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Altering How the Subjective Awareness Signals You; Avoiding Armageddon


“Altering How the Subjective Awareness Signals You”
“Neutralizing the Contagion Belief”
“Dream Symbol”
“Energy Exchange with Alexis”
“Fermented Foods”
“Avoiding Armageddon”

Saturday, June 15, 2024 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Nuno (Lystell)

ELIAS: Good morning!

NUNO: Greetings, my friend!

ELIAS: How shall we begin?

NUNO: Ah, how shall we begin? Indeed. I have the impression that you know where I’m going today with this because I have been expressing so loudly on this subject.

ELIAS: I would agree.

NUNO: Should I start or you just want to pick up on that?

ELIAS: You can begin. I simply would acknowledge that I'm aware you've been being quite loud.

NUNO: Okay. So it's about the SA, the subjective awareness. And after we had our discussion last time, it didn't occur to me until shortly after, because I was just kind of shocked by what you told me in that, the subjective awareness actively targets, to use your word, weaknesses in the body to signal the individual. And for me, it's obviously my blood pressure, which I find completely unacceptable. It's basically deliberately harming the body consciousness for the purpose of sending me a signal. And I find this cruel and brutal and violent and I’ve got no end of adjectives to describe it, but what it really comes down to it is completely and totally unacceptable to me. And I don't know if that's a guideline of mine or not, but it should be. But one of my very strong guidelines is that it's out of bounds. I do not deliberately harm the body consciousness for any reason at all. It's unacceptable to me. And so when I learned that this is what the SA is actually deliberately doing, it just got me so angry. I was angry at that for days and days. And I realized, yes, this is me I am angry at, but perhaps I was more angry at the situation. I was angry at how the focus was designed to have the SA message me in this way. So I've settled down some since then because, as you know, of course, anger means no choices, which is exactly what I felt. I felt the only choice I had was to be a good little focus and do what the SA tells me to do, which I guess it is a choice, but it’s just not acceptable to me that the SA does that. And so what I've been doing or attempting to do is to instruct the SA and tell it in a very clear way that harming the body consciousness as a way to signal is completely unacceptable. It's not only unacceptable, it's ineffective. It's actually counterproductive because when I am going through one of these episodes of high blood pressure, I’m just miserable. I'm irritable. It's just the exact opposite of where I want to be and, and, it just does not help me in any way, does not help me move forward. So I'm kind of perplexed as to why the SA does that. So I'm going to just stop there. I’ve got more to say on that. But I want to get your side of the story at this point.

ELIAS: The first thing that I would say to you is a reminder that it's in harmony with your objective awareness. It's never not in harmony with your objective awareness. Therefore, it's a matter of looking at what is happening objectively and what you're reacting to. But I would say, I would say that because of that, because the objective and the subjective are in harmony, if you are objectively moving in a direction of expressing something as directly and absolutely as you are now, this is simply unacceptable, that is a clear message. And in that because the objective and the subjective are in harmony, I would say that, that very likely that that will hold.

NUNO: And it does seem to be being effective, which is fine. And I have no problems at all with being signaled when I'm doing something that is not in alignment with where I want to go. That's not the difficulty I have. The difficulty is how the subjective awareness is signaling me. And that's the piece that is completely unacceptable because there is so many other ways it can do that. Well, I'm very glad you said that because that's what I've been doing, it was the only thing I knew how to do or at least attempt. And I do think I have been getting positive results with that.

ELIAS: Good. But I would say to you, because the objective and the subjective are in harmony, you are not a victim to what the subjective is doing. The objective is doing the same thing simply in a different manner. Therefore, when you notice that your blood pressure raises or spikes, it's generally because something is happening objectively that is uncomfortable for you or that you don't like or that you're reacting to. And in that, that's when the subjective moves in the same direction and it's moving in the same direction almost literally because generally speaking, whenever your blood pressure spikes, it's happening when you're doing something familiar, it's not when you're doing something new. Generally speaking, it's when you are reacting to something or you're being irritated or you’re frustrated. And in that you’re objectively reacting in familiar directions that you are accustomed to and you're expressing in the same manner. And therefore the subjective is doing the same thing.

NUNO: I get all that and…

ELIAS: I know you do.

NUNO: It's like I say though, I have no difficulty with all of that. What got me angry and very upset was the method used by the subjective awareness to signal me. That's it. I mean, so the rest of it is I'm all fine with.

ELIAS: I understand. And in that, I would say that for you the combination of using the pearl energy and now moving in a direction of being direct and expressing to yourself, this is an unacceptable signal. I would say that that is very determined. And in that, that pearl energy is simply going to reinforce that and enhance it.

