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This Is It: The Formula For Creating


“Belief System of The Creation of Universe / Creation AND Universe.”
“This Is It: The Formula For Creating”
“Expressing Your Genuine Self: Passion, No Separation”
“All That You Do Is Actually a Choice”

Saturday, October 22, 2011 (Group/Brattleboro, Vermont)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Aaron (Todd), Ann (Vivette), Ben P., Brigitt, Bruce (Leo), Daniil (Zynn), Hernan (Hernan), Inge, Inna (Beatriz), Patricia (Liva), Jennifer C., John (Rrussell), Kathleen (Florencia), Ken D., Ken G. (Marcel), Ken M. (Oba), Lorraine (Kayia), Lynda (Ruther), Magdalena (Michella), Melissa (Leah), Natasha (Nicole), Rob, Roberto (Francine), Rodney (Zacharie), Sandra (Atafah), Sid (Calum), Suzanne D., Suzanne (Zansa), Veronica (Amadis), Veronica R., Zena (Amber)

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ELIAS: Good afternoon!

GROUP: Good afternoon, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We began this new wave with the identification, for the most part, of the first aspect of it which was addressing to the belief system of senses. And in this time framework from the announcement of this wave we have been discussing that aspect of this wave — senses — how affecting they are, how intricate they are, how absolute they are, and in that, how they are your main avenue for triggers for associations. We have engaged several conversations in relation to that subject. If you are all remembering when I introduced this new wave I expressed to you that there are TWO belief systems being addressed in this wave in difference to other waves previously. This wave concerns senses and also the creation of universe. Or creation AND universe.

Now; this is the second aspect of this wave and we have not discussed this aspect of this present wave. But when this wave began most of you were not quite ready, yet, in experience to be inputting information in relation to the second aspect of this present wave, which is creation and the universe. Now you have incorporated enough time to be experiencing this present wave and paying attention to senses, but also moving forward in shifting. And many of you are beginning to experience the second aspect of this particular wave.

Now; the point of shifting and the point of these waves in consciousness are to offer you avenues in which you will be becoming more aware of self. And in shifting, one great action that you are engaging is becoming aware of the difference in identity between attachments and your genuine self, and what your genuine self is, and therefore, who you are as your genuine self without the attachments that you are familiar with that you have previously defined yourself with in relation to who you are.

Attachments, as we have discussed previously, are not expressions that you are necessarily eliminating for they do serve a purpose in some capacities. We used the example of independence as one attachment and that there are influences of that attachment that may be hindering to you, but there are also other influences that you may choose to continue to engage, that you may actually appreciate certain aspects of this particular attachment, as with any attachment. But the point is the recognition of attachments and therefore generating a new ability to see beyond those attachments that cover your genuine self in very similar manner to a shell. And in that, the type of shell of, let us say a snail.

The snail generates a shell which serves a significant purpose, but is the shell actually the genuine essence of the snail? No. In this, a snail lives within the confines of the shell and uses the shell for protection and also for storage. And in that, it benefits the snail, but the snail is very soft and vulnerable within the shell.

You, within yourselves, incorporate the essence of yourself which is your genuine self, which is covered by the shell of attachments. Attachments incorporate their uses, but they are not to be mistaken as your identity for they are not. They are not who you are. They may influence what you express or what you do, but they are not who you are.

You are moving into a new direction, a new age, of discovery and expression of your genuine self. And in that, there are some very significant changes — very significant changes — that you will incrementally become aware of, and the purpose of this discussion is to clarify those changes that they may be easier for you to identify and for you to move through.

One very significant change that is occurring that is different expressed by your genuine self, is passion. Passion, to this point in your reality - and I’m not merely speaking of all of you present here, but throughout your history, through the history of your species as humans - passion has been motivated by outside goals. What you strive for. What you strive to do. How you motivate yourself to move farther, regardless of what it is.

One passion that you all share at some point in your existence in this physical reality, commonly, that you can most obviously identify is sexual. You understand sexual energy. You understand sexual passion. You know what that is. You know what it feels. And you may think that that is not motivated by goals. Oh yes it is. Even in the act of engaging sexual activity with yourself or with other individuals, in any capacity, it is goal-oriented. You are striving for a particular outcome, a particular feeling, a particular sensation. And in that the point is goal is defined by what you do not already possess. There is no point in striving if you already possess, even in a simple passion such as sexual energy. You do not already possess a climax. Therefore, you strive to express it! And to experience it and to feel it. This is merely an obvious, easy example.

Even your most holiest of monks and priests that deny all physical attachments are goal-oriented. They strive for nirvana. They strive for enlightenment. They strive for heaven. This is an expression that you have developed throughout the history of your species. You are always striving for what you perceive you do not already possess.

Now; this is a very different and immense change that is occurring, for in the recognition of genuine self and in the being of genuine self and expressing from that beingness, you know you already possess all. Therefore, the passion and the motivation is not goal-oriented. It is generated very differently. It is not the attainment of what you do not have, or what you do not possess, or what you have not expressed yet. It is the movement and the choices of expressing any passion in new manners or in whatever manner you choose. But the point is that the passion exists, but in a very different capacity. And it is expressed, but also in a very different capacity. This is creating. This is creation. And this is your universe.

The formula for creating is very simple. And this is the basis of your genuine self. And the formula includes three components: you project energy, you reflect energy, and you either react to the reflection or you choose in relation to the reflection. This is the formula. This is the basis of your genuine self. This is the other belief system, creation and your universe. For all of your universe has sprung from each of you, individually, differently, in configuration, similar, but not all the same. And each expression of your universe has been projected long before you see it by what you projected in energy first.

Now; the reason this is so very much important is this is the manner in which you create your reality. If you want the secret to how you create your reality it is this formula. This is it. And in this formula, the most difficult aspect is the projecting or the awareness of the projecting. The projecting is easy, you do it continuously. Every moment you are projecting energy. Knowing or being aware of what type of energy you are projecting in any moment is not as easy for it is very unfamiliar to you. It is not hidden from you, for you have created this marvelous design in your reality in which every moment that you project you are reflecting. Therefore, the reflection of what you are doing is always in front of you. How you pay attention to that reflection is questionable. What you do with that reflection is the tricky aspect, for what you generally do with most reflections is react to them!

Now; let me also clarify. In many times, your reactions are not necessarily what you would perceive to be bad. They are automatic reactions.

Let me offer a very simple example. If you choose to travel a short distance to a specific designation and you choose to engage a vehicle of some type. An automobile, a train, it matters not. Long before you leave your home you have already projected energy to configure interacting with your mode of transportation. If you are engaging an automobile it will be physically in the location you expect it to be. When you enter it and you place your key in the ignition and you turn the key, for the most part, you will engage the engine in the manner that you expect it to be engaged for you have already projected that energy for those actions to occur. Once the engine engages you have reflected what you projected and you react by driving the vehicle. Those are reactions. You are not intentionally objectively aware of choosing to engage the vehicle. You merely do it. You are reacting to your senses in relation to the vehicle, the energy that you projected, and the reflection that occurred.

