Session 176
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Genetics/DNA &amp RNA


"Genetics/DNA & RNA"

Sunday, May 25, 1997 (Group) © 1997
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Carole (Dimin), Drew (Matthew), Gail (William), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), and Stella (Cindel).
Elias arrives at 6:59 PM. (Time was twenty-five seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening. As we continue with our subject matter this evening, we shall be addressing to certain elements of your genetics that your scientific community does not recognize as of yet. You have inquired of information concerning the DNA molecule, and I have offered information of variances in genetic coding which seems inconsistent with heredity.

We shall first focus upon a function of some RNA. In this, your sciences furiously research and work to be discovering why certain elements physically respond in the manner that they do. They do not understand the mechanism of these elements that you have created in your DNA and your RNA. Viruses, to scientific thinking, are foreign elements which are incorporated into the body of an organism. They are intruding, forcing their RNA into what you view to be normal cells, and these acquiesce to the intruding substance. First of all, as I have stated previously, these elements are contained within your physical manifestation already. You choose to be activating or not activating of these elements. Therefore, these molecules exist within your physical expression already. In this, subjectively within consciousness you instruct these molecules in the direction of which you wish them to be manifesting, as you also instruct your own DNA.

There is more to your genetic encoding than only physical elements. Emotional qualities are encoded within your genetics also, but as I have stated that all of memory is encoded, this is placed into the encoding physically by you subjectively. You are creating of all of these elements. Each individual contains a unique genetic pattern. Each individual physically manifest manifests DNA patterns which are unique to them. There are qualities of these patterns that may not be reproduced in any other individual upon your planet, for you have uniquely encoded your own genetics.

There are many elements that your sciences shall overlook, many more elements that go into the make-up of your expression within physical manifestation than they choose to look for. They shall be questioning why certain behaviors are exhibited by individuals or creatures or vegetation, but they shall not attribute this to genetic encoding. Here is where they deviate from our track, for these are elements also of your encoding. Everything that you are physically is encoded in these physical elements that you label as your genetics. The simplest of your life forms, in vegetation in your plant life, respond to situations and vibrations and telepathic messages and emotion. You think to yourselves that your species is the only species capable of certain elements within your existence. I suggest to you that you may very well experiment yourselves with other life forms, as you view them, upon your planet, and you may witness that they also respond to thought processes and to much more than general, simple stimuli. You may frighten a plant by merely thinking of its destruction. You do not view this response, for you are not looking for the plant's response. It shall create within itself an electrical charge which shall be its indication of withdrawal from you in recognition of your thought process, for within consciousness it understands what you hold as intention.

You devalue your creatures and your vegetation upon your planet as "less than," and as not holding consciousness as you hold consciousness. This is incorrect. All of what you view to be living creatures and also vegetation hold genetic qualities. You have created the entirety of your dimension physically in this same manner. You have encoded everything to be efficiently manifesting in repetitive movements. All of your living material or that which you classify as living material, be this creatures or vegetation, holds the same abilities that you hold in manifestation. Within consciousness they manifest with different intents as you direct this, and within consciousness they may seem to be simplified for their expression is not quite as complex, but each link of consciousness holds the same elements.

In differentiation to physical matter, each link of consciousness holds all the same qualities. These links of consciousness make up you within a physical focus. They make up essence within non-physical focus. They make up everything that you create within physical or non-physical focus in every dimension. These links of consciousness group together to form patterns or fields electrically, which then translate into physical focus more initially as an idea than as actual matter; and as you who are creating of this physical dimension add energy to the creation of any element physically within matter, these links which have grouped and formed fields move together more concentratedly and begin manifestation of physical matter. (Pause) I will end there, for I wish not to be confusing you with the complications of much of this information.

I wish to express to you that you differentiate living matter and non-living matter. You differentiate and express that there are elements upon your planet that hold life and breathe, and there are elements upon your planet which do not hold life. I express to you that your planet itself is alive. It holds its own consciousness. It breathes. It pulses quite rhythmically. Your planet itself pulses every twelve days. It holds its own rhythmic heartbeat.

Therefore, the distinction is merely a difference in the choice of arrangement of links of consciousness to be creating genetic codes, for all elements that you recognize to be living hold genetic codes. Rocks do not. This is not to say that the rock is not alive. It is manifest physically within matter and your time framework differently. You have chosen to be manifesting many elements within this dimension with many variations in creation. These creations that you have manifest which hold genetic coding are truly masterpieces, for they are quite exquisitely engineered; exceptionally precise. Each cell of each living entity holds its own encoding. It holds its own message, but it also holds its own memory. Many individuals speak of cell memory. The idea has been distorted somewhat, but in actuality each cell does hold extensive memory. These are not elements that you may measure, although you may partially measure, for you may measure behavior of cells or of parts. Therefore, you may witness demonstrations of some elements of memory. Each cell not only holds the entirety of your encoding within your DNA, but it also holds the entirety of memory; not only of this physical focus, but of all of your focuses.

