Session 3021
Translations: DE ES NE PT

The Next Waves in Consciousness


“The Next Waves in Consciousness: Senses, and Creation and the Universe”

Saturday, October 23, 2010 (Group/Brattleboro, Vermont)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Adisa, Ann (Vivette), Audrey (Allawan), Ben (Albert), Carol, Christine (Lurine), Courtney, Daniil (Zynn), David (Kallika), Hernan (Hernan), John (Rrussell), Ken (Oba), Lynda (Ruther), Magdelena (Michella), Malcolm, Melissa (Leah), Natasha (Nichole), Raven, Roberto, Rodney (Zacharie), Sandra (Atafah), Shelly (Angelic), Terri (Uliva)

(Elias’ arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

GROUP: Hi, Elias.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Welcome to all of my friends. This day, as you have been anticipating, we shall be discussing the new wave that is occurring in consciousness. As you aware, you have chosen to address to each of the belief systems by generating these waves in consciousness that address to each belief system. Generally speaking, to this point you have chosen one belief system to be addressing [in] one wave. Now you have chosen two belief systems to be addressed to in one wave. The two belief systems that you have chosen are senses, and creation and the universe.

Now; prior to any of your panicking, both of these particular belief systems that you will be addressing to incorporate the potential to be interesting, fascinating and perhaps even fun. They can be disturbing if you allow them to be. If you generate a considerable seriousness, it is possible that addressing to these two belief systems could be disturbing, for it is very likely that very unusual activities shall be occurring. But if you are relaxed and allowing yourselves to be open and generating a playfulness, I may express that it is likely that you will be entertained and that you can incorporate some fun activity with these two subjects — although one can incorporate some confusing elements, and that would be the belief system of senses.

Now; this aspect of this wave addresses to all of your senses and all of the input of your senses, which is more than you realize. For, the sense data is not always coupled with thought for it does not always translate sense data, for it is not always necessary. The reason that it is not always necessary is that your senses are designed to input information to you in absolute terms. If you touch a flame, your sense of touch will express in absolute terms this is HOT and it burns. If you see an object, your sense data will communicate to you this is a solid stationary object, absolute, no question. Your hearing: what you hear, you believe.

This is the structure of your senses. They are designed to input information in an absolute manner. There is a purpose to that. The purpose is that your senses are very sensitive, and they input information to you continuously — not merely within your waking state, even within your sleep state. Every moment of your existence you are inputting information through your senses. Therefore, if they are designed to input information in an absolute manner, it is not necessary for your thought mechanism to translate that information over and over again. It has been translated, it has been accepted, it has been transmitted, and there is no necessity for you to continue to engage thinking in relation to all that you input to yourself through your senses.

Now; the fun aspect of senses is that all that is within your reality is not absolute. Therefore, your senses, in your terms, can be wrong or incorrect.

Most individuals express a fascination and fun with magic. Individuals like magicians, and they are fascinated with illusionists. The reason that you are fascinated is that they understand how to fool your senses, therefore performing magic, for they perform actions that seem impossible. They are impossible for your senses express to you that they are impossible — this cannot occur; this does not occur; you do not see this; you do not hear this; you feel this — for it is impossible. But it is not impossible, and this wave addresses to that possibility that there is much within your reality that is not impossible, regardless of how it appears. In this, actions that cannot occur may begin occurring, and what you think cannot happen is happening. It also will be an opportunity to play with your world, with your environment.

Each of you is presently sitting upon what you believe is a solid object which is supporting you, that it is a stationary solid object. But it is not. It is moving. You do not perceive it to be moving, for your senses are expressing to you that it is stationary and it is solid. It is not solid, and it is moving. And with this wave, you will begin to allow yourselves to open that aspect of your senses to not be so absolute.

RODNEY: Does that mean we’ll fall through the floor?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

You incorporate a fascination with teleporting, or projecting but physically, or materializing an object or moving an object without touching it. The objects are already moving. It is merely a matter of how connected you allow yourself to be with that object to move with it and encourage it to move differently than how it is moving. It is moving in a very slow vibrational rate, which allows you to perceive it as solid and stationary, but it is moving.

If you are not necessarily accepting the absoluteness of your senses, you may begin to input new information that the chair you are sitting upon or the floor you are walking upon is not as solid as you perceive it to be, that it does move, and that your hand can actually pass through it if you are so choosing, for it is not solid, or that your wall is so solid that if you dared to engage it you would injure yourself. Not necessarily. Your wall is moving as much as your chair, and it is equally as nonsolid as any other manifestation, including yourselves.

Now; this wave in relation to senses is being offered, if you will, by the Zuli family, which perhaps some of you may have guessed, for the Zuli family is very attuned to physical manifestation, and therefore, senses would be very much in alignment with this particular essence family.

The other aspect of this wave is creation and the universe, which plays into furthering the nonabsoluteness of your senses.

Now; this aspect is concerning your universe, how vast it is and what it contains, and creation, not merely of the universe but all creation, any creation, which also plays with your senses, for your senses help you to perceive creation and help you to create.

In this, as I expressed previously, although there are nine essence families, there are ten belief systems. This particular belief system is offered by ALL of the essence families. They all participate in this particular belief system in different aspects or different capacities. Therefore, all of you will be involved, in some capacity to more of an extent, in the addressing to this particular belief system. What is meant by that is that you will all be participating in your own unique expressions in relation to the qualities of your particular essence family, be they the essence family that you belong to and/or the essence family that you are aligning with in this particular focus. The qualities of those families will enhance your experiences in relation to addressing to this particular system. But there is much to be explored.

Prior to you exploring your universe physically, it is somewhat necessary for you to generate a motivation to do so, and the motivation to do so is a curiosity of what lies within your universe beyond your individual world.

Yes, individuals have incorporated, for a brief time framework within your history, mild fascination with extraterrestrials. I express that quite literally, for it is a mild fascination, for it is a minority of individuals that actually express a considerable interest in what lies beyond your own planet. Most of you have entertained the idea and many of you incorporate the belief that there is some expression other than your own existence within your universe. Now is your opportunity to actually explore that. And I shall offer a hint: there is more in your universe than merely you.

QUESTION: (Inaudible due to multiple voices speaking at once.)

ELIAS: I would not be anticipating spaceships, for it is your exploration. Therefore, it is not a matter of other beings coming to you, but you going outward.

SANDRA: Will there be an increase in bleed-through phenomenon?

ELIAS: There can be, yes.

SANDRA: And more dream imagery?

ELIAS: There can be. And more imagination.

