Session 475
Translations: DE ES PT

Beliefs: Sexuality and Duplicity


“Beliefs: Sexuality and Duplicity”
“Beliefs: Death and Reincarnation”
“Beliefs: Your Reality Creates You”

Wednesday, September 22, 1999 © 2000 (Group/Florida)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Carole (Aileen), Elisabeth (Sebastia), Gerhard (Doro), Jan (Meude), Jim (Marthowh), Monica (Bridget), Tom (Thomas), Vicki (Lawrence), Vivien (Miriam), and 9 new participants: Anne, Bert, Dale, Diane, Greta, Julie (Laya), Marguerite, Susan, and Susan (Gilbert).
Elias arrives at 7:22 PM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good evening! (Grinning)

GROUP:  Good evening!

ELIAS:  Welcome to new essences this evening ... and also to you that I have not objectively engaged in linear time framework recently! (Chuckling)

This evening, I shall offer a brief introduction, so to speak, into actions that are occurring within this present wave in consciousness, and subsequently I shall allow for all of your questions.

I wish to express to you information this evening concerning a wave in consciousness which has been occurring throughout this final year of your century and your millennium.

In this, the wave concerns the belief system of sexuality and addresses to the belief system of sexuality.

Now; I shall also explain to you that these waves in consciousness occur as an action within this shift in consciousness.  One of the elements of this shift in consciousness — of which you all hold an awareness in its movement and that it is occurring — is to be accepting belief systems.

In this, as you all allow yourselves, individually and collectively, to be accepting the belief systems that you hold within this physical dimension, you allow yourselves new freedoms and you allow yourselves to discontinue the limitations that you place upon yourselves in conjunction to the belief systems that you hold.

Now; as this is a base element of this shift in consciousness, to be accepting of the belief systems that you hold, you have also created a method, so to speak, for you are all very fond of methods in this physical dimension! (Grinning)

This method of addressing to belief systems that you have chosen is to be creating waves in consciousness collectively that singularly focus upon individual belief systems, and as you singularly focus on an individual belief system, you allow yourselves a time framework to be noticing and viewing and moving through different aspects of the particular belief system.

As I have expressed many times previously, each of the belief systems that you hold we may view as a bird cage, and each of these bird cages hold many, many, many birds.  Each of the belief systems hold many aspects.

Therefore, within these waves of consciousness that you create collectively, you choose to participate in these waves and allow yourselves the opportunity to view many different aspects of the individual belief system.

Now; you provide yourselves with this information through what you create.  You offer to yourselves objective imagery.  Objective imagery may be exhibited through elements of your reality that you notice.  It may be exhibited in behaviors of yourselves, of other individuals, of any element within your physical dimension.

This is not limited to merely individuals.  You receive objective imagery and information through creatures, through your vegetation, through your atmosphere, through movements of your weather, your planets ... any element within your physical dimension may serve to offer you objective imagery and information.

You also offer yourselves objective information through your thought processes and through your emotional expressions.

In this, as you view all of these different areas that you may receive information through within objective imagery, you also allow yourselves to view how very many aspects of each belief system you hold, for you respond to the aspects of your belief systems, and this is the point of this shift in consciousness.

In accepting these belief systems and all of their aspects, you shall not necessarily be reacting to these aspects of belief systems.  You shall allow yourselves to hold an objective choice in which aspects you shall respond to and how you shall respond to them.

Be aware — I am not, I have not, and I shall not express to you in any direction of eliminating your belief systems, for this is not the point.  This is not what you are accomplishing within this shift in consciousness, and I shall continue to be repeating of this to the point that all individuals that are interactive with this information understand. (Grinning)

In this, the point is to be continuing with your belief systems but to be accepting of your belief systems, and in the acceptance of your belief systems, you neutralize their power and you offer yourselves the objective ability of choice, and as you offer yourselves the objective ability of choice, you also open your reality to tremendous freedom and much less limitations.

Now; presently, you all collectively are creating a wave in consciousness.  This present wave in consciousness addresses to the belief system of sexuality.

The belief system of sexuality is not sex! (Grinning)  This is merely one aspect, one bird within this very large bird cage.

Therefore, in this, you provide yourselves with opportunities to view and to be noticing all of the aspects that are contained within this particular belief system, and in your participation in this wave in consciousness, you all are experiencing many different elements within your realities that create confusion or conflict and lack of understanding.

This particular belief system involves many aspects that turn your attention to self and your individual worth, value, and abilities.

I have offered information previously in introduction to this belief system, addressing to and identifying orientations.  I have offered this information of orientations, that each of you may allow yourselves a clearer understanding of yourselves and of your directions, and why you are responsive to certain elements within your physical reality and why you may not be responsive to certain elements within your reality.

Your orientation is an ingredient of your perception.  Your perception is that tool, so to speak, which you have created within this physical dimension to be creating your reality.  Therefore, what you hold within your perception IS your reality.  It may not be another individual’s reality, but it is your reality and it is very real, for your perception is very real.