Now; let us change this simple scenario slightly. You leave your home. You move to your vehicle. You enter it. You place the key in the ignition and it does NOT engage the engine. And it generates a strange sound. And you are conflicted and baffled. And you react again, but in a different manner. Now you react in frustration, or irritation, or confusion, and you begin thinking, and you are anticipating your destination, and the time framework, and you begin to include many, many other ideas and feelings that are now changing your energy more. You were already projecting an energy that included some type of agitation that affected the reflection to engage a malfunction with the vehicle. You were already projecting that. Now you compound that and you begin projecting a more agitated energy and likely speaking, from that point, your day will include significant challenges, or many small challenges, but it will be a series of challenges, for you are already projecting that energy of dissatisfaction.

Within that day, for the most part, do you think to yourself, do you evaluate, “My first reflection was with the vehicle and it was not functioning in the manner that I expected. What was I doing before I engaged the vehicle?” Generally, no. Generally, you continue with your day and you continue to meet each reflection in a manner that includes some type of agitation.

Now; you can approach this formula from one end or from the other end - the beauty of this formula. You can approach this formula from the end to the beginning or from the beginning to the end. You can pay attention to your reactions and evaluate what you are reacting to in the reflection and thereby begin to evaluate what you were projecting that created that reflection. Or you can approach the formula from the other direction and you can pay attention to what you are doing, and therefore what you are projecting, and therefore not be surprised by the reflection, and choose what you do in relation to the reflection.

There are two components of paying attention to what type of energy you are projecting. It is a matter of paying attention to what you are doing and what you are feeling in the moment. Not either of those exclusively. If you are only paying attention to what you are feeling you are likely to offer yourself misinformation. If you are only paying attention to what you are doing, once again, you are likely to offer yourself misinformation. It is only the combination of these two expressions that offers you accurate information in relation to what your energy is doing.

Now; there are also two aspects to what you are feeling. There is the what you are feeling now in this moment in relation to what you are doing physically. And what is the underlying feeling? What is the ongoing feeling that may be occurring? This is directly related to associations.

In my previous group interaction I explained that there is a difference between now-feelings and then-feelings. Then-feelings are the feelings that accompany associations. And with some then-feelings, some associations are different than other associations, which we discussed.

Within certain time frameworks of your physical lifetime, your physical focus, there is a period of time from birth through — not to, but through — adolescence. This time framework you generate associations and experiences differently than you do within the rest of your existence in one focus, for you have not yet developed attachments in those ages. In not having attachments yet, you are generating more from the perspective of genuine self. How many of you are familiar — all of you — with adolescents and how difficult they may be in your perceptions? And if you have not encountered other individuals as adolescents you know yourselves as adolescents, and all of the qualities that are ascribed to being an adolescent. And in that, you are within a point of your existence that you are developing and moving closer to adopting and developing attachments, but you have not yet. This is the reason that individuals within those years of existence are so volatile, that they express such intensity of feelings, but are desperately attempting to function and to behave as if they had attachments. They are moving close to them, but they have not developed them yet.

In all of those years of your existence your body consciousness mechanism to alert you to danger or threat is expressed in a manner that is more obvious and more intense, for it is the little snail without the shell. Therefore, any danger to the shell, to the snail without the shell, is perceived to be much more grave than with the shell. Those experiences, those memories, those associations are held differently in the body consciousness than other associations. They are held surfacely, therefore they are easily triggered. They are, in a manner of speaking — regardless of whether you objectively recall the associations or the experiences, it matters not — the memory is held in the body consciousness in a very surface manner which creates a vulnerability.

When you generate experiences in that time framework before you have developed attachments, you carry those associations with you. And they are very easily triggered. And they are triggered considerably, repeatedly, throughout your lifetime. And the one most significant manner in which they are triggered, for the most part the only manner in which they are triggered, is through one of your senses. Any of your senses. Your senses are continuously inputting information every minute of your existence, regardless of whether you are waking or sleeping, your senses are always inputting information. And that information triggers these surface memories. Once again, regardless of whether you recall objectively those memories or not, they are being triggered. In this, they influence you in how you create whatever you are creating in your reality. In this, this is that aspect of the formula, the two parts of what you feel. There is what you feel now in relation to what you are doing now, but also the inclusion of what you are feeling in relation to old associations that are very present.

Therefore, evaluating what type of energy you are projecting is a matter of paying attention to what you are doing outwardly and what you are doing inwardly. What you are doing inwardly is what you are feeling and what you are engaging, not necessarily what you are thinking. For in relation to feelings, thinking can be very distorted. Thinking is a translating mechanism. In translating it always seeks information to translate. If it has no new information it will seek out old information to translate and repeat it. Therefore, it may not be accurate in relation to what you are actually doing.

But the feelings are very real and they may not be overt or extreme. They may be very subtle, but they are present, and they exist. Paying attention to these feelings is an important part to evaluate what type of energy you are generating in the moment and therefore, what you are affecting in your reality, what you are creating.

Another factor in this, which is a part of expressing from genuine self, is the dropping of this expression of separation that you automatically express between what is outside of you and what is within you. There is no separation between what you project and what you reflect. Therefore, there is also no separation between what is outside of you and what you are doing inside of you. This is another significant change and can be very challenging for you are very accustomed to viewing whatever is outside of you as being outside of you and different and not the same as what is inside of you. And it is not different. It is merely the physical projection of what you are doing, what you are expressing, and whatever you directly engage in your reality, regardless of what it is. This room that you are presently occupying, for each one of you, before you stepped into this room you already projected energy to configure it and you personalized it. You placed your signature upon it. Therefore, it reflects precisely in every minute detail, to every thread in the rug, to every grain in the wood, to every aspect of the room, you personally configured in detail in creating that reflection of what you have projected.

Now; in like manner, surrounding this room that you occupy, that you have personally each created, there are many other structures, other buildings, other configurations of manifestations. You are aware of them. They exist. Whether you are paying attention to them or not, they exist. But in a manner of speaking, figuratively, they are somewhat of a blur. They exist, but they are periphery, for you are not personally engaging them. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to be entirely detailed. You may in your reality create the façade of a building and not necessarily project the detailed energy of what is included inside of the building. It exists in your reality, but it is not as detailed as what you are actually physically engaging.

But that physical manifestation, such as this room, was created before you even arrived. You already projected the energy whether you incorporate a thinking idea of its appearance, or not, it matters not. You so effectively and efficiently projected that energy to create the room, the building, in every minute detail, that when you enter it, it is all formed. And it matters not whether you are personally engaging an aspect of your reality in a physical location, or a picture, or a song. It matters not. You are personally engaging that in the moment, and therefore you have created its history. You have created its configuration. What, how it appears. What occurs with it. You have created all of it. There is no separation between what is outside of you and what is inside of you.

