Session 692

The Game: An Example of Reality


“The Game: An Example of Reality”
“Exploring Other Layers of Reality”

Friday, September 15, 2000
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Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Lynda (Ruther).
Elias arrives at 11:17 a.m. (Arrival time is 15 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

LYNDA:  Hi! (Elias chuckles)  I would like to start off with a couple of game entries for Michael.  May I do that?

ELIAS:  Very well.

LYNDA:  She would like to make a new category called “expressions of the shift.”

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

LYNDA:  And she would also like to enter sexuality under Milumet in the category of “waves in consciousness connected to beliefs.”

ELIAS:  One point.

LYNDA:  Okie dokie.  Fine.  And I would like to continue on with my game impressions.  May I do that?

ELIAS:  You may.

LYNDA:  I feel like I’m getting a color and an essence name related to my game entry of ... let me back up and give you what the game entry is, because I haven’t recorded it.  Is that okay with you?

ELIAS:  If you are so choosing.

LYNDA:  I am so choosing.  Connecting essences, Rastin/Ruther, game name, Mony-Nony; I received one point from you.  And then in my next session, I added, under physical focus, Elias/Ruther, and I received acceptable.  And in the process of all of this, I’m also getting the impression that this mergence is a new fragmentation, and it is like the bud or the rosebud of Rose, and you told me that my idea of newness was correct and to keep looking at it, and I want to pursue that with you and ask you about ... I’m getting the name Robin, the essence name Robin, like the bird, and I’m getting two colors, and one of them is whisper gray and the other one is sort of pale shiny lilac, and I feel that one of these two colors has something to do with this Robin and this particular fragmentation.

ELIAS:  Very well.

LYNDA:  And I want to enter the name Robin ... wait.  Yes, that’s what I want ... wait.  Let me say this ... is that what I’m seeing?  Is that correct, that I’m seeing a new essence?  No, let me continue here.  What I’m actually seeing is a ... I AM seeing a new essence, I think.  I feel like it’s another ... it has something to do with not another essence family, but with a fragment of Rose, but not ... I’m confusing myself.  Could you help me untangle this a little bit here? (Elias chuckles)  Or is that part of the game, that I figure it out, and you just say (imitating Elias’ voice) acceptable or one point?

ELIAS:  Ah!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

LYNDA:  That would be the bottom line.

ELIAS:  This is an exercise in trust.

LYNDA:  Yeah, in myself.

ELIAS:  Yes.

LYNDA:  Right. (Elias chuckles)  So, shall I continue here?

ELIAS:  You may.

LYNDA:  Okay.  This is what I’m getting.  I’m getting another layer of this entire game.  It came like a spider web, like our connection, and what’s happening with the fragmentation or the mergence of Rastin and Ruther also has a new layer of the game attached to it, which has to do with adding another layer to this game, which I think ties into what you’ve been talking about.  My impression is that reading this recently in a session about fragmentation validated the impressions I was getting about this spider web imagery.

In this spider web that I saw in a magazine, it’s got a black widow spider in the middle, and I was tempted to change the physical focus name of Elias/Ruther to Black Widow and see if I got a point, but I  don’t think I’m ready to be that brave yet, so we’ll hold on that.

But I want to get on with the rest of my impression, (Elias chuckles) which is like a web that is a fragmentation born out of our mergence and fragmentation, all of Ruther and all of Rastin, which encompasses a lot of essences, and that born of this, a new layer of the game is emerging, and it’s very much tied into each essence family, but it’s another layer of it.  I think the colored dots are yet to be figured out and attached to each of these essences, and I think the names ... ah, here we go!  As the helicopter flies over my head, (laughing) I will give you these names.

After I got the name Mony-Nony, which is what I call my creatures, I got the names ... I got a lot of “B’s” — Bip, Bop, Boodi-Boodi, Bill, Blass — all these “B” names that I think somehow fit on this new game board, and I want to enter that as a reality into this game.  This is either the spider web game or the daisy wheel game — I’m getting two different images.  I’m gonna stick with the spider web game — I don’t know what else to call it.  And it’s connected to our “thing.”

