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Questions About Energy Expressions


"Questions About Energy Expressions"

Sunday, November 18, 2001 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and Joshua (Ahmed)
Elias arrives at 1:38 PM. (Arrival time is 30 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JOSHUA: Ah, good morning! Ooh, that was fun! (Elias laughs) Great! Good to hear you.

ELIAS: And how shall we proceed?

JOSHUA: Yes, yes, yes. I have some cosmic data to confirm with you.

ELIAS: Very well.

JOSHUA: Anjuli/Miranda has said that my essence family is Sumafi...

ELIAS: Correct.

JOSHUA: ...and my essence alignment like Milumet, or something like that?

ELIAS: Milumet. (Correcting pronunciation)

JOSHUA: Milumet. Is that correct?


JOSHUA: Essence name, Ahmed?

ELIAS: Correct.

JOSHUA: Orientation, common?

ELIAS: Correct.

JOSHUA: Focus, emotional?


JOSHUA: Empathic?

ELIAS: Ah! Let me express to you, ALL individuals within your physical dimension incorporate this inner sense, this empathic sense. Some individuals allow themselves to be focusing their attention more upon the action of this inner sense than do other individuals. In like manner to your outer senses, you may focus attention more clearly upon your sense of hearing or your sense of sight than you do with your sense of smell, so to speak. This is not to say that you do not incorporate this sense of smell, but that you may not be focusing your attention upon that avenue of information as strongly.

Now; in this situation, I have expressed in explanation to Miranda that you do focus attention upon this inner sense, your empathic sense, and allow yourself to be expressing that quite often and offering yourself experiences and information more clearly through this inner sense than perhaps other individuals may be choosing to do.

JOSHUA: Let's see now, I would be also designated as a final focus?

ELIAS: The designated final focus, yes.

JOSHUA: I have had many experiences in my life with inner information or more expanded perceptions of things, and there's some things that have occurred that I have some questions about. Would you be willing to answer that?

ELIAS: Very well, proceed.

JOSHUA: At one point I was doing a lot of conscious channeling, and when I was doing this conscious channeling I did it because it expanded my awareness of what I was calling spiritual energy or inner senses. It caused me to expand out and I would be able to sort of blend or meld with focuses of, I don't know, information or individuals; I'm not exactly sure what that is. I was seeing it as, at one point, ascended masters and that kind of thought form.

During this process, I ran across an individual or a focus which termed itself as "Dax," and this was a little different kind of thing. It felt the same, but it was much more connected to me than these others. It was more connected energetically with me. I was just curious, what or who is Dax?

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you first of all, what you have engaged, generally speaking, are expressions of energy deposits, first of all. What I am expressing to you is that for the most part what you have allowed yourself to be interactive with within consciousness is energy expressions of other focuses of other essences, in allowing yourself to tap into energy deposits of information which you thusly allow to channel through you and offer yourself information to widen your awareness, as you are aware. In this, you have not actually created what may be termed as an interactive energy exchange with another essence but have allowed yourself to be tapping into energy deposits that may be identified as worldviews, so to speak.

Now; the reason that you recognize a difference in the expression of energy, as you allowed yourself an openness to this expression that you term to be Dax, is that this has been an actual allowance of yourself to be opening your awareness to another focus of your essence which is expressed within another physical dimension, which allows you the recognition of familiarity and also, in a manner of speaking, a sense of comfort in knowing this energy. For in actuality, it IS the energy of your essence, for you are not separated from any of your other focuses, other than through attention.

But in this, I may express to you, although this may be occurring more frequently now with individuals, prior to this new century this has not been an action that is frequently allowed by individuals within your physical dimension. Although it does occur at times, individuals for the most part do not generate an openness within their awareness objectively to allow an interaction of two attentions within different dimensions simultaneously.

JOSHUA: So then this Dax is another focus of myself in another dimension, not in the physical three-dimensional thing?

ELIAS: Not within YOUR physical dimension and not within what you recognize as a physical dimension in the terms of familiarity to what is known to you, but within another dimension that is physically expressed but in a very different type of expression than you recognize within your physical [dimension].

JOSHUA: Very interesting.

