Session 848
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Enlightenment Through Conflict


"Enlightenment Through Conflict"

Saturday, June 9, 2001 (Group/Connecticut)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Ashley (Percie), Ben (Albert), Betsy (Mary), Bob, Carter (Cynthia), Carole (Aileen), David (Flynn), Fay (Camile), Fran (Sandel), Joanne (Gildae), John, Judy, Kathleen, KC (Nanaiis), Laura, Leslie (Myranda), Liz (Elisabeth), Luanne (Inez), Marj (Grady), Marje (Mikail), Mary (Chane), Michie (Michett), Mysty (Michella), Nancy (Jsanelle), Pat (Ling-Tu), Rodney (Zacharie), Ron (Olivia), Sally, Sharon (Camdon), Steve (Steffano), Ted (Cara), Thomas
This session takes place outdoors on a lush green lawn, with many trees shading Elias and the group. A slight breeze ruffles the leaves over Elias' head.
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ELIAS: Good afternoon!

GROUP: Good afternoon, Elias!

ELIAS: This day we shall discuss waves in consciousness, and the opportunity that they have presented to you and the information that they have offered to you - that you have offered to yourselves - in your participation in these waves of consciousness. In this, you may allow yourselves to view your own widening, and therefore validate yourselves by viewing your own movement and how you present imagery to yourselves to be validating of yourselves and to be offering yourselves new opportunities for choice.

You have engaged a previous wave in consciousness addressing to the belief system of relationships. In that time framework, you offered yourselves viewings of different interactions with relationships concerning other individuals in all capacities. You challenged yourselves to be focusing your attention and noticing your own beliefs and your own automatic responses with regard to other individuals and your interaction with them in relationships.

Subsequently, you have moved into two other waves in consciousness that you have chosen to further your movement in acceptance and understanding. You now continue in overlapping waves, addressing to the belief systems of duplicity and sexuality.

Now; these two waves in consciousness addressing to these two belief systems also allow you to draw upon the experiences and information that you offer to yourselves in addressing to relationships, for now you engage relationships with yourselves. You begin your creation of your exploration of self as the primary relationship, rather than the secondary relationship and incorporating the primary focusing upon other individuals.

You have presented yourselves with tremendous imagery. You create tremendous opportunities for yourselves to be examining your own creations, your own movements, and therefore allowing yourselves to become genuinely familiar with yourselves.

I have expressed previously that you have moved into the time framework of your new millennium, your new century, and this marks the point within this shift in consciousness to be inserting this shift into your objective reality, creating an actual alteration of your reality in all aspects, shifting the focus of attention from authorities and groups to the individual. You are turning your attention.

You are individual captains of your individual ships; your attention is your steerage. It is the wheel that steers the movement of your individual ship, and your ship is your perception which delivers you to your reality.

Your perception creates all of your reality, and you are beginning a new realization that every aspect of your individual reality is created by you. Each of you present are creating this energy exchange. Each of you present are creating every other individual that is present also. You interact with energy. You create the physical manifestation of all that you view and all that you interact with in your reality through your perception, your ship that delivers you to your reality; and what directs your perception is your attention. You shall create what you focus your attention upon - not your thoughts, your attention.

In this, your attention is moving to self, and you are offering yourselves genuine realization and validation of what you create and your own glorious abilities. They are far more extensive than you recognize yet, but you are beginning a realization of the wondrousness of your abilities, that you hold the power and the capability to create any expression within your reality. There is no impossibility.

Now; in creating this opening to your relationships with yourselves, you are also becoming more acutely aware of your interactions with other individuals and your responses with other individuals. Coupled with these two waves of sexuality and duplicity, this creates a genuine challenge to be focusing your attention on self continuously and to hold your attention in the now. I have expressed recently to other individuals that you have become quite familiar with the expression of holding your attention within the now, and at times, you have allowed yourself to be quite accomplished with holding your attention in the now, for you have practiced.

The challenge that you present to yourselves now is to continue this movement of holding your attention within the now and also simultaneously incorporate holding your attention upon YOU. For, it is easily expressed and familiar to be directing your attention within the now but in the direction of another individual or a scenario or a situation. It is also quite easily expressed [to be] holding your attention upon self but within the past or the future, and not within the now.

And this is the challenge within these two waves, to become familiar with your physical reality which is expressed in addressing to the belief system of sexuality, which incorporates all of your physical reality, and that of duplicity, the sly serpent (laughter) that weaves its way throughout your reality and attaches itself, weaving itself into your perception to be discounting of all of your abilities, and to be questioning of yourself, and to be judging of yourselves and of your world.

The key in this movement of these two waves - which are not accidentally overlapping each other (laughter) - is to be holding your attention in the balance upon self and within the now, noticing your behaviors, noticing your automatic responses. You offer yourselves AMPLE opportunities in EVERY one of your days as you interact with any other individual, at times even without interaction with other individuals. You interact with your vehicles, you interact with your equipment and your mass communications, your electronics, your creatures.

