Session 239
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Where You Are, You Are


"Where You Are, You Are"

Tuesday, November 18, 1997 © 1997 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Rob (Mendoe). (Rob was visiting from England)
Margot's note: Elias speaks slowly in this session and seems kind of tentative in his approach. He seems very personally connected to Rob.
Vic's note: In my perception, Elias has never been so consistently affectionate and gentle with anyone as he was with Rob.
Elias arrives at 4:49 PM. (Time was thirty seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening.

ROB: Greetings, Elias.

ELIAS: And you are wishing of inquiry this evening?

ROB: Yes, please. May I ask first -- I've been trying to work out which family or families I'm aligned with and I keep moving around -- can you tell me which family or families, please?

ELIAS: Sumafi, aligned Ilda.

ROB: Thank you. When I asked about coming here and you answered a question, you mentioned my fearfulness. Is this a fearfulness of mine about contacting my essence, or is it another fearfulness? (Long pause)

ELIAS: You hold many difficulties presently, do you not?

ROB: Yes. Yes, Elias.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that you come to this forum seeking a connection and you also come to this forum bearing much fearfulness, as I have expressed to you previously. Your fearfulness is connected to self within this focus. Within essence, you hold no fearfulness, but this particular focus holds much fearfulness. You are afraid of connecting with essence, and you are afraid of connecting with self within this particular focus. Let me express to you for your understanding individually; yourself only. (Long pause)

The space arrangement that you occupy is the space arrangement that you occupy. You are you. It matters not, in your terms, where you are; you are there. Are you understanding of what I am expressing? (No reply) You may change your location. You may move into different areas of consciousness, but you shall be you, and you shall be within all of these areas. Therefore, if you are not finding your joyfulness within the now where you are, you shall not be finding your joyfulness elsewhere.

ROB: Yes, I understand.

ELIAS: It is all the same. In every area, you shall continue to be you. You view yourself to be a focus, less than essence, less than the whole of essence, merely one focus; and if you are rejoining with essence, the whole, the greater, you shall find new enlightenment and you shall find your joy. You are the whole of essence within the individual focus.

ROB: I've not found a way of being in touch with my essence. Is there a trick to doing this, or is it effortlessly easy?

ELIAS: (Smiling) It is effortlessly easy! I shall offer to you that you may be listening to essence and finding your joy if you are attempting to be connecting within your dream state, and also within what you consider to be altered states. They are not altered states. They are merely stepping sideways. (Here, Elias starts to continue, and then pauses) Very well. I am receiving much information from your focus subjectively. (Another pause)

Let me express to you that although you do not believe that you may be accessing other areas of consciousness within your waking state or accomplishing what you view to be great accomplishments within psychic areas that you view other individuals accomplish, (grinning) you may, and it is much more easily accomplished than you view.

I shall express to you a beginning of a "method" -- a method, for Dehl shall be quite appreciating of this! Methods, methods, methods!

Place yourself initially prior to your sleep state. Allow yourself a relaxation of your being. Allow yourself to drift. Within this state, turn yourself. (Smiling) I am understanding that you are not understanding!

(Elias places one hand palm up, and the other hand palm down on top) You, within your tiny little bed. You enter a state of relaxation before entering your sleep state. Visualize yourself in one position. Within this state, allow yourself complete relaxation. Without movement physically, move yourself. (Moving one hand so that both are palm up) Turn yourself sideways. In this state, your body shall follow. (Moving the other hand so that it is now on top) In this, you may be allowing yourself to enter into another area of consciousness, being fully aware, but also entering into a new freedom that may be helpful to you in rediscovering your joyfulness.

ROB: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ROB: May I ask about one experience last year, in which a young woman came up to me and as she approached me, I was aware of her inner joy, and in fact my own joy did respond in that moment, the joy which I am seeking. What was the nature of that experience?

ELIAS: This will have been a recognition of another aspect fragmented of the same essence that you have been fragmented of, therefore offering you a reminder of the wondrousness of your being and allowing you momentarily a recognition of yourself that has been forgotten.

ROB: Thank you. I experience in my inner life and in daily life a great inertia, which I think of as being like a blocked symbol inside myself, which comes through in day-to-day life as a sort of paralysis; boredom. Is this to do with the fearfulness?

ELIAS: Yes. Rediscover your alignment.

ROB: With essence?