I would like to ask you about an experience I had early on in this focus where I was invited to come to a meeting. This woman who came in - I had a small metaphysical store - she said, "My guides have said that you need to come." So I went because I was supporting this kind of activity, not particularly that I was interested in talking to guides. But anyhow, during this session where she had 12 people, I was lying on the floor and she said that her guides asked if I wanted to have my kundalini adjusted, and I said, "Well, yes, if it needs adjusting, adjust." There was a tug in a place where I had an operation in my ... anyhow, so there was like a tug there that I did not cause or wasn't aware I was causing consciously. Then they said the thing that I'm interested in, that my soul was out on a string and do I want it brought in? I said, "Well, yes, if it's out on a string then bring it in." Then an interesting phenomenon occurred. All of a sudden, instead of feeling myself ending with my skin, I felt like I ended all over my body three or four inches out from my body, as if my inner body had expanded outside my physical body and now I felt like I ended in a larger space. So this was an event that happened to me, and I was just wondering if you could give me some insight of what happened to me there during that time.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you, it is quite amusing the complications that are expressed in explanation of certain expressions and actions within your physical dimension in association with your metaphysics. Ha ha ha! I may express to you, what was actually occurring was a recognition of a particular type of expression concerning your energy field.

Now; in this, the explanation that was offered to you is slightly distorted, but in actuality what was being recognized was a constriction within your expression in holding to your energy field quite tightly.

Now; I may express to you, many individuals create this type of action of holding to their energy field tightly and creating an expression of tension within their energy. Let me express to you, my friend, energy is quite real and in this you do generate, from energy centers within your physical expression, an energy field surrounding your physical body.

Now; in allowing yourself to relax your energy, what you experienced was this physical sensation of allowing your energy field to be released, and therefore your translation of this is a sensation that you identify to be almost moving outside of your physical body. This is a translation through rational thought process, but in actuality what you were experiencing was a release of your hold of your energy field.

Now; in paying attention to your energy field, you shall notice that you may actually physically feel and experience sensation in relation to this energy field that surrounds your physical body. For the most part, individuals do not pay attention to this energy field and therefore do not recognize that there is actual sensation associated with it. But as you are aware, you may not merely physically sense your own energy field as it may expand and project outwardly from your physical body or contract inwardly more tightly to your physical body, but you may also allow yourself, if paying attention, to physically sense other individuals' energy fields. At times, in your terms, you may even experience bumping into another individual's energy field and you are not physically touching them.

JOSHUA: Interesting. So in this experience I was offering myself an awareness of the way I was holding my energy body. Is that what you're saying?

ELIAS: Yes, and that you actually do hold the ability to be manipulating that expression and that it is an actual expression which is quite real which surrounds your physical body and is generated outwardly from your energy centers, which are held inwardly within your physical body.

Now; although many individuals express these beliefs in relation to what you identify as kundalini, this is an expression of beliefs associated with your red energy center, and what generates these beliefs concerning this particular energy center is that this particular energy center expresses the lowest or slowest vibrational quality.

Now; many individuals associate that with less spiritual or attach certain negative associations with this particular vibrational quality. But in actuality, as I have stated, the reason that there is a focus of beliefs concerning this particular energy center is precisely that it DOES express a slower vibrational quality, which allows for clarity.

As you may move within your focus in any particular time framework, if you are choosing to be offering yourself a greater clarity in association with your direction or your movement or what you are generating in creating your reality, and [are] focusing upon this red energy center and the vibrational quality of it, you may allow yourself to slow your energy and offer yourself more clarity concerning your movement within any particular time framework.

This is merely a manipulation of your individual energy and recognizing how you may incorporate the energies that you generate to be facilitating certain expressions within any particular moment. This may be incorporated even in relation to specific functions that you generate within your physical expression, such as thought. Thought is a function; it is not a communication. It is a function that you have created within this physical dimension to translate and interpret communications that you offer to yourself in an objective manner.

Now; at times, if you are so choosing and if you allow yourself to become familiar with the movements of your energy centers, you may incorporate focusing your attention upon the energy expression of the red energy center, which shall allow you to slow your vibrational quality of your physical expression, and if directed to your thought processes, you may allow yourself more clarity in your translations. There are many manners in which you may be manipulating energy in association with yourself concerning your energy field or your energy centers.

Although, I may also express to you a cautioning, for it is also quite easily expressed in familiarity with beliefs, associations with energy centers that merely reinforce mass beliefs concerning them. These are expressions of yourselves and your energy, and you manipulate them in the manners in which you choose. They do not incorporate cosmic powers in themselves. Ha ha ha!

JOSHUA: (Laughs) Yeah, for real!

Anyhow, I have another question. Thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

JOSHUA: One of the things that I call a blessing that I've gotten from reading your sessions and interacting with those people that who have had sessions is an expansion in the ideas that ... or I guess I would say the expansion in the energy of my awareness, the ways in which my awareness can flow. I am, for one, continually opening up into new ways. I want new ways of being and flowing with energy. That's sort of been part of my life focus.

But in this I was looking at the idea, the ways in which you particularly express in your teachings about subjective and objective. In this subjective and objective, it has allowed me to begin to feel into the subjective in such a way that it's increasing in my awareness. Could you share a little bit about the workings of the subjective and the objective within myself, let's say? (Pause)

ELIAS: Express to myself, in which direction are you questioning concerning the objective and subjective movement or their relationship to each other?

