Session 737
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Emotions Are Not Reactionary


“Emotions Are Not Reactionary”
“The Point of Manifestation is Experience”
“The Expression of Victim is the Lack of Choice”
“More Than One Essence Participating in One Focus”

Saturday, December 9, 2000 (Private/In Person)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Edward (Colleen), Ben (Albert), and a new participant, Frank (Tyne).
No start time is available, as this session was recorded on cassette tape rather than video tape.  Thanks, Frank!
Elias’ arrival time is approximately 30 seconds.

ELIAS:  Good afternoon.


ELIAS:  We meet again!

EDWARD:  It’s been a long time!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And what shall we be discussing this day?

EDWARD:  I have a number of questions, but first, I have a friend, Frank, in the room, and I was wondering if you could tell me his essence name and family. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, Tyne; T-Y-N-E. (tine)  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Ilda. (Chuckling)  Welcome!

FRANK:  Hello!

EDWARD:  One of the first things I want to talk about is that there has been some talk about ... that one of your focuses is Oscar Wilde.

ELIAS:  Correct.

EDWARD:  And I’ve always had some strange feeling of my own that I was connected to or was Oscar Wilde.  Is it possible, with the way focuses line up and perceptions line up, that more than one essence could be the same person in a different focus?  Am I making sense?

ELIAS:  In the same focus?

EDWARD:  Uh-huh.

ELIAS:  Yes, this is a possibility.

In actuality, this is created many times within your physical dimension, in which more than one essence may be coupling themselves together to be creating one focus in one manifestation.

One essence chooses the primary aspect of attention, and therefore, in your terms, that one essence may be associated with the individual manifestation singularly, for its participation in the objective experience may be more in volume, so to speak, although the other essence which participates in that manifestation also may be occupying other aspects of the manifestation, therefore offering itself the experience of that particular manifestation.

In this, there are more than one individual that may be experiencing what you term to be recall or bleed-through of an individual focus.

You think in very singular terms, as I have expressed previously, and in that thought process and the manner in which you associate within this physical dimension, you do not allow for the recognition that essences are not separated.  They are not what you view as individual entities.  Therefore, it is not an unusual expression that more than one essence may be involved, so to speak, within any particular manifestation in ANY physical dimension or expression.

EDWARD:  So even in this focus right now, I can be sharing.  That would almost like explain some people’s ideas of schizophrenia and stuff like that, because you would get bleed-through.  Is that what you’re saying, that you can have other essences experiencing and touching on the focus?

ELIAS:  No.  This is quite a specific choice of manifestation, in that type of expression that you term to be schizophrenia, as I have offered information previously.  This is the choice of the individual focus to be experiencing the manifestation in a particular manner and allowing the expression of more than one aspect of the self simultaneously, rather than creating a singularity of attention — as do you — with merely one aspect within each particular moment.

As to your question of whether you participate in that manifestation, yes, your impression is correct.

EDWARD:  So I participated in the Oscar Wilde manifestation?

ELIAS:  Yes.

EDWARD:  So, I was wondering, because you’ve talked about the shift in consciousness — and the reason I led off with that — the shift in consciousness that comes with the change in the year 2000 and moving forward, as we’re in this whole period of the shift in consciousness, that’s gonna happen over a ten year period or something like that?



ELIAS:  This shift in consciousness is an expression which is being inserted into your physical dimension which springs from what we term to be a source event.  A source event may not be entirely inserted into your physical dimension, for there are limitations of expression of consciousness within physical dimensions, and therefore the volume of a source event is not entirely inserted into any particular physical dimension.

The initial expression, or what you may term to be the beginning of this shift in consciousness, was initiated at the beginning of your previous century, that which you identify as your 20th century.

Now; in the movement into your new century, your new millennium, you are creating a different type of movement in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.  But as you view your previous century, you may allow yourselves to recognize the difference in movement and awareness objectively that has been expressed throughout that particular century, which is expressed differently than the other time frameworks throughout your history.

This shift in consciousness extends to what I have approximated as three-quarter mark into this new century, and at the mark of your movement into your new millennium, you have moved the action of this shift in consciousness to be now inserting it into your actual physical objective reality.

Much of the movement that has occurred in your previous century has been subjective ... in a manner of speaking, for the objective IS expressed in harmony to the subjective movement.  But the awareness of the action of this shift in consciousness in your previous century has been expressed subjectively, and imagery has been expressed objectively in reflection of that subjective movement.  Now you move into an objective expression of it, in which individuals throughout your globe begin an objective recognition that they are participating in this movement.  The identification of beliefs is becoming objectively known in awareness throughout your globe.

In this, as I have stated previously, all individuals are participating within this shift in consciousness, but to this point, all individuals may not have recognized objectively an identification of that movement.  As you move further into this new millennium, this becomes evidenced more and more clearly, throughout all cultures, throughout your globe, in which there is an objective recognition of what you are participating in, and of your movement in that in redefining your reality.

EDWARD:  Okay.  My next thing is, in my own personal life, I’m going through a large shift.  Everybody around me, including Mary, is going through a shift in their personal lives.  In mine, I’m finding that some of it is hesitant and some of it is going in baby steps and some of it is going in very odd directions, the way it’s unfolding.

