Session 3278
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Global Changes


“Global Changes“

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Participants: Mary (Michael), Adam (Avril), Ann (Vivette), Axel (Riccaro), Brigitt (Camile), Christoph (Fiodra), Corley (Celia), Edwin (Ysun), Eugene (Mario), Fatma, Gina (Liliana), Hans (Zora), Jean (Lyla), Jean-François (Samta), John (Lonn), Juan (Starling), Katrin (Duncan), Kaust (Vynule), Magda (Rashti), Sonja (Jaqueline), Val (Atticus)

ELIAS: Good morning!

GROUP: Good morning! Buongiorno!

ELIAS: (Laughs) In this conversation, it shall be a conversation between myself and all of you, and I shall open the forum to all of you quite quickly.

I would express that for the most part our topic for this day will be what is occurring in your world now and the direction that you are moving in, and therefore what is beneficial to prepare yourselves for, what you are already engaging, and what is quickly approaching in relation to your world, in relation to your environment and in relation to alterations in your configuration of how you interact, and in a manner of speaking, where you will be. (Chuckles)

In this, let me first express to all of you that in relation to our previous brief introduction to this subject, any individuals that entertain the perception that what is fast approaching will not be affecting of you, I will express that you may want to re-evaluate that. For regardless of where you reside, regardless of what you do, it will be affecting of all of you. Therefore, preparation and action is not limited to those individuals that may be displaced, but to all individuals, for those that may be displaced will be at your doorsteps. Therefore, it will involve all of you.

This is a massive reconfiguration, and in that massive expression, as I have offered from the beginning of this forum, this is a global shift. It is not limited to one country, one area of your planet. It involves the entirety of your planet, all peoples, all places and the planet itself. In that, all of you are involved.

Therefore, on that happy note…! (Elias laughs with the group) Although I will express to you, this is not doom and gloom. It is genuinely not. You will not be generating the destruction of your planet or your species. Therefore, it is merely a matter of being informed and therefore generating the most effective, efficient and beneficial choices for each of you, and that is my role, to aid you in doing so.

And I open the floor to all of you for your questions.

ANN: I have one.

ELIAS: Very well!

ANN: How can we best prepare? You said we should prepare. How do you prepare for something when you don’t know what you’re preparing for?

ELIAS: Excellent question.

ANN: Thank you!

ELIAS: First, you become informed. You inform yourself realistically, unbiasedly, in relation to what is actually occurring. How you do that is you pay attention to the planet itself.

I would advocate that you pay attention to your scientists, for they are informed, and they are watching, and they are participating, and they do incorporate valuable information. But if you choose not to listen to your scientists, which many individuals choose not to listen, then listen to your planet yourself. It is moving. And as I expressed previously, there is no stopping this movement. It is not a matter of prevention or stopping or eliminating. It is a matter of flowing and accepting and readjusting, for you have incorporated generations and generations and generations of incorporating this movement, and setting actions into motion that are not be stopped now at this point. In that, the idea of even entertaining of how you could reverse what is occurring or how you could stop it is ludicrous. It is not to be stopped. You have already generated so much affectingness, your planet is reacting. It already is – it already has – and it is reacting in a loud voice.

It is NOT dying. It is not wounded, but it is reconfiguring. Your planet is very similar to a chameleon. It will change and reconfigure itself in relation to what is expressed around it. When you alter certain factors with it, it will only readjust itself and reconfigure the energy. That is not to say that that reconfiguration of energy is always comfortable for you or for many species. But unlike you, many of the species that it is affecting of, they do not incorporate belief systems, and therefore, they do not express a perception of good or bad. They merely adjust also, or they choose to stop participating, which many are. But you are not. You continue to increase numbers. In that, you obviously, as you are all aware, have established yourself in relation to this world, and in that, it is merely a matter of reconfiguring yourselves in relation to how your planet is reconfiguring.

As I expressed previously, the highest volume and concentration of humans in residence occupy all of your coastlines, in every area of your planet. This is your highest concentration of people in residence, and in many, many, many areas of your world, there are vast landmasses that are unoccupied entirely. For you gravitate to coastlines, which is understandable, in relation to commerce and need and supportiveness, but it is not practical, or it will not be practical for much longer.

ANN: So how are these changes occurring with the earth? Is it going to be storms, floods, volcanoes?

ELIAS: Now; this is also an important question, for this is what you automatically assume, is catastrophe, and that may not be what you create. This is not a situation in which you have no choice. You cannot stop it, but you also can choose how you flow with it and how you interact with this movement.

In this, it may not be catastrophic events. It may be a number of smaller events that encroach and encroach and encroach, or it may merely be a gradual movement of enclosing and erosion – but there are other factors.

As I expressed, you have generated enough alteration in which you have affected the shifting of plates in your earth itself, which in doing so, the planet is reconfiguring itself. One of the methods that it uses to reconfigure itself or to reconfigure its land masses are earthquakes, which you have generated a considerable concentration of, in growing volume, within approximately the previous thirty to forty years, which is significant, for that is a tremendously small amount of time in relation to hundreds of years in which you generated very few. Now you are generating a significant volume of them in many areas of your world, and you have reactivated volcanoes that have been dormant for hundreds of years. Therefore, that may also be a factor but not necessarily in catastrophic capacity.

Therefore, it may not be tremendous hurricanes or tremendous tsunamis or leveling earthquakes, but the combination of all of these actions generates an instability with many different areas of your world, and the more unstable they become to support structure, or what you term to be infrastructure, the more it will demand that you abandon certain areas and relocate to other areas of land masses that are more stable and that are more able to support your species.

Fortunately, your species is very adaptable and can survive in any continent and can survive in any terrain, unlike many other species. Therefore, you incorporate tremendous choices in how you adapt yourselves and what you do. But as I expressed, those individuals that are not residing in areas that are not low lying or coastal areas are not immune to what is occurring. For let me express to you, you are visiting a coastal city presently. How many individuals reside in this city?

ANN: A lot!

ELIAS: And of all those individuals, if this city were to begin disappearing, where will all those individuals go? They will be displaced, and they must reside somewhere. Therefore, all of the individuals that occupy more inner landmasses will be descended upon, for individuals must move somewhere.

That I am very much understanding [that] you are not understanding. For in this, your idea is we incorporate much land, individuals can relocate, we can accommodate. No, you cannot, not presently. You cannot relocate millions of individuals – MILLIONS, not hundreds. You cannot relocate millions of individuals if you have no infrastructure to support them. And how many years will it require for you to build an infrastructure to support them? Already there are areas of your planet that are overwhelmed with displacement of millions of individuals that are being identified and classified as refugees, and they have no homes. They flood into cities, and the cities cannot accommodate them. They have no structure for them. They have no homes for them. This is not a fantasy, my friends. This is occurring already, now, in this day, today.

JUAN: So it’s a matter of overpopulation to some extent, if I understand it?

ELIAS: No, it is not a matter of overpopulation. That would be a direction that individuals move in to justify, but no, it is not.

