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Belief systems/The


"Belief Systems/The Shift"

Saturday, May 31, 1997 (Public 3)
This session was held at Angel's Corner in Newhall, CA. There were eighteen participants, not all of whom could be identified by name when asking questions. These questions will be indicated with a "Q". Interestingly enough, Elias begins this session with a title.
Elias arrives at 3:15 PM. (Time was thirty-five seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! (Smiling)


All of you are aware of the shift in consciousness which is presently occurring. You are engaged in consciousness within this action and lending energy to this. It is all well and good to be idealistically looking to yourselves and your future with regard to your shift, expressing to yourselves and one another how lovely and peaceful and wonderful your shift may be, but in actuality there are also practicalities that accompany this action. You are moving through belief systems which you have carried through many focuses to this present now, and these are not so easily dismissed. It also, as you view presently, is not so easily accomplished, interacting with other individuals and their belief systems.

Individuals knowing of this global shift in consciousness may be excitedly wishing to be helpful to all other individuals in offering information and lending energy, but are also faced with their own belief systems when confronted with the belief systems of other individuals. This poses confusion and conflict. Even amongst yourselves ... those of you that agree upon concepts and ideals ... you may encounter your own belief systems which clash with other individuals' belief systems. I express to you all that the purpose of your shift is not to be eliminating your belief systems, but to be accepting of your belief systems and also those of all other individuals upon your planet.

Within physical focus, you have designed this reality with belief systems. Therefore, even within your shift in consciousness you shall be holding belief systems, although you shall recognize these as belief systems and you shall be accepting of them. Therefore, they shall not hold the power that they hold presently. Our absolute key word within the action of the shift is acceptance; acceptance of self, of belief systems, and of all other individuals. This is much more difficult than you may initially perceive, for in order to be accepting of belief systems and other individuals within their belief systems, you must also be trusting of self. This moves us into areas of practicality once again, in which you experience confusion and conflict in wanting to be trusting of self, but also questioning when that trusting of self is called into question within interaction of other individuals, for you are trusting of other individuals' impressions and impulses and intuition. Therefore, you wish not to be discounting of these elements, but you also wish not to be discounting of your own, which may not appear to be in harmony. As you all well know, it is not quite so difficult to be trusting of self singularly; but as you are interacting with other individuals, here you present yourselves with confusion.

This is the reason for the importance of examining belief systems, recognizing within you your own belief systems and their weight, for some belief systems are heavier than others. Some you hold more strongly than others. In this, you also fight more diligently in defense of these belief systems. This shall be your initial indication. As you approach another individual and you are faced with the belief systems of another individual to which you disagree, examine self first before your response. Be remembering that the movement of the shift is not to be converting other individuals to your belief systems. This action of the shift encompasses all belief systems; all individuals upon your planet. Therefore, the acceptance of all belief systems is of utmost importance, for you accomplish no differently if you are holding judgment upon other individuals for the creation of their belief systems than they do with you.

The more vehemently you are expressing to another individual the rightness of your stance, the more you are indicating to yourself the intensity of the belief system that you hold. If accepting any given belief system, it is no longer important to you to be converting another individual to your thought process, for you accept their reality; for belief systems are an element of this physical reality. Therefore, each belief that each individual holds is real. It is not merely in your terms reality for this one individual. It is reality, for you are all connected. Therefore, it is your reality also. You may exceedingly disagree with another individual's creation of their reality, but this is your reality also; for you are a part of them, and they are a part of you.