Now; as this wave in consciousness increases, it also draws tremendous attention to each of your perceptions.  Your perceptions become an element that you have begun to notice, and you have begun to notice the differences of other individuals’ perceptions.

In this, throughout your globe, you are exhibiting much chaos, much confusion, and much extremes, for you are moving in the direction of holding very tightly to what you perceive as familiar to each of you individually, and you are pushing very strongly upon any element of your reality that appears unfamiliar.

You also allow many expressions of this particular belief system to move in what we term to be a surface motion.

Many of the aspects of belief systems are not hidden from you, but you choose not to view them.  You choose to blind yourselves objectively to many aspects of each belief system.

One of your methods of blinding yourselves to certain aspects of belief systems is to be expressing that they are not an aspect of a belief system; they are not a belief system at all!  They are merely elements of your reality, and they are absolute.

“Yes is yes, no is no.  This is not a belief system; this is not an aspect of a belief system.  It merely is an element of our reality, and it is absolute.” (Grinning)  I express to you that there is no element within your reality that is absolute!

Every element of your reality is a creation through your individual perception, but as other individuals’ perceptions do not correlate with your individual perception, you create conflict and confusion, for you express to yourselves, “This is an absolute.  How may another individual not hold the same perception?  How may another individual not understand my expression?  It is an absolute.  It is reality.”

Presently, these aspects are being allowed collectively to be moving surfacely, addressing to your perceptions and the differences within your perceptions, and that although you create a collective reality, it is created extremely individually.

I have expressed previously within this forum an analogy of a cup, and many individuals viewing the same cup, and each individual shall view a different cup.  You all THINK that you view the same cup, and you express to yourselves, “But this IS an absolute, for we may engage our equipment and we may create a picture, a photograph of this cup.”  And each of you shall view the photograph individually also, in the same manner that you view the cup.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that you all notice, within your reality presently, difficulties.  Some of you experience these difficulties individually; quite personally, so to speak.  Some of you view difficulties within your world, and you hold a lack of understanding in why these elements of your reality shall be being created now.

I express to you that you are offering yourselves the opportunity to view your perceptions and how very highly individualized they are.  You are allowing yourselves to view yourselves through your perception, and offering yourselves an opportunity to view your individual behaviors.

All that you view as conflicting and confusing and unacceptable within your reality is created through your individual behaviors, and although each of you present within this room, within this forum this evening may express to yourselves or to other individuals that you are “good” and “nice” individuals, each of you also participates in behaviors that lend energy to the very elements of your reality that you view to be unacceptable.

Each of you creates perceptions of yourselves that are “not good enough” or that may be “better” or that may be “improved,” and each of these expressions is an invalidation and a discounting of self, and each of these invalidations and discountings of self creates behaviors, and these behaviors are affecting not merely of yourselves, but of other individuals.

Therefore, you may express to yourselves and to each other and to myself, “Elias, I do not engage a gun and murder individuals!  I am not participating in this chaos that is being created within our world.”

And I shall express to you, each time you are invalidating and discounting of yourself, you are creating behaviors that affect objectively you and other individuals, and this creates waves in energy, and just as a pebble in a pool creates ripples from itself, so also does your energy move outward from yourselves and affect ALL of your reality.

And as you turn your attention to self and allow yourselves the opportunities that you have provided yourselves with in engaging these waves in consciousness, not concerning yourselves with the behaviors and the beliefs of all other individuals, but with self, and providing yourselves the movement into acceptance of self, you also radiate energy which is affecting in the movement in which you objectively wish to be creating, in harmony and in peacefulness and all of these lovely, wondrous, loving elements of your beliefs that you hold as positive ... which are also aspects of belief systems! (Grinning)  But as I have stated, we are not eliminating belief systems.  We are merely offering ourselves the opportunity to be accepting of belief systems.

Now; I also, before closing, shall offer an element of information that you may be allowing yourselves a thought process within which I have offered to a few individuals recently within this forum.

In the area of acceptance and belief systems, I express to you, turn your attention first to self and be accepting of self first, for if you are not offering yourself this attention first, you shall engage tremendous difficulty in attempting objectively to be accepting of belief systems, for they are very intertwined.

In this, be reminding yourselves, you may be accepting of yourselves, each of you individually, without eliminating yourselves!  Therefore, you may also be accepting of belief systems without eliminating belief systems.

And we shall break, and you may continue with your session, and I shall be accepting of your questions this evening.

BREAK:   7:49 PM
RESUME:  8:09 PM (Arrival time is 9 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing! (Grinning)  You may engage your questions if you are so choosing.

VIVIEN:  Why don’t you start with yours, Julie?

JULIE:  Gosh, I forget what it was!

VIVIEN:  The energy thing that you felt.  Go for it!