It is a matter of all of your cities, even your townships, even small towns in rural areas; you already incorporate very specific infrastructures: roads, homes, apartments, government buildings, parks. These are all a part of your infrastructure. In this, they are already made, and they are made to accommodate the numbers that they already support. They may accommodate an influx of slightly more; perhaps even a thousand could be accommodated in what already exists in most of your cities and townships.

In that, it is not a matter of over-population. It is a matter of the configuration of where the populations are and the areas that are disappearing in relation to where they reside. Individuals that have resided for generations and generations and hundreds and thousands of years in certain areas cannot exist and survive any longer in these areas, for they are underwater. There is no land any longer, it is underwater, and this is occurring in a much more rapid rate than you realize. In that, it is already displacing millions of individuals, and those individuals are flooding into the existing cities, which cannot support them, and those existing cities are already becoming enormous ghettos.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: In terms of probabilities, are we talking about potentials for mass disengagement?

ELIAS: Realistically, I would express that remains to be seen. For there is a possibility that there may be some of that occurring in relation to some actions that you would term to be natural disasters, not catastrophic necessarily; but in relation to mass exodus in that capacity, the probability is not as strong. There may be relatively small expressions such as that, such as what has already occurred in relation to tsunamis and earthquakes and even hurricanes. But I would express at this point presently en mass, the energy is not moving in a direction in which there would be a larger expression of that type of exodus from your reality. No, in actuality, you are somewhat moving in the opposite direction and increasing numbers rather than decreasing.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Even throughout that period of reconfiguration we are likely to increase numbers?


ANN: And we’re decreasing land mass? Or is any new land mass…?

ELIAS: You are decreasing land mass, yes, but that is not to say that you do not incorporate enough land mass to support you all. You do. You definitely do incorporate enough to support all of you. As I expressed, you are very adaptable as a species, which is greatly to your benefit, for you can adapt to any climate, to any configuration of land. You are not similar to other species in that. You are very adaptable.


MAGDA: Why are we choosing this method, to decrease land mass and submerge with the waters?

ELIAS: That is also an excellent question.

Now; think about the purpose of this shift, and what is one of the expressions of this shift in accomplishing that objective awareness of interconnectedness?

MAGDA: Solidarity.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking – that interconnectedness, that recognition that you are not all separate.

In that, as I have expressed from the onset of this forum, there will be trauma with this shift, but in what you are moving in the direction of accomplishing, the expressions and the directions that you want to accomplish are so massive. This is a Master Source Event. You have never engaged a Master Source Event in your history in this world. This is such a massive shift that the entirety of it cannot even be expressed in your physical reality.

In this, it is a restructuring and a reconfiguration of your entire reality. Not in the manner of restructuring yourselves as a species, but all that you have built you have outgrown. It is too limiting. It denies you your freedom, and it denies you your natural movement of exploring.

In this, as I expressed, one of the significant movements of this shift is that recognition of interconnectedness, which is the dropping of those veils of separation and thinning those veils of separation, which you are doing, tremendously. But in that, in expressing less separation and more recognition of your interconnectedness, you are moving in an entirely different direction from what you know and what you have built. Everything you’ve built is built on separation. Everything you’ve done, every direction you move in, is built on that separation, and in that, you have created tremendous structures. I am not merely speaking of physical structures, but structures of how you function in your lives. Commerce is not actually a physical structure, although it incorporates some physical aspects. It is not a physical structure, but it is enormous, and it is a bedrock of your world, of all of your cultures.

In order to change that dramatically these types of structures and constructs, it requires significant movement. You do not change easily. Regardless that change is natural for you and that you are always doing it, you do not engage significant change without a struggle. You want everything to remain familiar, for that feels safe. But you are also by nature explorers; you are adventurers. You have merely forgotten how to be adventurers and become afraid.

In this, rediscovering your individuality and your self-directedness and the importance of the individual rather than the importance of figureheads that dictate to the individuals and you blindly following that, in rediscovering the importance and the significance and value of the individual, these structures do not serve you any longer. This is creating tremendous unrest throughout your world, which is moving this shift forward, but it also is creating reactions of fear.


EUGENE: As far as I understand, this kind of change involves, as we have experienced in the past, this kind of change must consume a significant framework of time where we experience destruction. Is this correct? How long would this kind of destruction last?

ELIAS: Thank you for offering that, for this is the most common perception. This is the perception that most individuals throughout your world hold, and it is entirely incorrect, for the destruction has already been happening. You have not been paying attention! It has been happening for years and years and years and years. It has been happening for half a century already, but you are not paying attention. You have already set this locomotive in motion, and you have set it at high gear, and it is barreling down the track, and it is consuming in its path. It has already been activated.

The tsunami that claimed, so to speak, so many, or that so many chose to disengage with, that have been personally affecting in this group, earthquakes, fires – more fires than you have generated in hundreds of years – and the concentration in the past fifty [years] outweighs all that have been in hundreds of years: fires, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados…

EUGENE: Wars, then?

MAGDA : Protests?

ELIAS: Protests, not necessarily wars. That, I would express, is a part of how you are not diminishing your population. For, for your first time in history you are expressing less war than you have, and therefore, it is a situation in which you are all more aware of the conflicts that you engage or that other individuals engage or that certain countries engage. You are all much more aware of that, which is, once again, an example of this shift.

These inventions of all of your devices are not an accident, my friend, and they are all part of this movement in generating the avenue for less separation. They are not quite creating an expression of less separation between individuals yet, but they are creating less separation in relation to knowledge and awareness, for you are aware of what is occurring throughout your world. In that, because you are more aware, you are paying more attention to numbers of individuals that participate in wars or that are injured or are killed in wars.

But realistically speaking, in relation to percentages or ratios, you are generating less conflict in relation to wars at this present time framework than you ever have in your history, and you are increasing your population. War has always been a tool to decrease population, and you are not using it in that manner at this time.


CHRISTOPH: To be more interconnected, we have to open up, but what I see is that we close.

ELIAS: I agree.

CHRISTOPH: Nationalism in Europe and in America, and religious movements in the near east, and everybody closes up and fights. So, I can’t see the opening.

ELIAS: Which is what I expressed in relation to your devices, that it has not accomplished in that respect yet. In actuality, it has aided in more separation individually. Individuals generate less interaction in a genuine capacity with each other at this point, but that is also somewhat of a natural expression.

That action of becoming aware and becoming less separated and more interconnected, once again, this is a process, and it is very unfamiliar. In that, you have presented to yourselves a new avenue that is a reflection of yourselves and a capacity to do that. But it is so unfamiliar that you have not quite understood it yet or how it affects you or how to use it in an effective and beneficial manner. But the beginning of that is that it is generating more awareness of what is occurring within your world. That is the first step. From that you will begin to move in more interconnected manners.

