Session 687
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Viewing Other Folks’ Focuses


“Viewing Other Folks’ Focuses”
“Elias’ Other Interactions”
“Traveling ... Or Not!”

Sunday, September 3, 2000
© 2001 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Rodney (Zacharie).
Elias arrives at 8:45 a.m. (Arrival time is 16 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

RODNEY:  Good morning! (Elias chuckles)  Did you have a good trip this morning?

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  I am always traveling, my friend!

RODNEY:  (Laughing)  I bet you are! (Elias chuckles)  How many other time frames are you teaching in at the moment?  Do you teach in a lot of different time frames?

ELIAS:  Within your particular dimension?


ELIAS:  In actuality, you are correct, and within this present moment, in your terms, I am interactive within (pause) 1,002 different activities and engagements concerning your physical dimension.

RODNEY:  Wow!  Are those all taking place ... in my linear terms, are they taking place at different times? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  Okay, so they’d be taking place in my past and in my future?

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  Okay.  Well, you told me not to make comparisons, but that sounds like a lot to me!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Although I may express to you that within all of this interaction, this particular design of phenomenon — that is engaged in this type of energy exchange with Michael — is the only action that I am participating in, in which I am translating energy into verbal speech with other individuals.

RODNEY:  Really!

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  Well, would that imply that in the others, there is not an objective awareness that it is you who is interacting?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  In many of these interactions, there is quite a clear awareness objectively of my interaction, and of my personality expression in that interaction with other individuals.  It is merely configured in the energy exchange differently.

RODNEY:  Okay.  I find that fascinating!  Could you give an example of what one of those interactions would look like ... or wouldn’t I comprehend?

ELIAS:  Oh, you shall comprehend.  I may express to you, as an example, I am presently interactive with several individuals in what you may term to be an inspirational type of energy exchange in relation to the writing of different books.

RODNEY:  Wow!  Okay.  That’s fascinating!  I’m tempted to say, I didn’t know you were available for consultations!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  I have expressed previously, my friend, that you may be engaging interaction with myself individually, if you are so choosing, and you may be speaking to me without the engagement of Michael as the facilitator.

RODNEY:  I have not yet given that an honest try. (Elias laughs)  But I’m getting there!

ELIAS:  Very well! (Chuckling)

RODNEY:  (Laughing)  I have a couple of questions, I think, that I’d like to give you.  Oh, before I say that, I have to say that the last session we had, I think I’ve played it over at least twice, and I’m still laughing!  It was so enjoyable!  I just had to say that to you.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!  And we do engage fun, do we not?

RODNEY:  Yes, we do!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!  And I hold the awareness that you are quite enjoying the identification of your intent! (Grinning)

RODNEY:  (Cracking up)  You did tune in to that, huh? (Elias laughs)  You know, since I last talked to you, I went rafting down the rapids on the Delaware (Elias chuckles) in quite a bit of rain!

ELIAS:  Quite adventurous, are you not? (Grinning)

RODNEY:  Did you see me going head-first into the rapids?

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!  I may express to you that I hold an awareness of your momentary racing of your heartbeat!  Ha ha! (Rodney cracks up)  Ha ha ha ha!

RODNEY:  Being caught in the rocks in the roaring rapids with a raft on top of you ... it was quite exhilarating there for a few seconds!

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  And you may express to myself the response to the physical inquiry, have you viewed your life flash before your very eyes?

RODNEY:  (Cracking up)  I didn’t get that far!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!

RODNEY:  (Laughing)  Oh my god!  It just occurred to me that I’m working up to that!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!  Not yet, my friend!

RODNEY:  Yeah, okay.  I’m not ready for it yet! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)  You know, in talking about you being aware of those things ... and there were a couple of other events that we will not discuss at the moment! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

However, I’ve been looking around for some kind of a potion to help me with one of my physical conditions, and I’m not gonna go into the details, but something fell out of my medicine chest into the sink, and I thought, oh my god!  Is that what’s going to do the trick for me?  And the funny thing about what was in my sink ... incidentally, I’ve been here for a year-and-a-half, and nothing has ever come close to falling out of my medicine cabinet, so I accused you immediately of this action.

