Session 715

Merging Science and Spirituality


“Merging Science and Spirituality”
“The Division of Attention”
“Either/Or Choices”

Wednesday, October 25, 2000 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and new participants, Jens (Ranatad), Manu (Ramla), and their infant daughter Lisa (Lakeisha).
Elias arrives at 12:09 p.m. (Arrival time is 16 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good afternoon!

JENS:  Good afternoon, or bon soir, mon ami! (Elias laughs)  It’s late in Germany.

ELIAS:  You are experiencing early evening now?

JENS:  Right.  I’m not alone.  I want to introduce the other guests, who are my girlfriend Manu and our baby Lisa.  She is ten-and-a-half weeks old, and we hope that she won’t cry during the session.

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  And I shall express, welcome to you all!

JENS:  Thanks.  First, Manu and I want to know essence name, essence family, alignment, and orientation of our daughter.

ELIAS:  Ah. (Pause)  Very well.

Essence name, Lakeisha; L-A-K-E-I-S-H-A. (la-kee’sha)  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Milumet; orientation, common.

JENS:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

JENS:  Manu has asked me to ask you a few questions, because she incorporates a lack of trust in her ability to speak English.

ELIAS:  Very well.

JENS:  Manu wants to know essence name, essence family, alignment, and orientation for herself, her mother, and her dead father.

ELIAS:  First individual, Ramla; R-A-M-L-A. (rom’la)  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Borledim; orientation, common.

Second individual, essence name, Kyra; K-Y-R-A. (keer’ah)  Essence family, Vold; alignment, Tumold; orientation, common.

Third individual, essence name, Jesse; J-E-S-S-E. (jes’see)  Essence family, Milumet; alignment, Zuli; orientation, common.

JENS:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

JENS:  Would you please give Manu an explanation of why her father decided to disengage seven years ago?  During this time, her family was almost finished with house building, and after his disengaging, she and her sister and her mother experienced a very hard time.

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that the action of disengagement is merely a choice.  But in explanation of this individual and what you view to be the timing, so to speak.... (Here, Elias coughs for 20 seconds, and there is an additional 7-second pause)

JENS:  Are you okay? (5-second pause)

ELIAS:  We shall continue.

The individual has chosen to be disengaging within that time framework to not be participating within the action of this time framework, and the insertion of this shift in consciousness into objective awareness and the involvement of physical trauma associated with that action.

Therefore, the individual continues to lend energy to the completion of this shift in consciousness, but within nonphysical areas of consciousness and not participating within the actual physical focus, and therefore is also choosing to be offering energy to those individuals that continue within physical focus, in lessening their experience of trauma in association with this shift in consciousness.

At times, it may be difficult for individuals within physical focus to be objectively understanding why an individual may choose to be disengaging within a particular time framework, but all of your choices are purposeful and all of your choices are beneficial.

In this, they are not merely beneficial to you, but also to all other individuals, and many times they may be beneficial to those individuals that you have been immediately involved with in personal relationships.

In this situation, this is an aspect of the choice to be disengaging, allowing himself to be offering energy to those individuals in which there was created personal relationships in physical manifestation [but] without the interference of the belief systems that may have been projected within physical focus.

Are you understanding?

JENS:  Most of it.  Other than that, I’ll have to wait for Vicki’s tape and transcription.  I’m not that good in English, but I do my best! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

Because I know my essence name, family, alignment, and orientation, I want to know this kind of information about my parents.

ELIAS:  Very well.  Stipulate individual.

JENS:  My mother first.

ELIAS:  Essence name, Adrian; A-D-R-I-A-N.  Essence family, Ilda; alignment, Vold.

Next individual, essence name, Sven; S-V-E-N.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Gramada.

JENS:  Also, orientation of the first and second individuals.

ELIAS:  Orientation, first individual, common; second individual, common also.

JENS:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

JENS:  Do I have a Dream Walker aspect? (14-second pause)

ELIAS:  Within this dimension physically?

JENS:  Yes.


JENS:  Is this my final focus?

ELIAS:  And what is your impression?

JENS:  (Louder)  Is this my final focus?

ELIAS:  I am understanding.  What is your impression?

JENS:  Sometimes, yes.  I believed that during the last week, but the rest of the time, no. (Pause)

ELIAS:  I shall express to you, no, you are not the designated final focus.

