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Time and Creating and Destiny


"Time and Creating and Destiny"
"Analogy: Accepting Beliefs, Seeing a Belief as a Physical Object"

Monday, January 21, 2002 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Christie (Oliver), Valerie (Meah), Cheryl (Wagga), and Cheryl's friend (Liessell)
Elias arrives at 10:24 AM. (Arrival time is 37 seconds.)

ELIAS: Welcome!


ELIAS: And how shall we proceed, Oliver?

CHRISTIE: Well, I don't know. What does everybody want to talk about? I brought my sister, my daughter, and my daughter's friend.

ELIAS: Welcome to you all. (Pause)

CHRISTIE: Well, you want to ask a question, sweetheart?

CHERYL: I have tons of questions...

ELIAS: Ah! (Chuckles)

CHERYL: ...but I don't know where to start. It's just with things that I'm working on in my life right now...

ELIAS: Very well.

CHERYL: ...and going on my spiritual path and stuff like that. One thing that I've been learning about, that I'm kind of figuring out, one is time. Time is an illusion but it seems to be real, so if I create my future and if I create things, time is a factor to me. That's one. And the other is, if we have free choice as a being and we have a destiny ... or is there destiny? Is there fate? And if there is, then if we have free choice can we change our destiny? Or do we always end up going back to what it is?

ELIAS: And what is the nature of your question in relation to time?

CHERYL: Well, if I have the power to create my environment, my existence, everything in my life I create, so if I want to ... say if whatever I want to create, if I want to have a family, I want to be married and have a family, I can't go like that (snaps her fingers) and do it and boom, there's a family, because of time. I have to wait for time to happen. Or can I?

ELIAS: This is a belief that influences your perception, but if you are inquiring as to the movement of time and its influence upon what you create, time in itself does not influence what you create. It is your choice how you move in relation to time.

Now; I shall express to you that there are quite strongly expressed mass beliefs concerning time. Regardless of any manifestation, any individual within your physical dimension, you all incorporate all of the beliefs associated with this physical dimension. Belief systems are an intrinsic aspect of the design of this particular physical dimension. Therefore, as I have stated many times, they are not to be eliminated for they are an aspect of the design of this particular dimension. But this is not to say that you do not incorporate choice, which also shall move in conjunction with your second question.

In this physical dimension, you do incorporate linear time. You have manipulated energy to generate a movement of time in a general fashion, so to speak, for in actuality each of you individually manipulates time in your own manner, and you may bend it in whichever manner you choose. For in actuality, outside of this physical dimension or outside of many physical dimensions, time is not linear.

This is not to say that time is not an aspect of consciousness, but outside of the design of linear fashion of movement of it within nonphysical areas of consciousness, time is simultaneous. Different physical dimensions may incorporate this element of time and form it, in a manner of speaking, in whichever manner moves most efficiently with the design of that particular dimension. In this particular dimension, you have fashioned it to be moving in a linear manner.

Now; does this express to you that you are bound to that expression of time? No. May you spontaneously create any manifestation within your reality and within this physical dimension? Yes. Need you wait for any manifestation? No. This is your choice. This is not to say that you do not incorporate beliefs that influence how you move, for you do.

Therefore, although I may express to you quite definitely and genuinely that were you so choosing, as you do create every aspect of your reality individually, you may create the materialization of a family instantaneously, but this would be an expression of choosing genuinely to move around, in a manner of speaking, these beliefs that you incorporate presently.

It is not impossible [but] it is unlikely, for you do incorporate these beliefs and within this present moment you align with them. Therefore you allow those beliefs a strong influence and you respond to them in automatic response without incorporating thought, without incorporating moving your attention, and allowing the expressions of these beliefs to dictate to you how your reality shall be created, rather than recognizing that you incorporate choice. Automatic responses are a choice also, but they are limited choices.

As to your second question concerning fate or destiny and your direction and free will, you do incorporate free will and choice. This is an intrinsic aspect of consciousness in all of its entirety, and you are consciousness. You are merely an attention of consciousness that has chosen to be physically manifest.

You create your reality quite literally in the moment; and in conjunction with time, you are correct, in a manner of speaking it is an illusion. It is quite real within your physical dimension and within your perception, but it also is an illusion, for the "now" in time is quite real. The past or the future are illusions, for in actuality what you create is created and chosen in the now, not within the future.

