Session 1695
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Tsunamis in Their Many Forms


“Tsunamis in Their Many Forms”
“Looking at Preference, Opposition, Difference and Balance”

Saturday, January 15, 2005 (Castaic/Group)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Ben (Albert), Bobbi (Jale), Brad (Quinian), Carol (Theona), Cathy C (Shynla), Cathy S (Panniete), Christine (Kara), Daryl (Ashrah), Debi (Oona), Don (Allard), Douglas (Dona), Drew (Matthew), Ester (Ashule), Fran (Sandel), Frank (X-tian), George (Lanya), Gerald (Nethian), Greg, Gregoria (Angelina), Guin (Sofia), Howard (Bosht), Jo (Tyl), Jody (Katie), John (Salaan), Julie (Fontine), Karen (Ziva), Letty (Castille), Liam (Benny), Marcia (Sheenan), Marcos (Marta), Margot (Giselle), Nicolette, Pamela (Pviette), Pat (Fryolla), Patrick (Zelix), Paul H (Caroll), Paul T (Xutrah), Paula (Gloria), Ron (Olivia), Sabrina (Stencette), Sandy (Allesander), Sangshin (Fylo), Sharon (Camden), Sheri (Milde), Stella (Cindel), Stephen (Ahlalh), Victoria, Wendy (Myiisha), Will (Aldenn), Xanthia (Melissa)

Elias arrives at 1:43 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

GROUP: Good afternoon/hi/hello, Elias!

ELIAS: Welcome! This afternoon we shall be discussing tsunamis in their many forms, and we shall be participating together in this discussion — not lecture — concerning this subject matter and how you perceive it and what you generate within your own focuses in your own individual tsunamis that also contribute to mass events.

Therefore, what are your realities in association with your own energies, and what do you notice that you have been generating that has created the participation in the mass event?

DEBI: Judgment — lots and lots of judgment, wanting to be right and being really pissed off because everybody doesn’t agree with me.

DARYL: And wanting to fix people.

ELIAS: Ah, for of course they are wrong and of course they are broken.

You are aware that you create your reality — in theory or in concept. You have been privy to much of the information that I have expressed. You understand intellectually the concepts, but are you actually aware of what type of energy you are projecting? Are you actually aware that your individual self generates a contribution to all of consciousness in every action that you do, in every expression of energy?

You are NOT singular. You think you are singular, but you are not. You generate one individual body form manifestation, but you are not disconnected from all of your universe and all of consciousness, and you are participating with each other. There is an exchange of energy which occurs continuously with you all. Whether you are objectively aware of that energy exchange or not, the reality is that it is continuously occurring.

Whether you physically are participating in a location in which a mass event occurs or not is not to say that you are not participating, and whether you are aware of the mass event occurring objectively is not to say that you are not participating.

Your energy is being projected continuously. The reason that I have expressed so very many times within this previous year, in association with this wave addressing to truths, that it is significant to be aware of what type of energy you are projecting is that that energy ripples outward throughout consciousness and throughout your world.

Let me remind you once again, you cannot generate a mass event without individuals. The individual is the most significant element of the mass, and what creates a mass event is many individuals projecting similar energies and moving in similar directions. Therefore, what do you view within your realities that you have been creating in your waves — in your large waves?

This mass event was no accident. The manner in which it was presented was quite precise and purposeful. It was generated in terms of tremendous power of energy erupting to generate an enormous wave — or many enormous waves. The choice of the waves was quite precise, for this is what you are experiencing, this wave addressing to truths. Although you may intellectually express to yourselves that you understand the strength of the intensity of this particular wave, now look to your physical wave and view the strength and the power of that wave. That wave is dwarfed in association with this wave that you are engaging and have been engaging for some time framework — and it is growing. (Low uncomfortable laughter and murmurs)

STELLA: Is there a place to hide? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah! Now; that generated an attention, did it not!

This wave is not dissipating; it is increasing. Those waves that you viewed of water shall appear to you to be ripples in association with this wave, which is affecting of the entirety of your world, and you are ALL participating. Now how shall you participate is the question. How are you generating energy and what type of energy are you generating? Are you generating energy that is contributing to that type of experience, or are you moving into balance?

I may express that most of you are not balancing. Most of you are experiencing not necessarily conflict, for many of you are not experiencing conflict, but confusion and struggle.

PAMELA: Overwhelm.

ELIAS: And difficulty.

In this, you are presenting yourselves with the experiences of your truths. How are you addressing to them and how are you responding to them? And in that, what type of energy are you expressing? What occurred in your physical mass event was not merely generated by the energy of the individuals that were physically involved.

CAROL: It felt to me like it was a reflection of the energy from Iraq, in a situation that just couldn’t take anymore and then it went over to...

ELIAS: No. I shall express to you, this wave was quite purposeful. All of the individuals that physically participated in that event at the moment of their death were aware of what they were choosing. ALL of the individuals in that mass event were also aware of each other. ALL of the individuals that disengaged in that mass event were also aware of the purpose of its creation and what it was designed to express. This is unusual.

Mass events occur and many individuals participate, and at the moment of their disengagement or their death they are aware of their choice to be disengaging, but they may not be objectively aware of what they are participating in. These individuals incorporated an awareness and continue to incorporate an awareness of what they chose and why they chose it and what they were participating in.

I have been expressing for an extended time framework that there is a tremendous energy of polarization that has been occurring and that has been building also and expanding and intensifying. In addition to the polarization, there has been a tremendous expression and energy of opposition that has been being generated throughout your world.

In this, these individuals chose to be expressing an energy together as a collective to effect your physical environment to generate this imagery of waves, and chose to engage the action that they did in death to send a message to all of the rest of you to remember appreciation and cooperation, and to generate a reason to create that action or to instigate that action of cooperation rather than opposition, of appreciation rather than polarization, to remind you of what you value.

I am aware, as you are aware, that you value many different expressions, but one element within your physical reality that you value quite highly is that which you define as life. Regardless of your differences, regardless of your conflicts, regardless of your philosophies, you all share the commonality of valuing life. And to remove such an enormous expression of life from your reality in one wave has generated a significant impact. You are paying attention and your world is paying attention, not merely individuals that engage conversations with myself and congregate within this forum and are privy to this information. (Humorously) Which of course is the highest information (laughter), for of course I am the highest entity. You may all feel free to worship! For of course, I am God! (Laughter)

But in this, you all as YOUR highest entities, yourselves, value your manifestations and you do value each other. Even if you do not like each other, you value each other, for you value what you signify, and you signify life.

