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Soft Session, #2: Natural Flow; Energy-Ball Game


“Soft Session, #2: Natural Flow; Energy-Ball Game; Finding an Intimate Partner”

Thursday, November 16, 2006 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Julie (Fontine)

(Elias’ arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JULIE: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And what shall we discuss?

JULIE: Soft group session number two, with our little soft group!

ELIAS: Ah, very well!

JULIE: I guess the top question on our minds right now, or one of the top questions, is our natural flow as softies. How does a soft behave in their natural flow when they are in their natural flow, and how do we know that we are? Could you give us some clues about directions to look in discovering more about ourselves when we are in our natural flow?

ELIAS: As with any orientation, when you are allowing yourself your natural flow of energy, one of the most obvious factors that you may notice is that you feel more comfortable. You naturally feel comfortable.

Now; in this, there are some factors in association with the soft orientation. A soft individual will be expressing their natural flow of energy in paying attention to themself and recognizing their natural direction, and in that, allowing themselves permission to be expressing naturally, such as, which we have discussed previously, soft individuals, in a manner of speaking, almost REQUIRE time frameworks in which they can be interactive with themself.

Now; that interaction with self outwardly may appear to other individuals that the soft individual is isolating themself or is being less sociable and wanting to incorporate time alone. That is a natural expression with a soft individual. This is not to say that soft individuals cannot be very sociable at times and that they cannot be very interactive with other individuals. But it is also important that they incorporate time frameworks in which they are interactive merely with themselves and that present what you may term to be “alone time.” That can be challenging for some soft individuals dependent upon the situations that they have created and chosen, such as in relation to families or partners. For many times, a soft individual that is involved with a family may offer themselves a time framework in which they physically remove themself from the other individuals within the family, but they are not actually allowing themselves genuine time framework to be interactive with themself or genuinely be alone. For, they may physically remove themself in a different area of the home, but their attention continues to be projecting to the other family members. Therefore, they are not actually allowing themselves a time framework to be interactive with self. That would be an example of not expressing your natural flow in that type of situation and in relation to that factor of self-interaction time frameworks.

Soft individuals also naturally are interactive with certain elements of their environment, as we have discussed — LIVING elements. In this, a natural flow would be to allow yourselves to engage that natural action of being interactive with living expressions within your environment and not necessarily feeling the obligation to be interactive with individuals.

A frequent misunderstanding of soft individuals with the explanation of continuous interaction is that the continuous interaction is interpreted as being with other individuals, and that is incorrect. Soft individuals are actually, generally speaking, less interactive with other individuals than the other two orientations. For they do generate that factor of requiring self-interactive time frameworks, which in a manner of speaking generates less interactiveness with other individuals.

Another factor that may be recognized as a natural flow with soft individuals is to be recognizing their threshold for overwhelm. Interaction with other individuals is more natural and less overwhelming in small groups, very small groups. Soft individuals flow much more naturally and comfortably if they are interactive with one other individual in any time framework, or very few.

Now; once again, this is not to say that a soft individual cannot function quite well and be expressing a natural flow of energy in larger groups of individuals and socialize and participate, but not continuously. That generally would create an overwhelm. When soft individuals become overwhelmed, their automatic response is to become fatigued, for you are incorporating continuous stimuli. Therefore, if you generate an extreme of stimulus, you incorporate the automatic response of fatigue to filter out some elements of stimulus.

In a manner of speaking, figuratively, this automatic response of fatigue can be likened to incorporating many radio stations simultaneously. For a brief timework, a soft individual can incorporate all of those frequencies and can generate a comfortable interaction with many different frequencies, but if that interaction continues for an extended time framework, the soft individual, in becoming fatigued, figuratively is generating an action similar to turning off most of the radio frequencies, temporarily.

Now; a soft individual can generate overwhelm in other manners, not merely in association with other individuals or groups of individuals. A soft individual can also generate overwhelm if they are presenting too much external stimulus with themselves, for that generates a similar expression. The soft individual, as I have stated, naturally continuously is presenting considerable stimulus with themself in every moment, for the subjective and the objective are continuously moving and generating input.

Therefore, a natural flow for a soft individual would be, within their daily routine, to incorporate routine. Soft individuals function more efficiently if they allow themselves to generate some type of routines within their day which do not require intensive attention. Therefore, a soft individual may incorporate an action such as playing an instrument or engaging some type of soothing activity in which they are not necessarily being entirely interactive with themselves, but they are also not generating stimulus that requires evaluation.