ELIAS:  Ah, these accidents!  Quite intriguing, are they not?

RODNEY:  But you left your calling card!  There were five or six of these throw-away razors, and they’re all blue; they’re about as blue as blue as you can get.  Now, did you do that or did I do that?

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!  I may express to you that I have been instrumental in this action, but do not discount your participation in this action, for you also were noticing and allowing yourself the openness to “make the connection,” so to speak.  Ha ha ha ha!

RODNEY:  Okay!  I wondered if it was along those lines! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

You know, you talk about the concept of being open, and it occurred to me, as I was preparing myself for some of the questions I‘d like to ask you, that when we ask someone else a question, we are really opening ourselves, aren’t we?

ELIAS:  At times.  At times you are....

RODNEY:  But if we’re truly looking for information that we do not possess, isn’t that a kind of opening?

ELIAS:  At times.

RODNEY:  Oh, okay.

ELIAS:  At times, you may be genuinely seeking information, but as you continue to be influenced by your own individual alignment with beliefs or your own configuration of issues within your own focus, you may not necessarily be creating an openness in energy to be receiving the information that you seek.

RODNEY:  Okay.  You mean like someone might be asking a question just to get information to argue with or refute.

ELIAS:  Not necessarily, although this may occur at times.  I may also express to you that at times, individuals ARE expressing within themselves a genuineness in their wish to be seeking information that they perceive may be helpful to themselves.  But they also simultaneously may be interactive with certain expressions of fear that they hold within them, and this may prevent them from creating an openness to be receiving the information that they seek.

RODNEY:  I see.  I think I see.  Okay.  I find that as I go through my day, on occasion, some of the information you have given me seems to open up into a greater understanding, and I don’t know why, but it kind of follows along with what you just said.  But it occurred to me the other day, with this whole concept of disengaging and transition, that my essence has a number of focuses in this dimension, and they are all occurring at the same time.  Therefore, many of those focuses are disengaging, and from my perspective, would be “in transition,” quote/unquote, at the same time.

It kind of gave me a new perspective on that, and I don’t know what the significance of that is, except that it just occurred to me that I had just somehow seen that concept differently. (Elias chuckles)  Would you want to comment on that?

ELIAS:  This....

RODNEY:  It’s not really a question.

ELIAS:  I am understanding.  You are allowing yourself to be creating a correlation between the action of openness in your awareness and this newly-found perspective, so to speak, that you have allowed yourself.

I may express to you that in the action of allowing yourself a relaxation and an openness, in which you allow yourself to BE widening your awareness, you present to yourself the noticing of your periphery, and in this action of noticing your periphery, you begin to lessen the separation that you have held to previously throughout your focus, and in lessening the separation, you also begin recognizing all of the interconnectedness factors of your reality, and you allow yourself more of a realistic view of yourself in less limitation.

For as you hold to the perception of separation, you also narrow your association with yourself.  You see yourself as quite small, which creates a perception of limitation.  Whereas as you allow yourself to become relaxed and open within consciousness, you create an action which is affecting of this instrument that we term to be perception, which allows your perception to widen its field, so to speak.

In this, you view yourself in a more expansive manner, recognizing that you are engaging many actions simultaneously, and you do not create this separation in relation to these other aspects of yourself, which we term to be other focuses, but you allow yourself the recognition that these aspects are in actuality also you.

In this, as you allow yourself these types of recognitions, it is not merely affecting of your perception in one area, but it is an action that penetrates your perception of ALL of your reality.

Therefore, as I have expressed to you previously, that as you allow yourself ANY slight movement in widening your perception or turning your perception, you in actuality alter the whole of your reality, for you are CHANGING your reality through this instrument of your perception, and it infiltrates, in a manner of speaking, every aspect of your manifestation.