Yes, you interact with other individuals, and you are all interconnected, and you each generate your own choices, and you do not create other individuals’ realities, but you do create the image of every other individual within this room. You aren’t creating them, but you are creating your own image of them, your version of them. And yes, they are interacting with you. But you have projected, already, an energy to specifically include those specific particular individuals in your interaction in each moment rather than fifty other individuals. You have specifically drawn those particular individuals to be interacting with. You can choose between billions of individuals. You have chosen these, each one. You have projected an energy and attracted, or drawn like a magnet, those energies that match and those are the other individuals present. In all of their differences, in all of their expressions, in all of their different forms, they each match what you projected, and therefore they are present for you drew them.

There is not one aspect of your reality that you have not already projected before you even engage it. This is creation. This is how it operates. This is how it functions. This is what you do without even thinking. You do it automatically, easily. It is not difficult. Did you think to yourselves of every individual in this room and visualize every single form? No. Was it effort for you to create all of these different individuals? Was it an effort to construct the building? No. You merely did it. And I hear so very often how difficult it is to create my reality! (Laughter) You do it continuously with no thought and no effort. And how difficult it is to create what I want in my reality (with mock anguish). Use your own examples. How easy is it for you to create what you do not want? You create that very easily and very powerfully. At times you may even be miserable in relation to what you do not want that you created with no effort and no thinking. And you can create what you do want as easily and with as little thinking. It is merely a matter of being aware of what you are doing and paying attention to what you are expressing. That is the key.

Now; I will also express to you that another factor in creating your reality being expressed from genuine self, as it is not goal-oriented, a significant change is the recognition that all that you do is actually a choice. And one choice is not necessarily better than another choice if it accomplishes what you want to experience. It is your beliefs, your experiences, your associations that shape that idea of what is a better experience and what is not a better experience. What choice is a better choice to accomplish what you want, and what choice is not very good? In actuality, it matters not. A choice is a choice, and if it accomplishes what you want, it matters not. It is your guidelines that decide whether it is good or bad.

I’m not advocating anarchy (Laughter), but I am expressing a point that expressing from the genuine self, many of those lines of rigidness, what you consider to be better or worse, are very blurred for you are not operating from that perspective. You are not concerning yourself with what is right, or what is wrong, or what I should or should not. Those are goal-oriented. You are concerning yourself more with who am I and what do I want to express? And how do I want to express in any capacity? What is interesting to me? What is my curiosity? What do I want to explore?

And in that, exploration is generally not a consideration of whether it is right or wrong. It is an exploration. You are discovering. How can you evaluate what is right or wrong if you do not know what it is? If you are discovering it you have not generated an association yet. What is an association? That evaluation of an experience that includes a judgment of good or bad. Is this experience good or is this experience bad? Is it comfortable or uncomfortable? That is an association. You do not have an association for what you have not experienced. It is new. It is a discovery. This is the perspective of genuine self. The newness even within what is known. It is always an expansion. It is the new.

In that, this aspect of this present wave — creation and the universe — you are the universe and you are continuously creating. And you shall be creating very differently very soon. You are stepping your toes into your ocean, embarking upon the new journey to traverse the ocean. But all you have engaged thus far are your toes and you have an immense, vast expanse in front of you to explore. And in that exploration it is important to know what you are setting into. What is the new adventure? And the new adventure is expressing creation and how you develop your universe. What will it be? How will it be configured? How will it be expressed? What new stars will you discover? What new nebulas? And what new expressions in interaction with each other in recognition of your interconnectedness, which becomes not a threat any longer, but an expression to be embraced and appreciated for it is support. For the more you embrace that interconnectedness the more you bring to you supportiveness and you are not alone.

And we shall break, and you may incorporate your questions at our return.

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ELIAS: Continuing. Now we shall open to your questions.

PATRICIA: You were talking for a while previously about it being important that you choose what is most beneficial to you. And now you are kind of changing it a little bit with lessening the good/bad evaluation. But beneficial would be an evaluation of good.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

PATRICIA: Can you speak to that, because I don’t understand how that works together?

ELIAS: What can be beneficial is the expression of your passion or your interests or your curiosity. It is not necessarily good or bad. Remember it is not goal-oriented. Therefore, it is not necessarily good or bad. In this, it can even be some expression that you would think of as bad. Engaging a choice that you are aware of may be difficult, or may engage some conflict, but you are engaging that choice intentionally for it is beneficial in some capacity and you are already aware of it.

PATRICIA: Meaning like to move through some kind of issue or challenge, that you intentionally engage things? You know it’s going to be difficult, but that it’s going to be worthwhile, although that’s goal-oriented, too.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, but not from the perspective of the goal-orientation. It is not in relation to an outcome. It is more in relation to the engagement of the process. Goal-orientation is focused upon an outcome, regardless of what it is. In expressing from genuine self there is no necessity for outcome for you already possess all and you know it, but you have not necessarily generated the experiences within this physical realm, so to speak. Therefore, it is a choice to generate an experience in exploration without concern for the outcome, but more focused upon the experience and the process of it, the engagement itself, rather than what the outcome is.

Let me express in further explanation to that that you may understand. You may in part be generating a painting in relation to a goal-orientation, the finished product. But you also generate another aspect of that action in which you are very involved in the process and you are not concentrating upon the outcome and you are not concerned with what the outcome is. You are more concerned with paying attention to the process and the creation itself, rather than what it will become.

PATRICIA: Okay. But within, and this I think will kind of wrap it up, but I guess when I think of defining for myself what is beneficial, and that is being talked about broadly, for everyone, to be able to define then what is beneficial for yourself. Can you speak to how you can better define for yourself what beneficial is?

ELIAS: Beneficial would be the action of the experience in relation to what is important to you. Defining what is important to you defines what your interest and curiosity is. Interest and curiosity are the motivation for exploring and expanding. And in that it is that process of expanding and exploring, not necessarily the outcome of it, but the action of it itself in that expansion and that is defined by each individual in relation to what is important to you. What is your curiosity? What is your passion? What is your interest? And generating those processes, those experiences, and those explorations are your benefit.

PATRICIA: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

RODNEY: Elias. (cell phone rings, someone sneezes) I’m sorry. Elias, my head’s kind of swimming with these concepts at the moment.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Not surprising! I would be surprised if any of you are not experiencing some aspect of that at this point.

RODNEY: And the fact that I have not suitably drugged myself today.


RODNEY: With nicotine and so forth. (Laughter, someone sneezes) But, I kind of get... And I’m just kind of looking for some validation, I guess. I’ve spent a period of time now looking at the fact that I’m not motivated, that I’ve got a problem with... I’ve even looked at passion and interest, and what do I do? And what I hear you saying is that this is kind of like a period of approaching what you’re saying.


RODNEY: Which is you’re now totally responsible for creating your own interests, your own passion.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: Your own curiosity.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: This feeling of being lost...