ELLA: (Long inaudible question/comment)

ELIAS: Let me express to you clearly, there is considerable energy being expressed in relation to the concept of activities or mass events related to this time framework of 2012. Therefore, there is a potential that you may create an enhancement of any action that you may be individually and slightly collectively engaging at that time. But as to as a global or catastrophic event occurring in relation to that, that is a distortion and a misinterpretation. At this point presently, you are not projecting a strong enough energy collectively to actually generate any significant mass event globally.

ELLA: (Inaudible question/comment)

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And I would express that you may be discovering that what is usual or normal to you now or has been previously may not be important or as important any longer. Therefore, those aspects of paying those bills may become less important. I am not speaking metaphorically. I am speaking literally, that the attachment and the expression of money is also losing its importance. I am understanding that to this present time framework it does continue to hold a significant importance, but that is diminishing, which is also a part, as you are aware, of this shift in consciousness.

ELLA: (Long inaudible question/comment)

ELIAS: It is an illusion.

ELLA: (Inaudible question/comment)

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and this is an action that will be being established globally, and that will be a movement that generates in increments. It will be, relatively speaking, quick, for even if you choose to be implementing this alteration and this movement through a course of fifty of your years, relatively speaking, in relation to your history that is an incredibly short time framework to enact such a dramatic change in your structure. But it will be expressed, for that is what you are choosing, and that is the direction that you are moving into.

But as with any new direction, how you perceive it is the first step. Therefore, perceiving it with less and less importance is a significant step to altering that structure of exchange. If exchange is no longer important, there is no motivation to continue to engage it, and this is what you are doing.


RODNEY: I, recently, in doing exercises or listening to some meditations — “imagine yourself on the surface of the moon” — in adding my imagination to that, I could not breathe; there is no oxygen. So when those kinds of ideas come to my attention, they totally block any effort to do that.

ELIAS: Which is also quite strongly associated with your senses.

RODNEY: I could imagine myself on the beach. I could feel the sand in my toes, etcetera.

ELLA: Just imagine yourself in a spacesuit. (Elias laughs)

RODNEY: I don’t want to carry a spacesuit around! Do I have to imagine myself as my spiritual body, the one with the silver cord and all of that? How do you...?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is merely a matter of recognizing that your senses are not necessarily absolute and that what they input to you is not necessarily always correct. Therefore, you think and you believe that you must breathe air; therefore, you do. These are very strong beliefs; therefore, they are very real. Are they absolute? No. Therefore, you can easily imagine yourself walking upon the moon with no air.

RODNEY: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: Another one that is slightly different than that, I love to watch the clouds. I love to watch the reflection of the morning sun coming off the clouds at sunrise. If you look at the clouds, they’re not moving. They look stationary. You can sit there and look and look and look, and unless the wind is blowing, they’re standing still. Turn around, look at something else for two minutes and then look back, look at that same cloud, and it’s moved. It’s really moved. I was playing a game the other day, doing this, watching the sun come up and a little gray area. Is it moving? No, no, no; close my eyes and a minute later it had moved. Is that in any way related? Because it’s not only the sense data, it’s the prime data. You said the chair was moving but moving very slow.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: We’re not accustomed to observing things that are happening slowly.

ELIAS: Your senses, all of your senses, incorporate a very limited range.

RODNEY: Time-wise?

ELIAS: Generally. The available input of your senses is very limited. What you can feel, what you can see, what you can hear, what you can taste, what you can smell, all of these avenues of communication through your senses are very limited. You incorporate a very narrow spectrum of what you input through any of these senses. There is much beyond what you can input or what you allow yourselves to input in that absoluteness of your senses.

Within your physical world that is known to you now, there are many aspects of your world that you cannot access, for your senses do not allow you to access those vibrational qualities. Your spectrum is too narrow to allow that sense data input. Sound, sight — you, for the most part, are most focused upon sight. That is your primary sense, and that offers you most concentrated sense data to be supplied to your perception to create with. But what you can see is a very narrow spectrum. In your actual physical world, your vision is limited to certain vibrational qualities.

RODNEY: Colors?

ELIAS: Colors are vibrational qualities, and your vision is limited to certain spectrums of those vibrational qualities. Your vision is also limited in relation to light.

BEN: What about the creation of tools, like microscopes and telescopes?

ELIAS: You do generate tools that enhance your senses and allow you to expand them, which offers you the information that there are spectrums outside of what you perceive, which expands your awareness, and that influences or motivates you to move beyond what your senses will normally encounter or what they would input in relation to data. Just as you invent equipment and technology to record sound and other vibrational qualities that you do not hear, you can; it is not impossible. Your hearing mechanism is equipped to hear vibrational qualities that you perceive to be too high or too low for you to naturally encounter or perceive, but you can. You believe that your senses are so absolute, and you believe this narrow spectrum.

This wave is addressing to that to allow you to expand the vibrational spectrum that you will allow as sense data, and it all is vibrational qualities. Even in relation to smell or taste, you are generating a vibrational action that stimulates a certain aspect of your body consciousness to input information. But they also are very narrow, and therefore, you are very limited in what you will accept as sense data, which once again also is the reason you are fascinated by magic, for it fools your senses.

NATASHA: (Long inaudible question/comment)

ELIAS: No, they are not suspended, but they will be expanded. What is meant by that is as I have explained: you incorporate these beliefs and each belief expresses many influences. You choose certain influences that you engage in relation to a belief, but there are many that you do not engage, many, many influences that you are unaware of.

In this, no, you are not suspending your beliefs, you are not eliminating them once again, but in a manner of speaking you are expanding them and relaxing them to not be so rigid. You already incorporate experience with this in dreams. You do not suspend your beliefs in dreams, but you do relax them to a point that allows you to maneuver within dream state in actions that you would not allow yourself to engage within waking state.

Many, many, many individuals incorporate dream imagery of flying. You would not allow yourself to fly within waking state. You will not even allow yourself to levitate within waking state, but within dream state you relax those beliefs. That belief concerns gravity.

In this, you do not suspend that belief in gravity in dreams. Although you can fly, you can also can walk on the ground. You also are tethered, but you relax that belief to allow yourself more movement and more freedom and to explore more, which is very similar in relation to senses. As you allow yourself to expand what you accept through sense data, you also are affecting your beliefs by allowing them to be relaxed and expanding them to incorporate more information than you allow yourself now.

In this, yes, you will continue to express your beliefs, but you already are becoming quite accomplished at accepting beliefs and moving with them rather in opposition to them. You already do this very frequently and more than you credit yourselves with. In that, you do allow yourselves already to be more expressive than you necessarily would have in previous years, so to speak. You are more open. You are more allowing, and with yourselves you are aware of your beliefs, to an extent, and you do allow yourselves to be somewhat accepting. You have incorporated considerable practice already.

