Session 240
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Blocking of Intent


"Blocking of Intent"

Thursday, November 20, 1997   © 1997 (Private)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), David (Mylo), Margot (Jeselle), and a new participant, Helen (Jsenne).  (Margot, who helps immensely with the transcribing, was visiting from Arizona)
Elias arrives at 6:34 PM. (Time was twenty seconds)

ELIAS:  (To Helen)  Good evening.

HELEN:  Good evening.

ELIAS:  And you are requesting inquiry this evening?

HELEN:  Yes.

ELIAS:  Very well.

HELEN:  The first question I have for you may seem insignificant, but I'd like to get it out of the way.  I'd like to know if Oscar will ever be coming home.  (Long pause)

ELIAS:  It is a matter of probabilities and choice.

HELEN:  But he's lost and I don't know where he is, and I don't know if he's going to come home or not.  (Long pause)

ELIAS:  Many individuals move in the direction of wishing to know what you view to be predictions, for they hold concerns within physical focus, for you hold belief systems within physical focus.  In this, within your belief systems choice is unacceptable, for you are wishing for particular outcomes and you hold expectations.  In reality -- the reality that you do not accept outside of your belief systems -- are probabilities.  Beyond your concerns and your own feelings, there exists the reality of probabilities and choice.

In this, each individual, each creature, creates their own choice, and probabilities are actualized within the moment.  They do not lie before you.  Therefore, although I may express to many of you that there are more probable probabilities, and I may also express this to you this eve ... although in lovingness, I wish not to be creating of situations of distressfulness.  Therefore, I allow you to move into the area of your own wishfulness, which may also be influencing of probabilities.  No probabilities are set in stone.  They are always changeable and there are always influences upon probabilities.  Therefore, I allow you the influence of the probabilities in the direction of your wishing.  Are you understanding?

HELEN:  A little bit.  I understand that what you're saying is that I can influence the outcome.

ELIAS:  Correct.

HELEN:  By action?

ELIAS:  By desire.

HELEN:  To desire something can manifest it?

ELIAS:  Correct.

HELEN:  Is there a difference between wishing for something and desiring it?


HELEN:  So if I truly desire for Oscar to come home, it's probable that he will?

ELIAS:  It is possible.  It is a choice, but you may be influencing.

HELEN:  Okay.  I have a list of questions here.  What is the nature of my intent in this focus as Helen?  (Pause)

ELIAS:  The intent of this particular focus: In the direction of many individuals, I may be expressing to you to be investigating of this yourself and understanding of your intent, but as the probabilities manifest recently within this forum, there is a tremendous desire within many individuals for validation.  Therefore, I may temporarily move into the direction of offering to you, that other individuals may also benefit and be validated.

(To group)  But to be known that I shall not move into this area upon a frequent basis and that this is not to be initiating of a rash of questioning in this same direction, for I shall not be offering intent of individuals upon a constant basis.

(To Helen)  But I shall express to you that you hold a focus within the family of Zuli, and you align in this particular focus with Ilda.  In this, your intent is to be focusing upon self and the realization of the form within this dimension; physical beauty and the recognition of physical beauty, within your own form and all other forms.  And within your alignment, your intent also moves into the direction of communicating the importance and the appreciation of all of physical creation, and also its expression in every form.

HELEN:  Have I chosen the right career in which to do this?

ELIAS:  Quite in alignment with your intent.

HELEN:  Thank you.  I also have suffered from depression most of my life, and I don't seem to be ... I feel like there's something between me and being able to feel the joys and the experiences of life, and I don't know what that is or if I can alleviate that, or get rid of it perhaps.  I don't know what the barrier is.

ELIAS:  You are blocking of your intent.

HELEN:  Yes.  I don't know how, and I don't know why I would do that to myself.

ELIAS:  There has been offered many examples within this forum of individuals aligned with this family of Zuli.  These individuals aligned with this family exhibit similar behavior; not to the extent of which you manifest, but to a partial degree.  Being part of this family, there is a striving for perfection within this area which conflicts with many of your societal belief systems.

Your belief systems are very influencing of your creations.  In this, if you are addressing to your belief systems which conflict with your intent as designated by your family that you belong to, and being recognizing of the reality of the family that you belong to and its intent and the gloriousness of it, this may be alleviating of your depression.