Now; I may also express to you, in relation to time and the processes in which you move within this physical dimension, you do create many times probabilities in succession. Therefore, you choose in each moment and what you choose in each moment creates a direction, which generally speaking you continue in succession, therefore also continuing the illusion of future in relation to time. It appears to you that you are creating a choice that in a manner of speaking leads you to other choices. In actuality, this is not quite the manner in which you genuinely create, but this is the manner that it appears to you.

You do not incorporate destiny; there is no fate. There is merely choice.

CHERYL: So in that, if I want or am looking for a certain thing to manifest, I feel like it can go that way and I can either ... as an analogy, I can float in a little river and hope that I end up going that way, or I can swim and get myself there. So if there is no fate, I should always be swimming and making my choices to get there, is that what you're saying?

ELIAS: Correct.

Pay attention to yourself, listen to your communications, familiarize yourself with you, create an intimate relationship with you that you objectively allow yourself to know yourself and therefore also thusly know genuinely objectively what you want and therefore offer yourself permission to generate that.

And it matters not what method you choose to create what you want. But recognizing what you genuinely want is accomplished in paying attention to your direction, and the manner in which you pay attention to your direction is to pay attention to your choices, what you are choosing in the moment.

Many individuals express questioning as to why they may not be manifesting a certain direction or creation in a particular time framework or "how shall I be creating this particular manifestation within the future?" If you are not paying attention to what you are creating now, the certainty of what you shall create in the future is unknown. But intentionally manipulating your energy to be creating a specific manifestation in what you view to be the future may be quite definitely accomplished by paying attention to what you are creating now.

As an example, if your want is to be creating a relationship with another individual and opening yourself to agreement to incorporate other focuses of attention, or what you term to be children and family, but within the now you are expressing choices that do not generate that type of movement, you shall not generate that type of movement in the future either; for the future shall mirror the now, for it IS the now.

VALERIE: I have a question in relation to this. Sometimes I feel like a leaf in the wind, because I feel like where I'm going I don't always choose. I feel like I end up, I land places, and it's because I was supposed to land there. In other words, I suppose I make choices to get up and get dressed and go someplace, but sometimes I feel like I'm not in charge, that something's going on spiritually that's bringing me to where I'm supposed to land, or helping me or guiding me.

ELIAS: And that is you.

VALERIE: That is me. My higher self?

ELIAS: Yourself. I may express to you quite genuinely, as I have with many individuals, quite genuinely there is no aspect of yourself that is hidden from you and there is no aspect of yourself as essence that is directing you unknown to you or generating choices for you.

This is an interpretation, and the reason that you generate this type of interpretation that some other expression may be guiding you or moving you or generating choices for you that you are unaware of is that you are not aware of your attention, and in not being aware of where you are directing your attention and not paying attention to what you yourself are generating within yourself and what is influencing and motivating your movement, it thusly appears to you that some other force is guiding you or moving you.

Now; I may express to you, many individuals continue in this manner and actually express comfort in that belief that some other force of consciousness, so to speak, is greater than themselves and shall know better and guide you safely into a particular direction. Other individuals may view similarly but may associate this as a negative expression, for they perceive that they do not incorporate control. I may express to you all, control is yet again another belief, for there is no expression of control or lack of control. There are merely choices.

Now; in movement with this shift in consciousness and widening your awareness, which you ALL are doing, there is significance in recognizing that these are beliefs that you associate that there is some thing or some aspect that may be guiding or moving you. For the point of this shift in consciousness - which you all have chosen and have chosen to participate within or you would not be manifest in this dimension within this time framework - is to be intentionally objectively directing of yourself and incorporating the remembrance of yourself as essence. And I am not speaking of the remembrance as memory but as a state of being, a knowing of consciousness, a knowing of essence as reality.

In this, as you do continue to widen your awareness but do not move your attention with that widening of awareness, you create tremendous potential for trauma in association with the movement of this shift, and this is the reason that I speak to you.

VALERIE: I think part of the reason that I feel the way I feel is because I apparently have some abilities to heal, to be a healer, and I don't necessarily think that comes from myself.