Therefore, this is merely another step in that direction of expanding more and becoming more self-aware and recognizing that there are more aspects of nonabsolutes. Now you present yourself with those, that you already understand the concept of no absolutes. Now you will be applying that to what you would term to be practical applications in relation to what you input to yourselves in information in every minute in every day of your existence. Your senses are always inputting.

DANIIL: You started by saying the chair is already moving. I thought the energy of the chair may be there, but each one of us creates the chair in our own way... (Inaudible) what is the meaning of what you are saying, that the chair is moving?

ELIAS: What is your confusion?

DANIIL: If the chair is beyond me, then it can be moving (inaudible). But if I’m the one creating the chair and if I create it stationary, then it is not moving. According to you, then it is some intrinsic quality of the chair itself, whether I create it or not, that... (Inaudible)’s fluid nature.

ELIAS: No, you are creating the chair. But what have I expressed is “believing”? What is believing? Believing is trusting. You do not question it. You BELIEVE the chair the stationary. You BELIEVE the chair is solid. YOU are creating it; therefore, you create that image, and you create the solidity of it and the experience of it, for you believe it. You trust it, and what influences that believing — not belief — but what influences that believing that the chair is stationary and is solid is your sense. You touch the chair and your touch expresses it is solid, it is stationary. You touch yourself and you are solid.

Your senses are designed to input that information to give you form and to create a physical reality, which this shall be an avenue in which your scientists can play, that it is not a matter of matter exists independent of you. No, it does not. It exists because of you.

DANIIL: Why is it that all of us create a more or less similar chair?

RODNEY: By agreement, right?

ELIAS: Yes, you will incorporate slight variations, but you are also all interconnected. You perceive yourselves to be individual and singular. You are not. You are, but you are not. You are yourself as an individual, but you are also very interconnected. In that interconnectedness, there is no separation. Therefore, what you perceive is also transmitted to every other individual in your entire world, not merely within your physical proximity.

DANIIL: The energy behind this chair, is it something that we create in this level, or does it exist outside of our (inaudible)?

ELIAS: Not outside, no.

NATASHA: If everybody is outside this room, the chair is not here, the room is not here.

ELIAS: Yes, it is, for you continue to perceive it to be here, whether you are looking at it, whether you are physically seeing it or not. You hold the concept, and therefore, the structure does not disappear merely that you are not directly engaging it. You hold the energy of it; you hold the perception of it.

DANIIL: Regarding that the chair is already moving, when we begin to trust that it is moving, we can create it moving?

ELIAS: It is not that you begin creating it moving; you already have created it being in motion, for it is consciousness, and therefore, it is moving. But you begin to allow yourself to perceive it moving.

SANDRA: Anjuli in her session this week talked about meditating, and in her first meditational experience she was frightened but when she went to the second meditational experience she said she “jumped into impulse.” Either she said that or you did. Could you elaborate on that? Because in the experience of acknowledging that everything is moving and that everything is vibratory and you can play with that, how did she, as you said earlier in the session today, jump into the energetic phenomenon... (Inaudible) ...and that you can change its direction. Did Anjuli do that?


SANDRA: Could you elaborate on the mechanics of that creation?

ELIAS: Jumping into an impulse is merely a term for allowing yourself to move with it. You offer yourselves impulses very frequently, but you observe them — you do not necessarily follow them; you do not necessarily engage them. You translate them into thought. You move them from an impulse to do into a thought of doing, and therefore, you observe them but you do not necessarily engage them.

In that expression of jumping into an impulse, it is merely the action of allowing yourself to suspend the thinking or the analyzing of the impulse and the translation of it, and allow yourself to engage it and do it.

Once you begin an action, you can direct that in any manner you choose. Once you are engaging an action, you are also directing it. Therefore, it is merely a matter of being self-aware, being aware of what you are doing, what you are engaging, and allowing yourself to be directing of what you are doing.

SANDRA: (Long inaudible) create that condition in herself so that she could jump into the impulse? Was she quiet, was she (inaudible), was she highly aware (inaudible)?

ELIAS: None of these are necessary. It is a moment. It is merely a moment of being present and self-aware. It is not necessary for any preparatory action. It is an action that you can engage continuously or in any moment, for the only requirement is that you be present and be self-aware, and therefore allowing yourself to be self-directing. Therefore, you know when you present yourself with an impulse.

An impulse is different from an impression. An impulse is a prompting. You are prompting yourself into motion. You know when that occurs, but you also either observe it or you ignore it. It is a matter of being self-aware and acknowledging that moment in which there is an impulse and engaging it rather than merely observing it or ignoring it.


JOHN: I’m trying to understand senses as a wider concept... (Long inaudible) are their senses different than our senses... (Long inaudible) ...and how might a dolphin perceive the same manifestations (inaudible). Does that make sense?

ELIAS: It does. They incorporate a much broader spectrum of sense input. Therefore, they can perceive a wider range of vibrational quality, incorporating the same five senses. How they would engage them, how they do engage them in some capacities is different from what you perceive. Therefore, if you are looking at an object, engaging your visual sense — let us say that you are looking at a blue ball. You see the sphere, you see what appears to be the material that the ball is comprised [of], you see the size of the ball, you see the color, you see the shape, you see a solid object. Your senses are expressed in a manner to input absolute information. You see a solid ball and see a particular color of this ball.

That dolphin sees a ball but not the ball that you see. The dolphin sees a variation of colors. The dolphin does not see a blue ball. The dolphin sees a multi-colored ball with predominantly blue hues, many blue hues, not one. The dolphin also sees the object less solid. Comparatively speaking, the manner in which the dolphin sees the ball would be similar to how you would see the ball if the ball was in the water. If you were moving the ball in the water, that would be similar to how the dolphin will see the ball upon the ground, for the dolphin perceives the movement.

The dolphin will also hear the ball, for the ball is moving, even if it appears to be stationary. Therefore, the dolphin hears the airwaves that are connecting with the ball and the ball itself connecting with its environment. Therefore, it hears the ball.

Therefore, yes, its senses incorporate a broader range than do yours, and therefore, what it perceives is different from what you perceive, and its sense input will be different. It will be more expanded than your own. But this is what you are attaining to now.

DANIIL: (Inaudible question/comment)

ELIAS: Correct, yes. You do this continuously. You merely do not see it, for your senses do not allow you to see it. But you are much more of a blur of an image than you perceive yourselves to be! (Laughs)

ELLA: Is that how you see us, blurred?