NUNO: Definitely, I was going to relate a dream I had with the subjective awareness, but I'm not sure there's a need for that. I mean, I understand the dream. It is one of those rare times where I completely understand the dream.

ELIAS: I would say congratulations.

NUNO: I don't think I need to go through that with you. It was actually related to what we're discussing now. What I found interesting though was the dream basically was communicating to me that what the subjective awareness pays attention to in, in a manner of speaking, is my subjective expressions. And if the subjective expressions are not in alignment with what I am trying to accomplish, then the subjective awareness is going to primarily listen to the subjective expression, not what I am objectively expressing. And that's what it told me. And then I in the dream, I said, well, you know, why don't you do something else? And it said, I can't do that. That was the response, I cannot do that because that's what it does. Its purpose is, did I get that piece Right?

ELIAS: Explain it again in relation to the objective interaction.

NUNO: You mean in the dream?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.

NUNO: Well, very quickly the dream was, I'm back at Alphanet, my employment place from many years ago and I'm standing in front of a printer and the printer is just spewing out the same message over and over again. And I kind of shrugged my shoulders, walk down the hall and there's Ian Kindred. Ian Kindred is one of the nicest persons I've ever known. We were very good friends and Ian is representing the subjective awareness. This was at the time when I was very angry at the subjective awareness, so it puts on a friendly face for me and it's telling me, so Ian is telling me I've been listening to the phone calls and the phone calls are very garbled. They’ve got all kinds of noise and interference in them. And I say to the subjective awareness, well, why don't just use a regular phone? Why are you using this communication system that we have here, and just use a regular phone? And it tells me “I can't do that”. And my impression in the dream was, it was saying it's company policy. I cannot not listen, I can't use another communication channel. It has to be this one.

ELIAS: Referring to your objective expression.

NUNO: Correct.

Elias: Yes. Then I would agree.

NUNO: That's what I thought. What was interesting though is this dream happen sometime after, when I was getting very angry, it didn't actually address to the core issue, which wasn't what the dream was talking about. The dream was basically telling me that the subjective awareness pays close attention to my subjective expressions. But what I really would have liked to have had in the dream was some explanation as to why is it signaling me in that way. And it was kind of disappointing that that wasn't presented to me in the dream.

ELIAS: I would say I answered that. And when I expressed to you that objectively, when your, what causes your blood pressure to rise is generally the same things you're reacting and you are reacting to the same things in the same manner. That’s why, that's one of the pieces why you subjectively in harmony, choose the same physical manifestation repeatedly to your body is doing the same thing. Your subjective is expressing the inward reaction that the outward reaction is expressing. And therefore, in that it actually is that simple. But I would also say that because it is that simple, it's very likely that you will have a tremendous effect on that expression because you are being so determined and so definite about that being unacceptable. Now, what I would say is in that it's also important that you are definitely looking at addressing to and intentionally changing objective behaviors to reinforce what you are expressing in relation to the subjective symbol signals and how they are not acceptable because in that you are addressing to your whole self. And if you are expressing that the subjective signal is unacceptable, then by the same token, the reverse holds true also that the objective reaction is unacceptable also.

NUNO: Yes, I accept that.

ELIAS: Very well. Then I would say that it’s very likely that you will be changing both aspects of yourself in a beneficial capacity. Congratulations.

NUNO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NUNO: And I can see how this is actually quite a useful thing to have learned in relation to other manifestations within the body.

ELIAS: Definitely.

NUNO: I like this.

ELIAS: Excellent. I would say that sometimes it may be less straightforward, meaning these are expressions that you are accustomed to for a considerable time framework in your life, you are accustomed to and aware of your objective reactions you’re accustomed to and aware of your blood pressure. And you know they are linked. I would say that sometimes it may be less obvious what the link is between an objective expression and a subjective expression. And in that it's a matter of as always genuinely paying attention and seeing the bigger picture.

NUNO: Yes, I understand, that's of course important to do that because if you don't see the bigger picture, you'll just reoccur in some other form.

ELIAS: Correct.

NUNO: I was just talking to Michael before we started and she was talking about her propensity to manifest things like colds. For most people it's nothing exceptional. But what it made me think about was myself in that how successful I have been in neutralizing the contagion belief. And I kind of surprised myself with that because I didn't think it would be so easy. And yet here I am, I haven't had any kind of contagious disease in I don't know how long, I've never been vaccinated for COVID, never had it. I'm sure I've been exposed plenty of times and yet I'm perfectly healthy in that regard. I guess the question I have in that is what did I do with that particular belief to be so effective in neutralizing it?

