Session 144
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Value Fulfillment


"Value Fulfillment"

Saturday, January 4, 1997 (Private) © 1997
Participants: Mary, Vicki, Jene, and occasionally, Ron.
Note: This session was requested by Jene because of her conflict over the death of her dog Buddy. The exercise referred to herein was offered by Paul via Ron, and will be attached to this transcript.
Elias arrives at 8:01 PM. (Time was twenty seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening.

JENE: Good evening.

ELIAS: You request audience this evening?

JENE: I do. I think first of all, I'd like to make major apology for my screaming, yelling, cussing you out the other night, so that it wasn't during a session evening and I wouldn't feel quite so embarrassed, knowing that you probably know better than I that most of it was out of frustration and helplessness at the time.

ELIAS: No apology is necessary.

JENE: Well, it was necessary for me.

ELIAS: Accepted.

JENE: Thank you. I have issue with this creature being killed, and questions of his intent and his choice. I understand it was his choice, but I don't understand his choice in departure and his intent or purpose. I had quite a few symbols come up in a movie, different things to be acknowledging, that perhaps the purpose was simply to be accepting of self, no matter what. All that this particular creature wanted was to be loved and accepted, and I think that is probably what we all are looking for. Is that correct? (Very emotional here)

ELIAS: So you have learned a difficult lesson, in your terms. These are complicated issues. I express to you that although creatures, as all other things within your known universe, are made up of consciousness, they do not possess an intent as you think of it. The intent of consciousness is to be. Within manifestations of creatures and plants, formations upon your planet, your planet itself, your universe, the intent is to be. Within this beingness, there is also held an intent for value fulfillment; for all of consciousness exists with value fulfillment. If their value fulfillment is not materializing or accomplishing, they shall discontinue. Bear with me as I explain to you. Within our early sessions, questions were posed of the reasoning for individuals engaging within the act of suicide. In this, I have expressed to those inquiring that individuals may engage this act for different reasons, but one of the most common reasons that an individual will engage this action is that they are not accomplishing a value fulfillment within the focus, within the manifestation. Therefore, they view no point in its continuation; for if you are, within consciousness, not fulfilling the highest value of your expression, you shall discontinue the expression, for it is unnecessary. All of consciousness, to the extreme of each atom, each link of consciousness, exists within the intent, so to speak, of individual value fulfillment. This is to be the most fulfilled expression of its being. Therefore, its purpose is in its own beingness.

Now; there are different arrangements of consciousness. There are differentiations within manifestations of consciousness, as we have discussed previously. I have also offered information concerning domestic creatures, which differ within their function in consciousness from what you term to be wild creatures, for they are directly involved with your species; human beings. Therefore, their consciousness is more directly influenced by your consciousness. This may be difficult to be understanding, for you are affecting of all consciousness; but within the creation of these creatures, their function is different.

All of consciousness chooses its individual function. It chooses its direction. Therefore, some elements of consciousness have chosen, within agreement, to be manifesting into these domestic creatures, functioning with you, with your species, in cooperation with you. To your way of thinking, they serve many purposes. Some serve purposes of facilitating your workloads. Some fill what you term to be the role of companionship.

You have built up within your societies belief systems concerning your creatures. Each of you holds many belief systems of domestic creatures; what they know, what they do not know, what they understand, what they do not understand, what they feel, what they do not feel, whether they possess a soul or whether they do not. All of you hold many belief systems within this area.

You have offered yourself an opportunity to be opening. You have offered yourself the opportunity to be listening, and to be widening your awareness. You have developed many belief systems. You have developed belief systems surrounding the information that you receive presently. You have also cocooned yourself. This has been offered to you previously, but you have not been willing to listen. In your wishing and desire to be moving, you have chosen to offer yourself, within a cooperative action, circumstances to shake you and therefore allow an opening. Much has been presented to you that you have allowed to bounce off. You express that you absorb, but in actuality you have been, to this moment, closed, holding your key; as very similarly to another. You now choose to offer yourself an opening. Your questioning previously has run in line with your belief systems. I have answered your questioning, knowing full well that your reception of these answers is different from its delivery. Your comprehension and understanding is different, but subjectively it has been registering, so to speak. Therefore, you bring yourself to your present point. You have chosen this situation. Interestingly enough, you equate this particular creature with an individual that you continue to hold ties to.