ELIAS: I do not incorporate engaging the actual visual sense, for it is not necessary.

ELLA: But you have some perception of individuals (inaudible).

ELIAS: Yes. It is not necessary to engage the physical senses through the body consciousness to communicate or to connect with each of you.

ELLA: (Long inaudible question/comment)

ELIAS: (Laughs) Other than myself?

ELLA: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: That would be your choice! (Laughing) And I would encourage you to experiment.

SANDRA: Elias, Seth spoke about inner senses, and there were quite a few of them. They were related to these perceptual senses in physical reality. You talked about conceptualization and empathy as the two main subjective senses. My question is if I (inaudible) of somebody, is that my subjective sense or my conceptualization or empathic sense, or is that my conceptual sense expanding?

ELIAS: Both.

SANDRA: (Inaudible question/comment)

ELIAS: No. It is a combination of your inner and outer senses. You are engaging your physical outer sense of sight, and you are also engaging your inner sense of your empathic sense to engage the energy and translate that in relation to your outer sense of sight. You are offering your outer sense more information. You are instructing the body consciousness to see more.

RODNEY: In the mornings, I get up — it happens almost every day at least once or twice — I’m kinda like in a trance, and I see green auras around my hands. What is that? What’s the significance of that in relation to this wave?

ELIAS: You are viewing a part of your energy field. Every individual incorporates a predominant color in any particular moment of their energy field. Your energy fields fluctuate considerably.

RODNEY: It appears not to change, at least while I’m looking at it.

ELIAS: I am understanding, which is not unusual, for you are viewing it within the same situation or circumstances each time. In that state you are relaxed, and you are allowing yourself to drift, so to speak, in your attention, in which you perceive your energy field. You allow yourself to see a part of your energy field, which appears to be green, which is a calm color.

RODNEY: I’ve got a bottle of milk in the refrigerator, which is like two or three weeks over the date when it’s supposed to go bad. It used to be when it got to the due date I’d throw it out. Then I thought maybe it’ll last another three or four days. So, I don’t have to believe the number on the bottle.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: I’m going on three weeks; it’s over two weeks.

ELIAS: It is a matter of perception and what you believe.

RODNEY: But it incorporates my sense data.

ELIAS: Correct, very much so, and in that, you are deceiving the absoluteness of your senses.

RODNEY: So I’m breaking the absolute barrier there.

ELIAS: Correct.

PARTICIPANT: Aren’t our senses a limitation of our physical beliefs? The reason we believe the chair is solid is because of the limitations of our senses as they exist today.

ELIAS: Yes, quite so, and this is what you are expanding, that your senses are not absolute. This is what they input to you, absolute information, but that is not necessarily correct. That what your senses express to you is absolute is not necessarily absolute. This is what you are playing with and allowing yourselves to expand, that there is more within your reality than the limitations of your sense input.

We shall break, and we shall continue with your questions.

(Session time at break, 1 hour)

ELIAS: Continuing! And you may present your questions.

PARTICIPANT: I’m just wondering, since you don’t have belief systems and you’re in Mary’s body and she has belief systems, Mary probably couldn’t put her hand through the table, but you could. So can you, with Mary’s body?

ELIAS: Can you?

PARTICIPANT: I could, but (inaudible)! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Laughs) Therefore, that is the challenge!

PARTICIPANT: So, if I can perceive myself doing it, then I could perceive you doing it in Mary’s body?

ELIAS: You could.

PARTICIPANT: And if I can’t perceive me doing it, then I can’t perceive you doing it in Mary’s body?

ELIAS: It is unlikely; it is not impossible.

PARTICIPANT: Do you want to do it?

ELIAS: Do you?

PARTICIPANT: Yeah! (Lots of overlapping group commentary and laughter)

ELIAS: And other questions, not requiring parlor tricks?

SHELLY: You mentioned magic and magicians in this interaction. You’ve also mentioned alchemists as well as energy artists. I’m wondering, because I love those... (Long inaudible) ...which we all do but it’s a matter of doing it consciously based on the idea of frequency.

ELIAS: In relation to an alchemist?

SHELLY: Yes, and/or energy artist. Are they very similar or are we talking about very different things, the energy artist/alchemist and magicians?

ELIAS: They would be different in how they define themselves. Therefore, in some of the actions that they engage they would also be different, for it is a matter of how they perceive themselves and their role or their position.

A magician is an individual that perceives very similarly to yourselves, therefore strives to create an event, tricks. The magician is not actually generating manipulation of energy, per se, to reconfigure it, but is generating an action that is designed to fool the senses of the individual’s audience, therefore creating what you term to be an illusion and that being what you recognize as magic. But the magician himself is generating from a perception very similar to yourselves and in the same expression of senses as yourselves, not believing that an actual manipulation of energy could accomplish the same action that they are generating. They contrive different tricks that they are aware of how they are manipulating actual physical objects, but they are doing so in a manner that is designed to fool you to appear as magic. Therefore, the magician is not actually creating what you yourselves would view as actual magic but more of a fooling of the senses.

An energy artist is more attuned to manipulation of energy, not necessarily the manipulation of things or objects, but more of the manipulation of directions, which can also be configured in a manner of magic in a similar manner to a magician — not necessarily reconfiguring actual objects but manipulating energy in a manner to redirect it or reconfigure it, and in doing so influencing perception.

An energy artist would also incorporate the ability to influence other individuals’ perceptions by connecting with the other individuals’ energy, even a collective energy, and redirecting that to create a different perception of a situation or even perhaps of an object, therefore somewhat influencing your senses, again in a different manner from a magician, but in a manner that would alter your perception of a situation or an object. Therefore, you would configure it differently yourself. Therefore, that individual could manipulate the energy to influence you to be viewing a vase and influence you to reconfigure your perception and your energy, and the vase may appear to you to be a toy.

This is an actual reconfiguration of energy, for the individual is coupling their energy with your energy and therefore influencing it, in a manner of speaking, in a manner that alters your perception. Therefore, you create a different object, and the object does change, but you are not aware that you are changing it, objectively. You are focused in your attention upon the direction of the energy artist and what they are doing in their manipulation of energy. Therefore, you are not necessarily objectively aware of how they are influencing you to change your perception and therefore change the object. Which is an interesting trick, for you are actually generating a form of magic, for you are changing the object, therefore reconfiguring the molecular structure and the energy of that object, for you perceive it differently.