Soft individuals evaluate differently from a common individual or an intermediate individual. Soft individuals evaluate their environment considerably. In that, it does not necessarily incorporate thinking, but there is activity which is occurring in the evaluation within the individual. Therefore, incorporating routines allows the individual to be generating some actions and time frameworks in which they relax that action of evaluating, for they are generating an action that is very familiar and allows them a soothing energy. That would also be an element of a natural flow.

Allowing yourselves to acknowledge your own expressions and not comparing with common individuals is also a challenge. Soft individuals express differently than common individuals or intermediate individuals, but the soft individual generally will focus upon common individuals more so than intermediates, and compare themselves. This is NOT a natural flow.

The other factors concern each individual, for in association with your orientation, there are also factors of your individual guidelines and allowing yourselves to flow with those also, recognizing your individual personalities and recognizing your individual intents, factoring in these soft expressions, allowing yourselves to generate your individual intents and express your individual guidelines but with the awareness of not generating overwhelm and therefore not generating fatigue, also allowing for individual time frameworks in which you can be self-interactive genuinely, and allowing yourselves to express in your own comfort and acknowledge that.

JULIE: So when I’m paying attention to myself, when softs are interactive with self, that basically means just tuning out all of the other frequencies and focusing in exclusively on my own energy? Is that right?

ELIAS: Partially, but let us also explore how a soft individual interacts with self, for paying attention to yourself may be interpreted in somewhat of a different manner than interaction with yourself. For generally, how you interpret “paying attention to yourself” is somewhat rigid in that the manner in which most individuals define paying attention to themself is that they will be paying attention to their body consciousness, paying attention to their thought processes, paying attention to what they are doing. Which, all are expressions of paying to yourself — although there are many other expressions of paying attention to yourself also — but for a soft individual, interacting with self is not necessarily that type of paying attention to self. For with a soft individual, paying attention to yourself and interacting with yourself may be expressed in different manners.

Interacting with yourself may be expressed in reading a book — you are engaging in an action that you are actually involving yourself with physically. Or engaging a film, for you are involving yourself with the film. It may appear surfacely to you that you are not engaging an action, for you may be sitting or lying. You may be physically still, but you are involving yourself and your awarenesses in an action engaging what you are doing, and that engaging does not involve any other living manifestation. It merely involves you.

Generating an action of gardening, as an example, is not necessarily an action of engaging or interacting with self, for you are engaging another living manifestation. Whenever you are engaging another living manifestation, you are engaging an exchange, and you are generating an outward interaction. You may also be generating an inward interaction, but you are generating an outward interaction.

When you are engaging an activity such as painting a picture or engaging a musical instrument or dancing or reading a book or watching a film, these are actions that you physically engage, but you are engaging an interaction with self. Many, many, many soft individuals enjoy actions that are entertaining and that are comforting that they can engage singularly, such as a book or a film, for it allows you a time framework in which you are not engaging an outward interaction.

This also is another reason that many, many, many soft individuals generate considerable comfort with creatures. For, a soft individual can be engaging interaction with self and be generating a comfort in the presence of a creature, and not necessarily express an outward interaction with the creature. For in that continuous interaction, with soft individuals, at times, interaction with other individuals can be somewhat overwhelming; but soft individuals experience tremendous comfort in knowing that there is a presence of another manifestation, not necessarily an individual, but in knowing that there is the physical presence of a creature and knowing that that energy is continuously interactive with them but does not require them to be outwardly interactive with them. That generates a considerable comfort, which is also a natural flow for soft individuals. Although not all soft individuals choose to engage creatures, many, many, many of them do, and this creates an ease of energy in their exchange.

Therefore, in clarifying with your question, interaction with yourself is not necessarily moving your attention to yourself in paying attention to yourself in what you are expressing or what you are doing or what you are feeling or what you are communicating to yourself, but allowing yourself a time framework to be actively interactive with yourself in other manners.

JULIE: So sometimes it’s comforting to not have to output, not have to objectively do anything or express something.

ELIAS: Correct.

JULIE: I recognize that. And that’s mainly so that we can pay attention to the subjective flow during that time?

ELIAS: It allows you a time framework of relaxing both the objective and the subjective. In that, what occurs is you allow yourself a natural openness for input, without effort.