STEPHEN: Elias, when this event happened I felt a lot of conflict because I knew the world would pay a lot of attention to it and a lot of money to it, but they don’t pay a lot of attention to 800,000 people dying in Rwanda or some other part of the world. I felt that it was unfair that they pay attention to this and they don’t pay attention to something else.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, this is a comparison, first of all. Comparison is an automatic discounting and judgment. Also, that may be one of your truths that you are experiencing, fairness — what is fair and what is not.

This is the point of this mass event, to be emphasizing that you are engaging this wave addressing to truths, which are merely your beliefs which have been set into absolutes; but to you they are true, but they are not necessarily true to another individual. That is not to say that your truth is right or wrong or that another individual’s truth is right or wrong; it is right to you. But it is not wrong that another individual or many other individuals express a difference, and this is the point.

What has generated such tremendous polarization in conjunction with this wave addressing to truths? Difference. This is what generates the polarization.

The reason that you are generating this polarization in association with differences may seem to you initially to be contradictory. You are engaging this wave addressing to truths, therefore you should be recognizing that your truths are not true and you should not be expressing judgment. But what have I expressed to you from the onset of this particular wave? It is not a wave that shall be addressed intellectually. It is being addressed experientially. If it is being addressed experientially, you are experiencing your truths.

You are experiencing your anger or frustration or irritation of a lack of what you perceive to be fairness, for that is YOUR truth. And what is the automatic response to your own truths if you are presented with differences? To oppose.

STEPHEN: Judgment.

ELIAS: And that is what is generating this polarization, for that is an automatic response, to oppose any difference that threatens your truth or that opposes your truth. The automatic response is to match energy, and this is the point that has been expressed with all of these individuals in this mass event, to pay attention.

PAT: Elias, was there any significance for the area of the world where this happened, why there and not here?

ELIAS: Yes. The significance is that it would involve more of your world. It would be a physical location that is rich in trade with many, many, many countries. It is also an area in which there is much travel. There is a large influx of individuals from many, many, many other areas of your world. Therefore it would be quite impactful not merely to one country but to many countries, and therefore would be quite noticed.

GEORGE: Well, God... (Laughter)

ELIAS: Yes? (Grinning)

GEORGE: The interesting thing is that almost no animals perished in this whole event.

ELIAS: Quite! Which is quite significant, but not unusual and quite natural. Why do you think that is?

GEORGE: Because we have lost a sense that they still retain?

ELIAS: No, you have not lost those senses. You merely do not pay attention to them, and you do not pay attention to what you are creating within your energy, and you have generated such a separation between yourself and all that you create, which is all of your reality, all of your universe, your planet, your environment, your atmosphere. All that is within your reality — ALL that is within your reality — you are each individually creating, but you generate this belief of separation, which creates a reality of separation of yourself from your environment. Your environment is merely an extension of you.

Your creatures know that and experience that, and your creatures recognize what is churning within their atmosphere and choose not to participate in that action and know that that is being created by your energy. Therefore they flee and they are unharmed. For it is not their energy that is generating this mass event, it is YOUR energy that is creating this mass event. It is unnecessary for your creatures to participate. They are already cooperating; they are already appreciating.

GEORGE: Do they still have the knowingness?


PAT: With that in mind, Elias, with the massive mudslides that we had recently in California, there were a lot of animals that were affected and were covered by the mud, some of them found with their families, almost protecting the families. Why did those creatures choose to be...

ELIAS: That was a different event.

PAT: There’s no correlation between the two?

ELIAS: No. This is your location. I have spoken of this physical location and other locations previously. Individuals dwell and choose to dwell in physical locations that resonate with their energy. You resonate with each other. You generate a similarity of energy, which is what creates your environment.

In this physical location, you generate extremes, and the individuals that dwell in this physical location generate an energy of extremes. It may not appear to you that you are generating extremes, for it is natural and it is what you term to be normal. Therefore, you do not perceive it as extremes, but your energies together create an intensity and your environment reflects that. It is an environment of drama.

PAT: Back to the creatures — how come they didn’t decide to leave?

ELIAS: For the creatures also dwell in this environment and they are connected with you and they are participating with you.

This event was designed to express a message. The creatures in that area already understand the message. They are already experiencing the message. Therefore, there is no need for them to participate in the mass event.

The creatures that dwell in this area, in this location where you dwell, they are a part of your environment; they are a part of you. You are not generating a statement to yourselves continuously. You are merely generating your natural flow of energy, which your environment reflects in extremes and in drama. Which is not bad; you enjoy more excitement than other individuals in other locations. Therefore, this is what you generate and it is reflected in your environment also. Other locations may not necessarily enjoy that type of excitement, and therefore they do not create that.

But the environment, the natural movements or what you term to be disasters or even weather patterns, they are all created by you collectively. They are orchestrated by the individuals collectively that dwell in particular areas.

Therefore, once again I inquire of you: how are YOU participating in the tsunami? What are you generating in your reality that is creating polarization or opposition?

NICOLETTE: To be honest, I think I’d have to say that my participation is a wake-up call, and my judgment is that we need to wake up and maybe something like this would cause a wake-up.

ELIAS: Very well. I am aware that there are some of you that may not necessarily be generating extremes in this time framework and you may not necessarily be generating much opposition. You may be generating your own movement into balance and you may be presenting yourself with some of your truths and understanding them.

This is the point, that whether you are generating an energy of opposition or not, what is important is that you are allowing yourselves to move into a recognition of what your truths are and how you express them. For although we have spoken of these truths many times, they are more elusive than you think, for they are so very absolute and unquestioned that you do not see them. This is the reason that this wave is being expressed in experience, and this is the reason that it is important to be paying attention to your experiences and what you are actually doing.

STELLA: Elias, I think that’s what is happening with me. That’s where I’m going, right? I need your validation! (Laughter, and Elias laughs) I think that’s where I’m going.

ELIAS: Where are you going?

STELLA: The direction of coming to terms with the opposition and having more cooperation and being the angel that I always wanted to be! That’s my experience right now. I am having a hard time, I really am, with this wave. I think with the bad times that I’m having, I’m getting close to the area of appreciation, do you think?

ELIAS: By recognizing your own truths and also recognizing your natural expressions of energy, and allowing yourself to move more into a balance in that.

STELLA: I’m sorry, Elias, but you told me yesterday that I don’t have to go to that balance. I’m the only one! (Laughter) I don’t have to reach balance.

ELIAS: Ah, but your balance is your extremes!

LETTY: But that’s good!

STELLA: But ... what a second! (Laughter) That’s why I don’t have to work towards balance.

ELIAS: For your balance is your extremes.