JENS:  So I was most of the time correct! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

JENS:  Why did I draw myself to you and not to any other essences which take part in an energy exchange?  Did we have, eventually, a focus together?

ELIAS:  You draw yourself to myself and to this information within this focus for the reason that it is presented in a manner that you resonate with presently.

Now; I may express to you, yes, we have participated within other focuses together, although this is not the reason that you have drawn yourself to this information presently.

JENS:  Hmm.  Okay.  Now let’s come to a new topic — my intent and the direction of my creativity.

My essence family is Borledim, and I create much conflict regarding the intent of my essence family, especially the thing with not being self-sacrificing, which is a big problem for me.  The same happens with my alignment in this focus, which is Zuli.

Last year I read the book “Living On Light” from the Australian writer Jasmuheen, and I tried to live without any food.  It worked, and it was much easier than I thought at first.  However, after about three months, I missed the taste of good-smelling dishes.  Additional to that, I didn’t want to find excuses or justifications anymore when I was together with friends in a restaurant, or in other places where it is common to eat something.  Even my amount of sleep was reduced by half.  Then I went back to my old nutritional habits and my weight exploded.  I’m an excellent manipulator of physical form, but my body has at present nothing to do with the body of an athlete or physical beauty.  Why do I create these conflicts?

ELIAS:  Ah!  But this is not necessarily in conflict with your essence family alignment, although it may seem to you that this may be in conflict with your essence family that you align with, for your interpretation of this family is that they are appreciating of aesthetic beauty in relation to physical form, and therefore shall be creating Adonis-type of forms for themselves. (Chuckling)

Let me express to you that this family of Zuli holds a tremendous appreciation for ALL creations within physical focus.

Now; they also are quite indulgent of the physical outer senses, recognizing and appreciating the functions and significance of these senses in relation to the physical aspect of your manifestation.

Therefore, it is not limited to merely an appreciation of form in the type of beauty which may be expressed by societies, but rather that individuals that are aligning with this family of Zuli may find an appreciation in forms of physical manifestations in ALL of their expressions, and I may express to you that the interaction of your physical aspects of self hold a tremendous interplay in that appreciation.

You express that you recognize your appreciation for many types of culinary expressions.  You enjoy different types of foods.  In this, you are expressing the indulgence of physical senses.  I may express to you, individuals that are aligning with this particular family are quite indulgent of all of their physical senses.

Now; at times, this may be creating of a conflict within them individually, for there is a leaning in the expression of aligning with the mass belief systems concerning the projection of aesthetic beauty in form.  Therefore... excuse momentarily. (Here, Elias coughs for 20 seconds, and there is an additional 8-second pause)

Vic’s note:  Hmm.  Twice in one session.  This is interesting, as it does not occur in surrounding sessions, except very briefly in #716.

JENS:  Okay.  My next question is closely related to the last one.  At present, I’m working at a university and doing a PhD in mechanical engineering.  During the last few weeks, I have created big problems with my thesis.  The relationship to my professor got worse.  I have no motivation, and sometimes even reluctance.  Am I in conflict with my intent, or why do I create this situation?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that you may be creating less conflict if you are allowing yourself to be examining self and your motivation and your direction.  Look to yourself and allow yourself to pay attention to those expressions within your focus that are occupying your attention, and allow yourself to look to your desires.

I am not expressing to you that you are necessarily creating conflict in the pursuit of this direction, but that you may be offering yourself expressions of conflict and obstacles as you create within yourself questions as to the division of your attention.

One aspect of your attention moves quite in relation to the essence family that you are belonging to.  You do hold the qualities of this essence family, and turn your attention to your expression of family.

In this, it is creating an aspect of importance within your focus, and therefore you are expressing more strongly — or allowing to be expressed more strongly — your alignment with mass belief systems concerning your involvement with this family unit.

As you look to your activities outside of the interaction of the family unit, there are underlying conflicts which are created in questioning the time element which is devoted to the pursuit of your individual actions in career, so to speak, and how to be balancing that with the desires of your natural movement within your qualities that are expressed in the essence family that you are belonging to.

Now; let me express to you that this is not a situation in which you in actuality need be creating a choice.  What is occurring is that you are dividing your attention, and you are creating alignments with belief systems surrounding that action.

