Session 87
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Wednesday, April 17, 1996 © 1996
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), and Jeff (Katarina).
Elias arrives at 8:37 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening!

GROUP: Good evening!

ELIAS: You have questions this evening ... Oh, Asker Of Questions!

VICKI: Well, I have just a couple. We are curious, Michael and I, regarding your interaction with Joshua the other night. It seemed unusual, and we don't understand.

ELIAS: And why are you viewing my interaction as unusual?

VICKI: I've never seen you be quite so blunt with a new individual.

ELIAS: Ah! So this is your interpretation.


ELIAS: And this was offensive to you?

VICKI: No, not offensive, but I'm very curious about it because it was unusual. It seemed unusual to me.

ELIAS: (Firmly) I interact with this individual according to this individual's connections and awareness within consciousness. Your perception, you may be wishing to re-evaluate, of this individual.

VICKI: Well, my perception was that he was a very intelligent young man.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: But I would have to reiterate that within the incorporation of a new person, it just seems unusual to me the way that you interacted with him. Maybe I'm just not getting something.

ELIAS: What you are not getting is connecting within consciousness, and identifying the reality of what you view to be the situation. This individual is quite efficient at projecting a facade.

VICKI: And that was confirmed within his interaction with Elizabeth. A lot of people are quite efficient at projecting a facade, though.

ELIAS: This is correct; and you do not believe that I may see through this facade?

VICKI: I believe that you probably always see through the facades, but I've just never viewed you to interact in that way on a first-time basis.

ELIAS: This individual is quite connected, and understands quite well. This individual also projects an element of helplessness. He was not experiencing an emotional response to my presence. There was no fear.

VICKI: Oh. Being part of the facade?

ELIAS: Being part of the game! This individual was quite understanding of my response to the initial question. There was no misunderstanding incorporated. This individual was not wishing to be asking of the next question, for he was aware already of my response; therefore engaging helplessness within focus, asking for assistance. It was not offered, therefore the response was incorporated. You were presented with the facade of fearfulness, which was quite efficient. Within consciousness, behind the facade, was irritation that he was not assisted, therefore a directedness to me; a temper tantrum. "You will answer my question, Elias!" I will not answer your question, Jaren, for you may answer this question yourself. You already know; and he does.

I respond to individuals according to their state of consciousness, and how much actual fearfulness they incorporate. Many individuals may project the camouflage of being quite self-assured and knowledgeable, and are very fearful within; therefore my response to them. This individual does not incorporate this fearfulness.

VICKI: Okay. Well, let me ask you one more question about that. The question that I heard him ask was in relation to his interaction with this Jack, within his coma. Was that the question?

ELIAS: Correct. He would like to understand his connections to this individual. It was quite possible for me to be offering this information to him, but I will express to you: If your son is kicking in front of you on the floor and demanding of you within a temper tantrum, shall you respond?


ELIAS: It is a manipulative tool. (Firmly) It is inappropriate.

VICKI: Okay, I think I understand.

ELIAS: Be aware that I am aware; and although this individual presently will not be rejoining our sessions, what I have been offering him, not only this "now", will continue; and he is aware of this. There are no coincidences. He does not speak as he does without hearing it "previously". (Pause for emphasis) So you see, he is not so new. (Smiling, and a pause)

VICKI: Interesting. (Another pause)

ELIAS: I do not hold the belief systems of offending an individual within these sessions, as do you. It is unnecessary; but I may get away with this! After all, I am a ghost! (Grinning, and we all laugh, breaking the tension)

VICKI: That does give you license.

ELIAS: To be truthful! (Grinning)

VICKI: (To Jeff) Do you have a question?

JEFF: Yes, I have a question. A while back at a previous meeting, you were telling me that you saw me as a clear individual, and I just want to ask if you could explain, so maybe I could understand myself better.

