Session 75
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Sunday, March 3, 1996 © 1996
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), and arriving late, Jim (Yarr).
Elias arrives at 7:29 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. (Pause, smiling) Now, what shall we engage upon this evening? (Note that Elias appears very relaxed and "kicked back" this evening, rocking comfortably in his chair and smiling)

RON: I don't know. Do you want to talk about the pyramid?

ELIAS: Not yet. (Slowly, still smiling, almost appearing "high")

RON: Okay. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, we do have questions written down from various people.

ELIAS: We may begin with questions, and then maybe I will follow with a dissertation ... or not. I will see how I "feel". (Laughter) Your questions?

VICKI: Well, it's awfully interesting that lately, it's just the three of us sitting here. Why has that been happening so often?

ELIAS: A pyramid question, which we are not discussing our pyramid!

VICKI: Okay. Questions. I shall ask a question for Michael first. Michael wants to know what his connection is with his dog.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Interesting question! Interesting answer! This creature involves more than one connection. The creature itself is remanifest from another creature, very much larger within physical focus, a creature bearing the name of Sam. This will be understood.

Also, I will express that Lawrence's impression is also correct, that this creature incorporates an aspect of consciousness; (smiling) which I believe the manifestation of this creature within its particular breed, being influenced by myself, was quite creative, in that Michael associates a connection with these animals with this particular "look"! (Grinning proudly) We shall incorporate one point for Elias, for creativity! (Note that Vicki's impression was that the dog incorporated an aspect of consciousness of Elias)

VICKI: So there is quite a bit more involved than we've gone into, with our connections with our animals!

ELIAS: Absolutely! (Pause, smiling)

VICKI: That would be an interesting thing to hear you talk about this evening!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Perhaps! (Long pause) Interesting, that when I am delivering much seriously focused information, it is quite difficult to be connecting, and when I am delivering answers to questions "mundanely", so to speak, the connection is quite clear!

VICKI: And why is that?

ELIAS: I shall ask you! (Pause, during which Elias starts laughing) You may answer this question for yourself, (pause) quite the same as you may answer your physically focused question for yourself!

VICKI: Well, I haven't been able to answer it today! (For reference, the question, which wasn't expressed, was "Why is it that sometimes we can accomplish not allowing ourselves to be affected by another individual in what we term a negative way, and sometimes we cannot accomplish it at all, and we become irritated with that individual?")

ELIAS: The answer will take the same direction as this question you have just asked me now! (Pause, smiling, and Vicki is clueless) Ah, frustration! Elias is playing games! (Laughing) You are very singularly focused! We will postpone questions, and I will give you your information this evening, for it is also relating to these questions, and to these situations.

We have been speaking of your time elements, your perceptions. I will, at another "time", (grinning) be expounding upon master or source events, which are what you would view to be behind those events which physically manifest within your time element; but this subject will be closely related to our subject of probabilities, which we are not entering quite yet, but we will. For the present "now", we will continue with information related to our recent discussion.

We were speaking of cultural time and natural time. Along with these elements also are involved your perceptions; your physical or intellectual perceptions versus your intuitional perceptions. Just as you pay little attention to natural time, you also pay little attention to your intuition. You focus upon your intellect. You base your entire focus upon the intellectual approach. This is important, for you mirror to yourselves action which supports your intellectual perception of your existence. Things do not happen "to you", and then you interpret them intellectually. You have allowed the intellect to be (pause) in command, so to speak. Therefore, it creates validating experiences. This backs up your perception. Now, your intuitional side of you also offers information continuously, but you discount this and you do not pay attention to it. I will offer an example. Let us say that you develop a physical malady. Your intuition, or that element of yourself, offers you connection with your body consciousness, and understandings of the situation that has been created. It also offers you solutions. It also offers you examples of validation, to what you would perceive to be the positive. You, relying upon the intellect, view the malady. You believe that you have become a victim of circumstances beyond your control, and you offer yourself, as validation, symptoms. You perpetuate the situation by continuing to focus in one direction, offering yourself validation of the intellect's perception of the situation.

