Session 246
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Dream Walker Interaction/Sumari


"Dream Walker Interaction / Sumari"

Sunday, November 30, 1997 © 1997 (Group)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Drew (Matthew), Jim (Yarr), Norm (Stephen), Sue (Catherine), Bobbi (Jale), and a new participant, Chris (Yan).
Elias arrives at 7:00 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds)

ELIAS:  Good evening.

GROUP:  Good evening!

ELIAS:  We shall begin this evening with our game!

RON:    Gramada, inventions, light bulb.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.  (Grinning at Ron)

CATHY:  I have one for David.  He wants to open a new category of concepts, and he would like to connect the concept of time with the Gramada family.

ELIAS:  One point.

CATHY:  Oh, he'll be so happy!  Okay, for myself....

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Although you may be expressing to Mylo that this is also a reality!

CATHY:  Okay, I'll do that.  Gramada, time frameworks, past/future.

ELIAS:  Less probable.

CATHY:  I knew that, too!  Ilda, TV shows, the X Files.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

VICKI:  For Mary:  Essence family connections, animals, a shark with Milumet and Zuli.

ELIAS:  One point.

VICKI:  For Joanne:  Ilda, quotes, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, etcetera."

ELIAS:  Less probable.

VICKI:  Ilda, rituals, recording transactions. (Also for Jo)

ELIAS:  Less probable.

VICKI:  Ilda, titles as concepts, The Clown of God.  (Also for Jo)

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

VICKI:  For Paul:  Gramada, authors, Linda Dahl.

ELIAS:  Less probable.

VICKI:  Ilda.  (Also for Paul)

ELIAS:  Less probable.

VICKI:  Okay.  For myself:  Milumet, inventions, a clock.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

GAIL:   Vold, sports, football.

ELIAS:  Less probable.

GAIL:   I would like to enter a tile for the Borledim family.  Do I describe the tile?

ELIAS:  Correct.

GAIL:   There's a square, and within the square is a triangle, and within the triangle there's a circle.

ELIAS:  And colors.

GAIL:   Colors ... okay.  The only thing that comes to mind is pink.

ELIAS:  And what shall you attempt to be connecting as its function?

GAIL:   Multi-dimensional concepts?  I don't know.  That's my guess!

ELIAS:  Entered; tile.  Connect with the function of the tile.

GAIL:   I don't know what the function of the tile is.

ELIAS:  Futurely.

GAIL:   Okay.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

GAIL:   Thank you.

VICKI:  I have one more here that I forgot from some time ago.  For Margot:  Vold, sports, croquet.

ELIAS:  Less probable.

VICKI:  Borledim.  (Also for Margot)

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

BOBBI:  Sumafi, titles as concepts, The Cake Bible.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

VICKI:  Can I ask a question here?  A lot of people ask me to explain the difference between acceptable and one point, which I do to the best of my understanding, but I thought it might be helpful if you would explain that again.

ELIAS:  You are dealing with probabilities.  There are certain probabilities that you have agreed upon within the subject matter and what you look to as "answers" of your game.  Those probabilities that you have agreed upon and have established within your reality as aligning with these families are those that shall be recognized as one point.  Individuals singularly and collectively may be altering of probabilities, therefore inserting another probability into your official reality which shall align with the intent of the individual family.  Therefore, it has been altered.  In this situation, you receive an answer of acceptable.  The original answer remains as the officially accepted answer within your reality and the alignment of the intents, but another answer has become equal to the original answer.  Therefore, it is deemed acceptable.  They are the same.

VICKI:  The altering is an agreement also?

ELIAS:  Correct.  It is no less in value, in your terms ... although there is no value!  It is merely for your information, and a practice to be connecting with your impressions.  It is not a competition; but as you place value upon all elements within your reality and you devalue certain elements, those elements to which I express less probable you devalue.  The acceptable holds the same value as one point.  It is merely a distinction in an alteration of probabilities, although less probable holds no less value in itself also! (Grinning)

JIM:    Hello, Elias!

ELIAS:  Good evening.

JIM:    For the game:  Sumari, artists, Jim Morrison.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.  (Pause)
Very well.  We shall continue with our investigation of your Dream Walkers this evening, moving to the family of Sumari.

Within the Sumari family and the intent, the individuals within physical focus connect to the Speakers within many different areas.  The Sumari choose various methods, so to speak, to be connecting with essences and the Dream Walkers for their continued information.  Sumari concern themselves with what you may view to be the unusual; those elements that you view to be psychic elements.

This be the differentiation between the Sumari and the Sumafi.  The Sumafi concerns themselves with the least amount of distortion.  Therefore, the Sumafi shall engage THIS particular phenomenon and no other, but the Sumari are quite playful and investigative!  They also are the individuals that are curious and wishing to be stimulating of you all within physical focus, presenting you with new ideas, stirring your curiosity.

The Sumari are quite open to receiving information within areas of astrology, tarot, psychic readings, ouija boards, (grinning) all types of elements that you may view to be tools presently that speak to them.  They also engage within this type of energy exchange that you view presently, that you term to be "channeling."  Psychic phenomenon is their forte.  They are quite fascinated with all elements of unusual activity.  Crystal balls!  You may offer this to Cindel, that the Sumafi do not consult crystal balls, but the Sumari do!  They are quite intrigued with elements within your physical focus that may speak to them and offer them information.  Therefore, their attention magnates to all of these tools that they view to be beyond themselves, outside of themselves, offering themselves information that they may not normally access.