ELIAS: You are incorporated very closely with Paul. It is difficult at this moment to be efficiently explaining to you your connections and your interaction. You do not incorporate many blocks in many areas. I have offered information previously that you may engage within this phenomenon also. I have expressed to Lawrence, in response to his questions; although he is not completely understanding, for these individuals hold a very singular focus; this action incorporates in more than one direction, as does it also with Lawrence, although Lawrence chooses to remove himself from this particular action. You hold the same ability as does Ron, and also incorporate the same connections within consciousness to Paul as does Ron. Therefore, you equally share this ability to incorporate this type of phenomenon personally. You may be helpful to each other. You may "exchange places", so to speak. It is of your choosing, for each of you. Ron may choose, at a particular moment, to engage Paul, or he may not choose. You may choose instead.

JEFF: That was my next question. Okay ...

ELIAS: If choosing, I will offer you information that in like kind to Ron, you offer a very "clear channel", so to speak. There are few blocks, and those that you do hold will be easily allowed to drop away.

JEFF: The information that we're talking about, does Ron know about this, so we could talk about this? Or should we ask you about this, or go into it at another time? It sounds very interesting to me. I'm willing.

ELIAS: You are wishing information of yourself as a channel?

JEFF: Yes.

ELIAS: This would be your choice. You will find, as has Ron, that although your desire is great, actualizing this phenomenon is not quite so easy; for once you have been informed that you possess the ability to be a clear channel, you automatically (claps hands together loudly) block! It is quite common.

JEFF: But Michael knows what to do.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Michael thinks he knows what to do, sometimes! Michael also incorporates much confusion. Michael also would have blocked completely this phenomenon had he been previously informed! (Elias is starting to laugh) Therefore, I did not incorporate information prior to my "surprise arrival", for he would have "turned off", so to speak. It is difficult to override your own fears and belief systems, to allow yourself to engage this phenomenon. It is very easy to exchange. It is only difficult because you make it difficult! If you allow yourself to be relaxing and accepting, it is quite effortless.

JEFF: Okay.

ELIAS: You may also engage interaction with Lawrence concerning issues of control. This presents a tremendous block. I have spoken may times with Ron of the differences, in action, of this phenomenon. Not all individuals incorporate the same type of exchange that Michael and I engage in. This does not invalidate the phenomenon. It only is different. Therefore, dependent upon your issue of control, you may choose whichever form you desire.

(To Vicki) You may also express to Michael that he may also incorporate the action quite the same with his present reading material as I was expressing to Lawrence previously of your material! (The action expressed was to "burn the book") Mmmmmmm! (Shaking his head back and forth, and we all crack up)

VICKI: I think he's figured it out for himself.

ELIAS: I instruct you, over and over, that you draw to you information that will be helpful and that you need, and you do not need other influences to be instructing you as to what information you should draw to you! You will draw to you what you need. (To Ron) In the Kingdom of Sumar, with Michael and Lawrence! (Laughter) It may seem to be superficially inconsequential, but it is not. Better this than, "Oh, serious channeling phenomenon with great Indian chiefs!" (Much laughter) I shall make Michael's head swim! We come so far and step so far backward, with the backward twins! Do not be distracted by belief systems. You are aware enough presently to be trusting of yourselves. You may recognize belief systems and distortions efficiently yourselves.

VICKI: Well, speaking of belief systems, (Elias starts laughing) I sure got one of mine smashed last night, and now my head is swimming! (Laughter) But I do have one question. I'm almost afraid to ask it, but I will anyway.

ELIAS: You may ask ... (Grinning)

VICKI: I know. It never hurts to ask. Okay. Within the incorporation of two very connected individuals, Ron and I, choosing to experience an experience within a very near future time, in our terms, a few number of years, within this exercise, how could we have two such very separate experiences?

ELIAS: Why not?

RON: Good answer!

ELIAS: Thank you!

VICKI: Well, why not is because ...

ELIAS: Because we must continue within individual focuses along linear time, for time exists ... and it does not!

VICKI: But within physical focus, it exists!

ELIAS: Each physical focus.

VICKI: Okay. Well, we were exploring this particular experience, this particular developmental focus now, within a very few number of years, both viewing an experience where we were still interacting with the other! (Give it up, and shut up!)