ELIAS: And families. You align with the family of Ilda and you block this alignment. We have recently been presented with another individual that blocks their alignment within physical focus. Alignment within physical focus holds importance, for it is intimately connected with your intent; and as you are blocking of your alignment, you are also blocking of your intent. You are fulfilling your intent in part, for if you were not, you would be disengaged. But just as other individuals block elements of their intent by blocking their creativity, within this essence family of Ilda and your alignment to this, the creativity is that of interaction.

ROB: With other people?

ELIAS: (Nodding) And as you block this, you also block your own creativity, and in this you create a thickness within your focus. You create an effort moving through your focus, which is unnecessary. You may be moving through your focus effortlessly if you are not blocking of these elements that are connected with your alignment and your intent.

ROB: At present, I don't really interact with other people at all.

ELIAS: Quite!

ROB: Yes!

ELIAS: A very obvious blocking.

ROB: Is this a situation really not so much of my need to change my beliefs as to change my behavior?

ELIAS: Correct. You hold a fearfulness in the area of acceptance; not of yourself in acceptance of other individuals, but other individuals in acceptance of yourself. Therefore, you block your interaction, which is also blocking of your intent within your focus of your alignment with the family of Ilda. You are fearful that other individuals may not be accepting of you.

ROB: This extends to sexual relationships as well.

ELIAS: Quite. You must be accepting of yourself initially, and if you are accepting of yourself, you shall also dissipate your fearfulness of other individuals and what you perceive as their lack of acceptance of yourself. It is merely a perception. It is not necessarily reality; only in the direction that you create it to be a reality.

ROB: Yes. One reason I've given myself for not interacting with others, as I understand or perceive myself, I have feelings but I don't feel them, just as I don't feel my joy. Is this resolved, again, through getting in contact with my essence?

ELIAS: Correct. If you are allowing yourself to be connecting with your intent and your alignment, you shall also be affecting of the probabilities and altering your reality, in change.

ROB: Thank you. I would like in some way to communicate with others ... how shall I say this? I have a great feeling for the beauty of this reality and a great love for it, and I feel that I would like in some way to manifest this for others to help others, but I'm not sure how to get in touch with this. I'm aware that I tend to perhaps run off into fantasies rather than dealing with the actual reality in front of me.

ELIAS: Fantasy is reality! (Grinning)

ROB: Well, yes! I would also like to do something actually which is manifesting in reality! What I'm aware of is an ability with words, with language. Have I available any probabilities with which I can perhaps use words or language to perhaps help forward the shift?

ELIAS: Yes. I shall express to you merely within the most probable probabilities, for I do not express of absolutes.

ROB: No, I understand.

ELIAS: In this, I encourage you in the direction of using your language and your words within the element of writing to be communicating, but I am also encouraging of NOT isolating; for also within the most probable probabilities, it is clear that you lean in the direction of moving into areas of allowing yourself an excuse to not be interactive with individuals for the reason of occupying yourself with words. You may be balancing in this area and you may be accomplishing of your fulfillment within communication of words, within writing and ideas and exchanging in this area, but not be neglectful of the exchange with other individuals and isolating of self, for you view that your ability is inadequate in the direction of direct interaction with other individuals.

ROB: The feeling I'm aware of in myself is that I need to ground myself with other people. Is that a fair comment?

ELIAS: You are already grounded. You need merely be trusting yourself and not discounting yourself with other individuals.

ROB: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (Gently, yet intently) There is an experience this evening of tremendous affection for yourself and the area that you are occupying, and a knowing of great emotion that you hold that you do not allow yourself to express. (Pause)

ROB: I think the next question you will decline to answer because it's perhaps trying to use you as a psychic reader -- whether I would really do better for myself to occupy myself with a job, with work, rather than dwelling so much on my belief systems as belief systems?

ELIAS: This would be your choice, although I shall express to you that there is great importance in occupying yourself with your belief systems and also with addressing to belief systems, although I shall also express to you that there is also importance in interaction. You hold a tendency, a leaning, as I have expressed, to be isolating of yourself and offering yourself excuses to be continuing within this area. Therefore, if you are moving into the direction of entirely occupying yourself within the area of examining belief systems, you may offer yourself a very convenient excuse to be isolating. You may be accomplishing examining and dealing with your belief systems, and also not be isolating. You have moved into an area of much isolation. In this, you do yourself a disservice. Therefore, in moving into areas of employment you may be offering yourself the opportunity to be interactive, and also offering yourself the opportunity to be viewing belief systems, and also offering yourself the opportunity to be practicing acceptance of other individuals and their belief systems, which is the point of the shift.

