Session 185
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Room 106


“Room 106”

Saturday, June 21, 1997 © 1997

This session was held in Room 106 at the Holiday Inn in Elmira, New York. It was initiated at the request of a few people that had seen videotapes of Elias at SethNet ’96 in New Haven, Connecticut. What actually occurred this Saturday evening was incredible. As Elias began speaking, people started arriving. To our amazement, this continued throughout the evening and until the wee hours of the morning. It was an experience we’ll never forget! We met many wonderful people that night, and would like to extend our gratitude and love to you all for your support and energy, and most especially for your continued friendship. We would also like to extend a special thanks to Bob Terrio and James Bramley for sharing their recordings with us, as we lost audio on some of our tapes.
It will be difficult to identify everybody asking questions by name, as there were many folks coming in and out throughout the evening.

Elias arrives at 5:24 PM EST. (Time was twenty seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling) I am welcoming you all to our interaction. I shall not be delivering a text this evening, as I shall be offering you the opportunity to be inquiring with your questions, which is acceptable. Therefore, you may be asking all questions that you are wishing information of. Be not intimidated, for this essence holds tremendous affection for you all, and we have been within communication always. Therefore, there are no strangers.

RETA: Elias, thank you for coming. We had a discussion at noon with some mathematicians and physicists. Were you there?

ELIAS: Once again I shall express to you, the presence is continuous. It matters not your interpretation of physical location.

RETA: In talking with these wonderful gentlemen, it was obvious to us that we have a long way to go, and it was obvious to me that we need a lot of help. So, I hope you stick with us for a long time!

ELIAS: I express to you that in your terms of hopefulness, I shall be hopeful that YOU shall be trusting and accepting of self and allowing your own information to blossom! (Pause) Chattering is quite loud! Therefore, you may express, for you are very obvious regardless! (Grinning)

CAROL: I have a question about water. It seems like lately on this planet everybody is drinking a lot of water, almost in a way that it seems to be doing something, and I’m wondering if this is connected with the shift. In addition to that, I worked as a director of admissions for a nursing home, and a lot of people that were coming in as patients had this phenomenon where they would drink gallons and gallons of water during the day, and you would have to keep water away from them. I’m wondering, is that something that is used, or is there some connection with helping to ground you on this planet?

ELIAS: This in interpretation is an example of your attention and your attachment to your belief systems, as you interpret actions that you objectify. In actuality, you attach significance at times to commonalities within a construction of belief systems. You are offering yourselves in connection with your shift much objective imagery, that you may all recognize the commonality within energy. Elements that you create en masse attain your attention. Therefore, they are noticed. Within a recognition of this movement within energy, you objectify actions that are common within your own statements of consciousness. This physically manifests in mundane actions, therefore offering you objective imagery of the lack of separation of which I speak.

You offer yourselves many different objective creations, actions, events to be noticing, within your connections and your recognition and your becoming awareness of subjective connecting. As this bleeds through into your objective awareness, you manifest many actions to suggest to you all to be noticing of the lack of separation. This may objectify in many different elements. You are obviously aware of your dream interaction, and your commonalities and connections within this action. You offer yourselves mundane actions within your everyday creating. You only do not recognize. Therefore, you attach belief systems to be explaining to yourselves your connections. Not all of your actions are quite so metaphysical!

VICKI: I’d like to ask a question for everybody here. There’s a lot of people here that I don’t even know, that are unaware of what these sessions are all about and of your intent within the interaction. It might be helpful I think, for the people that are here that are brand-new, if you could explain that a little bit.

ELIAS: Very well. This essence is that of Elias, within the family of Sumafi. Within your dimension presently you engage a collective event, which is translated into a global event, which you recognize as a shift in consciousness. Individuals holding no knowledge of information that you have availed yourselves of recognize also this shift. They do not hold an understanding objectively of the workings, so to speak, of this shift in consciousness, but they are aware, as they feel a shifting within themselves and as they notice changes moving throughout your objective creations -- a new allowance of subjective information that you have chosen to allow to bleed through into your awareness objectively. It is reflected in all of your creations -- all of your arts, all of your sciences, even your religions. There is a growing awareness. This has been presented to you individuals previously by another. Now this family of Sumafi continues the information, to be detailing to you helpfulness within understanding of this shift in consciousness and the role objectively that you have chosen to engage within helpfulness in preventing trauma; for you move from your religious era into a new creation of consciousness within your dimension, within this planet. In this, the belief systems are strong. Therefore, as individuals begin to experience what you have all agreed upon within the action of this shift, many will not be understanding what they objectify. Many will experience conflict, as they do not understand within their officially accepted belief systems.

You have been offered the opportunity to recognize the existence of belief systems. Now you offer yourselves more information to be accepting belief systems -- not eliminating, not changing, but accepting -- and in this recognizing that your creations are all filtered through your belief systems. This is your creation. This is a magnificent invention of creativity within your dimension, but your creativity now becomes limited. Therefore, in a recognition of this limitation, you offer yourselves new horizons in objective awareness.

The action of your shift in consciousness encompasses the entirety of your globe. It is not limited to any group, any family, any selectivity of consciousness within this dimension. It is all-encompassing. It is agreed, but you have also previously, in your terms, agreed within your religious focuses to be creating of prophecies and ideas of future events, also in your terms, which are probabilities. They are not actual realities that are unchangeable. Within the action of your shift, you have chosen to alter these probabilities, within a recognition that all that you hold to be negative within destruction within your belief systems is unnecessary. Therefore, you offer yourselves the opportunity to exercise your creativity and your understanding of consciousness and no separation within consciousness, and that you all are one. You only appear separately within your disguise. In this, you also offer your assistance to all other individuals. Within an action of acceptance of belief systems, you may offer helpfulness to those other individuals that do not objectively avail themselves of information concerning this shift in consciousness.

Many of you experience new elements of yourselves, new elements of your reality. You recognize the bleed-through of subjective information. Your dream activity accelerates. Your objective awareness changes. You visualize exciting but odd new occurrences. Objects that you are familiar with alter their form before your eyes temporarily. Every individual within this company has availed themselves of some form of new, expanded, subjective bleed-through. Individuals, you shall recognize, allow more connection with their inner senses. You are more connected with yourselves presently than you have allowed within your history. For you which hold some understanding, you may also feel some elements of frightenedness, some elements of confusion, some elements that you do not understand, but you also hold an acceptance of this change. There are many individuals that you encounter always that do not avail themselves of this information presently. They shall experience the same bleed-throughs as do you, but within a lack of understanding they may interpret these bleed-throughs as insanity. They may not be as accepting of their objectifying of this subjective information. In this, you may be very instrumental in helpfulness, in acknowledging that this has been agreed. They hold nothing "wrong" with them, as you hold no thing wrong with you.

You move into magnificent creativity! This allow yourselves to recognize and embrace and share with other individuals, knowing that each focus which is manifest is an ultimate creation of essence. This dimension and this physical focus is exceedingly complex. You have created a magnificent intricacy of creativity within this dimension. Many belief systems presently express to you that others in other dimensions are more magnificent than you. I express to you all, and hear this: There is no dimension more than you, for you are all. Therefore, all of these dimensions which are spoken of are you! There is no separation. Therefore, how may you be less? (Pause)

There is no differentiation within consciousness. There are only different expressions of creativity, but all is the same. In this, recognize your own creativity and magnificence. Understand your language to yourselves, which is that subjective bleed-through information. As you witness a dropping of a veil of time frameworks, recognize that this is you. There is no division. Within the action of this shift, you shall become aware of the creation of physical time frameworks. Therefore, you shall hold the ability to access intentionally, consciously, other focuses that you hold within this dimension. You may also, within other areas of consciousness, access other essences and all other aspects of your essence. Your essence is so very vast that within this present now, it is incomprehensible to you. You occupy all of consciousness. Therefore, within this shift, you offer yourselves the opportunity to view what you are. (Pause, and to Vic) Is this acceptable? (Much laughter)

VICKI: Quite!

LEO: Elias, when you talk about a shift in consciousness, it makes me want to hear something I can grasp in terms of understanding the essence of consciousness. Is there some essence of consciousness, or is it something that changes as it shifts? In some ways, what you just said answered this question for me, but I really want to see if there’s some essential thing about consciousness.

ELIAS: These are complicated areas for understanding presently. As you move into the action of your shift, you shall be allowing yourself more of a comprehensive understanding of these issues. For your understanding, I express to you a distinction of essence, for this holds tone. This holds direction. Within reality, there is no separation. All is consciousness. There is no differentiation of one entity as opposed to another entity, although within consciousness there are personality tones. These are not images or entities that you may create small images for. They are tones within the whole of consciousness, which is the direction of consciousness which creates you.

You are a focus of essence. You contain all aspects of essence. You focus your attention in one direction, this being a focus, that which you recognize as you; but within an expansion of this recognition and within an allowance to be engaging your periphery and allowing yourself to view more of essence, you shall begin to allow yourself an understanding of consciousness and the lack of separation.

I have offered, at one time period, an analogy of your physically focused apparatus of cameras. You may focus a camera in many different areas, and as you focus this camera, you view through a lens. You do not view the entirety of the surroundings, but you focus upon specific areas within space arrangements. In this, you may acquire hundreds of cameras and you may view through hundreds of lenses, all viewing the same space arrangement but all viewing through a different attention and focus. This is how you focus through essence. Your direct energy to manifest creatively into focuses to be experiencing.

As to the all of essence, this would be the all of consciousness. In this, its purpose, so to speak, or its movement, is merely becoming; a continuous emergence and investigation of self, which is all.

LEO: Unbelievable! You just summarized what I studied ten years of phenomenological philosophy trying to grasp.

ELIAS: You offer yourselves presently this information and the opportunity for an understanding of this information. Therefore, this essence presents itself to you to be helpful also in acknowledgment, and also within information to be clarifying.

