perception — they hold no more choices, and they shall exhaust themselves to the point of resignation, holding the belief that as you approach that point of resignation — or what you term to be giving up — you shall then, at that point, offer yourself permission to move in a different direction.  But until that point, many of you continue to push yourselves to what you identify as your “depths of your souls.”

But the beneficial aspect of this type of movement is that you shall reach a point in which you tire tremendously in your creation of uncomfortableness, and as you move into that expression, you view objectively, through the influence of your beliefs, that you are unmotivated.  But you continue to motivate yourself.  You merely hold an objective expectation of what you want, and in this, as you do not view yourself materializing your objective want, you automatically create your feeling and your expression of disappointment.

Disappointment springs in an automatic response from expectations which you do not create objectively, but you do create what you concentrate upon.

Concentration, I shall express once again, is not thought.  You may think endlessly, and this is not the expression of concentration.  Concentration is what you believe.  THIS is the area of your concentration, for this is the area of your attention.  Your attention is not focused strongly in the direction of what you view to be your elusive wants.  Your concentration is focused in what you believe.

Therefore, you may express to yourself, time and time and time again, “I want to be creating this particular direction in my employ.  I want to be creating this direction in my expression of my creativity.  I want to be creating this expression in the direction of an intimate relationship.”

And simultaneously, you believe you do not hold the ability to be creating any of these elements, and that shall override and that shall be what is created, for this is what you believe and this is the energy that you project outwardly, and the energy that you project outwardly is what magnates energy to you, for you shall draw to yourself that which reinforces what you believe, and other individuals shall draw to you in like manner.

At the onset of this forum, which you identify to be much time ago, I have expressed to you all that you do magnate together in like spirit, so to speak.  Your clichés spring from what you know, and in this, you may express to yourself, yes, birds of a feather shall flock together, for the energy that you project outwardly serves, in a manner of speaking, as a beacon, and like energy shall magnate to that beacon.

It is no accident that each individual draws to themselves other individuals or groups of individuals that are of like spirit, for what you are projecting is what you believe within self, and this is directly influencing of your assessment of your measure of worth and ability.

DAVID:  But it almost feels like that’s also adding to my panic and fear, because on one level I can understand what I’m doing, and yet for some reason, it’s taking me so long to move away from doing that to myself, because obviously I’m still doing it.  If it’s that strong and I can’t seem to do what I would call something more positive to get my wants, to be attracting my wants, I just see myself doing what you just said more and more and more, to where I feel, is this going to take a lifetime, and suddenly, at 80, I’m not doing this anymore?

Well, by then, I don’t want to know, and that’s what scares me too, because I want to stop it NOW, soon, tomorrow, not five or ten years from now, because I don’t think I can last that long if I’m going to continue doing that very same thing.

ELIAS:  And what are wishing to stop?

DAVID:  Well, I did want to use the words “I want to change that,” but we’ve discussed change.

I just want to stop digging myself into this hole.  I want to experience those three wants you mentioned.  I want the puzzle to fall into place.  I want to know what it feels like for it to fall into place.  I want the relationship, I want the career, and I want the geographical location where I stay in one place.

I don’t want to jump around anymore, Elias.  I don’t want to do that.  I want to stay still.  But where I’m at, even in London, I know it’s only temporary, because I’ve gone back to the familiar.  But I know, in the long run, it’s not where I’m gonna be, but where the hell the next place is, I don’t have a clue!  I’m tired of being a puppet.  I want to be the master of my own destiny, so to speak, and know it.

ELIAS:  You are.

DAVID:  But I’m obviously not doing what I want, am I?

ELIAS:  Remember the beacon, for in this expression lies your answer and lies your key.

You do not move in the acquisition of things outside of you.  You do not acquire these things, so to speak.  You create them, and you create them through your movement within self.  You create them in the energy that you manifest within you.

You do not acquire your employ.  You do not acquire the means to be expressing your creativity.  You do not acquire the avenue to be expressing your creativity.  You do not seek out and acquire a relationship in intimacy.

You BELIEVE that this is how you create your reality, and this is what is creating your conflict, for this is quite limiting.

In this, what you are expressing, essentially, is that you do not create your reality.  All that is outside of you creates your reality for you.

DAVID:  I’m trying to get hold of that understanding.  Even though I’ve read about it for god knows how long, I still don’t grasp the know-how within myself of how to create my reality the way I want to do it.

ELIAS:  First of all, you may allow yourself the knowing and the acceptance that you DO create your reality.