Look about you.  Allow yourself natural time.  Allow yourself to be connecting with yourself and the wondrousness of the natural elements that are true to yourself, the wondrousness of all that is about you within what you have created, all that you view to be creation within this dimension.  Every element of creation is connected to you, for every form within this creation is of your creating; not only yourself, as you as your species, but all other species, all other creations, all other vegetation, all other elements of this planet that you inhabit.  These are all creations in form of the family that you belong to.  They are wondrous, amazing creations.  They all hold tremendous beauty in themselves, and they all hold consciousness, and you are not separated from them.  And in this, within your form, within your being, you know this; but you deny yourself this and strive to be better, but you are perfect in what you are already!  (Pause, staring at Helen)

HELEN:  (Whispering to the group)  I had a question, but I can't remember what I was going to say.  I was really into that.

(To Elias)  What I got from what you said is that I'm connected to all of nature, as well as to all of the human race.

ELIAS:  Correct; within form and beauty.

HELEN:  And what you're saying is, if I could just absolutely accept this and come to this realization, that would lift my depression?

ELIAS:  Correct.

HELEN:  So it's just a realization that I need to have?

ELIAS:  It is merely an actualization.  You hold the realization already.  You need only be actualizing this within your reality; accepting this.  You are not less than, although you believe yourself to be less than.  All that you view within all of the wonders of the creations within this dimension are all creations accepted as an influence of the family that you are belonging to, but within your belief systems, you deny your very self and all of your connections.

HELEN:  Are those belief systems that started in this particular focus, or has it been a progression?  I feel as though in past lives ... I have one particular past life that I remember, or that I think I remember, where I was a warrior of sorts, and I took many, many lives and enjoyed it, and I don't know if that is a guilt that I'm feeling from another life.  I know that we don't have karma.  That's an old belief system that I used to have and I don't have that any more, but....

ELIAS:  Ah, but you do, for you believe that there is a carry-over.  There IS a carry-over within belief systems that are influencing and reinforcing of this focus, in alignment and within your belonging to this particular essence family.  In this, it conflicts with this particular focus, or you view this to be a conflicting area; for within a knowing of the family that you are belonging to, it creates a reinforcement in this focus of discounting of what you view to be life and form, but it is not.

In actuality, the other focus is merely experiencing; experiencing the sensations of the physical form, exploring different aspects of the physical aspect of your dimension.  It is merely exploring within experience in a different expression than you choose to be exploring.  There is no less beauty in its expression of exploring the sensational, sensual aspects of the physical existence than there is in exploring aspects of what you within your belief system view to be beauty.  They are merely different aspects of the same element, but you hold belief systems that one is affecting of the other in the area of karma.  You are "repaying."  You allow yourself to move into the area of being hurtful to yourself and denying your own intent and your own appreciation of the beauty in response to the belief systems that this is required of you, that you must repay what you view to be wrong-doing, but it is not wrong-doing.  It is merely a choice of experience within another aspect of your essence that explores all of the elements of physical existence.

HELEN:  But is my assumption correct?  I know that they're not past lives because they're going on, I guess, right now, but somewhere I am that kind of a person?

ELIAS:  You are correct.

HELEN:  All people must experience that, then.

ELIAS:  All individuals moving into the area of physical focus experience all aspects of physical focus.

You look to your physical focus.  You look to what you view to be other focuses to be past or future focuses, and you wish, you desire to be viewing all of your focuses within your belief systems to be good, to be loving, to be expressing within wondrous areas, to be offering to your species of humanity wondrous elements and offering contributions, in your terms.  You hold disappointment if you are connecting and realizing that you are merely a pot merchant within another focus (laughter) or that you are destructive, in your terms.  (Humorously)  And the cosmos shudder if any of you shall discover that within another focus, you are the all-terrorist Hitler!  (We all crack up)

HELEN:  I was thinking more the Attila The Hun type, but Hitler is pretty up there with him!  (Laughter, and a pause)  Hi.  Sorry!  Is it okay to joke with you, Elias?

ELIAS:  Absolutely!  (Much laughter)

HELEN:  Is it okay to joke with you??

ELIAS:  Absolutely!  I have quite a wondrous humor, do I not?

HELEN:  I've heard about your humor!  Oh, god.  Okay.  Why do I want to sleep all the time?  All my life, I've always wanted to just sleep and not be in this world.

ELIAS:  This is also connected with your element that you describe as being your depression.  It is a retreat from your objective reality that you refuse to be interacting with within your intent.  Therefore, you retreat to the safety of subjective interaction.