This brings us to the furthering of the issue of duplicity, which extends farther than only your individual selves. These are all elements that must be addressed in the effort to be furthering the action of your shift. You hold duplicity within self, which you understand. What you forget is that you are interconnected with all other consciousness. Therefore, as you find yourself within disagreement or judgment of another individual, you are also exhibiting duplicity of self within a larger range; for there is no separation. (Pause) There are many elements to the movement of this shift within consciousness. It shall be a tremendous endeavor to be undertaking. It is requiring of tremendous energy within consciousness to be changing and moving the energy away from the established belief systems and the prophesied events into what you view as a positive motion which shall not be destructive. You do hold the power and the ability to accomplish this. (Pause)

These elements, as I have stated, require trustfulness of self. Many individuals believe ... mark this word! ... that they are trusting of self, when in actuality they are not quite trusting of self. Within your mundane everyday life, you encounter many conflicts and many confusions which arise as a lack of trust of self. Even those which have proven to themselves many times that they may genuinely trust in self slide into doubtfulness, for this duplicity is extremely strong within your belief systems.

Be remembering that this shift in consciousness has never occurred upon your planet within this dimension within your reality before. Therefore, all of your focuses which are occurring simultaneously presently are inundated with the belief systems that you have created within this reality. Therefore, they lend energy to this focus that you presently are aware of in reinforcement of these belief systems, making this action of this movement in consciousness even more difficult; but just as your religious era gained momentum and moved in what you view to be a forward motion and was accomplished quite efficiently, so also will this shift within consciousness. (Pause)

It would be quite marvelous had I a cosmic magic wand that I may wave above you all and touch to your heads and express, "Acceptance of all elements of belief systems immediately!" (Grinning) This is not how you have created your reality, which is wondrous in itself. Therefore, you must allow yourself an awareness. You must open your ears and your consciousness to all of these elements that are occurring about you, which you view daily and recognize.

Recognition is not enough. Everyone upon your planet presently recognizes that there are differences within your time period presently, that there are unusual movements, that there are differences in thought processes, that there is an acceptance of more unofficial information than there has been allowed previously; but a recognition alone, as I have stated, is not enough. Movement is also required; this being the lending of energy to be helpful within this shift. You each, having information, experience difficulty in accepting belief systems and movement within the furthering of this shift. Think to yourselves of those individuals that do not offer themselves information as of yet, for you are their messengers.

I have expressed that individuals globally shall experience trauma within the action of this shift. You yourselves experience bleed-throughs of subjective consciousness which may be confusing to you initially. You learn to identify these subjective bleed-throughs and understand that these are elements of self. Individuals who hold no objective knowledge of subjective consciousness merely develop a new belief system that they are experiencing insanity, for they also shall experience the same elements that you experience. They only do not hold explanation for these experiences; this being why there are individuals who have drawn themselves to information, to be helpful to other individuals within consciousness and within furthering this shift. (Pause)

I shall allow for your questions.

Q: Describe this bleed-through a little more thoroughly. Is it an actual change in our vision?

ELIAS: Bleed-throughs may occur in many different ways. This is subjective consciousness, that which you think of in your terminology as unconscious, which is not unconscious for there is no unconscious! All is conscious! But subjective activity and consciousness is that which you are not objectively or wakingly always aware of.

These are elements of yourself. They are elements of your essence; activity, action, events, movement that occurs continuously within the movement of this shift in consciousness. As you have all agreed upon this shift, you allow yourselves now to experience what we term to be bleed-throughs of subjective activity or consciousness into your objective waking awareness. You do this as you would be traumatizing yourselves if you were to be opening entirely at once objectively to all of your subjective knowledge. Therefore, you have chosen to be bleeding through in increments this information. It may be occurring within visions. It may be occurring within events, identifications of other focuses, increased dream imagery activity. You may visually experience differences within your waking state of physical objects and also individuals; this seeming to you at times, without information, to be a distortion of your vision. In actuality, it is a bleed-through of subjective knowledge.