In a manner of speaking, figuratively, if you visualize a tube, and you imagine yourself, as a soft individual, as being this tube, for much of your time framework the tube is filled with some type of substance. The substance is constantly moving, and it is, for the most part, filling this tube. When you incorporate time frameworks in which you are interactive with self, figuratively speaking you empty that tube, which allows for an openness for more of the substance to flow through. Subsequently, when you are engaging output of interaction, the tube is being filled again, the substance within it is continuously moving, and that continuous movement and fullness of the tube eventually can create irritation in the walls of the tube, and can create friction. Therefore, to prevent the irritation and friction, the soft individual naturally engages an action of interactiveness with self, which empties the tube and creates a reprieve, and actually creates a regeneration of the tube itself. Therefore, it allows the tube to engage the substance that is continuously moving once again.

Now; when an individual does not allow this type of natural movement, that tube becomes irritated and friction builds. As it continues to build and become irritated, it may even create the tube to begin to collapse. That collapsing, figuratively speaking, is the automatic response of fatigue.

JULIE: That makes sense. I’m familiar with that!

ELIAS: (Laughs) I incorporate no doubt that you are!

JULIE: (Laughing) Are you reading my energy, Elias?

ELIAS: Always!

JULIE: Well, I guess we’ll go on to question number two. You have said that the soft expression of power is in energy. Do you have an exercise or a game that you could give our group to develop our awareness of energy movements?

ELIAS: Ah, a game! An excellent suggestion!

JULIE: Thank you!

ELIAS: Perhaps you may incorporate a very simple game in design, but that may prove to be quite interesting. (Chuckles) Within your little group, perhaps each of you can generate your own individual energy balls, configuring your own energy in any time framework and manipulating that into a type of energy ball, and with that energy ball, you may incorporate a game of catch with each other, each one throwing their own energy ball to another individual within the group. In the game, the individual that catches the ball will be charged with evaluating what the ball is, which will require engaging intuition, engaging your subjective awareness, and engaging your impressions.

As you continue to throw and catch the balls, each of you can generate an addition to whatever ball you catch, and return the throw to the individual that projected it to you. In that, as the individual receives the ball which has thusly incorporated an addition of energy, that individual can re-evaluate the energy that they projected and the difference in how it has been returned.

JULIE: Interesting. So, if I’m playing this game, say, with Pat, I would tell her that I’ve projected an energy ball to her?


JULIE: And then she pays attention and... Okay.

ELIAS: This may be an effective exercise, also, for each of you to be recognizing your own energy and the differences of your own energy and other individual’s energies. It may also be informative in how you throw your ball. Some may throw it more softly; some may throw it more strongly. Which will also offer you information concerning yourselves individually in relation to your natural flow, for some of you may project the energy ball much more strongly, in which you can recognize the type of strength that is being expressed in the energy. Some individuals may throw the energy ball more softly, but perhaps the energy being received may be very powerful. Just as one individual may shout but may be expressing in that shouting an expression that is somewhat mundane. Another individual may whisper but may whisper in a profound manner, or one individual may shout and may be generating a proclamation and another individual may whisper and merely be offering a comfort.

Therefore, in throwing the energy balls and receiving them or catching them, and in altering them as you throw and catch, you shall be presenting yourselves with considerable information in relation to energy, in relation to its strengths and how it is expressed, and in relation to each of your natural flows in association with your energy — and also incorporate fun! Ha ha ha!

JULIE: That sounds like fun. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome!

JULIE: So, question number three. The person that wrote this question said, “In the last session, Elias said that to help softs with creating intimate relationships and friendships, we should be about our daily life or use the computer. However, many softs find this doesn’t lead to meeting appropriate people for intimate relationships, because softs are rather picky in this area and also because they don’t meet many people that they can truly harmonize with. How can this be remedied?”

ELIAS: First of all, in recognizing your natural flow, also recognize what you naturally express. In recognizing what you naturally express, allow yourself to evaluate what is a natural complement to what you naturally express individually.

In that, allow yourselves to generate an openness. Do not express the rigidness of attempting to seek out or draw to yourself merely other soft individuals. For as I have expressed, although you can generate a very successful and very intimate relationship with another individual of the soft orientation, that does require, for soft individuals, the ability to genuinely be paying attention to yourself, and to not be generating expectations of yourself or of the other individual. For as I have expressed previously, soft individuals are not very accomplished at bouncing balls back and forth continuously. This is not to say that your game will not be fun; it will, but that is a different situation. But soft individuals enjoy bouncing their own ball much more than bouncing balls to other individuals continuously.