ELIAS: I'd say that that is tremendously understandable because you have very strongly moved in a direction that you've concentrated your attention on you and therefore in doing so you've concentrated your attention in a capacity that what other people do or what may be in your environment in relation to something that is physically affecting, such as some type of illness, you have very directly and very strongly concentrated on you and what you're willing to engage and what you're not. And in doing so, you've created a situation in which outside expressions of illnesses or anything that appears to be contagious doesn't affect you. And in doing so then you've concentrated yourself on you and only what you are creating in relation to anything that affects the body. And for the most part, you've limited that even in relation to if you are creating the physical affecting, in relation to your body, you are not creating physical expressions such as colds or flus or that type of manifestation. You've reserved that for your blood pressure. That's almost the only physical expression that you have engaged in relation to what you create.

NUNO: Well, I like to think that that's coming to an end.

ELIAS: And I would say that that is very likely.

NUNO: Excellent, because I don't know if this is a guideline. You can tell me if it's a guideline or not, but I do feel very strongly about the integrity, the sanctity of the body and…

ELIAS: I would express you are correct. That is a guideline.

NUNO: Yes. Yes, I thought so. I like that one actually. What is Helen manifesting?

ELIAS: Meaning?

NUNO: She's had what is believed to be a bladder infection. Is that all that there's to it?

ELIAS: For how long?

NUNO: I think a month or two, something like that. She's tried various, you know, conventional remedies and doesn't seem to be getting any success from them. I mean, it doesn't really matter what you say, she's not going to pay any attention to what I tell her. It's just, this is just for my own information.

ELIAS: I understand. I would say that for your information... Understand that a urinary tract infection that is being expressed and held for that long, it begins affecting other parts of the body even if the individual doesn't move in the direction of manifesting [inaudible], which they can very easily. But even if they don't, what is very common with this type of manifestation is it doesn't only make the individual feel ill, which it does, but it also affects the physical brain in a very intense capacity. People have considerable difficulty with memory, they have difficulty in relation to concentration and focus. It also affects sleep, it affects mood considerably. And I would say that this is something that can become considerably serious.

NUNO: Okay. I mean, like I say, there's nothing I can do with that information in terms of providing it to her.

ELIAS: I understand, I would express from your part to her that either she investigate a different physician, or that she expressed to her existing physician in a very direct manner that whatever the present physician has been engaging isn't being successful. And that obviously she requires stronger antibiotics or perhaps even, which is possible, a steroid.

NUNO: All right. Thanks for informing me of that.

ELIAS: Very well.

NUNO: I did have another dream. It was one of my subway dreams and usually my subway dreams, they're all kind of dark and gritty and not pleasant and I'm running around lost. But this subway dream, the subway cars were all very new and shiny and very modern and pleasant. And the subway itself was clean and bright and well lit. And so that seem like it was all a very positive thing. But one thing I wanted to ask about was there was a symbol, kind of like a rune, that appeared in the dream on the floor of the subway actually. It kind of was a dark blue. I drew it and I'm looking at it right now. I'm not sure if you're able to... It's pretty crude drawing, I'm not very good at this, but what it is, is kind of a blue object that's kind of long and thin, sort of like a knife blade but not really a knife blade. It does have some kind of point on it and it's inside a circle but not entirely inside a circle. The point of it protrudes from the circle and this symbol appeared in the dream. I was wondering what the significance of that symbol is.

ELIAS: And when did you have this dream?

NUNO: Oh I think perhaps a week or so ago, maybe a little longer.

ELIAS: Excellent. I would say that the symbol that appears similar to a knife blade is you and your objective expression and the sphere is you and your subjective expression, quite the opposite of what most individuals would image. But I would say very clear and encouraging that the knife blade is protruding out and that the circle isn't closed. And then in that what you are presenting to yourself with this symbol is an expression of success that the objective can express that penetration of the subjective. And I would say that the factor that you image the subway as being clean and bright and new is also significant because that's the direction that you're moving in. Therefore, this dream is a definite validation.

NUNO: Interesting. Well, thank you for that information.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NUNO: I'd like to move on to the subject of Alexis. I'm sure you've been following this closely perhaps.


NUNO: The first time I engaged Alexis in an energy exchange was well, rather uncomfortable. I ended up vomiting the rest of the day and it was very, very unpleasant. The energy did not agree with my body very well at all. It was a very strong reaction from the body consciousness. I did do that on a full stomach, which was like, not a good idea.


NUNO: But I’ve been engaging…

ELIAS: Especially…

NUNO: Go on.

ELIAS: Especially for you who is one that does not want the body to be affected.