HELEN:  I don't like that I do this.  Is there any way to break that habit?  Will it come along with my actualization that we talked about earlier?

ELIAS:  Yes.

HELEN:  That's the bane of my existence.  I hate that about myself!

ELIAS:  Take a walk! (Pause)  Refrain from retreating into subjective activity and remain objective and walk, and within this walk notice all of the beauteous creations about you and connect to these, and know that they are a part of yourself and you are equally as beautiful, and connect to your intent.  (Pause)  Within the vein of humor, it is worth a try!  (Grinning, and we all crack up)

HELEN:  Funny you should mention that, because I thought that the other day.  I thought, "I should just go for a walk," but I didn't.  I went back to bed.

ELIAS:  Try something new!  (Grinning)

HELEN:  Okay, I will.  I have people in my life that I'd like to know my other focus connections ... I want to say "past life connections."  David -- how are David and I connected?

ELIAS:  You have been brother and sister within another focus.  (To David)  And you may be investigating!

DAVID:  I told you he'd say that to me!

ELIAS:  You hold the ability!

DAVID:  Well, this is not my question!  This is hers!

ELIAS:  And you may be helpful in instruction of connecting with other focuses!

HELEN:  I'm having a problem with a person in my life named Renee'.  I can't get over resentments that I hold against her, and I don't understand what our connection is and why I can't let go of these feelings of anger and hurt that I have with her.

ELIAS:  (Accessing)  This would be an influencing of another focus within this particular focus, although you hold the ability to choose to continue within this area or not.  Within another focus, within a focus that you occupied the space arrangement of England, this other individual occupied the space arrangement of Scotland; bitter enemies and much conflict.  This need not be affecting of you presently, but within your very strong belief systems that other focuses may be very affecting of this focus in the direction that you need be repaying or re-examining or reliving certain experiences that you may overcome these experiences, you are allowing a bleed-through of feelings.

You hold the ability to be altering of this situation.  Look not to the other individual to be altering this situation, for you are influencing in its creation, and as you allow yourself the ability to be letting go and not continuing within its creation, the other individual shall respond also.  (Pause)

HELEN:  I know we've already kind of covered my career thing, but is it probable that I will have great success in my career?

ELIAS:  If you are so choosing!  (Grinning)

HELEN:  Okay!  On to the next one!

ELIAS:  And if you are not blocking of your intent.

HELEN:  Alright.  What is my essence name?

ELIAS:  Jsenne; J-S-E-N-N-E. (pronounced zhenee; rhyming with Renee')

HELEN:  Jsenne.  Hmm.  That's a nice one.  I like that!  As far as my struggle in my life with my addictions to alcohol and drugs and food....

ELIAS:  Quite also a resulting of the family that you are belonging to, and blocking of your intent and not accepting of yourself.

HELEN:  So that's all connected with the depression and....

ELIAS:  Absolutely.

HELEN:  All connected.  Do you think that it's probable that I'll have children someday?

ELIAS:  Within your most probable probability, yes, within this present now; although you may be altering of this as per your choosing, but this would be the most probable probability.  (Pause)  This is also dependent upon your beginning of acceptance within your intent, and therefore affecting a line of probabilities, so to speak, to be entering into a new direction of connecting with another individual, and also with another essence entering.

HELEN:  So what you're saying is, if I'm in line with my intent ... when you keep saying intent, I keep thinking that my career is my intent.

ELIAS:  Your SELF is your intent.  Your career is a byproduct.  It is your imagery to yourself within your objective awareness as a confirmation of your intent.

HELEN:  So it is probable that I will bond with another essence, marry, have children?  I just feel like that's not possible for me!

ELIAS:  Ah, but it is!

HELEN:  So Elias, where do you come from?  When you come through Mary, where is it that you come from?

ELIAS:  It is not a place.  It is merely another area of consciousness; which I am aware that the word area implies a place, but it is not a place.  There are many areas within consciousness.  You view THIS area of consciousness as a place, for you view physical elements, but it is not a place either.  It is merely a state of being; a state of consciousness.  I occupy an area of consciousness that to you would seem quite foreign, for there is no physical aspect within the area of consciousness that I occupy.  There is no thought.  There is no emotion.  All of the elements that are familiar to you within your focus, within this particular directed attention of yours, are different from the area of consciousness that I occupy.  I occupy an area of consciousness that views very many elements of my own essence; not all, but many, many more elements than you view within your singular attention.  I view all of my focuses.  I am interactive with all of the physical focuses that are an element of this essence.  I also am interactive with all of the aspects of all of those focuses.