The Sumari also enter areas beyond these tools. They do not view them as tools.  They view them as communications, which within the family of Sumari they ARE communications, but they also move beyond these type of communications and allow themselves inner communications.  They are quite adept at accessing information from within.  They translate this into thought processes that offers themselves and other individuals information. This also is an action of the Speakers communicating.  Once they have allowed themselves an opening to their fascination with what you term to be paranormal ... interesting terminology!  Paranormal!  Almost abnormal, which it is not!  It is quite normal for you all, for it is elements of yourselves!  But the Sumari, once allowing themselves to be dabbling in the area of the paranormal, offer themselves enough information that they may be trusting of information to be directly transmitted to themselves and are not needing of an intermediate accessing.  Therefore, as opposed to their tarot or their crystal balls or their ouija boards, they may access their information directly, not needing necessarily an energy exchange, to which you term to be "channeling."
I am MUCH not liking of this word "channeling," although I suppose in one respect it may hold an accuracy for you within physical focus; for just as you may change your channels upon your radio or television stations, you may also change your channels within your focus and access different information as you do within this energy exchange, although this also implies that you are accessing another element of self, which within this energy exchange you are not, and within interaction of the Dream Walkers you are not.  You are accessing information of other essences which are meaning to be helpful to you within your focus, and are very much holding the intent of being helpful to you within this present now within the action of your shift.  Therefore, you may view the playfulness of the Sumari.  Even within their action of energy exchange and their accumulation of information, they choose a very colorful method to be exchanging and accessing information.  (Pause)  You may ask your questions.  (Long pause)

VICKI:  Okay, I have one.  A quiet group!  Quite often you talk about accessing our own essence or accessing other essences, and I get pretty confused with those words because I'm trying to incorporate the idea that essence is an action and not an entity at the same time, and maybe you could help clarify that a little bit.

ELIAS:  You are correct, but you have also recognized different elements within different energies.  Essences, although not separated and not an entity, hold a personality energy.  In this, you may recognize a difference in accessing your own essence information and that of another essence.  You are quite correct.  There is no separation.  There is merely a differentiation within personality.

VICKI:  If all essence incorporates all information, then does it really matter what personality you're accessing?


VICKI:  It's all the same information.

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  It's just presented differently.

ELIAS:  Correct.  It merely matters to you, for you hold duplicity and are not trusting and accepting of self and your own information.  Therefore, you are much more accepting of information that you view to be coming from outside of you, which is not outside of you, but it is more acceptable to you.  Any one of you may express the same concepts to the rest of you that I express to you, but you shall be accepting of my expression before you shall be accepting of another individual's expression, for you view this essence, Elias, to be more knowing.  (Grinning)

CATHY:  That would be All-Knowing!  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Absolutely!  I have expressed to you many times, you hold the same information as do I.  I am merely remembering, as you are not; but you hold the ability to be remembering.  You merely do not trust yourselves and your abilities.  You are not accepting of yourselves, for you hold belief systems very strongly within the area of duplicity.  Therefore, you create an allowance.

I do not allow.  You create an allowance for me to be helpful to you in offering you information that you have forgotten within physical focus and you shall be accepting of this, as the Sumari shall be accepting of their tarot or their ouija board or their crystal balls.

VICKI:  So basically, when I get irritated with you, which I do sometimes ...

ELIAS:  I am quite aware!  (Grinning)

VICKI:  ... I'm really getting irritated with myself.

ELIAS:  Quite.  I, nor does any individual or any essence, cause you irritation.

VICKI:  You cause your own irritation.

ELIAS:  Quite ... within the framework of your belief systems!  Therefore, it is acceptable to myself that you may be irritated with me!  (Grinning)

VICKI:  I'm not right now, but sometimes I am!  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  I am quite aware!  (Grinning)  But it matters not.

VICKI:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

GAIL:   I have a question for James.  On page 9 of session 220, the last paragraph, your answer, can you give me more details as to the framework of your answer?

ELIAS:  (Firmly)  This is unacceptable once again, for the purpose of individuals present.  You may express to James that it is acceptable to be expressing of the concept for the purpose of the transcribing and for other individuals present, for they are not engaging their telepathic sense!

GAIL:   Okay!

ELIAS:  And as he is obliging within this area, I shall be obliging to be answering question.

GAIL:   Well, let's see if I can rephrase it for him.  As far as the aspects are concerned, viewing aspects, how does our belief system affect their belief system?

ELIAS:  It is dependent upon your interaction.

GAIL:   Okay.  I've experienced two different kinds of interaction, one with Becky from a parallel dimension where we've communicated.  Now I'm viewing aspects of many different people.  Just looking at them, I see the aspects of people.  When I look at Tom and he looks at me, there's aspects that appear as mate, almost mate-like, like there's a certain one that always appears with a certain one that always appears in me.  Are they aware of us when they surface?

ELIAS:  No, not objectively.