Some individuals within this dimension hold memory within cells, which also speak to the individual objectively within their consciousness of other dimensions. It is not entirely what you would perceive to be as common, but there are individuals that have chosen to be fragmenting within essence and crossing over dimensional boundaries, so to speak, entering into different cycles of physical manifestation. This is confusing, I am aware, but it shall serve our purposes for explanation. This works in what you may view to be the opposite direction of your common present-day folklore involving your extraterrestrials. They do not carry off your DNA or your genealogy; but you, if fragmented within this focus from another dimension, may introduce new information and memory of other dimensional focuses. This is not an alteration of your genetic encoding. It is cellular memory which is held within physical manifestation. This may at times be misinterpreted by some individuals as being likened to a transplantation. There have also been many new myths created around the information which bleeds through within memory from these individuals.

Once choosing to be entering into this particular physical focus, this dimensional focus, the focus of the essence chooses to be complying with the accepted physical production and manifestation of form and function within this dimension. Therefore, you may not encounter aliens walking about you. You may also, as we have stated previously, not encounter what within your present new folklore is deemed as walk-ins, for there are no walk-ins; but you may encounter individuals that hold memory of other dimensional focuses which are also physically manifest. Their DNA, their genetic coding, their physical manifestation is in alignment with this dimension. Their memory within their manifestation is different. Not all individuals allow a bleed-through into objective awareness of this memory. Individuals may hold cellular memory in this fashion and they may also be choosing upon manifestation to not be acknowledging of this memory, just as you are choosing within each focus physically manifest to be forgetful of essence for the purity of the experience within the physical focus. (Pause)

Returning to the interaction of the molecule which synthesizes protein, which is your RNA, there is no intrusion of one to another. It appears that the virus may be intruding and taking over and destroying of what you view to be the healthy cell, but in actuality this is directed subjectively, and the relinquishment of the healthy cell is an agreement to acquiesce to allow the manifestation that the individual has chosen. No element occurs accidentally; and within this manifestation physically in this dimension you must be realizing, within this time period now, how ultimately efficient you have created this physical world. You do not create accidents! All of your manifestations are exceedingly precise, to the movement of every single molecule and atom within your physical manifestation.

I shall break and I shall answer your questions as we return, and we shall address to your questions also this evening, Lawrence.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BREAK 7:37 PM RESUME 8:02 PM (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing; you may make your inquiries.

NORM: The emotional and memory portion of the DNA molecule, is that the arrangement of the atoms and molecules, or is it subatomic?

ELIAS: It is contained within the arrangement of the atoms.

NORM: So the sequence of DNA, RNA, enzymes, proteins, and then the sequence of those and the spaces in-between such as the introns ... The human genome is very, very large, I realize, but that can contain all the information of all of the individuals that have ever been on this earth?

ELIAS: It contains all of the information that is pertinent or valuable to that particular focus as the individual or of their focuses within essence, and all of the information pertaining to all of the manifest individuals within their lineage.

NORM: So for example, the information is dual in nature? Other than protein information, there is information on top of that that is ...

ELIAS: (Grinning) Yes ...

NORM: A smile! I like that! Interesting.

ELIAS: This is what I am attempting to be offering to you that your sciences have not discovered yet. There is much more involved within your genetic encoding than they realize.

NORM: It could be more than duplicity. I mean, it could be layer upon layer.

ELIAS: There are many layers and aspects of this encoding. You hold volumes of information within your physical manifestation.

NORM: And I directed the formation of my genome in the womb of my mother?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And I directed the information as to my physical form?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Is it therefore more or less fixed from that point on, with all of the probabilities that I need for this focus?

ELIAS: It is not fixed within an absolute. Within your encoding you allow for probabilities, for your encoding does not merely focus upon the physical manifestation within matter. It also holds information which is influencing of thought patterns, emotional expressions, behavioral patterns, and abilities which are dominant or recessive.

RETA: You say that the scientists now don't even have an idea. Well, I'm sure they can microscopically look at the physical, and maybe some of the energy fields, to get to the DNA thought process or whatever. Do you have any suggestions or any idea how they would measure any of these other genetic encodings?

ELIAS: Your sciences look to physical evidence. Therefore, they view that their provable facts lie only within physical manifestations; those elements which they may view or speculate of which they know may be physical, but they do not hold the capability as yet to be viewing. In this, all other information is disregarded for they view this to be speculation and non-provable, although through experimentation behaviorally you may arrive at provable evidence through genetics if the sciences are opening their field to incorporate beyond only physical evidence. There are many elements that are quite consistent within your genetic make-up, which does not display itself physically within what you may view with a microscope.

RETA: Oh, I agree. It's always been that they have to be able to reproduce the same evidence. The scientific community is just beginning to change, where a little faith might be real. I agree.