I was wondering what ... I feel like I’m drawing from other focuses subconsciously, or however I would do that, and it’s shaping what I’m doing.  I would like to know what some of those focuses are, and what is keeping me from making some of the leaps I would like to make.  I mean, there’s a leap in relationship, and there’s also a leap in what I would like to do career-wise, or just with my work.
At times, I’m thinking that it goes back to the Oscar Wilde thing.  It’s like there’s a certain amount of latent talent involved that I am afraid to explore, whether it’s writing, which is where I think it would go, and I just wonder what series of focuses seem to be making it all such a block.  I mean, it’s like I’m running into a wall.

I’m realizing I have belief systems.  I’m letting go of some belief systems, but it seems like I’m putting up walls, like concrete walls, for others.  Do I have something really close to this particular focus that is doing that, or is it ... do you understand where I’m heading with that?

ELIAS:  I am quite understanding of what you are expressing! (Chuckling)

EDWARD:  What’s wrong with me, in other words! (Laughing)  That’s too long a list, I know!

ELIAS:  Now; first of all, let us be clear in the identification of what occurs in relation to other focuses and to yourself, for this provides an example of movement and associations that many individuals create, more so presently than they have been previously, and also quite in association with this shift in consciousness.

We have discussed beliefs.  We have discussed perceptions.  We have discussed movement in this shift in consciousness, other focuses, other aspects of yourself, and all of these expressions of information you assimilate, but you also filter through your belief systems, and in that filtering, you create associations that may be misunderstandings or distortions of what I am expressing to you.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, to begin with, I may express to you, you draw to you energy of other focuses that you allow, in a manner of speaking, to bleed through into this focus of attention now purposefully and specifically, in association with what you are choosing to be creating in this focus.

It is not a situation in which other focuses are bleeding through into this focus and influencing you or dictating to you your movement and your choices in this focus.

Be clear in this identification, for what you are creating in that type of association is a denial of your choices and an association within you of assuming the role of victim.

Each time you create any expression in which you deny your own choices or the recognition of your own abilities, and you shift your perception to associate the responsibility of your choices to any other expression of consciousness — even other aspects of yourself, other focuses of yourself — you are in that expression creating an association within yourself as the role of the victim, and you create obstacles and you create blocks, for you deny yourself your own ability for choice.

Therefore, that being expressed, realize objectively that you create much more of an ease — all of you — in allowing an objective recognition of the energy that is expressed by yourself within other focuses, for these are you also, and in this, in widening your awareness, you are opening your objective awareness to be incorporating and recognizing those other expressions of yourself.  But they are not dictating your choices, your experience, your behaviors, your expressions.  You allow certain expressions, certain associations of energy purposefully, as another avenue of communication to yourself.

What you have created in this physical reality is a singularity of perception of each individual, but you have provided yourselves a manner in which you may continuously view all that you are expressing and creating, and this is provided to you in the reflection of every other expression of consciousness that surrounds you, for it is all you also.  What is created in this physical dimension — ALL that is created within this physical dimension — hinges upon the mechanism of perception.

In this, I may quite literally express to you, Colleen, within this present now, all that you view about you, even the other individuals that occupy this physical space of this room, are being created by you.  They are all YOU.

EDWARD:  It always gets so dangerous when it gets to me!  We’ve had one discussion before too ... ‘cause you know my little problem with religion! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)  And we start talking about everybody being me ... and the creation.  So in one way, we’re saying it’s very positive that there’s an open flow of consciousness of my other focuses.  I can’t pinpoint them, but I’m very aware that they are there, and I’m using them as an excuse to be the victim....

ELIAS:  Of your own lack of choices.

EDWARD:  Right.  I’m choosing not to make choices, and then blaming.

ELIAS:  Correct.

EDWARD:  So... (inaudible).  I used to have a very large circle.  I had a very broad social life, but in the last five to ten years, I’m becoming more and more and more isolated, by my own choice.  It’s not like I could not; I mean, Albert here has brought this up before too.  Is that part of the whole thing?  Am I trying to shut myself down, or am I trying to become more in touch?

ELIAS:  It is not a question of what you associate in “shutting yourself down,” in your terms.  It is a movement which is quite understandable and — I may express to you — quite common in the movement of many individuals in this time framework, for you are shifting your perceptions.  You are shifting your awareness.

In this, you are allowing yourselves to be turning your attention to self, paying more objective attention to self, and allowing yourselves to redefine your reality, recognizing all that is your reality, that all that occupies your reality is of your design.

I may express this to each individual present in this now.  You are all creating the same action, so to speak, and in this, all of these actions are overlapping and intertwining with each other.  But the key is that all that each individual is creating is a function of their individual perception.  It is a manifestation of their individual perception.

Now; as you begin turning your attention to self, you allow yourself to become more familiar with what you are creating.  This is the point.  How shall you move into actualizing this shift in consciousness if you are unfamiliar with yourself, and you do not recognize objectively how you create your reality or that you DO create your reality?

I may express to you, many individuals presently are experiencing much conflict, for you have not moved your awarenesses entirely objectively yet into the identification that you actually do create every movement and every expression of your reality, regardless of how you create a thought process. (Dramatically)  “Oh yes, Elias, I know I create my reality, every moment of my reality ... EXCEPT in certain situations — except in those expressions in which another individual is creating my reality, except in the situations that other energies of underlying aspects of me are creating my reality for me, except when other focuses are creating my reality for me, or the planets, or the weather!”

EDWARD:  You know, you’re very scary today because you’re very clear.  I mean....

ELIAS:  HA HA HA HA HA! (Everybody cracks up)

EDWARD:  A lot of times you’re very vague, and you’re just being really ... I feel like I’m getting a little bit of a spanking here, which is probably well deserved!