What I express to you, my friends, is [that] the opportunity lies in the recognition of conflict. That expression that you so desperately seek to push away, that you so intensely wish to eliminate, offers you your greatest opportunity to become familiar with yourselves intimately, for it automatically holds your attention, and it does not merely gain your attention, but it heightens your sensitivity to yourselves. It heightens your awareness. In the moments that you offer yourselves conflict, you offer yourselves more clarity, you offer yourselves greater awareness in intensity of yourselves, of your situation, of your environment, of your world, of all that you have created, for all of your senses are engaged simultaneously and your communication is clearly expressing itself.

In the moments that you are experiencing conflict, you may be heightenedly aware of yourself, of your thoughts, of other individuals, of objects. All of your senses are acutely engaged - inner and outer senses - and you are furiously communicating to yourselves (laughter and Elias grins), and your subjective awareness is LOUDLY communicating through emotion, and you have gained your attention in every aspect.

(Humorously) And your choice and your movement in the moment is to express to yourself, "Damn! (Laughter) Shall this not retreat from me? How may I quickly eliminate this situation? I DESPISE this heightened awareness! This is entirely too uncomfortable! I wish to be not aware!" And in those placid, calm wondrous moments that you all appreciate SO intensely (laughter), you whine and you express to each other and to me and to yourselves, "I desire to be highly aware! (Laughter) How may I attain enlightenment through this widening of my awareness and create this presence about myself? I desire this so greatly. Offer to me, Elias, the method that I may create this widening of my awareness, and that I may be ever-present and accepting!"

My exercise for you all is to engage conflict. (Laughter, and murmurings from the group) Create an enormous brawl with each other. (Loud laughter, and Elias sits back in his chair and grins) Argue and cackle, insult one another, and allow yourselves to be disappointed! Allow yourselves to be hurt. And allow yourselves to recognize what you have created in that experience, and how acute your awareness is, and how intensely it is focused within yourself and outside of yourself.

The question that you engage within yourselves is, "How may I hold my attention upon myself and also pay attention to other individuals or to my reality? How may I continue to hold my attention upon myself and concentrate upon any interaction? How may I concentrate upon what another individual is communicating to me?"

You are not interacting with the conversation of another individual - you are interacting with an energy of the other individual. You are interacting with your own projection of the other individual; therefore, you are interacting with you! If you are shrieking at another individual, for you perceive that another individual has wronged you or is not paying attention to you or is not listening to you, you are shrieking at yourself, attempting to gain your own attention, and the other individual may shriek to you also, and you have created that.

This is the importance of becoming familiar with you. As I have stated, regardless of the influence of your religious beliefs - which also incorporate your metaphysical beliefs (smiling), for they are merely another expression of religion - you are not subject to your beliefs. They are an intimate aspect of the design of this dimension. They are not your enemy, they merely are, and they are neutral. And regardless of the influences of your beliefs, [in] allowing yourselves to become familiar with yourselves you offer yourselves the opportunity for acceptance of yourselves, and the automatic by-product, as I have stated many times, of acceptance of yourself is acceptance of all of your reality. You shall automatically be accepting of other individuals, of your world, of all of your reality, once you are accepting of yourselves.

And the manner or the METHOD - are we incorporating notes of the "method"? - is to pay attention to what YOU are creating within each moment, allowing yourself to bypass the automatic responses and to hold your attention in the moment upon self regardless of the situation, and recognize your communication in the moment. For I shall state once again, your emotions are NEVER a reaction. Your emotions are the avenue of communication that your subjective awareness offers to your objective awareness. An emotion is a precise identification of what you are creating within the moment, but you pay attention to merely the signal.

The signal is a mechanism; your thoughts are a mechanism. They are translations; they are not the message, they are not the communication. You do not communicate to yourself through thought, and you do not offer yourself communication in merely identifying the signal of an emotion. The signal is the feeling which gains your attention. The emotion offers you a communication which is a message, a precise message that your subjective awareness offers to your objective awareness, identifying precisely what you are creating within any particular moment. This is the significance and importance of paying attention to you.

For if you are not paying attention to the messages that you are offering yourself, you are not paying attention to the communications that you are offering to yourself. You shall move your attention quite easily and automatically outside of yourself once again, and concern yourself with what you perceive to be occurring outside of yourself; and this also is another expression of the duplicitous serpent, which is quite sly and quite flexible, and may slither in and out of all of your expressions with complete ease. That of sexuality calls into question not merely all that you assess in other individuals but within yourselves also, and this is influenced with duplicity, and it moves back and forth.