This is an important point, also. Individuals at times become discouraged and express that they see no evidence of this shift in consciousness. It is all around you. I have expressed from the onset of this forum, this shift in consciousness is not creating utopia. It is creating difference. It is not that you will be expressing heaven on earth, no, but that your awareness will tremendously expand and that you will be moving in the direction of the individual being of ultimate importance and significance and that you will be self-directing. And you ARE moving in that direction, and there is tremendous evidence of that. In that, it is also, as I expressed previously, a matter of what you pay attention to. If you are paying attention to not seeing what is occurring, you will not see what is occurring.

In this, that is also the reason that it is significantly important to be aware of what type of energy you yourselves are expressing, to be aware of what you are contributing to. Are you contributing to more time and energy of conflict and slower movement and denial, and therefore more trauma? Or are you contributing to an energy that moves you more quickly, more smoothly, and generates more openness to accomplish and to recognize what is changing and what is being accomplished already? And there are significant changes that are already in play. In that, it is merely also a matter of recognizing.

Use your individual selves as examples. If you present to yourself significant changes in your individual life, regardless of whether you deem them to be good or bad, you do not always jump enthusiastically in that direction. You wait; you evaluate; you consider; you may even be frightened. You do not always embrace change. For the most part, you repel it, and you deny it, and you express no, no, no, no!

Use yourselves as an example, and you can understand your world more clearly, for your world is an example of a reflection of yourselves. Therefore, what energy are you expressing, and how are you interacting? Are you involving yourself? As you expressed, you see more separation. I would agree with that in certain capacities in relation to individual interaction. That is obvious. In that, are you paying attention to what you each are doing within a day? How often are you gazing at your cellular phones when other individuals are standing or sitting right in front of you and you are not interacting with them? You are interacting with the device. How often are you interacting with your computer and your family is present in your home around you and you are not interacting with them? You are interacting with the device.

ANN: But the device gets us to other people around the world, which is helping us connect with them.

ELIAS: It is a matter of balance, and in that, you are swinging the pendulum to the extreme, in that not paying attention to what is immediately around you. I am not expressing that your devices are not important or that they are not useful or that they are not a reflection of you and your power and your movement forward. They are, but not at the sacrifice of what they are intended to enhance, which is that interconnectedness, that force between you all.


GINA: All this discussion of earth changes, it’s coming into my mind I remember Seth once talking about there is not only one earth, there are other earths. He was giving an example to the man from Jane Roberts – I don’t know his name now…

MALE: Robert Butts.

GINA: He told them you have changed the probability in your life, because there was an earth where the Second World War ended with atomic destruction and you did not take this path. So, what kind of earth are we talking about here?

ELIAS: We are speaking of this one! (Group laughs) The one that you physically exist in now. Let me express to you, I acknowledge, and that is correct. But those other earths are probable realities and alternate realities, and you are not existing in those. You are existing in this reality.

GINA: Who made the decision to go in this direction?


GINA: So, maybe some of these other people might take a decision to go into another probable reality?

ELIAS: No. You are misunderstanding. When you generate a choice, you create other probable realities. They exist side by side. You are not leaving one and moving to another. You are creating a splinter of yourself; now there are two of you. But YOU remain in this reality, and now you are in another reality also. There are countless realities that you occupy, but you continue to remain in this one, also.

We are speaking of this one that you are occupying. For, you are not leaving this one, not unless you choose to disengage! Otherwise, you are merely splintering other aspects of yourself and creating other realities also that can be experiencing catastrophic events.

GINA: Do you talk to these other realities also, to help?

ELIAS: Some, not all.

GINA: So millions?

ELIAS: More.

GINA: Billions?

ELIAS: More. (Group laughs)

ANN: Say infinity!

ELIAS: Beyond what you can count, for this is the main aspect of this shift in consciousness.

GINA: Why are we so important?

ELIAS: It was your choice collectively to generate this action. YOU chose: your physical reality, your dimension chose. Therefore, what I would express to you is it is not only your planet that is participating in this. There are many other planets that are participating in this shift, for they are a part of your physical dimension, your physical universe, and collectively, your dimension chose to engage this shift in consciousness. Is this type of communication occurring in other worlds? Yes, in the same capacity, to be avoiding as much trauma in relation to this shift as possible.

GINA: Also in these probable realities?

ELIAS: Some, not all.

GINA: Which way do the ones go where no communication is or no shift occurs? What direction do they drift?

ELIAS: In the direction they choose. And it matters not, for that is not necessarily relevant to what you are experiencing.

GINA: I am just curious. (Elias laughs with the group)


ADAM: When we were speaking earlier about people going inland, could you offer us a hypothetical example of what I could do? I’m not going to start working on a crane and this type of stuff. So, what are some things that we can do to start to prepare for that type of situation? I guess I mean this energetically as well, not necessarily just start to make care packages. What is an option? What is an example of how we might start beginning to solve that issue?

ELIAS: Very well. How you can begin, other than informing yourselves and becoming aware yourself, [is] also deciding what type of energy you want to create more of, and in that, remembering that is what you do, regardless of whether you are aware of it or not.

You automatically are always creating more of whatever you are paying attention to. Therefore, what are you paying attention to, and in that, engaging the actions of this shift, one of which is being more interconnected. How does that relate to this subject? Isolating yourselves or ignoring what is occurring and not sharing with each other is not promoting interconnectedness. It is not helping. In that, you may not be an individual that is pouring cement or firing steel to help generate expanded infrastructures, but you may be an individual that is aiding in expressing sharing to promote the awareness of other individuals.

In our previous interaction in which I began to introduce this subject, that interaction began with a question about how to interact with other individuals that do not incorporate the same awareness as yourself, and how irritating it is to be interacting with other individuals that express less self-awareness than yourself and how annoying that is, and how to generate that type of interaction or what to do. This is one excellent subject to begin with, in that you all share this situation. You all occupy this planet, and you all will be – and already are being – affected by situations with this planet, some much more than others. But regardless, this is an avenue that you can begin. What are you creating more of? How are you implementing this shift in that interconnectedness and sharing information and expanding in actual, practical, physical manners? In this, using opportunities, not to preach, not to proselytize, but to share, to invite sharing with other individuals, to engage them, ask them questions. What are they aware of? In a manner of sharing, not instructing, use your awareness to aid those that are not as aware. That would be an excellent beginning.

The physical aspects will come, sooner than you expect, out of necessity. They will have to. But you can be preparing by engaging, by using your awareness to be interconnected, to be sharing. Use your talents. Every one of you has talents. Every one of you has abilities and strengths and creativity. Use your talents to express that interconnectedness with other individuals. What do you already do? How do you already express yourself? What are your passions? What are your talents? And it matters not what they are. It literally matters not what they are. It may be a talent in numbers. It may be a talent in singing. It may be a talent in jewelry making. It may be a talent with animals. It may be a talent of anything; it matters not. Use your talents to connect: a talent in readings, any talent – what you express your passion with, what you genuinely love, what you enjoy, what you excel at. Do it and include other individuals. Reach out with your energy and connect. Be that interconnectedness with your families, with other individuals, with everyone you encounter.

