Session 183
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"Feeling Tones/Prophecies"

Sunday, June 15, 1997 (Public 4) © 1997
This session was held at The Bodhi Tree bookstore in West Hollywood. There were twenty participants.
Elias arrives at 2:31 PM. (Time was twenty-five seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon. (Smiling)


This shall be our discussion this day. This is important, that you allow yourself the ability to interpret feelings as opposed to emotion, for feeling is that which will be directing you in what you view to be "properly." Many individuals confuse emotions with feeling tone. The words "feeling tone" are used throughout many of your different belief systems. There is in actuality a feeling tone within you which allows you to identify energy. This also is part of your language to yourself. This feeling tone that is within you, within this particular dimension, is basically the same for all of your species. Now; it may be interpreted differently by different individuals as they filter through their belief systems, and also interpret either from a thought-focused element or an emotionally-focused element. Emotionally-focused individuals automatically translate this tone into emotion. Therefore, it may be easily confused and distorted. There are many reasons why the identification of this feeling tone is important. This, if identified properly, may offer you information which you do not necessarily hold objectively. It may also confirm to you those elements within your reality that are belief systems and those elements which are not belief systems.

Recently, we have spoken of a very complicated concept of fragmentation which I shall not go into this day, but in relation to this, many, many individuals presently are influenced by information which is presented to them within this now dealing with entities within other dimensions. As you are moving into the actualization of your shift in consciousness, you may encounter many different ideas and concepts which are made into new belief systems. These are offered as belief systems, as individuals do not hold explanations for the feeling tone that they hold and the information that may bleed through as a result of the recognition of this tone. You, in your offering information to other individuals and being helpful within the movement of this shift, must also be recognizing and aware of these other elements. We have spoken previously of individuals holding strong religious affiliations or very strong scientific belief systems. Now we shall move into areas where individuals hold belief systems which concern other dimensions, for you shall encounter many of these also. First of all, I express to you that these other dimensions are reality. As they bleed through into this dimension within the movement of your shift, the individuals within focuses of this dimension do not hold information and understanding of the subjective bleed-throughs that they encounter. Therefore, they create belief systems based upon the information that they acquire as bleed-through information. Some of the information that they hold is accurate, although they attempt to be fitting this information into the confines of the belief systems within this dimension. This does not quite always work. Therefore, they invent terminology and concepts that seem to be viable. Those of you that are aware of this shift in consciousness and are moving in the direction of its furthering motion need be aware that there are vast numbers of individuals that hold focuses of essence within other dimensional focuses that are presently, and have been for a time, bleeding through into their objective awareness. This is not to be discounted. Within the action of your shift, you shall become objectively aware of other dimensional activity.

This shift is limited to this dimension and this planet. Within your species you shall be objectively less separated within physical focus to essence, which shall allow you a recognition of other focuses of essence which are not all contained within this one dimension. Just as it is important for you to allow yourself the ability to relate to individuals within religious belief systems and scientific belief systems, it is also important for you to allow yourself the ability to relate to individuals that hold belief systems concerning other dimensions. This would be including extra-terrestrials; that which you term to be aliens. (Smiling) Not all individuals within this particular dimension physically-focused hold vast numbers of physical focuses within other dimensions. Many individuals do not allow themselves an objective awareness of any connections to other dimensions, but there are also very many individuals upon your planet that do objectively experience a connection with other dimensional focuses. Even those individuals that do not experience bleed-throughs of other dimensional focuses are affected within this now by some of their other dimensional focuses, as you approach the thinning of the veil between dimensions within the action of your shift. In this, I wish to offer you information to lessen confusion.

A feeling tone, within itself, is different from an emotion that you call a feeling. Think to yourselves, for you all have held an experience similar, of walking into an unfamiliar setting within your space arrangement. You sense something within the space. You immediately translate this sense into what you identify as an emotion. You express that this space feels happy or oppressive or silly or sad. These are emotions. The recognition, within a sense, that you held immediately was the feeling tone. You are very adept at translation, and it is immediate. Therefore, you may confuse yourselves in interpreting the emotion to be the same as the feeling. Feelings are not always emotion. I use this term of feeling instead of sensing because it is a thing that you feel within your body consciousness. It is different from a mere sensing, as you would sense danger. Within a feeling, your subjective awareness and your body consciousness are working in harmony to offer you information. You only do not recognize what you are being offered in this information. This extends farther than only in identification of what you may think of as elements that you sense, for this feeling tone may be very instrumental and useful to you within your everyday interactions. If you are allowing yourself to be tuned to self, you may recognize within encounters of other individuals your own response in feeling tone, which is very subtle but is also in many instances very different from the reactions or responses that may be invoked through your belief systems.