CAROL: Elias, do you stay in that consciousness all the time, of recognizing what you just described?

ELIAS: As you are also! (Laughter)

CAROL: But I only have tiny seconds of it, and then it makes me feel so lonely.

ELIAS: Within this dimension, your attention is focused through this lens that you recognize. You have created this dimension for the experience physically of this invention of emotion. In this, you translate through emotion. Therefore, within your directed attention and recognizing that you have intentionally forgotten for the purity of your experience the entirety of essence, you have also forgotten for the purity of your experience the absence, in your terms -- for it is not absent -- of emotion. This is not negative. It is only an element within the all of consciousness that exists, but within consciousness this element of emotion is highly specified and specialized.

In this, if you are visualizing, it is one molecule of air within your atmosphere. Therefore, as you focus within this dimension and this creation, you intensely allow yourself the purity of the experience; this air molecule. You interpret, within an attempt of understanding of this essence, that there is sadness for a lack of this experience, but it is incorporated. It is only not focused upon individually. The entirety of this known attention is not focused singularly within that direction. Therefore, it encompasses the all. I have expressed to you, that which you view within this energy exchange is one -- ONE -- underline -- aspect of this essence; one aspect that you may understand and identify with.

CAROL: Thank you.

NORM: Will it be helpful, in the event of the trauma, to be able to have a specialized trauma hospital for people that have various experiences that.... (Elias starts laughing)

ELIAS: You may choose this singularity of motion if you are wishing, although it is unnecessary, for the interaction that you shall be engaging is subjective within consciousness. As you are approaching another individual, you may express through your language whichever you choose. The interaction will occur subjectively, in a knowing of acceptance and a knowing of no separation. You may term this to be in your language a "universal support system," although it is applied only to this universe within this space arrangement within this dimension and this reality! (Laughter)

FRANK: Elias, you referred before to accepting beliefs as opposed to changing them.

ELIAS: Absolutely!

FRANK: Were you referring to beliefs of others in mass when you’re looking at them, or individually?

ELIAS: Both.

FRANK: Can you elaborate on the individual? When you’re dealing with your beliefs, you accept them, but how do you make them better? Because we’ve been going on a premise where we’re changing our beliefs or reconstructing them to improve ourselves. (Talk about zoning in on one of Elias’ bottom-line concepts, and also one of the basic differences in direction between Seth and Elias ... this still blows me away, Frank! Love, Vic)

ELIAS: Quite! You may not "make them better," (grinning) for they are your creation and they are ultimately the "best" already! Therefore, you may not improve on your creation!

You have been offered information in an overview to be preparing you for what you now avail yourselves of in this recognition. Prior to this time period of your teacher, individuals were not holding a recognition of belief systems. Reality is reality. Truth is truth. These are not belief systems. You have been offered information of this teacher to instruct you in the concept of belief systems and their existence; altering, within the intent of this family of Sumari, perceptions. They are the changers. Therefore, within the action and intent of this teacher, it has been offered to you new information of the existence of belief systems, and that all of your reality -- ALL -- is filtered through these belief systems.

In this, as you have been offered an overview, awaiting not coincidentally or accidentally the continuation of information which you now present yourself with with this essence, you developed ideas within your understanding of how to be interacting with these belief systems efficiently. This has served its purpose. The intent was the recognition of the existence of your creation of belief systems. This, in your physical time framework, has taken this amount of time to be accepted as reality. Now you stand ready to continue.

In this, I offer you information that your belief systems are not inefficient. They are not bad. They are not wrong. They are you! They are an intricate part of your reality. They are your reality! Therefore, you may exchange belief systems, but you have not accomplished a new creation. You have accomplished repeating what you already are familiar with ... creating belief systems! It is natural to you, in your terms.

I suggest to you that the objective, so to speak, is to be accepting of these belief systems within self, not berating self that you hold a belief system that is bad, not expressing to self right and wrong. This in itself is a belief system! There is no right or wrong. You are here for experience. In this, as you become aware of your belief systems, which you have offered yourself this information through your teacher, now you may step forward in your terms and accept these belief systems, in which you are also automatically accepting self and trusting self. In this action, as you accept self and the belief systems that you hold, acknowledge that these are belief systems -- a creation which is an element of this focus, of this dimension, this physical reality -- and that there is no existence within this physical reality without belief systems. As you acknowledge this to yourself and you recognize the lack of correctness or incorrectness, of rightness, of wrongness, of ANY -- underline once again -- belief systems, you become accepting of self; and as you are presented with the belief systems of other individuals which differ from your own, you also become aware that they do not differ from your own. They are merely a construction of creativity, in explanation to yourself of those elements that you have forgotten within essence. This, be understanding I am quite aware, is sounding quite simplistic! I am also quite understanding of the difficulty within accomplishment of this act, for these belief systems are very strong; but as you accept these belief systems, you also neutralize their hold. You are not subject to them. Within an acceptance of these belief systems, they are neutral. In this, you may also better understand the action of your shift; for those elements that you view as negative, that you disdain -- your wars, your disease, your intolerance -- those are belief systems also, and they hold power and activity only for the reason that you do not accept them. Once you are accepting of these belief systems and recognizing the lack of rightness or wrongness of them, it is unnecessary to be objectifying them.

Individuals express to this essence questioning of why you are hurtful to each other: "Why must individuals be engaging murderous acts? Why must individuals be hurtful to small children? Why do we create these elements?" For you hold belief systems that you do not accept. You view right and wrong. You express wrongness for these acts. Therefore they are expressed, for you add energy to the actions within a holding of belief systems. As you believe these acts are wrong, they are a reality which is unacceptable, which you feed much energy, which lends energy to the accomplishment of the enactment.

FRANK: Is it the fear that creates the energy?

ELIAS: At times. Not always, for within certain situations, essences may be choosing within any dimension to be experiencing outside of the accepted official reality. In this, it is not always prompted by fearfulness, and your response is not always prompted by fearfulness. At times, this is correct. At times, you inundate yourselves with your belief systems and are forgetful that they are merely belief systems. Therefore, you allow them the power in energy with your vehemence, and in this you lend to those very actions that you disdain ... but all hopefulness is not lost! (Much laughter) For you now create your shift in consciousness. You have exhausted your era of religious belief systems. You have become, essentially, bored!

FRANK: Can you give us a preview? We’ve gotten used to the belief system. We’ve assimilated that concept. You’re talking about the next age of information coming in. What will that be like? What will we aspire to? How will we handle it? What mechanisms are we going to click into to change, to go beyond the belief system?

ELIAS: As I have expressed earlier, you already are engaging this action with your subjective bleed-through. In this, you recognize the belief systems. As you move into an allowance of more subjective mergence objectively, you shall be altering your behavior. You shall also offer yourself much stimulation and interest within areas of consciousness and creativity, which you have not allowed yourself to this present moment within your history. You shall be preoccupied with investigation of your new creation. Therefore, it shall be unnecessary to be occupying yourselves with your attention within your belief systems; this neutralizing their power.

FRANK: Giving us more control?

ELIAS: Allowing you more creativity. You hold all control, in your terms, already; but allowing you more understanding of yourselves, and your creative nature, and your continuous movement in becoming.

FRANK: Thank you very much for a magnificent answer! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall request for Michael a break, and you may continue with your questioning if you are so disposed.

BREAK 6:20 PM RESUME 6:55 PM (Time was two seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing. You may be inquiring! (Surprised laughter, as nobody expected Elias to arrive so quickly)

FRANK: Elias, my Sumafi friend! We were just talking about the Sumafi/Sumari relationship, and I would be wondering if you could expand on our relationship, how it relates to the conference and the things that the Sumafi are trying to bring in at this point in time.

ELIAS: As I have expressed to you, the Sumari, which presents this forum this time period, has prepared, so to speak, the beginning understandings of the accomplishment of this shift. Therefore, you are instrumental in pulling together, as the changers ... or in your terms the "pot-stirrers," (laughter) ... you are instrumental in pulling together those individuals that hold an awareness, but do not necessarily align or are elements of the Sumari family. All of the families of consciousness equally participate in the action of this shift, holding different intents, therefore offering different elements to the furthering of this action.

The Sumafi (sitting straight up proudly and grinning, and we all crack up) appears now to be continuing this effort ...

FRANK: And we appreciate that! (Elias grins)

ELIAS: ... in offering, within the intent of Sumafi, information within teaching allowing for the least amount of distortion; this being the intent of the family of Sumafi and the contribution to the action of the shift. These individuals have been the keepers of knowledge throughout your millennium. These individuals that focus within your physical focus that are aspects of Sumafi are your scribes, and offer to you now information within the least amount of distortion for your understanding; therefore complementing the overview which has been presented previously.

FRANK: It’s safe to say that we’re Sumari?

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: Are we some of the Sumari who are currently aligning with the Sumafi to make things happen? Because that’s what I feel.

ELIAS: You are quite correct. Within this focus, you have chosen to be aligning with the family of Sumafi to be lending energy within the action of the least distortion in explanation to other individuals, that there is a lessening of confusion and misunderstanding. Many individuals participating within your present action this day are not elements or aspects of your Sumari family. They believe themselves to be for they are drawn to the information, not holding an understanding of these essence families and that they all shall draw themselves together to be furthering this shift within consciousness, and within harmony they shall magnate to each other to offer their own attributes and their own creativity in connection with you all. Many individuals presently within your forum that you engage this day are aspects of Tumold and Vold, offering calming acceptance within the action of Tumold; although they are interpreting this as healing, which in your terms it is, although not within their understanding of healing. Within the interaction of the individuals which are aspects of Vold, they are lending revolutionary energy.

Q: Is there anything to destiny? Does it differ from probable realities? Is it super-charged, or is it non-existent, or is it just a belief system?