At times you are quite pleased with yourselves that you are identifying so well other individuals' beliefs (laughter), and you are engaging your journey of teaching so well and offering information to other individuals, for they need this information and you are the teacher that shall offer it to them. In other moments, you are viewing yourselves as the students and examining your selves, and you express so well to yourselves how inadequate you are, and how you are incapable of learning the great life cosmic lessons that this plane has to offer you that you may move into enlightenment and bliss. I shall offer to you all a secret - which is not a secret, for there are no secrets - within all of consciousness, there is no absolute bliss! (Pause)

FEMALE: Oh, damn! (Laughter)

ELIAS: But there also is no karma! (Elias chuckles, and laughter)

Now; we shall break, and as we return I shall be incorporating questions from all of you concerning your experiences and your creations and your noticings of what you have challenged yourself with and offered yourselves opportunities with concerning relationships, duplicity, and sexuality. Engage that mechanism of thought process! Ha ha ha! We shall break, and I shall return to your questions.

BREAK (Session running time was 31 minutes, 10 seconds.)
RETURN (Arrival time is 29 seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

FEMALE: Right where you left off!

ELIAS: Quite! And you also! (Laughter)

TED: Elias, this is Ted/Cara. We have identified that I have my essence focused 36 times within this physical dimension and many, many times in other dimensions, and I am all of those, but I'm only aware of this focus of Ted. I'm not asking you for a method, so to speak (Elias chuckles), but when will we become aware that we are all these other focuses that we have focused within dimensions?

ELIAS: As you continue to create your journey into self and familiarize yourself with THIS focus of attention, you allow yourself, as I have stated, the incorporation of acceptance, and in that process, you also continue to validate yourself in your movement and your abilities, which reinforces the aspect of trust.

Trust is the key element which shall allow you to drop the veil of separation, and in dropping the veil of separation, you shall allow yourself to move freely throughout dimensions and other areas of consciousness, and therefore offer yourself participation or viewing of any other manifestation or focus of attention that your essence - you - create. The key is to be recognizing that your essence is not greater than you, but is you.

TED: That I recognize. What happens when I meet me in another dimension? Will I know it's me?


TED: And I'll still feel like Ted?

ELIAS: Yes. I may express to you, as I have previously with other individuals, you may, dependent upon the manner in which you engage this activity, create a movement within yourself in which you direct your attention to the other focus in which situation you may not, temporarily, identify yourself in the manner in which you do in this focus. You may merely identify yourself as that focus, but this is quite dependent upon the manner in which you are moving your attention.

You hold the ability to create many attentions simultaneously and not incorporate the veil of separation in which you shall blink your attention away from one focus and hold it within another focus. You may create knowing, participating and viewing any or all of your focuses simultaneously and continue to hold an aspect of your attention in this focus, and therefore continue to recognize the existence, so to speak, of this particular focus.

This be the reason that I have instructed individuals previously to not be concerned if they are moving their attention in a manner in which one reality seems to disappear, for you shall re-establish that attention. It shall merely be a temporary action of holding your attention within another focus and not blinking your attention to this focus. This causes in your terms, or may create temporarily, confusion in your recognition of your individual identity, but this is temporary, for you shall re-establish the direction of your attention concerning this focus.

TED: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

RODNEY: Elias, I have a conflict with myself regarding my relationship with myself, regarding a problem in mathematics that I've been working with on and off for a very, very long period of time. I come up with an answer and I set it aside, and then I'll sit down and I'll look at it a week later, and I'll see where I deceived myself, which may be interpreted as an error in logic. I'm almost at the point that the question that I ask myself is why do I delude myself into thinking I have an answer when I don't, and questioning whether or not I have the ability. So this has the hallmarks, it seems to me, of the challenge you gave us before we went on break. What I hear you saying is that I should continue to go into the conflict, that I should not walk away from this, that this is an opportunity to discover a greater awareness of self. Could you address that in any way?

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to view the strength of the hold of rationale.

RODNEY: Okay. We've talked about this.

ELIAS: Correct. For in actuality, within a particular moment, you are convinced of the correctness of your answer, for within the moment it is correct - but you are searching for an absolute.

RODNEY: I'm searching for an answer that other individuals would accept as a proof of my conclusion.

ELIAS: Which is translated into the search for the absolute (Elias grins, and group laughter), the correct answer, the absolute answer, the undisputed answer.

Now; in this example, what I am expressing to you is that as you turn your attention to the conflict that you have presented to yourself, you offer yourself the opportunity to become more familiar with yourself, your motivation.

RODNEY: I've been thinking about that a lot. My motivation is to publish this.

ELIAS: And what is your motivation in your want to be publishing?

RODNEY: That I've seen something that no one else has seen...


RODNEY: ...that what I have seen may be of value to others.

ELIAS: And therefore you may be instructing other individuals - teaching.

RODNEY: I just want to show them how to do it.

ELIAS: Quite! Which is teaching.


ELIAS: And as I have expressed to you all, you are not manifest in this physical dimension to be teaching or learning. In the simplicity of your terms, it is not your job. (Laughter)

RODNEY: It seems to me that the only place I can take that is to take this file of many years of work and chuck it in the dumpster like I have with others.

ELIAS: And why shall you not offer yourself your occupation with your project to be entertaining of yourself?

RODNEY: Well, if I go there with it, and I have, I would truly love the experience of knowing that this has been presented in a way that is totally acceptable to individuals who would be able to understand what I'm doing, and that gets me back to what you said about wanting an absolute. So it's kind of like going around in a circle...