Your thought processes and your emotions are filtered through your belief systems. Therefore, they may be clouded; but in like manner to impulses, feeling tones offer you more accurate directions. You may also understand that these feeling tones are not an impulse of yours. They are a feeling that you tune into, in receptiveness to another individual or place or thing. It is a resonance within you.

Now; as I use this word of resonance, individuals interpret this as being an action that you shall objectively identify immediately, with no question. An element shall be resonating within you. This means, obviously, there shall be some major vibration occurring within you which shall obviously be signaling you. This is not always the case. We have spoken of that inner voice and how quiet it may be, and how very loud your belief systems may be in overriding that very small voice. In this, many times this feeling tone may be quite subtle also. Each of you may practice in allowing yourselves to be recognizing of these tones with individuals around you. You may also practice with places around you. Objects may invoke feeling tones within you also.

I wish you to understand that although individuals within this dimension hold belief systems as to extra-terrestrial activity, they also hold an inner knowing. I am well aware that there are divisions within you, of those that believe intensely that other beings, so to speak, exist within other planetary systems, and there are those among you who do not. I express to you that this is reality also. There are many elements which you shall be confronted with within the movement of this shift that challenge your belief systems, or appear outside of your accepted reality within your belief systems. (Pause)

I shall move to opening to questioning, if you are so disposed this day, for I perceive of anxious energy within these individuals present. (Staring at Tom)

RETA: Elias, may I ask you to expound on resonance?

ELIAS: As I have stated, this is not always an action or a feeling that shall appear extremely obvious to you, although as this occurs, this resonance, you shall recognize truthfulness in that which you are encountering. You shall hold a knowing within you. You may not always hold the ability to identify what you are recognizing, but you shall hold a knowing within you of its reality. Therefore, as you are confronted with other situations ... with other teachers, with individuals, with belief systems ... you may discern for yourself that which is true, in that it will resonate a tone within you; this being why there are individuals among you that hold such definite, absolute, unswerving beliefs in other dimensional focuses and activity. I classify this as beliefs for they recognize the tone, and subsequently they develop belief systems to interpret what they have identified within tone, knowing that it does not match with this individual physical reality.

Be remembering that many individuals do not hold information and have not yet offered themselves the opportunity to be acquiring information to give them an explanation of those tones which they have connected with. This is not to say that your only identification within feeling tone is concerned with other dimensional focuses. Within this dimension, you hold feeling tones within all different areas. It is an identification within you, in your terms, of the "rightness" of an element, although there is no rightness involved. It is the same as striking your note of E within one octave and striking your note of E within another octave simultaneously. This is the same as the resonance within you. Your subjective awareness and your body consciousness together resonate simultaneously, in recognition of the "trueness" of certain situations.

RETA: Is the energy system that we're using to receive this tone or this feeling or this impulse electromagnetic? What kind of energy system are we using?

ELIAS: Yes, this would be electromagnetic in nature.

RETA: Is the impulse related to the feeling? Is that your description of getting the feeling?

ELIAS: No. Just as within your present objective language, you may discuss many different subject matters, correct? Quite. In like manner, impulses are one type of communication of essence to you within the objective focus. Feeling tone is another subject, so to speak. This is an identification of elements, a recognition of different elements. Impulses are instructional; these are directional. Impulses are directing you to be moving in certain areas to be accomplishing certain activity. This is your language to yourself from essence, which is ongoing throughout your focus. This occurs continuously. A feeling tone is a method of identification. This, although frequent, is not as constant as impulse.

RETA: Thank you.

TOM: I have a question. I read a book here recently pertaining to the Torah and a secret code that was in the Torah. Could you validate that in any way?