This is not to say that you must engage a philosophical conversation with an individual at your grocery market! (Group laughs) No. But you can extend. You can express comments. You can express one sentence that the other individual may not respond to you with, but they will think about or will spark a curiosity. It is not a matter of being the preacher on the mountain. It is a matter of allowing yourself to begin doing what you are talking and thinking about and reading about. You talk about, you think about, you read about expanding. Now do it!

And we shall break, and we shall return momentarily, and I will answer your questions. (Laughs) We shall engage shortly.

GROUP: Thank you.

(Elias departs after 1 hour 2 minutes.)


ELIAS: Continuing. And question?

EDWIN: It wasn’t so much a question; it was more of a statement. We were talking about being interconnected and people were sharing their experience, and my experience is the opposite, because from a little kid I’ve always been in something artsy. I remember from the beginning a feeling of when you do something, you feel the connection between people: either you get a response, or they get a response, or you cry, and you can’t really describe or explain why you’re experiencing that, but you do know. You do know it and then can validate that. When I came to Germany, and I’ve been over there all this time, working in that, I work from the energy that I experience and connect with other people. Otherwise, you don’t have anything. You can’t put on a show; you can’t move people. If you’re not feeling it, other people aren’t feeling it. In a sense, that interconnectedness, it’s already expressed there. There are people from every walk of life, from China, from Thailand, from Turkey. I don’t speak the same language, but we start making music together and we are connected beyond any outside boundaries or something like that. So, maybe that might not be as important as the government or something like that…

ELIAS: Ah, but it is.

EDWIN: …but in that sense now, that’s an example of interconnectedness that we are discussing.

ELIAS: Precisely, and an example of using your talent to express that interconnecting and to use what you have, and what you do to express that interconnectedness and to communicate, but to connect with other individuals. In doing so, that is an excellent example of it is not necessary to be preaching.

It matters not what you are connecting with them about, for the act of connecting with them is what is important, and that engages that action of interconnectedness. When individuals experience that, as you have expressed, they recognize that feeling, that knowing of sharing that interconnectedness. They may not define it in words, but they know what it is, and they know that energy, that there is no separation of that energy, that you are intermingled with each other’s energy, and you literally are, for your energy field extends and theirs also, and they mingle together. In that, you become not two separate individuals any longer but two personalities mingled with one energy, which is an excellent example, and thank you.


MAGDA: I’m going to shift a little bit into something else. It’s hard to be precise about the question, but I wanted to ask about the shift in regard to the Middle East and what’s been happening in the past few years, the revolutions and protests, and then turning into a nightmare and not creating the desired effect, impact, and having more dictatorships and more killing people. What do you think of that? What is your comment on that? What do you think? What’s the probability also regarding that?

ELIAS: This is a significant subject also, and it is interconnected with what we were discussing previously. But another aspect or another layer of how it is interconnected is that it addresses to the subject of perception.

Let me state once again, first of all, there is no one official perception and reality in your reality. It is ALL individual. Every one of you individually creates your own individual, unique perception, which in turn creates your reality. That is the mechanism that creates everything, every moment, every movement, every thought, every feeling, everything. Every stone in your reality is created by your perception. And although you share commonalities with other individuals in relation to your perceptions, there are also significant differences.

Now; in relation to what you expressed in this area of the world and the discord and the unrest and your expression of the movement moving in a direction that was unwanted, no, it was not entirely unwanted, or it would not have occurred.

This is an important subject, for there are significant differences in perceptions – and that is not to say that one is right and one is wrong. They are different, and in those differences, individuals very strongly disagree with those differences, and each expression of difference can justify their perception a hundred fold. Every individual can justify their perception of what they believe is right. An individual that you perceive or your express or define as a humanitarian can justify their actions, their philosophy, their beliefs, their opinion and their perception, but an individual that is a dictator can justify equally as much, and the individual that is a dictator believes that they are equally as right. You all believe that your individual perception and philosophy, and very importantly, guidelines are right, and with that, you automatically project those guidelines outward in relation to your world.

Now; there are two facets of this. It is not wrong for you to project your guidelines. It is not right for you to expect other individuals to adhere to your guidelines or to practice your guidelines. It is not wrong for you to hold your own philosophy and your own opinion. For you, individually, that is right. But another individual that believes very differently – and remember, what is believing? It is merely another word for trusting – therefore, another individual that believes that an action that generates killing many other individuals and includes suicide for themself, they are motivated to that action for they believe they are right. They trust their philosophy. Are they less right than an individual that believes that it is wrong to kill other individuals or to kill yourself? No. They are not less correct. They are different.

As I expressed previously, what becomes dangerous is when individual’s guidelines and opinions and justifications are expressed in extreme, when they become fanatical. When individuals express fanaticism, they are disconnecting – to a degree, not entirely – but it can lead them into disconnecting entirely, for it can lead them into aggression. As I have expressed, aggression is the one action that you can engage within physical focus that expressly, entirely disconnects you. That is the only action that you can express that will do that, for it is unnatural for you. You are interconnected by nature. You are intermingled in energy by nature. That is what you are, as consciousness, as essence. But you can alter that, and aggression is the one expression that will alter that and will sever that connection – not permanently, but for the time framework that you are expressing it. It not only disconnects you, but it disconnects whoever it is directed to. That is the reason that fanaticism is a dangerous expression, but in fanatical expressions, individuals perceive that they are right.

Now; from the perspective of an individual, such as yourself, and the perception of most of the individuals that you would be interacting with, such as all of the individuals in this room, you share a commonality in perception of honoring life and valuing that, and honoring and valuing freedom while you exist within physical focus. Other individuals that you label in this present time framework as terrorists value freedom also. It merely is not as important to them within physical focus, for they believe they will achieve that nonphysically, and that is more important to them. It is a matter of importance and perception.

In that, this is the significance of your power, not to sway other individuals, unless it is to influence them in relation to the appreciation of themself in the present. This is a factor that drives many expressions of fanaticism, is that they project. They project futurely, and they discount the present and the now. Therefore, they are willing to sacrifice the now for the future. In that, a very significant component of that is that they have been taught and they have learned – very similar to most of you in varying degrees, if not all of you in varying degrees – that they are not valuable in themselves, that they are not important as an individual, that they are less than.

I would express in varying degrees all of you have been taught that, that you are not ultimately important, you are not the most important individual in the world – but you are. You are not the center of the universe – but you are. You are not ultimately valuable – but you are. And you are definitely not deserving, unless you earn it – but you are. You are deserving merely for the factor that you exist and breathe. There is no other requirement. As long as you continue to breathe, you deserve. But that is not what you are taught; that is not what you learn. And in varying degrees, individuals learn that in different strengths.

Individuals learn that they are important if they have power, but that power is external. They do not even understand what the idea or the concept of individual, personal inner power is and how powerful that is. They use fear, and they reinforce that with aggression and dictates. And because all of you have been taught from birth that you are not ultimately important, that you are not the center of the universe, that you are not the primary, you are the secondary, and because you have been taught that throughout your lives, you acquiesce to the individuals that express that external power through fear, for you are already afraid. For that is what you have been taught since birth, to be afraid and to not be valued in the importance that you deserve by rights.