This is what you may term to be a turning point within the reality of this physical dimension.  I have been speaking to individuals throughout your physical year, expressing to you all, you ARE moving now into the objectification of this shift in consciousness.  I have expressed, be aware, for the hurricane has begun!

You ALL are offering yourselves your individual expressions and your creations of imagery, moving yourselves into an awareness, and within this time framework, you have, in agreement with each other, chosen to be addressing to this belief system of duplicity.

I hold the awareness that these are words within all of your perceptions.  I am expressing to you quite literally, this is an immense movement.  There is no aspect of your focus, of your manifestation, that is not influenced or touched by this energy of duplicity.  You are battling a great dragon!

EDWARD:  Well, I think that’s what Albert pointed out a couple of weeks ago, that all of a sudden, we’ve hit this point of everything, and it’s almost global, and it’s all about indecision, because we’re sitting at a crossroads, and all of us are just waiting for someone else to give us the answer, and there’s no one to give us an answer other than ourselves, correct?  I mean, there’s only....

ELIAS:  Indecision, judgment, justification — you are reeling in these expressions!  And what is the point of all of this movement?  That you allow yourselves to view and redefine.

I have been expressing to you all recently — what you term to be recently — this is the action you are engaging, redefining your reality — redefining your terms, your definitions of your terms, the meanings of concepts that you hold.  Words that you express are being redefined.  Your awareness is expanding objectively, and in this, it is what you may term to be a necessity to be redefining.

Look to your objective creations in mass expressions!  You are redefining your reality.  You are redefining your movements and how you interact with each other and how you interact with yourselves.

EDWARD:  Well, one of the things I’m finding most interesting, at least for myself, is that I’m watching, and it goes back to judgment and belief systems, where I had a certain very strong belief system, especially about relationships.  I find that there’s certain things that do hold true for a human focus that will hold true, but they’re so much smaller and minute than I once thought.

I’m in a relationship now that is sometimes looked at and judged by other people, that one behavior isn’t right or this behavior isn’t right, but I find that the more that other people try and put their judgment on the situation, that they’re wrong in their judgment; not that maybe they’re ... how can I put this?  What I’m finding is that the relationships unfold between two focuses ... you know, when they become a more personal relationship, they unfold between two focuses, and then there are no real rules, it seems to me.  There are no real boundaries or limits, and they can unfold in any way, shape, or form.  They can take whatever time they want.  I’m finding that very odd for me because I used to have a very strict idea.  My mom and dad were my role models — you did this, you met one person, you married, you did it in this time, this is what happens, this is the next step....

ELIAS:  And this is the association of many, many, many individuals.

EDWARD:  But I’m finding it dropping away from me, and I’m finding that in some ways, although it’s very stressful, the change....

ELIAS:  It is unfamiliar.

EDWARD:  But at other times, it’s almost feeling more comfortable, but that in the longer unfolding, I’m gonna have deeper meaning in it.  Is that possible....

ELIAS:  You are allowing yourself the expression of freedom.

Let me express to you, Colleen, you all seek this elusive ideal of freedom, but you also hold strong and limiting beliefs in association with freedom — even the term freedom.  In some expressions, in your assessment, it is viewed as a tremendous positive.  In others, it is viewed quite negatively, in which you express, it is wrong to be expressing freedom.

In this association of relationships, within your society and within many other societies throughout your globe, the expression of freedom in what you view as relationships is viewed as wrong.  It is necessary to be expressing limitations.  It is necessary to be expressing your identification or definition of monogamy.  This is an expression that springs from your own beliefs in limitations of your own abilities, and that you each hold a limited volume of energy.  Therefore, your capacity for expression is limited.

This is the underlying expression that each of you hold that influences your perception which expresses to you, certain movements of freedom in relationships are unacceptable.

You may quite obviously objectively view — each of you — relationships that you create with those individuals that you associate as family, as friends, as intimate partners — it matters not.  Each relationship that you create, you also create limitations with, for there are certain movements that are unacceptable and do not fall within your terms of your guidelines, and therefore you express that ultimate freedom in association with relationships with other individuals is wrong.

This is what you are examining.  This is what you are redefining.  You are allowing yourselves to view your own expressions of duplicity.  You are allowing yourselves to redefine your expression of your individual reality and allow yourself a genuine expression of freedom, which is the lack of limitation of choice, recognizing that choice is not right or wrong or good or bad.  It is merely an expression to be creating experience.

EDWARD:  Well, you touched upon ... it’s really funny ‘cause you mentioned monogamy for a second there, and to me, what I think I’m hearing, and I want to know if I’m clear here, is, there can be two forms of that, in a way.  There can be freely given choices between individuals that enter into certain limitations because they freely choose that, as opposed to having a belief system that makes them choose it.  Do you know what I’m saying?  Like there’s a difference between people freely choosing to set up their relationship, maybe monogamous or maybe not monogamous or maybe with certain limits, as opposed to most of us who do it, whatever we do — monogamy, open, cheating, whatever — because of an old belief system.  So there’s a difference between that, when you can freely think it ...

ELIAS:  Yes.

EDWARD:  ... when you can freely choose, between individuals, how you’re going to behave.

ELIAS:  I have expressed to you all, you are not eliminating your belief systems.  You are recognizing and accepting these belief systems.  They shall continue within your reality, for they are a base element of your reality in this physical dimension.

EDWARD:  So you can be freely participating and choosing and working with your belief systems, as opposed to being dictated to and a slave to your belief systems.

ELIAS:  Correct.