ELIAS: I have spoken once before previously of information which was encoded and also stored secretly for its own protection, in an effort to be not distorting of the information. This, I have expressed, is upon your planet. As I am recalling ... if correctly, which I am correct! (laughter) ... you yourself were inquiring of these supposed lost records, and I was informing that they would be uncovered within the proper time framework. Within this present now, this is a discovery of one. You are looking for scrolls buried within caves, for this is quite mystical! But within reality, you possess the information already, to an extent. There are some elements of information that you do not possess as of this present now for you have not found them, but many are within your possession presently. You only do not know how to read them. You are discovering through different languages, not necessarily languages of words but languages of numbers, elements which are encoded within information that you already possess. Just as we have been speaking of your genetics, there is much you do not recognize within this present now, only as you have not looked far enough.

TOM: So what you're saying is, the information they're finding in the Torah now isn't information.

ELIAS: Quite to the contrary. It is!

TOM: So then you are validating it?


TOM: Okay. It also states that every physically focused person is going to be written about one time or another in the Torah. If so, can you elaborate to us what's written in the Torah about you? (Elias chuckles) To the now ... not the past to the future or the future to the past, but now ... about Elias and the changing of the shift.

ELIAS: This shall be found also.

TOM: All right ... (expressing exasperation)

ELIAS: Within investigation, you shall find this name.

TOM: I will, I will, but I want to hear it from you! (Laughter) I know it!

ELIAS: Just as you may find every other name within the encoding and you will also find events and the significance of each event, you shall also find the significance of this event in conjunction with this name.

TOM: I knew I would! Would we find "The Thesis Of Life" in there?

ELIAS: (Laughing) Your purpose is to experience remembering! I shall also offer to you that as you hold the ability to be altering of probabilities within every given moment, within what you seek, the name that you seek shall be that of Elias and not Rastin, for collectively you all have changed this probability in an acceptance of this identification. (

DREW: Regarding this encoding that I don't know much about, from what I understand there is some interpretation of prophecy in it. And I'm wondering how something can prophesy what is not yet, in our terms, an actualized probability ... in our terms.

ELIAS: Quite easily, for all time is simultaneous. Therefore, it occurs now; although as within what you term to be past probabilities, you hold the ability to alter these.

DREW: What I'm wondering is, if probabilities are changeable at any moment, how something that was written in the past can determine what probability we're going to choose in the future, again speaking in our terms of linear time? Or were these written, with some awareness subjectively, outside of simultaneous time?

ELIAS: This is an encoding, as there are many other encodings upon your planet and within yourself, which holds information of a wide-spectrum viewing of the probabilities actualized within simultaneous time. It is as if you would step yourself outside of this particular dimensional reality for a moment and objectively view the whole of this dimensional reality, which occurs simultaneously. Therefore, as opposed to viewing in segments linearly, you simultaneously view the whole of probabilities at once and then project these into writing form. There are too many probabilities simultaneously occurring to be expressed within the language of your words. Therefore, it has been encoded in a much more efficient method.

You are within a reality that is held within the confines of a time framework. In this, you look forward and backwards. Outside of this particular physical manifestation, this does not hold true. Therefore, you may access information of simultaneous time. You are not expressing predictions of future events. You are viewing what is occurring presently and what probabilities are being chosen presently.

DREW: So encoded within this information, if we could understand it, are all probabilities? Or the ones we're choosing? I'm a little confused by this because it does beg the question of predictions. If something written--again in our terms, in the past--outlines those probabilities which we are choosing now, it stands to reason ... I mean that's essentially the same as saying, in the past they knew what we would be doing now, again in our terms. And therefore also in the future. And if it implies in this encoding that an event will take place in the future, isn't that the same as predicting which probability we're going to choose and actualize?

ELIAS: This is dangerous territory, for you within physical focus lean in tendency to view predictions as not being probabilities, but absolutes that are unchangeable. Therefore, you also lean in the direction of predestination. These are incorrect. These are viewings encoded of probabilities, but there are no closed systems. Therefore, although a probability may be tapped and viewed, it may also be altered.

Now; let us view probabilities as not predestined and absolutes. You may witness a prediction of an event upon your planet that you may view to be catastrophic. In this, it is presented as an absolute. It is a prediction. Within the knowledge of probabilities, it stands here. (Indicating center) It is viewed. It is actualized within simultaneous time, but all probabilities are actualized within simultaneous time. Therefore, if so choosing, the consciousness of those individuals wishing to alter this probability may move this probability to an alternate reality. (Indicating right) It is still actualized. It is not actualized within your reality.

