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The Base Element of Sexuality: The HOW in Generating


”The Base Element of Sexuality: The HOW in Generating Your Reality”

Saturday, March 16, 2002 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Rodney (Zacharie)

Elias arrives at 3:19 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

RODNEY: Good afternoon, Elias. How are you?

ELIAS: As always. And yourself?

RODNEY: Well, I’ve moved a long way since the last time we spoke. (Laughs)


RODNEY: I want to thank you again for your being with me at my last session. I’ve taken some of your words really to heart and created a little love song to myself (Elias laughs) that I’ve been singing every time I think of it and giving me a far greater appreciation of who I am, I think.


RODNEY: So I want to thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

RODNEY: (Laughs) Yes. I overcame a great fear this last week and changed my office at work. It’s really a real change in how I interact with the people I work with, and I’ve found the results to be exhilarating. It’s strange how every time we move through something we fear, there’s something we don’t expect on the other side.

ELIAS: Quite! Do tell. What information have you offered to yourself?

RODNEY: Well, I’ve been invited to move into the heart of the business office section for a year and I’ve resisted it. I see now that I’ve resisted it out of a fear of what other people would think of me and how they would judge me. That’s part, I sense, of the fear that held me back. It may not be; I wasn’t quite aware of that fear until after I moved through it. I’ve discovered that in moving into the office and accepting the being in such close association with all of my peers, I actually find a greater freedom. I somehow have shed the concern with what they think of me and accepted the fact that I can be who I am there. It’s a greater freedom.

ELIAS: For you have exchanged limiting yourself and generating somewhat of an isolation of yourself for an expression of freedom to be expressing yourself.

RODNEY: Yes. Mary and I just had quite a conversation regarding the experience of exposure, which seems to be prevalent of late. Choosing to be more vulnerable or to be more open is part and parcel of our sense of freedom in allowing us to be who we are...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: ...and not moving lock step in concern for other people’s judgments of us.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: So, I’ve found the time is ... you know, when you’re working and you forget what time it is and when you look to see what time it is, it’s past time to go home? (Chuckles) One begins to realize that one is truly enjoying what one is doing.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is an alteration of perception, that you may be incorporating very similar actions or the same actions but how you perceive what you are creating is of ultimate significance, for this allows you to generate either conflict or thickness, or ease and effortlessness.

RODNEY: Tremendous movement into effortlessness this last week, as a result of my moving my office. I wouldn’t say as a result of, but simultaneously with it.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: I should say more as a result of my setting the fear aside and moving through it.

ELIAS: What you have generated in the physical action of movement to another office is the objective imagery that reflects the inward movement of allowance of yourself.

RODNEY: Yes. Yes, I feel that. And again, I want to thank you for all the assistance you’ve given me in this.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend, but also be acknowledging of yourself in this movement and in the expression of your own allowance.

RODNEY: I’m sensing that also. I did something this morning. It’s my birthday, which is a very special day, of course.

ELIAS: Ah! And I shall be acknowledging of this day of emergence!

RODNEY: (Laughs) I decided to take a card from the tarot deck to help me focus my energies or my attention - that’s what I asked for, ’where would it be appropriately put’ - and I pulled the Star. The Star is a card that shows a woman pouring water into the Earth with one hand and pouring water over her head with the other hand. My sense is that the card symbolizes a real deep opening to essence renewing itself again and again and again in this dimension, in this physical place. And I was. I was feeling somewhat melancholy and longing and sensing into that, I guess. It was a very beautiful place to be.

ELIAS: And what have you offered to yourself in this communication?

RODNEY: An appreciation, I sense, of my willingness to be in the unfamiliar, in the place of not knowing. It’s so easy for me to put myself down because I don’t know, and I’m learning to appreciate that that’s kind of like a condition of life. If one is truly opening to the unknown, it’s... I don’t want to call it a stress, but it is... Let me say this: it’s not the kind of place that one often appreciates, that we’re capable and up to this, but we are...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: ...and to sense that we are. It’s kind of like a validation on an incredibly deep level to be willing to stand in the place of not knowing and still moving forward.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

RODNEY: That makes sense to you? (Laughs)

ELIAS: Yes. But I also express to you once again, this is an expression of your perception, the identification of not knowing, which in actuality you DO incorporate the knowing. What you are not recognizing is your ability to translate the knowing that you incorporate objectively. Therefore, what you are expressing is actually not a lack of knowing but allowing yourself a comfort to rest in the expression of not entirely generating your objective ability to be translating the knowing.

