Session 483
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Turn Your Attention to Self


“Turn Your Attention to Self”
“The Camouflage of Self-Sacrifice”
“Alzheimer’s/The Action of Transition”

Thursday, October 14, 1999-1 © 2000 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Marcos (Marta).
Elias arrives at 9:23 AM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning, Marta!

MARCOS:  Good morning, Elias!  It is a pleasure, once again, to meet you objectively. (Elias chuckles)  I send many greetings, very warm greetings, from Isabel.

ELIAS:  Ah, and you may relay in return!

MARCOS:  Thank you.  I have a few questions for you, Elias.  May I begin?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MARCOS:  First, I would like to ask you about the condition that Paul’s father is experiencing.  What can you tell me about it, and why, that I may relate it to her?

ELIAS:  In which direction are you questioning as to the creation?

MARCOS:  She has been telling me that he is creating an illness which she believes is Alzheimer’s disease, but she doesn’t know, and that’s why she has the question.

ELIAS:  The concern is directed in the vein of wishing to be helpful?

MARCOS:  Yes, wishing to be helpful, and also, I believe, trying to understand and get some more information to perhaps to make it easier for her as well.

ELIAS:  Very well.  The reason I direct this inquiry is that there are different responses, dependent upon the direction that the individual is wishing information in.

Now; I shall express to you that the underlying direction is different from the objective direction in this line of questioning.

In this, I shall address to what has been objectively questioned, and the individual may engage myself for the responses to the underlying questions if she is so choosing.

In this, the individual that is creating this situation that is being identified as an illness is not in actuality creating an illness, so to speak, although it may be classified as such in physical terms.

I express to you that this individual, first of all, is engaging the action of transition, and is quite purposefully and objectively engaging this action of transition.  The reason that this individual has chosen to be engaging this action is to be challenging and moving beyond certain strongly-held belief systems and fears within this particular focus.

Within this focus, this individual underlyingly has held a tremendous questioning in the subject matter of disengagement or death.  The individual expresses particular religious beliefs with respect to the subject matter of death, but underlyingly there have been tremendous questions, and this has created an element of fear.

In this, the individual has questioned for much time framework inwardly that there may not be an actual existence, so to speak, beyond death.  Therefore, as sparked by this questioning and this fear, the individual has chosen to be engaging the action of transition as an exploration and a validation to self that this one focus is not all that exists within consciousness.

Now; within this exploration, the individual willingly engages this action and travel, so to speak, through different layers of consciousness in offering self the recognition of more of their reality than has been viewed previously through religious belief systems.  This in actuality is quite beneficial to the individual, and shall be offering an expedience, in a manner of speaking, at the time framework in which the individual eventually shall disengage and move more fully into the action of transition.  This also shall dissipate the fear of harmfulness and negativity subsequent to disengagement.  This, let me express to you, is quite common within religious belief systems.

An individual holds conflicting aspects of beliefs.  In one respect, they align with an aspect that suggests to them that there is no existence in consciousness at all subsequent to death, but they also hold an alignment with an aspect of the belief system that expresses to them that there may be a continuation subsequent to death, but that it shall be classified as their identification of hell, for regardless of their striving within physical focus, within the context of their religious belief systems, they do not believe that they attain enough accomplishment or enough perfection to be moving into the expression of heaven.  Therefore, the element of heaven within their beliefs disappears and is not a reality any longer, and they view their choices to be either a lack of existence entirely or an existence within painfulness.

Now; to dissipate this strength of these aspects of the belief system, the individual has chosen to be entering into the action of transition to explore more of reality within consciousness and therefore abate the fears.  Are you understanding thus far?

MARCOS:  Perfectly, and this is fascinating information.

ELIAS:  Now; in this, the behavior of the individual at times may appear to you to be quite irrational.  At times it may appear to be heightened in emotion.  At times it may appear to be argumentative.  It may also at times appear to be quite childish, in your terms.  These are all exhibitions of behavior in response to the experiences that are being engaged within the action of transition coupled with the interaction with other individuals objectively within physical focus, for to the individual, these two actions conflict.

The individual holds an awareness that their experiences are genuine and that they hold a knowing which validates the experiences which are occurring, but the experiences or the disassociation with objective reality at times is being invalidated by the individuals objectively within physical focus, and this creates a conflict within the individual that is experiencing transition.  Therefore, there is a resistance within that individual to be participating in objective engagements with other individuals, and this at times may appear as an irritation or a frustration or a lack of patience.