ELIAS: Ah! We return to the solidity of elements! Those darned solid years! (Laughter) Time and experiences are quite so solid! Unchangeable as stone! (Chuckling) Stone changes too! You are viewing probabilities of action and experiences. This is not real. It is only a probability. Very, very, very incorrect! It is.

VICKI: So within one developmental focus, you have many realities and experiences.

ELIAS: I have expressed this to you previously!

VICKI: Well, I know, but ...

ELIAS: But it is not reality yet!

VICKI: Right!

ELIAS: They are all reality!

VICKI: It just makes it so very big!

ELIAS: Have I not expressed to you that each moment of each focus is its own reality?

VICKI: Yeah. (Sighing)

ELIAS: Individually, you may view the individual of ten years old, Interruption! (To Vic) Count through your transcripts how many times I have expressed this example! Once again, this individual you may view as ten, but it does not exist throughout eternity as only ten, immobilized in some isolated frozen time element. It is energy. Energy is always in motion. In motion! Not stuck! Even in corners! It is always becoming. Your own physical bodies bear evidence to this. You have created them in such a way to be acknowledging to you continuously, throughout each focus, of this same reality. These cells that you possess, at this present now moment, are entirely, completely, not one the same, as the cells that your body incorporated few years prior to now. Not one is the same! They are continually in motion. They are continually becoming. They are continually replacing. They move! They are never annihilated! There is never destruction. There is never death; within a cell, within an atom, within a particle, within a body, within a probability, within a focus, within anything! They all exist simultaneously, and they are all reality! (Emphatic pause)

You may incorporate your game, (to Ron) and you may view another experience, within the same time period, as Ron; (to Vic) and you may view another as Lawrence. They all exist! One is not "more" you! One is not a "ghostly image" of an alternate self! They are all your focuses. Therefore, no conflict or contradiction of overlapping time or experiences! (Another emphatic pause)

VICKI: (Sighing) It's really big.

ELIAS: Quite!

RON: So we will, in physical focus, we will actualize one of these probabilities.

ELIAS: Or you may actualize one that you may never view.

RON: Right. What makes that particular one different?

ELIAS: Your choice. (Smiling)

RON: Okay. But they all do exist in reality.

ELIAS: Which one you choose to actualize, within this individual vibrational tone that you identify as you consciously, is the one that you have chosen. Therefore, that will be the one that you will recognize as your individual experience. Although your essence experiences all of these focuses, you will choose one. (Pause)

You will incorporate agreements to share experiences with other individuals, and in this, you will each choose for your own reasons, but you will choose collectively also. This "experiment" of yours, that you incorporate now with this action of investigation, is serving to be helpful in offering you information also that will be instructive to you as I speak to you of mass consciousness and events, this being no accident either; that you have, within consciousness, chosen to initiate this game now, to be helpful and instructive to yourselves more efficiently, to be understanding of concepts offered to you by me. Quite creative!

RON: We knew that! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You are so aware! (More laughter)

VICKI: Okay. Within the exercise, one magnates to an experience. I'm curious, within my interaction with Rudy with this exercise, if my experience within that future focus was a response to her energy and belief systems?

ELIAS: Partially.

VICKI: So there is a definite interaction going on between the two individuals?

ELIAS: Partially. It is also dependent upon your individual focus. You may choose to interact and connect with the other individual; or you may choose to only partially interact with the other individual, and you may choose to be more incorporated within the experience.

VICKI: And along those lines, it would also be your choice as far as how much directedness you have within the exercise?

ELIAS: You will gain more directedness through practice. You have been practicing within your dream state, and you have accomplished much. Within practice of this game, you may also accomplish much. You offer yourselves much information for moving forward within this new game, for you offer yourselves the opportunity to be viewing of many elements. You may view connections between you. You may discover understandings of behaviors. You may understand, with a slightly wider awareness, of probabilities. You will gain a better sense of simultaneous time. You will allow yourselves to disassociate from many belief systems. There are many elements that you may incorporate with this new game. You have offered yourselves a very good opportunity for learning. You also parallel with my information, therefore offering yourselves a new, constructive tool to be incorporating the information more efficiently.

VICKI: Well, I know what the vibrational tone quality thing is. It's your voice (referring to Jeff) and Elias' voice. That's the familiarity.