We may also incorporate a mixture of this in example with Ron. This is an important example to be viewing. You have created an affectedness of your finger. You have created this to be offering yourself and others a physical example of the meshing, and also of the opposition of intellect and intuition, and how you separate these elements which should be in harmony with each other, helping each other; but you, within your perception, have separated them within your physical focus. You have created a situation of what you view to be a broken finger, but you do not validate this, within your perception, with pain. You also allow your finger to be healing itself, but not completely. (Grinning at Ron)

The battle rages; the intellect, on the one side, expressing, "The finger is broken. It must incorporate pain to be continuing an expression and a validation that it is, in fact, (laughing) broken. It may not be fixed without the incorporation of helpfulness of our scientific community, for this is the intellectual approach." The intuition expresses, "The finger is malfunctioning. It has created a situation for noticing. You have noticed. It is unnecessary for validation within painfulness. Do not incorporate pain. Speak to the affected element. Remind this element of its original state, and it will be reincorporated into its natural state." Intellect: "Oh, no! This may not happen, for I am physically focused, and I must incorporate my scientific helpfulness!" Intuition: "This is unnecessary! You possess the ability to be affecting with only a whisper." The battle continues. (Smiling)

Within this case of Ron, compromises have been arrived at. Within many cases, no compromise is agreed upon. The intellect "wins out", so to speak, for it has been allowed the majority of the focus. It has gained your attention at your cultural time.

You have placed yourselves, within physical focus, into "perception boxes". This relates also to the issue of creativity, to which we spoke previously. Within cultural time, you force creativity, which is aligned with natural time, into the boxes of cultural time. In this, your intuition speaks to you, and offers you messages to be moving in a more natural way. You do not listen, for you incorporate cultural time and the intellect. Now; I am not expressing to you that your intellect is what you would perceive to be negative, for it is not. You have created this, within physical focus, to be monitoring and to be interpreting your world, your perceptions; but it was designed to be working in conjunction with your inner senses. When you do not incorporate your inner senses, you cut off a vital line to your intellect. It is left alone. It must learn to function and interpret without vital aspects of information; therefore, it creates information to validate itself. (Pause, smiling, and then to Vicki) Yes?

VICKI: So, (pause) so did Ron accomplish an agreement between the intellect and the intuition with his finger, or is the battle still going on? I don't really understand.

ELIAS: Partially. If the incorporation was completed, there would be no affectedness of the finger. It would be restored completely to its original state.

VICKI: And if I was able to accomplish the same thing, then I wouldn't have an experience like I had today?

ELIAS: (Smiling) Very good!

VICKI: So with the incorporation of inner senses, one can affect the way another individual affects you?


VICKI: And would that be in the way of understanding where that person is coming from, (pause) or what?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. You give yourself information continuously. Your perception is what is "off". (Smiling) You ask "Why may I only temporarily accomplish?" You only temporarily accomplish, for you focus upon what you view to be your natural, normal perception, which is not natural at all, but it is what you are "used to", and you discount all of your information which is offered intuitively. Even when you incorporate your intuitive information, you do not genuinely pay attention! You do not evaluate what it is saying to you, but you do evaluate what your intellect is saying to you. You intellect is saying, "I am irritated!", and you hear this loud and clear! Your intuition whispers a reason, and you do not pay attention.

VICKI: How do you pay attention when you don't even hear the whisper?

ELIAS: But you do! If you do not hear this whisper at all, you would not allow any affectingness. (Pause) Good evening, Yarr.

JIM: Good evening, Rastin. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, I think I understand what you're saying in relation to some other kinds of things, (Elias starts laughing) but I'm not really understanding in relation to ... (Elias interrupts)

ELIAS: This subject applies to all things, all areas that you engage within. (Pause, grinning at Vicki)

VICKI: I don't get it.

ELIAS: You will. Learn to listen and notice yourself. Translate to yourself your own language.

JIM: I think that's what I'm learning more and more of constantly, is my own language, how I'm talking to myself. That's what a lot of the feelings are I've been noticing.