STELLA: Right, because I was concerned and I was going to really work on balance. Now I don’t have to work on balance — I just wanted to make that clear. Everybody else does except me! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Very well, Cindel. You do not deal with balance and you mind your extremes, and we shall see. And perhaps we shall be speaking with each other sooner than later! (Laughs loudly)

CAROL: I find myself becoming really interested in conflict resolution and mediation, being able to do that. I’ve just been to my conservative relatives who have a lot of money and a lot of conservative values, and I realized that they live in me. I came to see a median, that this is a another part of me. All of these people and all of these viewpoints feel like they’re in me, that I’m the republican and that I’m all of these... So I became interested in conflict resolution. Our community is very polarized, but it feels like I can see that, that I’m all of them.

ELIAS: Quite, yes.

CAROL: I didn’t have to go to one or the other of them, I could just mediate.

ELIAS: Without the expectation of changing other individuals, correct. Very well.

JOHN: Elias, I’ve been generating my intention on my balance towards my goals, and I find myself creating without manifesting my true reality, where I want to be.

ELIAS: Which is?

JOHN: Which is fulfillment of the mission in my mind.

ELIAS: And what is your mission?

JOHN: My mission is to heal.

ELIAS: Ah. To heal what?

JOHN: To heal others, to give my gifts that I have. But it hasn’t manifested and I don’t know why. I’ve been working in every area, I believe.

ELIAS: And the reason that you generate obstacles is that you also generate expectations.

You may engage a direction of healing and create quite a successfulness in that, but the manner in which you shall be successful is to recognize that you are not healing another individual or another expression of consciousness, that you are cooperating with another individual and that you are offering your energy in supportiveness, and not to generate an expectation that the energy that you offer shall be received and configured in the manner that you want (but) that it may be received and configured in the manner that the other individual wants, which may not necessarily be in conjunction with what you want. In allowing yourself a genuine cooperation with another individual without expectation, you project a very different type of energy, one that is received by the other individual that may encourage the other individual to generate their own healing.

The other aspect of this is that in attempting to instruct and also attempting to do and generating the expectations, you draw different types of individuals to you, not necessarily those that genuinely wish to cooperate and genuinely heal themselves. You draw to yourself individuals that are moving in a reflective manner to you of expectation also, individuals that do not necessarily want to be healing and therefore they configure the energy differently. They configure it in the manner which reflects your expectations, that you may view your own expectation and therefore allow you to actually recognize what you are doing.

Now; if you move in another expression and allow yourself to genuinely create a cooperation with another individual and merely share — share your energy, your experience freely with the other individual without an expectation and allow them to receive that energy in what ever manner they choose — you shall incorporate much more of a successfulness and you shall draw much more to yourself.

GEORGE: Elias, if I may, it seems like acceptance balances a lot of these extremes, at least for myself. Once acceptance comes in, judgment flies out the window. As long as one is open and just lets it be somehow, there’s a lot less conflict coming one’s way.


GEORGE: There’s not energy that one has to fight off.

ELIAS: Yes. Acceptance is a significant key, but acceptance may be challenging at times if you are presenting significant differences to yourself that trigger your own truths and generate a threat. Differences generate automatic threat, and if the difference is what you term to be big enough, the expression of acceptance may be challenging to incorporate.

This is the reason that it is important to notice what your truths are and therefore incorporate the ability to identify those differences and why they trigger within you, and in that generate an awareness within yourself, a reminder within yourself, that your truths are true for you and that they are your guidelines. Therefore, for you they are right and good.

Duplicity is not being eliminated any more than any other belief system. It is being expressed differently, it is being incorporated differently, but it is not being eliminated. You continue to incorporate your opinions and your preferences. I have expressed that from the onset of this forum. You shall, even fully shifted and in complete acceptance, continue to incorporate your own opinions and your own preferences and your own guidelines. That is an element of your uniqueness, each of you.

But the expression of the good and the bad and the right and the wrong shall be different, for you shall apply it to yourself and not necessarily to other individuals. You may view actions or choices of other individuals and you may express within yourself that you do not agree or that you do not like them, that you do not prefer them, and you recognize that your choice is to move with your guideline. Therefore, YOU shall not express in that manner for it is not your preference, but not incorporate the judgment of the other individual if they choose to be expressing in a particular manner. That is the significance of being aware of your own truths and recognizing that they are only true to you.

DREW: Can I ask a question about creating your own reality?

ELIAS: You may!

DREW: It’s nice to be interacting objectively with you again.

ELIAS: And you also.

DREW: I’ve recently had it explained to me in a way I hadn’t understood before, and before I accept that as the least distorted version, I wanted to run it by you.

ELIAS: Very well.

DREW: In terms of interacting with someone else by agreement, it was explained to me that the agreement of the other individual is their agreement to lend energy to me and that that energy or what I would objectively view as that person, the words they speak, the actions they do, everything that that person does is created by me.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Everything they say, everything they do, the words coming out of your mouth...

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: my reality are my words?

ELIAS: Yes, but you are directly interacting with the energy.

DREW: But I’m the director of the movie.


DREW: And the writer.


GEORGE: And the actor.


PAT: Then who are you?

ELIAS: You are directly interacting with another individual’s energy, or with my energy presently. My energy is directly being projected to you in interaction with you. You receive that energy and you configure that energy similar to how I am projecting it, for the most part. For as I have expressed many times, generally speaking you do not automatically reconfigure energy, but at times you do.

Therefore, let us express in a general situation. I project my energy to you. You receive that energy, you configure it, you generate the actual physical manifestation of Michael and of myself speaking to you through Michael’s form. You create the words, you create the reality of it, you create the entire configuration of it just as you are creating every other individual within this room.

DREW: And everything they say to me are the words I give them.

ELIAS: Not the words you give them — every word that they say to you you are not giving them; you are creating all of those words in association with the image that the words are projected from.

DREW: But it’s my script.

ELIAS: Yes. But the wonder of the preciseness and perfection of this script of your play and of all of these words that you present to yourself is that each individual that you interact with, you have specifically chosen that one individual rather than billions of other individuals in that one moment to express those words to you, for you have chosen that particular individual, for you have drawn that individual’s energy to you rather than any other individual within your world — that one.

DREW: It’s casting.


DREW: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

And now we shall break, and thusly continue.

BREAK at 2:37 PM. RESUME at 3:43 PM. (Arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

STEPHEN: Elias, could I possibly get my essence name and essence family and all that jazz? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Ahlalh, A-H-L-A-L-H (AY lahl). Your impression?

STEPHEN: On the family, Sumari?

ELIAS: And alignment?

STEPHEN: Alignment Tumold?

ELIAS: Vold; orientation common.

STEPHEN: Thank you.

PATRICK: Elias, I’d like to know my essence name, and I was wondering if you could help me understand intent.

ELIAS: Very well. (Pause) Essence name, Zelix, Z-E-L-I-X (ZEE licks).

