Session 71
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February 14, 1996
Participants: Mary, Vicki, Ron, and Shynla.
Elias arrives at 7:56 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening.

VICKI: Good evening.

ELIAS: We were speaking of your movie. Now, I will ask you to think of your motion pictures as an illustration of simultaneous time. You are very accustomed to viewing time in blocks. You view your lifetimes in clumps. You have segments of time that you identify yourselves with; your childhood, your adolescence, your young adulthood. You separate in large blocks of time. We have spoken of blinking in and out of this dimension; this being how you also focus within other dimensions, and continue your interaction with all of your other focuses simultaneously to this particular focus. (To Ron) When you are creating your motion pictures, how are they created?

RON: With a camera.

ELIAS: And film, and your film incorporates a series of pictures, which then are put into motion, which creates a moving picture. Each frame is a single picture incorporating one stance, correct? (Ron nods) Each moment of your lifetime is a frame. (Pause) You run these frames consecutively in a linear motion, in that element which you call time. In this way, it appears to you that this lifetime, within your time, is a continuous, flowing movement, all of one element. This is the design of your perception. In actuality, each moment is its own frame.

I have expressed to you that you are much greater than you view yourselves to be; that your essence is inconceivable to you. You think to yourselves in blocks of time periods and lifetimes. Therefore, you may think, "I incorporate ten lifetimes. Therefore, my essence is this big, (gesturing with hands) for it contains ten lifetimes; but I also am remembering that Elias has said that I also possess alternate selves. Therefore, I incorporate ten lifetimes, each possessing ten alternate selves." Incorrect! This is a very limited view and perception. I now say to you, each moment of your existence, within time, is one frame of your motion picture. Each frame is its own lifetime. Therefore you, Lawrence, may sit within your room, and you may speak not only to you, Lawrence, within another focus, but also to you, Lawrence, at age ten; or you, Ron, may speak to you, Ron, at age twelve and three and twenty, all simultaneously, and also five minutes ago, and also three years from now; for these all occur simultaneously. You are quite consumed recently with probabilities, and the interaction of individuals and actions incorporated within physical focus. You are amazing yourselves at your noticing of actions that you have incurred within what you view to be your past; but within this past, for there is no past, it is only another frame, side by side with your present frame. Therefore, it is your present past. (Pause, grinning) You view your "now" to be your present present. Think to your boxes and your clouds within your book. Events that are occurring presently, or what you view to be your present, were initiated in what you term months ago. Then, they were initiated in their future present. You now incorporate events that will occur within your now future present. (Pause, grinning at Vicki) And we are beginning to spin! (He is really enjoying this!)

Within your past months, you were choosing probabilities. You were choosing actions. These actions have come partially to fruition presently, although they were already present. You, in your delayed perception, are viewing what you may term a "slow motion" of the actions, for your time element creates a very slow motion. Therefore, you are viewing one frame at a time. If you are viewing your motion picture, the events that have occurred within your past month would have appeared to be equivalent to one of your "thirty second spots"; but you, viewing within your slow motion, incorporate thirty days. You may liken this also to your physical focus. I have expressed to you that you create outwardly what you know inwardly. You reflect outwardly what you are and what is reality inward. This applies to all things within your focus.

Your television incorporates programming of what you term now to be (Pause) Ah! "Soap operas!" I am not quite understanding the reasoning for this terminology, but regardless, you may be viewing these programs, which are seemingly spending much time each week to be expressing of one day's worth of action; this being a direct reflection of your perception of essence, and how it views physical focus. Look to your inventions. They offer you great insight to yourselves. Obvious inventions, such as your submarines, which swim through your water, allowing you to commune with elements of your world otherwise untouchable to you, but elements which you have created; your airplanes, which are a focus directly mirroring your knowledge of flying, of out-of-body experiences; your television, which is your ability to be visualizing; your telephone, which you now incorporate several lines, so to speak, that you may "click on and off". You may engage in communication on one line, and click off to another line, and click back on to the previous line; your microwave ovens, which increase time; your computers, which alter reality and change your perception; what you are expressing to be now, within your advanced time, as virtual reality; which, in actuality, is a child's game within your physical focus, mirroring your own knowledge of other realities, altered perceptions. (Pause) These all are mirror images of yourselves. Satellites, that you send out into your atmosphere, which enable mass communication. You already possess the ability for mass communication, within consciousness. All of these instruments are tinker toys! (Grinning) Within consciousness, you possess the ability to be creating of much easier and much greater things, without physical expressions. You will continue to be creating and inventing of bigger and better inventions, for these are your toys and they keep you occupied; but you will also be learning to be projecting, within consciousness, to a greater degree. There are many subjects to which we have barely touched, to this point within our discussions; but you are experiencing many elements now which will be helpful to your understanding within our future present time. (Grinning)