ELIAS: Plants are very interesting creations of yours and may offer you quite valuable information, for they respond much more than you recognize. They do not hold thought processes as in like manner to yourselves, but they do hold their own creation of thought processes and communication and memory. This memory is not only what you may view as cellular, but they may respond within action as provoked by memory. A plant may respond to events which it has encountered previously and remembers through your time element.

NORM: The experiment that you alluded to before, in regard to the plant responding to thought processes about perhaps the death of the plant and giving an electrical signal, I believe that experiment has been made, has it not?

ELIAS: Throughout your history individuals have performed experimentation within this area, although this is left unrecognized for the most part, and not lent credence to within your sciences. Your scientific community may view these types of experimentation as time-consuming and occupying of your thought processes, and mildly interesting temporarily. What they do not recognize is that this offers you information of genetic encoding within behavior patterns. As I have stated, your genetics does not only encompass physical attributes or manifestations. All of your non-physical elements that make up you are also contained within your genetic information.

NORM: The Darwinian theory of the development from very simple organisms to very complicated organisms and adaptive systems concepts is felt today to be the reason why, for example, the human genome was eventually developed after the billions of years of this earth life. However, if you were to statistically attempt to put this together in the appropriate order, it would be many, many, many times longer than the 4.5 billion years, would it not?

ELIAS: Quite. Your Darwinian theory, which it remains theory, is a somewhat logical assumption of your development upon your planet; although it is also quite incorrect, for you have not evolved in this manner. You have not mutated, and contrary to your scientific studies, you do not create and move within the process of natural selection.

I have stated previously that you have experimented throughout your ages with different forms of manifestations, and you have presently agreed upon this manifestation of form as being most efficient temporarily; for within what you view to be future, you may be altering of this to a degree also. This is not evolution! Each manifestation is unique to itself. It did not evolve from another form. It was created uniquely, independently itself within your history, this being the history of what you know of with your planet; although in this also you know very little, for your planet has existed and not existed and existed once again many times; this being one "blink in" of your planet within this dimension, within this universe, within your solar system and galaxy, and all those elements which you think you recognize! (Grinning)

NORM: So the gaia hypothesis, in regard to the earth being a living entity, or not an entity but a living system, is correct.

ELIAS: System; yes.

NORM: And that there is some type of a twelve-day rhythm ...


NORM: Like a heartbeat?

ELIAS: Yes. It is not precisely twelve days, although we generalize, and in your terms I am rounding off ...

NORM: Within a day.

ELIAS: ... to the closest time period. It is not within a day, but within seconds. It may not be completely what you term to be twelve days, but to your objective knowing you will not view a difference.

RETA: Would we be able to tell, subjectively or objectively, when the pulse is happening?

ELIAS: Subjectively you are aware, for you are aware of the connection between yourselves and all else within consciousness. Objectively you may to an extent become aware, for your planet is not hiding from you! It reveals itself to you continuously. You only do not pay attention.

NORM: Would you really include the sun and the rest of the planets in this living system? Is the sun part of the living system?


NORM: And the other planets?


NORM: And you wouldn't go beyond that for this manifestation?

ELIAS: Within what is relevant to your physical manifestation, no.

CAROL: My feeling at the moment, and you'll correct me, is that if the earth is a living being, which I have known, then there has to be some interconnectedness with the rhythm of the earth and that of the entire universe and all of the planets outside of our galaxy, which would lead to the universal oneness that we're so involved in trying to connect with right now.

ELIAS: All elements within consciousness are connected, and there is no separation. There is only separation objectively within physical manifestations, or the appearance of separation.

CAROL: If we were still enough as to feel gaia breathe, if we could be still enough, we could feel the entire universe beat? (Elias nods) The om sound, is that in fact the sound of the universe? Or is this one of our physical earthbound manifestations, our perception?

ELIAS: This is a tool within belief systems, although in like manner to many other tools, within the belief systems it may be facilitating of directedness within an individual. The sound that is physically created by an individual is merely a symbol which is filtered through a belief system, but belief systems create your reality within this dimension. Therefore, they may in many instances be instrumental and useful to your objective. If the individual holds a belief system that this sound may be focusing their attention, they shall allow themselves to be focused. In this, they shall also allow themselves to be accomplishing their objective. In this situation that you express, to be objectively holding an awareness of the unity of all, yes; you may be accomplishing of this.

CAROL: Is there a better way?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily a question of a better method. Each individual chooses that which is comfortable and is acceptable within their belief systems. One may be using sound. One may be using visualization. One may be feeling. It matters not. They are tools for your focusing. There is no better or worse, if the tool is allowing the accomplishment. (Pause)

RON: I've been concentrating on killing this tree out in back of our mobile home for the last three years because it blocks my view of the freeway. (Laughter) Why can't I get the sucker to die?