The manner in which you may discover your intent is to be examining all of your experiences throughout your focus from the onset, not merely now but throughout the entirety of your focus. In that, as you examine your directions and your choices and your experiences throughout your focus, you may discover the theme that is expressed.

The theme is not necessarily a distinct direction, but it is what motivates all of your more specific directions. Therefore, all of the directions that you have incorporated within the entirety of your focus in some manner shall relate to that general theme.

It is significant that individuals discover their intent themselves, for this is an action that offers you significant information concerning yourself, and it is helpful for you to become more familiar with yourself and your motivations and what your desire is in this particular focus, what your exploration is in this focus, which also explains many of your motivations in different situations and what you draw to yourself and why you draw that to yourself, for it is associated with your intent.

PAT: I’d like to ask one thing. Is Warren Zephon a focus of Fryolla?


PAT: OE? (Observing essence)


PAUL H: Elias, I’d like to ask, from your perspective, this essence of Kris who is channeled by Serge Grandbois, his belonging to or however you would categorize his intent of this essence of Kris? (Pause)

ELIAS: The grouping of which may somewhat be associated with a belonging to may not be associated with these essence families, therefore would not be relevant to this particular physical dimension, for it is not a grouping of participation directly with this physical reality. That does not discount his choice to be participating in communication with individuals within this physical reality.

I may express to you that you may inquire of that essence what his intent is in association with his interaction with you within physical focus. That essence is quite capable of explaining itself and offering information as to its direction and its participation.

PAUL H: I have asked that and that’s on the record in the Kris Chronicles. As a follow-up then, you’ve talked earlier about pools of consciousness. Would you then characterize Kris’ native focus of intention as — belonging to is maybe relevant to my question — but belonging to a pool of consciousness that is different from that that is focused in this dimension as these nine families?

ELIAS: Yes. I am aware of the choice to be defining as a cluster, which it is merely a difference in terms and it matters not. It is merely not associated with these particular nine families, which are not actually families either, which I have explained. But that is the choice of term that I have incorporated.

PAUL H: So as he engages the energy exchange with Serge, the translation of that energy does take on a characteristic of those nine families. He has said that, and I don’t remember the exact affiliation that that is...

ELIAS: I am understanding.

PAUL H: ...but that holds then, as that energy exchange occurs into this dimension through Serge, it takes on that characteristic within that nine of some sort?

ELIAS: I am understanding. Which is understandable, for any essence that chooses to be engaging an energy exchange with an individual participating within physical focus chooses a manner of configuring energy and filtering that energy through layers of consciousness that shall be compatible with you and with what you know, and shall generate qualities of energy that are recognizable to you and understandable to you. For if they did not, you would not pay attention or you would incorporate no draw to interact. Therefore, it is a facilitating method to configure the energy in manners that are palatable to your physical reality and that also incorporate some qualities that you incorporate and that you understand.

As I have expressed with myself, within consciousness, within nonphysical areas of consciousness, emotion is unnecessary. Therefore, it is not expressed. Emotion is associated with your physical reality as one of the basic blueprints of this reality. It is a quality that you all express, and it is also associated with the incorporation of an objective perception.

There is no objective perception within nonphysical areas of consciousness, but there is within your physical reality (and) there is an incorporation of emotion. As you are aware, I have incorporated an interaction with a small group of individuals previously in which I presented an aspect of myself devoid of that expression.

STELLA: I didn’t like it.

ELIAS: You did not.

STELLA: Oh no, it was horrible. (Laughter)

ELIAS: And none of the individuals participating in that particular interaction understood the information or remembered any of the information and were not pleased with the interaction.

STELLA: No, it was ick, ick! (Laughter)

ELIAS: That was offered as an example to the individuals participating, that within nonphysical areas of consciousness emotion is not an expression that is expressed and that this is a filtration. My incorporation of emotion with you or humor with you and the manner in which I present myself to you is purposeful, for it is a manner that you understand. It has been your request that I be interactive with you, and therefore the choice is to incorporate the most efficient manner to be responding to that request, that you will understand and that you may generate a relationship with.

DREW: But doesn’t everything spring from love? (Pause)

ELIAS: “Spring from love.” That is an interesting terminology, which would imply that love is a thing that all other things are generated from. (Pause)

Yes and no. For love is not a thing, it is an expression. It is a quality, it is a knowing, and it is an action of appreciation. Knowing and appreciation, that is love and that is a quality of consciousness. It is an innate quality of consciousness.

But consciousness is not a thing, either. It is an action. And yes, all is created as consciousness, not from consciousness but as consciousness, in different manners — that also including form. Therefore as a quality and action of the action of consciousness, yes, it is an innate quality within all that is expressed as consciousness, but no, all does not spring from love.

DREW: But it is THE innate quality, isn’t it?

ELIAS: It is one of the innate qualities.

PAUL H: You’ve said love is a truth, in the “Absolute Universal” sense.

ELIAS: Yes, but reality is also.

STELLA: Elias, we’re talking about love. Can you play with me for a little bit? (Laughter) Let’s just play together, okay? I was at a wedding and I saw this other person... The reason I’m saying this is because she’s not about to ask you, so I’m taking responsibility to ask but I’m not taking responsibility for her...

LETTY: It’s not me! (Laughter)

STELLA: ...what I’m doing is because I’m curious, so out of curiosity — simple! So I saw this other woman, who shall remain nameless, and I saw this man and they were dancing, and I actually saw sparks when they held each other. And I wasn’t drunk (laughter), and I thought this is really interesting. So after the whole thing ended, she left and he stayed, and I said, “You’re going to have to pursue this because I saw sparks, so there’s a certain connection, definitely.” He felt like something happened there, so they exchanged numbers or whatever they did. But now everything has gone totally the opposite. They don’t like each other. So my thing is what happened to the sparks?

LETTY: What were they?

STELLA: Everything has a purpose and a reason. Can you tell me? Are there still sparks?

ELIAS: Perhaps, but that would depend upon the individuals. What you saw was an expression of a connection between the two individuals, a strong connection and a strong recognition of each other. But remember, each individual generates their own choices and their own directions.

You may meet a soul mate in one focus and be repelled by them. It is dependent upon your choices and your direction in that particular focus. Merely that an individual incorporates a connection, regardless of the strength of that connection, with another individual is not necessarily an indicator that the individual should pursue some engagement with the other individual or even that they may want to.

STELLA: But what do you think in this case? Do you think they should or not should?

ELIAS: It is not a matter of should or not should. My suggestion is that both of the individuals merely recognize that they do incorporate a connection, but to pay attention to themselves and to genuinely allow themselves to move in the direction that they want.