Even as infants, how many infants are exposed to their first instruction of not being primary importance for their parents allow them to cry and cry and cry? An infant cries for it is communicating, and that is its first verbal language, is to make noise, and that is what it does. It cries when it wants, and when it is ignored – and the parents justify that ignoring by expressing that they are teaching that infant to be self-soothing, or they are not spoiling that infant – it will learn not to be demanding. And to varying degrees, all of you have experienced that and more throughout your lives.

Now; you have also all offered yourselves information. You are seekers. You look for information. You kept that spark of your own importance. No matter how deeply it was buried, a tiny spark remains, and you have kindled it through your lives. You may have kept it under a jar, but it never extinguished, or you would not be interacting with myself at this moment. Now you are rediscovering your importance.

In this, you are also discovering the power of perception, and how strongly it can be held in absolute, and in those absolutes, I would express that any one of you would express that you are right, that war is wrong, that murder is wrong, that mutilation of small children is wrong, that torture of animals is wrong – and you use words that support that: torture, mutilation, terrorism. In that, you believe in the depths of your hearts that you are right, and you justify yourselves, and you express very strong judgment to other individuals that express differently and disagree that they are wrong, and they do the same. But the point is YOU do the same. You judge them equally as much as they judge you. That is the point, and that is how we connect that to our original subject in that interconnectedness.

It is not necessary for you to agree with each other. It is not necessary for you to hold the same opinion. It is not wrong for you to incorporate your own philosophy in your lives, and to hold those judgments that you are right and another individual is wrong. That in itself is not wrong. It is dangerous and intrusive when you begin to express those guidelines and those opinions in extremes and begin to entirely devalue other individuals. You may not agree with them, you may even believe that they are wrong, but they are also individuals, the same as yourselves, and they are deserving the same as yourselves. They are important the same as yourselves, and they are valuable the same as yourselves. Even a dictator, even an individual that is a military leader, they are individuals that are important and valuable also. You merely do not agree with what they are doing.

In relation to what is occurring in this area of the world, in a manner of speaking, it is their turn to be the example. Cultures have taken turns throughout the ages of being the forefront of discontent and unrest, to be the flag that waves, that expresses “we are not content, we are not satisfied, we are not happy,” and to value the individual. And when the individual arises as valuable, there are many that arise to squash them, for they present a threat. You all respond to threat and danger, and if individuals perceive other individuals as a danger to themself, they are likely to strike. In this, the justification of their rightness merely reinforces their justification of striking.

But I would also express that there are no accidents. Although you may be aware of thousands of other individuals that agree with you, in the present moment the combination of individuals that disagree with you coupled with the individuals that do agree with you but are afraid, equals the other faction wins, and they express the outward power. Is that an accurate assessment of the majority of the individuals and what their philosophy is? No, not at all. But it is an accurate assessment of individuals not yet being ready to express themselves and expressing more fear than confidence. In that, the stronger faction moves into power – into outer power, not necessarily individual power.

In that, as I have expressed in relation to history, your species is a dominating species. It is in your nature. It has been expressed in a manner to squelch that, to repress it, to inform you that that aspect of yourselves is not good and definitely not to nurture that, which allows for the influx of fear. But fear is reinforced by your nature, which is to be dominant – not aggressive, but dominant – and in that, individuals use that dominance and fear to override other individuals.

It is an age-old story, my friends, that you have been expressing through history. You are moving in a different direction. But I would also express to you, as I have recently with some individuals, I will not express to you the comfort that you will be creating a utopia and that no individual futurely will ever express dominance or aggression against another individual, or that no individual will ever express aggression in relation to an animal or a child. You are not creating utopia. But when that occurs, the individual that is doing it and the individual that is participating in it will know that they are choosing it. That will be the difference.

Therefore, it will not be a perception of a victim and a perpetrator. It will not be an expression of oppression of a people by a few, for the people will be empowered and self-directing in an individual capacity, and therefore, they will not accept that type of action any longer. But this, once again, is another facet of this shift and the tremendous change. This is what you have you known throughout your history. From the beginning of humans, you have known dominance, and you have used it to be oppressive, to be aggressive, and to change that expression into a recognition of dominance can mean an entire redefinition. And what have I expressed from the beginning of these sessions? You are redefining your language, and you are redefining your reality.

In that, that in itself is an enormous change. Those individuals that view themselves as powerful and strong and dominating, to believe that they will accept that they are not and that they are no more important than you, they will not accept that willingly for they will not relinquish that control so willingly. And what does control stem from?

GROUP: Fear.

ELIAS: Fear. That is the reason that any of you express control in any form. It is baseline fear.

I can empathize with your perception and your feelings in relation to your country and your people and what you view as unfair and atrocities. I cannot realistically offer you a comfort in relation to countries, but can in relation to you as individuals and what you choose and to reinforce to you that if you are aware and if you are expanding yourself and paying attention, then you will not create those actions occurring to you, individually. The more you are connecting with other individuals and sharing, it is likely that you will be influencing in a manner that those actions will not occur to individuals around you or that you hold dear. That is not a guarantee, for they create their reality also, but it is more likely.

The more you connect, you influence. Even when you are not aware of how you are influencing, you do. Your energy knows no boundaries, and I cannot emphasize that strongly enough. It is so very real. There is no boundary of space or time that your energy knows. It moves throughout your entire world. Although you may not objectively see always how it is affecting, it is. That is the reason that it is important to be aware of what type of energy you are projecting and what you are doing.

Therefore, for a young individual in this present time framework that is beginning a new family with an infant and they are expressing that same message to that infant, that they are not important enough and that they are not being responded to when they cry, this is a practical example of individuals continuing to perpetuate that energy of not valuing.


JUAN: When, as a parent, you’ve had your whole life experiencing that, you might know conceptually “I am deserving” but you experience it as an undeservingness, you can’t, I think, realistically pass that on to your child. You have to, I guess, work on yourself first and really find that value, that deservingness for yourself. But if you’ve had such a long history with feeling that, what would be a practical way of going about finding that deservingness and making those beliefs, or maybe changing your perception about how that plays in your life?

ELIAS: Much of your deservingness is expressed in what you do, and whether you give yourself permission to listen to yourself or not. Much of your deservingness is expressed in that. Therefore, in practical expression, this is a matter of paying attention to what you are doing and how you are responding.

Now; in this, let us say you are that parent, and you do want to translate that encouragement to your child, and you are not entirely aware of how to do that. How you begin is you pause and evaluate in situations one very simple idea: are you choosing or are you reacting? Not “what am I feeling” first, but “am I reacting” first. And if I am reacting, then what am I feeling, what is motivating this reaction, what do I feel, then what does that feeling mean to me?

Let us say, very simply, that your infant is crying, and you are busy, and you react to the infant crying by becoming annoyed and irritated. And let us say that you move to the child to interact with the child, for you recognize that it is crying and that it wants, but you are irritated.