JOSHUA: Primarily I have always worked with energy in the capacity that I can understand its function and its movement, which has also been great fun to read in your expressing of energy. But anyhow, the question I guess I need to clarify here is that within the workings of subjective and objective awareness or perception, in the workings of that, are there ways in which energy can be manipulated or brought about to alter ... I know you say, "Alter your perception and you alter your reality," but also in ... I guess I don't know if I can get the question out into words! (Elias laughs with Joshua) I can see it, but translating it into words is not ... I guess I'm not able to at this moment.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Let me express to you, my friend, as you are aware, the subjective and the objective awarenesses may be, figuratively speaking, likened to two sides of the same coin. In this, they are continuously in harmony with each other and are expressing the same movement simultaneously, merely in different manners.

Now; they also generate different functions, in a manner of speaking, but again in harmony to each other.

Now; in the recognition of objective and subjective awarenesses in relation to orientation, there are different expressions that may be generated by individuals, in a manner of speaking, in accordance with the different orientations. Therefore I am understanding your direction of your question that you are not expressing (laughs), and let me clarify that my response to you may be different than my response to an individual incorporating a different orientation, for your perceptions are different. The hue in which you view yourselves and your world is expressed differently, and the manner in which you interact with yourselves and with your world is different.

Now; in incorporating the orientation of common, your perception naturally moves in a projection outwardly.

Now; in relation to the subjective and the objective awareness, this particular concept may be quite challenging to many individuals incorporating the common orientation, for there is generated an automatic association that individuals that may be common shall incorporate less awareness of their subjective expressions than other individuals incorporating different orientations, and this is incorrect.

I am aware that I speak with many individuals concerning turning their attention and therefore affecting of the expression of their perceptions, and to be turning their attention inwardly rather than projecting their attention outwardly. This is a different expression from addressing to an individual concerning their natural expression in relation to the common orientation.

Projecting your energy outwardly to generate objective expressions outwardly that you may objectively view and incorporate as a reflection of the inner expression is a natural action for individuals that are common. This is not the same as what I express in moments that I am addressing to an action that individuals incorporate in projecting their ATTENTION outside of themselves and holding their attention outside of themselves.

For as an individual that holds the orientation of common, you may be focusing your attention inwardly, paying attention to your avenues of communication, which are the subjective expressions, allowing yourself to translate those subjective expressions objectively and thusly generating an outward projection of energy through your perception, which generates objective imagery, which is a natural action that you incorporate.

Individuals become confused, for there is much separation which is expressed within your objective associations of terms. Therefore, especially individuals that are common lean in an expression of associating that their subjective expressions are not obviously expressed and are somewhat hidden and need be uncovered. What I am expressing to you is that they are already being expressed quite obviously but you are not paying attention, or at times you may be paying attention [but] you merely are not recognizing and defining what you are generating as a subjective expression.

JOSHUA: I see.

ELIAS: Therefore you become confused, for you continue to hold your attention upon objective imagery and expressions that you generate outwardly, and you assess that this is merely one side, so to speak, of the picture or of the coin. In actuality, one may not be expressed without the other.

In this, as I have expressed previously, as you begin inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality, you are redefining terms, and in that redefinition of terms you are altering your perception and also widening your awareness, but you are also offering yourselves clearer understanding of yourselves and becoming intimately familiar with yourselves.

Now; your subjective expressions are continuously being engaged. Emotion is a subjective action; it is a subjective communication to your objective awareness. Physical body expressions of affectingness are a subjective direction. Your subjective awareness directs your physical body consciousness. Therefore if you are generating a physical body affectingness, you are generating a subjective communication to your objective awareness.

JOSHUA: Could you restate that or could you say that again, what you said there?

ELIAS: Very well. If you are generating a physical affectingness within your physical body expression, your body consciousness, you are expressing a subjective communication to your objective awareness. They are continuously in communication.

In this, as you generate expressions of imagination, you are generating a subjective communication to your objective awareness. If you are expressing an impression or an impulse, you are offering subjective information to the objective awareness. The subjective communicates through your physical expression, through your inner senses, through your outer senses. All that you generate through your outer senses is a communication through your emotions, through your impressions, through your imagination. These are all communications from your subjective awareness. Your objective awareness also communicates. It generates objective physical expressions, physical outward imagery.

Now; this is the reason that I express to many individuals to be paying attention to self and to the expressions of communication that you offer to yourself. For although you have created a thought process which is reverse of what I express to you, in actuality what you express in subjective communication is actually much more precise and clear than what you generate in objective expressions. Objective imagery is extremely abstract.