GAIL:   Is that how our belief systems affect their belief systems?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you, if you are merely viewing temporarily -- underline this word -- another focus, you are offering yourself information of yourself.  In this, you are affecting of another focus, but the energy that you insert into the time framework of the other focus is allowed to reconstruct itself in its own manner to be beneficial to the other focus.  If you are concentrating upon another focus and recreating the situation of intersection with the other focus repeatedly, this allows more of your time framework ... which, although there is all simultaneous time, you exist within a time framework.  You have created this!  This is your reality!  Therefore, within a time framework, you are lending more energy to the other focus than is acceptable.  You are opening a veil.  (Deep breath)

Let me offer an analogy.

Within one situation, you are merely viewing temporarily, as if upon a screen.  The veil continues.  Therefore, the energy is allowed to flow freely and reconstruct itself to be beneficial to the other focus and not interrupt the other focus.  If you are concentrating upon one focus and you are intersecting more often, you are not merely viewing any longer.  You are inserting yourself into the other focus -- time-traveling.  In this, as you are time-traveling you become part of the other focus, but you bring with you YOUR own belief systems and desires, which are then inserted into the other focus; just as you within your science fictions create stories of time travel, and if you are traveling backwards in your terms into time, if you are altering of probabilities within that past time framework, you are altering future, are you not?

GAIL:   Um-hmm.

ELIAS:  It is the same principle.  You are altering the focus of the other individuals, for you ARE the same essence.  Therefore, you may merge temporarily but repeatedly with another focus, and as you merge, you also are influencing.  In this manner, you are not allowing the energy to reconstruct itself in a natural fashion.  You are directing the energy, for you are inserting your belief systems and your desires into the other focus, which is unnecessary.  You may continue with your desires and your belief systems within THIS focus and this is acceptable, but inserting these into another focus and altering another focus is intrusive.

Therefore, when I express caution to you, I do not express caution to you in the manner of what you choose within THIS focus.  If you choose to engage each other, this is your choice and it is not wrong.  It is a choice for experience.  You need not involve other focuses repeatedly in this choice.  Concentrate upon yourselves within this present now, within THIS focus.

GAIL:   I have been trying to do that.  Am I controlling it when I just simply look at them and they keep flashing at me?

ELIAS:  Flashing is one thing.

GAIL:   But when I notice that they're there and continue to look at them, that's another thing?  I try to look away.

ELIAS:  It is not necessary to look away.  I am making a distinction between concentrating upon one focus....

GAIL:  I don't view that I'm concentrating on one focus.

ELIAS:  But you have.

GAIL:   But I don't ... I don't know how to recognize that I'm doing that!  Frustration here!  (Sighing)

ELIAS:  As you continue, if you are allowing yourselves to be merely viewing temporarily many different focuses, the energy shall automatically reconstruct and be beneficial to the other focuses.  I merely caution you in areas when you are concentrating too intensely upon one focus.

GAIL:   I'll try to be aware of that.  It's kind of unfamiliar territory here!

ELIAS:  Quite!  This be why I offer you information to be helpful, for you may magnate to fascinations that may not be beneficial.

You are gathering much information presently within a small time framework and you are attempting to be assimilating all of this information and viewing that you must be assimilating information quickly, for you are dealing with a time framework and your time is running out!  The end of the world is approaching, and you must be viewing all that you may before you are out of time!  (Grinning)  You are all in very much of a hurry to be viewing and accomplishing.  You are accomplishing quite well within your time framework.  You shall be accomplishing your shift within the time framework that you acclimate to.  It is unnecessary to be forcing yourselves to be moving more quickly than you may objectively assimilate.

(To Gail)  What you are accomplishing is confusing yourself. There is no difference in this action than holding no information and moving into the action of this shift with no information and confusing yourself and creating trauma! Therefore, allow yourself a relaxation.

GAIL:   I find that very difficult.  I've been trying, though!

ELIAS:  It is unnecessary to be pushing yourself so very hard, for what you are accomplishing is creating confusion and leading yourself in the direction of trauma ... WITH information!  (Much laughter)

We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning.

BREAK   7:41 PM
RESUME  8:06 PM (Time was eight seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.

CATHY:  Okay, I'll go.  Is Lazour a fragment of Rose?

ELIAS:  Yes.

CATHY:  Are Seth and Ruburt and Joseph fragments of Lazour?

ELIAS:  Yes.

CATHY:  Okay.  Is Joseph aligned with Ilda and Sumafi?


CATHY:  Care to say who he is aligned with?

ELIAS:  You may be connecting with this!  (Grinning)

CATHY:  Okay.  And then I have another little question:  Have you offered us information that is in some of the unpublished Seth material?

ELIAS:  Some.

CATHY:  Some.  Okay.  Well, that's good for me for right now.  (Elias chuckles)

DREW:   I have a few.  Although I understand the action and the imagery may be different, is motion a truth?

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking, yes.

DREW:   Because energy is constantly in motion.

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   And so interdimensionally, there is some sort of motion that is going on?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   I've had the experience lately, in the past few days, of just beyond my periphery seeing something moving, and then I'll look over and there's nothing there.  It's been happening a lot, and I have the impression that it's a triangle and it's white.  That's kind of what I see.  Do you have any information you want to offer me?  You have a smirk on your face!

