Session 869
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”Redefining the Terms of ”Love,” ”Compassion,” ”Acceptance””

Tuesday, July 24, 2001 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Neal
Elias arrives at 8:58 AM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

NEAL: Good morning, Elias. How are you today?

ELIAS: As always! And now we meet objectively.

NEAL: Yes, we’ve certainly been meeting subjectively.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And I am acknowledging of you in your noticing.

NEAL: Thank you. I’ve got some questions for you. I’ve been exploring the information that’s been presented through Mary, and I was hoping that you could help me find a way to blend what I’ve discovered through your information with the work that I do with energy centers and chakras and with helping people unfold.

ELIAS: Very well, proceed.

NEAL: You mentioned that there are ten basic belief systems. I’ve been searching for them, and I don’t know if you’ve delineated them or not, or if you choose to.

ELIAS: You may be accessing this information through Michael, as it has already been offered.

NEAL: All right. I began to relate different belief systems to the chakras. Is that an appropriate association?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

NEAL: Okay, then I guess I’ll get to some of the more specific questions. Is my family Sumafi, with a Sumari essence? I’m not sure how to word it.

ELIAS: Belonging to Sumafi, yes; you are correct. Aligning with Sumari, you are also correct.

NEAL: And how does that influence work with me in regards to my work and value fulfillment? I guess I’m looking for ways to deepen my connection to the essence of it and understand it more fully consciously, is how I express it.

ELIAS: The family that you align with shall be expressed in objective, obvious qualities within your focus. In this, you create a type of pattern, so to speak, a tapestry, which the picture of the tapestry is created in the style, so to speak, of the qualities of the family that you align with. The details and the background threads of the tapestry are the expressions of qualities of the family that you are belonging to.

In this, you may notice certain qualities and expressions throughout your focus that appear to underlie all of your directions that you choose within your particular focus. This is the influence of the family that you are belonging to - in this situation, that of Sumafi. You shall notice throughout your focus that you create a repetitiveness in your choice of the manner in which you address to certain subject matters, issues, beliefs, situations and directions.

Now; there is also what may be expressed as an attention to detail in the qualities of the Sumafi family. Therefore, as some individuals may satisfy their curiosity in their explorations in any particular direction with generalities, you move more within an expression of analyzation, attention to detail, and at times what may be associated within your societal beliefs and definitions as a type of perfectionism.

This is counterbalanced by your alignment, for the Sumari does not concern its movement with tremendous attention to detail. The expression and qualities of the Sumari are merely to be creating new directions and offering challenging information which shall spark new explorations of your reality. But the attention of the Sumari does not concern itself with outcomes or endings or detail. Therefore, the alignment within your focus counterbalances the intensity of the expressions of the Sumafi.

Now; in this also there is expressed a quality within the Sumari that may be objectively viewed as similar to the Sumafi in repetition, but the direction of the repetition is different. In individuals that are belonging to the Sumafi family and aligning with the Sumari family, it may be objectively viewed that they choose consistently to be repetitive in their choice of direction and their choice of how they offer themselves information, but in that repetitiveness of subject matter they are continually altering the expressions of that subject matter.

For example, an individual that is belonging to Sumafi and aligning with Sumari may choose to be exploring their reality through the expression of music, tones. The Sumafi influence shall hold the individual’s attention upon this particular subject matter. Therefore the translations of their reality, the exploration of the individual’s reality [and] information that is presented to the individual by themselves in their individual imagery, shall be filtered through this subject matter of music repeatedly. It matters not what other subject the individual may be exploring, they shall repeatedly associate any subject matter with the chosen direction of repetition. Are you following thus far?

NEAL: I am, and I’d like you to address specifically how I do that.

ELIAS: Very well. Offer to myself an example of your movement in which you identify concern, and together we shall explore your expression and offer an element of clarity. (Pause) Offer example.

NEAL: My belief system that I engage focuses on transformation to the heart, from transformation through accepting yourself, loving yourself, and therefore increasing your own sense of self. No matter if I’m working with individuals or whether I’m working with workshops or just interacting with people, that’s what I’m trying to show off and exhibit objectively.

ELIAS: And now you occupy your attention in the movement of energy centers in relation to your association with the subject matter of acceptance of self, which is manifest through your individual definition of expression of the heart.

NEAL: Yes.

ELIAS: Now; in relation to this expression, offer to myself the nature of your concern in this movement.

NEAL: The nature of concern is to offer an experience and offer this information in the least distorted and simplest form I can express it.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very well. I may express to you, my friend, that in your terms the simplest manner in which you may express to other individuals is through example, and this may be expressed in the manner of the straight little sapling.

Now; let us explore your example. In the repetition of Sumafi, you focus your attention upon one expression, that which you identify as the movement of the heart. I am understanding what you are expressing. You may be engaging any subject matter, you may be engaging any interaction with any other individual, and you shall repeatedly move your attention to associate what you are creating or what you are engaging with yourself or with other individuals through this expression, through this association of the movement of the heart.