ROB: Yes. Thank you. If I could move now to the subject of my body consciousness -- I understand that my body is not a tool to do my bidding, that essentially my essence is well capable and naturally looks after my body's well-being. But there seems to be, as I experience it, a sort of permanent battle between my intellect and my body. I feel at times great rage against my body, and really treat it quite badly. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: Within mass, this may be classified as a deep-rooted belief system. Individuals believe within themselves that they are enlightened, (grinning) that they view their body not to be a vessel, that they view their body to be an expression of essence. Flowery words ... but words! Within your belief systems, this is not necessarily what you believe. Underlyingly, very many individuals believe that the body is merely a shell, a housing for your soul, and in this needs not respectfulness, and also may be used as a whipping post for those elements of self that you disdain, for it is merely a shell. Are you understanding?

ROB: Too well!

ELIAS: I express to you, this is not a shell. It is not a vessel. It is YOU. It is in reality -- underline reality -- an expression within physical form, within physical dimension, of essence. It is, in your own words, the embodiment of you. It IS you. It is a flesh expression of your soul, so to speak. Therefore, as you are unkind to your physical body, you are also unkind to your soul.

Individuals may move into the direction of being destructive to physical form in the manner of disengaging. This may be intentional, and in this, this would be a different action. But far too many of you are misusing of your physical form in alignment with the belief system that this is merely a vessel and may be used as an element to be expressing of your frustrations and your discontentment within your focus.

ROB: This rage that I speak of, you mean?

ELIAS: Correct. And therefore, in the same manner that another individual may be expressing frustration and discontentment upon another creature as geysering and as an outlet for energy, individuals also create hurtfulness to their physical form in this same manner.

ROB: Thank you.

ELIAS: Rediscover your joyfulness!

ROB: Yes, that seems to be ... well, I've been looking for it!

ELIAS: And be remembering that the area that you occupy is the area that you occupy, and it shall not change merely that you change your location.

ROB: Yes. I'll have to think about this. I know you said it earlier.

ELIAS: You may occupy the area of this country. You may occupy the area of another country. You may occupy the area of non-physical focus. YOU continue to occupy. It matters not.

Express to me! You presently, within this present now, occupy a different country.

ROB: Yes.

ELIAS: Does this bring you joyfulness?

ROB: No. Well, not more than being where I usually am, no.

ELIAS: Non-physical areas shall not either, for they are no different than your moving from one country to another.

ROB: But through being in contact with essence, there is joy.

ELIAS: But you believe within your belief system that within a movement into non-physical areas, you shall automatically be in complete connection with all of essence -- which you already are -- and you shall hold this awareness and you shall be blissfully joyful!

ROB: (Laughing) Yes!

ELIAS: Very incorrect. Where you are, you are, within every moment. It matters not what country you occupy. Non-physical is merely another country.

ROB: Yes, I understand.

ELIAS: We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning.

ROB: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (Very affectionately)

BREAK 5:27 PM RESUME 6:01 PM (Time was eight seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing.

ROB: I have a last question on the subject of body consciousness. I've tried, whenever something like a skin infection or whatever comes along, to identify my particular beliefs that are causing this apparent defect, but I haven't had any success. Is there a reason for that, or do I just need to be more persistent in trying to identify the cause of any physical defect?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Ah, over-analyzation and rationalization! Let me express to you that all of your manifestations that you create within your body consciousness do not necessarily stem from a singular specific belief system. At times, you are subjectively responding to the objective expressions. In this, what is meant by this is that you are emotional beings. At times you may be blocking of emotional expression, therefore holding energy, and in this you respond subjectively by instructing the body consciousness to be manifesting physically in the area of unexpressed energy that is emotional.

I express this to YOU for within YOUR creations, many times this be the situation that you are creating. You are not expressing and allowing of emotional energy, and in this your body consciousness responds as instructed by your subjective awareness to be creating of other situations, and you divert yourself by intellectually looking to your belief systems; this causing a distraction.

ROB: So if I feel affection for someone and don't express it, I go off into trying to think about what beliefs might be causing the defect rather than expressing the affection?

ELIAS: Correct, and in other areas also. You may be suppressing or blocking feelings, emotions of distress, and choosing not to be allowing their expression and allowing the energy to move freely. In this, you cause, so to speak, an ailment.

ROB: So for instance, the fact that I very often feel deeply unhappy and want to cry but I don't, then my body will respond to the energy that hasn't been released?