JULIE:  When you were speaking earlier, I felt something like a ... I’ve felt it before in my life, but just a few times, and it only lasts for 20 seconds or so.  It’s like a thickness; that’s the only way I can describe it.  It just feels like some kind of thickness, and then it goes.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, in like manner to many, many other individuals that have chosen to be objectively engaging this forum and objectively interacting with myself, this is not an accident.

Energies have been interactive previously.  Energies have been offered previously as an introduction, so to speak.

Therefore, what I am expressing to you is that I am interactive with many, many, many individuals within your physical focus ... and not merely as they objectively engage myself! (Grinning)

But many times, in your linear terms, previous or prior to our objective meeting, I have allowed an energy expression to individuals that serves as a type of introduction.

As they engage myself objectively in interaction in this manner, this allows them an element of familiarity and comfort, and allows them an identification in which they express, as you have expressed, “I hold an awareness of this energy.  I am familiar with this energy.”

In this, it serves to be eliminating of much fear which may be incorporated in the interaction objectively if the individual holds no identification of familiarity.

Therefore, what you have experienced previously or pastly has merely been an influx of energy of this essence in communication with you briefly, knowing within probabilities and the simultaneousness of time outside of your physical dimension that you have leaned in the direction of creating this probability of objectively meeting with myself.  Therefore, you have allowed yourself a prior interaction to provide yourself with a familiarity.

JULIE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome, and I am pleased to make your acquaintance objectively! (Chuckling, and the group laughs)

JIM:  Elias, what is her essence name?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Laya; L-A-Y-A. (lay’uh)

VIVIEN:  I have one more question concerning Laya.  I feel she has a connection with Jan, Meude.  Are they counterparts? (Pause)

ELIAS:  No, this is not a counterpart action which you are offering to yourself in identification, but allowing yourself to be objectively noticing energy which flows in familiarity through other focuses. (Pause)

JIM:  Elias, I have a question.  A few days ago, after an extremely busy day, I should have been exhausted, and yet I was not.  I had intense energy.  My reaction was either to have three stiff drinks or go for a three-mile run!  I went for the run, and afterwards I was completely mellow.  The energy did not seem like it was physically based; it was emotionally based.  Is that part of this wave?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.

Now; this also is an element that may be objectively noticed in the manifestation of imagery in conjunction with this wave in consciousness which is presenting itself now.  Individuals may be experiencing many different expressions of physical and emotional influxes, so to speak, of energy.

Now; this also moves in conjunction with what we have been speaking of this evening in the direction of perception, for these influxes of energy you allow yourselves to be open to within certain moments, and this allows you the opportunity to recognize differences in energy.

It allows you to identify differences in your energy which is created by you and expressed through you, and also allows you the opportunity to identify and distinguish, so to speak, other energies which may not be created by you.

In this, what you have offered to yourself in this experience is an allowance of other energy, which is not energy that you are manipulating or creating within your particular focus, but you are allowing an influx temporarily of other energy.

It matters not which individual may be projecting that energy or which collective group of individuals may be projecting that energy.

The point is that you allow yourself to be open and receiving that energy, and the point of the reception of that energy is to be offering yourself the opportunity to be aware and to assess the difference between your individual expression of energy — and how you manipulate your individual energy — and that energy of other individuals.

This is in actuality quite purposeful, for as you turn your attention to self and to your perception, you may also, in recognizing that other individuals hold differences in perception, become confused with the energy in exchange of individuals, and you may begin — in looking to self — questioning self and holding confusion in what you are creating and what you are not creating.

Let me express simply.

In this, you may engage another individual, and you may create a conflict in conjunction with another individual.  But as you offer yourself this information which I am offering to you, you begin to turn to a new direction in your perception, and therefore you begin to question self.  You begin to turn your attention to self, for I have expressed to you many, many, many times, turn your attention to self, and now you begin to turn your attention to self.

But at times, you also become confused and you cloud your vision, for you have turned your attention to self to the point that you do not incorporate the interaction of another individual and what they are creating, and therefore you do not identify or distinguish the differences of energy.  You are unfamiliar with your own energy in its expression objectively — and in your very physical terms, how it feels — and therefore you are also unfamiliar with the energy expressions of other individuals.

Even in situations in which you view another individual is projecting energy to you — and that you may be thinking of our exercise of the buffer — even in these types of situations in which you identify that another individual IS expressing energy to you, you confuse yourself, for you turn your attention to self and you begin questioning, not merely “How am I participating?” but “What am I creating?” and “How am I creating this situation?” and “How have I created the other individual’s reality?”

(Humorously)  And as we are aware that you all do not create your reality individually, but you all DO create each other’s reality continuously, you automatically turn the information that I have offered you, and once again, within your expression of duplicity, turn looking to self into attacking of self.

Now; in allowing yourselves the ability objectively to be distinguishing between the differences of energy and how it is projected, you offer yourself the opportunity to identify your individual energy and those expressions of energy that are not created by you.