I will express also, as to this current probability of moving, this also is an outward expression of inner workings. The connection is being felt and experienced, not only with Michael! (Smiling at Vicki) This dwelling is good. It incorporates many trees. I will express to you, there are friendly trees! It is not only friendly wood! Some trees, within their consciousness, have assumed a personal responsibility of protection; watching over. Pine is one of these, to which this dwelling incorporates several. These are not accidents!

As you may sit and say to yourselves, "I do not believe these probabilities! I do not believe we have created these ourselves! It is beyond my comprehension!", I say to you, (Elias blows at Vicki)! For you do create your reality, and you do create your probabilities; even landscaping. All of nature responds to you. It is also no accident that the most precious and appreciated flower would be a rose; a delicate, fragrant plant, but quite capable of its own protection, quite prolific, and quite strong, producing a very beautiful expression; these also being incorporated at this dwelling.

The atmosphere, with the element of energy, is quite friendly also; for not only has this previous owner and dweller deposited energy which will be helpful and nurturing within the future, but also, essences that are surrounding of this individual will be incorporated and helpful also; this being an adequate space for Rose. (Long pause) Do you wish questions? (Another long pause)

VICKI: Regarding the blinking on and off; when we blink off here, we blink on somewhere else, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: That is how we experience different focuses simultaneously?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Well, my question is, if that is the case, then why do I find it necessary to create a seizure to blink off, when I'm already blinking off?

ELIAS: I will express to you that this is a quite simplified example to you, expressing that you blink off and blink on, giving you the impression that you blink off for a fraction of a second within this focus, blinking on for a fraction of a second within one other focus. This is incorrect. This is very simplified, for you do not blink on and off singularly. Understand that all your other focuses are individuals also. Each frame is an individual. Therefore, there is quite a lot of blinking on and off going on continuously, but all is connected within consciousness to you, as you. Therefore, all of this blinking is occurring simultaneously.

Now, I will express to you that you choose to be blinking off, within this particular physical focus, for expended periods of time. You choose not to incorporate out-of-body experiences, which would be just as efficient; but you choose, instead, to be "turning off" this consciousness for extended time periods. Therefore, you may incorporate much viewing of other dimensional focuses in concentrated time blocks, so to speak.

When I speak to you of dimensions, I am speaking of other dimensions, outside of this one. I am not speaking of other time periods, for they are also incorporated within this dimension. Although your scientists are thinking that each time period possesses its own dimension, this is incorrect. Within this physical focus of this world, with this species as humans, you incorporate one dimension. All of your time periods are focused within this dimension.

You are choosing to be viewing and interacting within another dimensional focus, this being that focus to which I was speaking to you, of with Marcus. This requires a great concentration of energy. You may accomplish this within your dream state, or within an out-of-body state also, but it is easier for you to just ... "turn off"! Is this sounding familiar, Lawrence? For when Lawrence is incorporating a brain-ache, he incorporates what action???

VICKI: Turning off.

ELIAS: This being a very usual pattern; a retreat. You replace physical focus with dream state. You replace dream state with off!!!

VICKI: Well, that brings me to a question about out-of-bodies. I was reading the Oversoul Seven book again this morning. Now when Ma-ah had her out-of-body and found herself within Proteus, is this a reality? Could this happen?

ELIAS: Yes. You have given yourself your own "coming attraction" of this very thing, within your dream of being lost!

VICKI: Oh. I didn't think about it that way.

ELIAS: (Grinning) I will also say to you, heed these words; that you may find interesting messages to yourself within your dreams that you view to be inconsequential, or meaning nothing. You never speak nothing to yourself!

VICKI: Regarding Ron's dream with the young boy who stuck the finger in his eye, with the command to heal. That was an interesting dream that I couldn't interpret, but I'm wondering now if it has to do with his own creation of his broken finger.

