Session 408
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The Creation of Physical Reality


“The Creation of Physical Reality”
“Is Health a State of Mind?”
“Elias on All That Is”

Sunday, May 30, 1999  © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), and one new participant, Joe (Holden).
Elias arrives at 11:20 AM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning! (10-second pause)

Shall you proceed? (18-second pause)

(Chuckling)  And you are experiencing difficulty within your transmission presently, are you not?

JOE:  Is this Elias?

ELIAS:  Yes.

JOE:  Okay.  I don’t know for what reason ... I kind of expected another voice, but that’s me! (Elias chuckles)  I have a few questions, if I might.  Who was the Avatar Meher Baba, and what credence should be given to his words? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that this terminology — of what you express as an “avatar” — is a development of a mass belief system.

Now; let me explain that what has precipitated this belief system is a movement within consciousness in a collective expression for a philosophy and a specific direction of energy which has been accepted partially within physical focus, which offers to you more of an expansive idea, so to speak, of the workings of inserting certain philosophies into this reality.

Now; within these philosophies, there are elements which are based, so to speak, in truth, but these are encompassed by the interpretations which have been created within your physical focus, which are the development of the belief systems.

Therefore, there is a belief created that there are certain actual individuals that have created certain movements and certain philosophies themselves, when in actuality it is the designation through collective consciousness to one particular individual as the expression, so to speak, of the philosophy which is identified with.  But I express to you that the individuals that are designated as the symbol for these directions of philosophies and ideas are merely that.  They are a symbol that you may easily identify with.

Now; this is not to say that elements of the philosophy presented do not fall into areas of truths, for they do.  But they are also surrounded, so to speak, with interpretations and translations, which are the belief system, which has been adopted through mass consciousness in relation to this particular dimension.

Now; this serves quite purposefully within your physical dimension, for it facilitates mass movements into certain directions, which is helpful to you in exploration of your reality through your belief systems.

In this, I express to you that the individual that you designate — that you have expressed as this avatar — is not in actuality what your belief systems have set into what you term to be a reality, just as the individual that you refer to as Jesus is not also responsible for all that is attributed to him, but serves as the symbol that may be identified to be setting forth — in a manner of speaking — the belief system, which has moved the mass consciousness into a certain direction.  Are you understanding? (Pause)

JOE:  Okay.  Many religions teach of a melting into or a giving up of individuality to a God.  Now, Seth said that All That Is is a giver of individuality, and once given, was inviolable.  Do you agree with this?

ELIAS:  Partially.  I shall express to you that this is a limited explanation, for it continues within the expression of the belief system that there is some element which is beyond you.  It designates a separation of essence and all that is.

Now; I express to you that I am in partial agreement, for in physical terms, you may view that there is a type of separation — although there is not a separation — of essence and all of consciousness, but they are intermingled and are in actuality all the same.  The only separation that may be identified is the quality within consciousness that identifies essence within a personality tone, but essence is consciousness.

Therefore, in this, I am in disagreement as to any element that is “given,” so to speak, for this implies that there is some being or some entity or some state of being which is beyond yourself, which yourself is essence and is consciousness.  Therefore, the designation of the term “All That Is” is merely a different designation for the term of “God,” and I express to you that within consciousness, there is no separation.

Therefore, if you are referring to any aspect of consciousness that may be designated as God, you are also simultaneously expressing of yourself, for it is all the same.

In this, NOTHING may be given to you that you do not already possess.

Therefore, consciousness holds the quality of individuality.  It is not given to you; it is possessed by you.  And in this, there is no element of consciousness that shall separate you from uniqueness or from individuality, for this is a choice of creation within essence.  It is a quality that is held by essence, but it is not an element or a thing which is given to you or may be revoked. (Pause)

JOE:  Seth said we all have built-in natural protection against our own and other’s negative thoughts.  How strong is this, and to what depth does it go?