In this, you more efficiently allow yourself to view your responsibility to self and your behavior and how you manipulate energy.  This also provides you with more efficiency in engaging your exercise of your buffer....

JIM:  And deflecting the energy.

ELIAS:  Quite, but how shall you be engaging your buffer if you are not holding an awareness of which energy is which?

JIM:  Exactly.  So in that situation, as you say, it didn’t make any difference where the energy was coming from, but it was recognizing that it wasn’t coming from me.

ELIAS:  Quite.  It is merely an offering as an example that you may be noticing, and allowing yourself to move further beyond merely noticing, and identifying that this is energy that you may construct in any manner that you choose, that you may incorporate in any manner that you choose....

JIM:  Which in fact, I did!

ELIAS:  Quite!

JIM:  I ran three miles when I should have been exhausted before I started!  But it was a very easy run.

ELIAS:  And the point in this is the recognition that energy may be projected to you, and as I express to you to turn your attention to self, this is not to be attacking of yourself or questioning of your ability, but the recognition that YOU HOLD CHOICES in every situation, and ANY energy may be expressed to you in any manner, and you hold the choices of how you shall be receiving and incorporating it and how you shall be manipulating your energy in response or not in response in conjunction with this energy, and therefore creating of your behavior.  And you allowed yourself the recognition that you did hold choices.

JIM:  I remember specifically thinking, “I’ll either go drink or I’ll go run.” (Laughter)  I ran!

ELIAS:  And it matters not which choice you are choosing, but that you allow yourself the viewing that you hold choices, that any other expression of energy does not dictate your choices.  YOU choose your choices.

VIVIEN:  Next time you can go get your drinks and get the effect of the three-mile run!

JIM:  No, the run was better. (Elias chuckles)

JAN:  Elias, what happens when you don’t take one of those choices, when you have the choices because you’ve recognized something — like maybe you’ve accepted the belief or you’ve recognized something like Jim did — and you don’t take one of the paths, so to speak, or one of the choices?  Is that when you become fatigued and depressed because you are not actualizing at that point?  The only example I have is that in my life, I’ll experience great amounts of energy, and then I will also experience great amounts of fatigue, all at once, and it seems to be when I’m not expressing a choice.

JIM:  When you feel the fatigue?

JAN:  Yes.

ELIAS:  This also is an expression of alignment with aspects of belief systems, for you view that productivity and outward expression and movement that you may objectively view is good, and you view that a lack of movement or productivity is not good.  Therefore, you also mirror to yourself your beliefs in this area, for you exhibit what you identify as energy or excitement and motivation as you are creating what you identify as productivity — accomplishing.

JAN:  Yes.

ELIAS:  Your word of accomplishment may be different from my word of accomplishment! (Grinning)

JAN:  (Laughing)  Yes!

JIM:  Absolutely!

ELIAS:  And in this, as you slow your movement — which at times may be quite purposeful, but you respond to the objective expression of slowing your movement and your productivity — and in this, you also create an objective expression that appears to be a lack of energy or a depression of energy.

Now; I express to you that the energy level, so to speak, in your physical terms, is the same in either state.  The movement of the energy is different, for you manipulate it differently.

At times, subjectively you are expressing messages to yourself, in a manner of speaking, to your objective awareness, that you may offer yourself more of an objective opportunity to be noticing certain elements of your behavior and of your creations if you are slowing your movement.  Therefore, in this, it is a purposeful action.

But your belief also enters in this creation and overrides what you are expressing to yourself, and therefore you do not allow yourself to be noticing what you, in a manner of speaking, intended to be noticing, for you are very busy noticing how inefficient you are becoming! (Grinning)

JAN:  (Laughing)  Yes!

ELIAS:  And you are very busy noticing the duplicity — in that you are being nonproductive — and you continue to be VERY busy creating judgments upon self, which distracts you from noticing why you had created the slowing in itself!

JAN:  That’s very interesting.  I can see that very clearly now! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Now, I express to you, as you create in this same method futurely — as you shall, for you have created this method for your attention — and in this, as you may be creating your slowing once again, you may allow yourself to be noticing what you are creating within your reality within that moment, and how you are projecting your energy and which behaviors you are exhibiting in that moment, BEYOND the judgment.

JAN:  Okay.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

CAROLE:  Elias, in reference to the three orientations, I naturally tried to figure out which one I am, and quite frankly, I sound like all three of them.  It’s really not easy to figure out which one you are, and then I was thinking that Elias said that Michael is soft and Lawrence is common, and then I remembered back in earlier sessions when Elias said there were thought focused people and emotionally focused people, and I wondered how that interacted with it, because it would seem as though a person who had a soft orientation would be more of an emotionally focused person, or was that just the beginning stages of us beginning to understand about the orientations?  Am I making my question clear?