ELIAS: I have expressed previously that this information will be incorporated much easier by emotionally-focused individuals; this being a very good example of this.

VICKI: Okay, I could, in that area, this particular experience today was shared and is shared on a regular basis between myself and Sophia, who is an emotionally-focused person ...

ELIAS: ... who also does not listen to her own self! Sophia incorporates another issue also. She holds herself within this perception, this box of unnatural perception, and continues to validate herself within this. There are individuals, I will express now, that may be connected with the element of healing, and will not focus upon this element at all, but they are aligned with this in some way. In not acknowledging this at all, they will manifest the absolute opposite. (Pause) Sophia is quite efficient at this, not always incorporating physical maladies, but very efficiently incorporating depressions or anxieties; psychological maladies as opposed to physical; as I expressed previously of your stifling of creativity, and its affectingness. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, I sure don't know what that intuition was trying to whisper to me today, that's all I have to say.

ELIAS: (Smiling) For you were focused much too directedly within the intellect, allowing a much louder voice.

VICKI: Well, I'll think about that the next time it comes up.

ELIAS: I will also express to you that there are "times" (pause, chuckling) that you may silence your intellect temporarily by directly responding to it, as it is expressing your wishing to be "stomping on this individual's foot!" Therefore, you may stomp on this individual's foot, and the intellect will be silenced! (Grinning) I am not advocating violence, but it is not incorrect to be following through with some emotional expressions, to be silencing this "intellectual override".

VICKI: Well, I did follow through with quite a few emotional expressions today, which only seemed to perpetuate the situation!

ELIAS: For you also reinforce your own belief systems, which creates battling. "I am barking at you! Oh, my! This is not very good, but I am angry at you and I will bark again! Oh, my! I am feeling guilt! I shall step on your foot! Oh, this was not very tolerant!" Battle, battle, battle! (Grinning at Vicki, who sighs) The purpose of temporarily silencing the loudness of the intellect, and its validation, is not to create battles with belief systems and reinforce them. There are times, though, at which you may express, and you will not be battling, and you will remove yourself and express to yourself, "I am feeling much better now." True?


ELIAS: Of course, true! (Grinning) Then why would this be alright in this situation, but not within another situation? They may be the same action, for one you justify within your perception and belief systems, and another you do not.

VICKI: So probably all of the times I tried to tell myself it just didn't matter today, that might have been my little whispering from my intuitional side, that I just rationalized away. (Elias nods) Because it really doesn't matter. (Still nodding) Okay.

ELIAS: But, you do not listen!

VICKI: Every once in a while I do, but not for the most part! (Laughing) That's why sometimes you feel like you accomplish in an area, and then it only seems temporary.

ELIAS: You are being offered information continually through your intuition, but if it is not in compliance with your intellectual perception, you discount it and you divorce from it. Michael is quite adept at this! He may express, at one moment, that he incorporates physical feelings that he attaches to this phenomenon. He overrides this information constantly, insisting that the rational explanation is that he incorporates a brain tumor! (Laughter) This being also why we have been discussing these issues; for if you are allowing the intellect to be completely focused, and you are continuously validating this and feeding its information stock, it will manifest what you believe, for it incorporates equal power to your intuition. Many times, it is more powerful, for you afford it more attention! (Long pause, with Elias smiling, and rocking, and tapping his hands on the chair, and looking very smug)

JIM: I have a question. My method and desire to help my mate Cindy with healing of her leg and the results we received, I felt I was affecting in what I did. I guess I'm looking to know a validation with that and what I perceived in my dream, of what I felt with that whole process.

ELIAS: You may consider yourself validated.

JIM: Good. Thanks.

ELIAS: I will also express to you, just as I do with all other individuals, you may find a moving forward within your desire more quickly if you are connecting with other individuals, therefore validating the intuitive side of you; which is, in actuality, what you accomplish with each other when you are interacting and connecting with each other. You validate your intuitive element, which serves to balance yourselves more, and enables you to be moving through more quickly.