SHELLY: I am trying to get a better sense of the spectrum or the discernment of the terminology that Elias is using... (Inaudible) ...and a couple of other people talked about energy artists, but I was also interested in alchemy, the idea of alchemy, where that fits in. Would that be a magician or an energy artist, or is that in the spectrum or...?

ELIAS: An alchemist is different. Alchemy is a subject of fascination and has been throughout the ages. There are very, very few individuals that actually allow themselves to achieve this action of alchemy. It is very real. It can be accomplished, [and] it has been accomplished in your physical reality. It is different from the other two in that the alchemist is focused upon physical reality. The alchemist can manipulate energy but is more focused upon altering and reconfiguring actual physical manifestations, and can actually accomplish that.

For the most part, most alchemists employ different engagements of ritual, which they believe is a spiritual addition which offers them the so-called power to achieve what they are manipulating physically. Therefore, many alchemists move in considerable lengths to develop different rituals that they can attribute to any particular power, so to speak, which in actuality is a focal point. Whatever ritual they choose and develop is an action of preparation and engagement as a manner to focus their attention in a particular way. When they do that, they allow themselves to relax those very strong beliefs in certain aspects of your reality — not suspend them but relax them — to a point that allows them to focus their energy in a manner that they can actually manipulate physical manifestations.

These physical manifestations generate a rather narrow range, but that is not for the reason that they are limited to a narrow range, but more so that the alchemists themselves are generally focused in a narrow range of subjects that they are interested in manipulating: one being immortality, one being in affecting certain elements to reconfigure them in physical form to enhance power, to enhance wealth, and one being to generate physical aspects of reality that they believe will influence other individuals in relation to their own desires, therefore creating individuals to do their bidding. These are the main subjects that most alchemists incorporate an interest in, for they appear to be the most impossible to achieve, and therefore, they are the greater prize.

In this, an alchemist differs from the other two in that they actually do achieve manipulating physical reality in these manners, not necessarily to generate actual immortality but a close proximity to what you would term to be immortality, therefore extending their existence span within physical focus to considerable lengths, and it has occurred. Even in some of your stories that you have passed through generations, biblical stories, although they are stories there are aspects of correctness or accurateness in them, and in that, some of your biblical stories of extreme longevity actually occurred.

There are alchemists that do not change lead into gold but that do manipulate physical reality in such a manner to enhance wealth and to create that, and they have been successful.

I would express that an actual alchemist is exceptionally rare. For to achieve these types of actions within physical reality, especially without information and an objective understanding of reality, it requires a considerable relaxing of beliefs and a considerable openness to what may be possible although it seems impossible. This is a quality that is almost a requirement for an alchemist to generate that action of allowance to move beyond the absoluteness of what is perceived, which is the reason that their ritual is very significant, for that is what they perceive to give them the power to actually employ these action — but they are successful.

It has not occurred other than perhaps two exceptions within your modern time framework, in a manner of speaking. Therefore, I would express within a time framework of the previous two hundred of your years to now, it has occurred twice. But alchemists are also very protective and secretive of their power, so to speak, and are very unlikely to be sharing their information or their discoveries, for they generally become, in your terms, quite greedy in relation to what they can accomplish and do not want to share their secrets with other individuals. For this reason, you are unaware of their existence or their accomplishments, and even those that you may be aware of you dismiss as fantasy or legend, that the individuals did not actually exist.

One among you that you may be, in this modern time, familiar with [and] who was, to an extent, successful was an individual of the physical naming of Nicolas Flamel, who is an actual individual — or was, in your terms — and was actually very actively involved in the discovery and development of alchemy and to an extent was somewhat successful in several directions: one in generating a considerable increase in wealth, but was also successful in being quite secretive with that, and also extension of existence within this physical reality, far beyond what you would identify as a normal age for an individual to exist within your reality. Therefore, I would express that this individual was considerably successful in his endeavors. That would be an example of a relatively recent individual.

PARTICIPANT: Is he still alive?


PARTICIPANT: And were you ever, Elias, (inaudible)?

ELIAS: A dabbling, not necessarily what you would term a serious practitioner. (Laughter) Not incorporating the determination or the focus of attention which would be required to continue that type of action, but yes, a dabbler, and in that, playful but not considerably successful. (Inaudible, as group talks over Elias and one another) have also. (Laughs) You merely seek that immortality in the same physical form, but in actuality, you possess it already.

NATASHA: This individual, how old was he when he died?

ELIAS: Physical age 172.

PARTICIPANT: (Inaudible question/comment)

ELIAS: And this is not enough? (Laughter)

RODNEY: At a meditation group, I was looking at a picture on the wall, allowing my imagination to play games with what I saw. It changed from a picture of a woman standing to a picture of a man looking out a window. The first time I did this, I would look away and I would look back and repeat the exercise to see if I could do it again. I did it again and again and again. After the meditation, I was sharing this with the group, and another woman did the same thing and described the same perception and the same picture. It got so that every time I saw that picture, it was the man looking out a window. I asked you about this, did the pigments actually change in my reality, and you said yes. That’s an alteration of physical material...

ELIAS: You all do it more frequently than you think. You merely dismiss it.

RODNEY: I was thinking that’s kind of like an entry into becoming aware of that power.

ELIAS: Yes! Quite so.

RODNEY: After this had gone on for a couple of weeks, I tried to get the original picture back. Getting the original picture back was more difficult. I finally succeeded in doing it. I was in a very relaxed, playful, trance-like state during all these experiences.

ELIAS: But this also involves your senses, for when you change that sense input, when you alter some aspect of your reality and you generate that into your perception and you have actually created that physical alteration, it stands. Now your senses are inputting that the new manifestation is absolute; therefore, you continue to see it. It is, as you expressed, not impossible to alter it to the original, but it is more difficult for now you have already changed it. Once you have changed it, you employ your senses in another manner in relation to time, for your senses do input information in relation to time, also. Once you move in time, what has been passed is gone. It has been altered. Therefore, it is different now. It is changed.

RODNEY: This whole thing was a transformation of a physical object.


RODNEY: So that relaxed meditative state is the one you have to be in?

ELIAS: No. It is what you generally do or the most common time framework in which you will allow these types of alterations, for you are less focused upon any action or object or manifestation, but it is not necessary to be in that type of state to generate a significant alteration. You do create alterations when you are not in that state, but you dismiss them, or you express to yourself that you must have been mistaken. You will view some physical manifestation and within very few minutes the manifestation will be different, and you will look again and you will express to yourself immediately, “I must have been mistaken.”