ELIAS:  Connecting with essences, viewing the spooks!  (Laughter)

DREW:   They're certainly different than the shadowy man spooks!

ELIAS:  For they are not projections of yourself!

DREW:   These are other essences?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   Is it several different essences?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   And is there any particular reason why, in the past few days, I've been ... are these bleed-throughs?

ELIAS:  No.  You are merely widening your periphery and allowing yourself objectively to be connecting with this.

DREW:   I image that as things just outside my periphery visually?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   So the imagery, the visualization, is not the action.  That's just an interpretation of something else that's going on?  It's my way of creating imagery to represent the connection?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   So it's not like a bleed-through that I'm seeing?


DREW:   Is there some significant ... is it representative of growth?

ELIAS:  In YOUR terms!  (Grinning, and we all crack up)

DREW:   Okay.  There's no particular significance to this connection happening right now?

ELIAS:  Correct, not in your terms.  Although it is ALL significant!

DREW:   I have a couple of other things, but I'm drawing a blank.  (Somebody says something)  Oh, thank you!  Yes.  I had a brief moment of seeing something that when it was over, I interpreted it as seeing what I will describe as a tear in the fabric of our space, and kind of seeing through to what's sort of behind the screen, if you will, of this dimension.  I saw it in the blink, literally, of an eye, kind of up, and it looked to me what it would look like if someone were to take their thumb and just kind of punch a hole and tear back just a tiny bit.  It didn't seem like a bleed-through.  It seemed more like my seeing into something else.  Can you help me understand that?

ELIAS:  This would be, within your allowance of a widening awareness, a momentary objective viewing of a loosening of the dimensional veils.  It is information that you offer to yourself in connection with this shift.  You are merely beginning to experience those elements that other individuals have been experiencing also.  You are allowing yourself to be connecting with the action of this shift, and therefore allowing yourself more experiences of the flexibility of your reality.

DREW:   So I was seeing through to another dimension?

ELIAS:  Not entirely, but allowing yourself a beginning.

DREW:  Would you know specifically what dimension I was kind of peeking into?

ELIAS:  None, specifically.

DREW:   Oh.

ELIAS:  You are merely piercing the veil of this dimension, offering yourself the information that this is possible.

DREW:   And I just happened to be choosing the past week to be in this widening, with the viewing of the essences -- excuse me -- the connecting with the essences and the piercing of the veil?  For whatever reason, the past week I've been choosing this widening, or is this a wave happening?  Is there a particular reason why this seems to be happening for me the past few days, the past week?

ELIAS:  You have been creating this from the onset of your engagement within this forum; and just as a little one at one time framework crawls and did not crawl the week before, or pulls up to stand and did not the day before, or moves into the motion of walking and did not the hour before, it is a natural process, in your terms.

DREW:   I have one other question that's kind of off the subject, but it came up.  I think I was talking to Gail about it earlier in the week.  I don't know if it's a subject that you've ever discussed, but it came up because of our discussion last week of extraterrestrials and the bleed-through of dimensions and all of that, and that is the subject of those carvings that are found in various places around the world, that from the ground can't be deciphered as anything, but from way up in the air, look like pictures of birds or....

ELIAS:  Ah, your crop circles, once again!  (Grinning)

DREW:   Crop circles??  Well, maybe they're related, but this is really more carvings in stone that were made thousands of years ago.

GAIL:   At Stonehenge?

DREW:   No, not Stonehenge.  These are essentially pictures that were carved into stone, but the picture can only be seen from many thousands of feet in the air, I guess.  Is that something you've ever discussed?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DREW:   Oh, it is.  Okay.  Would it be redundant for a brief explanation now, or are you going to direct me back?

ELIAS:  You may be referring to the information, although this would also be the same situation as I have discussed previously of your crop circles, and this being a bleed-through interdimensionally.  You leave your mark within other dimensions as you bleed through to their dimensions, and other dimensions leave their mark within your dimension which to you appear to be unexplainable, but they are aspects of yourselves.

DREW:   Is there a difference between the mark a bleed-through leaves and ... because last week you said that remnants of a bleed-through will only last a relatively short period of time; in terms of the spacecraft we talked about, you said no more than about a hundred years.  But from what I understand, these carvings are thousands of years old.

ELIAS:  There is a difference.

DREW:   The mark is different from the material itself?

ELIAS:  Correct.  Those are temporary and hold within your dimension only for the duration of your attention.  These markings, so to speak, are different.

All of your dimensions, all of your universes, occupy the same space arrangement.  Therefore, they all bleed through to each other in some respects, and as you ARE all connected, for you are all of the same essences, there is an element that the reality of the other dimensions bleed through and leave their mark in what you may term to be permanent within your dimension, just as you do the same within other dimensions.

DREW:  Could that be considered an ongoing and permanent bleed-through, or is it just a remnant mark of a bleed-through that in our terms happened at one time?  In other words ... they're all inter-related, and I'm wondering if that's a continuing bleed-through?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   Huh!  So it's not really a scar of a bleed-through that once happened.  We can look at that and say, "Hey, there's a bleed-through going on right now at the moment."

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   Huh!  Are there bleed-throughs going on, on an ongoing basis, that are, for lack of a better word, critical to the functioning and framework that this reality requires?