It is as if your dream state may superimpose itself upon your waking state. Within your dream state, your belief systems are relaxed. Therefore, you allow yourself to experience actions, events, and elements that you do not believe you may accomplish within your waking state. Within your dream state, you may fly. Within your dream state, you may accomplish actions that are contrary to your belief systems within waking state; but as within your dream state your belief systems are relaxed and you experience a different time framework which is not linear, you are accepting of more unusual activity, in your terms. In this same manner, you are now allowing bleed-throughs of this type of activity, such as dream activity, superimposed upon waking state. You may experience differences or alterations in time frameworks. You may experience time moving very quickly or very slowly, which is demonstrating to you inner senses being activated. You may experience viewing an object within your room that momentarily distorts and becomes another object within your vision, and then becomes its original self once again. You may experience scents, smells that are unfamiliar to you. You may experience hearing different elements. You may experience more projection within consciousness, that which you term to be out-of-body-experiences. You shall also notice more of what you view as coincidence. They shall be appearing everywhere, more so than you may explain to yourself!

These are subjective bleed-throughs. These are knowings that you carry with you always but you do not recognize always, for you have created this physical reality to be viewed objectively. Therefore, within your objective reality you are not recognizing of many elements of subjective reality, which parallels and performs in harmony to your objective reality. Within your history, it has been witnessed that only those special few individuals gifted with psychic senses or witchery or sorcery would be privy to these types of awarenesses. Within this present now, as you are moving into the action of your shift, you all begin to experience these elements of subjective awareness and allow a bleed-through into your waking, objective, knowing consciousness, that you may recognize unofficial information; for unofficial information is just as much reality as your accepted official reality. There is only more to it! (Grinning)

Stella: I have a question. I have experienced a lot of this stuff that you've been talking about, and it basically happens at night. I've been dreaming a lot but I don't really quite remember, except I wake up from the dream and I know it was very busy. Also, I've been experiencing this entity around me and I keep saying, "Just go away. Go away!" because I'm a little bit afraid. It's usually like I said at night, so I have some belief system within the realm of being afraid that's like, you know, the boogie man is gonna come and get you! (Laughter) So what I do is, I cover myself more and I tell it to go away, but I've been trying this week to not do that and just see what the experience is all about, because it's really wanting to say something to me. Would you be able to tell me a little bit about that? I've also been a little bit afraid with my husband because I think maybe he's thinking of going ... not going away. He's thinking of "dying," quote/unquote, and I'm very much afraid of that. And so I keep telling him, "You cannot leave. You gotta stay." I know it's a choice. I know that. So I'm telling him not to leave. We have like ten more years to go together. This is my plan! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah! A plan! And we shall put your plan upon your path! (Chuckling) (

STELLA: So anyway, I just kind of wonder if you could maybe help me decipher some of that stuff that I just said?

ELIAS: This being another element of which we have been speaking, with the allowance of subjective bleed-through. This is not what you believe to be a cosmic entity coming to you! This is essence. This is your communication to you. You experience doubtfulness and fearfulness. Therefore, you have engaged essence to be speaking with you and offering you helpfulness and information. In this, do not be shuddering under your covers! Be welcoming, knowing that this is you within your larger, so to speak, element, which shall not betray you and shall be offering helpfulness within an understanding and identification of the belief systems that you hold presently, and the fears which arise as resulting from these belief systems.

In this, if you are allowing this essence interaction, you may also find that you shall be experiencing more of a calmness and a feeling of security within self; for individuals cling to outside, as with other individuals, when they are not quite accepting yet of self. Essence speaks to you to be helpful in accomplishing this acceptance, but your fearfulness holds this at bay and you shiver instead. Experiment with your next encounter and allow your intuitive sense to be listening, for the intuitive sense that you hold is quite tuned. Therefore, listen to your own tone.

CAROLE: Within the shift, can those people that are aware of the shift and are working with the shift ... There is the other part of our populations all over the world that seem to be working in the opposite direction. I'm talking about those people that are so involved in gang warfare and that kind of thing. I understand about accepting belief systems. My question has more to do with, where will these people and their awareness of their consciousness go at the end of the shift time? What is their point, their place?

ELIAS: As you hold these belief systems of right and wrong and good and evil, which are elements of your religious era, you view actions and experiences within this framework. Each action contributes in a fashion to the whole. You may not understand completely the benefit that occurs, but let us view within a different angle of perception.