All probabilities are actualized. Therefore, you enter danger zones when you look to prophecies and predictions of any type and hold these as absolutes, for they are not. All probabilities may be altered at any moment. You may remanifest within thirteen twelve and alter two thousand forty-five, for it is all simultaneous. It shall be actualized within probabilities any event which has been chosen, but any other event may be actualized also.

LESLIE: I'm not exactly sure about where this has since originated from the past in terms of what you are talking about, but are you saying, for example, if someone were to ... If each person in this room met with somebody and delivered a probability as to where we would be today, they would all be different from each person's perspective. But because we have that ability to, like you say, change and choose at the last minute, each person decides to come here instead. So it's not that the probabilities that were expressed were any less valid. It's just that at any particular time we chose to be or to act out another probability. Is that what you're saying?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

DREW: It just makes me wonder what the value of a document like the one we've been discussing is then, if encoded in it are specific events that are supposed to happen within our reality, when in fact those events may or may not happen, depending on what we choose to actualize.

ELIAS: This is quite right, although within your belief systems this information lends energy to your belief systems of absolutes. (Spoken deliberately) Also, view how timely this information is expressed to you, in a reinforcement of your religious era which is entering its close. You are moving into the action of your shift in consciousness globally, moving out of your era of religious focus. I have expressed to you previously, this shall not be let go so easily! These are mass belief systems. They are quite strong. These belief systems have held predictions which, en masse, individuals accept. Therefore, within the action of your shift, your task is to be altering of these probabilities which have been actualized, which need not be actualized.

We shall break, and I shall continue presently.

BREAK: 3:33 PM RESUME: 3:46 PM (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing.

RETA: I have another question. I'm going back to the feelings. That was very interesting, but I have a few things that I need to know. You were saying that the tone, the understanding tone or the tone of the feeling, might be the same in all dimensions?

ELIAS: No. The tone is the same within this dimension. Its interpretation may be different with different individuals, but the tone itself is the same.

RETA: Okay. And then within other dimensions, they might have the same feeling at simultaneous times?

ELIAS: No. Within other dimensions, there may also be a recognition of exchange if this has occurred, as within what we have discussed previously of Dimin. If an essence is choosing to exchange focuses within different dimensions, both focuses shall hold a recognition of a difference within their focus, but they shall not necessarily understand what this difference is. Therefore, belief systems are developed around the occurrence to be offering an explanation to the individual.

RETA: Are we considering this tone to be color?

ELIAS: No. This is a feeling tone. Just as within the tone of your essence name, you translate this into a word, but it is not a word. It is a tone; which I have expressed, it is not a color and it is not a sound either. It is a vibrational quality.

RETA: Right. I just want to keep all of them separated. Would this vibrational quality then give other focuses (inaudible)? Or is it gonna be more vibrant or resonant in you because it belongs to you?

ELIAS: You will hold a recognition of other focuses, and to an extent some of your counterparts, within this recognition of tone. But what I have been expressing to you this day is in relation to belief systems and a recognition of the differentiation of belief systems, and a knowing of occurrences and events within essence. Within this particular dimension you manifest emotion, which you confuse with feeling. Feeling may suggest to you identifications of other qualities of essence which are bleeding through into your objective awareness. Emotions are responses within this dimension that you have developed as a quality of experience.

RETA: If we were to say feelings, then it might come through as qualities of essence that maybe we should translate and we don't have the language, and so these feelings, these vibrations, kind of get a language to us. Would we have a better knowing in the dream state than in waking state of that feeling?

ELIAS: At times, although within your dream imagery you choose symbolism that may be confusing to you. Therefore, I am suggesting to you that you be recognizing of this feeling quality within you within your objective waking state and allow yourself the ability to identify this feeling, which you may also interpret as intuition within your objective state, therefore allowing yourself a fuller ability to be understanding and communicating with other individuals within the action of this shift.

GAIL: I have a question about the feelings. I sense and pick up feelings from other people, and I'm wondering how that fits into the feeling translated into emotion.