ELIAS: Tsk, tsk, tsk. A clear and pointed example of non-expression of essence! (Chuckling)

RETA: Let me ask you again about what you were talking about with genetic links to ancestors. A lot of my fellow church people are really hooked into genealogy. They really have a belief system that it's necessary to hook up. A lot of them are searching and searching for certain things, and when they find one they feel it inside. I have not had that experience because I have had a lot of genealogy just given to me, but as you say the cell has a memory of this, could that be the linking inside is recognized?

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: I think that's interesting. They really get industrious in their search.

ELIAS: They are drawn in this direction for their own connection and information. Each individual seeks information in the area that shall speak to them.

RETA: How valuable would this information be if they could, in turn, turn it around and reach out and bring it to them?

ELIAS: It holds value in understanding of self, as investigating of your other focuses is valuable to you in understanding of self; for as you choose to be entering into physical manifestation within this dimension you do hold genetic codes, which in this you incorporate all of the individuals within that particular lineage. Therefore, you are an aspect of all of them, and they are an aspect, all, of you; just as you are the same within all of your focuses within essence. You are they and they are you, although you are unique and your own manifestation. You are not your great-grandfather, for you are you, but you are your great-grandfather! Therefore, information gained of other aspects of self is valuable.

NORM: If the earth and the planets and the sun are a living system and they interact with us, then is astrology a reality?

ELIAS: I have expressed within our early sessions that this holds origins in truth. It has been distorted within belief systems, as have all of your other concepts, within your sciences, within your religions, within all of your elements of physical existence. There are relationships between these bodies and the body of your planet. This planet, and you as you recognize yourselves, would not exist without the cooperation of your universe, but you have created all of this harmoniously to be efficiently working.

NORM: Glorious!

VICKI: I have a question. The genetic encoding includes information of our other focuses in this dimension?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: But I'm confused about some of the other things you talked about tonight, as far as if you were to be experiencing a fragmentation in this focus, then you would have cellular memory ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: ... of other dimensional focuses.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: But if you did not incorporate this fragmentation, you would not have this memory? Is this correct?

ELIAS: What I have stated is that you hold this memory, but you may not be choosing to objectively remember.

VICKI: So the memory is there, regardless.

ELIAS: Correct. It may be tapped, but you may be choosing not to be acknowledging of the remembrance.

VICKI: Okay, that makes more sense.

ELIAS: This is provided that you hold focuses within other physical dimensions.

VICKI: Would this particular information be the kind of information around which belief systems of seeding and genetic alteration from aliens or other dimensions, is this where these belief systems kind of come from?

ELIAS: Correct. These are bleed-throughs of memory of other dimensional focuses, which are reality. There are not alterations of your physical DNA or genetic encoding within this dimension; although in a recognition within memory of different genetic patterns which do not necessarily include DNA, the individual may misinterpret the bleed-through information and therefore develop a belief system that their genetic encoding or DNA has been altered. They are holding information of different dimensions simultaneously within one focus. This is difficult to reconcile without further information. Therefore, belief systems are developed around this memory.

You also develop belief systems with regard to what you know and what you understand. You do not understand or hold objective knowledge of other existences physically which do not incorporate your DNA and RNA. Therefore, you develop belief systems which are built around known information within this dimension. You develop belief systems that suggest alteration of these molecules, for you cannot conceive of the lack of existence of these elements within physical manifestation, of what you term to be life within another dimension.

VICKI: Would the explanations of genetic encoding apply to animals?

ELIAS: Yes, and also your vegetation.

VICKI: But not something like a rock.

ELIAS: These do not hold the genetic encoding that you assign to what you designate as living tissue. You have created a different manifestation with different elements.

NORM: I'm trying to clarify a previous statement. Apparently you said that all of the genetic information is not encoded in the DNA?

ELIAS: It is.

RON: This question is a little bit off the subject, but is there any one particular religious belief system that you would consider less distorted than any other?

ELIAS: Yes. Within a very small tribe within your continent of South America, there are individuals which hold religious belief systems that may be classified as less distorted. You shall view these individuals as primitive and give little credence to their belief systems, although they view much less separation of physical form to essence and hold more of a remembrance, for they have chosen this type of manifestation.

RON: Would we, with the knowledge that we have, give more credence to these people than say your everyday Joe?

ELIAS: Yes. If you were understanding of their language you would be recognizing of their information, and their recognition of essence and the interconnectedness of consciousness.

RON: It gives me something to investigate!

NORM: Do they have the understanding of the simultaneity of time?

ELIAS: Not entirely, although they exercise the inner senses much more efficiently, and therefore hold an ability objectively to be manipulating of their time framework if so choosing.

NORM: Do they have in their language terms for past, present, and future? Whereas some Indian tribes do not.

ELIAS: Yes, for there is an understanding of objective physical reality; this being also less of a distortion, for there is recognition of the manifestation within physical reality within this dimension and how you have created this. Individuals not recognizing of time frameworks of past, future and present are also distorting, within belief systems, that this present physical reality is not real. They are believing that this is an illusion, which is a distortion. This creation is reality!