In this, your association and definition of the movement of the heart is to be approaching situations, engaging self and other individuals, through what you define as an expression of love and compassion.

NEAL: Yes.

ELIAS: The Sumari also creates repetition, but the Sumari aspect or influence creates a different type of repetition. For the repetition that the Sumari expresses is to be concentrating upon one particular subject matter in any particular timeframe, engaging that subject matter in repetition but in different types of objective imagery concerning that subject matter, allowing the individual to explore many different expressions and creations and associations of beliefs concerning that subject matter.

Therefore, you may express a continued repetition of association, filtering your experiences through the movement of the heart, but you also present to yourself within different time frameworks a concentration of attention in the exploration of one subject matter in a particular time framework. In one time framework, it may be the expression of or subject matter of interaction and relationships with other individuals. Therefore, in your terms, for a time framework your attention shall repeatedly move in association with this subject matter. All of your imagery that you present to yourself, regardless of the subject matter, shall be related to imagery that you present to yourself concerning relationships.

In this present now, you turn your attention to energy centers. Therefore, the movement that you create in relation to the expressions of the essence families that you are belonging to and aligning with is that you shall create much imagery, and your attention shall be directed in concentration translating almost all of your exploration through your attention to energy centers, and underlyingly you shall also incorporate the consistency of your attention to detail, your natural expression of desire for the least distortion in your translations, and you shall repeatedly filter this information through your chosen direction of consistency, which is the direction of the heart. Are you understanding?

NEAL: Absolutely. We both know it’s not a mistake that you mentioned relationships (Elias chuckles) and the challenge of actually coming from the heart with those.

ELIAS: Quite.

NEAL: And as you are well aware, just yesterday I had another challenge with that, where I felt I stepped up to the plate and met it as far as offering me completeness to a relationship instead of allowing penetration.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, a strongly influencing aspect of challenge within your focus is the objective definitions that you hold in relation to certain terms.

Now; first of all, offer to myself your definition of love. (Pause)

NEAL: I didn’t want to make anything up... (Elias laughs) All right, good! (Laughs) It’s, at this current time, expanding to see that it’s acceptance of a person’s choices and a deep compassion, a deep compassion for people irregardless of their choices.

ELIAS: Very well. Now express to myself, what is your definition of compassion?

NEAL: It would have to go to acceptance.

ELIAS: Now; I have inquired of you concerning these definitions quite purposefully, that you may allow yourself to hear your individual definitions and therefore you may also allow yourself more clarity as you receive the genuine definitions. Be remembering, you are participating within this shift in consciousness, and the movement of this shift in consciousness now, as you insert it into your objective reality, entails redefining of terms and therefore also redefining your reality, which alters your perception and therefore, in actuality, alters your physical reality.

In this, I shall offer to you, the definition of love is not acceptance; acceptance is another term. They are not synonymous.

The definition of love is knowing and appreciation. This is the definition of love in truth of consciousness, which may be expressed in any form of translation throughout all of consciousness in every physical dimension, in every non-physical area of consciousness. In your language, within your physical dimension, this is the translation of the truth of love: knowing and appreciation.

Compassion is not love either, and holds its own individual definition. Compassion is understanding without judgment - merely understanding. Acceptance is the lack of judgment.

Now; as you challenge yourself in your movement in relation to this shift in consciousness and objectively expressing that in relation to self and to other individuals, you may turn your attention to the redefining of these terms, and allow yourself to recognize that in redefining these terms your response in association to them shall be different.

I say to you, my friend, the expression of knowing is innate within you. In relation to other individuals, you already know them. In relation to yourself, this may be more challenging. (Neal laughs)

For in the expression of separation and in the design of your physical dimension, you have created a type of blueprint which, for the purity of your experience, what you have separated is your knowing of self, not your knowing of other individuals. You provide yourself with a design of physical expression that continuously reflects and mirrors to you imagery of yourself, that you may allow yourself to know yourself. It is unnecessary to know other individuals, for you already allow yourself that expression.

Now; the other element of love is appreciation. This is more challenging to be genuinely expressing, appreciation of self which allows for the natural by-product of appreciation of other individuals and of your world. This term of ’appreciation’ incorporates much more significance than individuals have attributed to it previously. This is a weighty term.

Compassion is an avenue that you incorporate to facilitate your expression of love. Compassion is the expression of understanding, and the expression of understanding creates a facilitating avenue to allow yourself movement into the expression of love.

Acceptance facilitates genuine understanding. Therefore the movement, my friend, begins with acceptance and trust and creates a circle. This circle moves in the creation of the lack of judgment, the expression of understanding, and movement into knowing and appreciation.

In genuineness, these expressions do create a circle; for once the appreciation is expressed, it reconnects in the circle with acceptance and they continue in movement of reinforcement.