NUNO: That's true. I didn't think about that. I just forgot about it. So I've been more careful with that and I have been engaging him on other occasions and my first question in this is: the energy seems to be very diminished from what I felt the first time. And I think in part, it's that he is being, is not expressing so much of his energy into me because of what happened. Is that correct?


NUNO: I'm not sure I like that because, I mean, obviously I don't want to feel sick. But on the other hand…

ELIAS: It will change, what I would say is reengaging at this point, you are moving in a direction in which this essence is recognizing what is more in alignment with your body. And from that, your body can become accustomed to more and more energy as you continue. It's simply a starting point that isn't so abrupt.

NUNO: I really want this energy exchange to be one that is, how shall I put it, has a lot of clarity in it. That's what I want.

ELIAS: Excellent, and in determination, my friend, that is likely what you will get.

NUNO: Do I have a focus with Alexis in Atlantis?

ELIAS: In… repeat.

NUNO: Do I have a past focus with Alexis in Atlantis?


NUNO: And in this focus, did we collaborate on some kind of invention?


NUNO: And was this invention… Go on, please continue.

ELIAS: That was in regard to creating a new star.

NUNO: A new star. That's a lofty goal.

ELIAS: Yes, it was. But successful.

NUNO: I'm trying to validate something that I got in one of my practice sessions with him. And that's not what I got. I got some other kind of invention instead.

ELIAS: I would say you've invented many things together. But I would say that that was your greatest accomplishment.

NUNO: The one that was mentioned or I think was mentioned was something to do with a mechanism for automatically refilling a basin of water.

ELIAS: Oh, that was an early invention. And you’re first.

NUNO: I'm just validating things because I, you know how I like validations.

ELIAS: Yes, but I would say that was one of your first and you moved in significant directions from that point. I would encourage you to continue to be exploring and looking at those.

NUNO: Yeah, I'd like to do that. I was going to mention that one of the biggest challenges in the practicing this energy exchange is finding questions to ask. Ironically, it's one of the biggest challenges is just finding topics of discussion.

ELIAS: I very much understand. And I would say that that is not actually unusual being the person that is doing the exchange. This is generally why individuals either engage other individuals in a similar manner as do I or they engage one or two other physically focused individuals that will ask questions for them. In that, it becomes a situation in which it's actually the other individual that is asking all the questions and they're not actually asking for you, they're simply asking from their own curiosity or their own subjects. And sometimes they will ask in relation to different things that you have discussed together unless you have a very clear and strong agenda that you want to accomplish. And then in that you can pose those questions directly to the other essence to help you with.

NUNO: Okay. Well, incorporating another individual in this would be of interest to me, I'm not interested in just taking random people's questions from around, you know, from all over the place. I'm I don't want to do that.

ELIAS: I understand.

NUNO: But I was wondering actually, this is a question for you. Is there an individual you can suggest that might be interested in that?

ELIAS: Actually, I would say there are lots of individuals that would be interested in that type of direction, perhaps enquire of Michael of an individual with the physically focused name of Carleen.

NUNO: Okay, I will do that.

ELIAS: very well.

NUNO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NUNO: Do you have any general comments on my efforts to develop this energy exchange?

ELIAS: What direction do you want to move in with it?

NUNO: I want to be able to express information on behalf of the other essence with high clarity as best as possible as close to what you do with Michael, which is, exceptional, I understand that that's completely exceptional and of the very highest quality. But I want to… pardon?

ELIAS: And in what direction.

NUNO: My understanding, if I got this right, is that his agenda is to help with technological matters and providing information of how to develop technologies that can be a benefit to us.

ELIAS: That's tremendous.

NUNO: But is it correct?

ELIAS: Yes, but I would say that is tremendous and would be tremendously helpful. And I would say also there is another individual that you can ask Michael about in addition to the first and this one physically focused name Luana. But in that, I would say that this is an exceptional direction, especially in this present time framework, which is so oriented toward technology and it is so shaping your future and also in relation to this shift.

NUNO: I would agree. Would you say that me taking on this energy exchange is in alignment with everything else I want to do?

ELIAS: Yes, I would. And definitely in alignment with you creating this device that you have been working on.

NUNO: Yes, and I continue to do that. I'm actually having a couple of those manufactured right now. I’m just waiting for those to be complete.

ELIAS: Excellent, that's tremendous.

NUNO: On the subject of fermented foods. I've been making my own sauerkraut and I think it's been actually quite beneficial to me health-wise.
ELIAS: I agree.

NUNO: Thank you. And I was wondering besides cabbage, which is what I've been using, what other vegetables are suitable for that kind of preparation?