ELIAS:  I am understanding of your question! (Grinning)

CAROLE:  Oh, good! (Laughter)

ELIAS:  And I shall express to you, no, this was not merely an introduction to the information of orientations.  Within your reality, you do create thought focused individuals and emotionally focused individuals and religiously focused individuals and politically focused individuals — but we focus very strongly upon the thought and emotion — and in this, these are different choices.

Now; in like manner to your choice of orientation, these are choices that you create prior to your physical manifestation.  They are subjective choices.  These are not objective choices.

I may express to you that individuals may be creating the choice to hold the orientation of soft and also create a thought focus.

In this, it is dependent upon the pool of probabilities that the individual has chosen and which direction they have chosen within their intent as they manifest within physical reality.

Let me express to you, Michael, as with your example, has chosen the orientation of soft and has chosen the thought focus.  Coupling these two elements of reality within this particular focus allows more of an ease and an ability objectively to be engaging this phenomenon.  Therefore, it is quite purposeful.

I may express to you, Mylo has chosen to be orientation of soft, and emotionally focused.  Mylo, I may say to you, would be experiencing much more conflict in the engagement of this type of energy exchange than does Michael, but Mylo does not engage this type of energy exchange, and therefore, within his intent, he is creating quite efficiently and perfectly.

CAROLE:  So would that be an unusual combination, to be thought focused and have a soft orientation?



ELIAS:  Many individuals choose to be holding a thought focus and also a soft orientation.  This allows, in a manner of speaking, more of an objective balance.

Now; many individuals also create an emotional focus and the orientation of soft to be experiencing an intensification of emotional creations.

CAROLE:  Oh god!  That’s probably what I am! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Many individuals in a particular focus may hold a fascination with the creation of emotional expressions, and in this, they choose not to merely be experiencing individually their own emotional expressions, but they also are aligning with their entire reality in their emotional expressions! (Grinning)

CAROLE:  That explains it.  I hear you!

ELIAS:  And creating extremes — much laughter and much sobbing!

CAROLE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  You are welcome.

VICKI:  Can we take a break to change the tape?

ELIAS:  You may, if you are so choosing.

BREAK:   8:41 PM
RESUME:  8:43 PM (Arrival time is 7 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing. (12-second pause)

VIVIEN:  (To Susan)  Did you want to ask your question?

SUSAN:  Oh!  Oh, I’m sorry.  My son committed suicide in May of 98 at the age of 23, and with this information — and I think there have been times I have been aware of your help — I have been able to intellectualize this and understand what I believe his reality was, and it’s okay.  That doesn’t change my emotional feeling that I’m a bad mother and there’s something I could have done about that.  Can you help me with that?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that this is quite common within your physical reality within many of your societies that you have established throughout your globe, for you hold very, very strong beliefs of relationships, and one of the aspects of this belief is that concerning the role of mother, and within certain societies, the expression of this aspect of this belief is extremely intense, for you very strongly align with this aspect.

I may express to you, first of all, that your role as a mother or as a parent is what you create it to be based upon your beliefs, but outside of those beliefs, you hold no responsibility.

SUSAN:  That’s easy for me to intellectualize.  That doesn’t help here (indicating her heart).

ELIAS:  You are correct, and in this, as you align so very strongly with these aspects of beliefs, you do create emotional responses.

Now; let me express to you, all of these elements are very intertwined.  You do not create a belief, and an emotion as a result of a belief.  You do not create an emotion, and subsequently create a belief as a result of the emotion.  But the beliefs themselves are very intertwined, and the elements of emotion and sexuality, which are the base elements of this particular physical reality, are also very entwined in your belief systems.

Now; the largest belief system that you hold within this physical dimension is that of duplicity.  Duplicity holds the most birds, and these birds are coupled with all of the other birds of all of the other belief systems.  They are not separate.

This one bird cage is the one bird cage which is not separated from any of the other bird cages.  Each other belief, each other belief system, holds its individual bird cage and its individual grouping, so to speak, of aspects, and although they may cross over each other and move in conjunction with each other at times, they are individual beliefs, addressing in very specific directions.

This one belief of duplicity does not hold its own direction.  It moves within all of the other belief systems, and it is influencing and coloring of every other aspect of every other belief.

Now; in this, you may be, as you state, intellectualizing or expressing to yourself that you hold an understanding objectively, rationally, or within your thought process, and you confuse yourself, for you do not understand why you seem to hold an inability to be creating a translation of what you know within your thoughts into what you feel.

SUSAN:  Exactly.

ELIAS:  You are not addressing within your thoughts what you are addressing within your emotion. (Smiling)

Within your thoughts, you are addressing rationally and you are intellectually viewing specific belief systems — specific aspects of belief systems — and you are also viewing partially the interaction of the belief system of duplicity, but very vaguely, very generally.  You are viewing the cage, not the birds.

Within your emotional expression, you are engaging the birds, and the birds are those that express your value and your worth and your ability, and the birds express to you the better and the worse, and that if you are creating better, you shall create what you want.