ELIAS:  Now; let me express to you, within the game that you are viewing and that you are playing with, there are many, many, many layers.  There are many aspects of this game.  There are many expressions of interconnectedness, and there is, in contents of it, much information which is expressed within these layers.

Now; in keeping with the design of your physical focus in this physical dimension, you have created this game quite purposefully, to allow yourself to incorporate the playing of and the interaction with this game as an exercise.

Now; this is quite purposeful.

Let me also express to you, in relation to what you are expressing, you are allowing yourself to be recognizing, in part, objectively, other layers of this game.  You are creating confusion within yourself, for you are attempting to be fitting those layers and the associations that you are offering to yourself through impressions into absolute terms.

Now; I may express to you that this action is not moving into an expression of fitting, for it does NOT fit.  In a manner of speaking, this is another example of attempting to be fitting the triangular peg into the square hole. (Chuckling)

Now; view, in very physical terms with me, the symbology in what I have just expressed to you.  For as you view the triangular peg, it incorporates angles, and therefore, it presents a similarity or a resemblance to the square hole.  Therefore, within the familiar design of your reality and your associations objectively with your reality, you create an action of attempting to be expressing sameness rather than similarity with these two shapes.

Are you understanding thus far?

LYNDA:  Yes.

ELIAS:  Very well.

Now; this is significant in what you are presenting this day, for this is a very familiar action that all of you engage.

I have been expressing from the onset of the creation of this game that there is MUCH information contained in this particular game.  I have offered repeatedly to many individuals that it may be beneficial to be observing and noticing what is within the contents of this game and what is expressed by it, for it is in actuality not merely an expression of objective physical identifications, but it also offers other layers in symbology that you are not familiar with in noticing and recognizing.  I have stated many times, there is much more in involvement in your reality than you objectively allow yourselves to view.

Now; in this, I may express to you, what you are allowing yourself to be noticing is your objective recognition, in part, of some of these layers of this game, therefore also other layers of your reality.

In this, the reason that we are participating in the objective placement of entries, so to speak, within actual categories in physical spaces, so to speak, within this game, in the manner in which it has developed, is that you each may allow yourselves to view the example of the objective physical expressions in the design of the familiar, and engage your periphery to be allowing you the recognition of viewing beyond the surface expression, so to speak, of the objective physical familiarity.  This allows you to expand your awareness of each entry, of each category, of each alignment, of ALL of your reality.

Therefore, I shall express to you that you may choose to be continuing in listening to your intuition and your impressions in relation to this game.  You may also, if you are so choosing, allow yourself either to be creating another category to be entering your impression, or you may be placing your impression, your entry, into one of the existing categories.  For in the creation of another game or a subdivision game, so to speak, this is, in a manner of speaking, defeating of the point of this game, which is also defeating of the actual action that you yourself are engaging presently.  For in the creation of another game or a subdivision game, what you are in actuality expressing is not the acknowledgment of the layers of this game and the interconnectedness of all of these impressions which are translated into entries, but in actuality the separation and the creation of yet another expression of the familiar, objective, single layer of expression.

Therefore, I greatly encourage you to continue in your allowance of your expression to yourself within your impressions, in your investigation of these other layers, but challenge you to be associating those layers with the objective, familiar expressions that may be within the design of this game as it is presented now, for this is the point — allowing yourself to view the layers of ALL that is expressed.

This game is an example.  It is an example of all of your reality, and the many layers and the multi-dimensionality of your reality.  This game is also an exercise, an exercise that each of you may participate within to be accessing your periphery, and in that action, widening your awareness in objective terms, allowing yourself to objectively recognize all of these layers and multidimensional aspects of your reality that to this point previously you have not allowed yourselves to objectively view, for you have created your reality in the familiar expression of singularity and separation.

Therefore, continue in your movement in association with this game, and allow yourself to be recognizing the puzzle and where the pieces fit within the puzzle, and allow yourself to be expressing your connections, so to speak, in this expression of the challenge.  Are you understanding, Ruther?