All of your interactions, all of your actions, all of your expressions are affected.  Some areas of affectingness may appear more obvious than other areas, but I may say to you quite genuinely that all of your reality is affected as you allow yourself to be opening to your periphery.

And this is what you are engaging.  Therefore, you are noticing more, and in the noticing of more of your reality and the workings of your reality and your participation in its creation, you also practice widening your awareness, which is opening to your periphery.

In a manner of speaking, this is another type of circle.  You have been creating a type of circle in separation throughout your history, and in this action of widening your awareness and opening to your periphery, you are creating a different type of circle, in which as you continue to practice, you also continue to affect, and the affecting motivates you and validates you, in which you continue to practice.  Are you understanding?

RODNEY:  Yes, I sense I am. (Elias chuckles)  In one way, I think I have a concept of what perception means.  And then in another way, when I say to myself, “Well, how do I stand back and move it a little bit?” I see that I really don’t, that my concept is a little wanting, and yet I sense that I know when my perception is shifting a little.

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  And this business of my essence being present in this dimension and all of its focuses being related, not only in what I have heretofore considered a time sequence, but that they are all related now, not only in a physical life, so to speak, but also as they are disengaging and as they are transiting.

ELIAS:  You are correct, or as they are emerging in what you term to be birth.

RODNEY:  Wow.  Okay, I hadn’t opened to that end! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!  All of these actions are occurring simultaneously!

RODNEY:  Okay, okay.  Yes.  This is most helpful. (Elias chuckles)  You know, there are two other items, and they kind of tie into this.  One is, I spoke to you about seeing the face in the picture, in one of our recent sessions, and you pointed out to me that my vision of seeing the face in the picture was actually a reconfiguration of the matter in the picture.

ELIAS:  Correct.

RODNEY:  And a similar event occurred last week, in which four of us were gathered for the purpose of a meditation and just touching into our various awarenesses.  It was in a dimly lit room, and one of the participants said, “Oh my goodness!  Look at Barbara’s face!  It’s changing!”  So I looked at Barbara’s face, and I was also aware of it changing.  I couldn’t see the details as well as the other woman, but I could definitely see changes in coloration — like hair color — in a vague way, and I also saw, very distinctly, a silvery-blue pale aura around her head, and this went on for five minutes!  The other woman, Elizabeth, was saying, “Oh, I wish they would slow down!  They are changing so fast!”

Now, my sense of it is that we were allowing ourselves to view the various focuses of Barbara.

ELIAS:  You are correct.

RODNEY:  Is that correct?

ELIAS:  Yes.


ELIAS:  Now; I may also express to you, Zacharie, in this action, it is quite common that as you engage this type of viewing initially, you shall be physically viewing quite quickly, and....

RODNEY:  Would you ... my connection just got rattled.  Would you say that last sentence over again?

ELIAS:  It is quite common that your viewing physically of these appearances of other focuses, which are superimposed upon the individual that you are viewing, occurs quite rapidly.

And in this, you may allow yourselves to slow that action, and view the different configurations of energy that are manifest in different focuses of a particular individual, as you allow yourselves to be aware of yourselves and relax.

Let me explain to you what is physically occurring in moments such as these that you have expressed as your experience.

In this, you may be allowing yourselves a quiet relaxation and meditation, but as you begin to view this type of physical expression of energy in which you actually see, through your physical sense of vision, the altering in the configurations of energy, which manifests as different focuses of a particular individual which are superimposed upon their physical expression, your physical energy begins to tense, for you experience an element of excitement and surprise.

In this excitement and surprise, you turn your attention away from self, and absorb your attention in what you are viewing outwardly.  Therefore, you are not paying attention to your own expression of energy, which is moving more rapidly.  You are creating a physical tensing of your muscles, your breathing configuration changes, and the vibrational movement of your energy becomes more rapid.

Now; as you begin to accelerate the movement of your energy, you also accelerate the viewing of the configuration of energy of the other focuses of this individual.

RODNEY:  Okay, so you’re saying that our excitement ...

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  ... our tensing speeds up the whole thing?