EDWARD:  Yes, and that’s what I think is happening now, like I feel like I surrendered a whole lot of baggage, so to speak.

ELIAS:  It is the absence of judgment and justification.

EDWARD:  Yeah, ‘cause I find this very interesting, that all the retreat from other people and being more interested in myself comes at a time when I have stopped being interested as much in my physical self.  In the past I was very interested in my physical self, the way I look to other people, to draw them in for that moment or whatever.  At the moment, I seem to have stopped being concerned as much about that, and I became more interested in me.

ELIAS:  Correct.

EDWARD:  So what I’m doing is, I saw my belief system, I saw my cage, and now I’m sort of rattling on the bars, you know? (Elias chuckles)  I want out of my crib!

ELIAS:  Let me also express to you, in relation to this bird cage, as we have expressed in this analogy, as you open the door to this bird cage and you allow the birds to fly free, you are not eliminating the birds.  You are not shooting all of the birds.  You are merely allowing them to fly free.

In this analogy, the birds may flutter around the cage, but they are no longer dictating to you.  Within the cage, they ARE dictating to you, for you continue to care for them.  As they fly free, you no longer hold your attention upon them and therefore you are not subject to them, although they are not eliminated.

EDWARD:  Right.  That’s what I think I’m understanding now.  It’s like I want to recognize the bars.  I want to be able to shape the bars.  I don’t want to have the bars shaping me any longer.

ELIAS:  Correct.

EDWARD:  And it takes a toll on everybody around you too, that you’re already involved with, because you’ve set up your relationships based on the bars that were dictating to you.

ELIAS:  Ah!  The toll is exacted in conjunction with your perception and your beliefs that influence your perception.  For as you express your energy outwardly through your perception, if you are creating a perception that is not expressing the influence of the belief of the toll, it shall not be created.

Be remembering, YOU are the center of the cosmos.  YOU are creating all of what is being expressed!

Therefore, if you are experiencing a perception that other individuals are being affected in difficulty or what you view as negativity or hurtfulness, YOU are creating that action.  You (?) power of this instrument which creates all of your reality, and it is quite literally creating all of your reality!

EDWARD:  Well, you know, when you were saying that we’re each the center of the cosmos ... I mean, this is a little aside, but is that maybe where we have this great apocalyptic consciousness thing going?  We all believe in the end of the world.  We all believe this thing is going to happen.  Is it because each one of our deaths or leaving of this focus is technically the end of the world, because it ends the moment, and we no longer perceive it as an individual?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.


ELIAS:  I may express to you, you all do not hold that perception that you have expressed now.  There are many individuals that do not hold that perception.

I may also express to you that there are individuals, such as yourself, that create these types of associations in relation to the influence of your individual beliefs and how they are translated into your perception, which creates an actual reality.

But I may also express to you, death is not necessarily the discontinuation of your objective expression and your creation of imagery in objective manners.  Some individuals create that choice and that action of disengaging physical manifestation, and continue to be creating an objective perception that they are continuing.

EDWARD:  So ... wait.  So they think they’re still here??  Or they have disengaged and they haven’t realized they’ve disengaged?

ELIAS:  Yes.

EDWARD:  Well, that creates all kinds of....

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  This is no different from what you create now!  Many times you are creating movements now, and your perception may be expressing to you that you are creating one type of expression, and in actuality, you are not!

EDWARD:  Oh, okay.  So sometimes you think you’re creating maybe a harmonious or a good situation, and in reality, you’re not.  It’s all something completely different, which goes back to trying to be aware of your motivations or your belief system that’s driving your action.

ELIAS:  And to allow yourself an awareness of you and your movement and your associations in each moment.  This also be the reason that holding your attention within the now holds great significance.

EDWARD:  Yeah, which is the whole “be here now” thing, being focused on the now, not the future or the past.

ELIAS:  Correct.

EDWARD:  So we want to be here.

ELIAS:  Correct, and in this, allowing yourselves to move into a fuller expression of awareness objectively of yourself, of what you are creating; allowing yourself to identify when you are denying your choices, and the moments in which you are allowing yourself your expressions of freedom.

Another avenue of communication which is expressed within all of you is your emotional expressions.  Your emotions are not reactionary.  They are not reactions to events or to situations.  They are an avenue of communication, and in this, they communicate the movement of your subjective awareness in harmony and in conjunction with your objective awareness.

EDWARD:  So they’re like an alarm system for your belief systems.  They are alarms for your beliefs.

ELIAS:  They are not necessarily an alarm system, for this is an expression [of] being reactionary, and they are not reactionary.  They are not reactions.  They are an avenue of communication to your perception.  You are creating objectively in one manner, and creating a type of imagery physically, objectively, and the communication of the subjective is offered through the expression of your emotional qualities.

EDWARD:  Well, the range then, in different people — I mean, from people I know that basically have almost no emotions to people who have almost raw emotions — is that just their belief system?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  Let me express to you once again, emotions are an avenue of communication.

What do you create within your thoughts or within your language, objectively, outwardly, in communication?  If you are not listening, you shall repeat the communication.  If you hold a perception that another individual that you are conversing with is not paying attention or listening, you may continue to express repeatedly to them if you hold a perception that there is an importance in that communication.

If you are not listening to yourself within your own thoughts or if you are doubting your ability in memory in conjunction with your thoughts, you repeat, and this reinforces you in creating a movement with your perception to be paying attention.

Your emotions are another avenue of communication.  They are not reactionary.  Therefore, if you are not paying attention or if you are not allowing the flow, you are denying your reception of that communication, [and] the communication continues.