WILL: Elias, I have a follow-up question a little related to that, but also related to your question. I was reflecting on how do I generate opposition in my life, which was the question I heard you ask us earlier. The thing I’m thinking about is, it seems that when I don’t fully understand or embrace my preference, I generate opposition. So in your answer to Stella about what do they want, if I’m not clear about what I want, then I generate opposition. That’s one of the sources of opposition.

In particular, an example I have is at work, and the organization and where it’s going. I was working on creating a new position, but the organization has not done that. I have been feeling, over the last four to five months, frustrated with the organization, blaming the organization for not creating this position. This is a position I could potentially take, but I realize in myself that I’m ambivalent about whether I want that position or if the position should even be there. I’m running in opposition and that’s the frustration. Anyway, I’m experiencing that as I’m creating that.

ELIAS: Yes, that is a fine example. It is a manner of your wants and being aware of yourself and what you are generating and the direction you are choosing. In that, it is not a matter of shoulds or should nots. It is a matter of defining what you want in clarity and allowing yourself the freedom to create that and to create that in a manner of cooperation rather than in an expression of opposition, which generates a thickness and creates much more difficulty for any of you to be creating what you want.

But many times the challenge is the want itself and generating a clarity as to what it is you want. Many individuals attempt to arrive at the definition of what they want by eliminating what they do not want, the process of elimination, and that shall express to them what they do want. Many times they are unsuccessful in that process. They merely are successful in defining precisely what they do not want.

It may be somewhat helpful to you in your discovery of what you actually want to be evaluating what you have, what it is that you perceive that you do not have that you need to acquire. In that, as you begin evaluating what you already have and what you are already doing or generating, you may express more of a clarity as to what it is that you actually want. For those expressions that you think you want, in inquiring of yourself what you already have and what you are already doing, you may discover that what you think you want, you already possess or you are already generating, and in that, you offer yourself more clarity.

It also may offer you more clarity in evaluating what you want not necessarily in terms of things. For the most part, individuals do not necessarily actually want things. They merely want certain things for they perceive that if they incorporate certain things, that shall afford them the ability to create what they actually want.

One of the most common things that individuals think they want is money, for money is the answer to all that you want. For if you incorporate money, you may incorporate power, you may incorporate time, you may express freedom, you may allow yourself to move as you wish, you may begin to direct yourself, you may incorporate knowledge and status and the appreciation of others and your own appreciation.

Interesting how these coins and pieces of paper are so powerful and generate such a magical action that they may offer all of these expressions to you merely in their existence! I may assure all of you that you may incorporate vaults of these pieces of paper and coins and not necessarily express any of those wants — or you may express the riches of those wants with none of those coins and papers.


JOHN: Elias, would you tell me my essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Salaan, S-A-L-A-A-N (SAA lon).

JOHN: Family?

ELIAS: Your impression?

JOHN: I don’t know.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Essence family, Zuli; alignment in this focus, Sumari; orientation, common.

JOHN: I don’t know that, either.

ELIAS: I have offered it to you: common. (Laughs)

WENDY: Elias, I have a question about the shift. When you were talking about nonphysical areas of reality where yourself and Kris have your experience, it made me wonder if this shift that we’re undergoing and all our gyrations are rippling in those areas.

ELIAS: Yes. There is no separation in consciousness; it is a belief. It is associated with your physical reality. It is associated with other physical realities also — not all, but many.

WENDY: I don’t know how to ask this exactly, but since I feel separated I’m curious about what is going on in nonphysical areas in relation to the shift.

ELIAS: That would be somewhat difficult to offer a response to, for the most accurate answer that I may offer to you is an action of supportiveness. Not necessarily specific actions, but...

WENDY: Energy.

ELIAS: Yes, an energy of supportiveness.

WENDY: Is there going to be some beneficial outcome?

ELIAS: It is all beneficial. The nature of consciousness is continuous exploration, a continuous expansion, a continuous folding in and a continuous exploration. You within your physical dimension are generating an expansion of your exploration within this physical reality. Therefore, it is a benefit to consciousness, for this is the action of consciousness, to continuously be exploring and discovering new manners to be exploring and therefore expanding.

WENDY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

CATHY S: Elias, I experienced a shift in my personal reality several years ago in objective awareness, where I experienced a freedom, a real freedom, from a lot of my inhibitions and shyness. This lasted for three days where I just was completely free, and then that was it. I experienced it for three days, completely free and not self-conscious and expressing and feeling my emotions. I was just wondering what happened to me, or what was that about.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, this is not an uncommon type of experience. Many individuals generate restrictions and obstacles and fears within themselves, and an element of their fear or their issue is associated with the unknown of change. Therefore, many individuals offer themselves a temporary experience of the type of change that they want to express but have prevented themselves from expressing through their fears and also associated with their beliefs. But that is a gift that you offer to yourself, that you have presented an evidence to yourself in an actual experience that you can experience in a different manner.

Now; the reason that individuals generate these temporary experiences associated with an issue or a fear and their own restrictions is that many times individuals may intellectually understand that they incorporate choices, but they do not know what those choices are and they do not know objectively how to implement those choices. Also, they may incorporate a concept of expressing in a certain manner, but having not actually experienced that concept, they do not know objectively what that concept actually is.

An individual may move throughout their focus and they may think that they have experienced the reality of love. What they may have actually experienced throughout their focus is affection. They label that affection as love, but they do not actually incorporate the experience of love; therefore, they do not know what love actually is. And perhaps in a surprising moment they allow themselves to actually experience that expression of love, and thusly know the difference from what they previously thought of as love and recognize that that was affection and that love is different.

Many times it is challenging for an individual to move into an experience that they incorporate a concept of but have not actually experienced. This is the reason that I have expressed many, many, many times previously, you may incorporate many concepts, but without the experience the concept remains a concept. It is not generated into a reality. Reality is created in your physical reality through experience. And in that, you may think and think and think and not necessarily generate an actual reality of any particular experience without the experience.

These types of flash experiences that are temporary glimpses are an offered gift of yourself to yourself to glimpse the concept that you have and to know that that concept can be generated into a reality in actual experience. It is a manner in which you choose to offer yourself encouragement and motivation to move in the direction of your desire.

CATHY S: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

PAUL H: Elias, in her case, was she using her conceptual inner sense to trigger that temporary experience?


PAUL H: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CATHY C: I want to know how to figure out what your preferences are. I know it sounds easy...

PAUL H: After all this time? (Laughter)

ELIAS: I am aware. In this, it is an appearance of simplicity but it is also a very unfamiliar direction. You are not familiar with moving into actually identifying your preferences and recognizing what your preferences are.

Now; in this, if you are allowing yourself to be aware of your beliefs and your truths more specifically, within all of your truths there is some element of preference. In the evaluation of what your truths are, you may recognize what your preferences are and what your preferences are not.