ELIAS: Quite!

RODNEY: ...and I'm stuck!

ELIAS: Quite! You have created quite an adequate hamster wheel! (Laughter)

RODNEY: Are you saying ... all right, it seems to me that the only place I can go with this, from what you've stated, is if I totally accept that this is not for anyone else, it's just for myself. If I focus upon it solely for the joy of my own experience, then I'll be able to resolve my issues with it and someday put it to rest.

ELIAS: Correct, and in that process gain objective information and understanding in familiarizing yourself with you and your motivations, and the influences of the beliefs that you hold and that you align with; but you also offer [yourself] the opportunity to be accepting of those beliefs.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. (Pause)

THOMAS: Elias, my name is Thomas. I have a twin brother, and I have noticed a number of duplicity issues between my twin brother and myself. Why would I have chosen to do that, to come into this focus with a twin brother that I would have so many issues with?

ELIAS: My friend, you have born yourself into an age of this shift in consciousness, and you have offered yourself a challenge in this focus to be genuinely accepting of another individual, and also genuinely viewing what you create. Your participation in an energy exchange with an individual that holds close physical association with yourself therefore creates a clear mirror.

THOMAS: Okay, I see the mirror.

ELIAS: And what a wonderful opportunity you have presented to yourself, to view yourself and to be accepting of yourself through the action of gazing at this reflection.

THOMAS: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

KATHLEEN: Elias, in duplicity is there a remedy in forgiveness, or what is the role of forgiveness, both of self or of others or of others for us?

ELIAS: I may express to you, forgiveness is yet again an expression that is not what it appears to be. There are many aspects of your reality that are not what they appear to be.

Forgiveness, in your definition, is an action that you view to be positive and reinforcing and necessary to be moving into acceptance. I may express to you, this is the wolf in sheep's clothing, for forgiveness, in actuality, is the discounting of another individual, expressing within yourself that another individual has wronged or hurt or been injurious to you. No other individual may be those expressions to you, for essences are not intrusive, and you create all of your reality. Therefore if you are experiencing injury, you have created that within yourself. Another individual does not create that against you. This is a facet of your perception and the power of your perception.

In this, forgiveness discounts another individual and expresses that there is some element concerning the other individual that needs be fixed, or that they are inadequate in their expression, or that they are wrong - and there is no wrong. It also discounts you, for as you move into an expression of forgiveness with another individual, you are discounting your own choices and your ability to adequately create your reality without incorporating the role as a victim.

KATHLEEN: What is the role of forgiveness of self, then?

ELIAS: It is also another expression of reinforcing "victim." For if you are a victim, you have created an inability for choice, and your perception of this is inadequate or wrong or bad.

KATHLEEN: Well then, what is the response to duplicity that becomes a healing of it?

ELIAS: Acceptance and trust. These two movements shall be ultimately affecting in allowing you to move beyond these judgments that you place upon yourself or upon other individuals, genuinely expressing trust within yourself and your abilities, and movement within your own individual process into acceptance.

I may express to you also, my friend, that you may hold with yourself. As you create the expression of your focus and the tapestry of your experiences that comprise the exploration of your focus, the shadows are equally as important as the light, for they offer the depth.

MARJE: Elias, I have need of your help on finding out my essence name, because I've gotten my essence name from two different sources and there seems to be some confusion there, and also my family name and alignment.

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

MARJE: That the original "Mikail" is correct.

ELIAS: And your assessment of your essence family and alignment?

MARJE: Alignment Vold, but the family I see ... let me put it this way, I would prefer to be Tumold and not Borledim! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah! Expressing preference! (Group laughter)

MARJE: Very much so!

ELIAS: And what is your impression as to what you are belonging to?

MARJE: Well, first I've been told that I am fluctuating, that there are variations in the tone, and that is why the alignment and the family ... that there's some change there. I believe this to be true, so I'm really not sure. I'm confused. I'm very new to all of this, so I am very confused! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I shall validate your impression concerning your alignment;
I shall also validate your impression concerning essence name.

MARJE: Thank you.

ELIAS: I shall also confuse you (laughter), and express to you that your family belonging is Zuli.

MARJE: Zuli?

FEMALE: At least you're not Borledim! (Laughter)

FEMALE2: Look at your mother!

MARJE: Grady is Zuli?

FEMALE3: Zuli aligned.

FEMALE2: Think about the things you've done in your life that fit.

MARJE: Okay, I have to read up on Zuli.

ELIAS: Very well.

MARJE: I have another question, and it relates to the gentleman who spoke about having a twin. Has there ever been a situation whereby identical twins are actually the same focus - same essence? (21-second pause)


MARJE: Really? When? Where?

ELIAS: HA HA HA! (Laughter)

FEMALE: And was she there?

ELIAS: Ah, are you preferring to be creating this type of manifestation?

MARJE: Sure, why not? I think that would be very interesting.

ELIAS: And I shall suggest to you that you manifest that!