ELIAS: Is the in-between.

RODNEY: the in-between. It’s kind of like losing all of that outside goal-oriented stuff.

ELIAS: Yes, and this is very common presently.

RODNEY: It’s big time for me.

ELIAS: For it is a temporary state that you may define as that in-between. You have not actually accessed entirely, or fully, your genuine self, and therefore you have not explored your passions and interests and curiosities from genuine self perspective. And you are letting go, so to speak, of the passions and interests and curiosities that are influenced by attachments. What you have learned. What you have been taught. What you have experienced. Those are the foundations of attachments, and in that, you are moving away from those being a part of your identity and therefore also being a part of your motivation, your interest, your curiosity, your passion. They are no longer part of your genuine self and therefore they are also not motivating in those directions. Those are the old familiar. In a manner of speaking, you are putting them aside. You are not eliminating them. You can access them when you want to access them, but they are not your central focal point. They are not your identity. And in that, yes, there is a transitional time framework and this is the reason we are engaging this discussion, for you are entering into this transitional period, so to speak, in which you do notice a lack of motivation, a lack of interest, a lack of passion, a lack of curiosity, for those motivations are changing.

RODNEY: Yeah, well, like I caught myself the other day just wondering, how do I even know what I’m interested in?

ELIAS: Correct!

RODNEY: How do I discern that? How do I discover that?

ELIAS: Yes. And the automatic action is to revert to those attachments.

RODNEY: Right.

ELIAS: And to seek out new motivations, or passions, or interests within the construct of those attachments, for that is what you know. That is what is familiar. And therefore you move your attention once again to what you have been taught, what you have learned, what you have experienced, and you attempt to draw upon that to spark a motivation, to spark an interest. But it is ineffectual for you are dipping your toe into that ocean now and with that you have created the onset of putting aside the attachments and moving into the expression of genuine self. And there is an aspect of what you would term to be floundering.

What I would express to you all in this time framework of the in-between, of the adjustment, or the transformation - relax. Do not push yourselves. Do not attempt to seek out an interest. Allow yourself to use your experiences previous as an example. Did you seek out an interest previously? No. You develop them. Information is presented to you and you either receive it and generate an interest, or you do not. You do not necessarily seek out what is curious to you. You present it to yourself and you act in relation to that presentment. You present ideas, subjects to yourself, and you evaluate. Am I interested? You do not necessarily think in those terms, but that is the process that you engage. Does this interest me? And you evaluate, yes or no, if it does or if it does not.

In a very similar manner, as you move more into the expression of your genuine self you will present yourself with motivations, with ideas, with curiosities and interests. They will be more sparked by imagination than by attained information.

RODNEY: I find myself naturally drawn to be curious about new ideas in the world of physics, energy. Somebody just invented a camera. It’s a small thing. You take a picture and you focus it after you get home. It’s crazy. It’s just wild. Anybody knows anything about photography, I mean, that’s really, really, really unusual. I bring that up because is that a natural? I say that’s a natural thing with me.


RODNEY: But is that an attachment?

ELIAS: No. You can associate it with attachments, but the inner curiosity, the rawness of the curiosity is not. It is an expression of the genuine self. There are many, many expressions that you all generate that incorporate a grain of genuine self in them that you already express.

RODNEY: But we’ve got to know the difference between?

ELIAS: Not necessarily for it is a process and a movement that is occurring naturally.

One of the facets of the process that you notice most obviously is this building lack of motivation, this building expression that you are disinterested in many of the subjects that you have been interested in. Many of the subjects that you have expressed great passion in do not seem to spark that passion any longer. That is your indicator you are moving, you are shifting, you are expanding your awareness. In that, in the in-between state, so to speak, it is important not to fight with yourselves, not to oppose yourselves. Allow yourselves to merely relax and trust. You will continue to move. You do continue to move. Regardless of your own evaluation, you are continuing to shift. You are continuing to progress. You are generating the process and you will generate new motivations, and interests, and curiosities. And some of those may be very similar to old curiosities, or interests, or passions, but they’re expressed differently. In this, yes, for a time framework in each individual it will be expressed differently. You may feel yourself, in a manner of speaking, floundering and being uncertain.

RODNEY: Ha! My life story! (Laughter)

ELIAS: And in that it is very important to not fight with it and push yourself to create a passion. I must have one! (Laughter) Therefore, I will invent one. (Laughter) It is not necessary. And when you do that, what you do in actuality is lengthen the time framework of that in-between, for you are fighting with it, not allowing it to flow, and the more you fight with it, the more you dam the stream. (1)


ELIAS: Therefore, relax. Stop judging yourselves in that you are not doing. And let me also express, this is a trap — concentrating upon what you are not accomplishing, and what you are not doing, or what you did not do, or what you did not accomplish. This is a trap. It sets you in a direction of energy to not accomplish. And it sets you in an energy projection of lack. It is important to tip those scales differently of what you are accomplishing, what you have done, regardless of what it is in each day.

And let me express to you, with any new action initially it may require some effort and paying attention. But very quickly, if you continue, it becomes habit. And then it requires no effort and very little concentration. You do it automatically. You replace the automatic evaluation of what you did not do or what you did not accomplish, with what you did do, and what you did accomplish, or what was satisfying to you. And in that, just as simple and small or insignificant as you immediately identify what you dislike. A smell; “I do not like that smell.” A color; “I dislike that color intensely.” A movement; “I hate that movement!” You do this very automatically. You generate these evaluations very automatically. You do not think of how that is affecting what energy you are projecting. And just as easily and automatically those evaluations can be replaced with, “I am very attracted to that smell; that color is very pleasing to me or soothing to me; I’m enjoying this sandwich immensely.” It is a simple action and it seems insignificant, but it is powerful in energy.

RODNEY: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Yes?

KEN G.: Yes, Elias. You have expressed a few times, and this may seem like a diversion but I’m going to try to bring it back into the conversation, you’ve expressed a few times that certain individuals are now disengaging with the purpose of aiding in the accomplishment of the shift. I guess this might be a few questions, but I’ll try to keep it simple. I have a friend who recently disengaged and I very strongly feel that he is one of these individuals. I don’t really need a confirmation on that. I feel this is true. I’m wondering, first of all, how is their experience of disengagement different, and it doesn’t have to be a lengthy explanation, from someone who is simply just disengaging to come back or not to be reincarnated? But how is it, in other words, if they’re intentionally going to help? How is their experience of disengaging? Are they put right to work in some way, or are they immediately helping upon disengagement? Have they already transitioned to a point which, previous to their disengagement, that they’re ready? And how are they helping? Can we perceive their help?

ELIAS: It is not an action in the capacity that you are thinking.

KEN G.: Okay.