There are some areas of non-physical that this particular attention that you name Elias are not familiar with within this present now, for those areas are areas that are to be still explored; for I, as you, am within a complete state of continuous becoming.  Therefore, there shall always be areas that are unexplored and yet to be explored; but within the element of remembering, I am remembering of all of my physical creations and all of the aspects therein and all of what you view to be time frameworks within every dimension that this essence is focused within, for all time is simultaneous.  Therefore, although this essence of Elias is non-physically focused within this present now, it also occupies many areas of physical focus in what you view to be past and future, and this particular aspect of this physical and non-physical essence of Elias views them all, and is also interactive with them all.

I occupy an area of teaching.  I occupy an area to be offering information and helpfulness to many different areas of consciousness, not merely physical; but within several areas of physical focus, I attend my attention within.  There are countless aspects of this essence that I hold awareness and interaction with simultaneously.  You may view me to be an element of essence that views millions of television screens simultaneously, and am interactive with them all; directing, being helpful, being a player within all of them.

HELEN:  And is that what we will eventually do?

ELIAS:  You do already!  But your attention presently is focused within one dimension, within one individual focus; and as the focus moves beyond the physical aspect of the focus, it shall also be attentive to all other focuses within the capacity of non-physical areas of consciousness.

HELEN:  Would you say that a lot of things in our physical state are distractions that distract us from focusing on what you're able to focus on?

ELIAS:  No.  It is a purposeful experience.  I do not occupy a higher level than do you.  I merely remember the aspects of essence that you CHOOSE not to be remembering, that you may afford yourself the purity of your experience within your directed attention within this particular focus.

HELEN:  I'm reading a book, or I read a book: Conversations With God, book one and two.  Are you familiar with this book?

ELIAS:  It has been presented previously.  (meaning in the sessions)

HELEN:  I like it.  I like a lot of what the book says because it really knocks down a lot of belief systems that I have, that I feel were keeping me from my intent.  Would you say that this is correct?

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking, yes; and I am encouraging of you to be continuing.

HELEN:  And how would I continue that?

ELIAS:  By offering yourself the information that you draw yourself to.  (Abruptly)  We shall break.  (Mary arrives coughing)

BREAK   7:18 PM
RESUME  7:40 PM (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.

HELEN:  We had an interesting question come up during the break.  Have you and I ever shared a life together, a focus?  (Pause)

ELIAS:  (To Vic)  Your impression is correct.

(To Helen)  Quite beautiful, of dark skin.  (Pause, and then softly)  Very long black hair, very dark skin of purest ebony; quite thin in form, as in consistency with your family, and quite elegant; and bearing the same name as essence.  (Pause)

HELEN:  What are my connections to my mother in this focus?

ELIAS:  (Accessing)  Within one other focus, this individual is also presently in the capacity of father to yourself.

HELEN:  And my father?

ELIAS:  Within one focus, a friend; within another focus, a cousin.

HELEN:  I have a very dear friend in Texas named Lisa, and I feel a very strong connection to her, and I'd like to know what that is.

ELIAS:  This individual holds several focuses with you within essence, all in the capacity of siblings; brothers and sisters both.

HELEN:  Have I ever been anybody famous?  (We all crack up)  I don't know!

DAVID:  But you'll throw it out!

HELEN:  But I'll throw it out!  (Elias is laughing)  David's got Oscar Wilde.  I was hoping for somebody!  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  (Grinning at David)  Ah, do you then?

HELEN:  Partially!

DAVID:  No, I don't have Oscar Wilde!  Put me in the stew pot!

HELEN:  Sorry!  I didn't mean to!  (We're all cracking up)

ELIAS:  Quite interesting!  We shall be investigating of this also, shall we not?

DAVID:  Not!

ELIAS:  I am quite sure that THIS essence occupies that focus!

DAVID:  Yes, you do!

ELIAS:  Not Mylo!

DAVID:  No, not Mylo!  I think Mylo is the pot merchant!  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Ah!  You are moving closer!  (Laughter)

DAVID:  Who?  The pot?

HELEN:  You're the piss-boy back in England!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Tin, I believe!