ELIAS: Destiny -- an imaginative belief system! There are no closed systems. There are no absolutes that may not be altered within probabilities. The only absolutes that hold significance are those that are truths, which transcend all dimensions and all focuses of consciousness physical and non-physical, which you do not recognize! Within probabilities, I express to you ... (to Frank) here you may incorporate your Sumafi alignment with your ground-breaking information ... your probabilities do not exist before you. You do not choose from an arrangement of elements that are already within existence, so to speak, in your interpretation. You are continuously within a state of becoming. Therefore, within every moment of consciousness, you create the probabilities. You do not choose from those elements which you believe to exist already. They are not displayed before you. You create them each moment, and as you create each probability as a new event, you also simultaneously create all other probabilities which are within an aspect of the choice that you have created. This is not to say that you choose to cross a street, therefore within another probability, another you only does not cross the street. Within the energy and freedom of the energy within consciousness, this may be translated in planting a flower within another reality, for the energy has rearranged to actualize aspects of probabilities in every possible area. It may bear no resemblance to your thought process of probabilities, but energy is unlimited and is continuously reconstructing itself and manifesting continuously in every area. (Humorously) Therefore, as you choose to actualize a probability, you may discard your idea that you have pulled this from your cosmos and chosen this event from the vast library of events! (Laughter) For you have created a new event within energy which has never before been conceived.

FRANK: The probabilities that we make, obviously it’s going to be based on our beliefs and how well we’re neutralizing those beliefs?

ELIAS: You are not neutralizing! The least distortion, be remembering! (Grinning) You are accepting.

FRANK: Neutralizing the effect?

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: Right. That’s what I meant! (Laughter)

ELIAS: He was intending to be expressing this! (Much laughter) I am quite understanding! (Grinning) At times, throughout most of your moments, you are actualizing probabilities filtered or influenced through your belief systems; but within the vastness of energy and consciousness and the lack of separation, you may also actualize probabilities that are outside of your belief systems, for you do not disconnect yourselves entirely from non-physical aspects of essence. Those non-physical aspects of essence hold within many areas of consciousness that bear no direct influencing in your terms to this physical reality, although within energy they are interactive. Therefore, you may access subjectively this energy and you may create a probability which has not been filtered through your belief system. Case in point: This exchange. Therefore, within Michael’s belief systems, this holds no possibility. It is impossible; but within accessing non-physical aspects, the probability is actualized. You also accomplish this actualization continuously. You do not recognize what you are accomplishing, but you do interact and manipulate energy and actualize or create probabilities continuously which are not filtered through your belief systems.

This may appear to be contradictory to my previous statement, that most of your time, so to speak, you are actualizing through your belief systems, within one aspect; but you are vastly multidimensional, and your attention holds within only one focus, only one lens. Therefore, simultaneously you are also actualizing probabilities outside of the confines of belief systems. Is this answering of your question?

FRANK: Yes. You expanded vastly on it.

CAROL: How do belief systems work in with transitioning? Is the act of transitioning, or choosing to have this be your last physical focus, how does that work in with belief systems? Because we have to have belief systems in order to be able to be functioning here in this physical focus. Is it an exchange of belief systems that brings us to a point of transition, or is it not connected at all?

ELIAS: Within the action of transition, this is different. You are moving from one manifestation within consciousness, one focus of attention which holds belief systems. These are unnecessary within non-physical focus. Therefore, you create the area of transition to be allowing the disengagement of objective awareness and the detachment from belief systems.

Belief systems are relative only to physical focuses within each dimension. They are not relative to non-physical focus. Therefore, transition is that area of consciousness which allows you the opportunity to discard or shed these belief systems, acclimating yourself to subjective awareness. You presently hold basically an understanding of objective awareness. As you move into transition, you transition from objective awareness into total subjective awareness, for objective awareness is also relative to physical focuses.

As I have stated previously, do not fool yourselves with the belief system that as you disengage physical focus, that you automatically disengage objective awareness. You do not! You carry into non-physical focus objective awareness. You are aware of belief systems. You are aware of physical body consciousness. You are aware of objective reality. Your physical form is that physical projection and expression -- not a vessel -- of your essence. Therefore, it is also you. (Emphatically) The consciousness of the physical body, the physical form, is a projection of your consciousness, and as it retains its physical consciousness, in your estimation, after ... for there is no time framework, but within your physical reality there is, and your body consciousness holds its consciousness, at times, objectively beyond your physical choice to disengage. As we have spoken, this varies within your choice of how you shall disengage, and what you choose to be engaging with your physical form after your disengagement.

If you are choosing, as an example, cremation, your physical body consciousness moves into transition with you, in your terms, more quickly. If you are eaten by a bear, your physical body consciousness travels with you to transitional areas of consciousness immediately, for the energy is immediately reconstructed and absorbed by the creature and rearranged, and your consciousness of body or physical form is immediately projected also into transition. Therefore, you hold this awareness also for a time period, within your interaction in transition. As you shed your belief systems, this dissipates and reconstructs into different energy; therefore not existing any longer within the terms that you understand.

Within transition, the objective is to be eliminating -- not within physical focus but within transition non-physically -- to be eliminating of belief systems which are connected with an individual physical reality. You may not accomplish this without objective awareness, for objective awareness is belief systems! Your body consciousness is affected directly by belief systems. It also holds objective awareness. Therefore, that aspect of your consciousness that must be transposed or shed to be completely subjectively focused must also include physical form, which is an element of your projected image of essence. It is consciousness, no different than that which you recognize as the you of you.

You are not a shell! You do not possess a vessel! You are not a boat floating upon a river! You are not a vase containing flowers! You are a magnificent expression of extremely complicated arrangements of links of consciousness which physically manifest into matter of atoms and molecules that you manipulate. (Pause)

CAROL: Did I understand you to say a couple of transcripts ago that people physically focused are going to be interacting more with people in transition that are not physically focused?

ELIAS: Yes. Within the action of this shift, you shall allow yourself interaction with individuals which occupy the area of consciousness that you recognize as transition. In this, you not only offer yourselves the new challenge of creativity and experimentation, but you also offer helpfulness in the action of transition, that individuals may not become confused and hold to objective consciousness. There are no "lost souls," but there are confused focuses! (Grinning, and we all crack up) Therefore, within a recognition of simultaneous time within the area of transition, the focus may become quite confused at all of the lenses that appear before them and the belief systems that shall materialize within their reality, as they choose. This may be quite confusing to you initially. Therefore, it is in your terms quite understandable that some of these focuses may be choosing to be holding to this objective awareness, quitely! (Humorously) "I shall reside here within this small area, and recalling this manifestation of body. Therefore, I shall not confuse myself!" (Laughter) But you also shall be helpful within this action of transition, in a recognition of this action; this being why many, many more individuals shall choose to be engaging the action of transition within physical focus previous to disengagement, offering helpfulness. And as many, many more individuals choose this action, this being also why your sciences shall be expressing they have cured your senility, for you shall hold an awareness. Therefore, you shall not create within total confusion. Therefore, you need not be fixed! (Laughter, and a pause) Are you wishing of more questions?

CAROL: I have just a silly little fun question. I’d like to ask if my son Tom and myself are sharing a focus right now as gray squishy guys, because that’s something I’ve had a knowing and a remembering of since he was born. ("Gray squishy guys" being aliens)

ELIAS: (Laughing) I express to you all that you ALL are experiencing your "gray squishy guys" within another dimension, (laughter) within manifestations of physical aspects of essence! This being the reasoning that you encounter more experiences of interaction of these images, as you present yourselves no differently from this exchange; other aspects of reality and subjective interaction of essence and all of its manifestations. It is your language to you. It is your acknowledgment of you. There are no creatures occupying space that are different from you, for they are all elements of your essence. They are not "other than" you. They ARE you! (Pause) Such silence! Terrifying, is it not? You yourselves may be extraterrestrials! I am horrified! (Much laughter) I shall be tuning into visualization of these essence energies, and (gasping) you are appearing quite oddly! (Very humorously, as we all crack up)

I shall offer disengagement this evening, although you may express to Michael that I may be re-engaging this eve once again! Therefore, he shall stand prepared! This is quite fun! Fun is quite good ... although there is no good! (Laughing) Playfulness is very good also, I suppose, to the non-existent bad!

CAROL: Are we serious because we take our belief systems so serious?

ELIAS: Quite! In difference to this essence, which does not take you seriously at all! (Lots o’ laughter here! Elias was on a roll!) Be preparing for my return! I affectionately, to you all, bid you this day, not au revoir ... adieu.

BREAK 7:33 PM (Dinner and the conference) RESUME 11:38 PM (We actually began about twenty minutes previous)

Vic’s note: We missed the beginning of the session here, so the transcription begins mid-sentence. I remember somebody asking a question about religious beliefs.

ELIAS: ... for the purity of your experience, to be forgetting of essence; but within the interaction of these representatives, they have offered throughout all of your ages information to you all, which has led to the development of belief systems incorporating religious ideas. These have changed throughout your history.

I shall explain to you that within your history of much time ago, in what you may view to be ancient time periods, your belief systems magnated to objectifying ideas of god within your understanding of self. It is a projection of your knowing of essence and consciousness. Therefore, within your ancient time periods, you will view the belief systems and acknowledgments of many gods, for you held still a recognition partially of the many facets of your essence. Therefore, your interpretation of your god was multiple. As you moved through your history, you also developed intentionally more and more objective focus. As you created a singularity of attention within the focus, you also altered the belief systems, continuing within the projection of your image.

Religious belief systems presently express to you that you are created within the image of god. In reality, god is created in the image of you, for it is an inner recognition of a conceptualization of essence. As you become more singularly focused, so also does your god. As you continue to recognize different aspects of self, you also incorporate this into your belief systems. Many, many religious beliefs throughout your planet, not only your Christianity, incorporate more than one aspect to one godhead, in recognition that you hold aspects of subjective and objective reality within the one you. Therefore, you translate this into a god. This is not wrong, and it is not invalid. It is also not non-reality, for all that you create within your belief systems within this dimension and this attention is reality. Therefore, as I have expressed to you all previously: In acceptance of belief systems, there is a recognition that it matters not what you hold objectively within your belief systems. One is no greater or lesser or better or worse than another, and as you recognize that you are all one and that there is no separation ... there is no difference in your belief system of your god as that of another individual that may view a god within a rock, or another individual that may view no god, or an individual that views god as themselves; for within actuality, you are.