RODNEY: That says in a big way my willingness to accept where I am...


RODNEY: my not allowing myself.

ELIAS: Yes, and therefore not generating a force.

RODNEY: Yes. I sensed very strongly this morning that I was not forcing myself in any way. I was aware of that and truly just resting in it.

ELIAS: Now; shall you express to myself what you are allowing yourself to address to and actually become more familiar with?

RODNEY: In this process?

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause) Shall I offer you a clue?

RODNEY: I have a sense, but yes, a clue would be helpful.

ELIAS: Very well. Allow yourself to incorporate your objective recall and memory and what have you expressed to myself that you wish to incorporate in discussion in this interaction this day.

RODNEY: It’s the only thing I had prepared myself to discuss with you, and that is I would like to discuss with you your words on this function which we call the sexual function, which is the manner in which we manifest in this physical reality.

ELIAS: Correct. And how efficiently you have offered an introduction to this subject matter!

RODNEY: How so?

ELIAS: For you are expressing your recognition of addressing to how you generate your movement, how you generate objective imagery, how you create your reality in freedom. What is the expression of sexuality? All that you generate in physical manifestation - not the communication; this is another expression - but what you generate in creating a physical reality. This is the energy of the base element of sexuality.

RODNEY: Would you say some more? I’m at a loss for words here. I don’t know if I’m following you or not.

ELIAS: Allowing yourselves to move into the objective recognition of the HOW in generating your reality, you are addressing to the expression of sexuality.

RODNEY: In allowing myself to move into the objective knowing...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: ...of how I create my reality...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: the function of sexuality.

ELIAS: Is allowing you an understanding of the function of sexuality.

You have all moved in an expression of examination of communication, which translates as the base of element of emotion. You have turned your attentions to the examination of this expression and function, and what is generated, for the communication is the expression of the what. Now you move yourselves into the examination and exploration of the how, which is the actual manifestations.

RODNEY: You’ve talked quite a bit over the years about aspects of how we create our reality, like it stems more from an intention as opposed to our constantly thinking about it, that it’s not an intellectual function; it’s a function more of our energy, how it stems more from our trusting ourselves...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: opposed to our doubting and our skepticism.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: I was reading the other day, you were telling Mikah that doubt and skepticism were perhaps more damaging to an ease of creation than fear.

ELIAS: At times this is correct.

RODNEY: I found that somewhat revelatory.

ELIAS: There are expressions of fear that may be quite motivating.

RODNEY: Yes. That’s what I got from that. To have fear of something or of accomplishing something, it’s almost kind of a beacon in knowing that if you move into that fear and through that fear that you will be accomplishing.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: Which is a far different order than doubting yourself in that endeavor.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: I’m trying to get a handle, as we speak, of your definition of sexuality. Inherent in this is my objectifying the how.

ELIAS: Correct, and recognition of perception.

Perception is quite objective, and as I have stated, is the mechanism in which you generate the actual physical manifestations of your reality. Your beliefs influence your association with what you generate in physical manifestation, but what you are creating is movement of attention.

You have been allowing yourselves to move your attention to expressions of communication and allowing yourselves to identify what is communication and what is being expressed in association with communication. This is, as I have stated, the base element as defined in emotion.

Now; as you have offered yourself more of a familiarity and a recognition of the what of communication, you move your attention to the how, concerning generating manifestation. This is the reason that I have been expressing that individuals allow themselves to move their attention to what they are actually generating, the DOING of their expressions, the actual physical action and expression of manifestation in whichever manner they may be manifesting a particular action, allowing yourself to move your attention to more than one expression.

You have offered yourself a time framework to familiarize yourself with the question of what, which is the question of communication.

RODNEY: From self.