You view much violence and negative behavior within your planet presently. I have stated previously that this is not an escalation from your past history. It is manifest differently. Therefore, it is attaining your attention differently. In this, the manifestation of the violence that you view is a rebellion against established, accepted, societal systems. Within your viewpoints you view this as wrong, but they also are making their statement in alignment with the movement of consciousness away from your established belief systems and your established accepted reality, within this what you may term to be past era. You may symbolize this in many ways, as do religious individuals and psychological individuals, and within one layer of consciousness it may hold validity in its symbolism; in that within the emergence of any new creation there is a birth, and within the throes of the birth there is also what you term to be painfulness or pushing. It is not necessarily always painful to be emerging, but it is necessary for a push. In this, you choose collectively to be pushing in many directions. Young individuals choose to be pushing in non-compliance with established belief systems. Other individuals move into other areas and push also. All of these individuals drawn to this forum are pushing within consciousness. This all lends to the movement of the shift.

This is not to say that hurtfulness is acceptable, but ... and you may express to Michael that if he is noticing, he was offered his words today ... although hurtfulness is not acceptable it may be beneficial within your physical reality, and beneficial is not necessarily positive in your estimation. You may benefit from many elements that you create, that you view to be destructive and negative and violent and hurtful. Within essence and expression of essence this is not acceptable, but you are within your dimension of physical focus which you have created in this manner. Therefore, you also allow for these experiences.

Within the action of your shift, as I have stated previously, these actions and events shall become unnecessary, for the belief systems shall not motivate this type of action. You witness these types of occurrences in response to established belief systems presently. If these belief systems were accepted, they would hold no power. Therefore, there would be no motivation for these actions. (Pause)

I shall offer you all a break, and we shall continue briefly with your questioning.

BREAK 4:13 PM RESUME 4:33 PM (Time was fifteen seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing. (Silent pause) You have no inquiries?

Q: Were you implying that we may be manifesting our visions, creating them in our reality, that others may see also? You said that our visions may be shifting.

ELIAS: At times. For the most part within these beginning throes of your shift, you shall be recognizing of this activity yourselves individually, although at times you also may be recognizing this activity collectively; this being why you may notice what you think of as an upsurge in certain activities.

It may be seeming to you that more individuals are manifesting healing abilities or psychic abilities or intuitive abilities more easily and more effectively, collectively, presently; this being another indication of these subjective bleed-throughs. Whereas within your history individuals may have had to study for much time period with a teacher to be acquiring of the objective ability to be manipulating inner senses, which you all hold but do not all exercise, now this is becoming more natural to you as you move into your shift, and you may witness individuals that seem to be tuning into these inner senses much more quickly and adeptly within this present now. (Pause)

STELLA: Since nobody is asking, can I ask another question? I just want to know, am I from the Sumafi family? Because I've read from all of the families of consciousness, but I'm not quite sure which family I come from, so I feel like left out! (Laughter) So could you tell me? At least then I'll know I belong somewhere! No, I do. I do belong somewhere! (Laughter)

ELIAS: My, my! We must not have you as a lost sheep! Yes, Sumafi; aligned with Tumold within this focus.

HOWARD: Would we be expecting to see our entertainment industry out in front of the shift perhaps? It's my feeling that entertainment ... music, art, movies ... will be (?) for us in our near future. Perhaps the movies will get less violent, or that which might make us uncomfortable now but is secretly held within ourselves is going to start to show up in the movies. I don't know what that would be, but it seems to be one way that consciousness would be moving, and everybody participating in it. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: Within your societies, throughout your globe and throughout your history, your arts in all forms mirror the movement and activity which is occurring within consciousness. All of your arts are very connected within consciousness to that which you objectively manifest within political alignments and belief systems. As you move through consciousness and adopt new belief systems or are merely within the throes of established belief systems, you reflect this objectively through your arts. All of these arts in all forms reflect or mirror subjective activity.