Your preferences are also associated with your opinions. What you express in your opinions are generated in association with your preferences. Preferences are merely preferred beliefs. In that, some of your opinions are stronger than others, and those would be stronger preferences than other preferences. Remember, preferences also change, which is also reflected in your opinions, for your opinions change as your preferences change.

That is a strong key to discovering what your actual preferences are and also paying attention to what you do. Your automatic directions, your automatic natural flow of energy is also a reflection of your preferences.

Let me express to you, one of the reasons that individuals generate such challenge and difficulty in discovering their preferences is that they are looking for large expressions. Many of your preferences are expressed in each of your days in simple actions that you incorporate. You are attempting to discover some significant important preference, but the preferences are actually expressed in mundane activities that you incorporate daily, which in some situations and in some circumstances may appear to be a large expression but it is influenced by those small preferences that you express in each day.

As an example: you may incorporate an action each day of tidying your house and assuring yourself that you have dusted every corner of your house. In that action, you are not thinking concerning preferences, but that is an action that is satisfying to you. It generates a satisfaction within you. It generates somewhat of a comfort, but do not be confused for at times preferences may also involve a lack of comfort. But in that action, you are automatically expressing a preference.

Now; that may be associated with a belief that may be strongly expressed, but you are not noticing, for this is a small action that you automatically do and you do not incorporate much thought process with it. But if another individual enters your house and pours a large bucket of dirt upon your tables, you shall be responding and you shall be responding in a significant manner.

Whereas the preference appeared to be small in the dusting, it now appears to be quite large in the experience of another individual pouring dirt upon your tables. And you shall strongly express that this is NOT your preference, and it may even incorporate opposition and conflict. For you may automatically respond to the other individual in opposition and in strongly expressing an elevated tone: “DO NOT POUR DIRT UPON MY TABLE!” You are not likely to express to the other individual, “This is not my preference that you pour dirt upon my table. It is my preference that my table is dusted and clean.” You shall merely generate an automatic response and oppose.

Opposition is also an indicator of what your preferences are through what they are not. If you are opposing in a particular situation, some action has occurred that moves in opposition or threat to your preferences, and therefore your automatic response is to oppose or to defend.

Defense is also another manner in which you may discover some of your preferences, for defense is a shielding. It also is a discounting of yourself. But in that, you have generated some type of expression that is not a preference, and many times in identifying what is not a preference you may discover what is a preference, for generally speaking they are merely different sides of the same coin.

CATHY C: Does balance play a role in this, too? If you can find a balance between all that?

ELIAS: Quite, and the balance would be the acceptance of the difference, and the recognition of your own truths and the acceptance of your own truths, not opposing your own truths either, but offering yourself the freedom to express your own truths, but also recognizing the different influences of those beliefs that are your truths and choosing the influences that are more preferred, that are less conflicting to you individually, but not generating the expectation that other individuals that express differently are wrong, and not opposing or matching energy with the other individuals, for it is not necessary.

Individuals express differently, that is not to say that they are wrong, but it is also not to say that you prefer how other individuals express and thusly you incorporate the choice of whether you shall interact with them or how you shall interact with them.

PAT: I have a question here. Because of the last couple of weeks and some experiences I’ve had with an individual, I’m curious. My preference is not to interact with them because they twinge me like crazy. When they twinge me, I have a choice of ignoring them or matching energy. If I choose not to match energy but I’m still twinged, will my cat throw up more? (Laughter) Everyone knows about my cat!

ELIAS: It is quite possible, yes.

PAT: Is it better to match the energy, get it out in the open, say what I have to say and then feel better about it, or just say I don’t want to match energy, and therefore not say anything and my cat is vomiting all over the house? What is the way an individual goes about this in the best or the nicer manner or preferred manner?

ELIAS: I am understanding.

PAT: Cleo throws up every time I’m upset.

PAUL T: Get a new cat! (Laughter)

ELIAS: First of all, it is important that you evaluate what generated the twinge.

PAT: It’s discounting of other individuals as well as myself in an open forum, and this irritates the crap out of me. To me, this is rude behavior. I have all those rights and wrongs and all those beliefs, so what I’m asking is...

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are inquiring, and I am expressing to you what is significant is that you recognize what generated the twinge. Once you recognize what generated the twinge, if it was a significant twinge it is most likely what has been tapped is one of your truths. In that, evaluating that this is one of your truths, it is the process of you addressing to your truth and recognizing that that is YOUR guideline but it does not necessarily apply to other individuals.

In matching energy, what are you doing? What are you accomplishing? In matching energy, what you do and what you accomplish is to express a judgment of the other individual that they are wrong, that you are right, that your truth is better. In this, also you not merely discount the other individual but you also discount yourself, for what you are expressing is that you are defending your truth as the better truth.

PAT: So if I choose not to defend my truth, knowing it’s only a truth of mine...

ELIAS: It is not “only” a truth.

PAT: ...but it’s still inside me and it’s still a twinge!

ELIAS: Quite!

PAT: I’m still twinging like crazy!

ELIAS: It is not “only” a truth. Truths are QUITE strong and they may be very affecting. It is real, for you have generated it as your reality. Therefore, it is quite real.

But the manner in which you diffuse that is to recognize that that is YOUR guideline. Therefore, you shall not express some exposure of other individuals in a public or group atmosphere, for this is your guideline. You do not believe that that is good. To you, that is evaluated as bad; therefore, you do not incorporate that action. Another individual may.

PAT: Do I ignore them and then it’s still inside me as a twinge and my cat still throws up?

ELIAS: And how do you ignore an individual? Do you genuinely ignore an individual?

PAT: Say I do not respond to the other individual.

ELIAS: You do not respond, but that is not ignoring.

PAT: So how do I not match energy with someone that is tweaking me so much?

ELIAS: By evaluating YOU. Eliminate the other individual. In the situation in which you perceive that the other individual is incorporating some action, is doing some action that is offensive to you, eliminate the other individual. Pretend the other individual disappears momentarily. Now there is no opposition. There is no other individual that is generating this. You are generating it. What are you generating? What are YOU doing?

Now; also, the reason it is important to generate this evaluation is to not move in the direction of justification of yourself. I am not expressing to you that you should not express yourself or that you should not express your preferences, and you may. You may express your preferences and you may choose not to be continuing interaction with the other individual. I am not expressing to you that you acquiesce or that you compromise, but there other manners in which you may accomplish.

You may recognize your truth and that it strongly is affecting of you, and it is quite definite and it is quite absolute in your reality — and it is not being eliminated. You are not eliminating your truths any more than you are eliminating any belief. But you accept that, you acknowledge, “This is my truth. Therefore, it is also associated with some element of my preferences, and that is acceptable.” And you may express, but you may also express in not matching energy, and generate some type of appreciation and cooperation.