DREW:   They would just be curiosities to us, not necessary to us?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   Interesting!  Okay, thank you.

ELIAS:  They are the mark that expresses to you that there is more beyond your limited reality within one focus.

DREW:   But it's more than a mark.  It's the actual, ongoing bleed-through itself.

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   As opposed to left-over stuff from a bleed-through.

ELIAS:  There is no "left-over stuff!"  (Grinning, and laughter)

DREW:   Like a spacecraft!  You know, like the remnants of a crash or something like that.

ELIAS:  Which is not left-over either!  It is continuously being created in alignment with your attention.

DREW:   But it's different from an ongoing bleed-through, is it not?  We sustain that with our attention, whereas these markings don't really require our attention to continue.  They are a bleed-through from another....

ELIAS:  But within essence, they have your attention!

DREW:   There is a difference though, isn't there?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DREW:   Okay.  Alright, thank you.

ELIAS:  They do not require your objective attention.

DREW:   Yeah.  Hmm!  Okay.

CHRIS:  I was wondering if entities or life or whatever in other dimensions, are they older than us necessarily, or more experienced?


CHRIS:  No?  So they're just as confused as we are?  (Much laughter)

ELIAS:  Quite, (grinning) in certain areas, although there are some dimensions physically focused that do not hold your confusion, for they do not create their reality to the extensiveness that you create your reality.  It is not quite so complicated.  Therefore, they hold less confusion, for they do not hold belief systems as do you within this dimension.

CHRIS:  So how do they get there?  Do they start off where we are on a physical plane, or....

ELIAS:  They are quite physical!

CHRIS:  They are?  Well, okay.  In our dimension is the correct word, I suppose.  They start off in our dimension, and do they move up?  Is there a system like that?  Everyone's saying no....

ELIAS:  Ah!  Evolution, once again!

CHRIS:  Is that a system?

ELIAS:  You do not move in the direction of evolution either.  You merely create as you create, through your choices.  You do not spring from a fish.  You do not evolve through your ages.  You merely recreate yourselves in different manners, but with a basic prototype, so to speak.  Other dimensions also do not evolve.  They merely create themselves as they are choosing, and recreate themselves in different manners if they are so choosing.  (Elias starts coughing)  Once again!  (Coughing)  This is quite tedious!

GAIL:   I have a question.  I have a friend at work that wrote down a dream, and she'd like it interpreted.  "I was in a red barn, lots of straw and horses, just playing, age six to eight, investigating.  Heard sounds of motorcycles, Harleys.  Six drove to the barn, got off, came in the barn.  Harley guys; big, leather, beards, rough, tough, said nothing.  I watched them enter; did nothing.  They took the horses outside one by one.  I just watched.  About eight horses, and each guy then started to rip off the horses' tails.  Horses screamed; there was blood.  I felt fear for the horses.  I just stood there.  Bikers ripped the tails off.  They laid on the floor and then they were done and they drove off, and I woke up."  This is a recurring dream she has, and she wants to know what this is about.

ELIAS:  This would be this individual's imagery to themself of feelings and belief systems within self of not being within control, in your belief systems; a feeling that other individuals, those of authority and those that the individual views as being more knowledgeable, hold control over this individual.  This creates distress and fearfulness, for there is an issue of inadequacy.  In this, the feeling is identified in cruelty, or what is believed to be cruelty, by individuals that appear threatening to elements.  These elements are represented by the creatures.  They are elements of the self that are feeling as they are being attacked and not acknowledged and the feeling of helplessness to be altering of the situation, and as the individual continues to be allowing other individuals to be influencing and instructing and expressing how to be creating and what to be creating, the imagery shall be continuing.  But in acknowledging self and understanding that no other individual holds power over you, and that regardless of your belief systems of authority or more knowledgeable individuals you hold your choices and information within you each, [you] need not be succumbing to others' creations if not choosing.

GAIL:   Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.  I shall offer essence name for new essence this evening of Yan; Y-A-N.  (Pronounced yon)

JIM:    I have a question. In that thought is energy, within offering helpfulness in the area of healing and the thought of returning to the natural state, is that the energy that's being created within that thought to aid in that healing?

ELIAS:  If not holding expectation.

JIM:    That's still a big one!  Recently here with my nephew and our guinea pig and his illness and his death, can you help me with some insight into that experience for he and I, what we went through?

ELIAS:  You are continuing to hold the expectation, and as you hold the expectation in directing of energy, you shall continue to be offered the examples which are being presented to you.

JIM:    It's much easier not to hold expectation in something that I have no emotional attachment to, or someone that I don't know.  It's much easier to just offer.  But something that is close to me, it's much more difficult not to hold the expectation.

ELIAS:  Quite.

JIM:    What can I do to maybe help myself move through that?  Non-attachment?  Let go?

ELIAS:  Address to the belief systems of vested interest!  (Laughter)

JIM:    I see.  Vested interest within my own validity?

ELIAS:  Although this is not a belief system with this essence!  (Chuckling)  It is quite fun to be playing!

Seriously, within your physical focus, holding the vested interest within certain areas and holding to the belief system that certain individuals or creatures or whatever is more important to you than others, you create a situation that also invokes these emotions and reinforces the belief system and lends energy to the belief system and lends energy to your expectation.