Therefore, individuals that are expressive through the objective element of creating within any of your art forms within this particular dimension are expressing not only their own subjective movement, but also in alignment with the masses within consciousness. You may view within any of your time periods all of your different art expressions and you shall view the correlation between all of the forms, for they move in waves. They are quite reflective of the collective within consciousness, and express themselves outwardly as a symbol of the collective consciousness. Therefore you shall view, and are already viewing within many of your arts, expressions that are indicative of this shift. You shall notice that your stories, your motion pictures, move in the direction of futuristic elements, for this is the area that you concentrate your attention in relation to the shift. You shall also view within your art, your literature, your motion pictures, your dance even, expressiveness alluding to subjective consciousness; inner senses, psychic abilities -- unofficial information. These are mirror images expressed objectively as the undercurrent of your societies, expressed through your artists. (Pause)

Such quiet little mice! (Laughter)

CAROLE: I actually have a question. It's kind of personal, but I would like to try to make it as general as possible. Some comment from you with trying to understand what my ... or maybe other people have the same question ... what our individual jobs are at this point in time, in assisting ourselves and others through the shift. For me, I perceived my work to be what it apparently is not, because it never works the way I think it's going to. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: And although you each distort this imagery within your belief systems, expressing that some outside force is thwarting your efforts, you are in actuality correct anyway ... except it is not an outside force thwarting you! It is self, which is aware and knows the direction of your probabilities that are most efficient; and if you are choosing to be deviating, you shall also create conflict for yourself. In this, you shall be recognizing when you are deviating from your intent within any individual focus and when you are moving off of your track, so to speak, for you shall not be running on your rails any longer. You shall be bumping through your fields!

You direct yourselves within essence in the area of your intent, and you draw yourselves to situations and circumstances to be offering you information and direction in your intent. Many times you choose not to be listening! Many times you may be presented with your information of your direction and you do not listen and you turn away, but quite fortunately for all of you, your boat does not dock only once! It returns and returns and returns to your port, until you are ready to climb aboard and heave ho! (Grinning)

Fear is the most powerful element that is blocking of individuals within the following of their intent. In actuality, as I have spoken previously, within any given focus you are always following your intent to an extent, although you may be following your intent in the manner of my analogy of crossing your street directly, or crossing your country and returning to cross your street! You shall cross your street, but within one action you shall exert much energy out of your way to be crossing your street!

This also involves the acceptance and trust of self. This is the most difficult element that you may grapple with. Each of you struggles with this trustfulness of self. Each of you listens to this small little voice within and at times express to yourselves, "Which little voice am I listening to? Are you the right voice or the wrong voice? Shall I be listening, or shall I not be listening? I shall be suspicious of these little voices!" (Laughter) Then you may express to yourself that you are insane anyway! (Humorously)

Therefore, I express to you that you find it difficult to be trusting of self and following what you view to be your intent within an individual focus. In actuality, trusting of self is so much less complicated than not trusting of self! It is so very easy to be accepting of self and your own expression and freely offering this, than to be battling continuously as a knight on a horse in much armor, falling off continuously and climbing clanking back upon your horse! It becomes quite tiresome! (Laughter)

You, as I have said, shall not betray you. You shall bear yourself out. You need only evaluate the belief systems which color your perceptions; and within these belief systems, as I have stated this day, if you are indicating strenuously to yourself within any direction, you may be assured you are dealing with a belief system! The more and the harder that you struggle, the more you are facing yourself with belief systems; for within acceptance of belief systems and self, there is effortlessness. There is an ease of movement. It is unnecessary for such struggling, although it is entertaining as you are creating of your dramas! But as you have come to this time period within your time framework you become weary of this game also, and have chosen to be more creative within consciousness and allow yourself new freedoms without the constraints of your belief systems.

Pay attention to those elements which present themselves within your lifetime. These are elements that you have drawn to yourself for your purposes, and your fulfillment of your intent, and your value fulfillment; this being how you confuse yourselves, that you do not pay attention to what you draw to yourselves. This essence speaks to you not in accident.

Q: So by changing our belief systems, we'll change what we draw to ourselves?