MARJE: More homework! (Elias laughs with the group) Again I ask, where and when? (Laughing)

ELIAS: I shall express to you that you may be offering yourself the challenge to investigate!

MARJE: Oh! Well, real quick, I have a gift in the mood or in the spirit of the party.


MARJE: And the reason for this is from one of the recent transcripts I read. This is what we call a slinky, a slinky of many colors. Thank you very much. (Marje holds out the rainbow-colored slinky toy to Elias, and he stares at her.)

ELIAS: A slinky ... ah. (Marje demonstrates how the slinky works, and puts the slinky on Elias' clasped hands.)

FEMALE: You just stretch it back and forth. (Group laughter)

ELIAS: (Elias looks down at the slinky in his hands, and then at Marje and gives her a slight bow.) I shall be thanking you for your presentment of your ... slinky. (Laughter) I shall be instructing Aileen, removal. (Loud laughter)

CAROLE: Come and get the slinky! (Carole comes up and takes the slinky from Elias' hands.) Slinky gone! (Elias bows to Carole, and leans back in his chair and laughs.) (To Marje) Don't be offended by the removal.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Quite, for I incorporate great appreciation of your gift. Ha ha ha!

CAROLE: It'll be waiting for later. Mary will take it.

ELIAS: Quite, and create the contribution to the growing collection of paraphernalia. (Laughter)

MARJE: I was told about the crystal ball, so...

ELIAS: Ah, yes, the crystal ball and the energy ball. (Laughter)

FEMALE: God, you've got a good memory!

PAT: Elias, hi, this is Pat. I have been having some conflict because I am belonging to the family of Sumari, aligned with Vold. When I look at the intents, Sumari are the Speakers, Vold are the Hearers, and I feel like I'm confusing myself there, I'm talking to myself...

FEMALE: And you're listening!

PAT: ...and I am listening. But in terms of intent, how does that work?

ELIAS: Quite well! (Loud laughter)

PAT: I'm doing a good job! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! I may express to you, this is quite creative, to be incorporating the intents of these two families and offering yourself an avenue to be exploring balance.

PAT: Wow, good - I did a good job. (Elias laughs) Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome

KC: Elias, I have a question. I'm KC. Within these waves of consciousness that are related to the belief systems of relationships and sexuality and duplicity, I have felt and I believe Seth said, too, and you have said that until the accomplishment of the shift that it is unacceptable to be hurtful to other people and to ourselves, that what we do on purpose to hurt people would be unacceptable. Is that correct? Is that what that means?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

KC: And that we would know. I feel that I would know when to stop talking, for instance, to someone when they're sending me messages that they don't want me to keep talking, for instance if I'm telling them about Elias, and that I can trust myself to know when to be quiet.

ELIAS: Correct, yes.

KC: Thank you.

ELIAS: Once again, you do not incorporate the job to be instructive to other individuals.

KC: Everybody tells me not to do it! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Other individuals are quite capable of instructing themselves, and in the moments that another individual shall request information of you, you may also be assured that you are requesting that information of you; and as you offer it to yourself in your perception of offering it to another individual, you also allow yourself the opportunity to listen to your response and to pay attention to your answer.

KC: Again the mirror. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MARJ: Elias (sighs), this is Grady. (Elias heaves a big exaggerated sigh, and much group laughter) I have a question about mirrors.

ELIAS: (With exaggerated emotion) Yes! Such heaving of sighs!

MARJ: The other day I was looking in the mirror, and I was telling myself what a wondrous creation I am.

ELIAS: Ah! And I observe you accepted that statement and believed that!

MARJ: Yes! But the thing is, my right eye disappeared when I was looking at myself in the mirror. So I backed up, and I could see my whole face, I could see my eyes. When I came forward and tried to look up close - you know, how you focus your vision a little more on one eye than the other - my right eye kept going away. Later in the evening Ted and Luanne were over to visit, and I was talking to them and I had previously told them what happened. Their left eyes disappeared, which was still my right eye, when I looked at them! What am I doing, besides removing body parts? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Eliminating body parts ... interesting imagery that you present to yourself! Once again, this is another expression of balance and offering yourself the opportunity to examine your definition of balance and your definition of equality which, within your beliefs, is what shall create balance: an equal expression of two halves, or two sides, or two expressions. This offers you the opportunity to recognize that you do not require two to create a balance.

FEMALE: Hmm, interesting.

ELIAS: Correct. (Bows to Marj)

MARJ: I like that answer. (Laughter)

BEN: Elias, this is Ben. Sitting here, I have an impression about Camile sitting next to me, about a possible professional relationship of perhaps artist and model, or performer and director.

ELIAS: Artist/model.

BEN: What time framework would that be?

ELIAS: Awww! (Laughter) Ben, this is SUCH a challenge that you present to yourself!

BEN: Well, maybe Camile would like to jump in here...

ELIAS: And you are rolling so well with your impressions! (Slight pause)

BEN: France?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Continue.

BEN: Was it 1846?

