Session 1097
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"Be Accepting in the Moment, in the Now"

Saturday, June 1, 2002 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and Letty (Castille)
Elias arrives at 11:24 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LETTY: Good morning, Elias! And how be we this day?

ELIAS: As always! Ha ha ha!

LETTY: Oh, wonderful! It's always good to hear those wonderful words from you.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And how is your adventure?

LETTY: Well, it's definitely going; it's changing. It's different in the sense that I have kept myself so busy now with work challenges that I'm doing great on my relationship side.


LETTY: I eased my energy there, but I keep myself very busy, very busy. (Elias laughs) We will be talking about it, but I have today questions from three different people.

ELIAS: Very well.

LETTY: One of them is, I know Cindel has been asking about ... oh, wait a minute, sorry. Let me go back to my first question, because I already wrote it down.

My friend Kevin believes - well, I'm not sure he believes - but people have told him that there is a ghost in his living room - two or three different people, two of them belonging to a family who consider themselves to be witches or like a witchcraft family or something like that in our belief system. He has heard noises there but has not paid attention. But it concerned him that his dog had sensed it more recently and had a very, very frightening reaction. So I told him that I would ask you.

They believe that it's a certain personality, but I really don't think it is. His old partner passed away maybe ten years ago and I don't think that's who it is. That's my impression, and I even slept in that room on the couch. I don't remember feeling, but maybe I wasn't open to it. Maybe it's somebody who's been dead more recently.

I know it's an energy deposit, and I tried to explain what that was, but I thought I could get a little more information from you.

ELIAS: You are correct, it is an energy deposit, and you are also correct in your impression that it is not associated with that individual.

Now; I may also express to you that the response of the creature is associated with the energy of the individual that in your terms owns the creature. This is affecting of the creature's response, and also I may express that this is an interpretation of the individual as to the creature's response to the energy deposit.

Now; let me also express to you, dependent upon the attention of a focus that generates this type of energy deposit and the energy or the volume of energy that may be associated with this type of energy deposit, there may be actual fluctuations or what you term to be disturbances within the environment in the area in which the energy deposit is. In this situation, this energy deposit generates a considerable energy; therefore, individuals may be noticing of fluctuations within that environment, such as sounds or movement or even at times what may appear to be apparitions.

I may express to you, this is not harmful unless the individual generates fear; in which, the energy deposit shall not be generating actions or movement that may be disturbing, but rather the individual himself shall be generating that type of manifestation in association with his own expression of fear.

LETTY: Let me see if I understand this correctly. This is not an essence energy per se, then? It's energy deposits left there in the environment of that location in what we consider to be past?


LETTY: But they mean no harm as long as you don't put that fear in.

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: Even though he had kind of recognized it, he had never felt any fear until other individuals with their belief systems of what we call ghosts put the fear into him. So now he's a little concerned.

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: Well, he'll be happy to hear that. It kind of makes sense why I've always felt very comfortable with him in his house, even with his creature. You know I don't do well with dogs, but even with him I felt comfortable.

Thank you very much for that one, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

LETTY: Now we move into Valmeer. He's very excited about your information, and he's trying to understand and pick up on the families and alignments. But he was having a problem with his wife, and he asked me if you could help him.

ELIAS: And the impressions?

LETTY: He said she was Sumafi/something, but it was her alignment he was really baffled on. I've only met this lady once and I don't know very much about her, so I don't know. He did feel that she was Sumafi also.

ELIAS: This is correct. Alignment in this focus, Sumari.

LETTY: Here's one that's baffling, too, that he's trying to figure out. He wanted help in regards to his intention.

ELIAS: And the impression? (Pause) Express to this individual to be viewing the entirety of his focus and allowing himself to view the thread or the theme that is generated throughout the entirety of the focus, not merely now, and in this to be viewing the general direction. What becomes confusing to individuals is viewing specific experiences and attempting to assess their intent in association with a few specific directions and experiences. An individual's intent is the general direction, which is expressed as a theme throughout the entirety of the focus.

Now; in relation to that theme, the individual shall generate many different more precise directions of exploration and generate specific experiences. But they all shall be associated with the general direction of the theme.

LETTY: Well, he has work to do. (Elias laughs)

This is a validation that our ex-coworker, Gabriella, was his daughter, where they had a very, very close relationship. Cindel came up with the date of 1700s.

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: You gave me the wife as Sumafi/Sumari. Can you give me her essence name, please? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Vassili, V-A-S-S-I-L-I (vah SEEL lee).

LETTY: And she's common?