JIM: I felt that too. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Now, you may ask questions!

VICKI: Regarding this same issue, I've had a funny feeling for a little while that one of the reasons that I moved out of the "it matters not", in this particular situation, was a desire to be connecting with Sophia, in that it matters very much. Would this be a rationalization on my part, or would this be involved also?

ELIAS: These are difficult issues; for I may offer you one layer of explanation which will be correct, but there are other layers within these situations that may be contradictory, or so it may seem, just as with your time layers. Within your closest physical layer, yes, within consciousness, you do incorporate a desire to be connecting with Sophia. Rationally, you express this as your "method of connection". Within another layer, innerly, although the first layer may accomplish partially, it is ineffective, for the more inner layer is offering diversions. The battle is continuing.

Do not underestimate your intellect! It is not always so "coldly logical"! It is quite crafty in battling for its position of control with the intuition. (Pause) This is not to say that you do not possess complete control, for you do, always! Underline twice! There is no aspect or element of your existence that is beyond your control, or controlling you without your permission! This is not reality! There are no "hidden caverns" to yourself! (Long pause)

VICKI: Enough on that! (Laughter) Any other questions? I have questions for other people, so if you have a question, jump in!

JIM: Well, it could be lengthy. One night it was brought up from Tom about the term consciousness, and what is consciousness. I feel I have an understanding of essence, but there's other aspects of, there's many aspects of consciousness, and consciousness is greater than essence?


JIM: No. Is all consciousness contained within essence? I guess I'm having a hard time with what consciousness is.

ELIAS: (Pausing) We will be discussing consciousness, for we will be incorporating a discussion of these master or source events, which we will be needing to explain elements of consciousness to be expressing of this subject. Therefore, I will answer your question, but I will be reserving answering this question, for I will be needing to incorporate an entire evening to this subject of consciousness, and mass and source and master events, and also individual events.

(To Vicki) I was not speaking figuratively to you when I expressed to you that you are the unexpressed notes. You are the unexpressed notes. This was not only an example to shift your perception. When I am speaking to you figuratively, I will qualify and express this. You are the unexpressed elements; for the source events, which are much too multidimensional to be expressed within an individual physical focus such as this dimension, are the expressed notes.

VICKI: So basically, all physical manifestation would be the unexpressed.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: That makes sense, a little bit. (Pause) One question that I do have for Sophia, quickly; were we correct in our perception of her friend Hap being a splintered counterpart of her partner Keith?

ELIAS: No, although this individual is a counterpart.

VICKI: Of Michael?

ELIAS: Of Keith.

VICKI: Not splintered.

ELIAS: No. He is not incorporated with an essence. (Pause)

VICKI: He has his own essence.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: I'm not going to ask any more questions about him because I don't know him, so this would be not very good!

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Grinning)

VICKI: For Shynla, are you playing with her front porch light?

ELIAS: We will be discussing Shynla later! I will express to Shynla, why, what would ever be making her think that I shall be affecting of her porch light? (Very sarcastically) She has expressed that Elias is paying no attention to her for she is physically removed, and he does not flicker her lights upon her street! I am not understanding of what she speaks! Moi? Gasp! (Very dramatically, and laughter)

RON: What about the weird telephone thing that's been happening recently?

ELIAS: (Cracking up) You may continue your investigation! The sleuths are on the trail! Awfully coincidental, would you not say?

VICKI: Awfully!

ELIAS: Vienna was a nice touch also! (Still cracking up) Continue!

VICKI: Okay. What is Charlie's essence name?

ELIAS: Ah! One moment. (Accessing) Another male name for this female individual; Dennis. Also not very exotic, although interesting!

VICKI: Is this individual connected with Twylah?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Is she emotionally focused?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Is Karl emotionally focused?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Are either of Karl's children fragmented from him?

ELIAS: Yes, a son; incorporating elements that this individual does not within his own focus.

VICKI: Those are Shynla's questions. I have one quick question. What is hwua fwuast??? (This has been driving Vicki crazy!)