ELIAS: Later.

BEN: In the 1870s?

ELIAS: Ah! Now you incorporate guessing. This is not an impression.

BEN: In the 1940s?


BEN: Okay, I stop.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And once again, you offer yourselves the opportunity to become familiar with yourselves and each other. Ha ha! Ah, the duplicity, relationships, and sexuality! (Laughter)

BEN: What, it's beyond a professional relationship you're insinuating?

ELIAS: (Laughs) ALL is beyond professional relationships! Ha ha ha ha!

FAY: I'm almost remembering something, but I'm not sure what. (Laughter)

BEN: Don't go to sleep tonight, Fay!

FEMALE: I know what you did last summer!

JOANNE: Elias, it's Joanne. I have a question. I've been noticing lately that whenever I go out and have fun, I was making myself sick afterwards. I'm not doing that anymore, but I do have this really strong sense of guilt or like I did something wrong.

ELIAS: Ah! Once again, one of the two expressions that is almost a waste of energy: guilt and worry!

JOANNE: Right, I've been telling myself that, that I had a good time and so what. I don't feel like guilt falls into an emotional category, where it's necessarily trying to show me something other than I shouldn't feel guilty for having a good time.

ELIAS: Ah, but this IS an emotional communication.

JOANNE: So, guilt is ... see, I wouldn't have put guilt in the emotional, I would have put it in a different category.

ELIAS: This is an emotional communication which is expressing to you what you are creating within the moment in discounting of yourself and aligning with a strongly held belief which is quite influencing of your perception, that it is unacceptable and irresponsible to be incorporating fun, that you need be incorporating seriousness.

JOANNE: I did notice that, too. I did notice that.

ELIAS: Very well. As you identify these communications and allow yourself to listen to these communications, not merely the signal, you offer yourself the opportunity to examine and question yourself in what you are expressing to yourself in the moment. And as you create that examination, you begin to allow yourself to identify what your movement is within any particular moment, what you are aligning with within the expression of your beliefs, and in these movements you liberate yourself, for you offer yourself choice.

JOANNE: Yes, I've noticed that big-time. I feel like I've been noticing a lot of different things that have been going on, and in some areas, I felt like I have turned my attention to strictly noticing what I was doing. Each thing that I brought to my attention ... like I wanted to lose weight, and then I started to notice how many times I made choices that reinforced my opinion of myself.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: I see myself as heavy, so if the kids were outside playing baseball, and I really wanted to get out there and play, I'd think, "Oh, god, I'd look funny out there playing," and it reinforces my image of myself. Instead of saying, "Well, so what, go out there and play - who cares," I'd constantly reinforce a perception that I have of myself.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: So I've been noticing that. There's a whole bunch of things, I won't bore everyone with it! There's a lot of things I'm noticing, but the guilt thing is really starting to get on my nerves.

We went on a class trip the other day, and I came home feeling guilty because I had a really nice time. The way things wound up, I was paired up with a gentleman and not one of the other mothers. When I came home, even though I had had a really nice time I felt guilty, and then I started thinking about what everybody else would think about the fact that I was paired up with a gentleman instead of another mother, and just going down that whole road. And I was like, "No, wait a minute, why should I feel guilty? I had a nice day. I was with my son, I had fun, and had an interesting conversation - why should I feel bad about that?"

But more and more things over the last couple of months have been coming up. I'll go out and have a good time and the next day ... I don't get sick any more, which I really appreciate (laughter), but I have this guilty feeling and I was creating sinus infections. If I had a good time, it was sure enough I was going to have a sinus infection right after that. I'm not doing that any more, but the guilt thing ... so I feel like I'm going in levels.

ELIAS: I am understanding - in steps. For the most part, you all create a process in which you incorporate your steps of accomplishment. You have allowed yourself a step to not be punishing yourself for incorporating playfulness or fun. Now you are allowing yourself to be noticing in more of your objective awareness, and you do not create the punishment but you create the guilt.

But as you continue to be paying attention and noticing what you are creating and listening to the communication, you may eliminate the guilt and offer yourself choice to appreciate what you are creating in playfulness and in fun, without obligation, without incorporating the expectations of other individuals.

JOANNE: That was a big surprise. That's more and more coming in, that I'm noticing how much I care about what other people think.

ELIAS: Quite, and this also is the opportunity. The guilt is the conflict, and your awareness of it is acute.

JOANNE: Oh, yes.

ELIAS: Therefore is created the opportunity to tune your attention to yourself and what YOU are creating, and your assessment of the beliefs that are influencing of your perception.

JOANNE: Would you consider addressing to that? Like when I came home from the class trip the other day, I walked in the door, my husband was there, and I told him what happened. I told him I felt like I did something wrong by talking to this other gentleman for the whole day, and for some reason I felt guilty, I felt bad, I felt like I did something wrong.

ELIAS: Therefore you also express to yourself the need or the expectation for confession.