ELIAS: This is moving into a different area than that of which we are speaking. This is directly influenced by emotion. Within an empathic ability, you may connect with another individual and you may empathically receive emotion or physical feelings from another individual. You are sharing their experience. This is a different action from the feeling tone of identification. A feeling tone, I see, is very difficult for many of you to be understanding! This feeling is basically essence language to you in communication for the purpose of identification of energy. Things, places and people are comprised of energy. This feeling tone allows you an identification of these elements within energy.

GAIL: Well, if I'm looking at a magazine and I see plates, and a certain set of plates just is really familiar but I can't place it, am I picking up a recognition of a tone?

ELIAS: In actuality, yes. This would serve as an example, for it is your interpretation. As I have expressed, you each interpret differently, but initially what is occurring is a resonance of identification. This may be in identification of another focus, another reality, another dimension, a counterpart, an alternate self, or myriads of other situations. It initially objectively manifests as an identification, a tone, a resonance, which you then translate into a drawing to, a response of emotion, a thought process, a pushing away, or a disdain. It is not always in the direction of drawing to yourself. You may hold a recognition within a feeling tone which you may identify as distasteful to you. This also is a feeling tone.

GAIL: How do we translate it into emotion? Is it automatic?

ELIAS: Yes. Individuals emotionally-focused shall automatically, instantaneously translate into emotion. Thought-focused individuals may vary. At times, they may automatically translate into an emotion. At other times, they may automatically translate into a thought process.

GAIL: When Matthew and I were having a discussion about sales or salesmen and I responded to the word sales, is that what I did is recognize the tone, the feeling, and automatically, emotionally respond to it?

ELIAS: Yes. It is a translation.

GAIL: This is what we're going to be doing with other-dimensional focuses?

ELIAS: Yes, although within this present now you hold the feeling tone, but you do not hold the identification. You do not understand, for you do not objectively view the vastness of your consciousness. Within the accomplishment of your shift, you shall be objectively aware of your other focuses.

Now; as I have expressed previously, although you may be not remembering, this is not to say that within the accomplishment of your shift that you shall be walking about your planet completely confused, not knowing your own identification for you are confusing yourself with all of your other focuses bleeding in and out! It is merely to express to you that the availability to access your other focuses is present ... with ease, at will, intentionally, not what you view to be as accidentally. Although there are no accidents!

GAIL: This past week I had an experience of doing a TFE, but into the future, and that experience of experiencing myself in this city and the feelings that I felt there was translated back to me ... I don't know if it's necessarily objectively or just consciously. Is that the type of experience that we're going to be able to experience at will, as opposed as going through a process to get there? (


VICKI: I'd like to ask a question about that. In this experiment that we tried of going to the future to access information that was lost in one of our recent sessions ... I do believe that this is quite possible ... we did get to a place where we could look up records. It appeared that what we actually accessed was information from maybe an alternate reality? I'm wondering if that impression is correct, but I'm also wondering if there is a more efficient way or direction for us to go in, because we plan to do it again.

ELIAS: Yes, you have accessed an alternate reality; for just as I have expressed many times, you may be crossing your street or you may be crossing your country and returning and then crossing your street, which is what you have accomplished. You have chosen to be routing yourself around a very lengthy path to be accessing information which is directly before you. If you are choosing to be accessing the information, you may access what you view to be past quite simply, and you may "re-listen."

VICKI: And this would be more efficient?

ELIAS: Quite. Or, you may project slightly forward if you are choosing, which is less efficient but also will be accomplishing, and allow yourselves to be viewing the finished product, so to speak.

RETA: Can I ask a question about that night also? I know they asked you about that night, and you said there was a focus that came in with energy that disrupted the tape and that's why we have so much static. Well, in the past few weeks I had asked about getting a more medical associate. I had suggested that maybe because of some of my interests that we might get a more medical group with you, or someone with you maybe to sit in. And then I started thinking on the way home, it was that energy focus that came in that didn't have his energy quite focused. Was he more of a medical authority? Was he an associate that you could say might have disturbed that tape? Or am I way off in left field?

ELIAS: This would be an interpretation, associating the intent with medical, for in actuality it is not necessarily directed in the area of medical ...

RETA: Medical slash scientific ...

ELIAS: ... but healing.

RETA: Okay, healing. Would that energy, that healing, have been in that same intent? I mean, that's why the electric impulses were bad? Or am I saying that wrong?