Now; you are projecting an energy to that child. Regardless that you responded to it, that child is receiving that energy that you do not want to be interacting with it and you are annoyed. Likely the child will continue to cry.

But in this, in this very simple example, you pause. You notice: I am reacting. This is a reaction; what am I feeling? I am irritated; what does that mean to me? Not “why am I irritated,” for immediately you will express to yourself I am irritated for the child is crying. That gives you no information. What does that mean to me, that I am irritated? I was interrupted. Why is that bothersome to me? I was focused; I was enjoying what I was doing, or even if I was not enjoying what I was doing, I was satisfied with what I was doing, for I was satisfied with what I am accomplishing in what I was doing, and I did not want to be interrupted. Why? Interruption does not irritate everyone. It irritates some individuals; some individuals are unbothered by interruption. Why does that interruption bother me? For I have many experiences in which I am not being important, I am not being valued, and therefore, whatever I am doing is not important – some other expression is always superseding what I want to do.

That may be valid as an association that you can address to, but in the moment – and that is the key piece – pay attention to now, what is occurring now. In that moment, that infant is not interrupting you because you are not important or what you are doing is not important. That child is interrupting you because you are most important.

MALE: I guess a way to perceive that, I guess you could take what’s happening in the moment to be in some way more beneficial to you than whatever it is that you were accomplishing. Maybe there’s an opportunity in the given moment to accomplish just as equally or perhaps even more so.

ELIAS: Precisely. In that, that moves in the direction of the flow, and in that, I am a tremendous advocate of the flow, of all of you in the flow, that you all be streams, flowing around and over and under anything in your path, that whatever presents itself in your day, in your path, that you flow with rather than against.

In that, you become unbothered by those obstacles. You become unaffected, for you begin to allow yourself to move in the present. You stop projecting from moment to moment as to what will I do in the next moment if I do not do this now, what will occur an hour from now if I do not accomplish this action now? I would almost guarantee – although there are no absolutes – that your world will not end if you do not accomplish one action in one moment and it changes, or that one action must wait, for another action is superseding it.

In that, many of those actions are motivated by outside sources’ dictates: I should be doing this now. That is not what my own communication is expressing to me. My own communication is expressing to me I do not want to do this right now, but I should or I am obligated to, and therefore, I will. And what if I do not? What are the consequences of that? You think too much! (Group laughs)

In that, it is so much simpler and easier and less effort to actually listen to yourselves and to flow. It requires so much more energy to maintain all of these obligations and shoulds and should nots, and what you have to do and what you do not have to do, or what you should not do. That requires so much energy and organization in thought in a manner that is, for the most part, unproductive, rather than allowing yourself to flow and move with whatever you present yourself with. For, it did not randomly occur. You presented it. You are not in any physical location or situation or time framework that you did not place yourself in. You may not like it, and that may be your opportunity to listen to that factor that you do not like it and to make choices to change it. But the point is that you are not there for it has been thrust upon you. That infant crying was not thrust upon you, and it is not expressing in that manner to interrupt your business or to discount you. You are not a victim to that small one. You are the most important factor to that small one.

You so often look at any situation or expression from the perspective of what is wrong. What is wrong with you, why are you crying, rather than what is right with the situation, what is the benefit of the situation. Even in relation to unrest and terror and war and dictators, rather than viewing from the perspective of what is wrong with all of this situation, how is this an opportunity to benefit? How can this move in a direction to benefit? When you move in that direction, you empower yourself, and you gain support in agreement with you rather than disagreement with you.


JEAN-FRANÇOIS: In the coming planetary reconfiguration you were talking about, what about global communications? How likely is it that something like the Internet would survive that?

ELIAS: Oh, it will, yes. You are moving forward technologically at an incredible rate. You are developing so quickly. This is the reason that I have expressed to you that it is very likely before or just as this shift moves to its completion, you will be considerably off the planet. You will be exploring your universe beyond your solar system.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Physically?

ELIAS: Physically. Your technology is moving at such a tremendous rate at this point, and you are advancing so quickly. As I expressed to you, you are doubling and doubling and doubling, faster and faster and faster. As you continue to do that – which you are – no, your communications will not be stifled or stopped. They will merely increase, and increase beyond your planet.

JEAN-FRANCOIS: So were you just talking now about off-planet colonies?

ELIAS: That is a tremendous possibility and probability at the beginning, not that they will be complete by that time framework, but as a beginning, yes.

EDWIN: Does that mean more…? I’m common, so I understand what he’s talking about, but I’m still very invested in being here. What does that mean for us, for the other people? I mean, I am interested in connecting to all the other stuff and all, that’s lovely…

ELIAS: It is not necessary for you to go! (Group laughs)

EDWIN: With music and frequency and all that stuff, you are connecting to playing at the same time in all those other dimensions, and sometimes I’m singing and I see something flying over there, but I’m staying here. (Group laughs) I just want to know what that means for…

ELIAS: Excitement, new exploration, greater possibilities, greater expansion and greater interconnectedness.

EDWIN: Even within the physical…

ELIAS: Yes, yes.

EDWIN: Because I’m taking mine physically.

ELIAS: Yes, and it is not a matter of you will be threatened in your home here. You are not, and it will continue. Your planet has the capacity to be sustaining you for quite some time in the future, and therefore, there is no threat in that direction. But you will present to yourself more opportunities, if you choose to engage them. But it is not required! (Laughs)


KAUST: So in your webinar, you touched upon another aspect, which was that many of us would live much longer than usual. I have two questions regarding that. First of all, will it be brought about more by technology or just because we are going to be more present in our bodies?

ELIAS: Both.

KAUST: The second was I have noticed since last year when I hit forty, that there is a lot of ageism in society around us, because after a certain age you’re expected to be more… not expanding yourself so much, like you save money and you try to be more stable and things like that. So, how do you deal with these expectations, especially when they are very much present? At the one side we have expectations, and then on the other side you also see your body changing as you age, and so you automatically have this association of limitation, age equaling something which is limiting. If we are going to be living much longer, what would be your suggestion of things we can do right now so we continue expanding and not view age as a limit?

ELIAS: How many of you have ever incorporated a pet? When you incorporate a pet, your perception moves in the opposite direction to yourselves. When you incorporate a pet, you value them, and you want them to continue to live. You want them to live to extended years. The older they are the better. The longer you have them, the better. You do not perceive them in a manner of they are useless beyond a certain age. You continue to express the perception that you want them to be active and also to live as long as possible. But you change that with yourselves, and in relation to age, you express that at less than a half marker point of your age, that you are already becoming useless and that you are now moving in a downward spiral, less productive, Your body is less active, it is less capable, and you must hold to whatever you have created and whatever you have, for that is all you have. You have a certain allotment of energy. You have certain allotment of physical cells. You have a certain allotment of money. You have a certain allotment of everything, and once that is spent then you must hold to whatever you have, to express that for as long as you can in desperation. That is not fun.