JENE: Scott. (Scott is a friend of Jene's who passed away some years ago)

ELIAS: Therefore, this creature shall hold more impact within your attention than another. This creature is not connected to this individual. I shall offer a small amount of information as to this situation also, later.

You are correct that you have offered yourself the opportunity to view a situation to be emphasizing certain elements to you; a moving through of belief systems, a noticing. The creature asks nothing. Your responsiveness to the creature, within this present situation, is an identification of another action out of your control, but also bearing those similarities of personal responsibility, in feeling responsible for you have held thoughts and feelings prior to the action, paralleling within both.

Understand that these are also belief systems. There is no guilt. There is no personal responsibility. It is not a question of right or wrong. It is not a question of good or bad. It only is. All consciousness shall rearrange itself and move if it is not accomplishing its own value fulfillment. This is not a "bad" thing. It only is.

JENE: It also hurts.

ELIAS: This moves us into our next area for your understanding. Now that you offer yourself this opportunity to be opening and to be listening, listen now! Within the actions that you all have chosen by engaging this forum, you move in certain directions within consciousness. You hold certain desires. Therefore, you all draw yourselves to this forum, as you also have.

This area of consciousness that you occupy presently is not your classroom. You occupy this area of consciousness by choice. You have chosen for the expressed experiences that you choose. In this, you are continually, in your terms, objectively learning, for you are continually becoming. Within the desire that has drawn you to this forum is a wanting of information, not only with regard to the shift upon your planet, but also of the action of transition. There are many diverse actions within transition. It is quite complicated to be expressing to these individuals within physical focus, for much escapes your understanding. I shall offer information beyond that which has been offered recently, that you may examine.

Within consciousness, there are actions that occur objectively. Within your physical focus, you develop belief systems surrounding certain knowings which you distort into your own ideas. One of these belief systems that you have developed is that individuals crossing over into transition may be "stuck", held to this earth plane, not knowing how to be moving themselves into the everlasting light! (Humorously) As with all belief systems, this too is also based in truth, although distorted.

I have expressed to you that within the action of transition, you retain partially, for a time, objective awareness. In this, you also hold yourself to objective connections and memories, for these are familiar. They are comfortable. You understand them. Likewise, the objective element of consciousness within physical focus holds also to memory and connections of individuals within transition. Therefore, within consciousness there is an attraction that pulls and holds to each other. In this, no one is bound to a plane or to an area of consciousness, but you may not realize the ability to break free of this hold which you have created. This is a hold within objective emotion. It is directly connected with physical focus.

(Humorously) Individuals do not die and cross over to some type of cloudy plane, being held tethered to this earth plane against their will, needing instruction to move on! But individuals do die, move to an action of transition, and objectively continue a connection with individuals physically focused. This is familiar to them. This is not necessarily comfortable, but it is identifiable. As the individual within physical focus continues within compliance, the agreement continues, and both continue within this emotional framework.

With the action of this creature, you have offered yourself the opportunity to listen, and understand, and break. If you are understanding the action of consciousness, you may move through these belief systems, but they have been tightly held.

JENE: Am I understanding? (Laughing)

ELIAS: You are beginning. You express the term acceptance. I hear the term acceptance resonate from many, many, many individuals. I know that none of these individuals understand acceptance, but you are learning. JENE: Why is that so difficult in our belief system?

ELIAS: For you hold belief systems! You hold belief systems that are not accepting. You are taught, from your birth, non-acceptance. You are taught non-acceptance of self. If you cannot accept yourself, you cannot accept anything! I have expressed many times, you are inundated with your belief systems. None hold less belief systems than any other, but you are noticing and you are widening. Therefore, in small increments you are also accepting. Within your desire for this movement you challenge yourselves, as you have challenged yourself presently.

JENE: I challenge myself a lot, I think.

ELIAS: It is unfortunate that you obtain your own attention in situations that you view to be as negative or hurtful, but you will choose challenges and circumstances that will attain your attention.

JENE: Will they continue to be hurtful and traumatic?

ELIAS: This is your choice! (Big sigh) Your choice is most likely that you will choose this method, for this gains your attention! You pay little attention to "smooth sailing". (Smiling)

JENE: Boredom! Was this particular choice an agreement with self prior to this physical focus? It has seemed to be an avenue since birth, of trauma and hurtfulness in situations similar to this, of creatures or physically focused loved ones passing throughout my entire life. Children, parents, best friends, Scott, suicides. It just goes on and on and on. I know very few, not to say that there aren't others who have more, but I know very few people who have experienced as many losses or emotional experiences as I experience for my noticing, or challenges, either in letting go of, acceptance. I'm curious about that.