This moves us once again into: in actuality, you all may express over and over that you create your reality, but within your beliefs, you believe your reality creates you, and you create other individuals’ realities.

SUSAN:  This whole thing is me mirroring to myself my lack of self worth, isn’t it?

ELIAS:  Yes.

SUSAN:  Okay.  It’s me saying, “Oh, I’m not a mother anymore, so I’m nobody, just like I was before I was a mother.”

ELIAS:  And that you are not accomplishing well enough in the role.  Therefore, as the child has chosen to be disengaging, this is not merely the choice of the child, but this is the measurement of your worth and your ability, for you ALL look to the expressions of other individuals and measure your worth and your value and your abilities by the expressions of other individuals.

And this also, in what we have been discussing this evening, is what I am expressing to you — in that you hold choices and that another individual’s behavior or manipulation of energy or choices does not dictate your choices or how you are receiving energy.

In this, choices are merely choices.  They are NOT a reflection upon your worth or your value.  Not even your perception of yourself is a measurement of your value or your worth, for it is your perception and it is influenced by your beliefs.  It is colored.

SUSAN:  I actually got that!  I actually got something out of this.  Yeah, I think I can take that someplace.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome, and I express to you, in genuineness, your worth is far greater than you view.

SUSAN:  I’m here! (Laughing)  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

The individual has chosen the choice in not wishing to be objectively physically participating in this shift in consciousness.

SUSAN:  I can definitely understand that, yes.

ELIAS:  Many individuals — in what you view as recent past and present and futurely — choose this same direction, not wishing to be participating objectively and physically within the action of this shift, for it IS incorporating of great trauma.

SUSAN:  Yes.

ELIAS:  In this, there are many individuals that are choosing not to be physically participating, but participating within consciousness, and hold manifestations futurely as the entirety of this shift in consciousness is accomplished, and merely wish not to be participating within the trauma.

SUSAN:  That makes sense.

ELIAS:  This is not a reflection upon you.

SUSAN:  I understand.

ELIAS:  Nor is it a measurement of your worth or ability.

SUSAN:  Nor is it a measurement of him or his.


SUSAN:  Yeah, I see.  Huh!  That’s great!  I’m liable to cry.  I’ve come a long way in the last couple of minutes!  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome, and you may express your emotional expression in whichever manner you are so choosing, for it is a choice and it matters not! (Chuckling)

VIVIEN:  Oh, go ahead and cry!

SUSAN:  I have a memory of reading something about you throwing Kleenexes around the room.  That would be real handy right now! (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Ah!  I may express to you that in your very physical terms, I am fresh out of truths! (Everybody cracks up)

BERT:  Elias, as we grow up, we are raised by our parents, and raised through a certain moral, ethical code that our parents believed to be right for them.  But as we experience life, obviously our parents’ moral ethical codes don’t necessarily relate to us.  It is my belief that as we grow up, we have a tape recorder — or maybe this bird cage of duplicity holds the tape recorder — of safe decisions and unsafe decisions that we have experienced through our life.  It is my belief that that’s where the complication of making decisions that deal with reality against decisions that are necessarily or unnecessarily safe comes from, as we record them through our life.  Is this bird cage of duplicity that tape recorder, that as we grow up, we create so much conflict in our opportunities to make decisions that are reality of what is?

ELIAS:  It is quite an expression of duplicity, yes.

In this, you are continuously measuring yourselves, and in this measurement, you look to your experiences and you look to the anticipation of experiences, and you measure by the rightness or the wrongness of your experiences.

You view your experiences to be absolutes, and unchangeable — they are what they are.  These are not necessarily the products of your beliefs; they merely are your experiences and this is reality, and they are absolute and they are unchangeable, and I express to you, no, they are not!

But you BELIEVE this, for this is an expression of duplicity which enters into every action that you engage and every element of your reality, in which you measure the rightness or the wrongness of your choices, of your creations and your experiences, and you DO create much conflict and confusion in anticipation of what you shall create, for you wish to be creating the “right” choice!

SUSAN:  Mr. Anticipation himself! (Laughter)

BERT:  But I do know what I know when I know it! (Laughter)  That’s what’s crazy.  You conflict yourself and you make a decision based upon what’s safe, but not what’s real.

ELIAS:  Not what you know! (Grinning)

BERT:  Not that you know what is....

ELIAS:  And you all know what you know!

BERT:  Exactly! (Elias chuckles)  Which is wonderful!  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

VIVIEN:  Elias, I’d like to ask you to comment briefly on a dream that I had ...

ELIAS:  Very well.

VIVIEN:  ... concerning Julie.  In the dream, I found myself walking amongst many, many people.  It seemed to be either in a very large gallery, an art gallery, or a museum of art, and Julie was painting these pictures, huge wall-sized pictures, the paintings she does of her peace warriors, and I’m wondering if I am viewing in this dream a probability which she is putting into effect, of becoming hugely successful with her art.