What I would express to you, as I have with other individuals, you are at a point in your history and in relation to your expanding awareness in which that expansion of awareness is also expanding your body consciousness. Your body consciousness is not a shell; it is not a vessel. It is a living expression of you, and in that, it is regenerating continuously. The more aware you become, the more it regenerates, for the less you are instructing it to stop regenerating – unless you are holding to that desperation that you have reached your half point, which you have not even reached your half point yet, but that you are approaching it quickly and that it is necessary to hold, for there is only so much energy that you can express, and you have spent most of it already.

No, you have not spent any of it, for spending is a concept that you are expelling and giving away and that that is not retrievable: once you have spent it, it is gone. That is not how energy operates. It is continuously multiplying. It is continuously moving and growing, and if energy is continuously growing, then you are not spending it. In that, it is not limited, and your body is not limited in the capacity that it has been previously in your history. It does incorporate limitations, for you place limitations upon your body consciousness and upon your willingness to continue to participate within physical reality, and that is a significant factor. But it is also very much intertwined with this idea that you age and that you begin to deteriorate, which is incorrect. That only occurs because you believe it to be so, but not naturally. It is not a natural action of your body consciousness. It changes. It is continuously changing. That is not to say that it is less functioning or has less energy or is less capable. It is not.

Kaust: I also have experienced that. It’s just that I’ve noticed the kind of reflection that I’ve got from society. The kinds of jobs that are offered to you, they start becoming more restricted and things like that.

ELIAS: Ah! And where is your attention?

KAUST: On other people’s feedback.

ELIAS: Precisely! Jobs that are offered to you – not jobs that you are creating, not what YOU are expressing, not what YOU are doing – what is offered to you, what is available to you. This is paying attention to outside sources and depending on outside sources for what you create, therefore essentially expressing they create your reality and you are subject to that.

KAUST: I was just in a sort of restricted place last year, and then I decided that it all doesn’t make sense. I knew I could not just stop expanding because other people express views about aging. Now I’m out of that, so I feel like I can continue to expand myself.

ELIAS: Let me also express to you, my friend, that it is also a matter of not being black and white but recognizing your skills, your talents, what we were discussing previously, and using them in whatever you are doing, even in a particular employment. Be creative. Use what you have and expand it in anything. In that, it does not leave you in that direction of either/or always, or that you have limitations or sacrifice or that if I want to express myself I have to be in a particular environment to do that. No. You can do that in whatever environment you are in, if you are allowing yourself to be aware that you are generating those choices.

The limitations that you see, the limitations that you experience, those are of your own making, just as your accomplishments are of your own making. When you succeed, it is not another individual that is giving to you that allows you to succeed. It is you that succeeded. But conversely, when you limit yourself, it is not the world at large that is limiting you. It is your choice to place yourself in those positions in which you limit yourself. I am very much understanding that this is also a matter of awareness, for you may not be objectively aware of what you are doing. Therefore, you do not see what choices you are generating yourself that creates those situations. That is the reason it is important to be expanding your awareness and to be paying attention to what you are doing and to question that – therefore being more self-directing.

KAUST: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MALE: I have a question. Where are we now in the religious wave?

ELIAS: I would express in percentages approximately half mark. (Group groans) Oh, such groaning! What are you all creating in your perception and your reality? That was not an expression of opportunity! That was definitely not an expression of your greatest benefit, of recognition of that. I am speaking to a room full of victims! (Group laughter)

I would express that this is your greatest wave, my friends. This is the most opportunity that you will present to yourselves in any of these waves. There is so much information that is to be gained in this particular wave. There is so much empowerment to be gained and accessed in this wave. Those two words of yes or no – and yes and no – are the most powerful words in any language. They are a part of every language, and in that, you stand to empower yourselves tremendously and to be satisfied and content and comfortable and empowered. And you groan!

MAGDA: Did I actually… Sorry! Shall I talk?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

MAGDA: I think actually this wave, firstly for me I have accomplished a lot outwardly.

ELIAS: I would express that most of you have accomplished a lot.

MAGDA: I don’t know why it annoys me. I think it’s freaking me. There is something about it that is annoying me a lot. (Elias chuckles) It is very stressful, yes, but it is the push. It encourages you to accomplish.

ELIAS: Yes, it does.

MAGDA: So maybe that’s the discomfort.

ELIAS: But it is moving you out of that familiar comfort, and what were we discussing previously? How resistant you are to change, and how much you move in opposition to it. That is an excellent example of it. It is also an excellent example of how you, yourself, in your own expression, in your own life, individually, without even interacting with any other living individual, you are projecting an energy. And what type of energy are you choosing? To be resistant to that change. You are changing. Your world is changing also, and it is changing, groaning and screaming. It is resisting also. And in your own expression, in your own life, how much are you groaning and being irritated, regardless that you are also acknowledging yourself that you are changing: But damn it, I do not want to! (Laughs)


EUGENE: The statement before, I also feel that particularly during the religious wave, I put a number of limitations to myself, and now when you put it like this…

ELIAS: But that is also to your benefit, for you are becoming aware of them. It is not that you are placing more limitations on yourself than you have previously. It is that you are more aware of the limitations that you place upon yourself. You notice them more.

EUGENE: I feel there are more.

ELIAS: There are not more. They are merely more obvious, and in that, because they are obvious, because you see them, you can choose. You cannot choose when you cannot see. You feel there are more because you are becoming aware of them. You feel there were less when you were not aware of them, for you were not aware of them!

You could place twenty pebbles in front of you, and if you only see one, you can step on all those other nineteen pebbles and not even feel them touching your foot, for you only perceive one, and you will move around the one, and you will not notice when you step on all of those other nineteen pebbles. You will notice when you become uncomfortable, but you will not know why. Then, when you begin to notice all those other nineteen pebbles, you are, “Oh! There are nineteen pebbles on that space, and they are uncomfortable to step on, and I am noticing them, and they were not there previously.” Yes, they were. You were stepping on them, but you did not pay attention, and you did not notice. Therefore, you did react, but you attributed it to other factors, and many times, to no factors at all. For, you ignore what you are expressing. You become irritated, and you dismiss it. You become distressed, and you dismiss it. If it is not expressed in strength, you will dismiss it. Your vehicle is not operating properly in one moment. If it is not dead, you dismiss it. If it continues to operate, you will dismiss it.

There are many, many, many expressions that you dismiss. Not only with yourself, with other individuals also. You react to them frequently, but you dismiss them. They are not important. They are not large enough to pay attention to and therefore dismiss them. They were there! All of those expressions that you are noticing now were there previously. You merely were not paying attention to them. Therefore, they were not as obvious.

Let me express to you, my friend. It is the same with anything that becomes important to you. An individual, a female, will express that if they are with child, suddenly every other female that they encounter seems to be with child. There are more females now that are with child than have ever been before. No, there are the same, but you were not noticing before, for it was not important to you before. There are more individuals engaging violent activities. No, but you are paying more attention to it now; you are aware of it now. In actuality, there are less, but you are more aware of it.