ELIAS: I will say to that I am quite surprised at you both, given your information and also probabilities, that neither of you was interpreting this dream, being quite simple; in actuality, even more simple that Lawrence was incorporated within this dream, expressing understanding of the action. Correct? (Ron nods) That "wild child" which resides within Ron, that is so adept at healing, and may be healing of vision, which was incorporated much time ago as a focus; as I believe I was mentioning some aspect of vision and sleeping with spectacles on, in reference to Mamandy! (A bit sarcastically) Therefore, Lawrence naturally would be viewing this action and expressing, "Oh! I am understanding now!" (Grinning) Interestingly enough, Ron incorporates a trustingness of self to be healing of other elements of body, but chooses to retain one. Significant, choosing to retain insufficient sight; for if you do not see, you do not know! (Grinning at Ron, and then to Vicki) Is this clearer?

VICKI: You're really good! (Elias sits up straight, laughing)

ELIAS: Not really! (Pause) Thank you!

VICKI: You're welcome! (Also laughing)

ELIAS: I try!

VICKI: Okay, here's another question regarding technology, which you were speaking of earlier. Why is it that some individuals, such as myself, would be so resistant to technology, and some individuals, such as Ron, would be quite the opposite?

ELIAS: (Humorously) I suppose I shall have to be "so good" again; this being another quite simple explanation. Ron incorporates physical focus with curiosity. He is willing to be investigating physical elements outside, to be exploring how far the expression outwardly can be followed. Lawrence, on the other hand, incorporates no alliance with technology, understanding that it is unnecessary. Within your focus, technology is the mouse on the wheel. It is chasing its own tail, to be continuing within a circle, but never actually moving forward and accomplishing anything; running but not going anywhere. But, as outward expressions of imagination, it is a challenge with Ron to be viewing just how far you may express with your imagination physically; two different perceptions. Also, viewing outwardly is preventative of focusing too much inwardly. It is a preoccupation. (Pause)

Your sciences are quite amusing to me; I would say, to us; for within your great technological age, you look to these sciences as your new god, all-knowing and all-producing. I will express to you that your religious focus is closer to your truths than your scientific belief systems. Some of your psychological and physical sciences are so far-reaching, within their focus of explanations for what they term to be facts and truths, it is quite laughable; but you will learn, and you will see. Your scientists are already beginning, slightly, to view the narrowness of their vision!

VICKI: So what's the future future?

ELIAS: Me! (Pause, smiling) Which is also present future, but wider. Your past past are your Seers, which are also present past, which are also present future; but originally, past past.

VICKI: And Milus was future present, correct?

ELIAS: Correct; for I am present, but I am also past, and Milus is my future; therefore, present future. (Pause, grinning) Mattie is past present; present now, but past developmental focus, but existing now; therefore present. (Vicki sighs, and starts laughing)

One frame at a time; each movement is a frame, each moment is a frame; each word, each thought; and each possesses its own self. Now you may be explaining to your peers that you are all quite inundated with multiple personalities, and quite schizophrenic! (We crack up)

VICKI: Any comment on Michael's dream last night? (Here, the tape makes a clicking sound, and Elias pauses)

RON: It's okay. We're still rolling.

ELIAS: Very good. Michael is moving. Michael does not realize he is moving, but he is moving in what you term to be a forward motion. He is beginning to identify with your pyramid, as each of you have also; this being Michael's first encounter with the concept of your pyramid. We will not discuss your pyramid this evening, for this will be a discussion unto itself singularly; but you are moving closer. I will also be interested to be viewing, within the probabilities, the length of "slow motion time" to which he incorporates waiting, and not being quite exhausted yet in his running, running, running; for it will be quite helpful for you to be encountering Seer first; but if this probability is not actualized soon, or relatively soon, I will offer information of your pyramid. He was acquiring my message, though, for his word.

VICKI: And a star constellation!

ELIAS: I have promised, and I have delivered. (Pause) Are you wishing of more information?

VICKI: No, but I do have to do this roses thing. These roses here, I am supposed to be presenting to you, as a gift from Shynla.

ELIAS: Ah, Shynla!

VICKI: And her message says, "Am I still too young?"

ELIAS: (Laughing) You may express to Shynla, "No, she is not too young any longer, not incorporating physical focus, but that Elias is preoccupied with another!" But I will be graciously accepting of her gift. She may wish to be exhibiting her flirtatiousness with Paul, although he is quite stuffy, and rather fancies Elizabeth! (Grinning) But my love is extended anyway. This is quite fun! (Laughing)

If there are no more questions, I shall retire; and I will offer you more information along these lines at our next session. We may be expressing of your dream-walkers, your Seers, which will be helpful to your understanding of what you may expect for consciousness within your shift; your past future ... presently! (Laughter)

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Good evening.

VICKI: Good evening.

Elias departs at 8:55 PM.

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