ELIAS: Ah! I do not express to you to be changing your belief systems! Any belief systems that you hold that you choose are adequate. They are your reality. They are what you have chosen within your manifestation. You do not eliminate belief systems, or exchange belief systems for new belief systems ...

Q: Don't they alter?

ELIAS: You accept those belief systems which are conflicting, therefore rendering them neutral. (Pause)

Let me express to you that within the action of accepting a belief system, look to another individual that you view a belief system within. Identify a belief system within this other individual, for this may be easier for you to recognize than looking within; for we are all aware that we may not look within and find any belief systems, for you are perfect beings! (Laughter) But ... although you are perfect beings! As you identify a belief system within another individual that you hold disagreement with, when you may look to this individual and accept their expression of creation within their belief system that they have not changed, and this belief system bothers you not for you accept that it also does not alter your reality and it is not harmful to your reality, it is not threatening to your reality that they hold different reality and belief systems, then you shall have accepted a belief system. You may continue to hold your opinion in disagreement and choose not to be manifesting this reality for yourself, but it matters not to you that another individual chooses to be creating that reality within themselves.

VICKI: Quite often the realities intersect though, and there's an affectingness between individuals when they do create intersecting realities. So, sometimes it seems like if one person is accepting a belief system and another person is retaining or not accepting the belief system, within a conflict of opposing belief systems of two people, the person that's accepting the belief system is then aligning within the other person's belief system.

ELIAS: To your way of thinking. What you are expressing is that one individual holds one belief system and another individual holds a different belief system, within conflict of each other. One accepts their belief systems; one does not. Therefore, you view the one that accepts the belief system as acquiescing to the one that does not.

VICKI: Right.

ELIAS: But it matters not!

VICKI: It just seems like that could be quite affecting of your reality, because quite often people are creating intersecting realities together.

ELIAS: You are continuously, within every moment of your existence, intersecting reality with all consciousness and affecting and being affected by all consciousness. You only notice those interactions that you engage objectively, those interactions with other individuals within your presence within your waking state, although you are being affected and affecting everything, not only those within your presence. (Pause) Within the acceptance of the belief system, the individual recognizes that it matters not. It is not offensive to this individual that the other individual continues to create their reality within the strength of the belief system. This is the action of the little sapling. I have expressed to you all, do not worry of other individuals and their creations. You have much to be responsible for within your own creations and your own essence, which is vast!

You are operating within your belief systems, are you not?


ELIAS: Therefore, do not focus upon the belief systems of another. Focus upon your own. (Pause)

The shift is not to be changing another individual. You are not within the throes of your crusades as within your past history. You are not engaging an action to be converting other individuals to your thought processes or belief systems. You are not crusading to be changing outside. You are crusading, if you will, to be altering inside. Therefore your focus, your attention, your objective is to be concentrating upon self, not other individuals; for as you concentrate upon other individuals, you continue the established belief systems that you already accept!

RON: If you're incorporating an action objectively that will only work objectively within agreement of other individuals, how do you incorporate that action and how do you reach that agreement if the belief systems are so opposite that there's no middle ground?

ELIAS: I suggest to you initially that you explore your probabilities, for there is always a compromise. You only do not view all of your choices. If you may not offer yourselves choices within agreement, then I suggest to you to be stepping away. Allow yourselves a time framework to re-evaluate within self, recognizing the belief systems which are influencing within self and not focusing upon judgment of another individual's belief systems.

What great injury do you incur upon yourself to be accepting of another individual's belief system? Shall you die? And if so, it matters not! You shall not cease to exist! Therefore, of what importance is your belief system, that it requires such vehement defense? It is merely a belief system. It is merely an experience.

VICKI: So are you proposing accepting other people's belief systems too, and not just your own?

ELIAS: In accepting of your belief systems, you shall be accepting of other individuals. It is a natural byproduct.