PAT: Easier said than done.

ELIAS: I am aware. But I did not promise any of you that this would be easy!

PAT: I know that. Thank you.

STELLA: Elias, I have the perfect example because I’ve gone through the same thing with my mom. My mom has been my greatest teacher. She’ll ask me a lot of stuff like how’s Letty doing — she’s fine. How’s Rosario doing — she’s fine. But she wants more, and I don’t want to give her more and she keeps insisting. The energy that I’m projecting to her as she’s asking me those questions is “leave me alone; don’t ask me those questions.” Then I say to myself, why doesn’t she read my energy? My energy is stronger than my words. But she continues and continues, and I just go crazy.

The interesting thing is I find myself asking my husband what about this person and what about this, and he says to me in a very kind of like, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” and I say, “Oh my god, I guess I shouldn’t have asked.” I realize that what she’s doing with me, I’m dancing with him. So we’re dancing the same dance...

ELIAS: A reflection.

STELLA: Totally! Then at night I say, my mom, I love her, I just adore her, and when I wake up I’m going to say, “Mom, I really love you whether I show it or not.” But then I get up and we’re having coffee and she’ll say, “What are you going to do today?” And I go off the handle because it’s like what do you care, what do you want to know for? I don’t have to tell you everything! You do your life and I do my life! So we start all over again. So there’s a constant dance, reflection going on. And I’m tired, Elias; I don’t want to analyze anything anymore. I just want you to tell me a magic word.

ELIAS: Stop! (Laughter)

JO: I’d like to state my preference here, that if you’ve already had a comment or a question or two, that you allow the floor to be turned over to people who haven’t had a chance to ask a question. Not that everyone hasn’t had really great comments and questions, but there are people here who have come a long way, and I’d appreciate it if they’d have a chance to do that.

PAUL T: Elias, nice to be in your objective presence once again, and yes, I have noticed what I am doing occasionally. I have done some auto-writing, channeling my own essence, and one time I had the very clear impression that it was you that I was conversing with, as opposed to my essence. Confirmation of that?

ELIAS: A combination.

PAUL T: A combination — that was going to be my next question. Are you still of the intent that you are not going to conduct an energy exchange with any other physically focused individual?


PAUL T: And so any sort of interaction...

ELIAS: I am continuously interactive with all of you. I am interactive with your energies, and many of you are quite aware and some of you even hear my voice. Many of you interact with my energy visually. Some of you interact with my energy and translate that in many different forms of information, which is all valid. They are all your translations, and my energy is directly interactive with you.

I am not choosing to engage an energy exchange of this type with any other individual, but I am continuously interactive with all of you.

PAUL T: Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

SHERI: We have a new member in our family, and I’d like to have Bryce’s stats, please. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Carrdell, C-A-R-R-D-E-L-L (kar DEL); essence family, Tumold; alignment, Vold; orientation, common.

SHERI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ESTER: I have a question. It has to do with discipline, and I’m feeling very confused about that. Most of my life I thought you need discipline if you want to do something. Suddenly now it’s... I’m not sure what I’m asking. How can I look at that, my discipline?

ELIAS: Discipline in the manner of teaching or instruction? What form of discipline are you incorporating confusion with?

ESTER: Personal.

ELIAS: In what manner?

ESTER: Almost anything, like exercise or food or meditation or doing anything. We believe — or I believe — all my life that practicing...

(The video tape runs out at 4:51 PM; a minute or so of conversation is lost before it is noticed.)

RON: (Having changed out video tapes, 4:57 PM) You may proceed! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Very well! That message is significant to not be ignored, for forcing your energy eventually becomes more and more uncomfortable, and the very action that you had previously convinced yourself that you do enjoy, eventually you may not enjoy at all. For you have generated that thickness and that opposition within yourself in a strength, and at times the enjoyment of the action may even be a camouflage in association with the shoulds that you express to yourself, the expectations that you express of yourself in certain actions or situations.

This is the reason once again that it is significant to evaluate what you are actually expressing to yourself, what you actually want, what are your actual preferences, what are your directions, and in that evaluation you may generate more clarity and also perhaps allow yourself more of an openness and a freedom to generate different avenues to accomplish similar outcomes.


MARCIA: I wanted to know my essence name and my family. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Sheenan, S-H-E-E-N-A-N (SHE nen). And your impression as to essence families?

JO: She has the impression that she’s Sumafi.

ELIAS: Correct, and alignment?

JO: I don’t think she has an impression. I was talking to her earlier, that’s why I know.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Alignment, Vold; orientation, common.


GUIN: I talked to you in the past regarding one of my pets, Chopper, who I put down last year. I had an incident with his brother, and I put him down a month after that. Can you give me some more insider explanation as far as why?

ELIAS: And your impression? What have you offered to yourself?

GUIN: I’m not exactly sure; I’ve tossed several things around. We’ve discussed Chopper a lot because of his condition and what he was expressing in my household. Toad going a month later so quickly like that, it makes me not quite understand. The exchanges that I thought I would have with this creature, it never transpired. I thought the connections were different. I’m a little mislead on the connections between them and what I’m supposed to be experiencing.

ELIAS: First of all, I shall offer you an encouragement, for yes, as you are aware, there has been a connection between these two creatures and also with yourself, but the choice to disengage was in a manner of speaking a gift. The association with the other creature was so very strong, and the connection between those two and yourself generated a strong association in similarity to the second one. Therefore, that creature chose to disengage and reconfigure in cooperation with you.

I shall express to you not a crystal ball answer, for it is already in process and you are already creating it. But in cooperation with that energy, it is being reconfigured to be interactive with you and to be generated in a different form that will not generate that strength of an association with you and will not trigger personal responsibility or blame or expectation of yourself with regard to the creature, and allow you more of a free expression of interaction with it and allow you a freer expression of appreciation and playfulness. Therefore, my friend, be encouraged, for you are offering yourself a gift in the making.

GUIN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

LIAM: I was going to ask about some symbols I’ve got. These two stickers I’ve got, one has my focus name on it and the other has my essence name on it. This one (holding up his essence name sticker) has come off and won’t stick anymore to me. I was wondering about the symbolism that it won’t stick anywhere. I mean, it just falls off. It must mean something, right? Have I changed my essence name?


LIAM: Or does it have something to do with the design of the sticker? (Laughter)

ELIAS: No. What you are incorporating as an action is the point. (Elias points to his middle)

LIAM: The one that is me? What is the significance?

ELIAS: To be paying attention to that — to be paying attention to Liam!