DAVID:  For I all I know, I was the chambermaid!

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  Much closer!  (To Helen)  I shall express to you, yes ... and you may be investigating!

HELEN:  (Whining)  Oh, you're not going to tell me?  Okay....

ELIAS:  I shall be moving into the area of expressing to you all that YOU may be investigating of these focuses, for you hold the ability to be connecting with your own focuses, and it is merely laziness that you inquire of this essence of Elias to be offering you information of yourselves that you hold the ability to access!

DAVID:  Well hopefully, when I say what I'm going to say, I mean it!  I am moving away from that, and I am concentrating more on me now.

ELIAS:  Very good!

DAVID:  Am I not?

ELIAS:  You are.

DAVID:  Thank you.

VICKI:  Regarding this other stuff, I did also have an impression that this name was the same, although I wasn't sure about it, but I would be asking you if you'd pronounce it again?  The essence name?

ELIAS:  Jsenne.

VICKI:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  Which also is not French.

HELEN:  What kind of name is that?

ELIAS:  This would be a name within your language, not within tone but within your translation into language, that would originate within a central African area.

VICKI:  Right.  It was the name that elicited the impression.

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  Yeah.  Okay....  (To Helen)  Do you have a question?

HELEN:  Yes.  Although my father's health is good right now, I was just wondering if that would continue? (Elias grins)  Sorry!  I guess that's kind of the same kind of question!  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Quite!  This would be a choice.

HELEN:  My father's.  Right.  What about my health?

ELIAS:  This would be a choice!  (Grinning)

HELEN:  Yes.  I don't know what else to ask you!  Tell me something!  (We all crack up)

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  And what shall I be expressing to you?  I have already expressed of your family and your intent, and all of your questioning, for the most part, moves in this direction.

HELEN:  I hope I can do it.  I hope I can achieve that.

ELIAS:  No, no, no, no, no!  (Laughter)  You may achieve this!  Do not be discounting of yourself!

HELEN:  So, kind of back to the first question about Oscar....

DAVID:  The cat!

ELIAS:  I am quite aware of this, Mylo!  I did not express that this be an individual!

DAVID:  Okay.  No, you didn't.

HELEN:  Is he healthy and okay?

ELIAS:  Yes, but you are inquiring of his choice!

HELEN:  He's choosing to be with someone else.

ELIAS:  He is choosing to be roaming.

HELEN:  I don't like that!  I want him to come home!

DAVID:  This would not be accepting!

HELEN:  Alright, I guess I can be accepting.

ELIAS:  It is the choice of the creature to be exploring of its reality, although I am quite understanding within your belief systems of your feelings and your longing.  But you may be expressing to yourself that the creature is also offering you imagery to be exploring of YOUR creation of your OWN reality.

HELEN:  I have had dreams of him where I turn around and all of a sudden he's there, and then I go to him and he's gone.  It seems pretty simplistic, because he's not here and I want him to be here.

ELIAS:  It is imagery that you are presenting yourself with within consciousness, in connection with the creature and its offering to you of information, to be allowing yourself your own freedom to be exploring and appreciating.  It is an offering in helpfulness within consciousness.

HELEN:  I think I can let my longing go if I believe that, and also use that in other areas in my life.

ELIAS:  Absolutely!

HELEN:  I'm sure this is redundant and obvious, but would you say that it's a lack of belief in self that has kept me from my intent?

ELIAS:  Quite!

HELEN:  That sums it up?

ELIAS:  It is the area of duplicity, and blocking of your intent within the intent of the family that you are belonging to.

HELEN:  The Zuli family.

ELIAS:  Correct.

HELEN:  But I'm aligned with Ilda.  I've always had an idea in my mind that if I achieved any sort of success in my acting career that I would combine it with information, my life's information and the experience with depression and fighting that and dealing with that as to somehow communicate that to the world ... not to the world, but to other people and that they don't have to live like that all their lives.  And how I overcame it, they can overcome it ... but I have overcome my depression partially through medication.

ELIAS:  Which is unnecessary.  Rediscover your intent and the beauty of your focus, and allow yourself an acceptance of self and the discovery of your freedom, which your Oscar offers to you in imagery.

HELEN:  I don't need this medication?



ELIAS:  Michael shall be quite distressed with this information!

VICKI:  I would say so!  (Mary has BIG issues with medical advice)

HELEN:  Because I've been off of it for a month now, and I have had episodes of just very self-destructive things that I do to myself when I'm not on my medication.