Let me express to you, this also is quite a creation of the translation which is expressed through your perception and influenced by your beliefs.

If you are creating an association of any movement, any choice within your manifestation that may be identified or labeled in your reality as good and as pleasant, any choice in which you communicate to yourself, as an example, happiness, you receive that communication immediately.  It is unnecessary to continue to be communicating that to yourself.  Therefore, you are not continuously creating an emotion of happiness, so to speak, or elation, for you have received the message.  You have accepted the communication.  It is acknowledged.  Therefore, why shall you continue to repeat the communication?  It has been received.

As you create a choice within your reality that you perceive as painful or negative, your automatic response is to be not accepting, and therefore denying.

You create an emotion, which is the communication, in harmony, expressing to you the subjective movement — which is the same communication you are offering to yourself objectively, in that awareness — and you wish not to be paying attention to what you are creating objectively, and you are denying of the acceptance or reception of the communication which is being offered subjectively, which manifests in the emotional expression.  Therefore, it continues, and at times becomes louder.  It becomes more intense and more intense, for you are not accepting.  You are expressing, “No, no, no!” and as you express, “No, I deny this communication,” your subjective awareness — which is not hidden from you or subconscious! — continues to offer the message.

EDWARD:  What do you do with the message?

ELIAS:  Acknowledge and accept.  It is not a question of action, necessarily.

EDWARD:  Oh!  Gotcha.  Okay.  ‘Cause I was thinking that you were trying to tell me that I’m supposed to do something with it.


EDWARD:  Only most of the time, doing something with that negative emotion becomes an outward manifestation of anger.

ELIAS:  Or, it is not accomplishing ...

EDWARD:  Anything.

ELIAS:  ... of what you wish to be accomplishing.

EDWARD:  Right.  So you’re saying, acknowledge it.  I’m feeling this way.  My body is telling me this.  Accept what I’m feeling....

ELIAS:  (Firmly)  It is a communication.  It is not a reaction.  It is not good or bad.  It is a communication!

If you are so choosing, you may allow yourself to identify what it is communicating to you, as influenced through your belief systems, and how that is being translated and interpreted by your perception, and therefore creating a reality in relation to it.  But in this, it is merely a movement of acceptance and reception of the communication.

EDWARD:  Yes, ‘cause I was getting really confused there for a few minutes.  It’s like, what do I do with it?  Again, there’s a belief system and everything.  It’s like you’re supposed to do something, which we don’t have to do anything at all.

ELIAS:  Acknowledgment.

EDWARD:  Just acknowledge it.  Why, when we choose certain ... when we choose relationships or we make our choices — ‘cause we’re making choices in everything we do — what influences those choices?  I mean, is it just an amalgamation of where I was or when I’m moving forward, or is the idea of our focuses to move us forward, like the karmic idea that we slowly but surely move forward?


EDWARD:  It’s just that we just are.

ELIAS:  Yes.

EDWARD:  We’re just choosing to create ourselves in whatever manner.

ELIAS:  Yes.

EDWARD:  And we don’t have to choose to create ourselves, right?  I mean, you’ve disengaged ...

ELIAS:  You are correct.

EDWARD:  ... and you do not have to choose to re-engage.

ELIAS:  You are correct.

EDWARD:  Can you even further disengage from what you are now?  I mean, can you even further....

ELIAS:  Yes, and am.

EDWARD:  And you are going to.  Okay.

ELIAS:  Not going to — am!

EDWARD:  You are. (Elias chuckles)  It is not a process, then.


EDWARD:  It just is.

ELIAS:  Although I may also express to you that within your physical dimension and your objective expressions, as once again influenced by your beliefs, you do create many processes.

I express to you that processes are unnecessary merely in allowing you the recognition that you hold a choice, not that a process is inefficient or bad, and not that the movement without a process is better.  This is not the point.  The point is that you allow yourselves the recognition of choice, for you create many expressions in denying yourselves choice.

EDWARD:  I think we probably create more denial than we do choice half the time.  I mean, most of the time we have a tendency to deny over ... what you’re saying is freedom is very scary.

ELIAS:  To you.  It is quite unfamiliar, and this is another aspect of your redefining of your reality.

Many aspects of your associations of the term responsibility are fearful to you, and viewed in what you associate as negativity.

In allowing yourself a genuine expression of individual responsibility ... rather than the expression of responsibility for every other expression of consciousness outside of yourself, which is NOT your responsibility!  In offering yourself a genuine expression of responsibility of creating your choices, you do offer yourself a tremendous expression of freedom.  But as I have expressed, this is quite unfamiliar to you.

You are quite familiar with the action of allowing yourselves to be dictated to by many, many, many, many expressions within your reality, be it a dictation to you by God, by your higher self, by disease, by circumstance, by situation, by other individuals — it matters not.  There are countless expressions within your reality that you allow to dictate to you.

EDWARD:  Well, you know ... of course, you say “God,” and we spoke before about God being us, so almost all the things you name are us, so we end up ... it goes back to what you were saying earlier then, that we’re just using our own selves to be victims.  I mean, outside of like going to work, where you are dictated to on a different level altogether ... no?


EDWARD:  No?  It’s the same thing?

ELIAS:  Yes.

EDWARD:  ‘Cause you chose to be there?

ELIAS:  You are choosing to create it!

EDWARD:  Oh shit!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

EDWARD:  Why do you have to be so clear today? (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!  You are not choosing to place yourself into a situation in which you are victimized!