VICKI: Okay, well I'd like to rephrase the question in a real-life scenario. I have a friend who had a baby, and the father is not present in the home. The mother wants to raise the baby. The father also wants to raise the baby. They both want custody, both holding a belief system that they should be the one to raise the baby. If one of them accepts that as a belief system, I would assume at that point this would no longer be an issue. Say for the mother, if she accepts that as a belief system, she will realize that it doesn't matter who raises the baby and perhaps may allow then, or agree with the father, that he will raise the baby. In that, her acceptance of a belief system has affected the whole rest of her life. That's where the acquiescence part comes in. That's the part that gets real foggy.

ELIAS: Why do you view this as negative?

VICKI: I don't know if I necessarily view it as a negative. I just don't understand ... It seems like the concept itself proposes that another person makes choices for you. If she accepts her belief system, the father of the child, who will then take it and raise it, has made choices for her.

ELIAS: She has made her own choice.

Q: Can I ask a question? Just because she's accepted the belief system, isn't she accepting that the father wants to raise the child and she wants to raise the child, that both are wanting the same thing? She's not really converting to the other guy's point of view.

ELIAS: Quite.

Q: So it's really just accepting that he wants something different and saying, "That's fine. I accept you want something different," but not handing it to him.

ELIAS: It is a choice. You may be accepting of another individual's expression but continue to hold your own, which I have stated earlier. You may also accept your own belief system which you recognize, and within this you are presently engaging only another belief system that you are acquiescing.

VICKI: I guess the part that's hard to get to is the 'it matters not' part.

ELIAS: Quite, which I have expressed to you. This is the most difficult, the acceptance; for in truth, it matters not.

HOWARD: If it doesn't matter, if all things don't matter, what's the lesson? Why bother?

ELIAS: For you have chosen. You have chosen this experience. HOWARD: But it doesn't matter! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You choose this experience within this physical manifestation of consciousness, you may express, as a game! It does matter, but it does not matter!

Q: Are you saying that it matters that we have an experience, but that we should take the experience as it comes along, and whatever that experience is doesn't matter?

ELIAS: Within your choices of probabilities, you choose a direction that follows your intent and your desire within a particular focus. This matters. You have chosen this for your value fulfillment; but within the recognition that all probabilities are probabilities, that all probabilities are actualized and that you are creating for the experience, it does not matter. This seemingly is a contradiction, although it is not a contradiction; for within your belief systems, you place value upon elements that do not necessarily hold value.

You hold seriousness instead of playfulness. You focus to judgment instead of acceptance and you create confusion and conflict, and then you express to the cosmos, to your universe, "Why must I experience such conflict?" But you have created this conflict because you have created such seriousness and eliminated your playfulness, and you have created confusion by placing ultimate importance upon belief systems instead of truths, and you cry within confusion that you wish your experience to be different and you wish your existence to be different. I express to you elements to consider to be offering alternate perceptions to be creating your existence and your reality differently without conflict, and you roll within your conflict and express back to this essence, "But this cannot be!"

All things are reality. All things that you create physically or non-physically matter, for there is no element that is any less than any other element within consciousness; but within the experiences, no experience is more important than another experience. I have expressed to individuals previously, the action of creating a sandwich for yourself to be consuming is no less important than the erection of a monument, or the fighting for a cause, or the viewing of a flower. They are all experiences. They all matter, but they all do not matter within belief systems. They matter within experience. They do not matter within belief systems. (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions this day? (Pause)

Q: I have a question. How do we return to the playfulness?

ELIAS: Choose! Be! And if you do not experience fun, discontinue! (Laughter) Do not be forcing slavery upon yourself in creating bondage of unhappiness and anxiety in that which you do not wish to be creating! Create what you wish. (Another pause) Very well. I shall bid you all this day very lovingly and affectionately my own farewell, and an anticipation of interaction once again. To you all, au revoir!

Elias departs at 5:30 PM.


(1) Elias has been teasing us for quite some time about the belief system that we are on a "path" to somewhere. He says we're already there! He teases us about "plans" in the same manner; hence his joking with Stella.

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