You may express to this individual inquiring that offering herself more of an understanding of the action which is being engaged may not necessarily, in your objective terms, be enough, so to speak, for many times within physical focus, you may be offering yourselves an explanation and an understanding — to a point — of what another individual is creating, and this shall not quell the turbulence of emotion and thoughts that are created within yourself concerning the other individual.

Therefore, I express that the attention be turned to self, and in that attention, the recognition be offered to self that she is uncomfortable with the choice of the other individual, and in this, she may be exploring her own uncomfortableness and not necessarily concerning herself with the choice of the other individual.

MARCOS:  I think this will still be very helpful, and I will give her all this information and continue to urge her, as I have done in the past, to talk to you directly as well.  I think that speaking with you may also be much more helpful than relaying the information third hand, so to speak.

ELIAS:  If she is so choosing, I hold a willingness to be offering more information to her individually which may be more helpful.

MARCOS:  Thank you, Elias.  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

MARCOS:  Moving on, I have a couple more questions for myself about dreams.  One is about a dream I had roughly a month ago, Elias, where I dreamt that I went through a window.  I basically took aside some small acrylic figures that were blocking the entrance, and then I just climbed and went through the window to the other side.  Can you tell me more, please?

ELIAS:  This is imagery that you have presented yourself subsequent to our last meeting, and in this imagery, you are offering yourself the validation and the encouragement that you do hold the ability to be accomplishing this action.  Within this time framework, you have objectively attempted to be extending a foot through this window of which we have spoken previously, although you have not quite moved entirely through this window, (laughing) for you retract your foot once you have placed it through and are questioning yourself: “Shall I move or shall I not move?”  Ha ha ha!

MARCOS:  Maybe I felt the water was very cold on the other side!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!  I express to you, my friend, you are attempting within your movement, and in this, you struggle with your individual fearfulness of unfamiliarity and of what you might be creating; not what you ARE creating, but of what you might be creating.

This is an important element that you may examine, for this also is quite a common fear.

Individuals turn their attention to self and avail themselves of information, and subsequently, they — as yourself also presently — may be convoluting of themselves, questioning not merely their ability, but over-questioning their motivation to the point that you begin to distort the information that you have availed yourself of, for you have twisted or convoluted the information into a turning UPON yourself as opposed to within yourself.

In this, you move once again into familiar territory.  You are quite familiar with the expressions of duplicity.  You are unfamiliar with the lack of duplicity.

Therefore, as you begin to move into the trust and acceptance of self, you create your movement of placing your foot through your window, but you stop and you pull your foot back and you express to yourself, “Oh no.  I must be examining my motivation for moving through this window, and it may be incorrect.  Therefore, I shall evaluate more.”

And in this evaluation, you shall begin to move into the familiar area of duplicity and begin discounting of self once again, and offer yourself reasons for discounting yourself even within the context of this information that I offer to you, and in this action, what you are accomplishing is convoluting your attention and distorting the information to be reinforcing the duplicitous expressions.

In this, I express to you, continue to turn your attention to self, but not UPON yourself.

Do not be turning your attention upon yourself as a lion that shall dismember yourself, but hold your attention TO yourself to be directing of yourself in acceptance.  Turn your attention to self in what you within physical focus would express to be a loving nature.

You shall extend this and afford this to other individuals.  Why shall you not afford this to yourself? (Pause)  The expression of other individuals that you engage is more acceptable than your own.

MARCOS:  Yes, I think you’re ... I know you’re absolutely right.  I will continue to work on this, believe me!

ELIAS:  Let me also express to you, Marta, that as you hold your attention in the area of other individuals and you continue to concern yourself with the wants and the desires and the creations and the choices of other individuals, you shall continue to hold yourself in suspension and you shall continue to not move through your window.

For this is not the point and this is what we have been discussing previously, that if you turn your attention to self, if you are expressing acceptance of self and recognizing YOUR movement, YOUR desire, you shall allow yourself to move through your window.

And be remembering that each individual creates their reality through their perception and orchestrated through their choices.  You may not create their reality for them.  As intensely as you may attempt, you shall not succeed in creating another individual’s reality for them.  You have not created this physical reality in that manner.

Therefore, they may not create your reality.  They may not dictate to you your behaviors, for this shall eliminate your choice, and in like manner, you may not dictate to them their behaviors, for this eliminates their choice.

You may not be in agreement objectively with the choices of other individuals — you may not hold comfortableness with other individuals’ choices objectively — but they are not your choices, and as you continue to hold your attention in the direction of other individuals’ choices, you are not paying attention to your choices.