This is the first expression, for in the belief — regardless of what you express objectively in your language, in your words, in your thoughts — in the belief that you do not create your reality and that you are subject to the creation of your reality through other elements, through other individuals, through circumstances, you place yourself in a very narrow avenue of choices.  You eliminate most of your choices, for you are not creating your choices.  You are subject to the choices outside of you, which are affecting you.

Therefore, your beginning point is the recognition that you do not acquire.  You create.

YOU are creating your reality.  It is not thrust upon you.  You are not victim to your emotions and your feelings or your thoughts.  You are creating them, and you are creating them purposefully, for each thought, each emotion, each feeling, each physical action that you engage, you are creating to be moving yourself in a particular, specific direction, and those directions are quite in conjunction with your beliefs.

This is the reason that I express to you to be noticing self, to be accepting of self, and to be recognizing the beliefs that you hold, for they are the expressions and the influences that weigh upon your perception, and these are the elements of self that move you into what you create.

You create what you believe.  If you are believing that you are subject to other individuals’ creations, if you are believing that you are subject to other individuals’ choices, you shall not afford yourself choices.  If you are believing that you do not hold the ability to create what you want, you shall not create what you want.

DAVID:  But isn’t that what we would call somebody that takes risks?  I’ve always assumed I’ve been quite good at taking risks, stepping blindly into something and seeing more results from that rather than saying, “Oh no, it’s too much.  I need definites; I need guarantees.”  I’ve never been there.  I’ve always taken risks, but I’ve done that, and I’m still left where I’m at today.  Then I get confused, because I thought risk-takers definitely had more opportunities.

ELIAS:  Define risk.

DAVID:  Risk to me is like, for example, I don’t want to go back to the job I’m going back to in London.  I want to go back, but not to the job, and risk that I will be out of work, and in that period of time, hopefully I will find something else that I will probably like better.  That to me is a risk.  It’s nothing that is laid on a plate.  There’s no guarantees.  There’s nobody saying, “Move over here, and we’ll guarantee you a job.”  To me, not knowing is the risk-taking.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, Mylo, another element of what you are experiencing presently.  And what you are experiencing presently is the same as your entire planet, for what you are experiencing — and do not be discounting of this element — is a movement in this shift in consciousness.  It also is reality!

And in this, what you are creating in this movement is redefining your reality — redefining your terms, redefining your definitions, allowing yourselves to hear your own definitions, and recognizing that your definitions are absolutes, and there are no absolutes.

DAVID:  So, what is the definition of risk?

ELIAS:  There is no definition of risk, for there is no risk!  What shall you risk?  What shall you lose?  Your definition of risk is that you hold the potential for loss.  You are creating your gamble.  This is your definition of risk.  What shall be a gamble?  What shall there be to lose?

DAVID:  Well, to most people, everything — their security and all the things they’re frightened of not having.

ELIAS:  Define security.

DAVID:  Security is knowing — based on the design of this physical reality and what our governments have designed — the security of knowing you can pay your bills, the security of knowing you’re not gonna end up on the street, et cetera.  To me, those are securities, and that they’re gonna be, like you said, more or less absolutes, although I know there are none, but....

ELIAS:  You do NOT know there are none.

I express to you, your belief lies in these absolutes, as do many, many other individuals within your planet presently, and this is why you are experiencing trauma, for you ARE redefining your terms and you ARE redefining your reality, and as you move into redefining your terms and your reality, you view that you hold no definition, and you move yourselves back into the expression of the familiar and cling to the energy of the familiar, for you create fearfulness within yourselves in the thought of freedom.

Presently, in this redefining stage, so to speak, of your shift in consciousness, you hold an objective want — or so you think — that you wish to be moving into freedom, and how glorious of an expression shall this be, to be experiencing freedom, and I express to you, yes, it is!  But your beliefs are held very strongly, and this is the area of your concentration, and your concentration does not move in the direction automatically of freedom.

You are familiar with confinement.  You are familiar with limitation, and you create terminology surrounding limitation and confinement, in safety, in security, in stability, consistency.  These are terms that you associate with limitation, with familiar.

Freedom — how shall you define freedom, and what shall you do with freedom?  How shall you express freedom?  If you are offered freedom in this present now, how shall you exercise that freedom in reality?

Your thought process, your concept of freedom, appears to you to be quite clear: “I shall hold freedom.  I shall allow myself to move in whatever direction I so choose.  I shall hold no obligation to any individual or situation.  I shall allow myself to move easily in any expression that I am so choosing.”