RODNEY: We were talking about weird things happening before you came forth, like water faucets working and not working, a control switch on the dashboard of my car that hasn’t worked in years and a couple of days ago it started to work. It’s working now. This is what you’re referring to...


RODNEY: ...that we are altering our physical reality and either not noticing it or ignoring it...

ELIAS: Or dismissing it. You many times do notice, but you very quickly dismiss it.

RODNEY: The water faucet in Mary’s downstairs bathroom...

PARTICIPANT: Was that you?

ELIAS: I would express that I have been, as an aside, involved in many actions that have been occurring with many of you, but not entirely. It is a combination

RODNEY: Of you and I?

ELIAS: Yes. I am not generating the entire action for you, but I am present and playful, and in a manner of speaking, offering a helpful push.

ROBERTO: When you’re in the dark and you’re not engaging your sense of sight, like I’m afraid of the dark, I feel like I’m being watched. My inner senses are very heightened, and I sense energy or a presence. Is that sort of related? (Long inaudible)

ELIAS: It can. There are time frameworks in which an individual may choose to disengage the physical outer senses to allow them a greater concentration upon inner senses.

Your outer senses are inputting volumes and volumes of information continuously in every moment. Therefore, to limit that distraction, individuals at times choose to move their attention away from the physical senses to allow more attention to inner senses, therefore perceiving energy more than actual physical manifestations. It is dependent upon the individual and what your focus of attention is in any particular moment and how you choose to engage.

The main factor is attention, and at times it may be beneficial to an individual to not incorporate as much distraction from the volumes of information that is being inputted through your physical senses. This is the reason that many individuals enjoy and appreciate meditation. For in the action of meditation, part of what you are doing is moving your attention away from your physical senses to stop that direction of distraction and to allow a more focused attention not in relation to physical manifestations. In this, it allows the individual to flow in other directions that are not necessarily bound to the psychical manifestations and all of that input and distraction.

ROBERTO: I think part of my fear is that I will project that energy objectively, and I don’t want to spook myself.

ELIAS: And what do you fear will occur?

ROBERTO: I will see something that will scare me.

ELIAS: And if you see something, what will occur? You will see it. Beyond seeing it, what will occur? Generally speaking, no action. It will merely be that one of your senses is being engaged. You will hear a sound, or you will see a manifestation. It will not attack you, and generally speaking no discomfort will occur. It is impossible, and therefore, it is frightening. It does not exist, and therefore, it is frightening. If I were to manifest in front of this room and speak to you with no physical body, I would wager to express that most of you would be somewhat unnerved.

The point is you generate fear in relation to what is unfamiliar or what is unknown. When you do not perceive you can absolutely identify and understand what you are engaging, it becomes an unknown and unfamiliar, and it is frightening. But if you express to yourself that whatever you see or whatever you engage is an extension of you, it is your energy that is configuring into that manifestation or that action, it can be much less frightening, for what shall you do to yourself?

You all incorporate very creative avenues to be destructive and damaging to yourself without generating elusive entitles that you project that you are so frightened of. If you choose to be hurtful to yourself, you will choose to do it in a much more mundane and obvious manner. A projection of yourself is likely to merely be present and do no action.


COURTNEY: Could you tell us more about the interplay between the dream state and the waking state? How we’re able to create in our dreams and our reality when we’re awake?

ELIAS: In what capacity? This is a broad question.

COURTNEY: In the sense of your senses being more expanded in your dream state. Is there a way to control the experience that we have in dream state with what you experience in your waking?

ELIAS: To transfer or to translate?

COURTNEY: To learn from it and try to translate it into something in waking life.

ELIAS: Yes, and individuals do it frequently. It allows you to feel more confident in yourselves and your abilities in many situations, although in some situations it may generate the reverse. But the more you involve your objective awareness in dreaming, the more likely you will be to translate dream imagery into waking imagery.

Dream imagery itself is objective. Dreams are subjective. Dreams are the subject of action, but the imagery of dreams, what you see in your dreams, is the object of participation in what you are doing subjectively. As the objective awareness is very abstract, it translates into imagery what you are doing subjectively, in manners that appear to you to be strange or bizarre or impossible. This is the reason that your beliefs are more relaxed within dream state.

Now; the more you involve your objective awareness in your dream activity and the generation of imagery, you become what you now commonly term to be lucid within your dream state. The more lucid you are, the more you are involving your objective awareness creating imagery. The more you do that, the less separation there is between dream imagery and waking imagery.

Individuals that generate very lucid dreaming can actually become confused in what is dreaming and what is waking reality, and this blurs the separation of these actions. Therefore, yes, you can translate the dream imagery and the dream activity into waking state. For the more you involve your objective awareness within dreams, the more it influences you within waking state to question the absoluteness of much of your reality, [and] the more it encourages you to expand what you may allow in your waking reality as possibilities. Therefore, yes, it does translate.

COURTNEY: Is there a purpose to dreams?

ELIAS: Define your question.

COURTNEY: What motivates us to dream, the purpose?

ELIAS: This also is a broad question.

PARTICIPANT: Is there a function?

ELIAS: Yes, there is a function. Dreams are the subjective awareness generating activity in benefit to you, somewhat independent of objective direction. When you are engaging waking state, your objective awareness is directing all that you do. This is not to say that your subjective awareness is following your objective awareness; it is not. They are equal, and they are in harmony.

But the subjective awareness is not abstract, as the objective awareness is. Therefore, the subjective awareness, in a manner of speaking, is concerned with directions, subjects, what is important to you, what you value, what you want to do and how to accomplish that. The subjective awareness is also focused in efficiency, what are the most efficient methods or directions to accomplish in any particular subject.

As you are aware, the subjective awareness also, for the most part, directs the body consciousness in its functioning. This is not to say that your objective awareness does not participate in that, for it does, for your objective awareness is sending signals very frequently to the subjective direction of the body consciousness. Therefore, if you are generating considerable tension objectively, you are send signals to the subjective awareness, which is directing the body consciousness to respond. The subjective awareness is not involved with what you may term to be creative interpretation — that is the abstractness of the objective awareness.

Therefore, the subjective awareness in its directions discovers the most efficient and effective path, so to speak, to accomplish any particular action. That may be creating a malfunction and dis-ease within the body consciousness to express a message to your awareness in relation to what you are doing objectively. It is not concerned with the comfortable or the uncomfortable; it is concerned with accomplishing.

Another example: objectively you may be incorporating an employment and being dissatisfied. That sends a message to the subjective awareness: I am uncomfortable. The subjective awareness responds with the directingness to the body consciousness, and you find yourself in a position of generating some action and becoming fired from your employment and wondering how that occurred.