In this, many times, dependent upon the individual, individuals of the other orientations can provide an adequate complement to a soft individual, for there may be more flexibility expressed in relationships with a soft individual and an individual incorporating a different orientation. Although there may also be challenges in some of the language variances, those in many situations can be less challenging than the overwhelm of the natural expression of the soft individual.

Therefore, first of all, with regard to relationships, it is important that you generate an openness and not be expressing a rigidness in only attempting to draw an individual of your same orientation. Also, when I express to you to allow yourself to generate naturally and that will allow you to draw another individual to yourself, what many individuals misunderstand is that when you are genuinely generating a comfortableness and a confidence within yourself and are not actually seeking an intimate relationship, that is the time framework in which you express naturally your most attractiveness and in which you naturally draw other individuals to you. Other individuals become naturally attracted to you, for you are expressing an attractive energy, but you express that when you are genuinely generating an allowance of yourself and allowing your natural flow, therefore generating a comfort and a satisfaction within yourself.

That is significant, for what creates an obstacle in relation to drawing other individuals to yourselves is the element of satisfying. If you within yourself are satisfied with yourself and are comfortable within yourself, you will also be expressing a confidence, and in that, it is not necessary to seek out other individuals. You will naturally draw them without the effort.

When you are seeking out, you are not expressing that satisfaction within self. You are looking outside of yourself to provide that satisfaction, and when you are generating that type of action, you are generating an energy of dissatisfaction, and you are creating obstacles, for you are concentrating upon lack. You are concentrating upon what you do not have or possess, and that creates the obstacles.

When you are not concentrating upon lack, when you are generating satisfaction within self, you do not create those obstacles, and you create avenues in which you can accomplish what you want in generating relationships. As I have expressed recently several times with other individuals in relation to this subject matter, your cliché of “when you are not seeking, that is when you find it” is more accurate than you realize.

JULIE: I recognize that in my own life, for sure.

ELIAS: For if you are projecting an energy of dissatisfaction, what shall you reflect to yourself? Shall you draw a loving, intimate relationship to yourself if you are not satisfied with you? I would wager to express no. But if you are satisfied and comfortable with yourself, you radiate a very attractive energy, even an intriguing energy.

You all are drawn to what you admire. There are many different expressions that may be identified as admiration or to be admired, but comfort and satisfaction are expressions that you all admire and that you are all drawn to. When you express your own comfort and satisfaction within yourself, you become the flame, and when you become the flame, it is not necessary for you to engage any action other than being the flame, and the moths will come.

JULIE: (Laughs, and Elias laughs) I love it!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Therefore, my suggestion to you all is to be the flame!

JULIE: It looks like we just have a few more minutes, so maybe I’ll just ask if you have a message for us about the perception wave and what softs will be doing specifically within it.

ELIAS: I will express to you to pay attention, for as I have expressed recently, most soft individuals throughout your world in this time framework now are and will be presenting to themselves expressions of some type of dramatic physical manifestations.

In this, what is most significant and important for each of you to remember, if or when you do generate some type of dramatic physical expression, is to pay attention but not to discount yourselves, to recognize that whatever you are creating is purposeful and will be beneficial and helpful in association with this wave addressing to perception, and will actually be helpful to you in allowing you to generate less conflict and less trauma and less confusion as this wave continues.

It is somewhat of an unusual choice that you are collectively engaging but very effective. In this, recognize that whatever you present to yourself, you are in actuality not alone, for in this choice that most soft individuals are engaging of some dramatic physical expression, you are actually offering supportive energy to each other, which generates more of an ease in your own manner of addressing to perception and this particular wave.

JULIE: So you mean if we’re not manifesting something right now, there’s a good likelihood that we will be shortly?

ELIAS: Yes. But remember, what you present to yourself, you may perceive to be bad or you may not perceive it to be bad. It is not a matter of a good or bad dramatic physical expression. It is merely that there is a tremendous likelihood that most of you either are or will be shortly generating some type of dramatic physical expression. It may be one that is dramatically enjoyable! This also is to be paid attention to, how automatically you assume that any expression that is dramatic will be bad. And I did not express that the dramatic physical expression would be bad or good, but merely that it will be dramatic.

JULIE: That’s a good thing to notice. Thanks for pointing that one out.

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are quite welcome!

JULIE: Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my dear friend. You may offer my greetings and my appreciation to all of your friends in your little group, and I express to you and to your group great friendship and great lovingness. As always, I offer my encouragement in strength and freely. To you my friends, au revoir.

JULIE: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 3 minutes.

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