And what shall your expression be?

DAVID:  Well, that’s dependent on my mood at the time.  That’s what freedom is; not really defining it, but rather, “I feel like doing this today,” and doing it; not “I feel like doing this, but I can’t because I’ve got to do this or I’ve got to do that or I’ve got to go to work for the next nine hours,” et cetera.  To me, the freedom is, this is what I feel in the moment, and I want to do it.

ELIAS:  And you may, NOW.  But your belief moves you in the direction that you must wait.

DAVID:  Absolutely.

ELIAS:  There are prerequisites to freedom.  You must “have” to be creating freedom. (Very tongue in cheek)

DAVID:  So, based on my most probable probability, am I gonna move out of this place I’m in right now soon, and into a place where I would feel more (breathing deeply) release?

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  Mylo, I shall express to you, this quite is a crystal ball question, (David laughs) and I shall express to you, quite unrealistic, for it is not a situation of either/or.  “Shall I move out of this situation or this type of movement, or shall I not?”  It is not a question of either/or.

DAVID:  Well, it’s just that right now, if I’m gonna go down this road much longer ... I just don’t know if I can do that.

ELIAS:  And what shall you create?

DAVID:  Well, either disengagement, or I’ll get out of it.  Those are my two choices! (Cracking up)

ELIAS:  You hold many choices.  Those are the two choices that you view presently.  Very well — examine those choices.

You may disengage if you are so choosing.  This is merely a choice.  You hold fearfulness of disengaging, for within your perception now, presently, you believe that disengaging may be more difficult than what you are experiencing presently.  This may not necessarily be the situation.  I shall express to you that in your definitions, it shall not be easier.  It shall not be harder.  It shall be different.  You shall change your situation.  You shall change your imagery, and this is a choice, and how shall this choice be different than your choice to be changing your physical location?

I am not expressing to you, Mylo, that any of these choices are bad or incorrect or wrong.  You may choose to be altering your physical location, which shall change your situations and your circumstances that you create, for you shall allow yourself to change certain elements of your reality as you change your physical location, and were you to be creating the choice to be disengaging physical focus, you shall also change your creations.

DAVID:  Which would be less traumatic.

ELIAS:  You may move in any of these expressions and lessen your expression of trauma, but this is dependent upon your choice.

What I am expressing to you is, I hold an awareness of your conflict and your frustration and your struggle.  I view the energy that you are projecting and that you are creating, and I am recognizing of the difficulty that you are experiencing, and I am also expressing to you that you hold the ability to be altering that NOW, in turning your attention and turning your perception.  You need not be turning your attention immensely.  You need not be, in your very physical terms, turning your perception in great expressions of degrees; merely an ever-so-slight turn in your attention, and your perception shall alter a tremendous expression within you.

Your perception creates your reality.  Hear this!  Your perception creates ALL of your reality.  What you perceive IS what you create, and it IS real.  If you perceive your experience to be painful, it IS painful.

You may be creating of physical pain, and as you are turning your attention to that physical pain and concentrating upon that physical pain and creating the judgment within yourself that this is bad and unacceptable and uncomfortable and assigning to that pain what you identify as negative, you shall perpetuate it and you shall continue to create the physical pain, and this moves in the same manner with emotional pain, psychological pain.

It is your definition that holds importance; not the thing in itself, but your definition of it.

DAVID:  Okay, I’ll have to digest that.

I’d like to move on to the next question, which is, when I had my first encounter with the group and yourself, I then went on to have the idea of working the material, the transcripts, into informative information in books.

I always felt that a lot of people — and they expressed this to me — just couldn’t get into the transcripts, or if there was a topic they wanted to know about, like death and dying, they would like to have a book on death and dying based on the material, so I formulated these books.

Recently, Lawrence expressed to me that a few individuals had asked you, were you ever gonna write or dictate a book, and you went into the area of saying no.  In some way, I feel that this reinforced Vicki’s belief that ... she said the transcripts, to her, were more in alignment with Elias’ agenda than books, per se.  Therefore, what I picked up is that she still isn’t confident that books are really part of this agenda, and I would like your comments on that, please.

ELIAS:  And this matters not.  This is the perception of Lawrence.  This is Lawrence’s assessment.  This is not what I have stated.  I have stated that I shall not dictate a book to any individual.