ELIAS:  You are offering yourself imagery in allowing yourself to be connecting with probabilities of another individual.  Therefore, in a manner of speaking, I express to you in the affirmative, for in like manner to what we have discussed previously as to the action which is engaged by those individuals that you identify as psychics, this is the action that they engage.  They offer themselves the focusing of their attention and opening of their awareness to be tapping into the first layer of reality in the probabilities that other individuals may be choosing and creating.

VIVIEN:  And it was slightly different from a normal dream.  It was almost like an out-of-body experience more than a dream, like I was there, in this place.

ELIAS:  I am understanding of what you are expressing.  This is not what you would term to be a projection.  But in this, you offer yourself an element of clarity, that you are engaging this action of tapping into the probabilities within another individual’s reality, not merely creating imagery in symbology within your own reality.

VIVIEN:  Okay, thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

CAROLE:  Elias, young people choosing to disengage because of the oncoming trauma of the shift, would that possibly have anything to do with the murders that are taking place in large groupings?  Perhaps that’s just the method or the outer exhibition of the objective way that it takes place, but those people also wanted to just disengage?

ELIAS:  Partially, yes; although I shall be offering to you that this is not the anticipation of “oncoming trauma,” but the recognition of the trauma that is already expressed.  It is not future.  It is NOW.

VIVIEN:  So this is the same effect with the earthquakes that have recently happened and the wars that are going on — the same thing?

ELIAS:  Yes, in part.

There are more elements that you have created in conjunction with your expression of your beliefs and in conjunction with this present wave in consciousness, which I have expressed previously.  But there ARE elements in these actions which are occurring en masse, in which many individuals choose not to be objectively participating within the trauma of this shift, knowing that this is merely a choice.

You are not BOUND to continue within physical focus.  You may choose to be disengaging within any moment.  It is merely a choice.  There is no implication in this choice.

CAROLE:  And isn’t it true also that all death, whenever anyone dies, just to use the term in the way of semantics, is suicide?  Because we all choose.  It just isn’t done that way objectively at the time.

ELIAS:  You all choose.  You create a distinction in your language.

SUSAN:  Suicide is a judgment.

ELIAS:  Correct.

You all choose the moment of your disengagement and how it shall be accomplished within your physical reality.  Some choices within your officially accepted reality are acceptable; some choices are not.

It is acceptable to be calmly disengaging within your sleep.  It is acceptable to be disengaging in what YOU term to be an accident ... of which there are no accidents! (Grinning)  It is acceptable to be eaten by a bear! (Laughter)

It is unacceptable to be murdering an individual.  It is unacceptable to be committing suicide, in your evaluation.  It is unacceptable to be disengaging through the action of dis-ease, for you shall strive and strive and strive, in conjunction with individuals that choose to be disengaging through dis-ease, to be altering of their choice!

GRETA:  If you choose to disengage, do you also choose to engage?  In other words, do you choose to be born?

ELIAS:  Yes.  You choose to be manifesting or engaging within physical dimensions and you choose to be disengaging in physical dimensions, and either of these actions is merely an emergence into different areas of consciousness — some physical, some nonphysical, but all areas of consciousness that you choose to be exploring.

GRETA:  I have a granddaughter, an adopted granddaughter, that was born on the exact day at the exact time that my mother had passed.  Now she’s thirteen years old, and she seems, in almost all of her physical attributes and in all of her normal daily habits, to be my mother!

ELIAS:  Now; I shall express to you, in this type of situation, this does occur within your physical reality, and this lends energy to the belief that you hold in what you term to be reincarnation.

I express to you that an individual may disengage physical focus and may project, in choice, an aspect of that focus — or of themself — which shall choose to be manifest physically.  It may exhibit in this new manifestation, figuratively speaking, for all manifestations are simultaneous....

GRETA:  I’m sorry; I didn’t hear you.  All manifestations are ...?

ELIAS:  Are all simultaneous.

But in this type of action, the aspect of that individual which chooses to become manifest may hold many of the qualities of personality that the other aspect held within physical reality.

It is a different aspect, and therefore it is not a repeat, so to speak, or reincarnation of the other individual, but is another manifestation of that focus, another aspect of that same focus, and in this, you objectively may view many similarities in the expression outwardly, emotionally, intellectually, creatively, and even within mannerisms. (Smiling)

GRETA:  Hmm.  It’s sometimes frightening when you see it! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  These individuals also may allow themselves many times to be recalling, within their individual memory, elements of the other focus, which also lends energy to the belief system of reincarnation, for these individuals may be offering information in conjunction with the other focus that YOU shall all hold in amazement and express, “How shall this individual know this of the other focus?  But of course, they are the same individual!”  They are NOT the same individual, but they hold many of the same qualities, for they are an element of that focus.

SUSAN:  So when we die of a disease or an accident, it’s an excuse to check out.