ELIAS: And you are correct, but you are not correct. The abilities that you express ARE expressions of you. The expression of healing, per se, is not generated by you, for this is generated by the individual.

CHRISTIE: The individual that she's healing...


CHRISTIE: opposed to somebody above her.

ELIAS: Correct. No individual may create the reality of any other individual. You may not create any other individual's reality and they may not create yours. In interaction with another individual you are in actuality interacting with energy expressions of the other individual. The actual physical manifestation that you interact with is a projection of your perception. You create the physical manifestation.

Now; in what you perceive to be the action of healing, what you are actually engaging is an energy exchange between yourself and another individual - not physically. You project energy and the other individual projects energy, and in this, you each allow a penetration of each other's energy through your individual energy field. Once that projection of energy penetrates your energy field, you configure it into whatever manifestation you choose.

Now; that may be in agreement with the projection of energy. If the energy is penetrated, you have accepted that; therefore you shall configure that energy similarly to how it has been projected. If you choose not to be accepting the energy in similar manner to its projection, you shall not allow it to penetrate your energy field, and in THAT action you shall reconfigure it into an entirely different expression.

Generally speaking, individuals automatically and naturally accept the projection of energy into their energy field. But...

VALERIE: Even if they don't know it.

ELIAS: Correct. Objectively.

But in the reception of that energy, it now is manipulated by the individual that has received. Once you project energy you no longer direct it.

VALERIE: So I'm just not shutting it down. I mean, is that why people fall asleep around me and start yawning around me, and I don't have any knowledge or think about ... I'm doing something else, but that's happening. It's just out there, and I'm not controlling it?

ELIAS: It is the choice of the individual.

VALERIE: That person?

ELIAS: Correct, to accept or not to accept.

Now; as I have stated, you may be projecting energy in a particular manner, and in the configuration of the energy that you project other individuals may receive that energy in alignment with your projection of it. Therefore they shall allow the penetration, and this is what you view as response or their manifestation and the reason that you view similarities in their acceptance of your energy, for your projection is similar. Your projection is consistent and therefore their reception becomes consistent.

VALERIE: I understand. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

CHERYL: Going back to the free choice, destiny, that kind of stuff, I feel like if it's meant to happen, it will happen. I'm just having faith that whatever I feel is supposed to happen is going to happen. So is that ... I was going to say wrong but that's relative. But is it that I don't have to do that? I don't have to say, "If it'll happen, it'll happen?" because it's my choice if it'll happen or not?

ELIAS: Correct. You may express in this manner, and in some aspects this is an allowance of yourself to be trusting yourself and what you are generating naturally. You may also intentionally quite objectively choose and generate specific manifestations. It matters not.

What may be worthy of your attention is an expression that you view is "supposed to happen or occur" shall be happening to you rather than by you. For many times it may be quite easily expressed that certain occurrences may be generated and an individual may express that they become the victim to those experiences, when in actuality they themselves have generated those experiences.

For there is no should or should not, but as I have stated, many times this type of expression is actually a relaxing of your energy and merely trusting that you shall generate what you choose and what you want in the moment that you choose it - or when you perceive yourself to be ready, so to speak.

CHERYL: Do we have other spirits, guides not in this manifestation, that do guide us, that assist us in this lifetime?

ELIAS: That guide you? No.

CHERYL: Are there other entities around or...?

ELIAS: There are countless essences, for in actuality all space arrangements are the same.

Space, in a manner of speaking, is an illusion, for all space occupies the same arrangement. There are not separate spaces, so to speak, and in relation to the simultaneousness of time, all space and time occupy the same arrangement. Therefore, in a manner of speaking all dimensions and all of consciousness overlap and are superimposed upon each other.

Therefore in the lack of separation, yes, there are numberless essences that are, in your terms, surrounding you continuously, for they are in actuality not separated from you. They are a part of you and you are a part of them, for consciousness actually may not be sectioned or separated.

But are there entities or essences that guide you - no. This would be an intrusive action, for you generate all of your choices and you choose your direction and you choose what you shall manifest and what you shall not manifest and what you shall create.

CHRISTIE: Who were we talking to the other week when we asked for help? I mean, I ask whomever for help and it seems like I get it.

ELIAS: Quite! For you are responsive to you.