I have also encouraged individuals to be engaging their creativity in this manner of writing.  I have also offered my interaction, and I have offered my energy and objective input, so to speak, to be helpful to any individual that chooses to be engaging their particular expression of creativity in this manner.

Therefore, as any individual may choose to be engaging myself for helpfulness in their expression of their writing, so to speak, of a book, I have offered quite clearly that I shall be available for that interaction.  I shall not be writing of it for you, but I shall offer my availability to be engaging this action of creativity with you.

DAVID:  Okay.  Well, in what I’ve been working on, it really doesn’t require your ... well, it does in a certain sense, futurely, I guess, but I have enough information that you’ve given for me to get on with doing what I’m doing without engaging you.

ELIAS:  Quite.

DAVID:  So in one respect, my question is, am I in alignment with the agenda?

ELIAS:  Are you in alignment with the agenda....

Are you in alignment with your desire?  Your movement within the action of the shift is proceeding.  Therefore, I may express to you, yes, you are in alignment with the agenda, for the agenda IS the shift in consciousness.

Are you expressing your creativity?  Partially, yes.  Partially, no.  Partially you are not allowing a free flow of your energy, and this also moves quite in conjunction with what we have been discussing this day within this session, and your perception and your belief that you are subject to the choices and the creations of other individuals, and you are not.

Lawrence holds a perception and an opinion and an interpretation, which is Lawrence’s interpretation.  This is not an absolute, and I may express to you, it is an opinion that Lawrence has formed, which is not what I have expressed.  It is Lawrence’s assessment.

I have not expressed to you or to Lawrence or to Michael or to any individual that your written transcriptions are the only OR the most efficient exhibition of the offering of this information which is being delivered.

DAVID:  Okay.  Thank you very much.

I’d like to understand more about my family alignment with the two families of Vold and Zuli, because I obviously have difficulty in trying to analyze ... not analyze, but formulate Vold and Zuli with regard to me.  What is it that I can be more aware of with these two alignments that will be more helpful to me rather than conflicting?  One wants to express this, and the other one wants to express this, and I want them both to be able to work the expression in harmony rather than conflict.  I need to know something about that, please.

ELIAS:  You are confusing your expressions of your family alignments with other elements of your focus, none of which are in conflict, some of which are limited.  For you hold to your energy in some of your expressions, which also is an expression of your assessment of your abilities and your measure of worth and how you shall be viewed by other individuals and your attachment to their judgments, which limits some of your allowance of your natural flow of your energy.

But within your family alignments of Vold and Zuli, these two alignments are not in competition with each other, nor are they at odds with each other.  In actuality, the expressions of these two family intents and the qualities that they exhibit complement each other quite efficiently.

The expressions in quality of the family of Vold allow you an ease in your engagement of inner senses.  Your incorporation of alignment of energy to the family of Zuli allows you to incorporate the physical in all elements and in all aspects.  Therefore, these two elements complement each other and allow you to be incorporating the physical outer and inner, so to speak, in harmony with each other.

This also offers you the expression of attunement — if you are allowing yourself — to self.  You express this in conjunction with other individuals.  Now let us view if you shall allow yourself permission to be expressing this within yourself.

You quite easily allow yourself a natural flow of energy in conjunction with these two alignments to be incorporating a recognition, through inner and outer senses, of the experiences of other individuals.  You allow yourself to be easily assessing the position of another individual, the experience of another individual.  You may allow yourself many times a clarity in viewing another individual physically and empathically, telepathically, conceptually.

You allow yourself, in conjunction with other individuals, an appreciation of how other individuals are creating their reality in what you assess to be inwardly and outwardly.  You do not necessarily afford yourself this same expression.

DAVID:  No, I don’t think so at all.

ELIAS:  But I shall express to you, these family alignments and the qualities that are expressed through the intents of these families are quite in harmony with each other.  They are not creating conflict.

You also incorporate an emotional focus within this particular manifestation, and you incorporate an orientation of soft, and you incorporate preferences that move outside of the officially accepted mass belief systems.  Therefore, you create certain elements of friction, so to speak.  This is not the expression of your family alignments.  This is the incorporation of other aspects of your natural expressions and the judgment that you place upon yourself in your allowance — or your lack of allowance — to be expressing your natural flow of energy easily.

DAVID:  Am I the designated final focus?  I know everybody asks you that, but I feel I am. (Pause)


DAVID:  (Cracking up)  But I FEEL it!

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, Mylo, as you disengage from this physical manifestation, as you choose to be creating that choice, you shall move into other avenues of consciousness in your exploration of consciousness, and you shall not be holding your attention any longer in this physical reality.