EDWARD:  I’m choosing to create the victim.

ELIAS:  You are choosing to be creating the situation in its entirety and all that occurs within it, and associating yourself as the victim!

EDWARD:  You know, when you say it like that, which should be producing great freedom ...

ELIAS:  Correct.

EDWARD: ... my perception starts going, I feel real responsible all of a sudden, and that weighs very heavy.

ELIAS:  And this is creating of fearfulness, for it is quite unfamiliar.

It is not fearful to you to assume personal responsibility for creatures or other individuals or your planets or your expressions of creations throughout your globe.  But turning your attention and your perception to NOT assuming personal responsibility for all that is outside of you, and allowing yourself the expression of merely responsibility of self, is quite an unfamiliar expression.  This creates fearfulness.  It creates in some individuals confusion, conflict, anxiety.

I have been expressing from the onset of this forum, you assume much more responsibility than you actually need be expressing merely with yourself.

EDWARD:  At what point, though, when you ... okay, when you assume responsibility ... god, it goes back to the choice thing too.  When do you let go of some of them?  I mean, how do you let go of them?  How do you disengage yourself from some responsibilities that you’ve placed yourself in?  You’ve placed yourself in a situation, you’ve chosen to be there....

ELIAS:  This is a key element — the recognition in genuineness that you have chosen this.

EDWARD:  Well, I do feel ... I will accept in this particular situation that I’ve chosen how I got there.  I’ve slept-walked through it, but I chose it.

ELIAS:  No.  I may express to you more clearly, you accept that you have created.  You do not recognize that you have CHOSEN that creation.

EDWARD:  Well, I want to disengage from that creation.  I want to make that creation ... I want to re-create, so to speak, and I feel ... then again, it’s my perception and my beliefs, and I do not ... I’m rattling that crib, and I don’t know how to ... I don’t know how to do it!

ELIAS:  By allowing yourself to move in what you are moving in already — allowing yourself to be paying attention to you, allowing yourself to recognize in the now, in the moments, what you are creating and how you associate yourself as a victim, in any situation, in any association, and as you recognize that YOU are creating that role of victim, you also open your perception to choice.

You hold yourself in what you term to be stuck, for you continue to reinforce that you do not hold choices, and let me express to you, you are quite efficient and accomplished at expressing this in many manners, and camouflaging your awareness within your perception.

You may express to yourself, “I recognize that I am creating this role of victim and this is blocking my choices, but I know not what my choices are.”  This is a continuation of the victim.  This is not acknowledgment to yourself that you ARE creating this role of victim, not in genuineness.  That is an expression of mere perpetuation of your identification that you are a victim.

For as you recognize genuinely that you do hold choice, you listen to your own communication and you offer yourself objective recognition of your choices.  It is not a matter of objective physical ACTION, once again.  The mere recognition that you hold choice deflates the balloon in which you view yourself to be trapped. (10-second pause)  For this is the point.  The expression of victim is the lack of choice.

EDWARD:  Well, from what we’ve discussed before about some of my previous focuses, it sounds like I was also instrumental in setting up some of the ... especially like one of the roles I played in the Catholic church.  I was instrumental in even setting up the belief systems that are going to trap me and other people, and that is what you refer to as the camouflages.  It’s like all the belief systems that are out there that I keep delving into and searching for.  I’m just trying to camouflage the fact that it’s something else out there besides me.  There’s something else.  I’m finally gonna pick up some sort of book or something, and it’s gonna have the answer there for me, as opposed to no, the only answer is me.

ELIAS:  Quite, even in your association of beliefs.  They are some element, some entity other than you.  Your beliefs are different from you.  They are not you. (Tongue in cheek)

EDWARD:  Well, okay. (Elias chuckles)

This is weirdly related, but how do we get other people then?  You know, if we’re essence, it would seem like there would be a certain number.  I mean, where are they coming from?  I mean, if people, if essences are being constantly born into the world, as more and more of them join in ... is it just because there’s a vastness, for lack of a better term, of space and everything?  And that more entities and essences and everything are choosing physical engagements here and in other places?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.

EDWARD:  No?  Well, I’m very confused about where we’re all coming from then.  Where....

ELIAS:  This is a choice of the essences that participate in this physical dimension.

Now; I may express to you, in some choices of essences, they may choose to be manifesting more focuses within a specific time framework than they may be in another time framework.  One essence may, within your linear time framework of 1600, choose three manifestations simultaneously as physical focuses.  Within this shift in consciousness, that same essence may occupy ten focuses of attention.

EDWARD:  Am I occupying more than ... that would explain a lot, if I am.  Am I occupying more than one focus in this particular...

ELIAS:  ...time framework, yes.

EDWARD:  And more than ... a number, like I’m thinking five or more.

ELIAS:  Eight.

EDWARD:  Okay.  Well, that explains a lot.  Because I feel at times, in the dream state, that I am not this focus.  It’s like I’m getting a telephone call.

ELIAS:  You are correct.

EDWARD:  You’ve never been this clear.  Do you realize that you’ve never been this clear before? (Laughter)


EDWARD:  You’re usually so much more obscure, and now I’m gonna have like so much to chew on later!

ELIAS:  Quite!

EDWARD:  Yes!  I was thinking that it was a bad idea that he (Frank) was taping this and that I didn’t need a tape of it, but I’m so glad he is now!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

EDWARD:  So do we choose to be at times ... okay, I feel that in this particular focus, I’ve chosen to be more ... oh god, I almost want to say more complex than I’ve chosen in other time periods, where I seem to want to have....