Q: God?

ELIAS: Yes, within the concept that you hold within your belief systems. Within non-physical consciousness, there is no one supreme being, for there is no separation. No element of consciousness is greater than any other element of consciousness. No link of consciousness is any greater or any smaller than any other link. Therefore, it matters not, for it is all the same.

Within the recognition of these belief systems and the acceptance of these belief systems, you may acknowledge yourself and you may allow yourself your comfortableness within your belief systems, for there is no right or wrong. They are only different expressions of a filtration through belief systems -- quite creative within your inventions of your explanations to yourselves of that which you do not remember, and also, within your known reality and history to this present now, quite efficient! As you move into the action of your shift, you need not become fearful that you have lost a thing or that your faith has disappeared, for it only enhances with the knowledge that this is the magnificence of yourself. Is this acceptable?

REPLY: Yes, it was excellent. Thanks a lot.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (Pause, looking around at everybody) Chattering chattering, being very quiet!

FRANK: Elias, can you give us a way or a recommendation in getting to better accept our beliefs? Is there a better way to do this, or a more efficient way than the Sumari way, than the way we’ve been introduced to? Or just any way, as long as we realize what our beliefs are.

ELIAS: (Grinning) You are so very fond of "methods!" (Laughter) In this, you may choose whichever method is the most efficient for yourself. The objective is to be accepting. It matters not which direction you choose to be objectifying of this action. As I have stated to you this day, if you are accepting of self first, you also shall incorporate a natural byproduct of acceptance of all others.

Therefore, as you view that stirring within you, as you look to your belief systems and you look to another individual and their belief systems and you recognize the lack of acceptance within yourself of another individuals’ "method," look to yourself for the mirror action that you hold which creates the belief system, which creates, as its natural byproduct, intolerance. As you question yourselves within interaction of each other, each time another interacts with you and you respond within your belief systems in what you believe to be negative -- although there is no negative -- this is your indication that you hold a belief system which is not accepted.

As I have expressed to you, to this present now your method has been efficient, for this is the area that you needed to be experiencing initially before you may be understanding of the reality of acceptance of belief systems. Therefore, to this present now, you exchange belief systems. You choose this belief system over this belief system. You exchange and rearrange belief systems. This has been a reinforcement to you of the reality of these belief systems. The reality of the belief systems is established. It is not within question any longer. You recognize the reality. You accept the reality. You do not accept the belief system; only its reality within existence. This has been efficient to you.

You now expand your understanding, and in this expansion of understanding -- not in evolution, but within an expanded awareness of self -- you now move to the area that you may understand and move on to your next step, in your terms; which is to be altering your reality by accepting the belief systems, therefore also allowing yourself to be opening to the mergence of subjective consciousness to objective awareness, and in this accomplishing your shift.

Your teacher has expressed briefly the concept of this shift; for within the time period of "stirring the pot," within your consciousness objectively, you were not quite ready to be holding an understanding of the action of this shift. You were offered information of a coming event within an alteration of consciousness. You have also been offered a time framework for its accomplishment, which has not altered within your agreements. Therefore, it stands. It has begun. It is not fully accomplished, but it has begun. To your objective surprise, you shall accomplish fully this action of this shift within this coming century, many within your own focus time periods. Those which are choosing to be extending their focus upon this planet and choosing to be watchful of the progression shall allow themselves the opportunity to view, within your focus, the accomplishment fully of this shift.

You are magnificent creatures, and you may accomplish magnificent events! There is no limit ... Lawrence, underline! ... NO LIMIT to your creativity and what you may express. You are unlimited! You only believe that you hold limits, but this alters also; for the beliefs shall be accepted and you shall recognize that you hold no limits within your own dimension. (At this point, yet more people arrived and were peering into the already packed room, where many people were stuffed into the small entry area)

ELIAS: (Loudly) Enter enter enter! (We all crack up)

CATHY: Thank you, Elias! Get ’em out of the hall! (Some people make their way through the crowd to the other side of the room)

ELIAS: Shynla becomes nervous! (Laughing)

Q: Elias, you spoke earlier about the shift in consciousness creating confusion and misunderstanding. Can you tell us things that we might look for that would indicate this was taking place?

ELIAS: This occurs presently all about you. Individuals experience the same subjective bleed-through that you individuals experience, but recognize. Individuals that do not hold this information objectively experience, regardless, the same events. Therefore, they may be encountering your extraterrestrials, which are YOU, (laughter) and they may be experiencing strange objects, which are your creation, and they may view the alteration of objects before their waking eyes and they may not hold an interpretation. This creates fearfulness. Individuals, as you are aware presently, create fearfulness within themselves, for they do not understand what they are creating. Therefore, they view this as threatening.

Also be remembering, you are moving out of your religious era. Many belief systems have been developed within this era. They are quite strong! Individuals may objectively manifest those elements which correlate to their belief systems. You may view little demons with tails! (Laughter) They are your projections of your belief systems. They are not entities attempting to be hurtful to you. They are projections of your own fearfulness; but within the belief systems, many individuals experience much confusion and trauma, for they do not understand.

Also, we have spoken earlier of transition. I have expressed to you that many, many individuals shall be choosing to be experiencing much of this action of transition within physical focus. This already presently occurs. You label this as senility. You label this as a dysfunction. Therefore, you attempt to alter this without an understanding. The individuals that are creating this reality also hold no understanding objectively. Therefore, this creates a frightenedness within them, and much confusion. They are not accepting of the reality that they create any more than you are accepting of the reality that they create!

You shall be witnessing new awarenesses, new revelations in understanding of what you now view as dysfunction within mental capacities of individuals. You label these as diseases. They are choices for alternate creations of reality. These individuals, being also quite objectively focused, do not understand what they create, for they hold the same belief systems that you hold, for they are taught these belief systems. They may choose to be entering physical focus in what you term to be a mental dysfunction. You label these in many areas of disease. Within the initial throes of their objective physical focus, they are aware of what they have chosen to create; but within their increasing objective focus, which you move into also as you move into each focus, which I shall explain subsequently, they acquire the belief systems that the mass holds. This is not "normal." It is outside of your officially accepted reality. It is different. Therefore, it is unacceptable. It is needing of alteration. You not only believe this -- they believe this also, for they come to believe this.

As we have spoken of transition ... (to some more new folks) You may comfortably enter! (Laughter)

As we have discussed the area of transition that you enter as you choose to disengage physical focus, you also engage an action of transition as you choose to enter physical focus; for you enter subjectively, for you are moving from subjective awareness without objective awareness. Therefore, in increments, you allow yourself to become focused within your objective reality. You will notice that your small ones, your infants, spend much of their physical time period within their sleep state, for they do not incorporate objective awareness but in very small increments. They hold subjective awareness. They are a physical example of your Dream Walkers. As they progress within your time period, they also incorporate more and more objective reality, closing out the subjective awareness. This too is a transition, which may be incorporated within a lengthy time period, in your terms, or it may be incorporated within a very small time period.

Many individuals develop psychological disease, within your terms, as they enter into what you view as adolescence. This is an incorporation of complete objective awareness. Some individuals approach this time period within the focus and choose not to continue. They choose to continue the subjective awareness, which is not in alignment with your accepted reality and your framework of beliefs. Therefore, they are classified as different, and holding disease. (Somebody says "Wow!" and Elias chuckles)

FRANK: When you talk about senility, and it’s called Alzheimer’s disease ... I think this is what you were talking about?

ELIAS: Quite.

FRANK: I know people who are suffering from it, and because of that I know that there’s a lot of people who are dealing with that now at various different stages. They are in that state of confusion, and the doctors will describe it as a breakdown of the mental process, of their mental processes. This is a tough question, I realize, but how can we help them assimilate, from our standpoint now?

ELIAS: (Grinning at Frank) This is not a "tough question," although it may be difficult for your incorporation! (Much laughter)

FRANK: Just another one! (The interaction between Frank and Elias was really amusing -- you had to be there!)

ELIAS: I shall express to you that within your acceptance and understanding that this is not disease ... this is not malfunction, this is a choice, therefore they are incorporating subjective activity ... as you hold an understanding and acceptance of this, you may also offer helpfulness to this individual in explanation. You may view that they do not understand you; but be remembering, they are incorporating much subjective activity, which incorporates all of your objective awareness and understanding. Therefore, you may speak objectively to an individual, and they may understand subjectively and be more accepting of their own creation.

If you are interacting with this individual ... that is not "suffering" from Alzheimer’s, for it is not Alzheimer’s "disease!" If you are incorporating interaction with an individual creating of this situation, you may be listening to expression. You may hear the expression of this individual of different time frameworks. You may look to this individual and they may view you and they do not recognize you, for they occupy an awareness temporarily, subjectively, of another time framework in which you are not what you appear to be presently. Therefore, you do not exist in your form, to their perception. You exist within another form. You may be called another name, for this individual views you within another focus or another reality. You may encounter an individual within this state of consciousness and you may frighten them, for they may view you as an extraterrestrial! (Laughter) For they view another aspect of you. They are in actuality viewing you, but they are viewing the multidimensionality of your essence.

They do not objectively understand what they are creating. Therefore, they are also subject to the belief systems which surround them within consciousness of the mass, which is reinforced by the interaction that they encounter objectively -- of all of those individuals so well-meaning, wishing to be helpful, and helpfulness may come through quite simply understanding and accepting the expression of this individual and reinforcing differently, that they are not experiencing insanity, for it does not exist! Is this helpful?