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking, this is correct, although I express to you that I do not align with the terminology of “protection,” for this merely is a reinforcement of your belief systems that there is any element within you or outside of you that needs be protected, and there is not.  But I shall express to you that you do hold a very efficient and strong energy field which may allow or disallow what you term to be negativity or negative energy, and it may be enacted within self, regarding self, or regarding other individuals and situations.  It is quite efficient.  Within physical focus, you would term this to be your energy field, which is an element of your energy, your essence.  Therefore, it may be directed inwardly or directed outwardly, and is quite efficient.

I express to you in clarification that within this shift in consciousness, as you move in the direction of widening your awareness and opening yourselves, moving into new areas of expression within physical focus, allowing yourselves vulnerability — which is also another term which is synonymous with openness — it is unnecessary for you to be directing your attention in the area of protectiveness to self, but merely to be recognizing that you choose to be participating in these types of expressions of what you term to be negativity, and you may also choose not to be expressive in this manner or participating with other individuals in this manner.  But it is not necessarily a question of protecting yourself from elements of negativity.  It is merely a choice to be engaging less thickness or more thickness within your focus.

JOE:  Okay, then rather than follow any particular set of belief systems, would it not be better to simply trust in our own innate nature and the direction it takes us?  In other words, how can I allow myself to be who I really am in essence at the now point?

ELIAS:  I shall explain to you that this would be the point of this shift in consciousness and the acceptance of belief systems, for within this physical dimension, your belief systems are an intricate element of this particular physical reality.

Therefore, you are not moving in the direction of eliminating these belief systems, but merely recognizing that they are belief systems, accepting those belief systems in the knowing that they are such, and the allowance of yourself to be expressing to yourself that it matters not, therefore neutralizing the effect of the belief system; not that you shall be eliminating them, for they shall continue within your physical dimension, but they shall not be affecting of you in the manner that they have been affecting of you throughout your history.  In this, you eliminate the judgments.

This is the action of acceptance, is that you hold no longer the judgments in any direction that you held previously with respect to these belief systems.

In this, as you turn your attention more fully to self, to your inward and outward expressions, and you begin to be accepting and trusting of self and listening to your natural expressions, listening to your inner voice, which is your impulses, your impressions — and this is also filtered through into your intuition — these are your communications to self, and as you are allowing yourself to be listening and noticing to these expressions, I say to you that you shall be moving in the direction of acceptance of your belief systems, and you shall also be creating your reality within more of a wider awareness, much more of an expression of creativity, much less of conflict and more pleasure, which is creating of more efficiency.

JOE:  Elias, to what psychic family is my alignment, and what is my essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, Holden; H-O-L-D-E-N.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Milumet.

JOE:  Okay.  What dictates the origin of different species and their physical characteristics?

ELIAS:  You! (8-second pause, during which Elias is grinning)

JOE:  Explain, please.

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  You, as essence within consciousness, exercise your endless creativity in what you term physically as your imagination.  Within consciousness, it may be expressed that you are merely exercising your abilities to be creating, exploring, and inserting into any particular given reality all elements that you chose to be inserting for your enjoyment, for your pleasure, and for your expression of curiosity.  Therefore, you create all that you view within this physical reality.  Your planet, your vegetation, your atmosphere, your creatures — all that exists, so to speak, physically within this dimension, you have created.

But you have also merely inserted it into this reality, and once inserted into this physical framework, as all elements within the creations are of consciousness, they also are manipulating of their own reality.  You are not necessarily directing of their reality.  You have merely created the expression of physical insertion into this physical reality.

In this, creatures and all of your reality holds its choices in creating of its reality — as designated through your creativity in your choice of the types of creations that you have inserted — and in their creating of their reality, they satisfy certain elements of curiosity within yourself.  You have splintered aspects of your energy — aspects of consciousness — from yourself as essence and have placed them in physical form within your reality, and view how they subsequently create their own choices and their own reality in their exploration within your physical dimension, for all of consciousness is continually in movement in the exploration of its being and of its becoming.  Therefore, as you create a creature, it is an element of consciousness, and it shall be creating its reality within its own exploration of its abilities physically and its exploration of its own manifestations and its own probabilities.