ELIAS: Correct. What do you express to yourself in communication with yourself? What are you identifying? What beliefs are influencing your communication to yourself, and what is influencing of your perception in relation to communication and beliefs?

Now you move your attention to the aspect of sexuality, how you actually generate physical manifestation in reality.

RODNEY: What I hear you saying is moving my attention means being acutely aware of what I’m creating in the moment.

ELIAS: Correct, and your choices. And the manner in which you offer yourself this information is to be turning your attention to what you are generating in action, what you are choosing, what you are doing.

RODNEY: So this is really cutting through automatic responses and being aware of what we are choosing, as opposed to being in automatic response.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: This requires us to be very aware of self.

ELIAS: Correct, in recognizing the moments in which you ARE generating automatic responses, and [in] paying attention to the doing to offer yourself clear information and thusly offering yourself a recognition of choice. This concerns the actual physical expression of manifestation through perception.

Perception may be recognized or defined as the expression of the base element of sexuality within your physical dimension.

RODNEY: Really. Perception is the base element of the function of sexuality.

ELIAS: Yes, for it generates all of your physical reality. It is the physical function of this base element of sexuality.

RODNEY: Well, let me say this, kind of where I’m at. When you talk about emotion, when you talk about the function of communication or of emotion, emotion is something that I clearly experience and objectively recognize. I’ve learned, thanks to you, to turn my attention to what is the communication, what is the signal that is being brought forth within that communication. I have an objective awareness of what emotion is.

I turn around and I look to see what my objective awareness is of perception, and it’s like all of a sudden I’m lost. There’s nothing physical. I mean, emotion, in a sense, is a physical thing, and perception is not.

ELIAS: Ah! But I may express to you, my friend, quite genuinely, both of these base elements of your physical reality incorporate quite similar associations in relation to your recognition of them. For you may express to myself that you incorporate a clear understanding and recognition of emotion for you view this to incorporate a physical manifestation, and in part it does, for it incorporates the signal. But the signal is not the communication. The signal is a physical recognizable expression which you allow an affectingness.

RODNEY: Like in crying.

ELIAS: Correct, or joy or frustration or disappointment.

RODNEY: That’s the signal.

ELIAS: Correct. You recognize the signal as being an objective physical display, but this is not the communication. Therefore, the communication is not a physical display.

RODNEY: No, it’s something that just comes to you.

ELIAS: It is recognizable but it is not a physical manifestation, and therefore presents more of a challenge for your recognition of it.

Now; in similar manner, perception also incorporates a physical display.

RODNEY: Where?

ELIAS: In all that you manifest. Your physical body, your objects, your world, your universe are physically displayed in solidity and in matter.

RODNEY: Right, so I look around my apartment - I’m looking at my perception.

ELIAS: You are viewing the MANIFESTATION of your perception in similar manner to experiencing the signal of emotion.

There is an aspect of emotion that is not physically displayed. There is an aspect of perception that is not physically displayed, but there is an aspect of BOTH of these base elements of your physical reality and dimension that ARE physically displayed. You generate an experience of signal of emotion, which is the objective physical display. You also generate a physical display, in a different manner, of perception, which is all of your objective physical imagery.

Now; this is the reason, my friend, that I continue to express the significance of paying attention to what you are generating and how you are generating in manipulation of energy within yourselves and paying attention to self. For in similar manner to the signal of emotion, this does not offer you the message. The communication is not contained in the signal. The signal is generated merely to gain your attention, to move your attention to the communication.

RODNEY: Can I inject an example here?


RODNEY: My apartment’s a mess. I have a tendency to lay things down when I’m finished with them and not put them back where I might find them again. So I walk through my apartment and I see this complete disarray of objects. This is the physical manifestation of perception of what I’ve created.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: Now, I recognize that there is a message within my energy, which I have chosen not to look at too carefully, regarding how I create this. What I hear from you, and this is just an example, is if I was paying more attention to my energy as I go about littering my apartment, that I would receive a message or at least become more aware as to why I create what I create...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: ...or how I create it.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: What’s coming to me here is that this would seem to imply that if I am truly paying attention to this energy and being more aware of it, it would open up a greater freedom of choice...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: how I create this. I’m beginning to recognize that it’s not so much a laziness on my part but kind of an ordering of priorities in where I put my attention.