FRANK: Very helpful. Thank you.

Q: May I ask if there’s a difference between an older person, say ninety-nine or a hundred, who is slowly going in and out, and a younger person who has what they consider to be Alzheimer’s disease? Is there a difference in the transition?

ELIAS: Within different age groups, there may be a different action incorporated. Within your belief systems, you believe that as you progress within physical age, that you deteriorate physically. This is not necessarily truthful, although it is reality, for you create it as reality! In this, you also allow yourself within advanced ages to incorporate this action, recognizing that this is acceptable; for if you are old, you may acceptably create this disease, and others will be accepting of this in recognition of your age. Some individuals choose within younger ages to be creating similar actions, although they may not hold the same objective. There are many reasons that individuals choose to be creating of this type of imagery. You may view some individuals that are creating of this imagery, and to your amazement are miraculously disengaging the action and are "cured" by themselves. They have only chosen to be engaging this subjective experience without the intention of engaging transition. But it is quite impressive, is it not, to be spontaneously cured of this malfunction? It is quite attaining of your attention!

RON: Elias, can we pause for a moment while I change tapes?

ELIAS: You may break.

BREAK 12:21 AM RESUME 12:41 AM (Time was one second)

ELIAS: Continuing! (Looking around) We are growing in numbers!

VICKI: I’d like to ask a question about this young lady over here that I know as Katharine. Katharine and I have felt some very strong connections since we first met, and I’m wondering if you can give us any information about it.

ELIAS: Continuing with our objective imagery of connections and no separation, once again! This would not be a situation of counterpart action. This would be a recognition of other-focus interaction, and also what you may term to be limited interaction within non-physical focus also; therefore creating a strong objective awareness and recognition of what you term to be connections ... although I am aware of your disliking of this word! (Laughing)

And shall you not inquire, as you all objectively materialize yourselves within this presence and are wishing for inquiry?

Q: Elias, this is my mother and my sister with me. Can you tell us if we have connections beyond our familial ones here in the present?

ELIAS: This individual has exchanged with you within the role of parent within another focus within this reality, and the mother being incorporated as a sibling. These connections have been long-standing, in your terms, within different manifestations of relationships; not always incorporated within family orientations, but remanifesting within the same proximity and a knowledge of each other within certain connections. I shall express to you all that you do not "accidentally" manifest, within any objective manifestation within this reality, independent of those individuals that you draw yourselves to once again. In this, although I am quite sure that this shall be stretching of your imaginations and belief systems, you have all interacted with each other within different capacities, within different physical manifestations. As you draw yourselves to each other presently within this present now, you have also drawn yourselves to each other’s company before. This is not to say that you may have held intimate relationships with all of the individuals that you encounter, but you have encountered them previously, in your terms; although there are also individuals that you encounter within what you term to be future focuses that you do not allow yourselves awarenesses of. In this, there are few that you draw yourselves to presently. Within your choice to be accumulating within your present project of your coming together within this forum, which is all-encompassing -- not only this interaction that you engage with this essence, but with each other -- some have been manifest within future focuses. In this, you may also allow yourselves the opportunity to take advantage of information that you may share with each other of subjective bleed-through, for some individuals hold focuses within the accomplishment of the shift futurely. Therefore, you offer yourselves information of what you view is to come within the action of this shift in consciousness. This is accessible to you, if you be only looking for this information.

Within other realms or areas of consciousness, as you are aware, the time framework may be different. Each objective physical reality incorporates its own interpretation and manifestation of time frameworks, this being merely one. Therefore, you may also hold connections with all of these individuals within other-dimensional focuses and other time frameworks. In actuality, there is no time framework; for although it has been stated and it is an inconsistency, I shall repeat for your understanding that all time is simultaneous ... although you may not incorporate time if it is simultaneous! (Grinning) Within this, you offer yourselves much information presently to be connecting with each other and sharing your experiences, of not only this focus and your objectives within this focus, but many others also.

You are all, as I have stated many times, multidimensional. You ARE this. Therefore, you are within all areas of consciousness, and may be within all areas of dimensional focuses, although not necessarily. Some essences are "choosy," (laughter) and may be choosing to be selective of their manifestations within different dimensions, choosing few. Some may be more adventurous, in your terms, and be experiencing many different dimensions. Many of you presently may be fitting yourselves into this category of experiencing many different dimensions within many physical manifestations, many which appear to you as incomprehensible.

CAROL: This physical focus here, this manifestation here, is based on emotions and learning about emotions through the five senses. What would be some of the other physical manifestations? I came in contact with this one physical manifestation of my own where I’m just sort of this stretchy material that can stretch out as far as it wants to go and come back in. What would some of the other intents be in other physical focuses, other than the emotions that we have in this one?

ELIAS: What shall you imagine??? (Laughter) For whatever you, within this physical reality, may imagine, you have created ... and beyond. Some dimensions do not incorporate the element of emotion at all.

CAROL: This one didn’t seem to. It seemed almost like a fish, sort of, but stretchy, and it didn’t seem to have emotion to it, but yet I felt a sense of identification with it.

ELIAS: Quite. You shall always hold identification in recognition of your tone of essence. You may experience different manifestations quite foreign to this manifestation which holds your attention presently within this lens and this focus, but many other focuses are far-removed from your conception of reality, even within your imagination. Within some dimensions, you may be objectively physically focused and hold no form. This is beyond your thought process, for you may not be physical if you hold no form; but you may be, within thought or merely within an expression of consciousness, without matter.

As I have stated, this particular dimension is exceedingly complex. This particular dimension of reality and physical expression is not only creative, but holds such diversity within your creative expression that you have created one of, not the only, but one of the most complex objective manifestations. This may express to you the realization that you are not less. There are no higher planes. There are no planes! (Laughter) You occupy all of consciousness. Therefore, you experience all of these aspects of experience.

You may, within an aspect -- a lens, a focus of essence -- experience what in your terms may be expressed as a very lower plane of existence, for you may choose to be crystallized as rock; but this is not a lower plane of existence, for you are not within a school! You are not "learning." You are experiencing and you are becoming. You are exploring self, as all consciousness is within a continuous state of exploration of self. Therefore, just as you choose to experience different events within this reality, you do not express that one event is less of reality or development than another event. It is different. Also are your focuses different. They are not higher or lower, or any between. Where shall you arrive to higher, if there is no higher? There is only expanded, and you already are expanded! Is this sufficient?

CAROL: That’s wonderful. Thank you.

PAUL: Elias, in one of Jane’s books there is a reference -- in the Oversoul Seven book -- in the valley of the Speakers -- to these tiles that are imbued with sound and the ability to stimulate the inner senses through sound.

ELIAS: Ah! (Grinning)

PAUL: Could you speak a little bit about how sound might be used that way, or give some hints as to discovering some of those things?

ELIAS: I hold quite an affinity for this story, as I also hold interaction with its creation. These are, within this story, connections of reality within consciousness presented to you in a language that you may understand creatively. This is not imagination, for there is no imagination that is not reality! Incorporated into this information is information concerning your shift in consciousness. As your teacher has instructed previously to be creating within a game of this city futurely, I also have incorporated this action with individuals presently to be creating of this city, for it exists already within what you view to be past and future. In this, you all participate in its creation. In the explanation creatively of this story, there are elements of reality that you have already created; and within the action of your shift, you shall be connecting with these elements.

There exists in reality these tiles. Not all hold the action of sound. Some hold the action of sound as incorporated by these essences known as these Dream Walkers, of Speakers. Some of these tiles hold abilities of telepathic events. Some hold emotional qualities. Each family contributes to the objectification of this city, and each family incorporates their contribution within these tiles and within the intent of each different family within this dimension. Therefore, these of the Speakers hold tones; for within the family of Sumari, their communication is through tone and sound, which may not necessarily incorporate language, although at times it may be translated into a language.

Within the family of Sumafi, of which this essence is, the Dream Walkers were identified as Seers. These tiles incorporated within your city hold thought. Therefore, within your objective action of touch to these tiles, you may present yourself with information beyond your present comprehension.

This individual (Jane Roberts) has accessed much subjective information within her focus and her creativity, which she has offered to you all. In this, I express to you that the concept of the library is very small, for the information that you may access is far beyond any library. (Smiling)

BOB: Elias, there are many people today who are claiming to be abducted by entities they believe are aliens or are from other civilizations. Is this an actual activity that occurring, or what’s happening there?

ELIAS: We have been discussing our extraterrestrial little friends! (Laughter) Abduction is an interpretation, within an explanation to self, of that which these individuals do not understand. These extraterrestrials exist, but they are you! They are aspects of your essence focused within other-dimensional realities. Let me be clear that within the interaction of these events, individuals experience a reality of interaction, within a bleed-through action of essence speaking to them within their objective awareness. Therefore, this aspect of consciousness which is physically manifest within other-dimensional areas bleeds through within agreement to these individuals, for this shall speak to them. This shall attain their attention. In this, they do not experience non-reality. It is quite real; although within this action, the reality may also not necessarily be objectively viewed by another objectively focused individual within your dimension. It is dependent upon the energy which is collected and exerted in this action. At times, collectively en masse, you choose to be allowing this bleed-through information. Therefore, many individuals may witness an event, an occurrence, within the confines of their belief systems. Therefore, within mass, individuals may objectify in reality a craft. It shall exist temporarily within your reality. It shall be witnessed, for it shall materialize within your actual matter. It is temporary, for the energy manifest to create this is held in attention only temporarily. Therefore, it also disappears.

Within the mass consciousness of the entirety of your planet, not all individuals hold the same belief systems. Therefore, the energy manifest to create these objects is also confounded and rearranged by the belief systems of the opposing mass. This creates your temporary effect. Within interaction of your extraterrestrials with individuals, this also is reality. It also is temporary. It is an exchange of energy of the individual with another aspect of their essence. Therefore, there is an allowance for temporary bleed-through into your reality. This creates an opportunity for exchange of information, but within the limitations of your understanding presently and your belief systems, this is misinterpreted. Many individuals experience fearfulness, for they do not understand what they have created.