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause)

LETTY: Friend number three, Elias, is Rosario. We kind of pass on a lot of the information you give us, but this time she came up on kind of a desperation note. She feels stuck, and she wondered if you could have a few words of wisdom for her.

ELIAS: Stuck in what capacity?

LETTY: The fact that she has not been able to figure out why she has not been able to get a job after 15 months, or not motivated to go out and get a job.

ELIAS: You may express to her, in offering herself an expression of freedom and allowing herself to relax rather than attempting to force energy, she may be experiencing more motivation to be generating what she wants. But in forcing energy, she is generating confusion and not allowing a listening to self and to her individual communications that she offers to herself, and therefore is generating difficulty in assessing what she wants.

In allowing herself to relax and discontinue pushing and forcing her energy, she may allow for more of a clarity in her own communications, which shall clarify the wants. Once the wants are more clearly defined, the motivation shall also follow.

You may also express to her to be paying attention to this type of action that she generates in other directions also, for it is not merely associated with this one subject matter of employment but in other expressions also.

LETTY: Thank you. Actually, I just remembered one other question Valmeer had. He has tremendous conflict with a particular person, my ex-boss, and he just wanted to know if it's a focus that's bleeding through or if it's something within himself right now that this person may be projecting to him.

ELIAS: The latter. It is not associated with a bleed-through. This is a challenge of this individual to be holding his attention upon self and not projecting outward to the other individual. The conflict is generated within himself and is associated with reflections.

LETTY: Now, to my adventure! (Elias laughs) Lately, I also have created challenges in my employment. I've always had them on and off, but lately I've had stronger conflicts within the branches that I supervise. I find it interesting because they're always happening and I'm recognizing them, and it keeps my job entertaining and dealing with people. It's also an opportunity for me to view myself as these people have conflict, but yet they do ask for help because I am their supervisor and because I am supposed to do something with it. I do try to inform them a little bit more and pay more attention to them, because I see most of these as reflections.

Maybe my question is for a validation that that's what it is and that I continue to view that. It's interesting because I view myself and I pay more attention to where I see I'm back to my original or the most familiar aspect of myself, and that familiar aspect many times wants to immediately judge, and I do find myself judging them.

I know everybody creates their reality and they're doing this, but is there a reason? Am I agreeing to participate or is it really more for my personal ... I mean, I'm creating to pay attention and I just happen to help in their challenge.


LETTY: Now with that in mind, something happened this week that was a little bit extraordinary, in that this is the first time I've had to fire people. I've always felt comfortable and maybe I left a little energy out there, I don't know.

I also want to understand my participation in this, or creating of this one person that has decided to put in a very formal complaint against it, a lawsuit. I have not been served. The interesting thing is that this happened two years ago and that's a lot of time in our time framework for somebody to do this. He still hasn't served me. He has a whole year to do that and he's been taking his time very, very slowly.

I wanted to understand what I was trying to create there. I really don't even feel nervous about it but yet I'm trying to understand why I would create something ... I mean, I'm hoping I'm out of my victimhood, at least as a general characteristic of mine. I know that I do feel like a victim sometimes in short frameworks, not something like this that's considered pretty big and negative in our society.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and I may express to you a validation that this is not necessarily your association with creating the role of victim, but rather your allowance of yourself to be objectively viewing choices that other individuals generate and continuing to hold your attention upon self, not expressing the automatic responses in association with concerning yourself with other individuals' perceptions, and therefore not allowing choices or behaviors or expressions or opinions of other individuals to be affecting of your expression of value and appreciation of yourself.

You continue to present this scenario to yourself as a validation of continuing to hold your attention upon you and not allowing another individual to be influencing of your worth or your perception of your worth or your value, which in actuality is being generated quite efficiently, Castille, for...

LETTY: Excuse me?

ELIAS: You are generating this quite efficiently, for you are allowing yourself to notice and to view the scenario. But you also are not creating a discounting of yourself nor are you generating emotional communications such as anxiety or fear, which is a validation in evidence to yourself that you are allowing yourself to be directing and not concerning yourself with other individuals' perceptions, which is quite significant. For as you are aware, pastly you have concerned yourself with the perceptions of other individuals considerably.

Therefore, this scenario offers you a tremendous validation in evidence of your movement in association with that expression, and not concerning yourself with the perceptions of other individuals even in association with what you recognize as mass beliefs in expressions of negativity and judgment.

LETTY: Now, on the other hand, I had been paying attention to that part of other people, so it makes sense. I did feel that very clearly a few days ago, maybe not exactly in this terminology, but how I actually did pay attention and that I was feeling quite calm about it.

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: That's what I was telling myself.