In this, it is not that there are more issues or more limitations than there have ever been before. It is that you are more aware of what they are, and you are dissatisfied with what they are, and you are noticing in a more obvious manner. I do not like this – then change it.


ADAM: The other planets in our dimension participating in our shift…


ADAM: …are they moaning and groaning? (Laughter)

ELIAS: In varying degrees.

ADAM: Is Earth more of a whiner?

ELIAS: You do incorporate a propensity!

ADAM: Why do we complain so much?

ELIAS: For you have incorporated a millennium of being taught to not appreciate and to devalue. When you are taught to devalue you, which is the most important expression of all, then it is natural for you to devalue everything else also. That is what you have been taught for a millennium, and it has become a habit.

ANN: Elias, just going back to your foot and pebble analogy, and being more aware versus concentration and attention on things, I’m aware of these pebbles now but obviously I don’t want to concentrate on the pebbles and the discomfort and put attention on them because I don’t want to create more of them. So, I’m aware of the pebbles, I’m aware of my discomfort, I choose I don’t want to do that anymore. Then I look around for something more comfortable to put my attention on, and I move my foot. I guess my question is as we become more aware, if we have attention on things, more wars or whatever, how do we stop creating the war or in our reality creating more of what we want, when we have this awareness of everything? When we choose, how do we focus away from what we don’t want and towards what we do want? I think I know how but…

ELIAS: Back to the beginning and a reiteration of an early question that was presented, which is the same. How do you do it? And how you do it is you be present. You stop projecting. You pay attention to what you are doing now. What are your choices now? Think about the pebbles.

In that, if you are projecting into what another individual might do with those pebbles, is that preventing you from stepping on them? No. If you are projecting futurely and anticipating that perhaps those pebbles will move with the wind or perhaps a rainstorm will wash them away and speculating as to what could occur, are you generating any choices? No. Are you empowering yourself in relation to the pebbles? No. What are YOU doing with the pebbles NOW? Shall you choose to step on them, or shall you choose to move them, or shall you choose to go around them? You have many choices. Shall you move some of them and reconfigure them and therefore generate a path for yourself to step? You have choices, but you do not allow yourself to see your choices if you do not see the pebbles.

ANN: When you are thinking of the future and saying what someone else might do, that’s really concentrating on it and creating it still disturbing you…


ANN: …but when you’re in the present, you just deal with it and go on with your life.


ANN: You don’t have to concentrate on it anymore, but you’re aware of it.


ANN: And you deal with it, right?

ELIAS: Which incorporates much less energy.

ANN: Right.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Yes?

GINA: I have a question in combination with this. You said concentrate on yourself and don’t look at other people. As an example, when I have a desire, in any direction – it doesn’t matter – it is a future project. Because I want something to happen, I would like to do it in this way, because that is what I prefer and other individuals are involved in this automatically. But when I concentrate on a desire to fulfill in the future for me, I involve people in my imagination automatically. But this is a projection again. I am looking at the other people, not at me. I am getting confused. How can I make a projection for the future in my imagination without the other people? I cannot just do it with a dummy. Do you know what I mean?

ELIAS: Once again, it is a manner of being black and white. In that, you exist in a physical dimension with many, many, many, many other beings. You are not alone, and you do involve other individuals. It is not a matter of never paying attention to other individuals or never including them in what you are doing, but generating in your attention with you first.

GINA: In my imagination?

ELIAS: In your imagination, in your perception, in what you are actually doing. Yes, you always are including aspects of past and future in whatever you are doing, for that is a part of your reality. But your main concentration, your first concentration is now and me.

GINA: Me and what I want.


GINA: And what I want in which direction this has to go.


GINA: I can, in my imagination, use these people then, and think about they are acting like this, and they are telling me yes, and everything will be fine or everything will turn out the way…

ELIAS: No, no! What are YOU doing, not what are they doing or they will do this and they will respond in this manner. No. What are YOU doing?

GINA: I am always doing something with other people.

ELIAS: But it is what are YOU doing with them, not how they are responding to you. What are YOU doing?

GINA: So how I do it with the other ones.


GINA: That’s easy. (Laughter)

ELIAS: Congratulations!

KATRIN: Some people in the forum have tried an attempt at teleportation to this group session, and they asked whether we have felt something.

ELIAS: And you all look to myself? It is a question for all of you, not myself.

GROUP: I felt something. I feel a lot of energy.

ELIAS: And there you have your answer. It is not a matter of my perception. I do not incorporate a perception. (Laughs) But you do! (Laughter)

Very well, my friends, one more.

CHRISTOPH: I didn’t get this yes and no thing properly. I asked myself while listening to you speaking whether this yes and no thing is generating these choices.

ELIAS: Always.

CHRISTOPH: Okay, and then the point is to choose whether yes or no is important?

ELIAS: No. You are always choosing yes and no. It is a matter of being aware of what you are expressing yes to and what you are expressing no to. You are always expressing both in every moment, in every situation, in every expression. In that…

CHRISTOPH: You mean just observing it or doing it voluntarily?

ELIAS: You are doing it voluntarily or involuntarily, directly or indirectly, you are doing it always. In that, the point is becoming aware of doing it and becoming aware “no” is not always negative, “yes” is not always positive. In that, when you say no to one expression, what are you saying yes to, and is it a benefit to you or not? When you say yes, what are you saying no to, and is the yes a benefit to you or not? For at times you may be expressing yes and it is not a benefit to you, and at times you may be expressing no and you are empowering yourself.

In this, it is a matter of being aware these are powerful words. They are powerful concepts, and they are involved in every moment of your existence, even in what you are doing in this present moment. You are sitting in a chair, you are expressing yes to comfort and no to movement. You are listening to myself. You are paying attention, but you are assimilating. What are you saying yes to and what are you saying no to? (Pause)

CHRISTOPH: What was the question? (Laughter)

ELIAS: What are you saying yes to and what are you saying no to by engaging this conversation with myself?

CHRISTOPH: I am saying yes to learning, learning, learning and…

ELIAS: And what are you saying no to?

CHRISTOPH: Being outside in this wonderful city.

ELIAS: You are saying no to distraction.

In every moment of your existence, you are saying yes and no simultaneously. What is ultimately empowering is to know what you are saying yes and no to, that you can be self-directing and you can choose those expressions intentionally rather than on automatic pilot, which many times leads you in a direction of what you do not want. For when you are expressing intentionally and self-directing, and you know those yes’s and no’s and how you are using them, you move yourself in a direction in which you are creating what you want intentionally.

And with that, I would express the encouragement to each and every one of you to be empowering yourselves, and I offer my tremendous energy to you each in encouragement to always be expressing to your greatest benefit and to always be aware.

GROUP: Thank you.

ELIAS: To all of you, my dear friends, in exceptional lovingness to each of you and great encouragement, until our next encounter, au revoir.

GROUP: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 1 hour 35 minutes.)

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