ELIAS:  Yes.  Let me explain to you.  All of these focuses of the individual are simultaneously present continuously.  You merely do not view them.  You allow yourself, in the design of separation, to only view one focus, and that is the focus which is familiar to you objectively within this present time framework.  But ALL of the other focuses of this individual, which are occurring simultaneously, are also present. (Emphatically)

RODNEY:  And with this shift in consciousness and this lowering of this veil, is it so, that we will begin to become more aware ...

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  ... of these other focuses on a regular basis?

ELIAS:  Yes.

Now; let me express to you that within your thought processes, generally speaking, you as individuals within physical focus view yourself as one focus, and you separate your identification of other focuses by time frameworks.

Now; in this action of separation of time frameworks, you — in a manner of speaking — literally associate these other focuses as occupying a different space than yourself.  You do not create a thought process which incorporates all of your focuses present now, in this space arrangement that you occupy.

RODNEY:  That’s right.  I tend to think of them as being someplace else.

ELIAS:  Correct.

Now; what I am expressing to you is that ALL of your focuses are present now in this space arrangement that you are familiar with.  You merely do not allow yourselves the awareness objectively of all of these configurations of energy, for you create this veil of separation.

And this, as I have stated previously, is quite purposeful, for it enables you to create a singular association with identity of each focus, which is not confused with any other expression of you which is manifest as another focus.

But in this type of action of creating a meditation in which you allow yourselves to view other focuses of an individual, what is actually occurring is not that these other focuses are “traveling” to your time framework and your space arrangement, and superimposing their energy upon the one individual that you are familiar with, and flashing in and out.

What is actually occurring is that you are allowing yourselves momentarily to engage the periphery of which we have been speaking this day, and therefore allowing yourselves to physically view more than merely this one focus that you are familiar with.

Now; they shall not appear side by side in a row, so to speak, sitting or standing next to each other.  But rather, the individual itself is changing, or what appears to you to be changing....

RODNEY:  Is there actually a reconfiguration of matter taking place in this also?

ELIAS:  Yes!  For this is occurring continuously as you are manifest within this physical dimension, for the other focuses are not occupying another space arrangement....

RODNEY:  They’re occupying my space arrangement.

ELIAS:  Yes, and they ARE you.  Therefore, what has occurred is merely that you have allowed yourselves to view the different expressions of this particular individual.

Now; the speed in which you view these expressions and configurations of energy is determined by you, and as you increase the rate of your energy in your excitement, you also increase the speed of how you view.

RODNEY:  We could slow this down by purposefully breathing more slowly and more deeply into our diaphragm?

ELIAS:  Yes, and....

RODNEY:  And just relaxing.

ELIAS:  Yes; allowing yourself to notice that you are beginning to tense and increase your “movement speed” through your excitement, and as you notice, you may allow yourself to be relaxing and decreasing the speed, so to speak....

RODNEY:  Do I remember correctly you suggesting at one point to someone that if they were aware of the color red, that this would slow down their energy?

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  Is that true in general for everyone?

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  Okay.

ELIAS:  And in this, you may allow yourselves to view the different configurations of energy more slowly.

RODNEY:  Which would be very helpful.

ELIAS:  In your objective terms, it may be, for it allows you objectively — and through your physical senses — to be evaluating more closely and more clearly.

RODNEY:  In this experience, this woman Elizabeth and myself, and to some extent I believe a third party, were viewing the faces together.  Now, were we seeing the same thing, so to speak, or at least our own creation of the same thing?

ELIAS:  Yes; the latter is accurate.

RODNEY:  We were seeing our creation of the same focus?

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  So if we were seeing an old man....

ELIAS:  Your configurations may be similar, but within your physical terms, they may also not be exact.

RODNEY:  Okay, okay.  That is fascinating!

ELIAS:  Let me also express to you once again, Zacharie, that as you allow yourselves these types of activities in groups, or in any numbers other than yourself singularly, you lend energy to each other, which facilitates more of an ease in your accomplishment of this type of action.