MARCOS:  I understand, and I ... again, I do understand on a very conceptual level.  I think that when it gets to the emotional aspect is when I experience the conflict.

ELIAS:  Quite, and within this conflict, turn your attention to self and express to yourself the questioning of what you — YOU — desire.  Which direction are YOU moving within?  Examine YOUR behavior, for you participate in this ongoing conflict.  What is your contribution to this ongoing conflict?

(Firmly)  As you examine your contribution, you shall view that the creation of that action is motivated by not paying attention to self, but continuously turning your attention to the other individuals and evaluating the choices and the behaviors of the other individuals, and expressing the camouflage to yourself that you do not want these behaviors to be displayed within other individuals, that you want another individual to alter their reality and alter their choices.

In this, you are expressing that you are not creating your reality.  The other individual is creating your reality.  Therefore, if the other individual alters their choice and you continue to be wishing this enough, perhaps it shall be accomplished.  No, it shall not!  For you may be wishing and wishing and wishing, and the other individual shall continue to create their reality in the manner that is beneficial to them and in the manner that they choose, regardless of your opinion.

And in this, you continue upon the hamster wheel for the reason that you are not turning your attention to self and recognizing that your behavior is not dictated by other individuals.  Your behavior and your choices are dictated by you, regardless of another individual’s choices and regardless of whether you agree or find comfort in another individual’s choices.

(Intently)  In this, be remembering, you are all exploring physical experience.  Therefore, it matters not!  Within each focus, you are exploring different elements of physical experience within this physical reality.

Let me express to you, Marta, it may be helpful temporarily for you, as you do accomplish well within dream state and within your exploration of other focuses, for you to be moving in the direction of offering to yourself the identification and connection with another focus that you hold in this dimension that you yourself within this focus may be quite irritated with.  You do hold another focus within this particular dimension which may even be considered repulsive to you presently, for the behaviors of that individual conflict tremendously with the beliefs that you hold within this focus.

In this, as you allow yourself to connect with an aspect, a focus of yourself, of your essence, that creates choices quite differently from yourself, you may allow yourself to view that these are elements that are held within you all, and they are merely choices.

It is quite easy within the construct of your belief systems to move in and out of judgment with respect to other individuals.  It is quite easy for you to move in and out of judgments with yourselves.  But as you allow yourself to view that all of you as individuals choose a tremendously varied range of experience within physical focus — for the very point that it is an exploration of an area of consciousness — in this, why shall you not explore every aspect of this physical reality, every aspect of emotional expression, every aspect of possibilities of creations within this physical dimension?

This particular individual which is another focus of your essence within this dimension would be considered quite hurtful.  This aspect of essence, this other focus, creates choices within his reality that you may view as tremendously inconsiderate, selfish, and objectively hurtful to other individuals.

This is NOT a reflection upon you, and within that focus, it is not wrong, for it is merely an expression of choice, and the individuals within that focus that participate with that particular individual also choose to draw themselves into the scenarios that play out, so to speak.  YOU ALL HOLD CHOICES.

The point of this discussion that I offer to you is not to be discounting of yourself.  The point is to offer to you that you hold choices and that you are not exercising your choices in the manner that you desire, for you are not allowing yourself to view your choices, for you are preoccupying your attention with the choices of other individuals.

In this, you continue to hold yourself back and forth within your expressions and your energy, expressing to yourself objectively that you may be creating better or that another individual may be creating better.  You are already creating perfectly!  It is not a question of creating your reality better.

But you are expressing that you are experiencing conflict and that you wish to be discontinuing.  This is not a situation of better or worse either.  This is merely a situation of stepping sideways and viewing that you hold different choices.  There is a tremendous difference between the identification of better and different.

What you are creating now is not worse.  What you are creating now is not bad.  What you are creating now is not failure.  What you are creating now is perfect!  What you are creating now is NOT BROKEN.

What you are expressing is a desire to be exploring differently, to be opening to more of your choices; not to be creating better choices, but to allow yourself an opening of awareness that you may view more of your choices, recognizing that all of your choices are merely choices.

And in this, you may even continue within the choices that you have created now and allow yourself the acceptance of this, and your conflict shall dissipate.  It matters not, but I am recognizing that within objective terms, you wish to be altering your choices.  You wish to be moving into different directions, and therefore I express to you acknowledgment of this and I express to you the method of how you may be accomplishing that action.