Understand, they have not created a projection of themselves. This is different. Now; if you are discussing imagery of demons, this is a projection of self within this dimension. But within an interaction of what you term to be extraterrestrials, this is an exchange of different dimensional focuses of the same essence, offering information to yourselves. This is a different action than what you have interpreted previously throughout your history, for this is directly related to your shift within consciousness. As you move out of your religious era and move into this new area of consciousness, you allow this bleed-through. At times, infrequently, these essences of Dream Walkers, which were choosing to not become entirely physically manifest, also choose to partially manifest and may be interpreted as extraterrestrials, although this would be a slightly different action. You may witness with some individuals that their encounters with extraterrestrials are seeming to them to be quite enlightening. They hold no fear. They feel within their self exhilarated, and they know they have acquired new information. In this action, they have encountered these essences which partially manifest. Their interpretation of this extraterrestrial shall be slightly altered also from your "classic interpretation!" (Laughter) In this, this would be a very similar action to that which you have experienced throughout your history, of angels and fairies and leprechauns and imps and all other manifestations that you attribute to imagination, which is reality!

RON: How about dragons? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) You always must include this also, for we are quite aware of its affectingness with Michael! (Elias cracks up)

ANDY: Elias, what is the meaning of the bleed-through of the extra-dimensionals? I call them extra-dimensionals, which is a better word, right? What is their experience of the bleed-through that we experience? Don’t they have the same quality of encountering? Do they know what is happening?

ELIAS: Their experience is similar to your own, for they also incorporate objective reality, which is different from your objective reality; but within the action of this shift, you are choosing to expand your awareness. Therefore, you offer yourselves encounters with other aspects of essence which will not be incorporating this shift. Therefore, essentially they experience more confusion than do you, for they shall not hold an awareness futurely of you, although you shall hold an accessible awareness of them; in which, in your creations of essence, you shall create a religious focus within another dimension, for you shall be appearing as heavenly beings appearing. You may view in this how you are affecting of all of each other, of all of your focuses and all of consciousness, for it is all interactive.

ANDY: Are these extra-dimensional beings, which are usually encountered and listed and recorded in our reality, always from the same dimension?

ELIAS: No. There are many different dimensions. It is of your choosing which dimension you are wishing to be tapping into.

Q: There are several people talking about ascension as a time that is going to be coming soon. Can you speak of this?

ELIAS: This is your shift.

Q: What will happen?

ELIAS: You shall incorporate an expanded awareness. You shall hold more of a mergence of subjective and objective awareness. You have chosen, within the entirety of your globe, this action. You have exhausted your creativity within your religious era. Once again I express to you, you have become bored, (laughter) and you look to an expansion of your creativity. Therefore, you incorporate more of your remembrance of essence; allowing for an expansion of your creativity, but also continuing an allowance for the purity of experience within this reality.

I shall briefly request break from you, and if you are choosing, you may continue, as you wish.

GROUP: Thank you.

ELIAS: I shall be returning! Do not be projecting such seriousness! (Much laughter) I shall allow Michael a break.

BREAK 1:23 AM RESUME 1:36 AM (Time was one second)

ELIAS: (Grinning) You may be continuing!

MIKE 1: Elias, my name is Michael. It’s very nice to meet you. I have a two-fold question, actually. We constantly ask you questions, and I’d like to know if there’s anything I can answer for you? (We all crack up)

ELIAS: Within appreciation of the expression, I am accepting of this, although I offer information to you for I hold this ability, and within this physical focus, there is no question that I may hold with you. I may answer your questions! (Smiling)

MIKE 1: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MIKE 1: My other question deals with myself. I’d like to help people through building computers or doing design work for them, that kind of thing. It seems that everything so far is mostly physical. I’d like to know if you have any insight that could help me accentuate it on a deeper level, for people that aren’t familiar consciously of the work that we do.

ELIAS: You accomplish within the present now already, for subjectively the intent is being actualized. I shall offer to you that within your aspect of family, you hold that of Gramada, which accomplishes the initiations. Therefore, be assured that you are accomplishing within your intent as you objectively express.

MIKE 2: My name is Michael. I have a question on the shift. We’re beginning the shift now. When is it to be completed?

ELIAS: This shift in consciousness has already been initiated. You are, within this present now, within the beginning throes of this action. Therefore, it is obvious to you that you incorporate confusion, for you have not quite understood what you are engaging. The accomplishment of this being actualized entirely shall be within your coming century. I have expressed to individuals within this day that the actualization of this shift shall be accomplished objectively within the existing focuses of many of these individuals. It is only dependent upon how long you choose to be engaged within this particular physical manifestation.

MIKE 2: So you mean people will be living longer than the traditional time?

ELIAS: If you are choosing! (Laughter)

MIKE 2: Is the earth going through the same type of thing?

ELIAS: Yes. I have expressed once to individuals previously of the consciousness of your planet. This also is a creation of your essences. It is, in your terms, a living entity. It pulses, as do you pulse within your circulatory system. It breathes and moves, as you breathe and move. In this, it also responds to you within consciousness; and as you shift, so also does it shift.

You are aware that you are creating of your conditions atmospherically and within what you view to be nature. These are extensions of you. They are the creation of your emotion and your desires within movement of consciousness. They are an extension of your physical senses. You have not created your physical senses that you may experience visualizing or feeling within body or tasting or hearing or smelling. You engage these senses as you create what is to be sensed. What you sense did not appear first. You create this as you engage this sensing. Therefore, your wind appears not that you may sense, but as a response to your collective sense. Your action of your planet, within what you term to be events of nature, are responses and events which you create by expelling energy collectively. Your planet responds in recognition that it also is an objective expression within matter of the collective creation of essence. It is no different than your physical form, which also is a physical projection of essence within matter. Once again I express, this is not a vessel! It is your creative, objective expression within physical matter of essence, and holds consciousness the same. It is not a shell. It is you! Your planet is also an extension of the collective energy of essence. In this, it holds no difference, and is consciousness also.

MIKE 2: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

ANDY: Elias, how will the shift affect other groups and belief systems in the human world, like the Christian belief system?

ELIAS: There are many, many cultures within your planet that experience these subjective bleed-throughs and hold less confusion than do you within your western Christian belief systems, although you are all allowing yourselves the opportunity to be understanding; for you all, within the entirety of your globe collectively, experience these same bleed-throughs. Therefore, you may view individuals within your western culture that encounter their extraterrestrials, but you may also view individuals within very small native cultures with no civilization, within your terms, that also encounter your extraterrestrials. It is not limited to those of you which hold western civilization. In actuality, I have expressed that there exists among you one small tribe of individuals which hold an objective understanding much greater than any else upon your planet, and have already incorporated much of the action of this shift. It shall all be accomplished within your objective time framework by a specific time period that you have agreed upon, but you may be accomplishing within this time framework at different rates, so to speak; this being the reason that you hold the ability for helpfulness with many individuals in avoiding trauma and confusion within the action of this shift, for you do hold a beginning of understanding and awareness.

Many individuals within your western civilization hold very strong belief systems. In this, they shall be experiencing trauma, for they do not understand objectively the experiences that bleed through subjectively into their objective awareness. You may be instrumental in acceptance of belief systems, and helpfulness to individuals not holding this objective understanding to be in your terms "working through" belief systems, for they shall be accepted. Therefore, you may offer yourselves examples of activity and behavior that shall alter. As I have expressed, if you are not holding the belief system within its power, if you are accepting of the belief system and neutralizing its power, you may be occupied with other adventures within creativity. It is unnecessary to be creating of the behavior that you are creating now, for you will not hold the judgment of right and wrong. You shall understand that these are experiences. Therefore, they do not hold the power. Let us explore a very simple example of a small child. If you are expressing to a very small child that it may not have this chocolate that you place in front of it, it shall desire this chocolate! (Much laughter) It shall incorporate behavior to be acquiring of this chocolate, for it has been denied and it has also been expressed within a belief system. The belief system has been projected to this child that they may not accomplish -- this will be wrong. Therefore, they become intrigued, and are very aware of the energy which has been projected to them.

In this, as you are continuously exploring energy within an insatiable curiosity, you shall wish to be experiencing this which has been projected within energy in denial of your experience. If you hold no belief system or if you have accepted the belief system and are aware, therefore recognize that all is experience, you neutralize the energy of the belief system. Therefore, you may express, "You may not have this chocolate, but if this be your experience, it matters not." You may encounter a different response from this child, for it may lose interest in what it may acquire as it wishes; this being a very simple example, and only one within the action of this shift.

As I have expressed, you shall also access many other areas of consciousness that you do not allow yourselves within your belief systems presently. You do not en masse speak to individuals that you view to be dead! There is no "dead," but you believe that there is an existence of separation. Therefore, you do not allow yourself the experience. Within an understanding that this is a belief system arranged within your physical reality as an explanation to yourself of information that you have forgotten, you allow yourself the remembrance; and in this, you may engage this experience.

You may access your focuses within this dimension. Presently, you believe that you must engage elaborate steps to be accessing of your other focuses within this dimension. You must be engaging out-of-body experiences, or you must be engaging hypnotic states, or you must be concentrating extremely within your meditations. You merely need look to another focus to access, but you believe that you may not. Therefore, you do not.

Within the acceptance of the belief system, the energy is dissipated, which is that which creates the limitation. In the acceptance of the belief system, you understand its reality, and you may step beyond these belief systems, allowing for your own creativity. And if you are wishing to be exchanging -- not viewing only, but exchanging -- temporarily with another focus, you may, and you may cross your time frameworks and you may exchange temporarily with your focus within 1314, and they may exchange with you, and you may not incorporate a "method!" You may merely will it, and it shall be.