ELIAS: Yes. As I have expressed, in similar manner to the signal of emotion being generated merely to move your attention but not containing, so to speak, the communication, perception generates physical imagery but the imagery is quite abstract. I continue to express this to you that you may allow yourself a clearer understanding of the literal expression of this.

What holds significance is not the imagery that you create in the expression of generating physical expressions through your perception. What holds significance is what motivates and influences those manifestations of perception.

RODNEY: And to see the actual material thing as an abstract...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: ...would assist me in recognizing the motivations...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: ...for the creation.

ELIAS: Correct, and paying attention to what you are actually generating, what you are doing, what influences what you are doing. For this is the how of generating your perception, which creates the actual physical imagery that you present to yourselves.

RODNEY: Let’s suppose I want to create an object, a shade for my window ... well, that’s something I would go out and buy. Let’s say I want to create a picture frame. I actually did this once. I set about to physically manufacture with my own hands my picture frames, and I created them quite nicely or accurately. They fit; they looked nice. I can put what you’re saying in the context of that creation because it’s something that I’m literally doing, paying attention to my energy. Actually, there was quite a bit of motivation involved in doing this. I was aware of that; I can see that in the context of what you’ve described as this function called sexuality. At least I’m closer to understanding it in that example.

Let’s suppose that a person wants to go out and create a greater income. That seems to be a creation of a different order.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, my friend.

RODNEY: Well, that’s why I’m asking the question, because I’d like to see you draw the parallel.

ELIAS: What you generate in creating your picture frame is the objective imagery which reflects what you are generating within yourself - an allowance of your ability to manifest, to objectively translate energy outwardly into a physical manifestation. The action is the same.

This is what I am expressing to you - the objective imagery matters not; it is abstract. The action which is incorporated is what holds significance; the doing is what holds significance. For this is the allowance of your ability to generate a physical manifestation outwardly from self, and this is the expression of trust and acknowledgment of self and your ability to generate what you want in actual physical manifestation. It is the...

RODNEY: Okay, if I could take this down to a rather basic level, if I want to make a picture frame, I go out and buy some materials and I have a picture of what I’m going to create in my head or in my vision. I buy the materials, I make sure I have the tools, and I begin to fabricate it. I have a sense of what I need to do to do that. But when it comes to I want to double my income, I don’t have a vision of what I have to do. It’s not like going down to the lumberyard and buying the proper molding, etcetera, to put this frame together. I don’t have a counterpart to that when I go to double my income.

Now, what I hear you saying is to look at the picture frame creation, look at the actual fabrication in a more abstract way and pay more attention to the energy behind my going about and doing all of that.

ELIAS: And also allowing yourself the recognition of your trust of yourself to accomplish generating the objective manifestation, and what influences that.

The method is not so very different, my friend. You allow yourselves to generate objective imagery in ease in creating what you want for most of your moments - even in your example of wanting to generate a shade for your window. You immediately discounted that example for you incorporate the ability to move to a merchant and buy this shade for your window.

RODNEY: (Laughs) Yes, I did.

ELIAS: You are incorporating an action. You are manipulating your energy in association with your beliefs to allow you or to not allow you to generate the physical manifestation of what you want - this is the base expression. This is what I am speaking to you of: paying attention to the action, to the doing, and the association of the influence of beliefs in relation to the doing and the allowance of choice.

For, the process of outwardly creating the physical manifestations is, in a manner of speaking, the same. The components that are incorporated to generate the physical manifestation of the objects within your physical reality are the same. The beliefs which are influencing of your perceptions influence your allowance of your choices, and therefore [it] holds significance to be recognizing what is influencing your allowance or your lack of allowance.

The movement to generate objective imagery is the same. This is the reason that I continue once again to express, objective imagery is abstract. It matters not. But you focus your attention upon the objective imagery, the things.

RODNEY: Which distracts us from looking at the...

ELIAS: The action of generating the things and the actual creation of them. The objective imagery - the physical manifestations within your reality, within your world, within your environment, within your universe - are abstract and they are generated by the same components. This is what is not abstract.