In this, you are underlyingly expressing to yourself that you may not be offering your fullness of attention in either direction of choices.  This is incorrect.  You may be fully offering your attention in several directions simultaneously, but I may express to you that many individuals within physical focus question their ability to be efficiently expressing their creativity in areas that they view to be individual to themselves, and how that may be not creating a conflict in their interactions with other individuals.

Therefore, I express to you, how you may be addressing to this situation is allowing yourself to recognize the belief systems that are influencing of you underlyingly, in relation to the conflict that you view between family and movement outside of the family unit.

Are you understanding?

JENS:  I know what you mean.

ELIAS:  This may be, in many situations — especially within situations that are created with individuals belonging to this essence family of Borledim — a tremendous source of conflict, as they do not allow themselves to recognize the motivating underlying beliefs, and therefore do not reconcile themselves to that recognition of beliefs, and therefore also do not offer themselves the viewing of all of their choices.

Let me express to you, you do hold many choices, but you are viewing few of those choices, and in this, you are creating a situation in which you assess that the choices that are available to you are expressed in the manner of either/or.  If you are choosing one direction, you are sacrificing the other direction, or vice versa.

This is not the situation, but this IS the dictates of the beliefs, and this may be quite affecting of an individual that is belonging to this essence family of Borledim, for many of the societal expressions and beliefs are influencing of your movement, and may become confusing to your individual choices.

You shall not be sacrificing your attention, or your energy which you direct to the family unit, by expressing your individual creativity and desire for movement individually.

In this, as you allow yourself to begin recognizing those conflicting beliefs and allow yourself to be addressing to them, you may allow yourself to create an avenue in which you shall express both, and allow your attention to freely move in both expressions simultaneously, and eliminate much of your conflict.

JENS:  Okay, I thank you.  I have to think about it! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

JENS:  I believe that after finishing my doctorate, I won’t work anymore in my profession.  My PhD gives me only a time framework to be free from thinking about my career.  Would you please discuss the direction of my creativity?  Moreover, please don’t say only, “Look to your joy, look to your fun!”  I can’t believe now that I could be accomplishing of acquiring my monetary gain in these fields, because that’s the next problem.  Almost all things we have done concerning our finances have gone wrong.  If abundance is the natural byproduct of trust in self and acceptance of self, I am or we are very far away from it.  I get 520 pounds per month from my university.  That’s not that much for three people.  I’m very good in reinforcing the belief system of duplicity, don’t you agree?

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  I shall agree!  And you wish not to be hearing from myself to be looking to self!  Ha ha ha ha ha!

JENS:  No! (Laughing)  Can we discuss the direction of my creativity?  That’s what it’s about, I guess ... I hope! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!  Very well!

Let us be interactive in this discussion, shall we not?  Express to me, first of all, what is your impression of your creativity?  What is your desire and your impression of your creativity?

JENS:  Hmm. (Pause, sighing)  At present, I feel only the field or the fields in my life where I have past creativity or where I had in the past fun and joy, but now it seems to me very senseless and very useless.  I won’t participate in these fields anymore.

ELIAS:  Why?

JENS:  I want to change my life.  I want to ... I’ve changed my world view a lot this year, and that’s why it’s hard for me in the present to find things which are really fun for me.

ELIAS:  Very well.  Let us move in another direction.  Express to me your assessment of how you have altered your philosophy, and why you may not be incorporating the directions that you have incorporated previously.

JENS:  It started about two years ago.  Until that time, I was a full-time engineer.  I was only convinced by things which could be scientifically proved.  So I was never a friend of religious things, and things that could not be proven.  Do you know what I mean?

ELIAS:  Yes, I am quite understanding.  Now....

JENS:  Alright, and then I had a few periods that changed my life, only little, subtle things, but it was enough to go on to rethink, and to find your internet site and to get in contact with you.

ELIAS:  I am understanding.

Now; I am purposefully presenting this line of questioning to you, that you may be listening also to your own expression as you are listening to me.  Are you understanding?  We are engaging together.

Now; your direction has been created, in the expression of your creativity, in this field of science.

You express to me now that you are accomplishing this direction, but once you have completed all of the requirements within this field, you shall not be engaging this field, for you assess that it shall not serve you, and you are confused as to the expression of your intent and your creativity and the direction that you have chosen, and now are moving in the direction of the thought process that you need be not incorporating that direction any longer.