ELIAS: Correct. You are holding the emotional energy within your body consciousness.

ROB: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ROB: I'd like to move on to asking about various experiences I have. I experience something which I believe medically is known as the fugue state, where I can speak and act but have no subsequent memory of my words and actions. I'm aware that I seek that state. Why do I seek it, and what is the nature of that particular expression of consciousness?

ELIAS: This be an element of transition. Each individual manifests transition within their own expression. Individuals presently are manifesting this state of transition within physical focus and NOT moving into the area of senility. Therefore, they experience what you may term to be unusual activity within physical focus.

You hold to your objectivity. You continue within your officially accepted reality, but you allow yourself time periods of letting go of your officially accepted reality and entering into actions of transition -- simultaneous time, addressing to belief systems, viewing alternate focuses, viewing alternate selves of this one particular focus. You may view many elements in your belief systems to be hallucinations or black-outs or confusion or memory loss, very strange sensations within your physical form, alterations within your hearing -- many different manifestations and creations. These are all temporary interjections of this transitional state.

As you move through a physical focus and choose not to be engaging senility but choose to be engaging transition, you may experience many different elements that may be confusing to you. It is no cause for concern. It is merely an action of transition within physical focus that shall provide you more of an expediency as you move into non-physical focus.

You also focus intensely upon belief systems. This is another characteristic of individuals that are engaging transition. Individuals shall be focusing upon belief systems as an action of this shift, but individuals engaging transition focus upon belief systems much more intensely, for this is in alignment with their intent and within their desire to be accomplishing a great element of their transition while continuing within physical focus and eliminating that action within non-physical focus.

ROB: I have a recurring dream in which I'm about to leave school. It's recurred many, many times. It seems to be a "stuck" dream. Has this some meaning in relation to my present situation?

ELIAS: This would be imagery to yourself to be offering you information of this being the final focus; and within your belief systems that you occupy this space arrangement within physical focus as a learning period, it would be imaged as school, and your imagery of leaving the school is your imagery to yourself that you are offering yourself the information that this be the final focus.

ROB: I understand. Thank you. When I'm about to go to sleep and my normal consciousness is slightly disengaging, I often see faces of people I don't know. Do these individuals have some connection with me in consciousness?

ELIAS: (Accessing) These are your images that you present to yourself as an element of familiarity of other essences within the family of Sumafi that you shall be re-engaging upon disengagement within this focus; not that you are not engaged with these essences presently. You are merely not objectively aware.

ROB: Also, in a similar state just before sleep, I often hear voices, parts of sentences. Does this in some way relate to what you've just been saying?


ROB: Recently, I was with a woman who didn't speak English, and I distinctly heard her in my head; a sentence, a voice in my own head. Is this in fact a skill which is readily available, just a perfectly normal skill in terms of the shift, for someone to communicate across a language barrier?

ELIAS: This would be a very normal skill or ability that you all hold, but you do not allow yourselves to be tapping into. There are more elements to your inner sense of telepathic abilities than you are aware of. You view this to merely be sending a message to another individual or receiving a message from another individual simply through your thoughts, but the actual inner sense is much more diverse than you recognize. It is not merely thoughts and it transcends all language barriers, for you hold the ability to tap all languages, for you are within each focus all of essence. Therefore, you hold the knowledge of all of your reality.

ROB: Is this the experience which is referred to in the New Testament of the Bible, where people of different tongues could understand each other?

ELIAS: This particular information has been quite distorted throughout your time framework. In actuality, yes, what you are inquiring is correct; the ability to be understanding of another individual within your physical focus and their language as they speak it, but you may be interpreting this within your own language. You all hold this ability. You merely do not exercise this ability.

ROB: So without any emotional content, if Vicki and I both have this belief, we could communicate in sentences with each other without speaking?

ELIAS: Correct.

ROB: But the belief system would need to be present in both individuals for them to actually hear the voice. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

ROB: Not necessarily....

ELIAS: You may be tapping into this and developing this skill, this ability, within your own inner senses, and you need not be objectively in agreement with another individual and the other individual need not be developing this same ability.

ROB: So if I'm understanding correctly, in terms of a recent session where there was a woman present who did not speak English, you could communicate directly with her. You could be speaking English to the group, but the woman potentially could understand in her own head in Spanish or whatever?

ELIAS: Correct.