RODNEY:  I had a sense that might be happening.  It’s encouraging to hear you say that.  I’m going to be playing this tape for my friends, and I was hoping that you might give me the essence names and family names and alignments for these three people.  Would you do that for me?

ELIAS:  If you are so choosing.  Offer identification of individuals, and I shall offer information.

RODNEY:  Elizabeth. (12-second pause)

ELIAS:  Elizabeth! (Grinning and chuckling, and Rodney laughs)  Let me express to you, I have offered information to Michael and Lawrence that I shall be expressing an indication within the time frameworks in which I am offering essence names that are held by more than one focus which has participated or may be associated with this forum.

Therefore, I shall express to you, the essence name is Elizabeth, and this is the same essence as another manifestation within this time framework which has participated in this forum of this same name.

Now; you may also recognize that this essence (chuckling) has created a preference and fondness for this particular tone and its expression in physical focus, for the essence name is not merely translated into the word of Elizabeth, but this essence manifests within two physical focuses within this time framework which hold this physical naming.

RODNEY:  Really!  Now....

ELIAS:  Quite redundant, is it not?  HA HA HA HA!

RODNEY:  (Laughing)  Well, are you saying there‘s another focus present in our time frame which holds this same name?  Or are you saying that the other ... I hear that’s what you’re saying.  You’re not saying that the other woman in this forum who holds this essence name is of the same essence, are you?

ELIAS:  Yes.  They are both of the same essence.  They both hold the same physical name ...

RODNEY:  Really!

ELIAS:  ... of Elizabeth.

RODNEY:  They’re both of the same essence, and they both have the same name.

ELIAS:  Yes.


ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

RODNEY:  Would you tell me what this other person’s name is?

ELIAS:  Elizabeth! (Grinning)

RODNEY:  Oh, that’s right! (Cracking up)

Would you hold on a second?  I’m changing tapes. (Elias chuckles)  This is so exciting!  Ha ha!  Well, I am sure that these two girls are gonna love to get to know each other!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

RODNEY:  (Laughing)  Wow!  So Mary and Vicki or Michael and Lawrence will clue me in on how to get in touch with this other person?

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  Wow.  What is ... are they ... okay, so they’re both of the same essence?

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  So they both have the same family?

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  What is that family?

ELIAS:  Therefore, you may be inquiring of Michael as to this identification.  I may express to you, the alignment of this individual is (pause) Sumari, and I may express to you also, the orientation of this individual is common.

Vic’s note:  The family belonging-to is Sumafi, and the alignment of this other person, who happens to be Mary’s daughter, is Zuli.  I am not sure of her orientation, but I think it’s common also.

RODNEY:  Okay.  Wow!  How often does this happen?

ELIAS:  I may express to you that this may be becoming more common as we continue in this forum, that individuals shall be recognizing multiples of one essence that may draw themselves to this particular information, and even interaction with myself.

Now; as I express to you that it shall become more common, this is not to say that it shall become common!

RODNEY:  Right.  I understand.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

RODNEY:  (Laughing)  Is there any ... now, I believe you told me that I have five other focuses apparently present on the planet.  Is there any chance that I would ... is there any probability that I would get to be in contact with any of them in my focus?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you, within this present now and the probabilities that are being created, no.  Although I may also express that this may change or alter within any moment.

I may offer to you a reminder that for the most part, different manifestations of the same essence within the same time framework, generally speaking, do not necessarily experience more of an identification objectively, or an association of recognizable energy exchange with each other, than they shall with other individuals.

In actuality ... although this is not a rule, once again.  In actuality, many, many times, individuals may experience more of an objective draw to individuals that they engage counterpart action with that are of another essence than they shall with other manifestations of their same essence within one time framework.  This also is purposeful.

RODNEY:  Okay, I see.  I have a counterpart action going with Mikah, and I want to ask you, is this temporary, or is this kind of a life-long counterpart action?

ELIAS:  To this point, it has been engaged throughout the time framework of Mikah’s focus.  Now; once again, I may express to you that either of you may alter that choice within any moment, but within this present now, neither of you is creating a probability to be discontinuing this action.