DREW: It's my understanding that one of the reasons that we fear our quote/unquote "destruction" is because we don't understand that in fact there really is no destruction and that we have a choice in everything that happens to us, as well as other belief systems about death. Why would a plant fear its destruction?

ELIAS: Consciousness is consciousness. It is all, within energy, the same in its most basic forms. Therefore, the links of consciousness may choose any direction for manifestation, but this does not mean that these links of consciousness do not recognize the same elements as do you. As a plant holds an electrical field and also emotion and thought, it shall respond in like manner to yourself. A stone would be responding in like manner to the plant had it the qualities within physical manifestation of electrical fields, which are objectively creating emotion or thought. It does not, although it does hold a knowing of the same concepts as it is also made up of the same links of consciousness. It has been created differently. Therefore, its expression is different, for it does not hold emotion.

DREW: Is it not true that the reason that we associate the emotion of fear with our death is because of belief systems?


DREW: And therefore, if a plant has quote/unquote "fear" about its destruction ... A plant doesn't hold belief systems, does it?


DREW: Am I mistaken to say that you said a plant would experience fear?

ELIAS: It will respond. It does not necessarily display fearfulness, but it will respond. You may interpret that the plant may be expressing fearfulness for its electrical response shall be similar to that of the display of fear, but this would not be as a result of belief systems. This would be a result of memory. The plant, within its consciousness, holds long-term memory. Therefore, within its genetic encoding it holds memory of hurtfulness or destruction, and may identify these elements if presented with them.

DREW: It seems like if it held that kind of memory it would be less fearful, because it would have a greater understanding of multidimensionality and the truth that there is no destruction.

ELIAS: Now you are attaching your thought process to the plant. The plant does not think in the terms that you think. It holds thought processes, but not in like manner to yourself; as do your creatures also not hold thought processes in like manner to yourself, although they do hold their own thought processes.

DREW: Okay. One human cannot be ... I'll use the word hurtful or destructive ... to another without agreement. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Because there's always free choice involved. Can a person be hurtful to a plant without agreement?

ELIAS: Within consciousness, in like manner to what you express within your species, there must be agreement; although it is not agreement in the respect that you express to the plant, "I shall step upon you and crush you," and the plant may not express to you, "This is acceptable." But within consciousness, all acts and events are within agreement, for the experience. Objectively, just as you within your species may experience events that within consciousness you have agreed to accomplish [but that] you may not hold awareness of within your objective knowing, neither does the plant.

DREW: So if within consciousness the plant does not want to be stepped on, I objectively may divert my foot for some reason, not knowing why, but because there is no agreement. So, a plant has choice.

ELIAS: Yes, to an extent.

DREW: Lesser so than I do?

ELIAS: Within mobility, yes.

DREW: Well, okay. That's really a matter of belief systems as well. Isn't it mass belief systems that say a plant can't go from here to there because ...

ELIAS: You have created certain manifestations within certain design. Therefore, they are in agreement to be functioning within those limitations and design; just as Stephen has created crystals which do not hold the same abilities as those which you view to be naturally growing, in your terms. You create all of these elements upon your planet within agreement of their limitations of manifestation.

DREW: Within consciousness the plant has just as much choice and mobility, but objectively it does not?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: When you say cells have memory, are you using the word memory the way we think of it, in terms of remembering past events? Or are you using it more in the way you use the word remembrance, meaning a greater awareness of multidimensionality and consciousness?

ELIAS: I see no distinction.

DREW: Because of simultaneous time? In other words, when I remember something, generally we think of that as a remembering back in linear terms of an event that happened in our terms in the past, and I'm trying to understand if cellular memory ... if you're using that term in the same way, or if you mean it more in terms of a remembrance of essence and truth and consciousness.

ELIAS: I use this word in the manner of no time. Therefore, the remembrance or memory may extend to what you view as future.

DREW: When you refer to cellular memory, do all of the cells within our body share the same memory, or do they all have different memory?

ELIAS: They do not all share the same memory. Some hold different memory, but collectively they all share the same memory. I shall offer you a correlation. Upon your planet exists a creature within your seas. This creature is a cooperation of many creatures which appear to be one creature. In actuality, the entirety of the creature is a colony of many individual creatures holding distinct functions of their own, but as they cooperate collectively they create one living entity which you recognize as a man-of-war. This is not a singular entity. Each element of this creature that you recognize as one living creature is a separate individual cooperating within a colony. Each holds a different function. Each holds different memory. Collectively they create the whole, and share the entirety of function and memory.

DREW: They create a system.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: What I was leading to is a question of ... if we have an experience where we are aware of cellular memory, is it possible that it could be one little cell in our entire body that we're experiencing the memory of, as opposed to the collective memory?

ELIAS: It is possible.

DREW: Is that more probable? Is that generally the way it works, or is it usually the collective memory?

ELIAS: It generally shall be the collective memory.