ELIAS: (Smiling) Vibrational tones are interesting!

RON: Has Katarina been connected with us in a lot of other physical focuses?

ELIAS: Correct.

RON: In the same group?

ELIAS: Shall you investigate? (Grinning)

RON: Well, yeah. I just haven't run into her yet.

ELIAS: Ah, and the investigation has spanned so many lifetimes! (Laughter) I am calculating four hundred and twelve. Is this your accumulation?

RON: I only counted four hundred and eleven, but I probably was ..

ELIAS: Ah! My mathematics must be off again! (Laughter) Continue upon your path. You may run into this individual yet!

RON: I greatly enjoy it.

ELIAS: This also being a very good addition, within the forum of this game, is that it is fun! Therefore, you may be instructed and you may play, simultaneously! (Pause)

VICKI: So why did the dog act so weird that night? (Ron cracks up)

ELIAS: I am quite sure I am not interpreting this question! I am unaware of what you speak.

JEFF: That makes two of us!

ELIAS: I must have been incorporated within conference with Paul, once again! I must discontinue this action. I seem to be missing quite a bit!

RON: I thought you were psychic!

ELIAS: Ah yes! I have forgotten, Oh Rememberer! (To Vic) I believe three hundred and eighty-seven may be the focus. Return there.

VICKI: I can't even think about it in those terms anymore! My belief systems got shattered last night!

ELIAS: Tsk, tsk, tsk. This is the point! I would be suggesting that you incorporate terminology presently other than backward and forward, as you are beginning to understand that within consciousness, you do not experience time, for there is no time. Therefore, you do not understand time! (Grinning) Are you not so grateful that I have delivered this information of time previously to this, to be preparing you for your encounter of simultaneous time?

VICKI: And I'm sure Ron will be grateful to know that since there is no time, it will take no time at all for him to reincorporate his game board on the computer.

ELIAS: Absolutely!

RON: It's done!

ELIAS: Another project! His path!

VICKI: His path! (We all crack up)

ELIAS: (To Jeff, very seriously) Have you found your path?

JEFF: Yes ...

ELIAS: Colorful pebbles are nice also! (Chuckling) I tickle myself so! (Laughter) It is quite enjoyable chatting!

RON: So what's it like in those depths?

ELIAS: Ah! I was experiencing of this within my last manifestation physically.

VICKI: How you went down the chute, huh?

ELIAS: Quite! The very, very depths. (Very somberly)

VICKI: We could probably connect with an experience of the depths within our exercise.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

JEFF: The depths? (Poor Jeff) You can tell me about that later.

RON: We'd have to go down for that, I guess, rather than backwards or forwards.

ELIAS: Ah, quite! Down ... down ... down. (Pause) I was quite fortunate that I was able to be crawling upward just in "time"! (Laughter) And then I say to you, look at me now! (We're cracking up) We may not choose to be sharing of this session with other individuals. I must continue my image as the serious teacher! It may be misinterpreted! I am experiencing quite playfulness lately! (Chuckling, and grinning at Jeff) You may be receiving a visit also from Paul, who incorporates much playfulness. These individuals believe Elias to be so very interrupting of physical focus, and I express that my companion may be more disruptive than I choose to be!

VICKI: Really!

ELIAS: Quite playful!

RON: I don't think Elias ever bit a finger!

ELIAS: Quite true!

JEFF: It's not your way of doing things, obviously.

ELIAS: I do not quite have the "taste" for it! (Grinning) I incorporate other methods, so to speak, of attaining your attention; less painful. I also do not incorporate videos or aliens being interrupting of information and material! (Chuckling, and a pause) Are you wishing more questions? I am experiencing impatience from Michael, very physically focused, holding to these same belief systems as Lawrence, of your sleep state. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

VICKI: I did notice, I did survive the last two weeks quite well though.

ELIAS: Quite well! We will continue working in this area. If you are wishing more information, you may be inquiring of me, and I shall be pleased to be sharing with you. I shall take my leave, and express au revoir!

Elias departs at 9:36 PM.

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