Therefore, in very simplistic, physical terms, as you choose to be disengaging this physical manifestation that you experience presently, you shall not be remanifesting and experiencing physical focus within this dimension subsequently, for this would be redundant and is entirely unnecessary.

There are aspects of this particular focus that you know as you, that are not the primary aspect of you, that may choose an individual manifestation.  This is not the you that you are familiar with, and this is not a reincarnation of you.  But there are aspects of this focus that are physically unexpressed that may desire to be expressed and therefore may be manifest, but this is not the reincarnational cycle, and you are not participating in that.

The designated final focus of your essence is manifest within what you would term to be presently a future focus.  Now; do not reinforce your beliefs, for any designated final focus may be within what you term to be past, and you may be the future focus.  The linear time framework is relative and matters not.  It is merely the expression of your essence that the designated final focus is manifest presently within what you identify as a future focus, but you all are simultaneous.

DAVID:  He’s not thinking of croaking, is he? (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Presently, no. (Grinning)

DAVID:  Moving on quickly, I would like to know a little bit more about the connection between myself and my mother, because I have a lot of conflict in that area.  It’s almost like she’s a stranger, yet in my belief systems she’s not because she’s my mother, and I feel personal responsibility issues arise.  I feel a lot of pain and sorrow for her because of what happened and the way she chose her reality in conjunction with her position as a mother, and it’s very conflicting for me, and I’d like to know a little bit about that.

ELIAS:  You already hold an awareness that you engage a mirror action with this individual.  I shall also express to you that in conjunction once again with what we have been discussing within this conversation as we began this objective interaction, you have quite purposefully allowed yourself this interaction, for this is beneficial to you in allowing you to view certain aspects of beliefs which are very strongly held within you.

It matters not the beliefs that are held by the other individual, for this is not your responsibility.  But it is significant that you draw yourself to this situation and that you participate in this interaction with this individual, for it allows you the opportunity to view the beliefs or the aspects of the beliefs that you hold quite strongly, and therefore, in your identification of those beliefs, you may allow yourself to be addressing to those aspects of those beliefs.

As I have stated previously, how may you be addressing to aspects of belief systems if you are not allowing yourself the recognition and the identification that you hold them?

DAVID:  That’s true.  Well, Shynla is telling me that the time has come to an end.  I’ll ask one quick question, for some information about transition.

When you do disengage ... you’ve talked about going to an area where people experience peacefulness and tranquillity, and you called it an area of just a moment of respite prior to going into transition.  Who is it or what is it or how does it happen?  What says, “Okay, you’ve got to go into transition now?”

ELIAS:  YOU create this action.  There is no other essence or element of consciousness that designates this for you or instructs you to be creating that movement.  You shall choose the moment.

DAVID:  So if you’re in a place of tranquillity and peacefulness, who would want to move out of that?

ELIAS:  (With a crooked smile)  This is your idea within your belief systems — within your religious belief systems — of the association of heaven, so to speak.

But your manifestation within this physical dimension is not so very far removed from what you create throughout consciousness.  This is a physical manifestation — you are creating physical imagery — but you are exploring.  You are experiencing.  You are challenging yourselves continuously, for you are becoming, and the action of becoming is the action of exploration.

This is your natural movement.  This is the natural movement of consciousness.  Therefore, why shall you continue in a lack of movement and a lack of exploration or a continuation in redundancy?  You shall also create boredom!  For you naturally move in energy in the expression of exploration and investigation.

DAVID:  So eventually then, you just get bored with peacefulness and tranquillity, and carry on?

ELIAS:  Your idea of peacefulness and tranquillity appears appealing presently, but I shall express to you presently, you may be creating that action presently within the now.  You may be creating that within your physical dimension.

I shall also express to you that most probably, in the most probable probability, you would not continue within that action throughout an entire focus, and the entirety of one focus is but a blink!

DAVID:  Okay.  Well, I shall wind up before Shynla has a fit and kicks me — I’m just joking!  Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome, Mylo, and I shall express to you a joyfulness in our objective interaction once again! (Chuckling)

Be encouraged, my friend.  You are creating movement.  You are not stuck, and I shall continue to be encouraging of you and offering energy to you.

DAVID:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  To you, in affection, au revoir.

DAVID:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:59 PM.


(1)  I have changed “You may not need be, in your very physical terms ...” to “You need not be, in your very physical terms ...”

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