DREW: Okay. Thank you.

GAIL: I have experiences where my body remembers something and then I finally connect what the memory was to my body. Is that a normal process, or is that just a delayed reaction that I have?

ELIAS: I shall not be placing this into delayed reaction or normal process. It is your creation of remembrance. It is not unusual.

GAIL: So everyone has body memory, and then you connect it to your thought memory?

ELIAS: All individuals hold cellular memory within their physical form. Not all individuals connect this objectively within thought process or identification.

GAIL: So I'm just using it as a tool to remember?

ELIAS: It is a communication. It is not a tool. It is communication within cellular memory that you are choosing to recognize. Some individuals choose not to recognize the communication. Therefore, they do not objectively within thought process remember the information that the cellular memory is offering.

GAIL: So that's sort of like being able to be aware of the earth pulse. It's the same thing, but we just don't pay attention to it?

ELIAS: Correct, although many more of you do not recognize the earth pulse than do recognize cellular memory!

GAIL: I think I'd like to do that!

ELIAS: I shall break once again, and we shall continue with your questioning.

BREAK 9:09 PM RESUME 9:29 PM (Time was 15 seconds)

ELIAS: You may resume.

VICKI: I'd like to ask some questions about the energy exchange itself. Is time a factor, as in duration of a session, as far as physical affectingness with Mary?

ELIAS: In relation to the length of time within your physical framework of the session?


ELIAS: To an extent.

VICKI: So to an extent, there's a difference between one hour or two hours or three hours, to even that extent?

ELIAS: Within your framework, yes.

VICKI: Is this a belief system that could be moved through, or is it the reality of the exchange?

ELIAS: This is not a belief system. This is an affectingness of energy exchange within electrical patterns within energy as unrecognized within the physical manifestation, as we have spoken of previously.

VICKI: This slight extent of affectingness, were Mary to say limit sessions to one hour, would she notice a big difference in her objective reality?


VICKI: Is there a similar affectingness within how many sessions we have in a week, or if they were to occur days in a row?

ELIAS: You may answer this question for yourself, for you may suggest to yourself that it shall stand to reason that if a time factor is affecting, then the more time within physical focus which is engaged within the energy exchange, the more affecting it shall become.

VICKI: The actual symptoms themselves, would Mary have the ability to manifest those in a different way, as per her choice?

ELIAS: Essentially, yes; although it matters not. There shall continue to be an affectingness.

VICKI: I was just asking in the context that some physical things bother people more than other physical things, and wondering if it would be worth an attempt to change how the affectingness manifests physically.

ELIAS: I shall suggest to you that the choice of manifestation is less bothersome than other choices may be.

VICKI: Presently, you mean?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Okay ...

GAIL: I have a question. Your body, if it's used to a certain kind of stimuli, will adapt to the intensity or as often as it happens. Your body tends to, or mine anyway that I remember experiencing, is that you adapt to it. Does Mary's body adapt to the amount of energy that occurs?

ELIAS: Within the forum of these sessions and the energy exchange, there are certain elements that Michael shall adapt to. These are manifestations of his choosing within his own physical developments. This may be obviously viewed objectively within the response to some sessions. There is a greater physical and emotional response to some sessions than to other sessions. In this, he shall adapt to that creation for this is his own creation and he shall acclimate himself, in like manner to what you express.

Within the actual energy exchange, the physical body does not acclimate to foreign introduction. Your physical expression, left alone, does not accept foreign energy. It recognizes your consciousness. It recognizes your tone and your essence. Therefore, it is rejecting physically of energy which is not of your tone. This creates what you may term to be physical rebellion. Therefore, physical responses are activated as the body consciousness recognizes an unfamiliar energy. There is no opposition to this action, for the subjective consciousness is removed. Therefore, within individuals which are experiencing an energy exchange in what you term to be conscious awareness, their subjective awareness continues to be in communication with body consciousness. Therefore, there is much less affectingness physically. They may experience temporary exhilaration and they may also experience temporary depletion, or what they view as depletion, of energy in response to the energy exchange. Physical elements or functions or organs are not affected, for there is no interruption of subjective communication to the body consciousness.

With this particular type of energy exchange, there is an interruption of subjective communication to body consciousness. In this, the body consciousness is left to be responding within its natural manner with no direction to the contrary. As you within objective physical events experience a transplantation of tissue physically into your body, temporarily you must be administered medications to be disengaging physical responses to the introduction of foreign energy into your physical form. Eventually, as you have stated, the physical body consciousness shall be acclimating and accepting of this foreign energy, this tissue; for you within consciousness subjectively are directing of the body consciousness and expressing an acceptance in choice of this tissue. Within this energy exchange, there is no communication subjectively to the body consciousness to be contradicting its natural response.

VICKI: That would probably be why so many people seem to prefer a conscious interaction.