ELIAS: As I have stated to you all, you enter each physical focus with your own individual pool of probabilities that you pull from. In this, you are not predestined or set in the actions that you shall choose within your focus, or "lifetime" as you choose to view it, but you set a pool of probabilities within a certain direction. You always possess the choice to be extending and pulling from probabilities outside of this pool that you have chosen. Nothing is set in stone. As you choose a direction within a focus, you may offer yourself the opportunity to be noticing and widening, or in your terms "learning certain experiences", and you may not listen to yourself. You may choose an experience, and you may be expressing some direction to yourself, and you may not be listening to your own direction. Therefore, you shall continue to present yourself with this scenario, so to speak.

This is not karma! This is also not a situation of if you have not accomplished correctly, or if you have not "got it right" the first time, you shall continue and continue! This is not the case. You may choose to be offering yourself the opportunity to be in communication with essence through certain experiences, and you may not be listening. Therefore, subjectively you shall draw yourself to similar experiences. Now; I shall also express that this is not always the case either, for some individuals choose to be experiencing certain experiences over and over and over repeatedly within an individual focus, for they wish to experience this.

Within your thought processes, you think to yourselves that you must possess some great reasoning for choosing these experiences; some great beneficial outcome. "I shall experience devastation presently. Therefore, I shall hold the ability to be understanding of other individuals which experience this devastation, and I may be helpful to them." You may be helpful within consciousness, regardless. Each individual chooses their experiences for their experience.

Be remembering also that this is one focus. Within essence, you hold many focuses experiencing other situations. (Humorously) But do we not all wish and believe that this one focus that we are recognizing of is the "good" focus! This focus is that of the kind, righteous, good individual, the well-intentioned individual, the spiritually moving individual! These may, within your belief systems, all hold true, or they may not; but it matters not, for you are essence. Therefore, all of the experiences within all of the focuses are yours, and you may be experiencing elements within an individual focus that you would have designed to experience in your thought process in another focus. The reason for this thought process also is influenced by your belief systems, for you attach right and wrong, good and bad to your experiences.

(Intently) You have endowed yourself with feeling. Within this dimension and this focus, you have created emotion. These physical beings hold this element. This is your experience. One emotion is not greater than another. One feeling is not better than another. They are only different. (Pause)

I am understanding that within physical focus you feel these feelings and you attach these belief systems to these feelings and you do assign good and bad. Sadness and guilt are bad. Happiness and joy are good. Pain and suffering are bad. I express these things to you that you may think and understand, and that these belief systems may be accepted and therefore not hold this intensity. This is not to say that the feelings may not hold intensity, but the belief attached to the feeling does not hold the intensity; for the belief is what is most affecting within your thought process. Without the attachment of good or bad, positive or negative, you would not differentiate. The belief colors the feeling. This holds in the area of physical feeling also. Within your physical body, you feel pain. You attach a negative belief system to this feeling. Therefore, it feels not bearable. You do not like it, for it is negative. The thought, the belief system, is very influencing of the action. The action is a movement in energy. The emotion is an action; a movement in energy. It is not good or bad. It is not better or worse.

I do understand, as you view back to Elias, "This is quite simplistic for Elias to be expressing, for you are not physically focused and do not feel these elements!" But I have felt, and hold the remembrance, which is now, for all is simultaneous. Therefore, all experiences are simultaneous also.

JENE: Within this physical focus, there is the possibility, through choice then, to move through these belief systems?

ELIAS: Yes, which is what you seek now.

JENE: Okay. (Pause) I'd like to go back to the cocooning. I was not even aware of that. Until Ron brought it up, I hadn't heard it. He brought up something that was similar to it that sort of resonated for me, and I started thinking about it a few weeks ago, about an attachment to Scott. Is that the same attachment, or is that a prior attachment? Is that the cocooning period, or was it prior to that?