ELIAS: You are designating this idea of helpfulness as being a specific action that is engaged to do something that will be helpful. Mass disengagements, as we have spoken of previously, generally if they are designated as a helpful action, are generated as a statement, not that once they have disengaged they are generating any specific action in relation to your physical reality, but that they have in their disengagement generated an action to generate a statement. Individuals that choose to be disengaging in relation to this shift, in many capacities what they are engaging is more associated with what they are not doing by participating physically. In not participating physically they may be aiding in the movement of the shift more smoothly or more quickly for they are not opposing it, or they are not generating conflicting actions that will be hindrances. Therefore, the removal of themself from the participation of the collective within your reality is helpful for it is what they are not doing that is important. It is not a matter that individuals disengage and from that point they engage some action to help you. No, that is not the point. Even individuals that disengage to be an inspiration are being helpful in that action of death, not subsequent to death, but in the action of death. They are being helpful as being an inspiration or as being a removal of conflict or opposition.

KEN G.: Now was this the case in the case of my friend? Not to get too personal, was this the case in his case [inaudible]?

ELIAS: Which?

KEN G.: That my friend who recently disengaged, is this the case that he removed himself in order to be helpful, but through the inspiration of his removal?


KEN G.: Okay, this is what I felt because I was intimately involved in this. My other question is so this means that they are not indeed just floating off and becoming guardian angels.


KEN G.: And performing actions.


KEN G.: Does this ever occur? Are there ever people who… Or for example, yourself, who have disengaged and now returning to communicate… Do some individuals... What was your experience? (Laughter) How did you decide to come back and aid?

ELIAS: That would be very similar to what we have been discussing, a genuine passion that is being expressed in relation to myself. The outcome is unimportant. The process is all important. The engagement of all of you is important. How you respond to it is your choice. What you do in relation to the information that I offer from this perspective, is also unimportant. What is important is that it is my passion and the involvement in the expression of that passion and the curiosity of a source event, a master source event, which has rarely been expressed and accomplished in physical realms. And therefore there is a genuine curiosity as to how it accomplishes and how you will choose to configure it. And offering information from a different perspective to be helpful, but without an agenda and without a goal, for it is your choice whether you receive it or not.

In that, time is very different in some non-physical areas of consciousness. In some areas, there is no time. But in those areas of consciousness non-physically in which there is time, it is configured very differently and is much more pliable. And therefore at my disengagement from this reality, engaging that choice is not that you become unaware of any physical reality. And at that point of remembrance of death, and therefore the point of recognition of non-physical reality, there is an opportunity to generate a choice in a myriad of directions. And it is merely dependent upon the very same as what we are discussing and what you are moving into in physical focus. It is a choice of passion and curiosity and interest.

In this, as I have expressed many times in relation to this shift, there are many aspects of this shift that you are accomplishing that, for the most part within physical realms, within physical realities, has not been accomplished to this point, for you are thinning those veils of separation so tremendously that what your objective is in this shift is to be expressing within physical focus much more in likeness to how you express outside of physical focus, but maintaining a physical reality.

You are not creating utopia, as I have expressed. You are not creating paradise. You are creating an immensely expanded awareness to be experiencing physical reality, but from the perspective of a much grander awareness that is much more likened to non-physical awareness, within the construct of a physical reality.

I have expressed many times, you have explored this physical reality for millennia, thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of years. And beyond your exploration of physical reality in this blink of thousands and thousands of years of this physical reality of your planet of your universe, you have expressed many, many, many, many more thousands of years in other blinks exploring in very similar capacity to this blink. You are bored. You have developed beyond the confines of this physical reality and this is the reason you chose to be inserting this master source event, this shift, into your reality and altering your reality and the construct of it considerably. Not entirely changing it - maintaining the base elements of your belief systems, of your base elements of sexuality and emotion, the physical expression - you are not changing that, but you are changing considerable more aspects in how you engage that design in a very different capacity now.

KEN G.: It does feel that way.

ELIAS: For it is. (Chuckles)

KEN G.: I guess I was mistaken about my friend a little bit. But I’m just curious, there was one small incident where a feather appeared, where it physically never should have according to all “scientific [inaudible]” and the like. Was he involved in that or is that something that I and my friend manifested together?

ELIAS: Both.

KEN G.: Thank you.

DANIIL: The passion of the focus versus the passion of the essence, right, I know that the focus is the essence…

ELIAS: There is no distinction! (Strongly and distinctly) (Laughs)

DANIIL: Exactly, yeah. Every focus is essence.


DANIIL: And being an integral part of the essence will realize their passion, but each one will have slightly different passions.


DANIIL: And yet, it fits somehow in the overall essence passion, would you say? Or?

ELIAS: There is no distinction. That was the point of this conversation this day. There is no difference between the outer and the inner. Therefore, there is no difference between you as a focus and you as essence just as there is no separation to different entities of objective and subjective awareness. They are not separate. They are not different entities. You as essence is not a different entity from you as who you are in this focus. It is the same. In a manner of speaking, what you are doing in this shift is you are cracking the shell and peeling it away to radiate that, that you are as essence in a physical reality.

DANIIL: Okay, so one focus that is musician, and one who is a scientist, and one who is, I don’t know, a hockey player. They all feel more and more united as part of the whole [inaudible].


DANIIL: Which will be deeper expression of essence.


DANIIL: Okay. And I have a quick follow-up question, now that most of us are in-between.


DANIIL: Not quite confident what our passions are in what is a decision to make. Like, my boss comes to me and asks, well, what do you like to do? Do you want to do this or that? Do you want to be manager? Do you want to be an architect or something like that? How do we make that decision without pushing ourselves in any direction?

ELIAS: In those types of choices (2), you are in many aspects engaging attachments, but I would express in the same manner that it is a matter of paying attention to your energy, what are you doing? What are you doing, what are you feeling, simultaneously? And in that, expressing not from gain, but from what you genuinely want, not what it gains you to generate a choice, but what is comfortable in generating a choice. There are many choices that are motivated by gain. And in that, you may be comfortable with the gain. Therefore, it’s not black and white, but not only for gain.

DANIIL: Now comfort doesn’t equal curiosity, right? So, does curiosity have a role of leading you beyond the comfort?

ELIAS: Yes. Correct. At times. At times you will let go of comfort to explore curiosity or even interest. And even passion at times will motivate you to put aside comfort, but you are doing that intentionally. You know that you are doing that.

JOHN: I have a question.

RODNEY: Okay. Fingers off the buttons. (Laughter)

JOHN: Okay. I was just struck by your analogy, right, about the ocean and dipping your toes in the water. And then this morning I went for a swim, and I sort of did the same thing at the pool. I dipped my toes in the water, and I just kind of jumped in and went for a swim. And it was quite nice, and it happened very quickly. And it’s more of a general question, but I know that we’ve engaged a number of waves to date. In fact we’ve engaged the majority of them, and we only have two left, which means all of the waves are over, presumably, in about five or six years, whatever the time framework might be. What sort of happens next? Where is the shift sort of going?