They move in harmony to each other. Within sleep state, you generate dreaming for the objective and the subjective awarenesses to merge together and move equally in the same direction — not one influencing the other, not one leading the other, not one directing the other, but for both awarenesses to be functioning equally, and your awareness of them both simultaneous is equal. Your participation with your subjective directing awareness is present, and your awareness of your objective doing is also present. Therefore, you incorporate a desire which is being expressed [as] you can now climb Mt. Everest in your underwear and not shiver. The climbing of Mt. Everest is the imagery that the objective awareness is translating. This is the subjective awareness expressing, “We are determined, we are moving forward, we are accomplishing; regardless of how impossible this appears, I will accomplish,” and the objective is expressing in agreement and creating imagery to express that in dreams.

Dreams are also purposeful for other reasons, one being for inspiration. Dreams can be very inspiring, even if you do not recognize it within waking state. Many, many time frameworks in which you may be accomplishing in different manners may be sparked by what you did within dream state. The imagery may be entirely different, but the subject is the same.

Dreams are also very purposeful and effective in functioning to create an avenue for outlet in which you generate actions within dream state that you do not generate within waking state. Therefore, they provide an avenue to outlet energy and experiences that you would not necessarily choose to engage within waking state. An individual may incorporate dream imagery of murdering another individual and may be very detailed in their imagery. That same individual may not even consider such an action within waking state, but it has already been accomplished within their dream state. Therefore, it is not necessary to accomplish it within waking state!

JOHN: Or it could be inspiring! (Laughter)

ELIAS: It can be! For an individual may be mauled and eaten by a tiger within dream state, and that fear is released and expressed within that state, and therefore, within waking state the individual does not necessarily express fear, for they play it out in their dream state.

You as a species naturally incorporate a propensity for excitement and thrill. You do not always want, objectively in waking state, to express that natural propensity to excitement and thrill. That is not to say that you do not naturally want to generate it. Some individuals do generate it within waking state; many do not, and those that do not will generate those experiences within dream state. Therefore, dreams are very purposeful, for it allows you to generate experiences you would not necessarily allow yourself to engage within waking state.

And all of consciousness dreams. Not all of consciousness sleeps, but all of consciousness dreams.

RODNEY: Even rocks?

ELIAS: Every aspect of consciousness, every link of consciousness that exists dreams.

PARTICIPANT: (Inaudible question/comment)


PARTICIPANT: (Long inaudible question/comment)


PARTICIPANT: So, we’ll be able to see how we’re manipulating physical reality more and more; we’ll be more aware of our connection with that.


PARTICIPANT: We as a small group are aware, but the mass?

ELIAS: Yes. This shift is not limited to those individuals that offer themselves information specifically in relation to this shift. This shift is global, and it is occurring with every individual regardless of what type of information they offer to themselves. As I have expressed many times, individuals do offer themselves information in relation to this shift. They may not incorporate those words, but they are offering themselves information in whatever manner speaks to them.

Some individuals may offer themselves information through their crops or through their creatures. Some individuals may offer themselves information in walking through the woods. It is merely a matter of the individual’s attention and what speaks to them and what they allow themselves to be open to. Some individuals offer themselves information in relation to this shift through God, for that is what they believe and that is where they focus their attention. Some individuals choose angels. Some individuals choose demons. And some choose myself! (Laughter) But it is all valid; you are all shifting, regardless of what you label it with.


PARTICIPANT: (Inaudible) What is the motivation for shifting and for... (Long inaudible)

ELIAS: You are the designers. And in relation to your question, it is not that your reality is not proceeding or that, in your terms, it is not working. It is. But the nature of consciousness is to expand, and in that, the nature of consciousness is always to be becoming more self-aware. You have reached the point in your development in your reality in which it is necessary for you to generate a much greater expansion. You have explored, for the most part, what you can explore, given the limitations you have tied yourselves to. Therefore, in order to explore more, it is necessary for you to expand more to allow yourselves greater fields of exploration.

You have explored what has been available to you thus far in relation to your one small habitat of your planet, and even that you have not entirely explored yet. But you incorporate a tremendous desire to expand and to explore more, and in that, you are providing yourselves with a source to create a greater avenue for you to interact, for you to explore, and for you to experience your interconnectedness.

You are just slightly scratching the tip of the iceberg in the awareness of your interconnectedness with each other, but your hunger to know more of that interconnectedness is tremendous. As you continue, that expands also, that your interconnectedness extends far beyond this one reality, far beyond this physical expression. And your first avenue that you incorporate a tremendous interest in are the ghosts, that you all incorporate an interest in what do ghosts do.

RODNEY: They scare people!

ELIAS: Do they?

PARTICIPANT: When you mean ghosts, do you mean those who aren’t in transition?

ELIAS: I am expressing individuals that have disengaged from your physical reality. That is your closest veil of the beyond, for that you do allow yourself somewhat of a figurative tangible relationship with, that these individuals were people or were creatures. They did exist within your reality. Therefore, they are the least removed from you when they disengage, in your perception, and therefore, they are your closest avenue to exploring beyond what is present in your physical reality. There is a tremendous interest in ghosts.

RODNEY: Even if they have (inaudible) transition?

ELIAS: Generally speaking, most individuals are not so very technical and do not incorporate the technical ideas of transition. Most individuals are more concerned with what occurs directly after you disengage.

RODNEY: My father disengaged fifty years ago. He’s through transition?


RODNEY: But he’s still a ghost that I could...?

ELIAS: Yes. I disengaged from your physical reality more than one hundred of your years prior and continue to be a ghost that speaks to you.

ELLA: Can we come back to the second wave, creation of the universe?

ELIAS: And that is what we are speaking of, for we are speaking of what is beyond your planet and your physical reality, which includes your universe. Your universe is not merely physical. It also includes all of your ghosts.

SANDRA: Elias, something like the Lotto, winning a lot of money, how can we relate what you’re saying to Bashar once said you simply put the intention out to create something and insert it in reality. So could you elaborate on how (inaudible) magical things, subjective senses and how it all...

ELLA: (Long inaudible comment)

ELIAS: Precisely.

SANDRA: You insert this reality (inaudible).

ELLA: (Inaudible comment).

RODNEY: You read the Elias transcripts. (Laughter)

AUDREY: But there is energy outside of us that has an effect on how we move through the world as well. It’s not just about our personal energy.

ELIAS: Express how you define that.

AUDREY: For instance, I may want something in my life and put energy into that, but my universe may know my path better than I do...


AUDREY: ...because my own thoughts are getting in my way.