You also shall offer yourselves the opportunity to be exploring more efficiently your own dimension and your creations. Presently, you seek to be exploring with technological apparatus, and you fly around space. You shall acquire the information and know that it is much more efficient to be traveling through space than to be traveling around space. You begin now to understand partially this concept. You allow yourself to relax your belief systems and accept that you may create an experience which you term to be out-of-body, within limitations. This is traveling through space. It is much more efficient! (Laughter) And, incorporates no time! (Grinning)

Q: Elias, during the shift, will our bodies become less dense and will our vibrations increase in some manifestation?

ELIAS: No. You shall be continuing with your objective focus. You have created this. You are pleased with this creation. It is efficient within this dimension. It is unnecessary to be altering of your physical form. Therefore, you shall not be creating new physical form until you are choosing to be creating of a new shift within future millennia! In this, you may choose to be creating of an entirely new design. But within this present agreement of this global shift, this is an alteration of consciousness; a merging of subjective and objective awareness. Your physical form shall remain the same. You may be choosing to be accepting belief systems that it is not a malfunctioning machine and vessel! Therefore, you may be choosing to be holding the objective image of your choosing and you may not be choosing to be creating age differences, although you may also incorporate this for your diversion in form; for within you, it is also appealing within this dimension to not be holding the same form throughout the entirety of an individual focus, but you shall be knowing that this form does not need be malfunctioning, for the malfunctions that it incorporates are direct responses of belief systems. They are not natural states. They are instructions from you, through belief systems, to be creating dysfunction.

Q: Will it take the mass consciousness to change that, or is it an individual thing?

ELIAS: It is an activity within mass consciousness presently, and shall continue. As the action of the shift is accomplished, then you shall individually choose what probabilities you wish to be actualizing. Therefore, I express to you: If you are not creating your belief system of your heaven upon earth -- for you may choose to be incorporating malfunction or disease for this experience -- you shall also hold the awareness that you have created this and that you hold the ability within any moment to alter this. Therefore, if you are choosing for your experience to be malfunctioning, you also shall hold no doubt that within your next moment you may be disengaging this action, for you may choose to be changing it, and you shall, spontaneously.

JIM: Elias, Seth had said that one of the Christ entities would return in the near future, to in effect tear down most religions and change things. Will this be part of the shift? Is there any indication that something like this will happen?

ELIAS: This has occurred presently -- not within your understanding, but this essence, within a mergence of another tone, has chosen to be physically manifesting. I shall explain.

One essence has been choosing, within what you view to be your past, to physically manifest within three physical manifestations within the same time period. One manifestation, one lens focus of this essence, chose to be continuing within the ending of this religious era. In this, one aspect, one lens focus, one of these three manifestations within non-physical consciousness has merged with one essence which has not incorporated physical focus previously. In this, this non-physical essence not previously manifest was incorporated as a Dream Walker. This essence incorporates that aspect merged of the other essence. In this, this non-physically focused essence has already incorporated the only manifestation of its choosing. This has been accomplished presently.

The accomplishment of the physical manifestation was occurring within what you view to be your year previous to this. This essence has manifest within the physical focuses of nine individuals, one to be representing of each family of consciousness within this dimension. All nine are male entities/manifestations. All nine are manifest. They are all very small children. You may be considering them babies, all, for they have all been manifest within the same time period of one-and-one-half years. In this, all of these physically focused children, which presently occupy different space arrangements upon your planet, hold exceptional abilities within the intent of each family and within a knowing of subjective awareness. Therefore, each shall be quite influencing within the accomplishment of this shift and the dissolution of your religious era. It shall not be the form upon the blazing horse across your sky, much to your disappointment! (Laughter) But less dramatically, they shall all be quite influencing within this shift, and it shall be accomplished in its entirety within their lifetime.

JIM: That’s amazing!

MIKE 1: Elias, I have a personal question, if that’s alright. I’m interested in learning which family I’m from -- Sumari, or whichever.

ELIAS: I have expressed this to you this evening. You are of the Gramada, aligned with the Sumari. (This was pronounced "Scramada," which could be a slip of the tongue ... or perhaps a subdivision of Gramada?)

MIKE 1: In addition, if I may, there is a favorite aspect/past life that I’m very fond of that I’ve had a very difficult time discovering the name. I was wondering if you could help me with a way to find the name, or if the name is available? It’s a medieval ice-skater.

ELIAS: (Chuckling, and everybody laughs) Very interesting creation within your probabilities! One moment. (Pause, accessing) Allum.

MIKE 1: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

PAUL: Elias, one more question, following up what you just said previously to Michael’s question, about the date of the lifetimes of the nine individuals. Does that coincide with the Seth material and the date of 2075?

ELIAS: It shall be accomplished within this time period. Therefore, you may view that these individuals shall be continuing within their physical focus throughout this time period. You may be, within your belief systems of your limitations of lifetime, accepting that all of these children are quite small within your present now, and it is not conflicting to your belief systems that they shall be continuing within this amount of years.

Q: Are they fully aware of their role?

ELIAS: Presently, within their subjective awareness, as they are transitioning into objective awareness, yes.

Q: Will they go through a time where they forget?

ELIAS: Partially. They shall not forget completely, but they shall hold a time period of forgetfulness, but this also shall be brief. This is an allowance for understanding of you, within your completeness of objective focusing in attention. Therefore, they will be incorporating this experience for their understanding.

KRISTIN: Elias ... two-part. May I ask what family of consciousness I belong to? And then the second one is, how will intimate physical human relationships be affected with the shift?

ELIAS: (Grinning and chuckling) Much to your liking ... (everybody cracks up) ... you shall be experiencing new heights of creativity! (Much laughter, with Elias sporting a big grin!) And no, I do not incorporate sexual activity within my area of consciousness! (Chuckling) Family -- family of Milumet, aligned within this present focus ... within this present focus, you have chosen to be aligning with two families; one of Sumari and one of Tumold.

JIM: Elias, may I ask a personal question? I have known this woman since she was fourteen and I was nineteen, and we have felt as close as any two people could ever feel. So obviously we assume that we have known each other at other times, in other dimensions, in other areas. Is there any validity to what I feel?

ELIAS: As I have stated earlier within this eve, all of you have incorporated focuses together. This connection, so to speak, that you feel, this recognition that you incorporate, is not that of other focuses. This would be a commonality in fragmentation; being fragmented of the same essence within a very similar tone, therefore incorporating much non-physical activity within consciousness in connection.

CAROL: Elias, will there ever be a tying together of these nine children that are born now, in a mass understanding on the planet? Or will it all be just taking place, and people won’t recognize that these nine babies are growing up and that this is a part of the shift?

ELIAS: In part, many individuals shall be recognizing of this manifestation. Many individuals shall be allowing themselves this information. They may be translating this information in different manners, but it matters not, for they shall hold an awareness. But these small ones shall not grow to be, all, within your public forum, but some.

Q: How will they be educated? How will their educations affect them?

ELIAS: Each are being educated differently. Each exchanges experiences with the others. Therefore, they each shall be experiencing different aspects of physical focus, different belief systems, different educations. In this, they offer each other all of these experiences.

RON: Elias, can I interrupt for a tape change?

ELIAS: Quite. Are you wishing to be discontinuing, or are you wishing for a break? (Several folks say "Break!") Very well!


PAUL: We’re still here!

ELIAS: And so are we! (Chuckling, and we all crack up -- it was the middle of the night! Are we nuts or what?)

MIKE 1: I’d like to ask the spelling of the name I asked you earlier?

ELIAS: A-L-L-U-M. (The ice-skater focus)

MIKE 1: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

FRANK: Elias, you mentioned before, on the question the gentleman had about Oversoul Seven, that you had participation in the co-creation of the book itself?

ELIAS: Much to your surprise! (Grinning)

FRANK: Much to my surprise! (Laughter) Can you expand on that, and also if you had any more involvement in other facets of the Jane Roberts/Seth material where you had a co-creation and involvement, which I expect you do?

ELIAS: Limited, in your terms. This was an interaction with another essence quite connected within consciousness to this individual focus of this woman. Therefore the interaction, for the most part, was exclusive.

Within the creation of this one written material, this individual shall have expressed to you all that your teacher was not involved in its creation. There was an awareness on the part of this individual of interaction of other aspects of consciousness. This was interpreted by this individual to be aspects of herself, of her own essence. In part, this is a correct assessment, but only in part; for within an interaction within this time period of this creation, you may view this essence of Elias to be comparable to the role of Cypress. You may interpret an interaction which was ongoing, in your terms, of this essence and your teacher within the creation of this written material. The individual physically focused was very aware that this material was not produced with objective awareness within herself. Therefore, she also held an awareness that this information was acquired, in her terms, from somewhere else; another interaction.

Now; I express to you that this one written element is important to you also, for this written material was a projection of now, and you may view the characters of this book as those in the same as the individuals which incorporate the pyramid action presently within physical focus, of these individual present: Lawrence, Shynla, Olivia, Michael. They are your characters within this book. These are the same, within the four main characters originally, within the original initial scripts of these books. The information incorporated into these books was a projection for now; for within this time period, you may understand the action of your shift and the information which has been offered with the intent of the Sumafi, to be delivering information to you of reality that you now may understand as not only a story.

FRANK: That’s why we’re here, right?

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore, this being answering of the tiles also, and the city, and the reasoning of the game of the development of the city with your teacher, and the development of the interaction in creating of this city within interaction of this essence also; for this is the reality that you have created, and that you are creating, and that is created.

In this, you have been offered information of Dream Walkers. You have been offered information of your city. You have been offered information of aspects of self that may be materializing temporarily as projections of yourselves to be fulfilling of certain actions that you choose. These individuals do not hold in your terms a beginning and an end, for they appear only momentarily within your existence of physical focus. This also is diagrammed within this book. Within this book also is offered information of the aspect of simultaneous time and your affectingness within past, present and future, and that there is no differentiation. This book offers you information that you may alter realities within what you view to be established past. It may change. It is no more solidified than what you view to be future, and that past may interact with future and skip your present, and your present is influencing of all, as all is present, for there is no past and there is no future. It is all now. Therefore, you may change your tiles.