ELIAS: I can respond to that in two manners. One, the obvious, you move in the direction that you choose. (Laughter) But I would express that the point of these waves has been to allow you to explore. Shall I pause?

MALE: Yes, could you?

ELIAS: Very well. (Laughter)

MALE: Thanks, I can stop taping this. (Laughter)

RODNEY: You have to tell Elias to stop going.

MALE: Okay.

RODNEY: Something you’re not accustomed to doing.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I am aware of your practices. (Laughs.)

FEMALE: Can you sing us a song in the meantime? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Can I or will I?

(Laughter and talking)

(Video recording resumes)

ELIAS: Very well. In this, the point of these waves is to allow you all an opportunity to collectively address to each belief system and their influences, and what they are, and what they mean, for this is a foundational aspect of your reality in this physical reality and therefore it is important that you are aware of what your design of your own reality is. This has been collectively chosen to engage each belief system in a wave of consciousness that you support and aid each other in your own movement by rippling and connecting with other individuals, even if you are not actually physically engaging other individuals. It matters not. You are generating contributions in energy to the whole, so to speak, that all individuals can become more aware of the design of your own reality and therefore increase your ability to manipulate your reality in manners that you prefer.

In this, once you are finished or completed with any of these waves, you have accomplished the point and it is merely a matter of further exploring but with a greater and more expanded awareness of what you are exploring and how your beliefs interplay with that. I would express that even to this point there are many of you that continue to express the direction, regardless of what you say, of wanting to eliminate beliefs and viewing them as the enemy or as some tremendous hindrance to you. Therefore, this is a significant point also, moving into an awareness that your beliefs are not your enemy, and that you have chosen to participate in this physical reality with that design. Therefore, it is not a matter of the limitation, but rather expanding your awareness to expand your curiosity and your interest of how to manipulate them differently. Not to eliminate them. Not to change them. But how can you manipulate in a physical reality that incorporates belief systems and efficiently and effectively create what you want to create in your own individual explorations?

Once you have finished or completed these waves, your awareness at that point, I would express, would be expanded enough that you can begin more of the new adventure of how to be engaging them very differently than you are accustomed to now. Therefore once again, not a goal to complete - these waves - but a part of the process. They are your springboard. You expressed that you engaged a swim in like manner to a springboard of a pool. They are that function, these waves. They are the springboard to launch you into the greater exploration, the more expanded exploration, not viewing your beliefs as a hindrance or as an obstacle, but allowing you to move into that expanded water with a thrust.

JOHN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Yes.

Ken D.: Elias, I have a two-part question, if I might. As you speak of the deeper shifts and the waves, and the source fueling inner and outer as being the same, and there is an interior consciousness shift, and there’s also shifts that occur in the non-physical and physical realities. And so I want to try to talk about a physical reality that is perceived to be planetary [inaudible]. Okay? And what your insight on this is in the outer because it reflects the inner.

Today is October 22, 2011. There are about seventeen different prophecies upon the earth that speak of fourteen months from now, of December 21, 2012, as huge shift on the earth plane in the physical reality, which would permeate deeper shifts in the non-physical consciousness reality. And can you speak of any knowledge and awareness you have about these things which may or may not occur on the physical plane not this December, but a year from now?

ELIAS: I will. What I would express to you is that there is a considerable accumulation of energy in relation to that time framework. I would also express to you that that is not necessarily a designation of an event. There is an accumulation of energy which can be configured in a myriad of capacities which have not been chosen yet.

As to your prophecies, the danger with prophecies is that they do not allow for choice. That they suppose that there is a predestination or fate that has been previously chosen or decided upon, which also implies that probabilities are already generated and that you are choosing from a storehouse of already created probabilities. And as I have expressed previously, probabilities are created in the moment. They do not lie before you. They are all created in the moment. Yes, they all generate a considerable ripple and expand through consciousness. Whatever you choose generates a probability and that expands in countless ripples which is affecting in consciousness. And I will concede that there is a considerable amount or volume of energy that has been projected, and a concentration in relation to that time framework and those ideas. For that is what prophecies are, they are ideas. They are speculative ideas. They are not absolute and they are not necessarily correct or true. But they are expressions of ideas that individuals have set forth in relation to their beliefs and in part in relation to tapping into different expressions of energies that they form to suit the idea. And therein is born a prophecy.

When prophecies are actualized it is an action that the majority of individuals participating in your reality have chosen agreement with that idea. Not that it was foreseen, but that an idea was developed and supported by an attraction of energies to be formed or to be plied to that idea. And when enough individuals, when there is a great enough collective that agree with the idea, they actualize it. You actualize it, collectively. And therefore it appears that a prophecy was foreseen and was true, but that is not the mechanism of what occurs.

In relation to the prophecies that have been set forth, and in relation to the Mayan civilization, there is tremendous misunderstanding and misinterpretation from the actual participants in that civilization and culture. You have developed upon their ideas and their culture yourselves and have expanded it. And what you have expanded was not actually expressed in that particular culture. In that, you have developed ideas and set them forth and have molded energy to conform to those ideas. And you have accumulated a considerable volume of energy in relation to these prophecies, this time framework.

But what I will also express to you, that in shifting — and the entirety of your world is shifting, whether they are aware of it or not — in shifting you are becoming more and more aware of reality. What does that mean? It means that any idea or concept that is set forth, or even prophecy, is not as blindly accepted as it has been previously within your history. And even in some situations in which individuals may actually agree with the idea, they may not necessarily be projecting energy in that direction. Therefore, they may not be choosing to participate in any particular mass creation.

What I am expressing to you is that with the awareness of the masses now and in relation to the progression of this shift in consciousness, the energy collectively is very split. And therefore I will reiterate as I have expressed previously, to this point you have not chosen any significant mass event or catastrophic event to be occurring within that time framework. You have not actually chosen any direction to be marking that particular time framework with any great significance at this point. That can change. In the manner in which energy is moving presently it is unlikely that it will change, but it can, and you can choose in any time framework what you want to express en masse.

You are already doing that. You are already consistently generating considerable upheaval within your planet in many, many different capacities. But you are also becoming accustomed to that upheaval. It is not as shocking any longer as it has been in the past. You are more accustomed to the expression of drama for you engage so much of it in shifting. And therefore it is not surprising to you any longer and it is not as catastrophic as it has been in prior time frameworks prior to the onset of this shift. It is not that you are becoming desensitized, but that you are aware of what is occurring. And therefore when you generate upheaval it is not as much of a surprise to any of you and therefore holds much less impact than it has in previous time frameworks.

Therefore I would express to you, in a manner of speaking, you are almost moving in the reverse expression of what the prophecies express for you are generating more awareness and less reaction. Without the reaction, catastrophe is not so catastrophous. (Laughter) In this, it is not as traumatic and shocking if there is not tremendous surprise and reaction. The surprise is ruined, (Laughter) for you all know of the prophecies. You are all anticipating the time framework, therefore there is no surprise. The trauma or the shock is tremendously diminished for you are all generating greater and greater awarenesses and are becoming more and more and more aware of your own participation and your own choices in that participation. And whether you agree or whether you disagree, and even in that, you are aware enough to allow yourself the expression of your ability to manipulate energy in certain capacities in your agreement or disagreement with mass events and whether you choose to participate in them.