LIAM: Oh! That’s a good one! (Elias laughs loudly, and group laughter)


JODY: Could you tell me my essence name? I think my family is Sumafi.

ELIAS: You are correct. (Pause) Essence name, Katie. And what is your impression as to your alignment?

JODY: I don’t know that. I think I’m common, and I’d also like to know my color, please.

ELIAS: Alignment, Borledim. And your impression as to color?

JODY: Blue.

ELIAS: More specific.

JODY: I don’t know.

ELIAS: Aquamarine.

JODY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

DREW: At the risk of asking a second question... (Laughter and Elias laughs)

JO: I’m close, too!

ELIAS: Ah, danger looms!

DREW: Speaking of death, as we were a moment ago, is it true to say we’re all dead?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking — as equally as true to express that you are all living.

DREW: So from the point of view of perception, the awareness of this death within my own reality will merely be an expansion of awareness. Is that correct? There’s really no difference in...

ELIAS: Not necessarily. The awareness of the choice of death in the moment of death is the awareness of disengaging. This is the reason that I incorporate that term — disengaging participation from physical reality.

Now; the awareness of that choice may or may not extend beyond the moment of the choice. Therefore, you may not necessarily incorporate initially an expanded awareness. For many individuals generate an awareness of the choice of death at the moment that it is chosen and they know they are disengaging from this physical reality and they know that they are choosing to continue in a different manner. Subsequent to that choice, (they) shall forget and not incorporate an awareness that they have engaged that choice and continue to generate objective imagery and view themselves to be continuing within physical focus. And it appears to them to be the same as it was, with some slight alterations, within the time framework that they were actually engaging within physical focus.

DREW: So what is the difference?

ELIAS: Ah! The difference is that once the individual has disengaged and if they are continuing to generate an objective awareness and generate objective imagery temporarily, they are not actually directly interacting with other individual’s energies as they were within actual physical focus. They are generating the imagery the same, but there is not an actual projection of the other individual’s energy which they are receiving.

Eventually they recognize that all they are creating is quite predictable, and eventually they recognize that there is no participation directly with the energies of all the other individuals that they are engaging and interacting with. They may be viewing them as solidly and as realistically as you view each other, but there is no direct energy projection that they are receiving.

Now; at times, especially now in this time framework as you are moving more and more into the objective expression of this shift, the veils of separation are being thinned quite significantly. In that, at times now you within physical focus can project energy through those veils of separation to an individual that has disengaged, which shall allow that individual to be directly receiving some — not all — but some of your direct projected energy and attention in association with their creation, with their projection of you. Which in many situations that that is occurring now somewhat contributes to the individual’s perception that they are continuing within physical focus; but it does not necessarily prolong the time framework in which they begin to recognize that they are not.

DREW: That’s what I’m curious about. You’ve explained technically what happens, but I’m wondering from an experiential point of view. It’s possible that I’ve made the choice to disengage but I’m not aware of it?


DREW: No, it’s not possible or...?

ELIAS: You have not. (Laughter)

Yes, hypothetically I am understanding your question. It is possible that you would be generating an objective reality such as this, interacting with myself and with all of the other individuals, and it would appear to you to be quite normal.

DREW: So at what point, and maybe it’s different for everybody and I’m going to guess that you’ll say it is, but generally speaking what clues are there? When does that awareness begin to take hold, and is that just an awareness that I can do things I couldn’t do before?

ELIAS: Partially.

DREW: Could you explain experientially what that...?

ELIAS: Partially you may be, in your terms, accidentally creating differences in your reality that you may have wished you would create within your physical reality but did not acknowledge your ability to create.

For example, the individual may be generating a physical reality such as this, or the imagery of it, participating in this group interaction and become distracted and in a moment be caught up, so to speak, in projecting their attention in a different direction to a different location. Suddenly they are there rather than here, which would be a discrepancy and would prompt you to notice that there are differences occurring.

One very commonly expressed clue that is easily recognized is that in association with other individuals there is no surprise. Whatever you generate in your objective imagery with other individuals, you do not generate surprise. All that they express in their imagery and interaction is predictable.

You may test within physical focus that you are within physical focus by incorporating another individual and requesting that they periodically generate some type of surprise that you do not expect, and that shall be your indicator that you are continuing to directly interact with other individual’s energies.

In actuality, I have discussed this with an individual that has believed herself to be disengaged — ha ha ha! — and is not! And continues not to be! (Laughs)

DREW: And so as that awareness expands, that realization expands, the artificial physical focus just disappears, essentially?

ELIAS: It may and it may not. It begins to be a choice, an objective choice, and you know and you may continue. For some individuals do continue, for they view it as playful and fun to be manipulating within nonphysical consciousness but creating physical imagery, and they may continue for a time framework.

DREW: Initially is that continuation a buffer against trauma?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, no, for many individuals engage that action but it is not a rule. Some individuals move directly into transition. It is dependent upon the individual.

MARCIA: Elias, when I met my present husband, I was transported to another location with him. I was running down cobblestone streets with him as a child. I don’t know if we were brother and sister, but I knew him.

ELIAS: That is a viewing of another focus, an experience of another focus.

MARCIA: So I knew him in another life?

ELIAS: Yes. And one last question.

SANGSHIN: I would like to validate I was seeing your energy as a blue jay bird a couple of years ago when I was living in Washington. One time when I asked to see you, I saw a blue jay bird, a beautiful blue. Was that you?

ELIAS: It is an expression of my energy that you have configured into the blue bird, yes.

SANGSHIN: When I moved to Alaska, because of my limited thinking that it is too cold for the blue jay bird, I’m having problems seeing the blue jay bird.

ELIAS: Perhaps you shall manifest a blue fish! (Laughs)

DOUGLAS: Elias, my essence color would be?

ELIAS: And your impression?


ELIAS: And what shade?

DOUGLAS: Jade, a darker shade — not Chinese jade but like the stripe on the wall.

ELIAS: You are correct. Ha ha ha!

Very well, my friends! I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and I extend to you my encouragement to be paying attention to the type of energy that you are projecting, to pay attention to your truths and to pay attention to opposition, and express cooperation and appreciation. Appreciation is a powerful expression and can be a very powerful tool, and is well received! (Chuckles)

To you all in great affection and in genuine love, I express to you my friendship and my fondness. Au revoir.

GROUP: Goodbye, Elias; au revoir.

Elias departs at 5:22 PM

(1) Elias is probably referring to 2/24/97. That emotionless aspect was discussed further in 3/2/97.

(2) Originally expressed as, “But in cooperation with that energy, it is being reconfigured to be generated in a different form to be interactive with you that will not generate that strength of an association with you and will not trigger personal responsibility...”

©2005 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2005 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.