RODNEY:  Okay, okay.  I thank you for that.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

RODNEY:  And I thank you for Elizabeth, and I am sure she will also.  She tells me that we have another focus together.  We were lovers, I jilted her, and she still hasn’t forgiven me for it! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

RODNEY:  I want to ask you if we have more than one focus together, Elizabeth and I.

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  We have?  How many?  Many?

ELIAS:  Few.

RODNEY:  A few.  What were some of the others?

ELIAS:  Ah!  I shall allow you first....

RODNEY:  You’re gonna give me homework! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!  I shall challenge you first of all to be investigating these focuses individually, or in participation with this individual, if you are so choosing.

RODNEY:  That’s interesting!  If I am viewing ... okay, so we were all as a group, three of us, viewing Barbara’s focuses.  What if two people are viewing each other’s focuses simultaneously?

ELIAS:  You may be creating this, if you are choosing.

RODNEY:  Okay, okay.  Would you give me Barbara’s name, family, and alignment? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, Mitzy; M-I-T-Z-Y.

RODNEY:  Mitzy — that seems to fit.

ELIAS:  Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Vold; orientation, common.

RODNEY:  Have I had other focuses with her?

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  And the other one is Robert. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, Ben-adi; B-E-N-hyphen-A-D-I. (ben-ah-dee’)

RODNEY:  Ben-adi.  Wow.  Family?

ELIAS:  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Gramada; orientation, common.

RODNEY:  Can I ask you for one more?

ELIAS:  You may.

RODNEY:  Her name is Robin. (Pause)

ELIAS:  And shall you not allow this individual to be inquiring of herself?

RODNEY:  (Cracking up)  Very well!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!

RODNEY:  Yes, she’s going to ... if all goes as planned, she will be talking to you in about a month.

ELIAS:  Very well!

RODNEY:  Okay, I shall let her inquire of herself! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  And this way, my friend, you shall not rob the individual of their glorious experience in receiving this information personally from myself! (Grinning)

RODNEY:  (Cracking up)  Okay!


RODNEY:  That is great!  Ah yes!  Handed down from on high, eh?

ELIAS:  Oh, quite! (Chuckling)

RODNEY:  (Laughing)  From the deity himself!

ELIAS:  Ah, yes!

RODNEY:  Ah, yes!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Be remembering of this!

RODNEY:  I will!

ELIAS:  I also hold the ability to be casting down lightning bolts!

RODNEY:  (Laughing)  Okay, okay!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

RODNEY:  I will step lightly! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!

RODNEY:  (Laughing)  We’ll call you Zeus for short!

ELIAS:  Ah, quite fitting!

RODNEY:  Quite fitting!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha ha!

RODNEY:  A couple of other quick questions.  There’s an individual ... and I witnessed this.  A group I’m a member of invited ... they call him the Brazilian healer, from Brazil, of course, a very, very, very, very, very devout religious fellow, and he was doing healings on people.

A friend of mine called Claire was lying on a table, and when he approached her, he asked her what the problem was, and she said that she had pains in her body, but it was never consistent in one place; it would move from area to area to area.  And so he began to do his administrations of, you know, touching her and asking her to breathe forcefully and do what he does, and then he began talking to a third party, as if this party was inside of Claire and as if this party was in trouble, and he talked to this party, and he sent this person to a hospital or to a place where this person could be helped.

I asked Claire afterwards what her sense of this experience was, and she said, “I had a vision of a young man who had been a soldier,” and that’s what the healer implied also, that this individual had died in war and was associating itself with Claire, and that this association was creating pain for Claire.

Now, I recently read of another incident which was very parallel to this, in which a mystic kind of exorcised a spirit that was doing the same thing, and I’m wondering ... it appeared to me that there might be a bleed-through here between Claire and another focus of hers.

ELIAS:  You are correct.