You are viewing in the black and the white.  You are holding your attention in the choices of the either/or, which is what we have been discussing this day in other areas — the either/or of the career and the family, the division of attention.  Now you move into another expression of division of attention — the science and the expression of creativity in relation to an expansion of awareness.

Let me express to you, all that you engage within physical focus is influenced by belief systems.  Therefore, it matters not which direction you choose — you shall be engaging that direction in relation to belief systems.

The point of this shift in consciousness is not to be eliminating belief systems, but to be accepting of them, and therefore offering yourself a greater expression of freedom and a greater realization — within your objective awareness — of CHOICE.

Now; in this, you may be engaging this direction of your sciences, and not be in conflict with your incorporation of what you identify as spirituality.  They are merely at odds for you place them at odds, in relation to the aspects of your beliefs and the expression of duplicity.

But in actuality, you may merge these actions together, and you may create MORE of a fullness of expression and creativity in NOT eliminating certain expressions, merely as they appear to you to be at odds with your expression or definition of spirituality.  You may incorporate all that you have acquired, so to speak, in enhancing your creativity in scientific expressions, by allowing that to be not separate from your expression of spirituality.

All that you are, all that you incorporate in qualities of families, all that you express within your individual intent may be incorporated in a direction of scientific expression, and this may be not merely helpful to yourself in your own exploration, but it may also offer an expression of helpfulness to many other individuals as an example of the lack of separation, and the recognition that separation is expressed merely in response to your beliefs.

Therefore, the challenge that you have expressed before yourself is to be creating the mergence and the interplay of these two aspects of your reality without separation, and finding the harmony within them.

JENS:  Okay. (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)  It is very easy for me to recognize and to notice many belief systems, but in the field of career, suddenly I incorporate a problem.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, Ranatad, in this time framework, you are creating opposition within yourself.  You are creating obstacles, and one of the reasons that you are creating these obstacles is that you are railing against the direction that you have incorporated for much time framework.

You have expressed an ease in your creativity to this point, but you have offered yourself information which you perceive to be in conflict with the direction that you have incorporated throughout your focus to now.  Therefore, you look to the rest of your focus, which has been perceived as the past, and you view that you have created a motivation — and an ease, to a point — in your movement in specific directions.

But now you incorporate other information, and that information appears to you to be at odds with the previous information, and in this, in choosing to move now in the direction of incorporating the new information, objectively speaking, you are attempting to be eliminating the old information, and this is not the point.

What you are offering to yourself is very clear objective imagery which is reflective of all that I have been expressing to all of you throughout all of these interactions of sessions — that you are not creating the elimination of beliefs.  You are creating the action of acceptance, and therefore allowing yourself more freedom, more of a fullness of expression, and more of an allowance of movement in widening your awareness.

Now; I shall express to you, you and many other individuals are creating very similar types of actions.

You present yourselves with physical imagery in which you are experiencing conflict, and you are presenting to yourselves this expression of either/or: “I shall move in either this direction or that direction.  I may not be incorporating both.  I must choose one or another, and I must move into a specific direction.”

Now; let me express to you, I am quite aware of the severity of the creations that you and many other individuals have presented to yourselves in this physical imagery.  You place yourselves in positions of such severity of either/or [that] you perceive the choices to be life-altering and extremely serious, and I am not discounting the severity of your situations.

But what I AM expressing to you is, look to this very severity that you have created, for you HAVE created it and you have created it purposefully, that you may view — you may show yourself in objective terms — that it is not a situation of choosing either this direction or that direction [or] move into this expression or that expression, but to find within yourself the avenue in which you incorporate ALL and you create a harmony, which eliminates not the situations, but eliminates the judgments, and this IS the point.

For as you are looking to these situations and these creations, what you are presenting to yourselves in the either/or scenario is a tremendous, clear example of your judgments — your judgments upon situations, your judgments upon philosophies, your judgments upon creations, your judgments upon self.

And in this, you present yourselves now with a tremendous opportunity to STOP and [to] allow yourself to move into the acceptance, that you may be incorporating ALL of these actions, all of these philosophies.

You may eliminate merely the judgment, the expression of the duplicity, but not the other aspects of your beliefs, not the other aspects of your reality that you create in the qualities of your expressions.  You are not eliminating the qualities of your expressions.  You are not eliminating your expressions!  You are not locked into choices of either/or.