JIM:    I can understand that.  You spoke a couple of weeks ago of force within energy.  Is it within that mergence, as in the table-tip or with an offering of energy, is that where exchange and creativity occurs, an action within that force?

ELIAS:  I was speaking of a specific element within a specific inquiry of spin, which is not spin.  I shall amend the word force to compulsion.  This is a more adequate terminology for this particular action.  It is a compulsion.

Within your ideas and thought processes, you think of a force as a thing, a field, something tangible.  This is an action; just as you think of a spin as something tangible, something that you may view.  What I was speaking of within the action of these particles is a compulsion that is exercised.  Therefore, this would not necessarily be the same action that you are speaking of within what you view of your table and its tipping, or other elements that you may view.  What you have viewed is an allowance of yourself to view the lack of solidity within your reality momentarily.

You view your reality to be solid.  You view in absolutes.  Mark this, Stephen!  You view in absolutes!  Within physical realities, there are no absolutes, for they are fluid.  It is merely your perception that allows you to view solidity within a time framework.  Your time framework is very influencing and important to what you view.  It is intricately involved in what you view.  If you are slowing your time framework or speeding your time framework, your elements within your reality shall appear much differently and shall respond differently.

JIM:    Thank you.  That explains a lot.

SUE:    I have a question.  I dealt with asthma a few years ago, and one of my two cats has asthma, and I wonder if you could tell me if there's any connection between her problem and mine?

ELIAS:  Yes.

SUE:    Can you tell me anything about what the connection is?

ELIAS:  It is a sympathetic expression in connection to your energy.  Many times creatures that are connected to you intimately, as what you view to be or express to be pets, mirror elements within yourself.  They shall reflect back to you your own creations that you create within your reality.  At times, they shall be offering expressions to you for your information and noticing.  At times, they may be creating of situations within themselves physically that you project outwardly -- not objectively, subjectively -- that you wish not to be creating within yourself, and within agreement the creature may be creating for you.  They may also mirror many elements of your belief systems, of your emotion, and of your physical creations.

SUE:   So I've not only created it in myself, but I've sort of created it in her as well?

ELIAS:  The creature holds the choice to be creating, but you are influencing, yes.

SUE:    Okay.  Thank you.

CHRIS:  Okay, also if she got asthma and gave it to her cat, can she make it go away then, under the same principles?

ELIAS:  She did not give this to the cat.  The cat chooses to be mirroring an action within the individual.

CHRIS:  She's not really projecting it?

ELIAS:  Energy; but the creature holds the choice to be accepting this or not and to be creating this as a mirror action.  The creature also holds the choice to continue or to not continue within this action.  Therefore, although you are influencing, you are not creating the situation, and if you are influencing of yourself and uncreating or affecting of your own situation, the creature may be choosing to be mirroring this also.  Creatures often mirror your own fascinations and your own creations, and as you lend energy to these they continue to be creating of these elements, and as you are not lending energy they also allow the dissipation of the creation ... as you are familiar, Shynla!  (Grinning)  For you are quite adept at this creating, are you not??

CATHY:  Yes, I am.  I'm very adept at it.  I do it very well, thank you.

ELIAS:  Excellently!  Perfectly!  (Much laughter)

CATHY:  You got it.  Is there any other way?

ELIAS:  Absolutely not!

JIM:    So that's what would follow through with my dog as well, with the lesion that we had discussed a few weeks ago?

ELIAS:  Correct.

JIM:    The fact now that I'm paying less attention to it ... he's still bothering it.  It's still evident.  Have I not allowed that to fully let go yet?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   Although the dog may choose to have the lesion regardless.

ELIAS:  Quite!

JIM:    That's true, no matter what.

ELIAS:  Absolutely!

JIM:    And my acceptance of that....

ELIAS:  Absolutely!  Acceptance, acceptance, acceptance!  (Jim sighs deeply and we all crack up, as we've been observing Jim deal with this issue for quite some time now)

BOBBI:  Why would they choose to do that?  Just helpfulness?

ELIAS:  Not always.  At times, they are merely mirroring you.  It is an energy exchange.  You are continuously influencing within energy of all things.

BOBBI:  So they just pick up on that?

ELIAS:  At times they are choosing to be manifesting certain elements for your noticing and in helpfulness within information to you, but at times they are merely accepting of your energy and influence and creating accordingly.

I have expressed to you many times, every action that you create is influencing of ALL of consciousness.  This presents itself evidently within individuals and creatures objectively close to you, that you may hold evidence of your affectingness.

DREW:   If an animal chooses to manifest an illness or something else we'd consider wrong with it, is it intrusive to take it to a vet, for example?

ELIAS:  This would be your choice within your belief systems.

DREW:   Well, within the concept of intrusiveness....

ELIAS:  This is not an essence.  It is your creation.  Therefore, it is your choice within your belief systems.

DREW:   It's our creation, but it may choose to create whatever it wants for itself.

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   So if it makes choices for itself, we can then choose to ... hmm!  Well, I understand that no matter what we do or what medicine we give it or whatever, if it chooses not to heal, it won't.

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   But I'm wondering, if it makes a choice and we try to alter its choice through actions we take that we believe will work to alter its choice, is that not intrusive?