ELIAS: Your thoughts may be. There is no outside power that is guiding you or that is preventing you. There is no greater power, no higher power that sits in direction of you or denies you any expression or direction for your greater good. No, that is incorrect.

PARTICIPANT: But it’s for my greater good, not preventing my greater good.

ELIAS: I am understanding, which is what I expressed: that is incorrect. YOU generate those choices.

ELLA: (Inaudible comment/question)

ELIAS: Ah yes, that objective aspect of you chooses! It is what I have been expressing to you for on-going time frameworks, over and over. You are aware; you are not paying attention. You ARE expressing the direction objectively. YOU are engaging the choices. You are merely not paying attention to the choices you are engaging. YOU are generating that energy. YOU are generating those actions.

What you think of as another source or another power or your subconscious that directs you, that generates the choices for you, that you are not aware of is not an elusive unknown, unseen element or energy. You generate all of your choices, and you do incorporate an awareness of those choices, but you are not paying attention to what choices you are generating. Therefore, it seems that you may be creating what you do not want, or you may be creating what you want and are unaware of it. It is not that there is no awareness or there is some outside source or power that is directing you; it is a matter of attention.

Now; I will express to you that your attention is very influenced by your associations. What are associations? The evaluation of experiences. With every experience that you generate, you also generate an evaluation of that experience, and you attach to that evaluation, to that experience, a good or a bad. This experience is good or it is bad. Those associations influence what you pay attention to. This is the reason you do not see what you are doing, for you are paying attention to the associations, which may not be valid and may not be a part of what you are actually doing in the moment, but they hold your attention. It is as simple as you are not paying attention watching or observing what you yourself are doing.

JOHN: (Inaudible) I’m confused why this isn’t the religious wave.

ELIAS: This is the involvement of all of the essence families, this one particular belief system. In that, each family incorporates a different aspect, which I would challenge all of you to think of and to contemplate. Each family incorporates qualities which associate with an aspect of creation and the universe, not necessarily religious. That is an aspect which would be attributed to what family?

(Long period of inaudible overlapping group guesses and conversation)


ELIAS: Yes. Each essence family is contributing an aspect to this exploration. Also, “beings” would be Borledim. I will offer you one other example of the correlation of an essence family and this belief system of creation and the universe would be the Sumafi, which many of you are. That association or that correlation of the Sumafi would be opinions.

RODNEY: The belief system of opinions?

ELIAS: No, this is an expression that is an influencing aspect of the creation and of the universe. The contributant factor of the Sumafi family is opinions. You form opinions in relation to your universe. You form opinions in relation to what you create. You also create (inaudible).

A fun direction that you may choose to incorporate would be to investigate the Dream Walkers, for they are also very closely tied to this particular belief system in what they contribute to creation, what they contribute to your universe. In that, it is a cooperation of all of the beliefs of all of the essence families, not merely one direction such as religious in relation to this particular belief system in this wave.

ANN: Are we talking about the belief system we’re experiencing right now?


PARTICIPANT: So for interpreting our universe, which would include everything in all of our dimensions...


PARTICIPANT: (Inaudible) ...everything in other dimensions?

ELIAS: Your universe does not incorporate outside of your dimension.

PARTICIPANT: (Inaudible question)


PARTICIPANT: Our dimension is inside our universe?

ELIAS: It is your universe.

PARTICIPANT: (Long inaudible comment/question)

ELIAS: Is it within this universe?


ELIAS: Then it is within your dimension.

PARTICIPANT: (Inaudible question/comment)

ELIAS: The reality may be very different, but if it is within your universe, it is within your dimension.

PARTICIPANT: You differentiate between dimensions...

ELIAS: Yes, there are many.

PARTICIPANT: All in my universe?

ELIAS: No. Your universe is your dimension.

PARTICIPANT: Are there other universes?

ELIAS: Yes. Your universe is your dimension. There are other dimensions outside of your dimension, which incorporate their own universe.

PARTICIPANT: (Inaudible question)

ELIAS: No. Those associated with this reality.

ELLA: (Inaudible) ...or you stick around? (Laughter)

ELIAS: I can.

ELLA: But do you want to? (Inaudible)

ELIAS: I do, and I do. (Long overlapping inaudible comments from various participants)

ELIAS: Dimensions? In the manner of third dimension, fourth dimension? That would be within your universe.

PARTICIPANT: Is Bashar in my universe?


PARTICIPANT: Could you give us an example of something beyond our universe?

ELIAS: You would not understand. (More inaudible overlapping talk)

ELIAS: No. (And yet more)

ELIAS: Disengage this reality, yes.

KEN: (Inaudible) ...immigrated to this dimension and took up residence here, in a manner of speaking?

ELIAS: No, but generated a manifestation. There were no physical focuses prior in this dimension. That essence chose to begin generating physical focuses in this dimension but was already present in other dimensions.

KEN: (Inaudible comment/question)

ELIAS: It is merely a choice. (Inaudible overlapping group comments/questions)

ELIAS: Yes, it is possible without the (inaudible).

RODNEY: Two quick questions. We have observing essences; is it possible they have focuses current that we might know? Or doesn’t it work that way?

ELIAS: Clarify your question.

RODNEY: I have an observing essence named Bernard. Does that essence perhaps have a focus, current?


RODNEY: That I might know?


RODNEY: That rarely happens.

ELIAS: Rarely.

RODNEY: Second question: Gail, I think her essence name is William, has a daughter Jules, essence name Lanya, who has a partner Juan. Could they have his essence name, family and alignment?

ELIAS: And the impressions?

RODNEY: None. This is a request by telephone. I didn’t ask about impressions.

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Gramada; essence name, Syn (SIN).

DANIIL: Are inner senses part of the same wave?

ELIAS: Yes, but it is more geared to outer senses.

DANIIL: (Inaudible question)

ELIAS: You can, yes. Quite definitely so.

AUDREY: Elias, could I have my essence family and alignment and name?

ELIAS: And your impression?

PARTICIPANT: I don’t know.

ELLA: (Inaudible comment)

ELIAS: It matters not; impressions do not require information. (Chuckles) Very well. Belonging, Sumafi; alignment, Milumet. Essence name, Allawan, A-L-L-A-W-A-N (al WAHN). Focus type political; orientation, soft.

We shall discontinue, and I shall be anticipating our continued interaction. I offer to each of you tremendous appreciation and great lovingness, tremendous encouragement for fun and playfulness in your discoveries with your new wave. To you all my dear friends, au revoir.

GROUP: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 25 minutes.

©2010 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2010 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.