You are, in this now, literally inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective awareness.  It is no longer an expression of theory.  It is no longer an expression of concept, but is moving into an actual practical expression in objective action, and in that action, you are presenting yourself with tremendous challenge to find the avenue of acceptance and harmony, and NOT the automatic expression of judgment.

“If I am creating this movement of creativity in the expression of scientific exploration, I shall be moving in disharmony to my spirituality.”  Not so, my friend!  You may be creating harmony in the expression of both.  It is merely a question of redefining aspects of your reality.

One of those aspects to be redefined is your definition of spirituality, which is removed from the expressions of physical and provable.  Spirituality encompasses all of your expression, all of your reality.

I am understanding that you are moving into the expression of less need for the provable, but this too may be incorporated into the expression of your sciences.  This too is an aspect of this shift in consciousness, my friend — the expansion of your sciences.  Who shall expand them, if not you? (Chuckling)

Here, there is a 20-second pause, and Mary pops back in at 1:03 p.m.

MARY:  (Coughing slightly)  Oh, are we doing this again? (The phone rings)  We ARE doing this again.  Okay....

Here, Mary and Jens converse briefly, and Elias returns at 1:04 p.m., with an arrival time of 5 seconds.

ELIAS:  Continuing, my friend!

JENS:  (Laughing)  We had a little problem with the phone line!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!  Very well!  You may continue!

JENS:  Okay.  You’re right.  I am encircled by imagery that appears to me to be sly and mean.  I don’t even try to understand the always-changing imagery at my computer, because it’s doing what it wants anyway. (Laughing)  However, could you please give me a clue as far as the always discharged batteries of our phone, and the clock in my car, which sets back every time I start the car?

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  This is YOUR energy, my friend.

JENS:  But I have no idea why, and....

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that your energy is being scattered.  You are creating a tremendous expression of confusion within yourself, and in that action, you are projecting a tremendous expression of scatteredness in your energy.

Let me express to you, energy is quite real, and your energy is quite powerful, and it may be affecting of many of your physical elements about you! (Laughing)

JENS:  Yeah, I’ve noticed that!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!  And I shall express to you that your mechanics of your computer are responding to your energy also.

As you allow yourself to become more balanced and less scattered, and creating more of an ease and not so very much fretfulness within yourself, you may also begin noticing that many of these exhibitions of interruptions of mechanical apparatus surrounding you shall also become much calmer. (Laughing)

JENS:  Okay, I will do my best.  Now I’ve got two questions for my girlfriend.  She wants to know if Lisa — she’s looking at the ceiling in our room — if she’s seeing anything.  For example, I remember you talking to a small one about little light points, or something like that, which are representing or which are essences.

ELIAS:  You are correct.

JENS:  Is it the same for Lisa?

ELIAS:  Yes.

JENS:  Yes, okay.  And is it possible for Manu to establish an energy exchange with her father, just like you and Mary?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that within this time framework, it is less probable, for this individual continues to participate in some transitional actions, and therefore is not directing energy into the expression of exchange in this manner.

Although I may offer to her that she may be communicating, and there may be a projection of energy that she may be interactive with, if she is allowing herself an openness to that action.

JENS:  So it’s less probable.

ELIAS:  It may be expressed, but in a different manner.

JENS:  Could you describe the manner?

ELIAS:  She may be allowing herself to be interactive through a communication of impressions.  Within dream state, there may be allowed an interaction of energy exchange.  Within waking state, there may be moments of an objective awareness of that energy, and if she is allowing herself an openness, she may be listening to impressions, which shall be the avenue of communication.

JENS:  Okay, I will talk to her.  So, our time is over.  I thank you very much, or we thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome, and you may express my affection to your partner.  I shall express my affection to the wee one — ha ha ha ha ha! — for this little one may be much more objectively aware of my energy than you allow yourself to be!  Ha ha!

JENS:  Is that the reason that she made noise during the session?

ELIAS:  In a recognition of this energy, yes.

JENS:  Ah, okay.

ELIAS:  We are quite familiar! (Laughing)

I shall express to you much affection, and great pleasure in our objective exchange!  I am acknowledging of what you have accomplished in your trust, in allowing yourself to be exchanging with me this day. (Chuckling)

To you, my friends, in great lovingness and anticipation of our continued interaction, au revoir.

JENS:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:11 p.m.

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