ELIAS: (Cracking up) Hua fuas! (Saying it much "softer" and with a flowing, lyrical quality, and with no "st" sound at the end) You are quite amusing, investigating, believing this would be a physically focused word, in French no less! (Still cracking up) In actuality, though, you shall learn its meaning as you continue, for this is your first encounter with your own language of Sumafi. (Grinning)

VICKI: Really? Will you say it one more time?

ELIAS: Hua fuas. You incorporate, within your perception, "s". You may incorporate the "s" within your spelling if you are wishing, for in actuality there is no physical spelling for this language, (still laughing) for this is not a physical language! (Still laughing!)

VICKI: What does it mean??? (Loudly, in total exasperation)

ELIAS: (Also loudly, sounding almost irritated) I have just answered this to you! I have expressed you will find its meaning!

VICKI: Okay. (Sighing)

ELIAS: Time, once again, affecting within the element of Lawrence's memory! One minute may transpire, and be affecting!

VICKI: I'm just impatient! (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: Very good, though, that you have each heard this word.

VICKI: Especially on that tape! (The one we couldn't hear)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Such a surprise! You are not needing of your physical apparatus to be hearing these words and language, and connecting with it.

JIM: It's strange, when you brought that up, I, when you said that, I asked myself why would that be familiar with, why is that familiar to me? I had no idea where you were going with it, but I had a sense of ... wow! (Pause)

ELIAS: You may incorporate a guess! (Egging Vicki on) What may you think a translation of this word, as your first encounter, would be?

VICKI: Possibly a greeting?

ELIAS: Very good! Greetings. I have expressed many times recently that your vibrational tone alignment is incorporated. You will be encountering. (Pause, in which he is cracking up again) A French instructor!

VICKI: We were clueless! (Pause, with Elias rocking and smiling)

ELIAS: Have you more questions?

JIM: Not specifically.

ELIAS: Shall we incorporate our game? (Enthusiastically)

VICKI: Sure!

JIM: Yes. I'd like to, in the category of indigo, under musical instruments, a connection with the flute.

ELIAS: One point.

JIM: Thank you. (Picks up the new computerized game board) Oh!

ELIAS: Ah! Ron's new creative expression, for your connecting! (To Ron) Very good!

VICKI: For Shynla, she would like to connect Rose, in the animal category, with a lion.

ELIAS: A family-oriented, very strong and powerful animal. One point.

VICKI: And she would like to connect Rose, in the elements category, with a snowflake.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Two questions tonight?

ELIAS: Ah! You are wishing of more questions! Acceptable; (pause) with a limit!

VICKI: Of four?

ELIAS: We are pushing this! (Here, Elias makes a guttural, humming sound, and then leans towards Vicki) I also incorporate this sound quite well with the creature, do you not think? (Meaning Mary's dog)

VICKI: (Busting up) Yes!

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Four is a nice number! To continue; for Shynla, she would like to connect Tomkin, in musical instruments, with a yidaka.

ELIAS: This being the other instrument; (to Vicki) not a flute! One point!

VICKI: And she would like to connect Tomkin, in places, with Uluru.

ELIAS: The rock! One point!

VICKI: Shall I go on, or does somebody want to jump in?

RON: Go on! (Elias starts laughing again)

VICKI: Fine! For Michael, to connect Ordin, in flowers, with alyssum.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And to connect Tomkin, in desires, with the direction of the intent for the Seers.

ELIAS: (Smiling) One point; and now we will incorporate Shynla and her gift, for Shynla has offered her gift within her experience of your yester evening; that being a directedness, within intent, of the Seers. This would be a difficult manifestation, within physical focus, singularly. These small individuals incorporate Sumafi Sumafi; therefore, a directedness within intent is necessary to not be deviating, as being connecting with the Seers. Within their "time" element, it holds importance; for you may choose, as I have expressed, to be aligned with another intent within an individual physical focus. Theirs will not be deviating. You may express to her, as she is not consciously remembering, (smiling) as do none of you of your offering of your gifts, this is hers.