JOANNE: Well, I thought of that. I did have one moment where I thought, "I'm going to nip this in the bud." Because if anyone is going to run home and tell my husband that I was talking to this other guy, he's going to know about it before hand! But there was a little part of me that thought if I say this out loud, not necessarily just to him but to myself, "Yes, I did this," is that like one step, maybe a little step in addressing to the fact that that happened, and there's no need to feel guilty about this? Just keep moving forward and let things happen as they will...

ELIAS: Correct!

JOANNE: ...and then you can just relax and forget about it.

ELIAS: At times. This is dependent on the individual, and also upon your direction of addressing to certain expressions. At times, some individuals do incorporate this action of expressing verbally outwardly what they are noticing or creating, to be physically reinforcing of their awareness.

JOANNE: But that's not what I was doing; I was confessing.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I may express to you, were you to be expressing verbally to yourself to merely create more of an objective awareness and understanding of your creation and of your communication with self, this in your expression individually would have been validating of self.

JOANNE: Right. But I just ran home and confessed.

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: Although I didn't do anything wrong! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You are continuing to apologize. (Chuckles)

JOANNE: Well, I care! I'm working on this one, though.

ELIAS: Very well!

KATHLEEN: Elias, you said to me there is no intrusiveness in essence form, and I want to understand that more. I also want to ask if you have, in essence form, if you have books or libraries, or how do you deal with masses of information that existed and still exist?

ELIAS: Information is accessed through awareness. As an essence may not be focusing attention within physical dimensions, there is not the incorporation of beliefs or the incorporation of the designs of particular physical dimensions. As example, this physical dimension incorporates a design which is expressed in sexuality and emotion. This is an aspect of the blueprint of this particular physical dimension. In not holding attention or participating in a physical dimension, an essence also does not incorporate those designs of expression.

Therefore there is less limitation, for the attention may be allowed simultaneously to be incorporated in tremendous diversity. My attention is focused in MANY directions simultaneously, and I hold an awareness of all of the attentions simultaneously. You hold an awareness of ONE focus of attention, in keeping with the design of this physical dimension and how you have chosen to be creating it. Therefore, accessing information is merely a movement of turning my attention in different directions.

Some information may be in relation to other essences. In that situation, my attention is turned to the mergence of this essence of myself with another essence, to access that information which may be requested, or I may create a curiosity concerning experience of another essence. Therefore in turning my attention into a mergence with another essence, I may access that information.

You may also create very similar actions, for you have chosen to be manifest in this time framework in which you are inserting a shift in consciousness into this dimension, which is dropping the veils of separation and allowing you to continue to incorporate physical manifestation within a physical dimension but also open your awareness and your accessibility within this physical dimension to many more aspects of consciousness and other dimensions.

KATHLEEN: It's fun!

ELIAS: Quite! And quite exciting. You open to yourselves tremendous freedom and tremendous avenues for expanded exploration.

THOMAS: Elias, it's Thomas again. All throughout my life I have noticed occurrences where I felt as though something was looking in on me. I've come to an awareness that it is me looking in on me, and I would like your confirmation on that.

ELIAS: Correct - the vastness of essence, the wondrousness of essence, and the acceptance of essence.

THOMAS: I am accepting more, and that's accelerating. That's like the ball, that the longer it goes the bigger it gets.

ELIAS: And so you are, my friend. Be remembering, in actuality the process is the point, for the process is the exploration. There is no goal other than the continuation of exploration and expansion, exploring what you are, for this is the movement of becoming, and this is the movement of all consciousness: continuous exploration of itself, and therefore expansion of itself.

THOMAS: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MARJE: Elias, this is the now-affirmed Mikail. (Laughter)

ELIAS: AH! I am remembering.

MARJE: In the opposite of what Thomas just talked about, I had ... first to begin, as a child I was told I had what we call epilepsy. There was a particular incident that happened to me in a very large spectrum at a game, whereby I found myself walking around the building looking outward, looking at people around me and saying, "I know you. Where do I know you from?" I was told by another entity that this was another focus of mine, that a secondary had taken over and that Marje as primary had taken a backseat.

Recently, I read a transcript where you talked to a gentleman by the name of Mark and affirmed the same type of situation with him, that it was a secondary that was actually looking out and checking out this dimension. And I have to tell you that this was very uplifting to me, because as a child I was scared to death as to what was wrong with me. Oddly enough, this particular experience, this experience out of many, wasn't very fearful per se because when I came out of it and the primary was back in place, instantaneously I knew what had happened, but I related it to the epilepsy. I told everyone that I was with what was happening, and they all kind of looked at me and kind of ran the other way, but that didn't much matter to me at the time.

I just wanted to say that it made me feel so much better to know that I was not the only other person to experience this, and I wanted to ask, does this happen often to people?

ELIAS: In different capacities, yes; you exchange positions with different aspects of yourself. You create a primary aspect of yourself, and this is what you become outwardly familiar with.

But you incorporate countless aspects of yourself, countless yous of you, and within any moment you may choose to be exchanging positions of these aspects and each incorporates slightly, or not so slightly, different qualities that may be thusly objectively expressed.