ELIAS: Do not misunderstand. Do not attach the action that you have chosen to an incident. It is not a situation of cause and effect. An incident did not occur and therefore you chose to be cocooning. It is a process that you have chosen to be perpetuating. In one of your own most beloved terms, your "process"! (Laughter) You have chosen for a time now to be isolating of self and cocooning of self, viewing your idealism to be at one time of great value, but viewing discouragement and allowing belief systems to be overpowering. In this, you have battled in a continuation, adopting new belief systems with the helpfulness of an alleviation. This has been inefficient, and you have drawn yourself here.

JENE: So this cocooning has been over a long period of time.

ELIAS: (Nodding) Although you camouflage this by objectively seeking new belief systems and a continuation in adding to your belief systems, within our new "metaphysical religion".

JENE: So I'm not replacing belief systems or eliminating belief systems, but compounding belief systems.

ELIAS: I would not express compounding. Altering; exchanging. And now, you look to be widening. I expressed to you, early within our meetings, that you seek to recapture your zeal.

JENE: Yeah, I remember.

ELIAS: This once in your memory objectively was held, and now feels to be lost in the midst of many belief systems and confusion. Therefore, you draw yourself to this forum for your information, to be recapturing.

If you wish a helpful expression objectively within physical focus, an expression, you may express to the consciousness that made up this creature "Thanks, within agreement"; to be allowing you to be opening and accepting of self, or a beginning of accepting of self, and a knowing and a listening of belief systems which may now be widened.

JENE: I shall.

ELIAS: And you may see that consciousness is helpful. And if you must attach good and bad, you may attach only good!

JENE: Okay. I like that! I thought that might be ... I'm not sure what I thought. I think that maybe Buddy's consciousness was ... In that moment when that opening took place and I realized that it was acceptance and a love of self, I knew that was a consciousness message, or I thought I knew. Of course, I'm not sure what I knew at the moment, but as time has gone on, it's become clearer, I think. At one of our first meetings, you also expressed that there were many battles. Were those battles the belief systems?

ELIAS: (Nodding) Which you have struggled with for much time, and continue to seek out new belief systems to be "adding to" in a quest for your answer, which is to be recapturing your zeal. Now, you may begin an understanding that this is not necessary. You may allow yourself, within a continuation of this interaction, to be accepting and knowing of self; for although objectively you have told yourself and you think you know and accept, you fight very hard with this.

I expressed also of a great fearfulness, which you have chosen now to be confronting this dragon! This essence has not been cut off or closed off to you. It has been available and open. You have not been open to this energy, until now. Therefore, maybe you shall replace your "if" with "now"!

JENE: Great! Thank you. (Pause) I'm not sure how to formulate what I'm thinking.

ELIAS: I shall allow you a moment, and I shall return.

BREAK 9:13 PM RESUME 9:34 PM (Time was five seconds)

ELIAS: We continue.

JENE: Well, so far my molecules are just spinning, and I don't know that I've formulated any better than when we broke. Perhaps there's an exercise, some suggestion of exercise in acceptance besides just acknowledgment of it in these moments. It's been continuous since that particular experience.

ELIAS: Let me expound on an exercise presented by my dear friend recently to you all. (This is the aforementioned information regarding the exercise offered by Paul the previous day)

The focus has been offered of your ocean and waves. Now; let me extend with this imagery. In the turmoil of your conflict and your belief systems and your confusion, you may also think to yourselves that many times, you shall choose for yourselves to be experiencing to the fullest. In this, you shall express to yourselves and to each other that you shall move to your "depths"! (Humorously) Ah, the ocean depths, and so deeply they lie!

As my dear one has expressed within his exercise, you may wait for the recession of the wave to be exploring your sandy bottom of your ocean, as the water is "thinner" or not quite so deep, and the motion is calmer and less. Or you may view, in other terms, that as you plunge to your depths of your ocean and view the stillness there, you may view clearer yourself; for what you seek is knowing of yourselves. You cloud this with thoughts that you choose to be knowing of all else. You create your waves and your storms upon your seas with all of these outside elements that you focus upon, elements that you view to be essential to your being. What is essential to your being is your being! What is important is your self; and within the stillness and the quietness of these depths, you may find what you seek.

In this also, you may rearrange your thinking of good and bad, for you think of "you move to the depths" as negative, but I shall offer to you that many of you move yourselves within your experience to these points within yourself, to allow yourself the opportunity of stillness. In your terms, if you believe that you have no farther to go, you shall abandon your quest. You shall give up, and in your abandon, your answers shall come; for as you strive, you also focus very intently, and you affix your blinders, and you eliminate your periphery.