ROB: Yes. Thank you. On a few occasions I have, I suppose, partly used my intellect to deliberately make an event happen. I've tried to force it to happen, perhaps meeting with somebody, and my creation has been effective, but I've felt that the result has not been quite right ... I don't mean right or wrong, but there's been something not quite valid. Is it perhaps that I do better to trust my inner self to work in its own way, and not to force?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

ROB: What is it that I sense that is wrong with this creation when I bring in my intellect?

ELIAS: That you are not allowing a natural expression. You may create many elements within your objective awareness. I may -- if so choosing to move into areas of parlor tricks -- levitate your table, and what shall it benefit you but merely to offer you objective proof, in your terms, of that which you do not believe and you find amazing? YOU may levitate your table, and what shall it offer you? Objective proof that you hold abilities beyond those that you believe that you hold, but it shall be temporary, for you shall continue to question yourself. You may levitate your table five hundred times, and you shall continue to question your own abilities!

ROB: So if, for instance, when I am back at home, I might teleport myself here physically, but I would still be questioning my abilities?

ELIAS: Look to yourself. Look to acceptance of yourself and trust within yourself. You may be projecting to this forum and you may be helpful to yourself within your trustfulness of yourself. Objective expressions are merely parlor tricks. They are merely temporary visualizations that you do not trust regardless, but subjective movement you SHALL trust.

ROB: If an event arises from myself, rather than through my intellect trying out a trick?

ELIAS: Correct. Your intellect has been designed to be working in harmony with your intuition. It is the objective expression which works in harmony with the subjective, and merely producing elements from one does not validate you. Look to a balance. Too often you all move in the direction of the rational, the intellect, and place all of your trustfulness in this one aspect of yourself, and therefore create an imbalance.

ROB: If I can just pick up something about using the intuition and impulse ... I'm aware that I've sometimes turned away from a possible relationship, justifying it that I don't have any great feeling for the person even though I feel drawn to the person. Do I perhaps do better to respond -- to go towards the person because I feel drawn to them and ignore how I feel -- even though I don't have any great feelings of attraction?

ELIAS: It is an area of exploration. You merely block this, for you hold belief systems and fearfulness of the expectation of the other individual.

ROB: So this again is my doubt that the other person accepts me?

ELIAS: Correct. Within your family alignment, I express a suggestion to you to be exploring without expectation. Merely allow your expression to be offered and received without expectation, and in this you may be surprising yourself!

ROB: So I do well perhaps to give up ideas of seeking some ideal of a partner for a long or committed relationship, but to accept what I bring before myself in terms of relationships as being valid?

ELIAS: Absolutely, and you may be surprising yourself, and that which you seek may appear before you, for you are not forcing your own emotion or blocking in your own fear.

ROB: Some years ago, under very strange or unusual, in our terms, circumstances, a young woman came into my life, and effectively I blocked that relationship. Was that again my fear of acceptance by her that led me to block? (Elias nods) (Pause)

ELIAS: You are a wondrous creature. Believe THIS if you are holding belief systems!

ROB: Thank you. I think finally, Elias, I'm aware, as in effect I only have myself to work with, that I may be blind, completely blind, in some areas of my beliefs. Is there anything that you are able to comment on which I haven't referred to at all?

ELIAS: Within this present now, the most affecting of your belief systems is that of your own worth; that of duplicity.

ROB: Duplicity? Sorry, I'm not with you.

ELIAS: That element of duplicity that you express at times, when it is beneficial to you or when you are expressing of your facade and your camouflage, that you are a glorious creature and that you are worthy; but that element of duplicity that holds very strongly underlying that you are not a glorious creature and that you are sinful and that you are not worthy and not acceptable and may be "better" than you are. There is no better than you are, for you are perfect within your expression within each moment. This be the most affecting belief system that you hold presently, and if addressing to this and allowing yourself to be accepting of self as a wondrous creation, a glorious being and quite worthy of all of your expression and quite worthy of the expressions of other individuals also, this shall be the most helpful to you.

ROB: Thank you, Elias, very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall be expressing to you this evening great affection.

ROB: And myself for you.

ELIAS: And I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and you may be calling upon this essence -- (to Vic) Elias -- at your discretion. (He's still making jokes about my request to identify "this essence")

ROB: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: I shall be meeting you within your dream state.

ROB: I shall look out for you.

ELIAS: And I express to you both this evening much fondness ... and au revoir!

Elias departs at 6:32 PM.

Margot's note: I feel so connected to Rob, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him!

Vic's note: The interaction in this session was definitely unusual. Elias didn't pull any punches with Rob, but he was very gentle and affectionate in his delivery.

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