ELIAS: The energy was disrupting of your electrical equipment for it is undirected presently, and is attempting to focus within a more specific alignment and direction. As this occurs, the energy becomes less scattered, which also affects electrical elements within your reality less.

NORM: Was that energy from another focus here in this reality?


NORM: I have some questions in regard to remote viewing. Ingo Swan, about 30 years ago, developed remote viewing with the Stanford Research Institute for the intelligence agency of the US Government. Recently that has been disbanded and another individual, a political scientist in Georgia by the name of Richard Courtney, I believe his name is, has taken up the gauntlet, so to speak, and in his book, I believe it's called Cosmic Voyage, he described a remote viewing of Mars and aliens there on Mars. As you mentioned earlier, this could be part of the confusion. That's one question I have in regard to this, and another question I have in regard to this is, how filtering are our belief systems in the application of remote viewing by focuses here in this reality?

ELIAS: Each of you holds this ability. This is not an action that is limited to certain individuals. It is an actualization of inner senses, which you may develop and you may accomplish within also. Within the action of your shift, this shall be a natural occurrence.

As to the accuracy of information delivered and the influence of belief systems within this area, this would be depending upon the individual engaging this inner sense. It also is dependent upon the focus of the viewing; for if you are viewing elements within your own dimension that you are familiar with, you may be accurately describing and relaying information as to what you view. If you are accessing viewing other dimensions to which manifestations upon a planet within your present solar system would be indicative of another dimension ... for within this dimension these planets within your solar system do not hold life as you recognize or intelligence as you recognize ... this may be a viewing within another dimension, but this is subject to interpretation and belief system filtration, for you shall view elements that are unfamiliar and unknown to you. Therefore, to be objectively expressing an explanation of these viewings, you must within your objective consciousness rearrange the information to fit your language and your imagery.

LESLIE: (To Norm) Did that answer your question?

NORM: Yes.

LESLIE: It's funny you should just mention now the inner senses, because as you were talking about the feeling tones and emotions and all these things and as you talk about the shift that is occurring, I personally feel as though my life has been dull and boring for the last fifteen years while everything else around me is changing, although the last two years I think that there were some profound changes. As we are going through this shift, what are we expected to experience in terms of our emotions, our psychological experiences, and things like that? Maybe that might explain what I may have been going through for the last two years. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: Quite. You shall be experiencing much subjective bleed-through information into objective reality. In this, let me express that the definition I offer for subjective activity would be all of that type of consciousness which is not waking consciousness. This would be including all altered states, in your terminology, all other focuses, all dream imagery, all of which you consider to be removed or subconscious. Many individuals within their belief systems also attribute this to being super-consciousness or cosmic consciousness. They are all the same. They are subjective awareness, which is the larger aspect of you as essence. This holds tremendous information and also imagery.

In this, within this particular dimension you have been extremely selective in your manifestation, limiting your awareness to only objective awareness, allowing for slight amounts of subjective bleed-through. Within the action of this shift, you have opened the floodgates and allowed the subjective awareness to rush into objective awareness. Therefore, within your waking state, within your consciousness that you recognize as you and that you are aware of, you may experience many different types of occurrences. Some individuals within your present now encounter what they term to be aliens. These are focuses of their essence. Some individuals experience what they term to be walk-ins. These are exchanges of focuses of other dimensions. They are reality. Some individuals experience bleed-throughs of information and imagery of focuses within this dimension, that which you classify as past lives. Individuals may be experiencing alterations in imagery within their waking, everyday experience. Objects within their experience may alter. You may view a chair, and it may be become another object, and it may return to a chair. You may experience many altered states of consciousness spontaneously, without effort, not intentionally. You may experience increase in projection or out-of-body experiences. These are all natural, normal elements of essence which you are allowing yourself to objectively become aware of.

Within this action you also encounter many of your held belief systems, for these are blocking elements. Therefore, they surface to be addressed, that they may be accepted and your awareness may be widened in these areas; for within the accomplishment of your shift globally, there is no place for the non-acceptance of these belief systems. This is not an elimination of belief systems! It is an acceptance in awareness of their existence and a neutralization of their power.

LESLIE: I see. Could I ask one quick question about my essence name perhaps, or anyone else who has not been here before?

ELIAS: You very well may!