CHRISTIE: Ah, so I'm asking myself for help...


CHRISTIE: ...and I am helping myself.


CHRISTIE: I feel my parents around me sometimes. Is that part of that whole thing where they're a part of me and I'm a part of them...


CHRISTIE: ...and that's why I feel them?

ELIAS: Yes. There is no separation. Therefore if you are allowing yourself an openness to any other essence, to any other focus of any other essence, you may experience that. You may be interactive with it in an objective manner.

This also is what I express to you, that there is no aspect of yourself or of consciousness that is hidden from you. It is merely a matter of moving your attention, and as you move your attention you allow yourself an awareness and you allow yourself choices of whether you shall be interactive or not.

In this, you are responsive to you. You are in actuality vaster than this one focus of attention. This is not to say that you are a piece; you are not. Just as within your physical manifestation you may move your attention quite diversely and you also may focus your attention upon many expressions simultaneously. You all incorporate this ability. You all create this quite consistently. Your attention becomes divided in many different manners, and you hold the ability to manipulate that quite efficiently. You may be incorporating many actions simultaneously quite efficiently and with no confusion.

You may view your expression in physical manifestation as a very similar expression to what you actually are as essence. Just as you may move your visual attention from one individual to another within a group of individuals, as essence you may move your attention equally as easily from one focus of attention to another. Just as your finger is no less an aspect of your physical form than your foot or your liver - it is an aspect of you - you also, as an attention, are an aspect of essence but you also are all of essence. It is merely a matter of moving your attention.

This is the area or the expression in which you are directing your attention presently, this aspect of attention. Were you to move your attention from this manifestation to another manifestation, in your perception you would become the other manifestation, for they are not separated from you by time or space. They are all present within you. It is merely a matter of shifting your attention.

CHRISTIE: Do we do that in respect to, say, a fear that we have that may have manifested in another manifestation yet it comes out ... are we kind of shifting ourselves back into that realm by that fear? Like a fear of spiders - a spider comes up on me and I'm like...! Am I really shifting back into another manifestation where I was bit by a poisonous spider or anything like that?

ELIAS: Partially; it is a movement of attention. Not entirely, for you are continuing to hold attention in this manifestation and you are continuing to express an awareness of this manifestation; but as I have stated, those manifestations are all present in this time and space arrangement.

Therefore, just as in the example of your finger, you may be directing your objective expression of attention in this focus in a specific direction in which you are unaware objectively of your finger, but if you are generating an action which is affecting of your finger, even without focusing your objective attention upon it, and your finger becomes burned, your attention shall move to the experience of the finger. You continue to be aware of you, but your attention shifts.

These other focuses of attention are you also. Therefore at times, dependent upon how you may relax or create rigidity in your attention, you may be noticing experiences of another attention as they occur.

CHRISTIE: So in order for us to keep ourselves, to focus on our - I don't know, what is the term? - to pay attention to ourselves, to focus ... I don't know, whatever you said. (Laughs) I'm talking about our body now.

There are certain things that we eat that will make our attention go elsewhere and split ourselves to where we're not really focusing on what we're doing, like sugar or caffeine. I mean, is that real or is that just a belief system, that if I eat sugar my mind is going to scatter and so my mind scatters when I eat it...

ELIAS: Quite.

CHRISTIE: ...or drink the caffeine? It's a belief system that that will happen, so that is right.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. This is a belief. They are strongly expressed beliefs, but they are not absolutes. They are expressions of beliefs, and this is expressed in relation to the individual and how strongly you align with certain expressions of beliefs.

CHRISTIE: So in our effort to be able to pay attention to what we're doing, it's really to our best effort to be able to do that, to feed ourselves things that actually help us think clearly, right? I mean, to keep our attention on ourselves.

ELIAS: In alignment with your beliefs. It matters not, in actuality.

You may consume whatever you choose, and in actuality no substance that you consume in itself incorporates any action intrinsic to itself. What you believe creates the response.

CHRISTIE: So we could actually change our beliefs in saying, "If I eat cake all the time I'm going to be healthy."

ELIAS: It is not a matter of changing your beliefs. The belief exists. It is a matter of recognizing that the belief exists and also knowing that you incorporate choice.