ELIAS:  Discover your freedom and your acceptance of yourself.  You create destructiveness, for this is your imagery of not being accepting of yourself.

HELEN:  But how do I go about accepting myself?  I don't understand the process.  Isn't there a process in which I do that?

ELIAS:  Ah, methods!

HELEN:  Yeah!

ELIAS:  Take a walk!

HELEN:  Take a walk.

ELIAS:  Offer yourself the experience as opposed to the retreat.  Experience your very being, and all of the elements of that being -- all of your sensory perception, all that is about you, and all that contains beauty, yourself included.

HELEN:  My therapist would not agree with you!

ELIAS:  I hold no doubtfulness in this area!  (Laughter)  Many psychologists would not be in agreement with myself, but they also hold very strong belief systems in the area of psychology and believe that they hold all of your answers, although they do not hold the answer to how they create their reality or that they DO create their reality ... but I do!  (Grinning)

HELEN:  So I'll be okay if I don't take my medication, if I continue not to take it?

ELIAS:  IF you are choosing to be discovering your freedom and your beauty and your connections, and moving in the area of your intent.  If not, you shall be continuing within your belief systems and you shall be continuing to be distressful to yourself, and destructive.  It is your choice.  I merely offer to you that it is unnecessary to be continuing in areas of "outside" influence.

HELEN:  Meaning the medication?

ELIAS:  Correct.  (To Vic)  Oh, Michael shall be very distressed with this session!  (Grinning)

VICKI:  We won't tell him.

ELIAS:  Very good!  (Laughter)

HELEN:  Well, I've gained weight since I got off my ... this is like so stupid!  Here I am talking to this incredible being about gaining weight!  (Much laughter)  Sorry!  It's on my mind!  I'm getting fat because ever since I got off my anti-depressants, I can't stop sticking food in my mouth!

ELIAS:  This also would be in alignment with your belief systems and NOT in alignment with your intent.

HELEN:  That's a little confusing.  I don't understand.

ELIAS:  Your intent within this focus is to be creating of the perfect beauty and form and communicating of that beauty and form, but your belief systems thwart your situation and move you into areas that you block your intent.

Many individuals hold belief systems within areas of your sciences -- your medical sciences, your psychological sciences -- that also provide you with outside remedies, which are merely camouflages for the energy that you hold within you.  You believe that they shall be effective.  Therefore, in camouflage temporarily, they ARE effective.

You also hold belief systems as to cause and effect, and if you are discontinuing with this action of aligning with mass belief systems, you shall automatically create an effect.  You shall discontinue certain processes of medication and you shall be affecting your weight.  You shall discontinue certain processes and you shall be affecting of other symptoms.  It is all camouflage!  It is all merely the enactment of mass belief systems, and it is also unnecessary if addressing to these belief systems.  (Pause)

HELEN:  What you're saying is that I can create my own remedy?

ELIAS:  Absolutely.

HELEN:  Should I choose to do so.  (Elias nods)  By taking a walk.  (Laughter)  No, I'm really into this!  And by doing things....

ELIAS:  You are requesting of a method.  I am offering you a beginning of a method.  Much more enjoyable than what you are experiencing presently, is it not?

HELEN:  Yes.

ELIAS:  And more productive.

HELEN:  Yes.

ELIAS:  And I also am quite serious -- by taking a walk.

HELEN:  I believe that!  I have thought that in my mind, that that's what I should do, that I'll feel better.  I've heard people say it.  "Take a walk.  You'll feel better."  It's the simple pleasures, hmm?

ELIAS:  Absolutely.

HELEN:  And maybe on my walk, I'll find Oscar!  My cat!  (Laughter)  No, I'm going to give that up.  I'm going to give that up!  Did you want to ask anything else, David?

DAVID:  Well, I just have one question, and they may have some.  I'm feeling the last three days ... I've been feeling strong for the last couple of months, after my first visit with you.  And what I experienced before then -- the insecurity feelings and what's going on and like someone's pulling the rug from underneath me -- I've been picking that up again the last three days, and I don't want to go there again because I feel shaky.

ELIAS:  Then don't!  (Smiling)

DAVID:  I'm saying don't!  It's like I don't want to deal with people again.  I've gotta go wait tables and deal with people, and it's like an anxiety attack is coming on.  Is that coming from somewhere?