Although as you each continue to widen your awareness — in relation to what we have been discussing this day — I shall be speaking with you differently, in that we shall be discussing these types of actions and events in a manner which is what you may term to be more realistic in relation to less separation.

Therefore, notice — with regard to what we have been discussing this day — how there is created an automatic association, once again, that this is another individual, and is “traveling” from one space arrangement and time configuration to another to be associating and affecting of this individual presently, without their permission and as a separate entity.

This is the association, and therefore, this is also the influence of the belief systems, in association with separation.

(Intently)  And in this, you approach these situations, in a manner of speaking, in this type of manner of action, identifying that there is another individual, as though they be separate entities occupying one physical body!

RODNEY:  Okay.  So if I were Claire, I would have another focus who is seriously ... who is experiencing serious pain, and I could allow that experience to bleed through into my objective awareness.

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  And if I so chose, I could engage in a type of exorcism, not only to heal myself, but — I don’t like the word exorcism, but that’s what is commonly used — but also to heal the spirit — and this is the terminology that is used, to heal the spirit — that has quote/unquote “possessed” me.  I know I’m using all kinds of terms here ...

ELIAS:  I am understanding.

RODNEY:  ... which are not in compliance with the thought that you have just expressed.

ELIAS:  Quite, but you are expressing in the design of the mass belief system.

RODNEY:  Right; exactly.  Well, that is very helpful.  I thank you for that.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

RODNEY:  I was going to ask you to tell me more about kindness and helpfulness, but I don’t believe we have time today.

ELIAS:  And you are correct.  Therefore, we shall reserve this discussion for our next encounter.  Ha ha ha!

RODNEY:  Good, good!  ‘Cause it’s one I’m quite interested in.  I still have a short dream that I would like to ask your thoughts on.  Is that okay?

ELIAS:  If you are so choosing.

RODNEY:  I recently woke up with a vision.  I was in a large street in the city with a lot of people kind of just moving around.  There were barricades down because a large object was going to be passing through.  I don’t know if it was a ship or something.

I was wearing a black cadet officer’s uniform, and I was watching a sailor, with a uniform from a foreign country, sing a song in front of the crowd, and there was another one like him across the street singing also, and my sister came up to me, and she was dressed in a black formal dress, and she informed me that she had just received a telephone call advising that I had been appointed as a lieutenant to the United States Navy, and that was all there was to the vision.

As I looked at this, I sensed a sense of belonging.  I had the experience of being a sailor in the United States Navy.  I had a sense of the tremendous energy that existed around our military efforts, and in a way, it was exhilarating.  I sensed a sense of belonging to something that was much larger than me.

I wonder if this sense of longing, or not longing, but the sense of being a part of something larger, is also another way of feeling the sense of oneness with something larger than you, and I wonder if you would comment on my interpretation here.

ELIAS:  You are correct, and I may also express to you that it is a validation in imagery that you are offering to yourself in relation to your movement in the awareness of a lack of separation.

RODNEY:  Okay.  I also had another crazy idea as I was writing this down, and I gotta ask you — you weren’t the sailor who was singing in this dream, were you?

ELIAS:  This is your translation of my energy, yes.

RODNEY:  It is?

ELIAS:  Yes.

RODNEY:  Wow!  I thank you!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!  And you may thank yourself, my friend!

RODNEY:  Okay, I will do that also!  Thank you, Zacharie!

ELIAS:  Ha ha!

RODNEY:  (Laughing)  I think that’s it for today.

ELIAS:  Very well, my friend.  We shall engage our discussion of kindness at our next meeting.

RODNEY:  Thank you!  I look forward to it.

ELIAS:  And I also.  To you in great affection, my friend, and anticipation of our objective physical meeting once again futurely, I express to you, au revoir.

Elias departs at 9:56 a.m.

RODNEY:  Can I say one thing as you’re leaving?  Would you kindly keep those lightning bolts just a little bit distant?  They’re fun to watch, but don’t get too close! (Laughing)

Vic’s note:  You weren’t quite fast enough, Rodney!

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Copyright 2000 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.