LYNDA:  Yes. (With a hint of exasperation)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

LYNDA:  (Laughing)  I will be doing that this week.

ELIAS:  Very well!  I am greatly acknowledging of you in your allowance to be recognizing these other layers of this expression.  I have been encouraging of individuals for much time framework to be moving into this type of an expression, if they are so choosing, for it shall be quite beneficial.

LYNDA:  I think part of it is that it is so personal and intimate that it triggers automatic duplicity and non-acceptance.

ELIAS:  Quite.

LYNDA:  Right, I know, and I feel so closely associated with the people I’m playing the game with, and quite aware of our differences in communication.  Vic is thought focused; I am emotionally focused.  Mary is soft; I am common.  Vic and I flow in a really easy direction on one layer because we’re common.  Mary and I have to talk or think through what each other is saying, because she visualizes differently than I speak.  There’s this whole sort of getting to know each other thing going on, and very much with you and me that has been going on subjectively for a long time, and it’s being filtered through my objective now, and it’s not just me, little Lynda, all alone here.  That’s pretty much my take on it at this point.  Do you understand what I mean?  Is this in alignment with what you are saying?

ELIAS:  Yes.

LYNDA:  Really?

ELIAS:  Yes!  For I may suggest to you also that you may allow yourself to be noticing and recognizing that each of these individuals are also you.  They are aspects of you or qualities of you that are objectively unexpressed.

Therefore, in allowing yourself to become familiar in interaction with these other individuals, you also provide yourself with information concerning yourself, in familiarizing yourself with you and those aspects and qualities of you that are held within you but are unexpressed.

LYNDA:  Right.  Exactly.  Yeah. (Elias chuckles)  This also ties in with ... I called Vic “Larry” out of my wild blue yonder here, and it was like so funny to me because it was like, I called Lawrence Larry.  That is like so rude!


LYNDA:  That was so weird!  I felt like, wait a minute!  Okay, so there was like this two-layer, two-view thing going on.  I call her Larry and I feel this deep affection for her, and then I immediately pull back and I think, that’s so intimate and automatic and intrusive and so familiar, and how dare I be so familiar with this person!  So actually, it was a two-view thing, a singular and then another layer of me automatically responding to her that way.

ELIAS:  Ah!  And I may express to you also, another layer — as you are exploring layers presently — you may express to yourself is the identification of, how may you be so very familiar this individual, and the genuine expression of that underlyingly within another layer is, how may you be so very familiar with YOU.

LYNDA:  (Sighing)  Yeah.  Interesting.  I like that.  I am liking it more and more. (Elias chuckles)  It’s automatic.

ELIAS:  Quite.

LYNDA:  It’s so automatic.  It’s a part of me that I thought was ... oh boy, I’ll go there another time — the intense good and the intense bad and the intense beliefs.  I am personally moving through a lot of ... I’m aware of identifying and moving in my own stuff with a lot of ... we can continue this discussion.  I won’t take too much time with it, but of course, I don’t want to talk about this ... (inaudible).  I think fear of authority, fear of personal responsibility, and fear of exposing this affection is all very much what I am moving through.  It’s all under the heading of religious mass beliefs, but it’s so ... it’s such a protection.  I think what I’m trying to tell you is, in the noticing of it, I’m also seeing what it is.  Isn’t it tied very much into religious mass belief systems?

ELIAS:  Quite, yes!

LYNDA:  Yeah, and it’s the core of us.  Talk about layers!  I mean, you go to touch this puppy, and you’re touching God!

ELIAS:  Ah, and within your experience in this physical dimension, and in terms of your perception of linear time framework, you have incorporated the strength of these religious belief systems for thousands and thousands of years.

LYNDA:  Yes.  Yeah, and....

ELIAS:  You incorporate MANY focuses that participate in the alignment with the strength of these religious beliefs.

LYNDA:  Well, I want to say something about that, because to me, what’s happening with me is that in the desire ... my desire is to shift inward and redefine ... to turn the quest inward and discover that I am the creator of all these stories, just like everybody else is, and get to a place of remembrance of that.  I have a tendency to treat these religious mass beliefs like they are dirty rotten sins!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!