ELIAS:  This manifests from the area of your inability to be patient presently, and to be accepting of the movement of this forum and of Michael.

DAVID:  But I gave in to that a few days ago, didn't I?

ELIAS:  Partially.

DAVID:  Partially.  But is it not my nature to be impatient?

ELIAS:  Quite!  Be realizing that Michael occupies a difficult area presently, and holds struggles.  He is attempting to move into areas that are difficult for him.  He holds the support of these essences, but he does not believe that he holds the support of those of you within physical focus around him.

DAVID:  I could say the same thing!

ELIAS:  This is quite influencing.

DAVID:  I feel the same thing about that support too!

ELIAS:  But you occupy a different position within the pyramid.  Michael occupies the position of the movement, and all the other points look to his position for the movement.  This phenomenon moves as Michael chooses, for these essences shall not be intrusive.  Therefore, there shall not be movement outside of an acceptable area for Michael, and it is influencing of these points to be supportive in this area.  In this, the supportiveness shall flow back to you also.  It shall be automatic.

DAVID:  I understand.  Thanks.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.  (To Margot)  I shall be anticipating our meeting!


ELIAS:  I am quite aware of energy being emitted!

MARGOT: Thank you!

ELIAS:  And projected also with Lawrence!

VICKI:  It's an Ilda thing!

ELIAS:  (Humorously)  Quite!  We are surrounded!  (Much laughter)  An energy conspiracy this evening!

VICKI:  I do have one question ...

ELIAS:  Very well.

VICKI:  ... regarding this impression or partial memory of this individual and this other focus.  Actually, the most important part to me is how it applies to me, so what I remember in the memory is being not very happy with the situation in that focus.  Also, in opposition to that, when I met this individual this evening, I had none of that going on at all.  I was very comfortable with this person.  I liked this person immediately.  There was none of that bleeding through, of the feelings that I had as far as the other focus goes, and I understand that all focuses affect each other.  And so my question in that is ... I'm not really sure what my question is, actually.  It doesn't make sense to me that I have a memory of not being very happy with the situation as a result of my belief systems in this other focus, but my response to this individual wasn't influenced by that at all, and I guess my question is why, if we're all affecting, if all of our focuses are affecting of all of our other focuses?

ELIAS:  The other focus is affecting of you in the remembrance.  You are affecting of the other focus in lending energy in acceptance.  The belief systems held within the other focus are those having to do with a replacement of your sister, which is unacceptable and creating of conflict, and a betrayal of a memory.

VICKI:  But I don't necessarily hold that belief system presently, and I know that I don't.

ELIAS:  Correct; and in this you are lending energy to the release of that belief system within that focus.  The other focus lends energy to this focus merely in the remembrance.

VICKI:  Okay, I think I understand.

ELIAS:  Therefore, there is an active exchange.

VICKI:  Okay.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  We shall be disengaging this evening.

HELEN:  Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome, and I shall be anticipating interacting with you once again futurely.

HELEN:  Yes.  Me too!

ELIAS:  (Tenderly)  And you may be connecting with a remembrance of great affection within connection to this particular focus, for much was held, in similar capacity to Elizabeth ... almost!  Therefore, I encourage your investigation, and I shall be visiting you also within your subjective dream state.

HELEN:  Thank you.  I welcome that.

ELIAS:  And so do I.  I express to you all this evening much affection, and I bid you all a very fond au revoir.

Elias departs at 8:11 PM.

Vic's note:  The memory of this other focus was pretty clear to me throughout this session.  There was also an unusual quality to the exchange that was occurring between Elias and Helen, a quality which I perceived to be very emotional.  I asked Helen during the break if she noticed anything unusual, but she said no.  I asked her the same question after the session because it was so prominent in my perception, but her response was the same.  At this point, Elias "popped in," which is our term for a spontaneous appearance, which usually surprises everybody!  I wasn't prepared for a pop-in, so we didn't get it on tape.  In my memory, Elias spoke a few sentences to Helen, encouraging her to connect with the memory of this other focus.  I'm not sure if she has accomplished this yet.

For the record, this focus occurred in the late 1700's in France.  Mary's name was Elizabeth, and we were sisters.  Elias' name was Elias, and he and Elizabeth were married.  Elizabeth died quite young in this focus, after which Helen appeared as Jsenne.  Jsenne and Elias had an affair, which was quite disturbing to me at the time.

© 1997  Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.