ELIAS:  It is not necessarily an expression of complexity, but you are allowing more of an openness of your objective awareness.

EDWARD:  Right, so I’m not singularly taking one perception.  What I’m trying to do is ... I mean, I’ve got a perception....

ELIAS:  Quite!  Ha ha ha ha ha!

EDWARD:  Shut up, Albert!  You realize that we’re amusing Albert to death over here, I think! (Elias chuckles)

Yes, I definitely have perceptions, but it just feels that more and more, they’re just fragmenting a bit.

ELIAS:  It is expanding your awareness objectively, and in that, you also create an allowance for more of a movement of your perception.

Your perception may be likened to a gear, so to speak.  This gear, this instrument, is that which creates your objective reality — all that is within this physical reality.

As you have held previously, you allow the gear to move very slightly.  As you are allowing in this time framework and continuing to create as you move within this shift in consciousness, the gear is being allowed to move more and more.

EDWARD:  And in the other focuses, they’re not.  The gift of the ... I think the idea of the ... as I understand it, part of the idea of the essences creating different focuses in the same time frame is to be choosing completely different things, right?

ELIAS:  Many times.  Some essences choose to be creating several focuses or more than one focus in one time framework that may be quite similar, to be offering different aspects of similar experiences.

The point of manifestation is not to be learning, is not to be acquiring, is not to be moving into positions of levels of consciousness or advancing yourselves.

The point of physical manifestation is experience, is an exploration of being.  This is the point of consciousness, period.  It is the action of consciousness.

EDWARD:  I didn’t know you were an existentialist! (Elias chuckles)  Because you realize that you challenge with that statement probably 90 percent of all the belief systems on the planet.

ELIAS:  Quite, and quite intentionally.

EDWARD:  Yes.  Because of course, almost every religion or belief system moves you into God, or gets you to become God, or gets you to be prepared to meet God or something, and you’re making it very clear in this statement that there is no other point to it, except for the experience itself.

ELIAS:  Correct.

For the experience is the action of becoming, which is what you create as consciousness.  This is the action of consciousness, the action of becoming — exploration of self, exploration of all that is, and you are all that is.  Therefore, this is what you create.  This is what you DO.  In your terms, you explore.  In other terms, you invent, you discover.

EDWARD:  I think invent is a good word.  Well, that goes back to like disease and stuff.

ELIAS:  These are also experiences.

EDWARD:  But do we choose them?

ELIAS:  Yes.

EDWARD:  Because you know, I’m sure you’ve probably had some discussion about the particular AIDS thing that seems to be out there, and I have this incredible belief that it will not touch me, that particular one.  Because I have a weird belief system that part of what is going to happen to me is, I will get to live for a long time.  I will get to be very old, and in a weird sort of way, almost as a punishment, because it’s something I dread.


EDWARD:  I do not want to be old.

ELIAS:  I shall express to you once again, you create what you concentrate upon, and what you concentrate upon is what you believe.

EDWARD:  So if I was really, really thrilled and wanted to be old ... but yeah.  So, I’m focusing attention there.  I’m focusing attention on the aging process, so I am going to create myself far into it.

ELIAS:  This is your choice.

EDWARD:  This is my choice, yes. (Laughing)

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And it IS a choice!

EDWARD:  Fine.  I’ll be looking you up then! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Very well! (Chuckling)

EDWARD:  Absolutely strange.  That’s one of the more frightening things you’ve ever told me! (Elias chuckles)

Because what you’re saying is that it’s our whole thought process, you know, everything that we think about, everything that I touch on or Albert touches on or anything like that.  I mean, we’re so capable ... I think this is hitting home more than normal.  We’re so capable of turning it into a reality, and I mean an instant reality.

ELIAS:  You are quite correct.

BEN:  Just add water!

EDWARD:  Just add water ... so what am I so afraid of?

ELIAS:  Of the vastness of your ability.  There is tremendous power expressed in your ability to create reality.  There is tremendous power expressed in the mechanism of perception, and this creates a fear.

EDWARD:  Yes, and it feels ... well, like you say, it’s the emotion.  You can just feel it.  You can feel it, and it can become a physical presence.  Because like you say, we want to deny it.  You know, the whole doom thing.  I must not fear, I must not do that.  So I would be better off to just let it wash through and just accept it.  I’m fearing this right now....

ELIAS:  Relax, and allow yourself an acknowledgment, an acceptance, and a recognition that you need not DO anything.

EDWARD:  I like the not doing anything part! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  As you DO, you perpetuate, many, many times.

EDWARD:  Yeah, but I’m feeling ... I think that’s why I’m at this weird juncture now.  I think I’m really, really feeling it, to the point of ... which is part of the isolation thing.  I’m....

ELIAS:  Allowing yourself to become familiar with you.

EDWARD:  What if I don’t like him, or her, or it?

ELIAS:  This is another aspect of the fear.

EDWARD:  Yeah, ‘cause sometimes I’m looking at things, especially now that I look at my past and my behavior....

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, Colleen, it matters not.  All of your behaviors — all of your experiences — these are choices and they are explorations, and as I have expressed previously, they are not good or bad.  They are creations that you have chosen to be expressing, in a manner of speaking, the colors and the depths of you.

Let me express to you, in viewing a picture, in viewing your reality, in viewing any aspect of your physical reality without the shadow, shall it not appear flat?

EDWARD:  So I should look more at it as, it’s just accepting that this is the path and what has already gone, what I’ve already done, what I’ve already experienced.  It’s just what has brought me....