ELIAS: Yes. This is not objectively recognized. The individual does not objectively think to themselves that they shall not engage this type of energy exchange for this reason, but subjectively there is a recognition, and in this they choose not to be engaging this action. VICKI: Recently I read some information that indicated that a person who was engaging this energy exchange in the way that Mary does would not perhaps in actuality incorporate the information until they croaked, which didn't make sense. It also went on to state that on the other hand, the person who engages a conscious energy exchange would have a greater ability or incorporate more of an ease incorporating the information objectively. Like I said, that didn't make sense to me, and I'm just curious what your comment on that is.

ELIAS: This is an exaggeration. It is partially correct that the individual you designate as consciously engaging an energy exchange shall incorporate the information more quickly objectively. They shall assimilate the information objectively more quickly. This you may view as demonstrated also with Michael. He does not incorporate objectively information as quickly as might you, which has been obviously witnessed within communications of my dear friend. (Paul) He does assimilate the information quickly, and does not reserve in waiting until death! But his objective interpretation, although quite adequate, incurs more time factor than other individuals, for he assimilates subjectively. This is immediate. The translation into objective awareness requires a time factor. Therefore, in response: This statement, while being truthful, is a gross exaggeration.

VICKI: Filtered through belief systems?

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: Also, in the last month or so in the process of transcribing, I've noticed some pretty unusual sentence structure coming from The All-Knowing Elias!

ELIAS: Ah! (Grinning)

VICKI: There's been a definite obvious difference. I've been paying attention tonight and I have not noticed that sort of thing happening tonight, and I'm just real curious about what the deal is with that.

ELIAS: You shall experience periodically this type of translation; for although you speak with me, you speak at times with many me's. Therefore at times, that me which you are most familiar with may be removed, in your interpretation, as another moves into substitution. This is not a case of two or seven individual Eliases! It is all one. There are different aspects which engage different activity, which may be diverting of some attention. Therefore, other aspects move into substitution position to be continuing with communication.

VICKI: Well, then my question would be, I'm not quite sure if I would want to leave those sentences stand as stated, for the record and for further study by people who are interested in such things, or if I should protect the image of The All-Knowing Elias and fix them! ELIAS: You may choose to be altering this yourself, or if you are experiencing conflict with this situation you may, at any moment, call upon Elias to be helpful in interpretation or "fixing" (grinning) the interrupted or jumbled sentences. You do not understand that communication which is offered to you within your language is not being presented in the manner that you present communication to each other. Elias does not sit upon a cloud and speak these words to you ...

RON: (Making sounds of extreme disappointment, and much laughter)

GAIL: Burst your bubble! (We're cracking up)

ELIAS: (Grinning) My profound apologies for your disappointment! I shall be remembering of this fantasy, and therefore be attempting not to be squelching of this!

RON: I thought you were Jesus, since I wasn't!

ELIAS: No, no, no, no, no, no! Much bigger! (And we all lose it) Intergalactically!

RON: Beyond the beyond!

ELIAS: Quite!

VICKI: All-Knowing!

ELIAS: Quite!

RETA: I think we're getting carried away here!

RON: Quite! (Much laughter throughout this exchange)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) As I was stating, what is transmitted is a series and sequence of vibrations which is translated through several layers of consciousness, then entering into your Regional Area 2 where it is reformed within energy and translated into your objective language, which is then transmitted to the physical form. It is a more complicated process than the event of your own speaking in communication with each other. Therefore at times, as another aspect is moving into position of substitution ... this being figuratively speaking, for this is limited to your language ... there may be interruptions in the frequencies and the transmission, which objectifies itself in inconsistencies within verbalization.

RETA: Well I would say, for all the transcripts that are done, that the inconsistencies are minuscule. It's wonderful that the language comes out clearly and distinctly, and you pretty well never have to go back and retrack. I do all the time! Gee whiz! ELIAS: I am quite efficient! (To Ron, humorously) You may continue with your thought process of the All-Knowing, All-Powerful Elias!

RON: I'd never stop! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: You may incorporate chanting if you are wishing also!

DREW: (Chanting) Tip table tip table tip ... (

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very good, Matthew! (Much laughter)

NORM: In the field of vegetation, the ability of a plant to recognize fear by a focus, that goes as well for many other emotions, but perhaps not as great a transmission? For example, does a tree have the capability of understanding emotional events around a tree?

ELIAS: Yes. As you progress into more complex design of your vegetation, you shall also view more responsiveness and more attentiveness to elements within its environment and within consciousness.

NORM: So a flower really enjoys the interaction with a focus that appreciates the beauty and the smell?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: And would that be expressed as an electrical signal?


RETA: But a flower is going to be demolished when you pick it and take it inside and enjoy it. Does it realize that the choice is made to be enjoyed, but it's demolished?

ELIAS: Objectively, no; but you shall also recognize that within your plants, you may view the flower as the plant's plumage. It is displaying of this for its own value fulfillment within its own beauty, and also recognizing of the appreciation about it. Therefore, as you pluck a flower and you place this flower within a vase within your home, it continues its radiance for you.