RODNEY: Ah, you’re saying that the energy...


RODNEY: not abstract.

ELIAS: And the manner in which you manipulate it in association with your beliefs, in allowance or the lack of allowance - the allowance of your trust of your ability to generate or the lack of trust in your ability to generate - which is quite influenced by your beliefs concerning different types of manifestations.

You may express to yourself that you may generate creating this picture frame.

Now; what do you incorporate in action? Do you materialize the picture frame within your air, as Holden wishes to generate the apple within his hand? No, for your beliefs are influencing of your ability to be manifesting that type of objective imagery. You do hold the ability to generate that, but your beliefs are influencing.

Therefore in choosing to be creating a picture frame, you incorporate physical actions. You incorporate other individuals. You generate physical movement. You interact with other individuals. You buy the materials, therefore you exchange with other individuals. Therefore, in conjunction with your beliefs, other individuals are also incorporated in the production of your manifestation. They incorporate involvement which allows you to generate a product, a manifestation, a physical expression of matter which is a projection of your perception.

Now; generating the physical manifestation of money incorporates the same action, for as influenced by your beliefs you do not generate the physical materialization of money within your hand from your air. You incorporate physical actions and involvement in exchange with other individuals. You offer an action and you receive money in association with that action, for the influence of your beliefs is expressed in relation to your perception, and your perception generates an actual physical reality which moves in this type of expression. You are not generating this money; you are receiving this money in association with an action that you perform.

You are not generating the picture frame from within yourself; you are creating a physical manifestation from other physical manifestations. Therefore you are receiving the product of the picture frame as, in your terms, a result of an action that you incorporate. Are you understanding?

RODNEY: I’m getting a pretty good sense of it, I think. I believe this is all very, very, very strongly influenced by what I believe is reality.

ELIAS: Correct. You may create a physical reality and expression of physical travel, and I may express to you the significance of perception. For you may actually generate a physical reality of traveling to another country [and] if you do not actually generate the physical currency to pay for that travel to another country yourself, your perception shall express to you that you have not created the travel. Something or someone else has created it for you.

Therefore, you invalidate the action that you have actually created, and you perceive yourself to not be creating travel although you ARE actually creating that physical reality. You are incorporating that action but you are not acknowledging your creation to yourself, for you have not generated the money that shall be expressed in relation to your expenses.

RODNEY: So that’s a very good example, and what it suggests to me is that one of the ways in which we limit our creativity is because we get all involved in how we want the end result to be brought into existence.

You gave the example of I want to create traveling to Europe and someone comes along and offers me a round-trip ticket to Paris. I go to the place of ’I did not create that. That was created by somebody else’...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: ...therefore denying my ability to create.

ELIAS: Denying the acknowledgment of what you ARE creating.

RODNEY: Denying the acknowledgment of what I am creating...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: ...and it would appear then that it would pay for me not to get too involved in insisting on how something be brought about.

ELIAS: Correct. You are quite creative in how you generate your physical reality. What holds significance, my friend, is the association of your beliefs. In the lack of recognition of these beliefs, what you generate in the expression of your perception - which is the objective manifestation of your reality, and in that your objective viewing and association of yourself - [is] that you do not incorporate the ability to be creating your reality individually and efficiently and that there are limitations in association with what you can or incorporate the ability to be creating. This is significant for this generates judgments, and the judgments in association with your beliefs are quite influencing of your perception and what you allow yourselves in choice.

RODNEY: Elias, we need to end our session.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend.

RODNEY: I’m going to transcribe this and read it, and I’m sure I’m going to generate some more questions.

ELIAS: Very well, and we may continue our discussion.

RODNEY: I hope so. We will! (Elias laughs) And thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. As always, I offer to you my great affection in friendship and my continued encouragement of you, my friend.

RODNEY: Thank you, thank you.

ELIAS: To you this day, au revoir.

RODNEY: Goodbye.

Elias departs at 4:26 PM.

(1) Forum participant Joe/Holden has been interested for some time in the concept of manifesting an apple in the palm of his hand. The first mention of this occurs in , 7/14/99, and is an on-going topic in many of Joe/Holden’s later transcripts.

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