Therefore, you may view and observe other elements of consciousness beside your own expression of essence, which is projected into the physical form of the species you have chosen, and you may observe the choices that are created by all other elements of consciousness which also occupies your physical reality.  This satisfies your curiosity and also adds an element of exploration to your becoming, for you are viewing physically elements of consciousness which are also represented physically.

JOE:  Elias, if all these probabilities exist at once, then what is the true purpose of materializing them into physical reality?

ELIAS:  Let us look to the creation of physical reality.  It is as a game.  Consciousness holds a tremendous attention in the area of exploration.  It also holds a tremendous quality of playfulness and curiosity.  Consciousness is curious to all that may be continuously explored and created.  Therefore, you create physical realities, and in creating physical realities, you offer yourself a different type of exploration, a different type of creation and expression.

Therefore, in this, I express to you that creating within physical terms in physical dimensions is — in a manner of speaking — a playful, artful, creative expression for exploration.  You at times within physical focus, as you have disassociated yourselves from your own remembrance, are forgetful of this element of your creation.  But presently, as you move into more of the action of this shift, you begin to offer yourself the remembrance of all of these elements.

Now; as to probabilities, they are — in a manner of speaking — an element of exploration and experimentation.  You insert into physical realities for you have chosen to be creating physical realities, and in this, you create within physical realities what is natural to you.  Within all of consciousness, probabilities are continuously being created, for probabilities may be expressed as merely another term for choice.  Therefore, as you are creating continuously within consciousness and within essence, you are also continuously creating choice and probabilities.

In this, you create in like manner within your physical dimensions, but within physical dimensions, you have purposefully created a singularity.  You have directed your attention singularly to be experiencing certain types of creations.  In this, you choose certain probabilities and you insert them into your reality, individually and collectively.

Be remembering that physical realities, in a manner of speaking, do hold their limitations, for they are physical and you are creating within a specific medium, so to speak, in like manner to different expressions of artists.  They create within specific mediums.  You may not be creating an element of pottery merely from paint that you shall apply to a canvas, for you are creating within different mediums.  Therefore, you have chosen to be creating within the medium of physical matter and physical reality, and in this, you have also chosen to be inserting probabilities in a singular manner physically.

Now; be also understanding that although you choose a probability and you may be inserting one expression of that probability into your physical reality, it extends far beyond this throughout consciousness and is created and expressed all simultaneously.

Therefore, you are merely expressing one element of probabilities into your physical reality in singular manner of attention, which moves quite harmoniously and in like manner to how you are creating of all of your reality within this particular dimension.  You do not physically create the expression of all the aspects of yourself visually, and you hold countless aspects of yourself.  You create one physical form.  In like manner, you choose to be creating the choice of one expression within each moment of a probability, and allow all of the other expressions of that particular probability to be actualized within other areas of consciousness, inserting merely one into this physical reality, but you are continuing to be experiencing all of these aspects of probabilities and all of the realities, physical and nonphysical.  This is just merely one area of attention.

JOE:  Okay.  I’m going to ask one question concerning my health.  I don’t know if you can help or not, but is there anything that I could or should be doing to heal my back? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.  I express to you, first of all, within objective physical terms, you may look to your balance.  This is the outward projection physically of the inward subjective expression.  What you have created outwardly in physical objective terms is the mirror image of being out of balance, in a manner of speaking.

Therefore, in physical terms, you may look to the alignment of your feet, your ankles, and your knees.  Once these elements are aligned in what you term to be properly and are offering you adequate support and balance, this shall be physically affecting of your physical creation.

Now; I shall also express to you that inwardly, you may be recreating the outward expression — even if you are eliminating it temporarily — if you are not addressing to your inner balance also.  I have offered you the expression of a physical affectingness which you may engage objectively which shall be affecting physically, but it also shall be affecting merely temporar[ily] if you are not addressing to inward balance.  Once you are addressing to your balance inwardly, you shall be eliminating of this particular objective expression of painfulness that you hold within your back.