As to my perception of myself - and I wanted a validation on this, too - I have found that within the last couple of weeks I believe I have discounted myself. But it's my perception of myself, not what others may be projecting, only because sometimes I do look in that mirror and I feel like I'm ugly. I've got huge pimples this week that just wouldn't go away, I had bad hair days, which I consider big in my perception sometimes, and I'm starting to feel heavy. Is it something that I'm still working on? I didn't catch it until last night, and it's because I still want to be better?


LETTY: That's what I was afraid of. (Elias laughs) At the moment that I was discounting myself I wasn't going further to say why.

ELIAS: And in this, also recognize that you are moving your attention now in a direction of allowing yourself a clearer understanding objectively of the expression of being accepting in the moment, in the now. Therefore, you present to yourself expressions and imagery that you perceive to be movements that are not accomplished in the now, that shall be accomplished in the future.

Now; in this, you offer yourself the opportunity to move your attention to the now and to begin an objective understanding that the future is an illusion. In that, whatever you generate in what you perceive to be the future is created now, for all of the outcomes that you generate now are those that figuratively speaking shape the future, for they are choices of directions.

It is tremendously significant, especially now within your new millennium and the action of objectively inserting this shift in consciousness into your reality, to be paying attention to the now in each moment and to yourself. For as I have stated previously, you are shifting and in some capacities have shifted, and therefore many of your familiar expressions shall generate conflict for they shall not fit into the movement of your shifted perception.

LETTY: Is that why I feel sometimes looking not necessarily back, but even looking at the now, how I have left many of my friendships or my connections, my objective interaction with certain people?


LETTY: Maybe this is part of what I was trying to tell myself in a very powerful dream, in which I remember the feeling of physical energy that was pulling. It was very frightening to me. I was pulling energy out of a closet or the energy was in a closet and I was trying to pull energy, and it was a struggle of this energy. This is even weirder, because I was sleeping with this friend of mine, Raoul, who I don't currently have interactions with objectively anymore. But he's married now, so I don't know if that has something to do with the fact that I interpret it as he doesn't want to be romantic with me.

This is a double dream where then I went into going to dinner with my family and I was telling them the best place to eat tacos, a little fast-food place. At the same time, it was like this restaurant was also a pharmacy. It's eating what's considered a spicy or heavy food and the pharmacy was supplying the Rolaids for heartburn.

I'm not sure exactly if there's more meaning to it, but to me the first part of the dream had to do with that struggle I've been having within myself about the discounting or the judgments I put on myself of not being better or not being where I think I want to be or should be. The second part was validating me a little bit because I felt like I was in a way, it's not the right word but in control, in the sense that I was okay and I can tell these people what to do and how to do it. I showed them something that maybe they didn't know, and it validated me feeling better about myself.

ELIAS: Your impressions are correct, and I shall also express to you that you include symbolically a transitional type of information to yourself also. For in this, you allow yourself the freedom of your expression and you do generate the validation to yourself that this is acceptable. But you also express the imagery of the pharmacy and the remedy, or in this scenario the symbology in the justification for allowance of the freedom of your expression, for there continues to be some doubt whether this is acceptable or not.

LETTY: It makes a lot of sense. I think that the tension that I've been feeling lately in my restriction to a certain extent of my breathing is a noticing of myself. It has to do with this, doesn't it? It's still that doubt in trust of self.

ELIAS: Yes, but recognize that you ARE offering yourself validation and you ARE also allowing yourself freedoms within your own expressions and choices, regardless that you continue to doubt or that you generate a continued lack of trust in some expressions with yourself. Therefore, this is significant movement.

LETTY: Yes, I think I gave myself the opportunity this past week when Rose was here visiting. She does have conflict with my boss and she doesn't care for another really good friend of mine that I had to do things with. At one point I know I started to get a little anxious about it, and then I relaxed to where I really didn't care what they thought. I wanted to do things with both of them, so I felt that I wanted to split my time.

ELIAS: And offered yourself choices in generating the least expression of conflict.

LETTY: There was one other dream; I'll see if I can remember correctly. Cindel and I - we're both afraid of creatures - were trying to avoid a dog to get out of the house. Then there was imagery of Elizabeth and John, Leezar's children, who were just kind of hanging around the house and in the tub, and I had a hard time with that connection.

It was a triple dream, where then I was going through some kind of an immigration office and all my papers were being checked. They were maybe looking for somebody that we knew.

Then the third part of that was my friend, Bill, and I were at somebody else's home, which made it a little different, and we were trying to figure out which movie to go to, then we talked about traveling north to northern California. Then all of a sudden there were two girls modeling for fun.