NEAL: I feel that, as you express it. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

NEAL: Can you discuss the current beliefs that I hold that limit my recognition and objective awareness of the inherent abilities I have that will allow me to experience value fulfillment?

ELIAS: I may express to you, presently one quite affecting belief that you align with is in association with other individuals, that your movement and your choices are limited by the choices and expressions of other individuals. If another individual expresses a choice that you perceive to be in direct association with yourself, and this choice is not in alignment with what you want or your beliefs, you automatically limit your choices and allow the other individual to dictate to you what your choices shall be.

NEAL: For clarity’s sake, you’re specifically referring to Karen?

ELIAS: In many situations; although, you create this type of expression with other individuals also.

Hypothetically, I may offer an example to you in relation to your attention to energy centers presently.

NEAL: Okay.

ELIAS: Very well. You may allow yourself an interaction with another individual; your attention is concentrated upon the movement of energy centers and how they are affecting of your physical expression. Another individual may engage interaction with you and express a concern of a movement of energy that they perceive to be occurring within their focus. In this example, we shall express a simplicity, and identify the concern of the other individual to be a physical expression of energy that they perceive to be ailing them. In this, as you interact with the individual you may be offering information concerning energy centers and the manipulation of those energy centers to be affecting of this individual’s ailment.

Now; you may offer what you perceive to be an expression of helpfulness and the suggestion that you be allowed, in your terms, to interact with the other individual’s energy in cooperation with them to manipulate a particular energy center with them to be helpful.

Now; the other individual may express to you, ’No, I do not wish to be engaging in this action.’ Therefore, within that moment, you automatically alter your choice. You AUTOMATICALLY within the moment have moved into the expression of denying your choice...

NEAL: Ah! (Laughs)

ELIAS: ...for you have accepted the dictate of another individual which you automatically associate in denial of your choice: The other individual is expressing no; the other individual is choosing another direction; therefore you may no longer choose the freedom of your expression. You have allowed an automatic response in allowing other individuals to dictate to you what your choice shall be, and in this you limit your choice.

Let me offer another example in a less physical expression, so to speak. You may wish to express an affection for another individual, or in relation to another individual specifically. You may choose to romantically express that affection. The other individual may express no, they are not choosing that experience in relation to you. And what shall you create, my friend? Disappointment, hurt, anxiety. And what are these expressions? These are signals. And what accompanies these signals, my friend? Emotions. And what is the message of these emotions? ’In this moment, you are denying your choices; pay attention.’

You are signaling yourself that, within the very moment, you are creating a denial of your own individual expression and choices. It matters not that the other individual expresses the choice to not be reciprocating, so to speak. You may allow yourself to be expressing what you want regardless, for your choices are not dependent upon another individual’s choices. Are you understanding?

NEAL: All too clearly.

ELIAS: This, in this present time framework and for a time framework previously within your focus, is quite affecting of your movement and how you create your reality.

NEAL: How can I effectively move past those limitations?

ELIAS: In paying attention to you, in noticing your movement, what YOU are creating, [and] in not projecting your attention to another individual and concerning yourself with the choices of the other individual, but holding your attention upon self.

Let me express to you, my friend, in genuineness, in paying attention to you and familiarizing yourself with you - your motivations, your behaviors, your projections of energy, your associations with self, your beliefs, how you create, what you create, your communications to yourself through emotion - in directing your attention in this manner you shall offer yourself choice, and you shall recognize more clearly objectively what you genuinely want to be creating, and thusly you shall allow yourself to create precisely that, regardless of how it may appear impossible, and regardless of how it may appear that you may not be creating certain expressions within your reality without the cooperation of another individual. This is not correct. It is not necessary for you to be essentially obtaining permission from another individual to create what you want, even in relation to another individual.

I may also offer the suggestion that you allow yourself to engage interaction with Michael in relation to this subject matter, for he may offer to you objective example of what I am expressing to you in information.

NEAL: You are so good. (Elias chuckles) You are so good.

ELIAS: I offer you great encouragement, my friend, for you place yourself upon the threshold of tremendous opening. You present yourself tremendous challenge, but with that challenge also is expressed great freedom in its accomplishment.

NEAL: I intend to accomplish. (Elias laughs) I do, there is no question. It is just doing.

ELIAS: Very well. As I have expressed, I shall continue to offer my energy in great encouragement of you.

NEAL: It is most welcome, any help that you can offer as I work to process this and understand it better.

ELIAS: I am always available to you.

NEAL: Thank you, my friend. I will be talking to you.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall anticipate our next meeting objectively, and in the interim I shall offer an expression of energy to you. In genuine expression, my friend, in the truth of love, I offer to you au revoir.

Elias departs at 9:54 AM.

(1) The ten belief systems are relationship, duplicity, sexuality, truth, emotion, perception, certain senses, religion/spirituality, scientific, and the physical creation of the universe; see , 2/24/99.

©2002 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2001 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.