I would express that within recent time framework, that being within the end throes of your previous century and this new century to date, you have generated such a considerable amount of upheaval and mass events that were shocking, that were surprising - they are not surprising any longer — that you have awakened yourselves to your own participations. You have awakened yourselves to probabilities. And in that, I would express that it is more likely that you would (Smiling) disappoint yourself that there is not a mass event (Laughter)than to be actually supported or surprised that there is one. And in that, you may generate some action in a different capacity merely to express that accumulation of energy and that volume of energy, but you may choose to do it in a very different capacity.

PATRICIA: I want to jump off that. So, okay, so, what you just said — choosing to do it in a different capacity – then you could be sort of really creative as to what type of sail that you construct for yourself, so that you can ride that. If there’s going to be all this energy released, like the question would be, what are the most effective ways to just rock out with that? I mean, that you could… Because, I’m just thinking, what could we do with that? If we’re choosing, if we’re creating, then, you know what I’m saying? How you could take that and make something really fun or really positive.

ELIAS: Then perhaps you will generate a breakthrough in a new discovery of energy that will launch you into space.

(Group applauds, and Laughter and sneezing ensue.)

FEMALE: You could leave now!

ELIAS: Agreed. Ha, ha, ha!


LORRAINE: Hi, Elias. This is Lorraine. I don’t really have any exact question, but I have a curiosity about the financial goings on that we’re creating globally right now with Occupy Wall Street and all that kind of stuff. I’d like a little bit more information about the big change in the monetary system. If you could just talk a little bit about that.

ELIAS: It is proceeding, as you are aware, and this is a very significant physical change. And with this type of enormity of a physical change that includes almost the entirety of your planet, what is familiar to all of you collectively with regard to, for the most part, any set structure, is to tear it down before you begin to build anew. And that is what you are doing. That is what is familiar to you and therefore what you perceive to be the most effective, not necessarily the most efficient, but the most effective. And therefore, that is the direction that you have already engaged, which is obvious. You are dismantling. Brick by brick, you are dismantling that structure. But collectively you have not quite set yourselves upon a new structure. Therefore, it is once again another in-between in which you have not yet chosen or decided what you will create and place in your reality as the new structure to replace the old structure of exchange.

And let me express to you, as with any other aspect of this shift, it begins with every individual. And in this, how difficult is it for each of you to even conceive of functioning in a reality without exchange? It is almost impossible for you to objectively conceive of that at this point. You are already moving in that direction. You are already dismantling the structure, but it is a process, and this is, in one manner of speaking, a lengthy process. But in another manner of speaking, considering the length of your history and how long you have been engaging exchange, this change is occurring exceptionally quickly for it is being accomplished in a timeframe of approximately one hundred of your years, which is miniscule in relation to all of your history. It is very quick movement. But I am aware in your present lifetimes that may seem to be a considerably long time. And in that, you will continue to observe and even participate in and be affected by the changes in your financial structure.

But what I would express to you is a tremendous encouragement not to succumb to fear, for that is the automatic response. It is new. It is different. It is unfamiliar. And what will I do? And what will I lose? This, once again, is that tipping of the scale in that familiar direction, concentrating upon what you do not want, what you are unhappy with, what you are uncomfortable with, rather than tipping the scale in the direction of what you do want, and what you are accomplishing, and what you are comfortable and satisfied with.

Change is much more easily swallowed if you are not choking yourself (Laughter), if you are not fighting with the change in generating those expressions and perceptions of negative and lack and fear and discounting. If you are moving with the wave rather than against it, it is much less exhausting, much easier, and can be accomplished with much less struggle and trauma or discomfort.

This is one of those situations. It is changing. You have chosen it. Therefore, your choice now — for you have already chosen this, you have already initiated it and put into movement, it is moving — now your choice is you can either swim against the wave or you can ride with it. You can either express fear and opposition and generate considerable discomfort and be miserable, or you can accept that this is the choice that you have created and allow yourself to trust that — very important factor, trust that - and trust that you will adjust and you will change with it and it will flow.

LORRAINE: That’s the key, the trust part, as you just mentioned, because I don’t have a problem with it going. I’d love it to go. (Laughter) It’s the fear. It’s the fear of what’s going to remain.

ELIAS: Correct.

LORRAINE: What’s going to... I’m happy not to have to pay the mortgage to the banks. I really believe that they’re going to go, they’re going to go away. But it’s, like, what then? What comes after that?

ELIAS: Correct.

LORRAINE: I don’t know what that is. [inaudible]

ELIAS: And as I expressed, what is expressed after that is that you will all be continuing to function within your world. And all of the functions of your world will continue in the capacity that is necessary for its functioning. And it will be accomplished through the actions of each individual choosing to do what they want to do, what their passion is to do, what they enjoy doing, and what is satisfying to them, rather than what they do not want to do, but they are being paid.

RODNEY: Give him the mic. Don’t touch the buttons. (Laughter)

VERONICA: Elias, I remember reading your advice to not hold onto your thoughts so tightly, allowing them to go. I notice that in my everyday activities, together with, what I call becoming a little forgetful, I am aware of light areas in my brain. Is this a beneficial activity or the opportunity of the genuine self’s expression?

ELIAS: It can be.

VERONICA: It’s like the world looks anew after the awareness of the blank space. And I’ve begun painting that space, so I’m wondering if this is an opportunity to see the world anew.

ELIAS: Different. Yes.

VERONICA: Oh, cool.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Yes?

KATHLEEN: Hi, Elias. So glad to be here and so glad that you’re here. (Elias chuckles) I have a question. I had what we call in this neck of the woods an accident in May. My entire life has completely changed since that time. And I happened to be transcribing a session, or giving it my best shot, that included a young lady who had an accident, who disengaged in her accident and was not replaced - but, you’ve been replaced, so – who another aspect took over her essence or her focus. And I’m wondering if this happened to me because I can’t wrap my mind around how so many things about me could change so dramatically in such a short period of time. I don’t even peel apples the same way. I don’t know who that is peeling those apples, and it’s so interesting to me. It’s really exciting because it seems like this whole other doorway of opportunity and information has opened up to me, and it’s really kind of blowing me away, but I’m having a really lot of fun with it. But, you know, I’ve also been a little bit afraid because I’ve had some physical manifestations that seem to be the result of that experience, that I can’t quite put my finger on, but I feel something there. And I’m just trying to find out if, number one, another aspect of me has sort of stepped into my focus and sort of become the primary aspect. And if in that process the opening that I’m sensing that I’m experiencing is... I guess I’m looking for some validation on that because I just feel this massive light in my world, and this amazing joy, and I’ve always sort of leaned in that direction, but this is like ridiculous joy. (Laughter) And, you know, there are some people who have an aversion to that because it’s something outside their frame of reference.