And in this, if your desire be to alter your choices, you may allow yourself to alter your choices if you are allowing yourself to view your choices, but as I have stated, if you are not viewing yourself, if you are not paying attention within yourself, you also shall not view your choices.  You shall continue to view the choices of other individuals, for this is where your attention lies.  Are you understanding?

MARCOS:  Yes, I am.  This is just so much information.  I understand, and I will continue to explore as I have within my dream state.  It’s just beautiful, wonderful, very helpful information, and I deeply, greatly appreciate it, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome, my friend.  I am quite encouraging of you in this area, for as you have offered yourself your own individual imagery of your window and your movement through and back and through and back, you may also acknowledge yourself that you ARE creating movement, and you may acknowledge yourself that you are no longer merely viewing the panes of the window.  You have opened the window, and now, in your movement through the window, your push shall be turning your attention to yourself and not concerning yourself with the choices of other individuals.

Let me also express to you, merely momentarily, I hold an awareness of you, and of other individuals also, in the direction of a type of exasperation, for you may be hearing this information, and I am aware that you become temporarily discouraged, expressing to yourselves the thought of great difficulty in the actual accomplishment.  I hold the awareness that subsequent to our engagements objectively, you move into thought processes of questioning the information that I have offered to you and expressing to yourself, “BUT, I feel this in this situation.  Yes, yes, Elias.  BUT, I love this individual, and this creates this movement within myself.  Yes, yes, Elias.  BUT, I wish to be helpful and creating no conflict and acceptance with respect to this individual.”

I am aware of your struggles in these areas.  I do hold an awareness of the difficulty that you experience in the attempt to be turning your attention to self and creating your individual desires regardless of other individuals, for I do hold the awareness of the strength of the different aspects of duplicity and how influencing this is within your objective movements and creations, and how easily you move in the thought process of fear that you may be hurtful to another individual, of fear that you shall not be accepting of another individual, of fear that you may be expressing selfishness.

I do not discount the reality of these expressions, for they are real.  Therefore, do not misunderstand and reinforce your own discounting of your abilities by expressing to yourself that I do not understand, for this merely offers you a reinforcement of your own devaluing of yourself and your abilities objectively.

Therefore, I express to you, I do hold an awareness of these elements.  I do not minimize the difficulty that you experience objectively.  I am merely offering you information, that you may allow yourself to recognize your value and your ability, and that you are much more objectively helpful to other individuals — not merely yourself — as you are turning your attention to self and expressing a direction that holds your attention with self.  You are not helpful objectively to other individuals, regardless of the dictates of your belief systems, objectively you are not helpful to another individual if you are not focusing your attention upon yourself.

You delude yourself into a thought process — which is the camouflage of duplicity — in the direction of expressing that you are being helpful to another individual if you continue to hold your attention in the area of what may be “best” for the other individual, and you reinforce this in your feeling of self-sacrifice and nobility within self.  Self-sacrifice accomplishes no helpfulness.  This is a disguise and a camouflage of duplicity.  What you express to other individuals in self-sacrifice is the discounting of self, and the reinforcement in communication to other individuals that they shall discount themselves also.

And is this the communication that you wish to be offering to other individuals?  No.  Is this the communication that you wish to offer to your daughter?  And shall we strike the note there? (Pause)  I think not.

Therefore, offer the mirror action to Isabel that she offers to you in turning your attention to self and the acceptance of self and your choices, which shall offer objectively to her the reinforcement of her actions and choices, and this ripples outward, for she offers to her mother this same communication.  NOW you begin to understand objectively what I am offering to you in this information.

MARCOS:  Absolutely.  This is very eloquent.  It drives home every point.  I do somehow know that you are aware of this reality, and at the same time, within my dream state and within my waking reality, I know the interaction that happens between us, and believe me, that is tremendous reinforcement.

Your words and your energy and your patience are having an effect on me, and even though I realize that in the end, it is my choice, it is what I do and the way that I create my reality, I cannot understate how much I value your friendship and your interaction with me.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.  You have asked for helpfulness, and I hold a tremendous willingness to be compliant.

MARCOS:  Thank you so very much, and I offer the same to you in however I can help.

ELIAS:  Acceptable! (Chuckling)

MARCOS:  I have no more questions today, Elias.  I will continue to explore and to move and to look inwardly so I can make the choices I want to make.

ELIAS:  And I shall continue to be offering energy and encouragement to you in your resolve.

MARCOS:  Thank you so very much.  Again, as always, a real pleasure.

ELIAS:  I offer to you much affection this day, Marta, and I anticipate our next meeting.  To you quite lovingly, au revoir.

MARCOS:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:22 AM.

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