ELIAS:  It is dependent upon you!

VICKI:  And how you feel about it, right?

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  So do I understand it correctly, that whether or not you take an animal to a vet, it really isn't any different than walking across grass, as far as what's intrusive?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   Walking across grass.  Well, if Jim takes his dog to the vet to have his lesion looked at or treated, that's in no way interfering with the animal's choice to create the lesion?

ELIAS:  If the creature chooses to be continuing, it shall.  It is also dependent upon your motivation.  Are you choosing to be altering the creature's reality for yourself, for your own validation and for your lack of trust within yourself and within consciousness?

DREW:   Well, even if we were to take the creature to the vet because we didn't want the creature to die ... although that would be the creature's choice too.  That would still be a belief system about whether it's better to live or to die.  So it's all wrapped up in a belief system, but let's make it more complicated.  Suppose it's a baby -- which has essence -- and the baby is sick.  Is it intrusive to take the baby to a doctor?

ELIAS:  No.  It is also not intrusive to do nothing.  The small one shall create its reality as it chooses, and it shall recover or it shall not, as it is so choosing.  You are operating within the framework of your belief systems.  One individual may choose extreme measures within your medical sciences.  Another may choose healing prayers.  They are merely different belief systems.  It is also the choice of the other individual, the small one, or the creature, as to the affectingness and responsiveness that they choose to be creating.

DREW:   Acceptance 102, however, would direct us to do essentially nothing.

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  You are creating a judgment upon your belief systems; that offering helpfulness, which is in part a belief system -- in part -- may be wrong.  But if you are holding very strong belief systems that you may be offering helpfulness within medical assistance, this is not wrong.  It is merely a belief system.

DREW:   Well, if we're accepting of the creation of all others, that implies to me a kind of hands-off....

ELIAS:  Not necessarily!  It is also a following of impulses.  If an individual is creating of what you term to be a heart attack presently within this forum, shall you sit and do nothing?

DREW:   Well, within my belief systems and my upbringing, I would make an attempt to help save their life.

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   However, within the context of the information, I may later evaluate and say, "Gee, had I been accepting of their creation, I would have done nothing."

ELIAS:  You are influenced also by mass belief systems, which are underlying, that you do not even think of.  It is all energy that you have agreed upon within your officially accepted reality.  It matters not, for you may be initiating action for the individual.  If they are choosing not to be accepting of your energy or your action or efforts, they shall disengage.  They may not be choosing to be disengaging.  You make an assumption that as they create this situation, they are choosing to be disengaging.  They may not be choosing to be disengaging.  They may be choosing to be engaging you!  (We all crack up)

DREW:   Understood, but it doesn't matter what we do.  No matter what we do, whether we help or don't help....

ELIAS:  Not necessarily! If you are lending energy in responsiveness, if the individual is not choosing disengagement, they are drawing you into their creation of their reality, and you are drawing yourself.  In this, they may be drawing you and you may be drawing yourself into this creation not for the reason of disengagement, but to be lending energy to each other within the experience.

DREW:   The purpose of the heart attack would be the interaction.

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   After the shift, if someone had a heart attack, none of those belief systems would necessarily....

ELIAS:  You would intuitively KNOW which situation to be responding to.

DREW:   So ... it leaves me with a little bit of a dilemma.  At what point do we let people create and leave them alone, and at what point do we offer what we may believe to be helpfulness?

ELIAS:  (Intently)  By listening to self, and not viewing your belief systems as bad.

DREW:   Well actually, I think just the opposite happens.  People believe their belief systems to be right and therefore impose them on others, if you will.

ELIAS:  Individuals not holding information many times are moving in this direction, as do you all also, but shall we move to each individual within this present forum and inquire the question of belief systems?  (Looking to different people)  Do you believe belief systems are good?  Do you believe belief systems are good?  Are belief systems good?  No, no, no, no, no!  Belief systems are those things that you hold that need be changed or eliminated!  THIS is what you believe!  And when you ARE identifying of your belief systems, you are expressing to yourself, "How may I be eliminating of this belief system?  How may I be ridding myself of this belief system?  If I do not hold this belief system, I shall be better!"  This has been stated within this present forum many, many times!  This be your belief system, that belief systems are bad!  (Pause)

DREW:   And yet, people will defend to the death their beliefs and their belief systems.  People will take action because they believe their belief systems are right, while someone else's are wrong.

ELIAS:  Correct, until they are causing you conflict.

DREW:   So, I'm still kind of caught between this idea of acceptance and letting people create, and acting according to my belief systems in terms of their creation.  If that heart attack happens, do I act as I would have before having had this information, just on the impulse of my belief systems?  Or, take the information into account and say, "Whatever I do doesn't matter anyway.  Let them create and we'll see what happens."

ELIAS:  Impulses are not created by belief systems.

DREW:   I knew you were going to say that when I said it!  But our actions are filtered through our belief systems.

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   Okay, so if that heart attack happens, do I act in accordance with my belief systems or the information?  Because I don't know that they're the same.

ELIAS:  You respond within a response to your intuition.

DREW:   But isn't our intuition filtered through our belief systems when we take action on things?