I may also say to you that the physical medical identification of this dis-ease of epilepsy is quite misinformed. In actuality, your physicians do not to this present now understand what the individual is creating or what is occurring, and it may not yet be defined, for they attempt to be defining it in terms of physiology and function of the physical brain, and this is not what is occurring.

The individual has merely allowed themselves a more intense or severe, in your terms, expression of blinking, in which there is a concentration of what you identify as time in which the individual blinks out of this attention and this physical dimension. Their attention blinks to another dimension.

Generally, individuals within your physical dimension are blinking consistently and in a manner that creates a rapidness, and that rapidness of blinking - in like manner to your physical eyes blinking - that action creates a flow in which your focus appears uninterrupted. In like manner to your vision, as you blink your eyes, your perception is that your vision is uninterrupted. You pay no attention to this action.

In similar manner, you blink in and out of dimensions in relation to your attention. As you create that blinking in a rapid movement, your attention appears to you physically to be un-interrupted. (Elias very slightly pauses in the middle of and stumbles over the word "un-interrupted.")

MARJ: I felt that, Elias. You interrupted that word.

ELIAS: Very good noticing. Ha ha ha! Blink!

FEMALE: We all blinked.

ELIAS: In this, in the time frameworks in which an individual creates this movement which your physicians identify as epilepsy, the individual in actuality is blinking out in a concentrated time framework, interrupting the flow of their attention in this focus, and focusing their attention within another focus of another dimension.

FEMALE: Why do they create the physical manifestation of a seizure in relationship to this?

ELIAS: This action occurs in response to the interruption of the flow. The entirety of the objective and subjective awareness is removed from the body consciousness. It is removed in a manner of interruption; therefore the body consciousness is responsive and creates tension and contraction, which you interpret as convulsion.

MARJE: Yes, but during one of those blinks when I was at another level of consciousness, the policeman who was taking me to the hospital with my mother, Grady, asked my name and address, and I was able to respond and I was not consciously aware of that.

ELIAS: Correct. This be the reason that your physicians are so baffled, for each of you are unique, and the manner in which you choose to be creating this type of blinking is unique to each of you. In this, you may not choose to be entirely removing all of your awareness from this attention in certain moments. There are no rules.

MARJE: So, I no longer need to be afraid of blinking in the future. I had no reason to fear it in the past, so I definitely have no reason to fear it in the future, and I can manifest and choose to remember what I see in the other dimension.

ELIAS: Correct, and I shall express to you, in like manner as I have offered to Lawrence, as you allow yourself to drop this veil of separation and you allow yourself to view what you are blinking your attention to, you shall cease creating your seizures, for it shall be unnecessary to create that action to accomplish what you have chosen to be accomplishing.

MARJE: So I am not blinking from, I am blinking to, to experience.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARJE: I like it! Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall incorporate one more question, and we shall discontinue. (Several people begin to speak.) Very well, we shall incorporate two! (Laughter) I shall be accommodating!

FRAN: Fran here. You have talked at length about the differences between thought-focus and emotional-focus individuals, but haven't dwelt much on the other two forms, unless I'm missing something. Would you care to enlighten us a little bit about that? Does anyone else have the same question I have, about political and religious?

ELIAS: This shall be incorporated within future transcriptions. I have offered information concerning all four of these personality types, and you shall be receiving the transcription, in your terms, in your linear time framework, shortly, for this subject has been discussed.

MICHIE: My name is Michie, and this is my first time at a session.

ELIAS: Welcome!

MICHIE: Thank you. I thought I would try to find out what family, and whether I'm common, soft or intermediate. I didn't want to ask you before because I thought it was a pretty dull thing to ask. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! Be acknowledging of yourself, there is no dull question. You are merely inquiring of information, that you may allow yourself to be familiarizing yourself with you more fully. Therefore, I shall offer to you (pause), essence family, Milumet; alignment in this focus, Sumari; orientation, soft; emotional focus. Are you wishing for identification of essence tone?

MICHIE: Sure. (Pause)

ELIAS: You create quite a similarity in your choice of physical naming within this focus to that of your essence name. I may express to you identification of essence name, Michett, M-I-C-H-E-T-T (mih SHET).

MICHIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. Now to you all, I continue the challenge that you be noticing of what you are creating - and be playful. (Laughter) I express to you pay attention, for these waves in consciousness are offering you tremendous opportunities, and as you seize these opportunities, you allow yourselves movement into awareness of self and tremendous expressions for new explorations and excitement.

To you each this evening, I express great affection and anticipation of our continued interaction, objectively and subjectively. (Smiling) I express to you all the identification of friendship, and extend to you my energy in encouragement that you may carry with you. To you this evening in lovingness, au revoir.

GROUP: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour and 16 minutes of session in the second half. (No date/time stamp on the video tape.)

(1) Originally stated as "...and to hold your attention in the moment, regardless of the situation, upon self and recognize your communication in the moment."

©2002 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2001 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.