ELIAS: Cauliflower, broccoli. You can use eggs. I would say carrots, parsnips, any type of root vegetables.

NUNO: Oh, Okay. That's quite a choice. I'm not sure about eggs. That sounds kind of scary. All that protein in there would be rotting.

ELIAS: They don't actually.

NUNO: I think if I was to attempt that Helen would be so horrified.

ELIAS: Very well.

NUNO: I recall that Seth at one point expressed that at the end of World War Two, there was a kind of a split in realities for the collective and that half of the people went in the direction of what we recognize as the historical outcome of that war. But the other half went in the direction of the destruction of the planet. First of all, do I recall that correctly? Did Seth express that?

ELIAS: Yes, I wouldn't say it was precisely half and half but close. Go on.

NUNO: First of all, obviously, to the people that are in my probable path, the other people just didn't disappear. They were still there. So, what I'm thinking is what happened is that what we got was a probable self of the people that went in the other direction. Is that correct?

ELIAS: For the most part, but most of them that that occurred with, in this reality died.

NUNO: In the war?

Elias: Yes.

NUNO: Or associated with the war?

ELIAS: Yes, and they continued in probable realities in which they also died. Although there were other probable realities, or are probable realities, that all of them had created of course, in relation to extreme situations. But yes, most of them died in this reality, created a probable reality in which it was Armageddon and died in that reality also.

NUNO: Okay. So I want to draw a parallel to that situation and what occurred to the present situation. And I understand that we are not at Armageddon yet, but it's a possibility. The question is, how do I move myself in the direction of not experiencing that in the same way that the people after World War Two moved in the direction of a, let's say, less catastrophic, end to the war?

ELIAS: By continuing to do what you are doing, except perhaps more so, focusing on what you're doing, focusing on yourself, not focusing on pushing neutrality, but being neutral yourself. Do you understand the difference?

NUNO: Yes.

ELIAS: Excellent. And in that not simply not taking sides but being neutral, simply within yourself and continuing to focus on what you are doing and what you're experiencing and your direction, especially with your energy exchange and your device. And I would say continuing to do all of that will move you in a direction in which you won't be creating Armageddon. And let me express to you that whatever people create, even when there are split, such as that, in reality, in which there are two very strongly different realities, they flow seamlessly. Therefore, you’ll move in your direction of your reality along with a significant number of other individuals. And you won't even know about that divide and you won't even know about anything different. It will simply move in a direction that appears to be normal to you.

NUNO: Okay, I understand. As you know, I play ping pong quite a bit and I started doing that mostly for the social interaction. I've been trying to improve my game and at times I play considerably well, but at other times, it just doesn't work very well. And I, I make a lot of mistakes and I've been trying to improve this and I've been trying to use the pearl energy on it, but it doesn't really, it doesn't really work well for some reason. Can you give me some tips on what to do to improve?

ELAIS: When do you play?

NUNO: Repeat?

ELIAS: [inaudible]

NUNO: I'm sorry, I didn't understand what you said.

ELIAS: Generally, when do you play?

NUNO: When?

ELIAS: during… Yes, when.

NUNO: Mornings. I usually start about eight o'clock in the morning.

ELIAS: Very well. And for how long?

NUNO: It varies. Usually for two hours, about that, two, two and a half hours.

ELIAS: What I would suggest is before you begin playing, that you consume extra protein that will help your physical brain in concentration and it reinforces your body in relation to muscle function.

NUNO: And what's the best form for that protein? Would it be something like eggs or peanut butter?

ELIAS: Either. It doesn't actually matter what type of protein you consume. It's more important that you are consuming extra protein. Before you begin, you want your body and your brain to be in top capacity and therefore be able to improve your game and improve your strategy. And in that, there is definitely strategy to this game as is with all games. And in that, I would say that if you are increasing your protein, that will definitely affect how you play because it will improve your performance and improve your focus and concentration, which is important for moving in a direction of improvement because it gives you more awareness of the strategy. You're paying more attention to your opponent. And what they are doing and how to be strategic in relation to them.

NUNO: Okay, I will definitely give that a try. It sounds like a good avenue.

ELIAS: Excellent. And I would express it is likely that you will win more.

NUNO: Well, that would be a change. Okay, well, I see that our time is up. So thank you for your information. I'm sure I will put it all to good use in one form or another.

ELIAS: You are very welcome and I shall be expressing my support with you continuously, my friend and I acknowledge you tremendously in what you are accomplishing and how you moved beyond the point of being angry. I would say to you my dear friend, congratulations. And I shall greatly be looking forward to our next conversation as I always do. In wondrous love to you and dear, dear friendship, au revoir.

NUNO: Au revoir.

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