VICKI: Okay. (Sighing in non-comprehension) Also for Michael, in the desires category, to connect Patel with the construction of a new focus.

ELIAS: (Smiling) One point.

VICKI: And in desires, to connect Elias with teaching.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: In cultures, to connect Otha with the Egyptian culture.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: Okay, those are Michael's. For myself then, in desires, I would like to connect Elias with creative expression.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And I would like to connect Otha, in musical instruments, with a stand-up bass.

ELIAS: One point. Quite monotonous! (Grinning)

VICKI: I would like to connect Paul, in directions, with "close".

ELIAS: (Grinning at Ron) And is he not?! One point! Hua fuas!

VICKI: And I would like to connect Rose, in mythical creatures, with a mermaid.

ELIAS: Hua fuas, (laughter) and one point!

VICKI: And for Sophia, to connect Ayla, in directions, with back and forth.

ELIAS: Very close! She is trying! Express to Sophia to shift her direction, but she is incorporating the motion!

VICKI: She would also like to connect Ayla, in musical instruments, with a bongo drum.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

VICKI: And she would like to connect Becky with the green category of our game.

ELIAS: (Accessing) Incorrect.

VICKI: Then I think I am completed. (Elias is grinning)

RON: Okay. In the fruits category ... (Elias interrupts)

ELIAS: Lawrence ... (What's that supposed to mean?)

RON: ... I would like to connect Tomkin with apples and purple with oranges.

ELIAS: Hua fuas, hua fuas! (Laughter)

RON: In the flowers category, I would like to connect orange with jasmine.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: In the mythical creatures category, I would like to connect Tomkin with a leprechaun.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Shynla would be wishing of this! Incorrect! Try again. (Pause)

RON: How about to connect Elias with a dragon?

ELIAS: One point. (Pause) And Yarr?

JIM: In the musical instrument category, with Ayla, I'd like to connect the tom-tom.

ELIAS: We are continuing within this direction! Incorrect.

JIM: Drums. (Another "Oh, brother" look!) Okay. (Pause, looking at the game board) In the birds category, with Twylah, I'd like to connect the owl.

ELIAS: One point. (Jim is staring at the game board)

JIM: Yeah, I already did that! Oh gosh, that's funny! We already did that once! I already got a point for that! Do I get another point? I looked at that, and I didn't see it, and I, hmmm ...

RON: It happens! (This has happened to Ron before also)

JIM: That's weird. Okay, I'm done.

ELIAS: Notice of this!

JIM: Yes, of that experience.

ELIAS: (Grinning at Ron) Repeating time!

JIM: Connecting again!

ELIAS: Which your perception and your intellect believes to be consecutive, and a new event. (Pause) Ponder this! (Another pause)

VICKI: Michael also wanted to introduce a new category; oceans and seas.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: And songs.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Pause) Continue connecting with your game. It is beneficial. Are you wishing of more questions? (Pause) I shall be discussing of your element of consciousness and of source events, the expressed notes, at our next meeting. Au revoir.

Elias departs at 8:54 PM, and "pops back in" at 10:29 PM. Note that we were "heatedly" discussing intellect versus intuition.

ELIAS: ... instead of our planned discussion for our next session. You do not want to be turning off your intellect! You do not favor one over the other! Therefore, you do not favor the intuition over the intellect, any more than you favor the intellect over the intuition; for if you incorporate an imbalance with the intellect's or the intuition's direction, you create the same situation that you experience presently. Therefore, your striving is to balance, intermesh. They work in harmony. There is your key word; harmony.

You do not turn off the intellect, for then you allow only your focus upon your intuition, and you incorporate equally as much conflict as you do by ignoring your intuition. You must balance, and work within the framework of complimentary elements. Both; not one or the other!

We will discuss this in more detail. If you are wishing, we may incorporate an exceptionally long-winded session very soon, and I will discuss both issues! This is sounding very good to me! (To Vicki) Very incorrect! Not one or the other! Be remembering of this! Both! Au revoir! (I guess he means both!)

Elias departs at 10:32 PM.

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Copyright 1996 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.