LESLIE: Okay ...

ELIAS: And your family is correct!

MJ: Sumafi, right? (Laughing)


LESLIE: Sumari, actually.


LESLIE: That was my second choice. Tell me! I'm open to anybody's name! (Laughter)

ELIAS: The family that you choose to be belonging to is not that of Sumari, but of Sumafi.

LESLIE: Hmmm ... that's so bizarre!

ELIAS: The essence name that you resonate ... (Looking at Vic and laughing) Now you may capitalize Gaya! (

LESLIE: Gaya! Gaya?

ELIAS: (Still laughing) This also you have objectively, within mass belief systems, attributed to a name of earth tone.

LESLIE: Earth tone. I'm confused. Is it Earth Tone or is it Gaya?

ELIAS: The name is Gaya.

LESLIE: How do you spell that?


LESLIE: Oh my god! (Laughing) Oh wow! Thank you!

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

RON: Elias, due to the fact that we're dealing with physical time frameworks here, I'm afraid we're going to have to cut this short.

ELIAS: Very well. Are you wishing of any other questioning? One?

CAROLE: Just one. Hopefully, it won't be too long. There was talk before of coded information in the Torah. There is a text called The Keys of Enoch, and I wanted to know if there is a correlation and if there is some additional coded information in that text, and whether that text is particularly geared toward those who have the dimensional focuses that I have, and others like me.

ELIAS: There is coded information within this text also, although it has not been accessed as to this present now. Therefore, you are not privy to its information. It shall be futurely accessed within a similar context of mathematics. This shall offer information within a similar respect to the information that has been uncovered, so to speak, presently. Although be remembering, this is a dangerous area, for it may not be viewed as absolute. These are probabilities that have been viewed in what you view to be previous, which is simultaneously now. It offers you information to allow you to be recognizing of probabilities, and also to be concentrating energy within consciousness to be altering of these probabilities. They are not set in stone! Therefore, you hold the ability to alter these probabilities within consciousness if you are directing your energy, and you may choose to be directing alternately. (To Tom) Yes?

TOM: I'm sorry I opened that can of worms, but I was being pushed.

RETA: Was there one writer of the Torah, or several?

ELIAS: Several. This in actuality is not of what you view to be the Torah. This would be the ancient text of these Hebrews of the Talmud which offers the encoding. We shall speak also more.

I shall be offering to you all, very affectionately ... unless you are wishing for more essence names, for Lawrence is quite enamored with these! (Oh, shut up!)

GAIL: I would like to know what Ron's is.

PAULA: What would my essence name be?

ELIAS: Sela. Another as Shynla! (I'm speculating here that Paula also holds what Elias terms as a "dispersed essence," as does Cathy, which I'm not even going to attempt to explain!)

PAULA: Sela. Thank you.

ELIAS: (To Laura) Shall you inquire?

LAURA: I already have mine, but what's his? (Indicating her baby)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Essence name of this small one ... Tomkin; not in fragmentation presently. (Grinning, as this is an essence our group is aware of, as being associated with Elias and this energy exchange)

TOM: And Ron's?

ELIAS: Ah, with our little one! (Accessing) Sir George! You may express to Michael that you now incorporate a dragon-slayer! George.

(To Virginia) This shall be another focus approaching fragmentation; presently holding essence name of Mollney and approaching fragmentation, which will then acquire a different tone. Therefore, in your terms, within future you shall be altering of this name or tone and choosing a new tone. Very well ...

TOM: Can we discuss this in a different forum, pertaining to the can of worms?


TOM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. We shall be discontinuing for this day, and I shall be welcoming new essences to be participating within future experiences. To you all, au revoir!

Elias departs at 4:37 PM.


(1) When we first encountered Elias, he identified himself as Rastin. A few years prior, Mary had undergone a past-life regression in which she remembered a lifetime in which she had a good friend named Elias. Also, a psychic had told her that her "guide's" name was Elias. Mary is more comfortable with this name, so that's what we use.

(2) A TFE (trans-focal encounter) is our term for a "past-life regression." We use hypnosis to facilitate this experience.

(3) This is in reference to Vic's refusal to capitalize gaia in a recent transcript, when it was being used as a "name" for the earth.

© 1997 Mary Ennis/Vicki Pendley, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.