ELIAS: I am well aware.

KATHLEEN: But I’m groovin’ on it. I’m stylin’ with it. So many things have changed that it just really doesn’t feel like me, but I know it’s me. And, I guess I just would like to know a little bit about it.

ELIAS: I would validate to the second aspect of your question, of your experience, yes. As to first, of changing primary aspects, no. What you have done is you have jolted yourself. This occurs at times with individuals and it is generally in relation to their desire. Remember, desire is not always the same as what you want, but it is what genuinely drives you. And in that, in relation to your desire in openness, in shifting, in appreciation, and in a greater awareness, what you did was you jolted yourself. You offered yourself an experience to shock yourself into an opening. And individuals do do this. It is not tremendously common, but it is not uncommon either, that individuals will generate certain types of extreme experiences, many times what you term to be near-death experiences, and it is not a matter that those individuals are necessarily changing primary aspects, but that their desire is great enough and intense enough in any particular time framework that the swiftest and the most effective manner to accomplish the expression of their desire is to generate some extreme action that will jolt them into an awakening, and that is what you have done. (Group applauds)

KATHLEEN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

KATHLEEN: And a quick one for Kimi Kiatia, who asked me to mention her shoelaces, because there has been a lifelong issue of loose shoelaces, and she wonders if she’s trying to loosen up her energy or if you would speak to that, just slightly for her, because I promised. Thank you.

ELIAS: Ah, interesting, for this circles us to the beginning of this forum in which we discussed shoes and bare feet.

Now; I would express that it is not imagery of loosening her energy. It is imagery of the telephone ringing. It is imagery of paying attention. Where are you walking? What are you doing? Pay attention. She is expressing an objective reflection to communicate to herself in a more obvious manner. Pay attention to where you are going.

KATHLEEN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Chuckles)

SANDRA B.: One more? Okay. So in view of what you are saying, Elias, this afternoon, as we get excited and joy-filled about this shift that we’re engaging and the wave, the creation wave we’re inserting, could we also then be the imagineers of this wonderful experience we’re about to...? You said before, we present ourselves with every aspect of the imagery in this room down to the cellular level, the atomic level, but we already pre-do it before we get here, in a sense. So because we do that quite naturally as humans, isn’t this maybe a metaphor for how this new appearance of whatever we’re creating will manifest? In other words, I become aware I’m the manifestor of my reality, then I choose whatever I wish to manifest, and then I know it consciously.


SANDRA B.: Ba-boom, done. That’s it.

ELIAS: It may not appear instantaneously.

SANDRA B.: No, no.

ELIAS: But, yes, you are correct, and, yes, I would agree with your terminology of imagineers.

SANDRA B.: Okay, great. Thank you! Love it! Thank you.

RODNEY: Did you want? Okay.


DANIIL: Okay, so, a really quick one. You said we chose, right, every, everyone, every single one of us, and so on. How come, say, we here have chosen exactly the same set of people? How does that work? (Laughter)

ELIAS: For your intention is very much similar. And therefore what you are doing is projecting a very similar energy with that intention. And I would also express to you that you chose the same individuals to be present, but you did not choose the precise, exact, same images to be interacting with. And therefore you each drew that aspect, those individuals, yes, but different aspects of energies of those individuals, so they are not exactly the same. (Laughs with Group)


KEN G.: My question is, I was wondering if you could speak briefly upon, I think we’re sort of touching upon it here, upon the subject of the intentional group projection of energy. And as an example, I would like to... Well, first of all, I’d like to know can we all aid in the shift with some intentional projected energy?


KEN G.: Okay. And, as an example, the Dalai Lama recently performed a very ancient ritual in Washington, D.C., called the Kalachakra ritual. I’m not completely familiar with all its’ intention, but I do know the intention was of mass benefit. Now there are a lot of people in the world believing, or consciously believing, in the Kalachakra ritual, or similar ancient rituals which are being performed all around the world. I guess the question would be is the collective intentional projection of energy in these cases of ancient ritual regressive or progressive in the sense of the shift?

ELIAS: Progressive.

RODNEY: Elias, I have a question if nobody else does. Um, Alexi?


RODNEY: Alexi. This has something to do with what we’re talking about. (Laughter)

ELIAS: Very well.

RODNEY: Does fluoridated water...

BEN P.: Oh, Rodney, I asked Elias yesterday.

RODNEY: You going to make that known to the group?

BEN P.: The answer was no, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: Oh, okay. Fine.

BEN P.: I’m sorry, I’m just saving session time…

RODNEY: Thank you.


DANIIL: Okay, but since we were talking about some mass fears, right, such as disappearance of exchange, some of my friends feel strongly that western civilization is disappearing, right, and they are not aware of the material, so to them it would not be disappearing as replaced by the shift. So they feel it is replaced by more active, rigid beliefs in the, say, Muslim population where, especially in Western Europe, you can almost see that the Christian culture is going, and is being replaced. So, what is the purpose of that movement? Why are we seeing activization of religious beliefs, and expansion of what appears to me as a more rigid culture, rigid system?

ELIAS: To prepare you for your next wave.

FEMALE: Another one? What is the next wave?

(Group talking)

ELIAS: To prepare you now in a capacity of expanded awareness and therefore allowing you to express less judgmental, for religion is a manifestation of individuals that are expressing faith. Faith is a very powerful expression that you generate within physical focus. It offers individuals a false sense of empowerment. And this is an example of the difference between genuine empowerment and false empowerment. And in that I’m not expressing that faith is bad or that it is wrong. It is not. But in regard to religion it is outdated and misplaced. In relation to this shift, that will be another very large construct, equally as large as your financial construct. That is a very large structure in your world. And in that, it will be being dismantled also. But before you can dismantle it, it is important to see it. It is important to recognize it for what it is. And I would express to you, what better manner to see it and recognize it than to present it right before your face in all of its immense glory. (Laughter)

And, in that, my friends, I shall bid you all adieu.

And I shall be anticipating our next meeting. I express to each of you, individually, tremendous supportiveness in all of your endeavors and movements, tremendous encouragement against fear and into empowerment of yourselves. Move into this new sea that you have touched your toes in and avail yourselves of the tremendous freedom and passion that awaits you.

To each of you in tremendous lovingness, as always, and ever increasing, au revoir.

GROUP: Au revoir.

FEMALE: Au revoir, Elias. Thank you.

(Group applauds.)

Elias departs after 2 hours, 21 minutes.

(1) Originally stated as: And when you do that, what you do in actuality is lengthen the time framework of that in-between, for you are fighting with it, not allowing it to flow, and the more you flight - fight (correcting himself) - with it, the more you dam the stream.

(2) Video recording cut out. Thanks to Rodney for his audio recording.

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