You may express to yourself, "I recognize that I incorporate a belief in which I express to myself if I am consuming cake I shall be also incorporating weight," and in recognizing that you hold that belief... (Pause) Were you to view that as a physical object, that belief, "this is the physical object of the cake/weight belief; it physically exists," now, shall I pick up this object or shall I not? I hold the choice. I may choose. If I pick up the object, I am compliant with its expression and therefore I am choosing to manifest that outcome. If I do not pick up this belief I shall not manifest this. Therefore, I may incorporate eating the cake in either manner. I may consume the cake, and if I pick up the belief I shall incorporate compliance with its expression and I shall manifest the weight; I may consume the cake and not pick up this belief, and therefore choose not to manifest its expression.

This is the action of acceptance of beliefs, not eliminating and not changing. You may not change them. You already incorporate them all, therefore what shall you change them to? And you may not eliminate them and continue in manifestation within this physical dimension, for they are intrinsic to its design.

Therefore, the objective is to recognize the existence of them, knowing that they also incorporate influence but knowing that you may choose to allow the influence or not, and this is the expression of your power.

CHRISTIE: That's cool.

FRIEND: I have a question. It might be obvious, but right now I'm having trouble trying to choose what I really want because my mind is always taking over. I feel like sometimes I don't have the control to say, "Okay, I'm going to listen to what I really want and listen to myself." My mind is always like, "Oh no, you can't do this, you can't do that, because this will happen." So I'm having this fight with myself, with my mind. I just don't know how to say, "Okay, I'm not going to do what my mind tells me, I'm just going to go with what my self wants." How can I...?

ELIAS: This may be quite challenging, for it is quite familiar to not offer yourself permission to generate your choices. There are many beliefs that express that you should not be or that you cannot be generating what you want, and therefore you stifle your own movement and you allow yourself to be compliant with the beliefs and expectations of yourself or of other individuals.

I may express to you, trust yourself, listen to that voice and do not discount it, and in this, allow yourself permission to express what that voice expresses to you. For in actuality there is no expression that is impossible, and in trusting yourself you may accomplish any manifestation that you choose, literally. In this, allow yourself to relax, and in that relaxation, as you discontinue the struggle or the fight with yourself, you shall discover an ease in offering yourself permission.

Now; I may also express to you, the most challenging and most difficult action is the first expression of permission. But once you offer yourself that first expression of permission to create what YOU want and not concern yourself with any other expression outside of yourself or any other expectations outside of yourself, each movement subsequent to that first permission shall become easier and easier and more and more natural, which merely reinforces your trust of yourself. Accept yourself, my friend.

FRIEND: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

VALERIE: Elias, can I ask one more question? Can you tell us about our essence families and where we're from?

CHRISTIE: Yeah, you know, the Sumari or those ... is our family a healing family or...?

ELIAS: Ah, Oliver!

CHRISTIE: (Laughs) I can't remember!

ELIAS: (Playfully chastising) You hold availability to this information! You may be inquiring of Michael to be once again directing you to this information which I have offered many times!

CHRISTIE: Okay. So I'll ask Michael, then.

ELIAS: Very well.

CHERYL: You call her Oliver. Do we all have names like that as well?

ELIAS: Yes, and you have been offered yours previously!

CHERYL: Yes, I have. What about her? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Liessell, L-I-E-S-S-E-L-L (lee SELL).

I shall offer to you your essence family (looking at the friend) and I shall offer to each of you your orientations, if you are so choosing, for this information was not offered in that time framework.

Your essence family that you are belonging to is identified as Sumari; that which you are aligned with is Vold. In this focus of attention you incorporate the orientation of common, as do you (looking at Cheryl), as do you (looking at Christie), and you incorporate the orientation of soft (looking at Valerie). You may inquire to Michael to be directing you to the explanation of these orientations also.

ALL: Thank you.

ELIAS: Very well.

CHRISTIE: Good to see you again.

ELIAS: And you also, my friend. I express to you all tremendous encouragement. I anticipate our continued interaction, and I offer to you each my great affection.

ALL: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you in this day, au revoir.

ALL: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:25 AM.

(1) Originally expressed as "What may be worthy of your attention is an expression that you view that in that "supposed to happen or occur" shall be happening to you rather than by you."

©2003 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2002 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.