LYNDA:  Because, you know, that’s how we function with some things, like if Elias is saying that this is a belief, my automatic go there is, shit, I’ve got to do something about it, and I know conceptually that the idea is not to eliminate beliefs, or to even change them.

ELIAS:  Quite.

LYNDA:  But to look at them and go okay, this is what this is, and to turn.  But the process of that is ... you know, I am so driven to not have it be traumatic that I am making it traumatic! (Laughing)  But the fear thing in just talking to you about it like this ... I don’t want to make it so good and so bad.  It just is what it is.  But the whole intricate thing is that it IS either very good or very bad.

ELIAS:  You are correct, and this is the automatic association, and I continue to be expressing to all of you the reinforcement in the concept that you are ACCEPTING belief systems, not eliminating, and the reason that I continue in this repetition is that you all are quite familiar with the automatic association of good and bad, and you immediately, regardless of the information that I offer to you, move into an association of attempting to be eliminating of these belief systems.  You initially label them as good or bad.  Those that you label as bad, you are furiously attempting to be eliminating!

LYNDA:  Out damn spot!

ELIAS:  HA HA HA HA!  Quite!  Ha ha ha ha!  And in this, I hold the awareness that you all continue to be running running running upon this hamster wheel!

But I may express to you also that you ARE allowing yourselves to slow your movement upon your hamster wheel, and at times to stop and view the wheel itself and express to yourselves, “Ah, I may continue to be running upon this wheel, and be accepting of this wheel, and recognizing that I am choosing to be upon this wheel,” rather than attempting to be jumping off of the wheel and dematerializing the wheel for you have been a victim of the wheel for all of your focus!

LYNDA:  And that’s the other thing.  You take that away, and then what’s the excuse for doing it?  How can you live with having no wheel?  I mean, I know exactly what you mean.  That’s how I live.  Dare I be happy?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  The point is not to be necessarily jumping off the wheel, but to be disconnecting the wheel from its stabilizing force that holds it in place, turning, and allowing it to roll free.

LYNDA:  Yeah.  Down the hill would be nice, out of my eyesight, but just roll away!  It can do whatever it wants!

ELIAS:  No, no, no!

LYNDA:  No, no, no, that’s not it.

ELIAS:  Not roll away!  That you may continue to run upon it, but you may allow yourself to direct it, and you may run upon it in a direction rather than spinning it in its movement in one place.

LYNDA:  Which is the point of this shift in consciousness, Elias.

ELIAS:  Yes.

LYNDA:  (Whispering)  I keep trying to tell you that....


LYNDA:  (Laughing)  Over and over again!  Repetition!

ELIAS:  Ah, yes!  I shall assimilate this eventually!

LYNDA:  Eventually!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

LYNDA:  Okay, that’s really cool.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

LYNDA:  Alright.  I’m going to create a much easier week than I did last week, and I look forward to our interaction, and that’s that.

ELIAS:  Ah, and I shall be interactive with you and offering energy in encouragement to you, that you may be accomplishing of your desire in this interim time framework until our next meeting.

LYNDA:  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  And I shall also be offering an expression of energy to you in your exploration of your layers, that you may, in relaxation — not in frenzied tension! — listen to your impressions concerning these layers, and allow yourself to be recognizing objectively what you are expressing to yourself in relation to this game.

LYNDA:  Okay.

ELIAS:  And I express to you once again, be remembering objectively, this is a game!  It is fun!

LYNDA:  Right.  I remember that word from somewhere — fun!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  It is not so very serious.  It is an expression of playfulness!

LYNDA:  Yes, I will especially remember that part.

ELIAS:  Very good! (Laughing)

LYNDA:  Fine! (Laughing)  It was just terrific talking to you.

ELIAS:  And I shall express to you that we shall continue in our dance within your week. (Chuckling)

LYNDA:  Okay, thank you.

ELIAS:  To you in great affection, I express to you, my friend, adieu.

LYNDA:  Adieu.

Elias departs at 11:58 a.m.

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