I offer you also now, in expanding our information, a challenge -- to be finding your tile. More have been added to this city within these individuals, and now you may challenge yourselves to create one. View your tile within this future city, which is reality. You shall find it; and you may view these tiles and you may share the image of these tiles as you recognize them and their function. You may access this within your dream state, or you may access this within your waking state. It is your choice; but you may access.

JIM: What happens when we find the tile? (Elias starts laughing) Is it a tile we can touch and tones come out, or....?

ELIAS: You shall express to me! ...

JIM: Oh, okay. I’ll create it!

ELIAS: ... which is that you find, for you shall be creating of that tile which is in alignment of your family. Therefore, you shall know its function and you shall know the design which is imprinted upon it.

PAUL: So the design of the tile is what we’re searching for in creating it? There will be a resonance that will allow us to recognize it?

ELIAS: Yes, for you may view your tile within your dream state and you may visually see this tile. You may incorporate subjective bleed-through into your waking awareness and you may see before you the tile, and you may also duplicate its design. You may merely create a drawing of its design, or you may create the tile! And as you create the tile, you may alter another tile within the city, as did Ma-ah. (Staring intently at Paul)

MIKE 1: Elias, after your request, I immediately got a vision of a hand pressing against a forehead, but not in like a visual term, and it feels like my tile already.

ELIAS: And what be your symbol? (Staring at Michael)

MIKE 1: The symbol that I can figure is ... help is the only word, aid is the only word I can think of.

ELIAS: Which translates into a figure, which you shall also connect with. Lawrence, express memory tile!

VICKI: The memory tile is like a spiral. It starts in the middle, and it goes out like this.

ELIAS: This being an example of the image, the symbol that shall be upon the tile. They are all different. No two are the same.

MIKE 1: I’ll do mine!

ELIAS: Very good!

JO: Elias, does it help to know what family that you’re in, and will we be more prone to find out what families we’re in and become more focused on that rather that our birth families, for example? It sounds as though the identification of those families really is important to us.

ELIAS: Within one aspect you may view this holding importance, although the importance should not be exaggerated to be all-consuming; for this creates more belief systems, and you shall create your cults around your belief systems of your families! It is valuable only for your own information, in understanding of self and your intent and your creations. Many, many individuals within this Sumari class are not Sumari! ... (grinning at Frank, and we all crack up) ... but share a recognition of the interaction and harmony of all of these families, for there is no separation. (To Jo) Family of Ilda, alignment with Borledim.

JO: Thank you.

PAUL: Elias may I ask you my alignment?

ELIAS: Family of Sumari ... (snapping around to Frank) Mark this! (as we all crack up) ... alignment with Sumafi.

MIKE 2: Elias, may I have my family please?

ELIAS: Family of Vold, alignment with Sumari.

(To Bunny) Family of Milumet; alignment, Tumold. (To Donna) Family, Vold; alignment, Sumari (To Louise) Family, Vold; alignment, Ilda. (To Jim) Family, Sumari; alignment, Sumafi (To Mike 1) Family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari (To Linda) Family, Zuli; alignment, Sumafi.

PAUL: Wow!

MIKE 1: Elias, earlier you indicated my family was Gramada?

ELIAS: Correct! (Grinning) Within this interaction, there is more alignment than is expressed within one family. Within physical focus, not often but at times, individuals choose to be aligning with more than one family. At times, individuals choose to be belonging to more than one family. Therefore, it is not set within stone that you may only align with one or be an aspect of one. At times, individuals change their alignment with family. This is not common within essence, but it is more common within focuses. It is not impossible within essence, although it is not generally chosen. Within a lack of decision for one alignment, essence chooses two; and you may find the harmony of those, for they are not within conflict.

JIM: I remember in some of the Seth material that Seth had said if mankind didn’t make certain choices at this point in time, that the species could degenerate into cults and religious wars.

ELIAS: Quite! This is the prediction of your religious era!

JIM: Well, you could choose that probability rather than the other probability. Is that what he meant?

ELIAS: You have chosen already to be manifesting this shift, although within any moment you may choose differently. But within this present now, you do not choose differently. You continue within your established choice of this shift. (Humorously) I shall be communicating with you and allowing you information if you are changing your decision! (Much laughter)

JIM: That I appreciate!

ELIAS: Therefore, you shall hold the ability to prepare yourself before your annihilation! (Grinning, as we all crack up)

JIM: I doubt if I’ll take an Armageddon point of view! (Laughing)

ELIAS: It is less probable! Are you wishing of more questions?

PAUL: I have one more question for today. Looking at Jane and Seth and Rob and the way they met as to their objective state, and looking at Mary, who I still haven’t met tonight, and Elias ... it’s a gender question. I’m noticing the similarities -- Jane as a female, Seth referring to an entity name of Ruburt, a male, and Seth being a male -- it’s in a very similar alignment. Why that gender choice?

ELIAS: There is no gender. Within tone, you may choose within essence a leaning within consciousness that you objectively identify and interpret as male or female. Within words, you objectively interpret within male and female. The word, which is of the essence name, is a word. It is a tone. Throughout your history, you have created these words to be names in many cases, for you identify the significance of tone. Therefore, you choose these tones, in translation into your language, to be names of identification.

Within your reality, you incorporate gender. Therefore, you also incorporate gender within your naming. Within essence, there is no distinction, although there are leanings within tones of aspects of personality. In this, you interpret this within male or female, logical or intuitive -- masculine energy, feminine passiveness. These are identifications that are relative to your physical dimension, this physical dimension. Many other physical dimensions do not incorporate gender, this being one that you have chosen to be incorporating gender; but as I have expressed, this also being an extensively complex reality. You have chosen many aspects quite intricately to be experiencing within this particular dimension of reality physically.

Within essence, it may seem coincidental that these two individuals incorporate masculine essence namings, and that these essences with engaging this energy exchange also hold masculine namings. This is an alignment within those leanings, and within personality and consciousness, that is facilitating of this exchange. It in your terms creates more of an ease to be accomplishing, through many layers of consciousness, the energy exchange which occurs. It is more difficult to be engaging the energy exchange if you are not within alignment in tone and personality and your leanings. They being the same family orientation, these two essences also being the same family orientation. They holding very similar tone, for one is fragmented of the other. In this, this essence and Michael hold extreme similar tone, being also fragmented. Lawrence also holds very similar tone, as they have been fragmented as one essence and chosen to be splitting into two essences. Therefore, there is a tremendous alignment and connection within energy and consciousness. There be your similarity and your coincidence.

PAUL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

RON: Elias, what’s Seth’s essence name?

ELIAS: (Chuckling, and we all laugh) You possess this information already, and you may be investigating to be finding of this information; for I wish not to be intrusive to individuals that this may be causing conflict within.

RON: Fair enough!

ELIAS: I am quite sure!

MIKE 1: Elias, would you be able to tell us our entity names?

ELIAS: If you are wishing. (Pause)

To Mike 1: Delal ... D-E-L-A-L. To Kristin: Martin. (Here, Elias pauses, grinning at Frank and chuckling)

FRANK: That’s another one! It’s been like this all day!

To Frank: Christian. (Pronounced in three syllables) To Donna: Ah! Martha! To Linda: Robert. To Jim: Marion. To Bunny: Kafka .... K-A-F-K-A. To Louise: Meldah ... M-E-L-D-A-H. To Paul: Caroll ... C-A-R-O-L-L. To Jo: Tyl .......T-Y-L. To Mike 2: Abram.

Note: Here, we lose a minute while Jim changes the battery in his camera. Kristin asks how to spell her essence name, and Jim, not hearing her, asks a question before Elias answers.

JIM: Elias, my wife has a grandson who seems to be very special. He almost radiates peace and a very loving personality. We feel that there’s something special about him, and she wants to know if that feeling is correct. I’m not sure if you can tune in on that. His name is Tyler.

ELIAS: (Accessing) You shall notice a more pronounced expression in many small ones of the qualities of intent which manifest within physical focus of essence, as you are approaching the actualization of your shift. Therefore, you interpret correctly within an essence of Milumet. (To Kristin, chuckling) You have chosen, in similarity to another essence, to not be offering objective spelling. Therefore, it may not be offered! (Laughter) Within essence, you choose presently not to be translating into written language, only within tone and sound.

FRANK: (To Kristin) That’s so like you! (Laughter)

ELIAS: In similarity to another who is refusing to be offering of consistent spelling! (Referring to Vicki’s son; essence name Kyari)

MIKE 1: Elias, this afternoon, in a deep dream-like trance that we were going to do today, I came up with the name Mark, which at the time I was figuring as an entity name, but I’m not really sure. Delal sounds much more homey. (Somebody says "Homey???" and we all crack up)

ELIAS: A little gray squashy guy! (Laughing) This is a recognition of a name chosen for a physical focus that you hold. Therefore, your identification for yourself, but not within the entirety of essence.

MIKE 1: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

I shall be expressing to you this evening of great affection, and I shall be discontinuing for this evening and anticipating our interaction as it continues. In this, greatly affectionately, I bid you all au revoir!

Elias departs at 3:22 AM. (We musta been nuts!)

Note: For clarification, here is an identification of four essence names used in this transcript:

Michael -- Mary Lawrence -- Vicki Shynla -- Cathy Olivia -- Ron

* Here, we lose audio on our tape at 1:51 AM. Many thanks to James Bramley and Bob Terrio for sharing their recordings so we could complete this transcript, as our equipment didn’t record all of the sound. Thanks to Jim and Bob, the transcripts from Elmira are much more complete than they would have been.

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Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.