ELIAS: And your impression?

LETTY: Confusion! (Chuckles) Well, within the confusion right now as I read this, what makes me remember where I was at were feelings. The words themselves kind of don't make sense, but sort of like being a little scattered sometimes. Obviously this was a dream putting a lot of attention to tell me that in that time framework that I was being scattered in my attention, rather than within me.

ELIAS: Partially, yes. You offer yourself several expressions of imagery in association with emotional communications. Therefore, your impression of scatteredness is correct in not allowing yourself to be paying attention to your emotional communications within that time framework, offering yourself examples of different images that generate an association with different emotional communications - one of fun, one of concern, one of fear, one of anxiety, and some irritation. In this, what information you are offering to yourself is merely a recognition of allowing yourself to pay attention more clearly to your emotional communications.

LETTY: I find myself sometimes, when I stop whatever I was doing and focus on that, that it's the subtle - and I know we discussed it in the past - the subtle emotional communications.

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: I'm very good at doing the drama part. Boy, that tells me exactly where I'm at. But with the subtle... Sometimes I'm trying to focus on my solar plexus, my yellow energy center, to see what it is communicating to me, because sometimes I have a difficult time interpreting it. Am I thinking too much again and trying to...? It's so clearly how I like to envision it and kind of put it in front of me in a more physical form to understand it.

ELIAS: Correct, which is merely the method that you choose to allow yourself an avenue of clarity, which is acceptable. In this, in allowing yourself to quiet yourself and to identify what these more subtle expressions of emotional communications are, in your terms, you shall also offer yourself more information in association with what is influencing certain expressions within your day, so to speak, which may be quite beneficial to you, my friend, in moments in which you are noticing that you are expressing judgments in association with other individuals within your establishment.

LETTY: At least at the moments that I do know, when I find myself trying to fix their lives.

ELIAS: Correct. But you do generate emotional communications within these moments, and therefore it shall be beneficial to you to allow yourself to pay attention and notice and identify these more subtly expressed signals.

LETTY: Kind of like practice, right?

ELIAS: Correct. Ha ha ha! This is what generates familiarity - repetition.

LETTY: Well, Elias, unless there's something else that I forgot to ask you that you know about... (Elias laughs)

Actually, it's really interesting how as I get close to my interaction with you on a physical level, things start clicking. Is it because I want to be prepared when I talk to you?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. In actuality, this once again is another expression of evidence to you in validation of yourself of your actual shifting, and allowing yourself the recognition that you are indeed widening your awareness and that you are generating the actions of which we speak together: of beginning to validate yourself more frequently, allowing yourself to not be incorporating as much of an expression of judgment, generating more of a trust of yourself, allowing yourself to pay attention in the now and to yourself more frequently - perhaps not consistently, but much more frequently. Therefore, you are becoming familiar with these expressions, and you are shifting and altering your perception.

Therefore prior to your conversations with myself, you allow yourself a recognition of this shifting and widening of awareness that you generate. Which I am acknowledging of you in this expression, Castille, for previously in the time framework preceding our conversations, what was familiar for you to generate was more of an expression of discounting yourself. Now you have altered your perception and are validating yourself prior to our conversations.

LETTY: So now I have to imagine that I talk to you every day! (Elias laughs) I do, or try!

ELIAS: And so you do! And my energy is always present with you.

LETTY: Well, Elias, as you were telling me this wonderful stuff about me, I remembered Valmeer. He has a crystal ball question: What do I do with my life? He's concerned about staying in his position or allowing himself to be laid off and getting quite a large financial package. He feels he's not creating what he wants in the moment. He's learning more of the information that you have, and he's been exposed to the website and the transcripts.

Is there a particular part of himself or a terminology, like trusting within himself? I gave him my example that I communicate more clearly in my dreams because I think I allow myself more to see what's inside of me. Is there something that I could offer him to help him find his desires? I understand he's a thought person, so I'm not sure.

ELIAS: Merely express to him to relax and listen, and to offer himself permission to generate what he wants rather than what he associates is expected or is responsible or that he should create. The want is what is significant.

LETTY: Thank you so very much for this wonderful session, Elias, as always!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, Castille, as always! Ha ha ha ha!

LETTY: Here's another big hug to you!

ELIAS: Very well, and in an expression of energy I shall offer the same to you, and as always I express my tremendous affection, my dear friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and you may offer my encouragement to Valmeer.

LETTY: I will.

ELIAS: To you this morning, au revoir.

LETTY: Au revoir, dear friend.

Elias departs at 12:20 PM.

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