ELIAS:  Partially.  You shall always -- underline always -- hold belief systems!  You shall not occupy this particular dimension without belief systems!  It is how you have created your reality within this dimension.  Your mere inquiry proves out my expression to you.  You are attempting to be moving outside of belief systems within this particular dimension, which you shall not do!

DREW:   Well, what I'm trying to do is install a belief system of acceptance of others' creations.

ELIAS:  Ah!  Create a new belief system!  (Laughter)

DREW:   Yeah, in accordance with the information!

ELIAS:  You may choose this also if you are wishing!  It shall merely be another belief system, which eventually you shall also view as distorted and then be expressing that it need be eliminated!  For you DO believe that all of your belief systems are distorted!  (Grinning, and we all crack up)

DREW:   In practical terms, it makes it hard to know what to do!

CATHY:  No methods!  (Laughter)

DREW:   I won't belabor this, but if I'm driving home tonight and there's a car accident and someone's lying on the side of the road bleeding, do I just accept that as their creation or do I pull over and offer help?

ELIAS:  Both.

VICKI:  Yeah, you're making a distinction between the two.

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   And yet, there's nothing I can do that's going to make a difference unless they want it anyway!

ELIAS:  But you are assuming that they are not requesting of your interaction.

DREW:   And yet if I don't interact, if I choose not to, it matters not.  And they won't disengage unless they choose to, whether I interact or not.

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   And if they do, that's okay, too!

ELIAS:  Correct.  (Pause, and we all crack up)

DREW:   Okay.  I got it, but it still makes it hard to know what to do.  But I got it.

VICKI:  So are you going to like walk away from a guy that's bleeding to death and have no conflict about it ever?

DREW:   I couldn't do that.  Just like the conversation we had about the noose I saw through that guy's window and I was afraid someone was going to hang themselves and I called the police, and we had a discussion about what everyone would do in that situation.  Most of the people in the room said that they would walk away and let him do whatever he chose to do, and I couldn't do that.  Turned out he was just a collector of western memorabilia!  (Much laughter)  And so ... and yet, had I walked away and woke up in the morning and read in the paper that he had hanged himself, I would have felt a degree of responsibility.

ELIAS:  And conflict.  Therefore, you move in the direction within the framework of your belief systems AND acceptance of self AND acceptance of other individuals' creations, but also engaging your intuition and your intellect and your belief systems, and you act in the area that allows you the least amount of conflict.

DREW:   Okay ... because even that matters not.

ELIAS:  Conflict matters to you!

DREW:   Yes, I understand that.  Okay.

ELIAS:  The hamster wheel, once again!  (Laughter)

NORM:   I have some questions in regard to intent.  We created this dimension with an intent, did we not?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NORM:   Intent is an intrinsic factor in how this dimension operates?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NORM:   The intent then controls the physics of this dimension.

ELIAS:  (Pausing)  It does not control, but is influencing.

NORM:   Influencing.  So action and intent are both very basic, intrinsic factors in consciousness?

ELIAS:  (Pausing)  Within this dimension.

NORM:   Intent is a universal truth, though.

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.

NORM:   It is NOT a universal truth?  Can you define the difference between dimensions and universes?

ELIAS:  Your terminology is limiting.  You think of universes as different dimensions.  There are different dimensions for different universes.  There are layers to each dimension which are, in a manner of speaking, sub-dimensions of each dimension.

Within this dimension, you hold a sequential time framework.  Therefore, you also hold many sub-dimensions of this dimension, for the time frameworks create other dimensional elements within this one dimension, this one universe.  Other universes which occupy the same space arrangement, merely within a different dimension in entirety, hold their own sub-dimensions. Some hold not as many; some hold more.  It is dependent upon their creations.  There are dimensions within dimensions.  You also hold dimensions within each focus.  There are dimensions within dimensions within dimensions!

NORM:   We don't want to be bored!

ELIAS:  Quite!

NORM:   So there are universes without intent?  They do not know what they want to do, then?

ELIAS:  I did not express this.  I expressed to you that there is consciousness without intent.

NORM:   For example, a link does not have intent?

ELIAS:  It is dependent upon what area it is occupying.  If it is occupying an area within a physical dimension, then it is holding intent.  If it is occupying an area within non-physical consciousness and not interacting with physical dimensions, it may not hold intent.  It merely is.

DREW:   Isn't becoming an intent?

ELIAS:  Not quite; although within your thought process you may think of this as an intent, but it is merely relative to your thought process.  It is merely an action of being.  It IS.

You hold a direction; a directed attention.  This is an intent.  A link of consciousness within non-physical areas does not hold a direction.  It merely is.  It is continuously becoming without a directed attention.

NORM:   Can you define consciousness then?  (Laughter)

DREW:   Been there!

ELIAS:  Not in a manner that you may understand!  (Chuckling)

NORM:   Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

We shall be disengaging this evening, although you have posed interesting questions that you may be pondering until our next meeting. I express to you all this evening much affection, (to Chris) and I extend an invitation that you may be engaging this forum futurely, if so choosing.  I am hearing many questions within you!

CHRIS:  Didn't get a chance!

ELIAS:  But you may futurely, if you are choosing.  (Smiling)

I express much fondness to you all this evening and say to you lovingly, au revoir!

Elias departs at 9:10 PM.

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