ELIAS:  They are merely experiences.

EDWARD:  Nothing — nothing else.

ELIAS:  Correct.

EDWARD:  There’s no karmic debt?


EDWARD:  Boy, that’s huge.  There you go again! (Laughter)  I mean, very cut and dried.  Because sometimes it’s hard to escape that.  I mean, sometimes ... again, it’s guilt.  So there should be no guilt.

ELIAS:  No.  No worry, no guilt.

EDWARD:  Which is a statement attributed to Jesus, with the birds in the sky, and why are you worrying?  Why are worrying about all that?  Are you not the same?  They don’t worry, they feed.  They don’t worry about clothing, they don’t....

ELIAS:  The expressions are the same.  The words may be different.  It matters not.  This is all information that has been expressed repeatedly.

EDWARD:  Yes, by many, many people, and of course, we end up building religions around them.

ELIAS:  Quite.

EDWARD:  Which is not a good idea, because there’s no point to that.

ELIAS:  (Loudly)  Not necessarily!  And once again, you express a judgment!

EDWARD:  Right, okay.  Well, is that maybe why this phenomenon ... there’s phenomena, like with you and the entity known as Seth, and I’m not sure if Ramtha is real or not.  But just the whole idea of this thing happening at this time, and it seems to happen more privately and guarded (here, the tape cuts out briefly).  It’s just to me the message.  Do you know what I’m trying to say?

ELIAS:  I am understanding.  It is not being expressed so very privately, so to speak.  You all hold the awareness within you.

YOU are creating this movement.  YOU are creating these choices of this shift in consciousness, and in this, you are altering your perceptions, are redefining your reality, and moving in different expressions.

You are all allowing yourselves more of an objective awareness of yourselves and of consciousness and of what you are, and in this action, recognizing that you hold beliefs and that these beliefs are dictating to your perceptions, for you are allowing them to dictate to your perceptions.

Why shall you create new religions?  Although you do.  But you also simultaneously are altering your definitions of these movements, and recognizing more of the expression of yourselves.

EDWARD:  In the movement.

ELIAS:  Yes.

EDWARD:  Well, in one of these things, you had spoken about how there are like eight Jesuses or something right now that are born, or eight versions of him, or....


EDWARD:  Okay, what were you saying?  You know what I’m talking about, like when you....

ELIAS:  I am aware of what you are expressing.  No!  This is a distortion of information.

There are nine manifestations of the essence of Rose.  These are not deliverers.  They are not expressions in the capacity or the focal point type as that which you identified as Jesus.  They are nine manifestations in physical reality, as representatives of each of the nine essence families.  They do not possess any abilities that YOU do not also possess!

They are merely manifest in this time framework to be lending energy to the shift in the association of energy as expressed from what you identify in gender of male to female, for one of the base elements or designs of this physical dimension is that of sexuality.  Therefore, there is also an association of an expression, generalized, of energy within your design of your officially accepted reality.  Throughout your history, it has been expressed in the design of male.  In this shift in consciousness, it is shifting into the expression of female.

This is not a physical expression.  It is an expression of energy in conjunction with your physical design of sexuality, which is a base element of this physical dimension, and you associate that sexuality in relation to gender in every aspect of your physical reality.  Therefore, you also associate, in relation to your expressions of energy, certain qualities which are expressed which are (?) gender, not physical manifestations.

EDWARD:  Right.

ELIAS:  But these are the actions of this shift in consciousness.

EDWARD:  Yeah, but that’s what I was leading up to.  Are they here to help with this shift in consciousness?  Because again, even the....

ELIAS:  Loosely expressed, in your terms.

EDWARD:  Because again, even the idea of the focus of Jesus or the focus of Buddha, we possess everything that they possessed also....

ELIAS:  Correct, and they have been designated as focal points.

EDWARD:  Right.

ELIAS:  Figureheads, in a manner of speaking.

EDWARD:  And then we heap attributes on them that are not necessarily there.

ELIAS:  Correct.

EDWARD:  There is no deliverer.  There is no holy one ... well, except for yourself!

ELIAS:  HA HA HA HA HA!  Quite! (Chuckling)

I express to you, you hold much information this day to be assimilating and to be contemplating.

EDWARD:  Oh yes, I do.

ELIAS:  Very well....

EDWARD:  One last quick thing before you go.  Is Damian going to get well?  That really worries me.

ELIAS:  Exercise your intuition and your impressions, and allow yourself to be interactive in communication.  You hold a tremendous ability in your own expressions of your empathic sense.  Engage it!

EDWARD:  Okay. (Elias chuckles)  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

EDWARD:  It’s been long time.  I’ve missed you.  Unlike Ben, I like you!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And I express tremendous affection to you also, my friend, and I anticipate our next meeting, and may it be expressed within less of your linear time framework, and we shall play!

EDWARD:  Okay.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

(To Frank)  I express my greetings to you also, and affection ... and I express playfulness to you, Albert! (Chuckling)

BEN:  Right backatcha! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!  To you all this day, au revoir.

EDWARD:  Au revoir.

No departure time is available.


(1)  The insertion of (?) indicates places where the tape cut out.  Can’t read lips on a cassette tape!

Vic’s note:  I must say, I really enjoyed this session, so I would like to reiterate my thanks to Frank for taping it, and express my appreciation to Edward for ... well, for being Edward!  I thought I was gonna split a gut every time Edward told Elias he was finally being clear!  Cracked me up!

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Copyright 2000 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.