Now; as to the inward expression, I express to you that you may look to self in your alignment within this focus of Milumet, and recognize that there are elements of belief systems in the areas of religious belief systems and metaphysical belief systems that you are attempting to be moving away from and struggling within.  In this, you are creating a lack of balance within yourself.

You may be also addressing to your energy centers, and you may be addressing to those energy centers of blue and indigo and purple.  These energy centers are fluctuating in their radiating and are reinforcing this element of a lack of balance.

I express to you that you create the movement of these energy centers.  They are quite real, and you are quite directing of their movement and their balance.  You may be addressing to this and you may be addressing to your inner balance within your beliefs, and in those expressions, you shall also be affecting of your physical back.

But do not discount the physical outward expression either, for it is not merely your physical back that you are affecting, but your feet and ankles and knees, which you may not necessarily entirely objectively feel physical pain within, but they are radiating energy out of balance and affecting of your back.

JOE:  In Session 185, when you spoke at Elmira, New York, you said that this had been presented previously by another.  Were you talking about Seth in particular?

ELIAS:  Yes; addressing to not the entirety of all of the information that I offered within that time period, but addressing to certain elements of information which was being presented that had also been presented previously by that essence.

JOE:  I have one more question.  I don’t know if you can help me or not, but being a member of this Seth Network International, I had one of the ladies named Fran ask if I could ask you a question.  She wanted to know what her family, her alignment, and her essence name was, and whether a blue dot that she had experienced in conjunction with some energy vibration was you.

ELIAS:  Yes, and you may express that as an openness is allowed and incorporated, there may be an awareness of more expressions of energy that may be objectively connected to, but this has been presented as an introduction, in presenting this blue energy and imagery to her.  As to essence name, Sandel; S-A-N-D-E-L.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Sumafi.

JOE:  Okay, and then one more from another SNI member.  Is health a state of mind? (Pause)

ELIAS:  No.  It is a state of being, in a manner of speaking, but it is not what you term to be a state of mind.

Your health, in those terms, is created as a direct expression of energy, which is directed subjectively to the objective body consciousness, which is responsive to the directions of subjective interaction ... or the LACK of direction, for this may also be affecting.

In this, I express to you — and to other individuals — that you are directly affecting and creating, WITHIN REALITY, every expression that you physically create.

Therefore, if you are creating what you term to be good health, in which you are allowing your physical body consciousness to be expressing efficiently and not manifesting painfulness or illness, you are specifically directing energy in this manner in conjunction with your body consciousness, and it is quite intentional, and it is also reality.  It is not what you term to be an illusion or a state of mind.  It is a physical reality expression.

In like manner, as you are creating illness, painfulness, or dis-ease, you are also creating a physical reality.  You are creating a physical expression within energy, which your body consciousness is assuming and expressing outwardly.  Actual physical molecular structures are affected, for you are physically affecting your body consciousness.

As to if you may be affecting of any of these particular creations by the expression of attitude or outlook, so to speak, you may be partially affecting, but this is not entirely the expression which shall be affecting, for you may be creating of a dis-ease and you may hold what you term to be quite a positive mind-set, attitude, and outlook, so to speak, and you may also continue within the creation of the dis-ease.  Conversely, you may be creating of what you term to be excellent health physically, and your mind-frame or attitude or outlook may be quite negative.

Therefore, I express to you that one is not necessarily creating of the other, or even influencing of the other.

Therefore, no.  Your creation of health, be it within the expression that you term to be good or bad, whichever choice you engage, it is not merely a state of mind.  It is a quite intricate communication and action of expressed energy which is manifest into very real physical terms.

JOE:  Elias, that’s all I have for today.  I think this has been fantastic.  I hope I have a chance to talk to you many times in the future.

ELIAS:  I shall be anticipating our continued interaction and our next meeting.  I offer to you this day great encouragement and much affection, and I shall be expressing to you that if you are also noticing, you may be objectively aware of my offering of energy in objective validation to you also.

This day, I express to you a very loving au revoir.

JOE:  Thank you.

Elias departs at 12:12 PM.

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