RETA: Would you think of a vegetable in the same way? I mean, we grow strawberries and we pick them and we eat them. Do they know then that they're made for consumption and for our benefit?


NORM: In the man-of-war that you were describing earlier in regard to the sea creatures, there are several of those in the plant and animal world, are there not? ELIAS: Yes. I was offering of one example that you may be familiar with.

NORM: Tuna and mackerel and salmon would all be ... and ants?

ELIAS: (Nodding) Although not completely within the same manner; for you may view your colonies of ants, and as they function as one body they also hold individuality within themselves. The colony within this creature that you view as a jellyfish, there are specific individuals that serve specific functions only; some being the brain, some being the reproductive organs, some being the respiratory system, some being the mouth, some being the tentacles; each serving its own function, but collectively creating an entire creature which you view as one entity, when in actuality it is not.

NORM: Communication is by other than nerve connections?

ELIAS: Yes. It is through electrical impulses, but not through your recognized nervous system.

DREW: All of this discussion about encoding and genetics and all of that is just our way of physically manifesting tone, is it not?

ELIAS: Within this particular dimension and manifestation. It is also a creative expression, for you manifest tone in many different dimensions in many different forms physically. You choose which creative direction you shall be pursuing, just as a painter may paint three colors upon a canvass and may also paint a tremendously detailed landscape upon another canvass. It is all within the interpretation of the creativity of that particular dimension.

DREW: And some may not be painted on a canvass at all.

ELIAS: Quite.

DREW: Can you tell us what day we are in, in this twelve-day pulse of the earth, the twelve-day cycle?

ELIAS: Ah! (Grinning) Shall you be placing your ear to the ground and listening for the heartbeat? (Laughter)

DREW: Sure! I'm wondering ... You said that we can be sensitive to this pulse. We can be aware of it.

ELIAS: You may!

DREW: I thought it might be helpful if we had a hint as to exactly when this was going to happen.

ELIAS: You are within your day five. DREW: Day five. Is the pulse basically an energy pulse?


DREW: Is the pulse a strengthening of the energy or a diminishing of the energy?

ELIAS: It shall appear as a heartbeat.

DREW: A heartbeat pulse is both, to use our terms, in and out.

ELIAS: Correct. It pumps.

DREW: It pumps. So if we wanted to meditate or make an attempt in our way to be sensitive to this pulse ... I'm always afraid to ask you questions like this! (Elias grins) Is there anything in particular that we should be sensitive to or looking for, or would the day itself even seem different?

ELIAS: Be sensitive to your oneness with all that you have created. Be sensitive to the idea that you have created this planet. Therefore, it is a manifestation of you. It is a part of you. You are not separate from it, although you physically view yourself to be. In this, you may attune your senses, your feelings, to be synchronized with its rhythm.

DREW: So actually, day twelve would be our next session night. Interesting. I have another question that's off the subject. We talked last week about our game with the babies.

ELIAS: Quite. Shall you make an attempt with this name?

DREW: Yes. The first initial we know is E ... I'll go letter by letter. Would the second letter be an L?

ELIAS: No. (Grinning)

DREW: No more attempts then for tonight! (Elias laughs) RETA: How about R?


VICKI: I have another question. There's been a lot of interesting imagery this week, dream imagery and waking imagery, some of it being very heavy and what we would maybe call dark, and there's been some violence in there. There's been an interesting array of people stopping breathing, whether in dream state or in waking state. I think we have connected with some of these things, but I think there's a lot more to it, and I'm looking for clues. ELIAS: You have offered yourselves the clues!

VICKI: I'm clueless how it has to do with the dream interpretation of last year.

ELIAS: This, as I have stated previously, I shall offer information as the probabilities arise, which they have not.

VICKI: I wasn't sure if they had because I'm clueless about that part of it.

ELIAS: Although you have offered yourselves much information presently, if you are choosing to be paying attention and looking to this information with regard to your dream mission.

VICKI: The actual subjective activity always seems a bit out of reach, a bit out of grasp of being able to comprehend or identify it.

ELIAS: Presently, for you are babes beginning with this mission. (Chuckling) Be continuing! You are accomplishing well and offering yourselves information.

NORM: I have a question for a friend. His name is Bill (last name deleted) and he wants to know who Bernard Herman is.

ELIAS: Another focus.

NORM: Of Bill?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: I shall inform him. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. We shall be discontinuing this evening, and I shall be interacting with you all quite soon. (To Carol) Dimin!

CAROL: Elias!

ELIAS: Very affectionately I address to you, au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:17 PM.


(1) We've been trying to tip a table for a few years now. Recently, four of us finally succeeded. We were really excited, and so we decided to try it again at our next group meeting. In the process of the attempt we all started chanting "tip table tip," at which point hysteria took over and we all lost it. We did tip the table that evening, but the chant has turned into a standing joke.

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