In this, you offer expressions, communications [and] actions subjectively, and objectively you translate these expressions into objective imagery. But as you have chosen to be creating a physical dimension of such diverse expressions of physical manifestations, you incorporate countless options in choice of objective imagery.

Therefore, you may be expressing to yourself one particular direction of movement in a particular time framework subjectively, and this may be the choice of exploration that you have incorporated in that time framework, and objectively you may express numberless manifestations in physical expressions of imagery to be expressing that one direction that you are moving within subjectively. Therefore, objective imagery many times may be quite confusing.

JOSHUA: Very, very, very interesting.

ELIAS: Therefore, if you are choosing to be incorporating more awareness of your subjective movement and its expressions and how they are generated within your focus, pay attention to your communications. Turn your attention to you, listen to your intuition, pay attention to your emotional expressions, pay attention to your imagination and to ALL of your senses.

JOSHUA: Yes, I see. Thanks.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

JOSHUA: Yes. This is good, okay! (Elias laughs) Quite good! I have one more question I'd like to ask briefly. We have about maybe nine minutes left.

I had an experience from this one teacher who was ... anyhow, I had this experience with a teacher. We had a little meditation, put a little music on, got quiet, and then she was doing something with my energy - that's what she said she was doing, something with my energy - above my head which I could not see. Then in this meditation suddenly it felt like the top of my auric egg, or whatever, my field was opened up - this is what it felt like - and there were stars or like I was looking out into space, and each point of light that I could see I knew, or felt rather, that it was a point of awareness in consciousness, like a brother or sister feeling kind of thing, and that they were all looking in on me. At that time in relationship to that energy that I felt looking in on me, I felt very thick and very tight, like I was a piece of tar or something. Could you tell me anything about that, or what was I experiencing?

ELIAS: Very well. Now; first of all, let me express to you, within this physical dimension you have created a type of expression in allowance for suggestibility.

Now; this is not bad or negative. In actuality, it is an allowance for less separation and an allowance of exchange between individuals in energy. In this suggestibility that you generally incorporate, it matters not what any one individual may be expressing that they may be doing, so to speak, but that you allow the suggestibility of their expression and therefore allow yourself an openness in compliance, so to speak. Therefore, let me clarify first of all that the other individual was not manipulating your energy. But in the suggestion, you allowed your expression of openness.

Now; I may also be acknowledging of you in your translation of the experience that ensued. For although this is an objective translation, symbolically it is quite accurate. For, this was an opening of your awareness in objective expression to allow yourself an experience of a lack of separation between yourself in this focus of attention and consciousness as All, which you imaged to yourself in these points or appearance of stars, so to speak, as expressions of essences, therefore allowing yourself this lack of separation momentarily between yourself and all other essences. For in actuality, there is no separation.

But what you also experienced in this thickness is quite common and understandable. For in allowing this type of experience of openness, it may generate quite easily a threat to the individual identity of the particular focus of attention. You view yourselves so very singularly and to be complete in this one expression of this one manifestation. Therefore, in momentarily dropping the veil of separation, there is generated a fear in the threat of the individuality and identity of the focus of attention, for the completeness of the design within your physical dimension of each focus of attention creates this singularity and a very strong expression of individual identity.

JOSHUA: I see.

ELIAS: This identity, as I have expressed previously, may be threatened also in merely allowing yourself to merge with another focus of attention, but this may occur quite strongly in offering yourself an experience of a lack of separation of all essences.

Now; I may also express to you that were you to be continuing this type of experience, that association would discontinue. It is merely a temporary expression, an initial response to the unfamiliarity of the lack of separation. But eventually that would discontinue, for you automatically do re-associate with the individual identity, and the uniqueness of that identity ceases to be expressing that threat.

JOSHUA: We're running out of time. One thing I have to ask, quickly, or Miranda will be all over me. I have to ask, how many focuses do I have in this life? I mean, how many focuses do I have in this dimension? I guess that's the question.

ELIAS: Very Well. (Pause) 721.

JOSHUA: All right! And any in this particular time and space?

ELIAS: Within this present time framework, six.

JOSHUA: And quickly, my sister - I would like to know her essence family. Can I do that?

ELIAS: You may. And what is your impression?

JOSHUA: Oh my. I really don't ... I know of the family Sumafi, I know of Milumet, but I really don't know the others very well, so I don't know if I can offer an impression.

ELIAS: Very well. Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Zuli.

JOSHUA: Essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Jilli, J-I-L-L-I (ZJEE lee).

JOSHUA: And her orientation?

ELIAS: Orientation, common.

JOSHUA: Thank you so very much!

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend!

JOSHUA: We will talk again!

ELIAS: Very well. I shall be anticipating our meeting.

JOSHUA: All right, and so I bid you good day.

ELIAS: And to you also, my friend, in great affection, au revoir.

JOSHUA: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:38 PM.

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