ELIAS:  It is not an excuse.  It is a choice. (Grinning)

SUSAN:  No, I don’t mean that! (Laughter)  I mean, it’s like instead of just saying, “Okay, I’m checking out, see ya later.”  It’s a tool.

ELIAS:  It is a tool and it is a method.  It is a choice, and individuals purposefully choose how they shall be disengaging.

Many times as individuals choose actions such as suicide or dis-ease or what YOU term to be an accident, they have chosen this method not merely in conjunction with their exploration of their own experience, but also KNOWING the interaction that occurs between themselves and all of the individuals that have been objectively connected to them.

GRETA:  My mother was ill and in the hospital and I stayed by her side, and in the morning she said that she saw my brother, who was already dead, and he had come for her, and she said she wasn’t ready to go.  And she lived to be ninety-two.  But she expressed it — she said she saw him and he came for her.

ELIAS:  This also....

GRETA:  And she’s the one that my granddaughter is ... adopted granddaughter.  I put that very succinctly because it’s amazing to me!

ELIAS:  This also is not an uncommon expression within physical focus.

I may express to you that some individuals choose to be creating of what you term to be in physical focus “near-death experiences,” and as they express to themselves and to you that they are “returning” — which they are not returning — but as they are returning from the “near-to-death,” they have engaged some other individual which has expressed to them a “mission” and that they are “not ready” or that they hold a “continuation of purpose” within physical focus.

An engagement of what they view to be another individual is not uncommon.  This is not always an expression in actuality of meeting another essence in some ethereal place, (grinning) but it is the individual’s choice to be moving close, so to speak, to the action of disengaging, but not entirely choosing disengagement.

Therefore, momentarily they are in a stop-point in which they are creating their choice, and in this, they also create imagery that shall sway them objectively into which choice they wish to be moving within.

This be the reason that you do not listen to or view individuals that have chosen to be entirely disengaging expressing to you that they are not disengaging, for they have chosen to be disengaging! (Grinning)

Individuals that create a movement, in your terms, “back” within physical focus have not chosen to be disengaging.  They have chosen to be “testing the water” and are curious, and therefore they allow themselves a momentary glimpsing, but they are not in actuality choosing to be disengaging.  Therefore, they do not, and they express to you that they have been enlightened and hold a mission and must be continuing within physical focus, or they express to you, “I wished not to go.”

GRETA:  That’s what she told me!  She said that she wasn’t ready. (Elias chuckles)

JULIE:  Elias, I would love to know about you, like who are you?  Did you live here, or....

ELIAS:  I have occupied this physical dimension many times.

JULIE:  Many times....

ELIAS:  I am what you are.  I am the same as you.  I am an energy personality essence, in like manner to yourself.  You also are an energy personality essence, but you choose to be focusing your attention within the exploration of physical dimensions.  I choose not, presently.  I hold a remembrance and you have forgotten, and this is the difference, and beyond this, what I am is the same as what you are. (Smiling)

JULIE:  Hmm.  And do you channel ... do you always go through Mary, or do you sometimes use other people’s bodies to express yourself?

ELIAS:  I choose to be engaging an energy exchange with this particular focus of the essence of Michael, and in this, I choose not to be engaging an energy exchange with any other individual presently.

JULIE:  Michael?

VIVIEN:  That’s Mary.

FEMALE:  Who is Michael?

VIVIEN:  Michael is the entire essence of Mary.

FEMALE:  Do we each have a higher purpose than this thing called physical reality?  I’ve always had a sense that I do, but I haven’t quite figured out what it is yet.  And if we do, can you offer suggestions as to how we can get clear on the contribution we’re supposed to be....

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, as to your question — do you hold a higher purpose — no, you do not.  But I shall express to you, the reason that you feel that you hold a higher purpose is your recognition and your knowing that you DO hold an individual intent.

Each individual within their manifestation in physical focus holds an intent, and this is the direction that that individual has chosen to be creating its reality in conjunction with.  It is the expression of their individual creativity, and this is the motivating and directing force of each individual within physical focus.

This is translated into an identification of purpose, but I express to you, there is a difference.

Purpose is what you are accomplishing within every moment in every movement that you create in your exploration.  You are purposefully creating your exploration.  Your intent is your direction.

And in this, what may be helpful to you in your identification of your intent is your desire, your creativity, and what you identify physically or define physically as your “contribution.”  Your contribution in actuality is merely your expression of yourself in the fullness of your creativity individually, and this is the expression of your value fulfillment.

Therefore, as you look for your purpose, merely look to your genuine expression of self in what creates joyfulness and fun within you, and this is the direction of your desire.  As you move in this direction, you are creating of your purpose.

FEMALE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  We shall be disengaging this evening, for I wish not to be affecting of Michael this evening.

In this, I express to each of you great affection and much encouragement in your travel and your sojourn through this reality, for this is what you are — travelers.  No more, no less. (Smiling)

To you each this evening, with much lovingness, I bid au revoir.

GROUP:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 9:28 PM.

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