Be listening to self. Be recognizing that although ritual and habit are comfortable and satisfying within physical focus, they also attach to belief systems. Listen to your own subjective self. Do not be looking outwardly at all other elements for your answers, for you shall be engaged upon this quest indefinitely! (EEK!)

JENE: That's frightening!

ELIAS: But you shall find your answers if you are looking within. Simple words, although not such a simple action!

JENE: Yes, indeed. I guess the same holds true for the disengaging of the cocooning effect.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that in this, you must be learning to be trusting of self. I have expressed to others previously, if you may not trust in yourself initially, trust in others and learn to trust in yourself. (Long pause)

JENE: Okay ...

ELIAS: These also are difficult tasks!

JENE: Yes, as I don't often choose to trust! It's not necessarily an easy task.

ELIAS: Be remembering also that although you may convince yourself that you hold trustfulness of self, you mirror outwardly what you believe inwardly. Therefore, if you are not trusting of other individuals, or you believe that other individuals are not worthy of your trustfulness, you also believe this of self.

JENE: So therefore, then it's created within a mirroring effect.

ELIAS: Correct, and also perpetuated; for you reinforce yourself by expressing that others are not deserving of your trustfulness and offering yourself reasoning to be supporting of this, but as you perpetuate this action you reinforce your own mirror image within you.

JENE: Okay, and the disengagement of the connection to Scott, or many perhaps, energy or consciousness that there's an attachment to, is this also a trustfulness in self? Making choices, accepting belief systems, all those are exercises in detaching that hold?

ELIAS: Yes. Be understanding that you do no service in holding within consciousness.

JENE: I wasn't really aware that I was still holding anything until the incident with Buddy, and then many of those issues came up very strongly.

ELIAS: Many individuals do not allow themselves an objective awareness of what they hold to. Within the area of an acceptance of death, many individuals delude themselves within their belief systems. I shall say to you that the recognition of this holding would be quite obvious to another individual were they paying attention, for if you are holding to an element you shall be concentrating upon this element. Therefore, you shall be expressing of this as you express verbally, inquiring of this individual, speaking of this individual, relating stories, reminiscing. You are continuing to be holding an attention. This is your indication; although you do not view this, for you think to yourself that you have acquired a new belief system which does not hold to the belief of separation in death. In attempting to thwart the belief system of separation in death, you choose to create a belief system that there is no separation at all. In this, you acknowledge no veil between physical focus and transition, establishing and continuing a connection within consciousness as you hold to this.

The individual within transition shall automatically hold to the objective awareness in connection with physical focus, just as we have stated that the infant carries the continuation of subjective awareness as it learns to move into its more objective awareness. This is a natural occurrence within the element of transition; this being the reason that you may term this action "transition"!

JENE: Is that a held agreement between both consciousnesses, one in transition, one in physical focus?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes; but not in the vein of thinking that you hold. It is not that you thoughtfully agree to hold to each other. It is an automatic action; and if you are not allowing yourself an awareness, it is an automatic occurrence. It is automatic for the individual engaging the action of transition to be objectively remembering, and therefore moving within consciousness to familiarity. Through your belief systems within physical focus, it is automatic for you to be pulling towards that consciousness within grief, for this is what you are taught.

Although you think that you have eliminated your religious belief systems, they are very strong. They are not eliminated, and they are not accepted. They are only pushed aside within your attention objectively, that you may be inserting new belief systems that you may think about, but when faced with situation that may be triggering of belief systems, these belief systems will trigger automatic responses; this being also one reason for the action of certain essences, which has been stated within our sessions previously, of engaging helpfulness within transition from physical focus. This action of helpfulness of these individuals is not to be sending an individual into the "eternal light", but to be helpful within consciousness of moving individuals within this bond and attraction in which they hold themselves static. (Pause)

JENE: Okay ...

ELIAS: These are complicated areas in subject matter, and these also are very simplified explanations.

JENE: I understand that. Well, that's probably enough to work with for a while. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JENE: I appreciate it.

ELIAS: If you are wishing more information, you may call.

JENE: Thank you. I will ring. See you tomorrow.

ELIAS: On our special phone! (Grinning, and laughter) Be remembering of our personal extension!

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall engage with you all at our regular session. Au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:02 PM.

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